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There are many reasons to avoid hammering a nail into the wall — like renting your home and wanting your security deposit back. Other reasons include not wanting to marr your walls with tiny holes or the lack of a hammer. Either way, some alternatives are just as good, if not better, for hanging wall decor.

Hang wall art without nails

Don’t take our word for it, though. We turned to Reddit to compile the best products for hanging things on the wall without nails.

Command Strips

Coming in first place are Command Strips, the most recommended product for nail-free hanging. Command strips are damage-free adhesive strips that adhere to the wall and are removed without peeling paint or causing damage. 

The most prominent type of Command Strip for wall decor is the picture hanging strip, which can hold up to 20 lbs of weight. Using them is easy — apply one strip to the wall and another to your frame. Then, click the strips together, and they cling, similar to Velcro. 

Other types of Command Strip products include Command hooks, Command Organizer Caddy, Command Utility Hooks, Command Broom Gripper, and more. None of these products require tools.

Hercules Hooks

Hercules Hooks are stainless steel hooks that you push into the wall by hand. After you push the base into your drywall or plaster, a small hook extends from the wall. These hooks can hold up to 150 pounds and are ideal for hanging mirrors, wall art, and shelves. They are also handy for those who lack tools and DIY skills.

3M Claw

When you need to hang something heavy and don’t want to use a hammer and nail, try the 3M Claw. Simply mark your spot and push the claw into the drywall. Then, hang your wall decor on the small hook or attach a wire. These hooks come in four weight limits: 15, 25, 45, and 65 pounds.

Picture Rail Hooks and Wires

Those who have a picture rail in their home can use it in conjunction with picture rail hooks and wires for a nail-free solution. Installing these doesn’t require any tools — add two hooks to your picture rail a couple of feet apart and then attach the wire. This set from Walmart comes with a three-foot wire and can hold up to 88 lbs, but you can find these in different wire sizes and weight limits.

Flush Mount Monkey Hook

The flush mount monkey hook is similar to the Hercules Hook and is a very inexpensive, nail-free hanging method. Twist the hook into the wall and anchor it against the drywall. Then, use the small extending hook to display your wall art. The OOK Monkey Hook from Home Depot is less than $4 and holds up to 35 pounds.

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