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Two rustic-industrial interiors show us how to create a characterful home that provides a cool change from the norm, with a relaxed kind of vibe. See how to make a place that is packed with patina, and how to embrace exposed elements like raw concrete, bare brickwork and revealed ducting. For those of us who like life a little more colourful, fear not! The rustic-industrial style inside these two homes is not all about the grey and baron; cheery colourful accents are scattered about the rooms in some unexpected places. As we tour through, we’ll discover refreshing blue and green elements, and even some beautiful pattern.

Designer: Shmidt Studio  
Visualizer: Shmidt Studio  

Our first tour takes place inside a 54 square metre mini loft. A projector screen drops down from its ceiling mount, in front of a rustic shiplap wall. A linear module crosses the floor beneath the screen, with the appearance of a media cabinet but serves as a hearth for a small modern fireplace.

The other side of the rustic living room is home to a sofa with chaise, and a home workspace with plentiful storage cabinets.

When the projector screen is retracted into its ceiling mount, propeller wall decor is revealed on the shiplap wall, giving it some industrial flavour. There is also a set of wall mounted bookcases, which are broken into sections by the wood wall cladding.

A ridged area rug textures the floor.

Nesting coffee tables provide a layered look in the centre of the rug. The sofa has a mix of brown and grey sections to break up its expanse, and add a little relaxed rustic character.

The grey finish of the industrial style kitchen units is designed to match the raw concrete wall behind. The warmer tones coming from the backsplash and countertop tie in with the adjacent red brick wall. Warm lighting has been added below the base units to accentuate their floating effect. Exposed ducting from the cooker hood pushes up the industrial style factor.

Directional track lights shine down over the dining area. There is no low hanging pendant light here, but shiny wine glasses hang over the table to evoke a comparable decorative effect. The glasses are held in a wall mounted wine storage rack, conveniently placed right by the table.

Chartreuse dining chairs make a strong statement in the grey kitchen diner.

The laminate flooring carries a patinated effect that melds well with the rustic-industrial decor.

The same floor treatment is carried through into the hallway.

The interior doors have been given a rustic paint job.

Moving into the industrial bedroom we discover more exposed brickwork, which acts as a headboard feature wall. industrial style lighting highlights its rugged texture.

Bifold doors conceal the closet.

Decorative panels edge the brick wall at one side of the bed, behind a bedside table lamp. Sage green paintwork frames the window.

The soft grey bed set looks extra cosy against the raw brick.

Opposite the foot of the bed, an entire wall of storage is broken into pieces by wood tone, dark grey and white finishes.

More closet space is found out in the hallway.

Wall hooks on a blue pegboard wall hold the coats.

A secret utility area is hidden behind a set of bifold doors at the end of the hallway.

Another hint of blue strikes inside the cloakroom.

The vanity unit inside the main bathroom is a rustic wooden affair.

The effect of the vanity is matched by a wooden bath caddy.

The single blue door on the cloakroom vanity unit has its effect doubled in a floor to ceiling mirror.

Visualizer: Tran Tu Thien  

Next up, we find a warm and welcoming rustic-industrial interior, decorated in tan and soft grey. The tan sofa matches the tones of a raw brick feature wall in the adjoined kitchen diner. The natural tone is also echoed in a rattan floor pouf, which is something similar to this

A glossy grey media unit is adorned with a glass vase at one end, next to a leaning shelving unit. Inspirational wall art decorates the entryway to the living room, next to a set of cheerful blue louvre doors. Beautifully patterned tiles cross the kitchen backsplash, bringing personality to the whole room.

The sputnik chandelier over the dining table has an industrial vibe, with its angular frame and oversized bulbs.

The kitchen runs in an L-shaped arrangement. Two industrial style swivel swivel bar stools sit at its peninsula.

A gold swing arm wall lamp brightens each bedside in the master bedroom; green wardrobe doors complement their lustrous tone. The bed is layered in pale neutral, soft grey and black linen, and piled high with comfy scatter cushions to offset the harder industrial elements in the room.

There is an industrial home office in the corner of the bedroom, where shiplap climbs the wall. Storage nooks occupy the space underneath one side of the L-shaped desk. Matching shelving nooks provide more office storage up on the wall, and all the way up to the ceiling.

Rustic shiplap also provides the covering for the headboard feature wall. Here, the wooden planks have been set into a shallow recess in the wall to hide the cut ends. Over in the window niche, a cosy reading nook has been fashioned with a storage seat and some extra scatter cushions. A monochrome gallery wall stylishly connects the gap between the reading nook and the small side table by the bed.

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