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You probably didn’t notice when I posted about this master bathroom refresh that one of the plants among the group on the floating shelves was fake. I’m usually a skeptic when it comes to artificial plants, but if I spy a good fake, I’m in. I pay attention to the undersides of the leaves and whether the stems look too plastic.

I’ve noticed the artificial versions are getting better and better. Ten years ago you’d have a hard time finding a realistic looking green plant but today we have so many great options.

I found this potted begonia at Michael’s and it looked close to real to me so I included it among the other real plants displayed on the floating shelves. Realistic looking faux plants are a great option if you want greenery but don’t have a green thumb, if you’re not around to water all the time, or just want to be lazier and add the look of botanicals to your spaces without all the maintenance.

I scoured the internet for a group of realistic looking artificial plants, many of these have great reviews.

faux potted begonia (top right)




palm leaf spray



hanging tradescantia



potted rubber plant



potted monstera


faux fiddle leaf fig



banana leaf


trailing eucalyptus



12” angel wing stem


snake plant


potted dasheen


6’ olive tree


5’ money tree


8” varigated leaf

potted coleus


hanging pothos

If you have a great source for realistic looking artificial plants, please share!

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