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Brave colour lovers will relish the high contrast of these four inspiring red, yellow and blue interiors. Using the three primary colours will always result in a strong impact, and this set of designs explores how to toy with the busy balance. Introducing negative spaces of white, grey and black in between gives the eyes a quiet place to rest, and gives the brights space to really pop out. We’re going to explore a full range of saturation, from uplifting splashes and solid slices of the red, blue and yellow accent colours, through to eye-catching abstract shape infusions and a kooky dream-like Piet Mondrian inspired riot.

Designer: SNKH Studio  

Our first tour takes place in an apartment located in Yerevan, Armenia. An acid yellow L-shaped sofa outlines the living space, contrasted by a blue statement wall and blue geometric area rug.

Dark red accents push forward from the home entryway to complement a striking red TV stand. The modern outdoor chairs are the black Acapulco chair.

The round coffee tables are void of colour, instead offering a peaceful pause of white on the busy blue rug.

The smooth wood tone of the living room’s herringbone floor is replaced by a sharp red and white geometric design in the foyer.

Garnet triangles look like shards that have shattered down from the red roof above.

Contrasting paintwork draws attention to architectural details and composition.

In the dining room, a small round dining table is closely encircled by a party of six deep blue chairs.

Moody blue walls are pierced by a crisp white wall sconce. A matching white dining pendant light floats above the eating area in rippling concentric circles.

The kitchen is a combination of ink blue and clean white cabinets. A dark inky kitchen island commands the centre of the space with a wide dining extension.

Kitchen bar stools pull up at the bar in a conversational arrangement with the cook.

Tall blue kitchen units build a bold kitchen feature wall.

Visualizer: Brani & Desi  

This Mondrian inspired interior design, entitled “Breakfast with Mondrian” is an experimental concept. The use of line, form and colour provokes modern living, like a dance. Bright active white and passive black shading creates intervals between a solid red modern sofa and a yellow accent chair.

‘”I wish to approach truth as closely as is possible, and therefore I abstract everything until I arrive at the fundamental quality of objects.”–Piet Mondrian.

Just like the Dutch painter’s abstract paintings, oppositions of color and line depicts plastic expression of relationship in the open plan. Whilst each zone has its own function, they are always connected. Horizontal and vertical tracks pull a side chair and table set magnetically into the mix.

Red, blue, yellow accents slice and dice the layout, disguising conventional elements.

Circular pendant lights receive a floating black outline to define them in the chaos of colour.

Interconnective elements mean that the dining room cannot be without the kitchen, and the kitchen cannot be without the lounge. As in nature, everything exists in unity. Solid black slabs pick out the eating area and the main wall of kitchen appliances. Yellow outlines and yellow seated mid century modern chairs lighten the look.

Horizontal lines stabilize the dining room backdrop, inline with the rectangle dining table.

Clear globe pendant lights drift above, like bubbles lost on the wind.

A higher density of red marks the entryway to the lounge, and is pulled back in the kitchen diner.

Floor colours create a dance.

A modern fruit bowl adds an extra beat of colour to the black dining table.

Bright yellow outlines define the edges and openings of a gloss black kitchen run.

A unique staircase design climbs rights up alongside the kitchen base cabinets, in a blast of multicolour.

Every detail is electrified with pixelated vividity.

Visualizer: Monika Machnicka  

A simpler communication of abstract shape brings our third home interior to life. Wide red, blue and yellow elements interlock behind a blue channel tufted sofa and red accent chair. A sputnik chandelier and matching floor lamp add bright layers to the shape theme.

In the master, twin bedroom pendant lights and a huge modern chandelier sketch smooth black outlines across a colour blocked wall.

A yellow platform bed extends from a bespoke channel tufted headboard. A blue archway paints a holding device around the bedroom vanity and paired wall sconces.

Designer: PAINTIT  
Photographer: Shurpenkov Andriy  

Lastly, we come to a 52 square metre studio located in Kyiv, Ukraine. Yellow falls away as a tiny accent spike in this darker scheme, whilst red and blue elements strongly compete with the moody grey and rich wood grain backdrop. A smoky modular sofa builds the heart of the living space.

Throw pillows pull in a pop of red.

On one side of the central sofa, a blue framed 4 poster defines the bedroom…

… The other side of the double sided couch looks onto a red one wall kitchen. A yellow pouf adds extra interest.

A small dining area is set off to one side in the shadows of a monochrome palette.

A lantern dining room pendant light hangs a full moon over the small dining table.

White wall cabinets balance out the red kitchen base units.

Dark wood grain builds a wall of storage in the studio.

A blue closet interior complements the distinctive blue 4 poster bed.

However, there is an even larger walk in wardrobe hidden away within the large wood grain volume, which is accessed just off the home entryway.

A red and white mosaic makes a unique bathroom feature.

Floor plan.

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