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Creative energy positively bubbles over from each of these five engaging red, yellow and blue interior designs. Prolific colour clashes create a vivacious spirit that bonds with curious art objects and a hoard of striking decor elements. We will be touring an art and book lover’s home design that springs forth from a collection of inspirationally colourful tribal masks and several built-in bookcases; a new home renovation with a wide open living space layout and a chilled tropical vibe; a sophisticated colourful apartment interior styled with impressive chandeliers and classic art; and a sleek modern red, yellow and blue interior with a raw industrial style edge.

Visualizer: Svetlana Savinova  

A Chili-Tribe Mask set by Umasqu combines ancient culture with modern flair through detailed and interwoven decoration. The colourful collection is boldly complemented by an assortment of scatter pillows on a solid blue sofa.

Beside the sofa, a unique floor lamp makes curvaceous connections with the contoured masks. A round coffee table pulls the shape theme out in front, under red and pink accents.

A multicoloured rug cuts geometric contrast across the living room floor.

The modern chandelier drops an unexpected blue accent over the arrangement, which echoes the circular outline of the coffee table below it. A cobalt blue cast iron radiator playfully underlines the window.

Two large built-in bookcases at either side of the window have an elegant, traditional aesthetic, whilst a bright blue counterpart draws the eye to a home office area.

A raspberry red accent wall and colour coordinated cabinets bring additional colour to the workspace. A blue Moustache Bold chair makes a sculptural addition to the white painted custom desk design.

The desk is supported on each side by the bespoke bookcases to simplify its silhouette.

Only one gracefully turned leg supports the outer corner of the worktop. A recessed LED strip lights the workspace from the back.

The interesting ceramic sculpture on the desk is a Most Illustrious Michele designed by Elena Salmistraro for Bosa, which pays tribute to Italian design masters.

A vase of dried botanics neutrally balances out the other side of the desktop.

The golden foliage quietly complements the library of pale yellowed pages.

A mustard woollen throw cosies up the cushioned reading area.

Designer: Alvorada Arquitetos  

This 50 square metre home in Bela Vista, Brazil, Sao Paulo, is the harmonious unification of two separate apartments. A concrete and cement “seam” between the two original apartments has been preserved to hark back to the history of the building structure. An electricity panelboard, conduits and imperfections remain exposed on the residual pillar.

In one half of the new larger living space, a wide sofa table puts a warming wooden accent behind a fresh aqua blue sofa design. The piece doubles as a stool for use in the covered balcony area.

A wall of red panels can be moved to conceal or display the wall mounted TV screen. Banks of bookshelves provide both a practical and decorative element as the panels migrate.

A split floor treatment of wood and burnished concrete draws further attention to the dual history of the home. Indoor plants thrive on a black stainless-steel shelf that’s mounted on the remnants of the original dividing wall.

Tropical plants thrive on the covered balcony area too, where green paintwork expands upon the natural theme. A blue hammock stretches out inside the mini jungle.

A colourful array of throw pillows shake up the modern sofa, whilst a light area rug adds a little cosy texture underfoot.

Direct lighting highlights the uplifting indoor garden.

Pieces of wall art add precious nuggets of colour to a dark grey-blue feature wall.

A black AC concealment panel has been elevated as a statement wall for a bright orange console table and multiple planters.

The intense green paintwork on the balcony is actually the colour code for this particular floor of the apartment building. The green shade serendipitously falls in perfect harmony with the other hues in the project.

The wide balcony opens up a glorious panorama of the downtown area of Sao Paulo, Roosevelt Square and views of the Cantareira mounts.

Plain white doors access the new bedroom and bathroom from the lounge area. The doors were crafted with precision to discreetly align with the walls.

In the footprint of the original apartment, a spacious kitchen design brings a joyous colour combo of red, blue and yellow.

The Mondrian-like colour infusions fashion a unique U-shaped kitchen installation.

Bright yellow accents create a cheerful ambience inside the bathroom.

The extra bathroom and guest bedroom were added to the newly extended home for when family and friends visit town. The new bedroom has direct access to the balcony.

With the wall between the units removed, a larger and brighter living room was achieved.

Visualizer: Anastasia Birulya  

A decidedly sophisticated character defines our third home interior, where a confident curved blue sofa design pulls around an exquisite red, blue and yellow woven rug.

A unique floor lamp adds gold lustre behind the couch.

An impressive chandelier sparkles overhead.

Nesting marble coffee tables introduce deep texture to the luxurious scene.

A contemporary chandelier teams up with the modern dining set.

Visualizer: Ahmad Shaboury  

Sleek, linear silhouettes define our final featured home interior.

A modern yellow sofa backs directly onto a long dining island, butting bright modern flavour up against the luxe white marble finish.

Clear dining chairs keep the arrangement simple and light.

A wingback chair pits a red accent against the yellow sofa and baby blue kitchen units.

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