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An unusual interior awaits inside this 175 square metre home in Moscow, Russia. The apartment is positively littered with a myriad of original features and ideas, designed by Mops Architecture, and accented with an unexpected palette of dark coral tones. Confetti patterned linoleum covers much of the floors and some of the walls inside this abode, which gives the place a slightly retro yet modern feel all at the same time. The sleek simplistic lines of the furniture and room layouts could have came out on the cold side, but this is fully avoided thanks to a generous amount of wood feature walls, including one impressively curvaceous example inside the lounge that’s not to be missed.

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The spacious main living room evokes a sense of calm and warmth right off the bat, with soft taupe decor and a smooth curvaceous wooden feature wall. The wood grain undulates across the wall behind the sofa like a huge flag ruffling in the wind. The modern sectional sofa is split into two islands in an L-shaped formation – leaving a walkway clear for access to the kitchen.

Colourful decor accents appear around the room, dominated by varying shades of dark coral that subtly blend with the wood tone.

One of the mid century modern coffee tables has a gleaming copper top, which complements the coral tones in the space. The other coffee table top provides a black base note to match the single scatter cushion on the largest sofa and a keyboard in the corner of the room.

Textured TV wall decor is fronted with a shallow white media console. The unit is wall mounted for a clean streamlined look beneath a flat screen television. The end of the TV wall is marked by a tall mirror to break up the visual, and it’s at this point that the feature panelling becomes a bank of storage units. A slender bookcase has been recessed into the white cabinets, in a striking dark coral colourway. A small library of books has been interspersed with decorative items, which take the place of wall art in this room scheme.

By the window, an entirely different seating area has been laid out to create a reading nook of sorts. A comfortable reading chair matches the accent colour of the bespoke bookshelf, whilst a black floor lamp stands out against the white backdrop of built-in cupboards.

The little reading spot faces a small module of sectional sofa, which has been situated to divide the area from the large living room.

Extra splashes of colour come in the form of quirky ornaments that occupy the TV console unit and coffee table.

An extruded design makes up a second unusual feature wall, which is lit by track lighting. The rest of the lighting in the room is a series of recessed spots.

Moving through to the kitchen, we find that a cosy diner has been created at one side and cocooned in wood cladding. Low slung cushion seating and a pair of side tables furnish the space. Dinner parties are off the table in this booth, but tea for two is a cosy and inviting affair.

A cantilevered countertop overhangs this kitchen island idea, where four bar stools provide an opportunity to eat with a larger number of friends or family members.

In the side of the wooden booth casing, recessed white shelving has been divided into decorative cubbies. The pale finish matches the kitchen countertop and white kitchen units.

The kitchen flooring and backsplash are of the same speckled design, looking like a storm of large confetti petals are fluttering down the walls and settling upon the ground. Solid yellow bar stools stand out against the chaotic pattern. A set of unique mirrors make an unusual piece of decoration for a kitchen.

An elliptical shape forms the kitchen countertops and wall units. A sleek run of wooden units cover one entire wall, which is where an integrated oven is housed.

Three modern chandeliers hang in line above the kitchen dining island. Their gold stems and flat circular leaves match the decorative mirrors by the prep area.

More stemmed mirrors are strung from floor to ceiling in the home entryway, as well as a more conventional full length mirror.

Yet another mirror flanks the wooden doorway, where the reflection makes the modest entryway appear enormous. A boxy shelf cuts across the glass, providing a spot to set down keys and phones by the door. Modern directional lights probe through the ceiling.

Two green stools occupy the hallway, like a pair of moss covered boulders, settled on sleek chrome stands.

The confetti flooring found in the kitchen is used here again in the hallway.

A white double sink bathroom vanity arrangement stands amongst coral coloured decor. Semi-sphere basins top cylindrical white vanities. Two circular mirrors ride the chrome pipework of unique bathroom faucets that descend as one continuous length from the ceiling. An elliptical shelf unit is suspended at one side.

A heated towel ladder is ‘propped’ against the wall opposite the bathroom vanities. The false wall that houses the toilet cistern has a finish that plays on the traditional tongue and groove design. The chrome flush plate matches with a wall mounted brush and spray kit. A waterfall shower awaits inside of a custom cubicle.

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