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A sense of calm and tranquillity washes over all who enter this ethereal white abode. Visualised by Z Vision, this spacious and light-filled home interior features smoothly curved wall detailing and elegant archways. Storage furniture neatly wraps the curved contours of the living room, where lounge furniture is minimal and modern with soft silhouettes. White marble elements introduce moments of luxe, whilst natural wood tone accents instil a gentle visual warmth. Intriguing lighting installations wrap the edges of doorways and shelves to create highlights and an atmospheric glow inside the master bedroom design. Slatted wall panels add eye-catching texture to a chic and welcoming modern bathroom.

The living room is a peaceful white space with calming contours. Elegant arched doorways melt into curvaceous edge detail under soft white stucco. A huge edge-to-edge, floor-to-ceiling window floods the large living room with natural light and opens up a view of the city via a balcony.

The archway motif inspires other curvaceous elements in the room design, like the rounded living room floor lamp and a modern coffee table design. A soft, upholstered sofa melds tonally with the pale wall stucco.

A large area rug holds the minimalist lounge layout together on a pale greige platform. At one corner of the rug, a wooden bookstand meekly rounds out the arrangement.

A marble side table adds a small dark anchor by the side of the contrasting pale sofa, which ties in with the black coffee table finish.

The accent lounge chair adds a beat of yellow ochre to the otherwise neutral home interior. Situated by the bright window, the cushiony chair makes a comfortable reading nook.

The open plan lounge area flows seamlessly into the dining room and on into the kitchen area. A paper dining room pendant light emulates the shape of the fluted wooden pedestal table stand to make a cohesive pairing. A wet bar serves the dining area under a crisp white and luxe marble finish.

Curved bolster walls house kitchen appliances and visually separate the open plan dining room from the long white galley kitchen.

Back on the dining room wet bar, a fluted carafe is kept on hand to fill matching glass tumblers for the table.

The round dining table top is a marble finish to complement the white marble backsplash in the kitchen. A black extractor unit cuts down through the stark white kitchen backdrop to create a solid moment of contrast.

The kitchen units are trimmed with a curved border that creates a gentle arch over the kitchen hob area, creating a modern vignette.

An arched doorway leads off the living room into a minimalist home office space. A wide white marble panel fashions a luxurious focal wall, which is brightly accentuated by the glow of two long illuminated wall shelves. A row of office storage cabinets is lifted off the floor to maintain the fuss-free aesthetic.

Minimal decor adorns the wall shelves, leaving the marble vein to provide all of the interest. A modern desk stands out in front, in a soothing light wood grain. Wooden stools furnish one side of the minimalist desk, while a curvaceous desk chair pulls up in command.

Inside the master bedroom, a channel tufted upholstered bed is paired with a bespoke headboard design, which is brightly outlined by a thin ribbon of LED light. To the left of the headboard, an arch-shaped shelving unit is built into a run of white wardrobes in a contrasting finish. The doorway that lies within the dressing area is picked out by a razor-sharp halo of LED light.

The bedside unit is a custom-made piece that is designed to navigate around a structural support column. On the side furthest away from the bed, the wall mounted unit becomes a handy bookshelf for nighttime reading material.

A marble panel decorates the wall behind the floating bedside unit, which matches a small marble bedside table at the opposite edge of the headboard.

At the foot of the bed, a floating desk touches lightly upon a chest of drawers at one end.
Illuminated bookshelves decorate the wall above the bedroom workspace, which can work double duty as a dressing table.

Decorative stone panels back the bedroom workspace to create an attractive, high-end focal wall. A unique stool tucks underneath the desk, where it introduces a fashionable fluted texture.

The playful orange accent chair beside the window is the Seung Jin Yang Blowing chair, constructed from party balloons and a hard resin coating. A unique linear wall lamp stretches down the wall beside the chair to make a practical reading nook.

The bathroom is a clean white space with a chic minimalistic essence.

A tower shelving unit beside the bathtub introduces a slice of warm apricot, whilst the marble bathroom vanity unit stands out with a busy black vein. The shelving unit holds an array of toiletries within easy reach of both the tub and the shower area.

Slatted wall panels introduce texture between smooth counterparts, adding just a sliver of visual interest that is doubled in the bathroom vanity mirror.

A black-framed shower screen separates the sink area from the wet zone, which includes the freestanding bathtub beside the window.

Black shower fixtures and a rainfall showerhead make bold contrast against the soft white bathroom wall treatment.

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