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I’m a huge fan of decorating with blue and white for the summer season so I’m back at it with this year’s courtyard setting. I ordered a new rug and then assembled our sectional on top. Long time readers might recognize the furniture set from our patio setup in Las Vegas way back in 2015 when we owned property there.

I layered the space with new pillow covers I sewed from outdoor fabrics I ordered online (see sources below). I wrote a DIY tutorial on pocket opening pillow covers a few years ago and used the same simple sewing technique. I also added a few more plants in the planters I’ve acquired. Many of them are considered indoor plants, but they’re doing fine outdoors despite the afternoon sunlight because we hung a fabric sail over the space which protects the plants and keeps the space (and house) cooler as a result.

Below are a few snapshots of our outdoor space. It’s here where I enjoy morning coffee and the occasional glass of white wine in the evening. My teens love it too especially when their friends come over and they want to hang out outside.







outdoor fabrics for DIY pillows: navy blue outdoor fabric / watercolor fabric

blue basket planters / woven tassel pillows / budget blue outdoor rug

outdoor 20×20” patio sun shade / white bench

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