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Monochrome home interiors are a sleek modern option, but adding in bright colour really revs up the energy and character of a space. Today we’re specifically looking at how contrasting red and blue accents balance each other out in a black, white, and grey home decor scheme–as well as pump up the wow factor. Take a tour around a studio apartment with a blue accent lounge, red infused kitchen, and some quirky wall art, to see how to push the theme big and bold. Then, finish off with a family home that’s alive with colourful focal areas that float in a tranquil sea of white and wood tone.

Designer: One Architects  
Visualizer: One Architects  

Our first red and blue accented home is a studio apartment that’s characterised by oversized elements and concrete feature walls. In the lounge, a modern sofa strikes a line of electric blue behind a round coffee table on a circular area rug.

The concrete partition wall behind the modern sofa marks a divide between the lounge and kitchen.

LEDs shine where the concrete wall meets the ceiling to accentuate its raw texture. Track lights beam around the perimeter of the lounge.

Indoor plants are dotted around the layout, building height around linear furniture. Grey concrete planters complement the living room feature wall. A red slimline media unit stands out brightly against a geometric wall treatment.

Quirky wall art competes with the colourful room elements for the spotlight.

Glass bifold doors can be drawn closed across the sleep space of the studio apartment, or left open to increase the depth of the living room.

A track light system draws out a square above the bed.

Monochrome wall panels layer up to build a cozy bedroom scheme with light and shade. LEDs in the headboard wall trick the mind into thinking there is a window there.

The sleeping nook gains natural light from the living room window, even if its glass doors are shut.

Vertical wall sconces thread narrow wall spaces.

Solid red cabinet doors slide an adventurous slab of colour into the home entryway. These are the main wardrobes for the home since the bedroom is sleeping space only.

A void beneath the floating closets stores shoes; the line is lit by LEDs concealed under the lip of the units.

The grey front door is smoothly camouflaged within grey wall panels. A tall mirror widens the look of the space.

Chevron wood flooring connects the open plan living areas.

A grey and white kitchen design is uplifted by red cabinetry in the central island.

Large dining pendant lights make a heavy display low over the island countertop. White woven kitchen bar stools lighten the look.

Cabinets across the one wall kitchen are knocked back in white; a prep space at the centre carves out a dark block of grey raw concrete.

Pops of plant greenery freshen up the heavy room palette.

Ribbed cabinet doors, and ridged light shades build texture.

Walking into the bathroom, a slick stripe of red flows around the modern bathroom vanity and the cistern wall.

A clean white border defines the vanity area, whilst grey granite and smooth panels clad the rest.

Towels and toiletries stack in a striking red shelf tower.

An expanse of white tiles give the shower a light and bright air.

Designer: Arina Zamorina  
Visualizer: Arina Zamorina  

Our second red and blue accented interior is a vibrant modern family home. Grey, white and natural wood elements provide the base for colourful hero pieces, like this bright red window seat and matching red soffit. Although not quite as colourful, the piece of cool cat furniture above the sofa definitely deserves a mention; its angular form and wood lining make it a piece of feline friendly art. An equally stylish little cat ladder means that the furry family member doesn’t have to use the sofa or anyones head for a leg up.

A panel of grey provides a mounting spot for the TV.

Just a thin stripe of blue by the bookcase gloriously juxtaposes the red window installation.

The blue stripe is echoed in the kitchen on a horizontal plane. A small round dining table is visually anchored in place by a low hanging sculptural light fixture. See more dining room pendant lights.

The chevron wood flooring of the lounge becomes crisp white tiling beneath the clean white kitchen.

An interior door becomes camouflaged in the paintwork of the room, by the white kitchen border and grey TV wall.

Blue backing picks out a built in entryway seat in a white flooded hallway design.

In the master bedroom, a platform bed and TV stand follow the same sharp white aesthetic.

A glass wall separates off a small study area with a modern home office desk and stylish computer chair.

On the other side of the blue carpeted area, a makeup table and vanity chair form a dressing area.

Blue panels and chunky terrazzo colour the family bathroom.

A cut out in the front of the bathroom vanity reveals a washing machine housed there. A tray of soap dispensers dress the top of the utility cupboard.

Terrazzo tiles add energy to the small space.

In the kids room, colours are calming apart from one lively spot of red that forms a wall light by the bed.

A Scandinavian style kid’s chair and table make a dinky dining spot for teddy bears.

A red small side table pulls up by an adjustable kids’ bed.

In the kid’s decor scheme, the chevron floor continues upward to form a flowing feature wall.

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