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One of the elements that are sure to help make your deck or patio feel more comfortable and inviting is an outdoor rug. This is one of the items that’s often overlooked when furnishing and decorating an outdoor area so we hope to give you an incentive today and to inspire you to add more style and character to your own outdoor lounge spaces. So which color will you choose? We suggest checking out some of these red outdoor rugs because they actually look quite fabulous.

Red is a strong color and you can emphasize that even more by choosing an outdoor rug with a bold pattern. This is a rug from the Jill Zarin Outdoor RHONY Alum Collection and it actually comes in six more beautiful colors besides red. It’s made of polypropylene and it’s stain-resistant and super easy to clean which is always a nice detail.

Speaking of bold patterns on outdoor rugs, check out this eye-catching design. It features a really interesting pattern which puts together several different colors including red. There are also some shades of beige and violet mixed together which creates a sort of ombre effect that looks nice both from a distance and from up close.

This is one of our favorite outdoor rugs and the reason for that is the color combination. We love how the red outlines complement the beige background and those little terracotta details really bring the whole design together. This is the type of rug you can add to a modern porch to make it feel extra cozy.

Go with a botanic print if you prefer an outdoor rug that’s a bit more organic in design. This right here is an abstract representation of that concept which we think would look lovely in a modern outdoor setting. The rust red and light gray combination looks beautiful on this model.

On the other hand, if you’re going for a more traditional or rustic-inspired design, consider a rug similar to this one. It has this really nice worn look even though it’s brand new and that effect is created by mixing rust red and gray to create this lovely Persian-inspired pattern. This is the type of rug that successfully makes decks and patios feel like extensions of the living room.

This is a more modern style which showcases the same beautiful combination of rust red and light gray tones. The design starts with a solid red section on each of the shorter edges and then gradually fades towards the center where it forms a gray section. This gives the rug an intentional worn appearance while maintaining a simple and modern vibe.

If you prefer something even simpler but still quite interesting, perhaps this beautiful red rug would suit your outdoor deck. It’s not a single solid color but it does maintain a somewhat flat look throughout the entire surface. The pattern is very subtle and achieved by combining slightly different shared of red with a bit of beige.

Similarly, this terracotta-colored outdoor rug is very beautiful and very versatile. It has a thin red outline around the edges and it comes in several different sizes so you can find the one that fits your outdoor setup just right. You can also get this in four other color options, all with the same simple and stylish design.

This outdoor rug features a lovely lattice-inspired design. It also combines several different colors which are clearly differentiates as opposed to being all mixed together across the entire surface. Red and burgundy sections are evenly distributed giving the rug a balanced and symmetrical look. You can also get this rug in two other color palettes.

A more detailed and busy pattern such as this one can be useful if you want to add a bit more character and dynamism to an otherwise flat and monotone decor. The colors are warm and the geometric pattern is versatile. Also, this is an outdoor rug which most likely means the pattern is less striking and eye-catching when displayed on a wooden deck or a patio surrounded by lots of other colors and focal points.

In case you like the lattice-inspired rug we mentioned a bit earlier but you found the combination of colors to be a bit too much, there’s a simpler and more subdued version that might suit your style better. You can get it in this lovely rust red nuance and it also comes in four other colors, all with the same light gray lattice pattern on them.

Botanical designs make a lot of sense in the case of outdoor rugs and they can look quite powerful even when they’re subtle and abstract. This particular design is somewhere in between. You can clearly distinguish the shapes of the leaves and identify the design but it’s not meant to be very realistic.

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