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In the very center of Chelyabinsk, Russia, just a few minutes from Revolution Square, we visit a polished city apartment in the desirable Freedom Tower complex. Visualised by Anova Interior Design, this 114 square metre concept explores a high contrast decor scheme. Light frothy champagne tones are challenged by darker tonal elements that bring warmth and maturity. Modern lighting takes on a huge role within the polished contemporary scheme, creating a magical glow that builds an atmosphere of anticipation. Sleek yet uber comfortable modern furniture adds layer upon layer of luxe throughout the apartment, fashioning a welcoming haven away from the speed of the city.

A light modular sofa arrangement builds a deep border around the lounge of the open plan living space, held together upon a champagne rug.

Stylish pendant lights descend over the bend in the sofa, falling in line with the folds of creamy window drapes.

An asymmetrical coffee table adds an interesting centrepiece to the lounge layout, both with form and shade.

Translucent side tables lightly accessorise the living room, and give a designer table lamp a floating effect.

A wall of black tinted glass cabinets hold an illuminated array of wine glasses, glass decanters and carafes. The darkness of the storage piece counterbalances the lighter elements in the room to achieve deep and confident contrast.

Grey ribbed gypsum panelling textures and shades a stylish media wall. A floating TV stand draws a crisp white underline beneath an illuminated TV mount.

Low and minimal backrests open the lounge area up to the rest of the living room, allowing the space to flow easily without obstruction.

The glowy lighting scheme builds a magical city atmosphere throughout the interior, like a city skyscape at night.

A unique dining room chandelier draws a thin yet dominating line over the dining set, depicting curves that are complimented by the dining chairs beneath.

A spherical glass vase centrepiece echoes the orb shaped lights.

The modern dining room area acts as a buffer between the lounge and a minimalist two-tone kitchen design.

Great solid black legs firmly root the pedestal dining table in its spot.

In the hallway, a floating black wall shelf is paired in a slick stepped formation with a low entryway seat. A custom cut mirror adds to the installation’s weightless illusion.

Sleek track lights pull around the perimeters.

Added glow spills from the recesses of a dropped ceiling plane.

A sculptural entryway table is combined with a large decorative mirror to build a moment of interest against the pure white wall. Candles and art dress the top.

In the child’s room, we discover a very cool kid’s study area. A floating desk and a matching bedside unit put a flash of deep orange into the scheme, brightening the dominating grey and white palette.

A beige swivel chair is colour matched to a selection of glossy wall shelves in the study nook.

A handy pegboard keeps notes and stationery up off the desktop but within easy reach.

On the bedside drawer unit, a Seletti Sitting Monkey table lamp eagerly awaits a bedtime story.

Gadgets are gold in a kids’ life, and this floating media unit gives them a neat place to hang out.

The uber comfy bean bag chair is the best spot in the room for an afternoon of gaming.

Modern wallpaper creates a fun focal point on the kids’ TV wall.

Cool wall art puts another energised splash of colour into the space.

A full length mirror on wheels comes in handy when picking out outfits with the girls or flexing for a workout.

A quirky flamingo cushion emphasises the pink colourway of a modern accent chair. An unusual rouge stemmed lamp adds a hot pop of colour onto a simple black tray top side table.

In the master bedroom, a sophisticated winged bedstead puts a chocolate heart into warm grey surroundings. A glass closet shines low light into the dark room aesthetic.

A swing arm wall lamp places reading light over the head of the smooth platform bed. See some alternative tufted headboard ideas here.

Backlit glass cabinets stretch towers of atmospheric glow onto the bedroom TV wall. A contemporary floating media cabinet spans the wall beneath them.

A slender bedroom pendant light sends a beam of light onto a modern bedside table.

Glass doors from the bedroom lead into a sophisticated home workspace, panelled with rich wood.

Space is quite limited in the apartment’s walk in wardrobe, but great closet organisation more than makes up for it.

Shelf lights make it easier to make a quick selection.

White marble washes over the bathroom floor and up behind the bathtub. A dark bridging wet wall arches over the tub.

A linear greige vanity spans the niche between bathroom storage and the wet wall.

Even the toilet paper becomes a style consideration.

A smaller shower room is given a different vibe under a dark grey and black marble decor scheme. A black faucet and black switches drill the shadowy theme right down into the small details.

Black marble seamlessly clads the inside of the shower enclosure too, where a recessed toiletries shelf glows bright.

Black bathroom fixtures and accessories fade into the walls.

Recessed spotlights and perimeter lights cause reflections down the cistern wall in a sharp metallic effect.

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