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This week I met a friend at a local park, we each brought half of a picnic lunch and played Yahtzee for an hour on a beautiful sunny day. Local parks, lakes, rivers, beaches and hiking spots are all available for setting up a picnic and enjoying outdoor time, ’tis the season to be picnic ready!


I have a picnic backpack I bought ten years ago and it’s great quality (it’s similar to these). I replaced the napkins with thicker cloth and I keep it ready to go when the picnic mood strikes. Also shown, this cheerful ombre picnic blanket from Target which I bought for my teen daughter since she loves to picnic around town with her friends.

Wicker baskets look charming but can be clunky to carry farther than a few hundred feet, something to consider if hiking and camping instead of just parking your picnic close to your car. Some modern totes and backpacks are insulated and/or hands free which is a nice bonus. Below find a selection of picnic backpacks and baskets along with blankets to enjoy the coming warmer weather!


Backpacks & Totes


gray & leather / striped picnic backpack / canvas & wicker tote

wicker basket / green tote / blue tote 

blue four person backpack / black stripe cooler

blue canvas tote / black cooler for two /




yellow stripe / rainforest canopy / tie dye

floral blanket / vera blanket / hibiscus

black and white waterproof / gingham waterproof / water resistant mandala

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