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Longer, warmer days mean more time spent in the garden. but,  if you’re not careful that time in the garden could be causing a bump in your energy bills.  Here are a few simple swaps  you can  do to save on energy bills in the garden.

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Summer is usually a time when household running costs are at their lowest. The heating is off or on low, and the electricity only needs to be turned on for a few hours in the evening.

However, if you still get slapped with a large energy bill in June the cause could be in your garden. Data experts at Loop, the home energy-saving assistant, have revealed that homeowners could be missing out on huge savings in their garden.

‘Creating an energy-efficient home isn’t just about what’s on the inside,’ explains Steve Buckley, Head of Data Science at Loop. ‘As the weather gets warmer, now could be the perfect time to transform your garden into an energy-saving haven.’

Here are five easy ways to save energy (and money) in your garden.

Save on energy bills in the garden

1. Switch to solar lighting

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Image credit: Colin Poole

Garden lights might look pretty, but when left on all night they can rack up a hefty bill.

‘With warmer weather and longer days ahead, it’s important you take the time to change any garden light that runs on timers,’ advises Steve. ‘Make sure you switch off those you don’t need to keep on before you go to bed too.

‘Two outdoor 60W lights left on overnight could add up to £63 to your yearly bill,’ he adds.

To make even bigger saving consider opting for solar powered garden lights. Not only are they cheaper to run, but they are also less disruptive to wildlife as they emit a dimmer glow.

2. Don’t get carried away with the pressure washer

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Image credit: Lizzie Orme

Pressure washers are perfect for getting neglected patios and garden furniture gleaming again. However, resist the urge to reach for it too often.

‘Pressure washers are generally rated between 1.5 and 3kW meaning every hour’s use could cost up to 55p,’ explains Steve.
they can also get thought a lot of water, with the most powerful models using more than 500 litres an hour – another additional cost worth considering if you’re on a water meter. ‘

If you have anything around the garden that can be cleaned with bucket and sponge, consider making the swap and save yourself a few pounds.

3. Add a windbreaker to the garden

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Image credit: Lizzie Orme

‘If your home is exposed to strong winds, then you could be losing warmth and face higher bills s a result,’ says Steve. ‘But the right landscaping or windbreaks can lower the wind chill near your home and reduce heating costs considerably.’

This doesn’t mean putting up one of those tarpaulin numbers used at the beach. Instead consider investing in a hedge, fence or row of trees that will shelter your home from strong winds.

4. Heat your greenhouse efficiently

Using a heater in your greenhouse could be adding more than £30 to your annual energy bill, Loop reveals.

‘Using a heater with a thermostat is a must, but if yours doesn’t have one make sure you remember to turn it off when the weather warms up or use a timer instead,’ suggests Steve.

You can also help cut down on energy costs by improving the insulation in your greenhouse, this can be as simple as adding a layer of bubble wrap.

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Image credit: Jonathan D Jones

5. Install a water butt

If you have a water metre, keeping the plants watered in summer can quickly add up. Fitting a water butt to catch and store rainwater is a great way to cut down on the water you are using. Simply swap the hose for a watering can.

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Will you be making any of these simple swaps in your garden?

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