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Each measuring in at just under 40 square metres, these three apartment interiors in Odessa, Ukraine, offer up inspiration for three different personality types. Our first tour takes us into a sophisticated home with a bronze framed glass wall bedroom design, unique modern furniture ideas and an undeniably luxurious kitchen design–despite its small proportions. Our second stop is made at a simple, youthful and robust apartment interior designed for renters, with another glass wall bedroom design that borrows light from a multifunctional living room. Colour seekers may appreciate our final featured interior, where rich colour accents add a dash of the unexpected. Floor plans included at the end of each tour.

Architect: M3 Architects  

This sophisticated living room belongs to a 35 square metre one bedroom apartment, located in a multi-storey residential complex. The low-backed design of a stone grey modular sofa makes the small area appear open and therefore more spacious.

The compact apartment consists of a combined lounge and kitchen, a glass wall bedroom design and a bathroom.

Minimal amounts of furniture, pared back decor and a limited materials palette allows emphasis to fall on the remaining high-end elements and a seaside view. Thanks to the glass wall bedroom, the oceanside panorama flows unobstructed across the full width of the apartment, creating an instant wow factor upon entering the home.

Unique kitchen bar stools draw attention to the hushed luxe of a clean white marble encased kitchen island.

A custom-cut frameless mirror has been fashioned in alignment with the front door of the apartment, which creates a faux window effect on the solid blank entryway wall.

A unique faucet adds a lustrous copper accent to the pure white kitchen island.

The glass walls of the bedroom are framed by matching copper surrounds.

The TV wall is an understated affair, kept streamlined to maintain the full functional width of the space.

A square kitchen sink beds sharply into the pristine marble countertop.

Inside the minimalist bedroom, a custom-made bed slots beneath a run of floating storage.

A unique bathroom sink gives the all-white bathroom an interesting focal point. LEDs highlight the floating characteristic of a low, wall mounted vanity unit.

Apartment floor plan.

Next, we move on to a 37 square metre apartment for rent. Cool white and golden wood tone colour the multifunctional living space.

A small dining table set overlaps the change in flooring, standing across both white tile from the kitchen and the lounge’s solid pine plank.

A small workspace is set up inside of the bedroom, with a simple floating desk and a coordinating white swivel chair.

Pine panels fashion an extended headboard design, which expands the sense of space.

Inside the bathroom, a modern pedestal sink and round vanity mirror are smoothly matched by their identical diameter.

Floor plan.

Designer: estic design  
Visualizer: Dmitriy Li & Anna Prokhorova    

Our third small home tour in Odessa, Ukraine, takes place in a 35 square metre apartment. The clients requested a subtle, monochrome decor scheme but brief moments of colour made the final cut. Burgundy sofa upholstery visually warms the small lounge, and defines it from the closely neighbouring dining area.

Glass tumblers and a carafe make practical use of the small side table, and prettily catch light from the window.

Two workstations fill the opposite side of the compact but functional living room.

Pale grey scatter cushions and a matching throw break up the solid burgundy sofa design.

Out in the hallway of the home, a deep charcoal grey storage unit features an illuminated display nook, which shines a welcoming glow by the front door.

The solid grey storage volume flows around the corner to seamlessly merge with the small kitchen design.

Fresh white crown moulding neatly melds the built-in storage volume with the structural walls of the apartment.

A wall mounted pendant light makes a dainty accompaniment to the small dining table.

Soft atmospheric light sets the scene for a cosy dinner for two.

The living room TV is tucked in next to the double workspaces. A repositionable TV wall bracket allows it to swing out to face the sofa, or stay angled toward the kitchen or dining area.

The small kitchen is broken into two walls of full height dark grey units and a contrasting wall of light beechwood base cabinets and uppers. A charcoal grey ceiling panel bridges the kitchen, connecting the darker elements.

A charcoal grey headboard panel stripes across lighter grey paintwork inside the bedroom.

A unique tray top side table adds a fun burst of bright burnt orange, which dominates the monochrome scheme.

The foot of a custom-made bed edges under a row of wall mounted wardrobes.

Recessed shelves cause pause between the wardrobe run and a built-in dressing table.

A burgundy vanity stool adds a rich note to the makeup table, and links back to the living room accent colour.

Laundry equipment is housed within the compact bathroom. A unique bathroom vanity light spotlights the basin.

Open shelving is on hand for stashing soap dispensers next to the basin and stain remover for the laundry.

Textured tiles stylishly darken the lower third of the bathroom and engulf the bathtub, whilst the upper walls are kept light and bright.

Atmospheric light washes down the tiled wet wall.

An ultra narrow heated towel rail adds a playful baby blue accent to the small space.

Apartment floor plan.

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