Grey Based Neoclassical Interior Design With Muted & Metallic Accents

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Adding metallic and muted colour accents to a grey based neoclassical interior, like this one designed and visualised by Quadroroom, brings the sophisticated aesthetic to life. This particular interior is a family home, so there are beautiful kids rooms here too, with a mixture of new and classic style inspiration. The entire apartment scheme straddles the gap between the modern and the traditional, to create eclectic spaces that elegantly serve the everyday routine with a flash of finesse. Find inspiration to create a stunning neoclassical style lounge, a metallic accented kitchen, a unique shared kids’ room, a bijou dining room, and a wainscot covered bathroom with truly modern twists.

This neoclassical interior design is a scene of serene elegance and subtle designer touches. In the living room, fine gold accents add luxurious sheen to the soft grey palette.

A gold modern chandelier hangs in halos above the neat lounge area in the open plan. A gold stemmed side table and a white marble coffee table serve a pale grey sofa.

Off the side of the lounge there is a reading nook by the window.

A pair of unique shelving units stand against one wall, displaying a small library of books interspersed with some decorative and treasured items.

A dark blue bench seat sits in front of the two shelving units, along with a small side table just like the one that appears over in the adjacent lounge area.

Natural light glows through sheer window voiles and pale grey drapes at the floor to ceiling glass.

A stylish dining room pendant light dangles over a small round dining table in a bijou dining room. A pair of modern wall sconces add to the dinner time mood lighting. Two blue, and two light grey dining chairs have been seated at the white marble table for a contemporary mix and match aesthetic.

A white decorative vase serves as a centrepiece on the table. A floating sideboard underlines a mirror on the dining room wall.

Metallic kitchen accents add finesse to a blue, white, and grey kitchen design.

Glass cabinets take the centre spot in the run of wall units, displaying a collection of fine wine glasses. LED strips illuminate the display cabinets.

Two unique kitchen pendant lights are surrounded by a modern track that provides more focussed task lighting around the edge of the kitchen space. Decorative coving gives the light track a beautiful border. Down on the floor, three sleek kitchen bar stools match the pale gold finish of the pendants.

A glass vase holds a floral display at one end of the navy blue kitchen island.

Bronze cocktail shakers and kitchen utensils accessorise the bench behind the central island. Grey granite makes a patterned backsplash.

A designer gold faucet stands out against black marble in the bathroom.

The shared kids’ room has a predominantly grey colour scheme that is given lift by yellow accents. Playful bunting is strung from the bedroom pendant light. See more ideas for shared kids’ rooms here.

A fun kids’ headboard design fills the entire wall behind the two kids beds.

Two kids’ closets are fitted at either side of the door. They disappear into the decor with their white coating and textured panelling.

A stylish modern toy basket helps organise kids’ clutter.

Opposite the beds, a flat screen tv is mounted against decorative wall panelling.

A bookcase is built in by the window to make a perfect kids’ reading nook. There is also a cupboard underneath it to stow away some more toys and games.

A kid’s study is decorated in soft pink and yellow hues, with a cute whale illustration as wall art.

LED lighting illuminates the book stack.

In the bathroom, a golden sputnik chandelier creates a feeling of grandeur in such a compact space.

Gold veins run through the black marble vanity shelf and backsplash, which are accentuated by the gold faucet and bathroom accessories. The golden pieces work perfectly with two deep blue accent walls in the room, coming together to create high-end luxe. The black marble vanity area is matched by a black wall hung toilet pan and flush plate.

There is a teenagers bedroom in the home too, which is a pink bedroom with a house shaped theme headboard. The pink padded headboard is complemented by a giant pink flamingo at the other end of the bed.

Design books line a recessed bookcase, kept company by sweet knitted elephants.

A cylindrical white bedside unit holds a very grown up floral display and a traditional alarm clock.

Behind the bedside unit, a closet holds out of season garments and seldom used items. Two more easily accessible closets are located at either side of the door–just like in the shared kids’ room.

A mint green desk chair makes sweet contrast with the pastel pink bedroom accessories. A designer lamp lights one end of the desk, and they could use a headphone stand! at the other.

The wall mounted media unit under the tv is arranged in a stepped formation with the floating desk.

Coloured strips, luxurious white marble and cool white LEDs run vertical behind a double sink bathroom vanity.

Black frames underline the white storage cupboard and vanity unit.

White marble backs the shower enclosure.

Circular vanity mirrors echo the shape of round vessel basins.

Wall panels provides a chic backdrop behind a freestanding tub.

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Brits don’t feel they’ve reached adulthood until they’ve made these 10 home purchases

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Traditionally reaching adulthood involves hitting several key milestones, and that can be anything from passing your driver’s licence right through to buying your first home.

Advice for your home purchase: First-time home buyer guide — how to get on the property ladder for the first time

And now new research has revealed that when it comes to the latter, our starter pads don’t feel like ‘grown-up’ properties until we have made 10 important home purchases.

The survey of 1,124 UK adults carried out by household appliances e-tailer Appliances Direct first revealed that the majority of those questioned only feel like an adult at aged 31, a full 13 years past the technical age of adulthood at 18.

It also asked respondents which purchase they feel defined them as an adult, and the range of purchases varied widely in both in terms of price difference and whether they could actually be considered as ‘essential’ home buys.

The top ten were as follows:

1. A house (73 per cent)

10 home purchases adult brits

Image credit: Oliver Gordon

2. A car (41 per cent)

3. Washing machine (36 per cent)

10 home purchases adult brits

Image credit: Colin Poole

4. Dishwasher (34 per cent)

5. Coffee machine (32 per cent)

10 homes purchases adult brits

Image credit: Claire Lloyd Davies

6. Lawnmower (31 per cent)

7. Iron (28 per cent)

10 homes purchases adult brits

Image credit: Alun Callendar

8. Vacuum cleaner (22 per cent)

9. TV Licence (18 per cent)

10 homes purchases adult brits

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

10. Oven (15 per cent)

Commenting on the findings, Mark Kelly, marketing manager at Appliances Direct said: ‘Becoming a homeowner is an exciting time for anyone and in most cases, is the biggest purchase anyone will ever make.

‘As our research has revealed, many Brits feel the purchase of their first home is a defining marker of adulthood, though I was surprised to see that some of the more regular household items such as coffee machines and irons to have been chosen by those surveyed.’

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Do the research findings ring true for you?

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‘It definitely works’ – Chris Evans can’t stop singing the praises of this affordable, air-purifying indoor plant

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When it comes to finding advice on the best indoor plants for your home where or who do you normally turn to? Your local garden centre, the website of the Royal Horticultural Society or recommendations from green-fingered family and friends?

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Well it may be time to add another of invaluable source of information to your list – celebrities. And the one in question on this occasion is radio presenter Chris Evans.

mother in law tongue

Image credit: Neil Mockford / Contributor

The 53-year-old took to the airwaves on his Virgin Radio Breakfast Show to reveal the indoor plant he is banking on to transform his bedroom space.

Talking about an article he had read outlining the 10 gadgets that help people sleep, Chris said: ‘Positive ions feel heavy, so what you need is negative ions…

‘There’s the snake plant, also known as the mother-in-law’s tongue. These are 10 quid, I’m going to get one today.

‘If you’re banning technology from the bedroom, which you should be, entirely, then this plant is a Nasa-approved air purifier.’

Mother in law tongue

mother in law tongue

Image credit: Amateur Gardening

NASA did indeed include mother-in-law’s tongue in its 1989 study Interior landscape plants for indoor abatement, revealing that this plant successfully removed a number of pollutants.

Continuing to extol the virtues of the plant – also commonly referred to as a snake plant and sitting centre of the picture below – Chris added:

‘It definitely works. Who doesn’t want this in their life in the bedroom.

‘It’s very tolerant of low light and doesn’t need much attention, it’s the plant that keeps on giving and will keep CO2 levels in check.’

mother in law tongue

Image credit: Wyevale Garden Centre

Explaining why this plant is so special, Ciara Sheridan, Houseplants Buyer at Wyevale Garden Centre said:

‘The snake plant, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue or Sansevieria, is one of the most popular air purifying plants – it’s easy to see why.

‘The yellow-tipped succulent not only complements any interior setting, it also has the added benefit of cleaning the air in your home, offering a natural, cost effective and therapeutic means to tackling indoor air pollution compared to an electric purifier. It releases oxygen at night – an ideal choice for the bedroom – and filters the air of formaldehyde, xylene, benzene, toluene, and trichloroethylene.’

Continuing she added: ‘Other popular varieties of air-purifying plants include spider plants, peace lilies, fiddle-leaf fig, ferns and aloe vera.’

More plant power: The new Homebase launch that could hold the secret to keeping your plants alive for longer

Will you add a mother-in-law’s tongue to your collection of indoor plants?

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“What’s to-day?” cried Scrooge, calling…

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“What’s to-day?” cried Scrooge, calling downward to a
boy in Sunday clothes, who perhaps had loitered in to look
about him.

“Eh?“ returned the boy, with all his might of wonder.

“What’s to-day, my fine fellow?” said Scrooge.

“To-day?” replied the boy.  “Why, Christmas Day.


Unique Lighting Fixtures That Inspire Us

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If you ever had to shop for light fixtures you probably know how easy it is to get lost in the details and to become overwhelmed by all the different options. Of course, we also know that a lot of the products are more or less just copies or one another and few actually stand out and bring something new to the table.

Mod pendant light designJewel Axolight hanging black fixturesGalaxy brass lightingLouise brandvanegmond lighting collection

It’s those special few ones that we’re interested in. Finding those among the vast sea of conventional designs is not easy so we’re happy to do the research for you and to show you our most exquisite findings. Check out some of out latest favorites down below.

The Drip is more than just a light fixture. It takes wall lamps to a new level by showing clean and minimalist lines complemented by a very versatile and unexpected design which includes a base that can be used as a little nightstand shed, a tiny accent table or just a shelf on which to display an ornament that you would literally want to put the spotlight on.

Hanging pendant lamps are often appreciated for their stylish appearance and their innovative designs and looking at this amazing piece it’s easy to understand why. This is the Mod, a pendant inspired by delicate garden flowers with petals which can be customized with your choice of material and that even includes options such as wood panels, raffia or even colored thread.

The Jewel pendant lamp is another exquisite and unusual product which has a distinctive design featuring a double-crossed arch and a very delicate look overall. It can be used as a single standalone light source but also in groups, being available in four different versions: with one, three, four and ten lights. The clustered versions offer more diffuse light and can look amazing in a variety of different settings.

Some light fixtures are actually more than just sources of light and can double as decorations and even focal points. One example would be the Liaison series which puts an emphasis on the sinuous, delicate lines and fluid, the sculptural appearance of the lamps more than anything else.

This is the Papilio wall lamp, a stylish and modern fixture with lots of character and a very strong identity. At its core, the design is actually quite simple and what makes this product special and eye-catching is the unusual combination of materials and forms.

Simple and inconspicuous, the Mosca wall lamp provides subtle light and looks slick and quite futuristic while doing it. It’s made of aluminum with a lacquered black or yellow finish and an LED light source. You can Install it at any angle you prefer and integrate it into a variety of different contexts and decors.

When it comes to chandelier lighting things get a bit more complicated because chandeliers are supposed to stand out and to look beautiful but they’re also supposed to provide adequate and sufficient lighting for the room. Finding a design that does it all can be tricky. That’s why we love the Linea chandelier so much. It’s a real statement piece with a striking and sculptural design and a balanced look.

The Louise collection includes an amazing set of chandeliers as well. They have simple and elegant designs reminiscent of vintage glass lanterns with a hint of modern minimalism. The shades are in four different types of glass and this diversity gives the chandelier a balanced and harmonious appearance.

Another good example of a chandelier that manages to be eye-catching in a subtle and elegant is the Galaxy model which stays timeless while also looking futuristic. It looks exquisite when displayed in rooms with high ceilings and the collection includes several versions which suit a variety of different spaces and decors. The versatility of this design is in part due to its uniqueness.

This is the Palma hanging lamp, a stylish and very simplistic and exquisite light fixture perfectly suited for contemporary interiors whether it’s a private residence, a hotel, a restaurant or even an office. The unusual connection to nature is expressed in a very creative and enjoyable manner, bringing inside a fresh garden-inspired ambiance. You can display the lamps in groups or clusters where each can hang at a different height to create a unique and interesting installation.

The Mytilus pendant, like many other exquisite light fixtures, has a very artistic aura and is capable is becoming the center of attention without overpowering the room. Its design is inspired by waves and features a sinuous and organic form which has a delicate an almost otherworldly appearance. The spherical light source is enveloped in painted stainless steel mesh, a combination that’s unexpected but which also makes sense in a strange way in this particular context.

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51 Pink Living Rooms With Tips, Ideas And Accessories To Help You Design Yours

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Picky about your pinks? Well fear not, this collection of 51 different pink living room designs is sure to have something to suit your own individual tastes. Let us show you around some of our favourite pale pastel pink decor schemes and blush pink beauties, all the way through the spectrum to the intense heat of hot pink decor. We also explore the use of complementary colours to accentuate the room design, and contrasting hues to balance out the pink sweetness. We’re not just talking accent walls here either, we have a whole host of pink furniture and some living room accessories to polish off the look too.

Back up your love of pink. This pink couch living room is backed up by a colour coordinated shelving system behind. The great thing about this tip is that you don’t need to buy a specialist piece of furniture to achieve the look. Simply pick out a couple of pink paint shades and fill in the gaps between your existing shelves for an updated colourful look.

Visualizer: Thuong Hoai  

Pull out the pink. You can pull extra pink into your room design every time you draw the curtains, especially in a floor to ceiling set like these ones.

Source: Marie Claire  

Some like it hot. Whack up the heat with a tin of hot pink wall paint–don’t forget to paint that exposed brick wall too for an all encompassing colour scheme.

Designer: Noz Design  

Another hot pink extravaganza–this time with an amazing rug to bolster the bold statement.

Visualizer: Timur Mitin  

Crank up the contrast. This pink and teal living room not only benefits from the contrast of two different colours but of several different shades of pink too.

Ring in the changes. Even an old grey sofa can be enlivened with the pink trend by throwing on a few new scatter cushions and a bright throw. Don’t colour match the new pieces either, choose different shades for a modern layered look. You can balance out the colour party by bringing in some natural wood furniture pieces and metallic accessories, like these nesting tables and copper floor lamp.

This time a Rose gold arc floor lamp complements the pink shades in the room.

Go for just a spot of pink–literally.

Visualizer: Tovstyi Bohdan  

Or part of a spot.

Visualizer: Xiao Tan, Didi Lee & Ming Dang  

Or go for the whole room.

Source: Nathan + Jac  

Complement a pastel pink decor scheme with a piece of pretty wall art that incorporates the same shade.

Source: Metro Mode  

Capitalise on the modern coral pink trend by adding other contemporary touches, like these chevron cushions, geometric area rug, and a colour matched floor lamp.

Source: North Hem  

Let’s split it. If you can’t see yourself going the whole hog and painting every wall pink (or even just one entire wall), then consider a half and half design.

Designer: Zrobym  

You could just paint the bottom section of the wall, leaving the top basic white.

Perfect a pink lovers paradise. Pink paint, pink living room chairs, pink scatter cushions and even a pink accented gallery wall; a pink lovers perfection.

Visualizer: Nhan Nguyen  

Pink from dusk till dawn. This dusky dark pink living room is cut through with a slice of fresh white to waken the shaded scheme.

Visualizer: Kseniia Fe  

Add surprising elements to a soft scheme. This sweet backdrop is given modern edge by dressing with striking geo print scatter cushions, a furry pillow and a cool gold sputnik chandelier.

Designer: Bold NY Design  

Pink and green make a harmonious couple, particularly when the green elements in the room come in the form of lush indoor plants.

Visualizer: 李 zhuo  

This pink and green interior design incorporates a heavenly wall mural.

Source: Glamour  

Pink can be both contemporary and classic; take this pink chesterfield sofa for example. A colourful take on a classic silhouette.

Visualizer: Apollo Render Studio  

Don’t forget the base notes and highlights. It can be easy to fall into one samey coloured scheme, but this pink, black, white and gold combo shows how its all about the balance.

Source: Historiska Hem  

The 50/50 balance. This room’s colour palette is split evenly between blush pink and natural wood tone. Dark green cushions and indoor plants provide a few base notes, whilst flashes of white accessories sprinkle in the highlights.

Visualizer: Rong Rong  

Use pink to mark out a different zone in your living room. This room focusses the main use of pink around the window area. Wall art has been hung across the pink and white sections to create a connection between the two.

Visualizer: MOPS Architecture Studio  

The pink zone in this multipurpose living room defines the workspace from a green lounge area.

Visualizer: Anjey Babych  

This colour zoning separates a coral pink lounge from a monochrome kitchen.

Source: Dulux  

Put pink alongside blue and mauve tones for a soft yet sophisticated colour scheme.

Visualizer: Olga Pavlyk  

Patch paint decorative wall panelling. Wainscot and boiserie make beautiful classic backdrops in a living room; give them a modern twist by sectioning off a random rectangle with some painters tape, then fill in the area with your favourite shade of pink.

Visualizer: 宁 洁  

Thread the accent colour all the way through an open plan space. The pink in this open plan living room happens mainly over by the kitchen dining area, but a pink floor pouf brings the accent right into the lounge.

Visualizer: MARTIN architects  

Pink can be used to enliven the look of an unadorned wall, like this one that’s been left blank for a projector screen to come down in front of it.

Visualizer: Artpartner Architects  

Design a high fashion hit. Blush pink on a black and white base hits the pink trend hard…

Visualizer: Rong Rong  

… Or piece in some prominent black and white accents to sharpen an all pink room.

Photographer: Linda Jaquez  

Get quirky. Acid yellow couches, Star Wars home decor, and two Brillo Soap Pad Boxes used as side tables give this pink living room its own distinct personality.

Visualizer: Anastasiia Romanova  

One accent wall and one piece of accent furniture can speak volumes. There is lots going on in this room, including green and black decor with gold accessories, but it’s the textured pink wall and an elegant pink ottoman that steal the show. Sometimes, less is more…

Designer: Anthony Baratta  

… Or maybe, MORE is more! Pink walls, pink ottoman, pink accent chairs, pink table lamps, and a pink rug fill this room to its white rafters. Welcome relief is brought in the form of pretty blue glass elements that break up the scene.

Designer: Kim Armstrong  

Another pink and blue living room, but this time its blue floral upholstery that pierces through the pink.

Designer: Brett Mickan  

Match wall art to the scatter cushions and to the rug to thread the colour scheme from top to bottom.

Visualizer: Thanh Hang Vu  

This scheme brings pink to the floor with a pink geo print beanbag.

Architect: Simone Micheli  

Provide a high contrast companion to pink feature furniture. A pink modern sofa, chair and ottomans are joined by high contrast lime green shelving in this contemporary white interior.

Source: Fama Living  

Use pattern to break up large expanses of pink. A solid pink chaise lounge matches the footstool and one section of the modern sofa in this pink living room set. Pink patterned pieces have been used to break up the expanse elsewhere in the arrangement.

Visualizer: Anjey Babych  

Fill it with florals. More pictures of this beautiful home here.

Visualizer: Tram Nguyen  

This pink peonies living room art is more subtle than an entire wall treatment, but every bit as beautiful. Note the single darker pink cushion amongst the pastels on the sofa to weight the airy scheme; sImple but effective.

Visualizer: Diễm Kiều  

Muted pinks make for a soft Scandi feel.

Designer: Andrey Barinov  
Visualizer: Andrey Barinov  

Colour an open plan living room with the bright zigzag of a pink staircase design.

Visualizer: Design Lyiv  

In a layout with a glass wall bedroom, encase all pink elements behind the glass–except for one matching pink sofa or chair.

Visualizer: Ruslan Kovalchuk, Mariya Chmut and Stephen Tsimbalyuk  

Put it in lights.

Visualizer: Room Design Buro  

Build it. If you’re not able to find your dream pink living room furniture, you could have it built. This bespoke piece is a single runaround design that includes a chair, sofa and window seat too.

Visualizer: Mateusz Kociolek  

Sometimes one statement piece is enough. See more pink and grey interiors.

Designer: Olha Wood  

A single chaise provides the pink in this lounge.

Visualizer: Maggi Samir  

Balance out hot pink with other strong style statements, like this illuminated feature wall.

Designer: Zimenko  
Visualizer: Vlad Yuhimchuk  

Go grand with golden touches. Gold trims run through these pink walls, behind golden bookcases and gold living room furniture. Instead of a pink chandelier, they’ve opted for a purple crystal piece to change things up.

Visualizer: Archivizer  

Get colourful with cabinets. Ok, so it’s actually a pink kitchen that colours the backdrop of this living room arrangement, but pink storage cupboards would have a similar effect in a non open plan room. Pink geometric print cushions continue the accent shade onto the light cream couch in this setup, and a couple of decorative vases hold sprays of pink leaves on top of the coffee table too.

1. Green & pink flower vases
2. Pink floral wall art
3. Pink accent chairs
4. Pink chandelier
5. Living sofa
6. Rose gold arc floor lamp
7. Convertible chair
8. Pink floor pouf
9. Floor rug
10. Songbird Ruth By Kay Bojesen
11. Pink and gold coffee table
12. Knot cushion

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Four Different Decor Schemes On A Crisp White Base

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We are taking a look at a collection of four modern decor schemes today, which are each built upon a clean and crisp white base. Our first tour takes us around a monochrome setting that is given lift by a small sprinkling of elegant gold accessories. The second stop we make is in a fresh apartment that is dashed with zesty lime green features. The third home on the list is a design that has been inspired by the beauty of nature and all natural tones. Finally we take a walk through a home that is defined by dark hued accent pieces in teal, red, and rich shades of brown.

Designer: LOFT Magdalena Adamus  

A metal coffee table set introduces small slivers of gold into our first white based home decor scheme; the black and white pair also create contrast in the centre of the space. At the side of the open plan living room, two custom fit wooden cabinets bring warm rich tone to the alcoves on either side of a white chimney breast.

There is a modern sofa on each side of the lounge, facing each other in a conversational arrangement. Scatter cushions bring texture to the designer duo.

The white coffee table has a marble top that adds to the air of luxury in the room.

A linear suspension lamp hangs in the white dining room above a simple table design. Light grey comfortable dining chairs with arms gather around the rectangular table. A modern dresser provides a dark backdrop to the scene.

A white galley kitchen runs the width of the living room. Branches in glass vases decorate a crisp white cooking peninsula. A glass door, which leads out to a terrace, fills the modern kitchen with bright natural light that bounces off the glossy white cabinet fronts.

Sheer grey drapes draw across the glass doors by the lounge space.

The same curtain style is repeated inside the master bedroom. A cool monochrome striped pouf sits by the window along with a couple of decorative items. Black and gold accent cushions line up along the headboard.

Black bathroom vanity lighting descends over a white linear vanity unit. Stone tiles provide a textured backdrop.

Designer: Z River Studio  
Visualizer: Z River Studio  

Next up, this 48 square metre soft white interior holds a surprising accent colour…

… Lime green accents liven up this blank canvas, like these acidic kitchen cabinet doors. A white dining area sits by the green and white kitchen, featuring a chunky column dining table and a Drop chair duo.

A white swing arm wall lamp provides illumination over the round dining table.

More Drop chairs appear at double workspaces situated just outside of the master bedroom.

A pocket door can be pulled shut between the home office and the bedroom when required.

There is a cosy reading nook by a window, made up by a small wooden table, a neat black floor reading lamp, and a white accent chair. See more comfortable reading chairs here.

The white bedroom is furnished with built-in closets and wall cupboards–and a child’s bed as well as the double. The kid’s bed is situated in a nook with a curtain available to pull across at nap time.

When the double bed is not in use, it can be folded away into the closet niche to make more space for play.

One white kid’s chair sits by the junior daybed.

A slice of lime green adds interest to a white bathroom.

Single bed floor plan, featuring Murphy bed and cosleeping arrangement.

Visualizer: Mariia Borysova  

Our third tour takes place in a home filled with indoor plants, botanical art and natural tones.

Cut logs add to the natural decor elements in the home, stacked tall to fuel a modern log burning fire.

The dining pendant light design complements the organic leaf silhouettes that fill the home. White dining chairs gather around a beautiful timber dining table.

The kitchen runs alongside the white dining room, in sleek white units.

A modern staircase design runs straight off the airy open plan room.

A white chimney cooker hood hangs quietly over the kitchen peninsula. An integrated wine cooler is tucked into the end of the cabinet run.

The minimalist kitchen almost disappears in the white room scheme.

Wooden accents pepper the white built-in storage solutions.

Visualizer: Mohamed Mousa  

Our fourth tour is a 135 square metre home that has a collection of white based rooms with deep coloured accent pieces, like the teal seating in this minimalist living room.

A striped rug provides interest in the simple arrangement.

Wall art makes a splash of colour in this lounge area in the dining room.

Black dining room pendant lights match with a black dining table and chairs.

The L-shaped kitchen features dark chocolate brown cabinets, topped with white linear wall tiles.

The wall tiles continue all the way up to the ceiling.

A floating shelf underlines a white framed mirror at the end of an all white hallway.

Bold red closets make a surprising addition to white bedroom decor.

A red dressing table and drawers match the closets. A black modern wall sconce accessorises each side of the white bed.

The second minimalist bedroom is calmer in colour.

Shades of taupe contrast with the white backdrop in here; pale taupe curtains pool at the window and a darker shade colours the upholstery on the platform bed.

The minimalist bathroom is a monochrome affair.

Two bed floor plan.

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A Studio Loft Which Is A Home And Art Gallery

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Located on a quiet street that is parallel to a busy boulevard in Alsancak, one of the most densely populated neighborhoods of Izmir, Turkey, stands an unusual interior conversion. Originally the brief called for the ground and upper floor of this building (which is part of a five story block of flats) to be made into a dedicated photo studio only. During the course of the design process, the client and architect teams Zaas, and Yerce, reimagined the space and agreed that this could go beyond being just a studio. The end result is a unique place that encompasses a home, a professional photo studio, and a public art gallery.

Located right at the back of the first floor, there lies a private living area. A ceiling tv mount allows a flat screen television to be suspended in front of the window glass, which has a view out onto the quiet street.

A double workspace also resides inside the living room, with the desk pushed up against an internal glass wall, looking out. A trio of floating wall shelves hold some books and pictures.

An unusual feature wall lines the opposite side of the living room, behind a run of white base units. Ambient lighting glows from behind the cabinets to illuminate the installation.

The residential first floor is reached via a floating staircase design from the photographic studio and gallery space. Each step is a metal 3D parallelogram frame, mounted individually to the studio wall to form the ascent to the mezzanine platform. The modern handrail design is lit by LED strip lights.

Just beneath the lip of the mezzanine, a guest reception desk is situated by a small storage wall with a bright yellow niche. A black accent chair rocks in the centre of the studio space on the ground floor, offering a spot to relax between photo shoots.

A small side table, beside the black and wood lounge chair, provides a spot to put down a mug of coffee during work breaks – or even to burn a relaxing candle on. The chair and its partner are positioned toward the view of the peaceful street, seen through huge black framed glass doors.

A grey gallery wall jags around the opposite side of the studio to the staircase. Perimeter lighting beams along its upper and lower edge. A work table is set up behind the guest reception desk, in front of a kitchenette and the door to the gallery’s bathroom.

Just beyond the landing at the top of the floating staircase, there is a relaxation area with a flickering modern fireplace and two comfortable contemporary armchairs. At design stage, the question was raised as to how a simple department could be transformed into a multifunctional area where different functions and settings for life could coexist. Solutions were sought to establish permeability within these functions, to create free flow between use and life.

The first floor landing joins with industrial style platform, which is a walkway to a home library area. Because one of the main objectives of the remodel was to maximise creative space for a photo studio, the mezzanine and first floor are designed to serve as extra space for photographic shoots if desired. The functions of working, living, exhibiting all intertwined under the roof of a photographic studio come together to fashion a ‘loft’ kind of lifestyle.

A chunky stone hearth underlines the modern fireplace in the relaxation area. The hearth is dressed with a grouping of clear decorative vases that catch the light from the flames.

Moving past the fireplace, large windows line the wall of a kitchen dining area, in which an island that combines both cooking and dining functions is centric.

A shining chrome cooker hood crowns the kitchen island with dining extension. A stainless steel sink is located in the middle of the island’s wooden worktop.

Sliding doors open the kitchen up to a terrace, which runs the length of the kitchen diner and relaxation space.

A jungle of plants line the long terrace.

Just off the mezzanine, a modern home office setup resides in its own private room.

The private bathroom is accessed via the bedroom.

Guest cloakroom facilities, on the gallery floor, have an edgy industrial vibe.

Bifold glass doors open up the entire front of the building. Visitors of busy exhibition openings can overflow out to the street foyer, on a wide sidewalk that belongs to the city and the department.

When an exhibition can flow freely between interior space and the street, potential visitors of the exhibition may pass by and peruse without filter. The area becomes a social platform where people can mingle in the comfort of the open air street, instead of being boxed inside the covered gallery.

The clever design configuration has resulted in the ultimate balance between separation and mingling of functions. The result is a fun space that can be open to the public, yet still offer the necessary privacy where it is needed.

Perspective drawing of the ground floor gallery space and first floor home interior. This section does not include the first floor private home office, which would be found just off the side of the mezzanine.

Front elevation showing bifold glass doors that open onto the public street foyer.

Ground floor plan.

First floor plan (complete with private office).

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