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Take a tour around these two refreshingly individual pink and grey interiors–each one of them inspirationally unique in terms of both colour and style. There is something so undeniably soothing about the soft pink hue. It effortlessly rounds out any hard edged, ultra sleek interior scheme without taking anything away from its modernity. This duo of home designs is no exception; even with the coupling of dark charcoal grey expanses and electrifying shocks of cobalt blue, pink clearly sweetens the scene. Not only is the colour scheme a sight to behold, but these homes have extraordinary custom furniture inspiration that is out of this galaxy…

Designed by Ira Lysiuk & Stanislav Pashkalyan, our first interior was created for young homeowners who are big fans of the Star Wars movie saga. This led to the imagining of a home filled with futuristic inspired silhouettes and bright colour contrast to surprise and amuse house guests. Blasting off in the living room, we see a pink and blue clash that’s reminiscent of many a Star Wars poster featuring the glow of lightsabers from the light and dark sides. The ultra modern sofa design looks like it belongs in some far flung galaxy.

A matching lounge chair sits by a bespoke feature wall, which combines the pink, grey and wood tone materials of the room into an art piece. A stylish speaker perches on the end of a wooden media unit beneath the TV.

The back of the sofa design features angular and curvaceous intersections, an outline that is continued onto the kitchen island and extractor hood.

The cobalt blue extractor unit throws shocking colour contrast into the pink kitchen.

A great wing stretches out from the core fan unit. Intense white light strips beam along its length, like the wing of a spacecraft.

Sliding pink kitchen cabinet doors make up the backsplash.

The space inside the cupboard is shallow but well utilised.

Unusual wooden balustrades shutter the modern staircase design. A great eye peers from the top.

Cobalt blue and pink colour contrast electrifies the bedroom scheme. A pink pouf matches with the upholstery of an unusual headboard design. A Seletti monkey lamp hunches on a long linear vanity installation that stretches the full width of the window wall.

Streamlined storage drawers skim beneath the vanity countertop in the same mellow wood effect. Bespoke wooden window shutters slide into position above it. An interior door is camouflaged in the room’s two-tone border.

Behind the two-tone door there hides a walk-in wardrobe. A custom cut mirror clads the interior of the closet door.

The kid’s room design embraces the same colour palette as the rest of the home, but this time with the added quirk of a black and red cartoon wall mural. If you love this animal themed kid’s chair, check out this elephant home decor.

Lightsaber-esque neon wall lights provide a subtle take on Star Wars themed home decor.

More wooden shutters characterise the home entryway, alongside a very modern shoe bench and some unconventional photographic art.

The floating wooden desk in the home office twins with the bedroom vanity. A black swivel chair weights down the look.

Another piece of offbeat art adds striking effect to pale grey walls.

A pink bathroom is sure to pull house guest attention.

Of course, where there is pink in this home there is also a balance of blue. This time the counteraction to the all pink bathroom comes in the form of an all blue shower room. A hanging monkey lamp swings between blue neon vanity lights, above a blue pedestal sink and blue tiles.

A Star wars themed toothbrush holder is the cherry on the cake.

Designer: O.M. Shumelda  

This dark grey and pink decor scheme is not so space-age, but still inspirationally unique. A glass wall lounge reveals an unusual modern grey sofa, accented with pale pink scatter cushions. Exposed white electrical cables become a design feature upon a charcoal wall and raw ceiling. A small grey pouf takes the grey tone to the window side of the room, where sheer white drapes billow.

The glass coffee table adds a complementary delicate touch of pink to the centre of the charcoal room with its frame.

The industrial style lighting on the ceiling is twinned by a floor lamp, each lit with a large squirrel cage globe.

Indoor plants spike on the opposite side of the glass screen.

An airy kitchen diner is decorated in solid grey and coral wall paints, along with plentiful white kitchen cabinets in a large L-shaped arrangement.

A superb dining table design wraps a load bearing wall on three sides. Its bespoke pink framework can be seen through a crystal clear glass tabletop. Five modern dining chairs surround the creation.

Bright LEDs cut around the pink ceiling of the white L-shaped kitchen.

A minimalist white extractor hood blends with clean white tile walls, whilst a black swing arm wall lamp lamp stands out.

A humorous bird decal hangs out on the kitchen backsplash.

Although the glass wall to the lounge is only a narrow panel, it is the perfect width to define a clear border between two different areas of the main living space.

A white oven integrates with the white kitchen cabinets.

The beautiful coral ceiling expands into the home entryway.

A glass wall bedroom amplifies the sense of space and strengthens cohesivity.

White drapes provide privacy when needed.

A neon wall light burns brightly against a dark headboard wall. A black and white houndstooth cushion adds weight to the pastel bed set.

Monochrome makes its way to the floor along a modern runner.

Light wood laminate floors vibe softly with the sweet pink accents.

Bespoke concrete bedsides take the industrial chic essence into the bedroom.

A pink border puts a colourful cap on a white bathroom design.

Industrial style concrete makes an appearance in a unique pedestal sink. A wooden ladder shelf with indoor plants adds earthy nature tones.

Coral pink floods the hallway and all of the interior doors.

1. Green & pink flower vases
2. Pink floral wall art
3. Pink accent chairs
4. Pink chandelier
5. Living sofa
6. Rose gold arc floor lamp
7. Convertible chair
8. Pink floor pouf
9. Floor rug
10. Songbird Ruth By Kay Bojesen
11. Pink and gold coffee table
12. Knot cushion

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