Retro Modern Interior Filled With Original Design Ideas

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An unusual interior awaits inside this 175 square metre home in Moscow, Russia. The apartment is positively littered with a myriad of original features and ideas, designed by Mops Architecture, and accented with an unexpected palette of dark coral tones. Confetti patterned linoleum covers much of the floors and some of the walls inside this abode, which gives the place a slightly retro yet modern feel all at the same time. The sleek simplistic lines of the furniture and room layouts could have came out on the cold side, but this is fully avoided thanks to a generous amount of wood feature walls, including one impressively curvaceous example inside the lounge that’s not to be missed.

Visualizer: ONI Render  

The spacious main living room evokes a sense of calm and warmth right off the bat, with soft taupe decor and a smooth curvaceous wooden feature wall. The wood grain undulates across the wall behind the sofa like a huge flag ruffling in the wind. The modern sectional sofa is split into two islands in an L-shaped formation – leaving a walkway clear for access to the kitchen.

Colourful decor accents appear around the room, dominated by varying shades of dark coral that subtly blend with the wood tone.

One of the mid century modern coffee tables has a gleaming copper top, which complements the coral tones in the space. The other coffee table top provides a black base note to match the single scatter cushion on the largest sofa and a keyboard in the corner of the room.

Textured TV wall decor is fronted with a shallow white media console. The unit is wall mounted for a clean streamlined look beneath a flat screen television. The end of the TV wall is marked by a tall mirror to break up the visual, and it’s at this point that the feature panelling becomes a bank of storage units. A slender bookcase has been recessed into the white cabinets, in a striking dark coral colourway. A small library of books has been interspersed with decorative items, which take the place of wall art in this room scheme.

By the window, an entirely different seating area has been laid out to create a reading nook of sorts. A comfortable reading chair matches the accent colour of the bespoke bookshelf, whilst a black floor lamp stands out against the white backdrop of built-in cupboards.

The little reading spot faces a small module of sectional sofa, which has been situated to divide the area from the large living room.

Extra splashes of colour come in the form of quirky ornaments that occupy the TV console unit and coffee table.

An extruded design makes up a second unusual feature wall, which is lit by track lighting. The rest of the lighting in the room is a series of recessed spots.

Moving through to the kitchen, we find that a cosy diner has been created at one side and cocooned in wood cladding. Low slung cushion seating and a pair of side tables furnish the space. Dinner parties are off the table in this booth, but tea for two is a cosy and inviting affair.

A cantilevered countertop overhangs this kitchen island idea, where four bar stools provide an opportunity to eat with a larger number of friends or family members.

In the side of the wooden booth casing, recessed white shelving has been divided into decorative cubbies. The pale finish matches the kitchen countertop and white kitchen units.

The kitchen flooring and backsplash are of the same speckled design, looking like a storm of large confetti petals are fluttering down the walls and settling upon the ground. Solid yellow bar stools stand out against the chaotic pattern. A set of unique mirrors make an unusual piece of decoration for a kitchen.

An elliptical shape forms the kitchen countertops and wall units. A sleek run of wooden units cover one entire wall, which is where an integrated oven is housed.

Three modern chandeliers hang in line above the kitchen dining island. Their gold stems and flat circular leaves match the decorative mirrors by the prep area.

More stemmed mirrors are strung from floor to ceiling in the home entryway, as well as a more conventional full length mirror.

Yet another mirror flanks the wooden doorway, where the reflection makes the modest entryway appear enormous. A boxy shelf cuts across the glass, providing a spot to set down keys and phones by the door. Modern directional lights probe through the ceiling.

Two green stools occupy the hallway, like a pair of moss covered boulders, settled on sleek chrome stands.

The confetti flooring found in the kitchen is used here again in the hallway.

A white double sink bathroom vanity arrangement stands amongst coral coloured decor. Semi-sphere basins top cylindrical white vanities. Two circular mirrors ride the chrome pipework of unique bathroom faucets that descend as one continuous length from the ceiling. An elliptical shelf unit is suspended at one side.

A heated towel ladder is ‘propped’ against the wall opposite the bathroom vanities. The false wall that houses the toilet cistern has a finish that plays on the traditional tongue and groove design. The chrome flush plate matches with a wall mounted brush and spray kit. A waterfall shower awaits inside of a custom cubicle.

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Need to borrow? Martin Lewis has found five low-rate loans, charging just 2.9 per cent APR

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It’s Friday, so as Martin Lewis fans will know, ‘it’s time to do some deals’. Today, Martin has great news for anyone needing to borrow, as he’s found five lenders charging a measly 2.9 per cent APR if you’re looking for an amount between £7,500 and £15,000.

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‘There’s big competition among a string of lenders right now,’ says Martin. ‘Usually just a couple fight to be cheapest but now Tesco Bank has dropped rates, which makes it five lenders at the top of the best-buy tables for larger amounts – with their rates close to all-time lows.’

‘And because there are now five lenders charging this low rate, intuitively, you’ll be more likely to be accepted by one of them,’ says Martin.

Martin Lewis’ loan picks


Image credit: Karwai Tang/Getty Images

The following are cup-gently charging 2.9 per cent representative APR, for loans between £7,500 and £15,000

Of course, Martin doesn’t recommend you ever take out a loan for the sake of it. ‘Borrowing should only be done if you NEED it – for example, your car for commuting in has packed in, not because you want to go on holiday,’ he says. Other good reasons might be to fix a boiler on the blink, or replace an appliance on its last legs.

ao washing machine rental

Image credit: Colin Poole

It’s also with noting that all these loan rates are representative APR. That means only 51 per cent of accepted applicants will get the rate advertised. And you’ll only know the rate you will get by applying – it could be a lot higher, depending on your circumstances and credit history.

The downside of applying for a loan and not then getting it (or being offered a high rate of interest) is that regardless, it will put a mark against your credit rating. So before you apply, it’s well worth checking if you are likely to be accepted using Martin’s Loans Eligibility Calculator.

‘If in doubt, don’t risk it,’ our favourite Money Saving Expert advises.

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How much will I pay?

According to Admiral – one of Martin’s big five – if you were to borrow £10,000 over 60 months at 2.9% APR, you would pay £179.07 monthly and the total amount you would repay would be £10,744.20.

So that five-year loan would essentially cost you £744.20, provided you keep up with your repayments.

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40 Transitional Bedrooms That Beautifully Bridge Modern And Traditional

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Perhaps one of the most difficult looks to master, the transitional design style is often defined by its smooth combination of classic and contemporary elements. Without careful balance, these spaces can easily blur into eclectic territory – a problem solved by careful forethought and curation. This post focuses on transitional inspiration for the bedroom. We’ve selected 40 images that show transitional style at its best, along with tips and techniques you can use to implement this aesthetic within your own home. Dive into the bedrooms below to see the breadth of possibilities transitional design can offer.

Visualizer: Horizon Render Vizualization Studio   

Transitional bedrooms can draw features from any era. So how do these features come together as one cohesive and recognizable style? There are a few hallmark qualities you can expect from transitional spaces: curvaceous furniture profiles, cohesive neutral color palettes, and classic architectural details. But bending the rules is half the fun, as this bedroom does with its brilliant harvest gold bedframe.

Visualizer: Horizon Render Vizualization Studio   

Here, rounded elements like the platform bed and vanity dresser establish this space with modern up-to-date appeal. Yet other elements feel as if they were plucked from a different era – especially the fascinating chandelier with its Art Deco influences. The wallpaper showcases one relatively easy way that anyone can bring a touch of vintage flair to a bedroom while tying the look together.

Visualizer: Reem Elgafi   

Elegant boiserie is a fantastic way to set the stage for a transitional bedroom – a traditional element that takes well to modern color palettes. The large area rug is one piece that embraces current trends without reserve, decorated with a geometric print that captures the eye and adds contrast to the sleek surfaces that surround it.

Visualizer: BAX Design  

Again, boiserie makes a dramatic showing in this high-ceiling bedroom. Other architectural elements like the cove ceiling bring the look back to perfectly modern. Upholstery choices give the modern furniture a classic look – like the dark leather that envelopes the Swoon Lounge by Space Copenhagen.

Visualizer: Oxygen – Architectural Visualization  

Calm neutral colors are a common palette in transitional themes. This room starts with shades of light cream, complemented with glimmering gold accents throughout. On the other side of the temperature spectrum, blue statement pieces stand as focal points – the Ball armchairs by Mattia Bonetti, the liquid-like side chair inspired by Jacopo Foggini’s Ella Collection.

Visualizer: Nada Shehab   

When designing a transitional interior that sticks to a neutral palette, it makes sense to build on a rich variety of textures to create visual interest. This bedroom combines layers of fabric and upholstery alongside dramatic metallics like the wall art and gorgeous pendant lights.

Visualizer: Horizon Render Vizualization Studio   

Another transitional design color strategy involves vintage-inspired palettes. Here, the teal and amber accents reflect a selection of interior colors popular in the 1960s. These lovely shades gain such a current presence within this sleek bedroom.

Visualizer: Ekaterina Skitsko  

A grand upholstered headboard in the lightest blush centers this room well, the eye drawn to a circular chandelier in the center. Framing the wallpaper within the boiserie panels is an economical approach – this is the Amazilia pattern by Harlequin.

Visualizer: Reem Omar   

Transitional bedrooms can adopt darker themes as well. This one does a great job introducing darker elements while still feeling light and neutral.

Visualizer: Xudojnik Dizayner   

A rare example of a transitional bedroom that goes daring with bold hues, this bedroom combines the clean lines and metallic accents of Art Deco with the flowery organic details of its predecessor Art Nouveau. The architecture wavers between classic arched windows and ultra-modern ceiling configurations.

Visualizer: Hai Doan   

One inexpensive way to underscore a transitional theme is to hang recognizable era-specific art. These iconic Marilyn Monroe prints certainly make a strong statement.

Visualizer: Diana Tarakanova  

Crown molding and delicate boiserie make this space the perfect candidate for transitional design. One of the standout elements in this space is the upholstery – the button tufting on the headboard and pleated backrest on the chair embody classic luxury.

Visualizer: Martin Kováčik  

The ultra-modern accent wall would look right at home in a striking minimalist arrangement, but this bedroom goes in a different direction. The cozy button-tufted bed and bench exert an impressive amount of influence to draw this space back toward transitional style.

Visualizer: ATO Studio  

Simplicity often makes transitional themes more effective. This bedroom uses accessories sparingly – restricted to a pair of sculptural table lamps. A faint nature scene on the wall provides decoration without overshadowing the delightful textures that make this space so special.

Visualizer: Kirill Gordeyev  

But simplicity is not always the only answer. This bedroom makes spectacular use of unconventional decorative details, like the drawer pulls and the mirror frame. The undulating curves of the chandelier play into the elegance and drama of this creative space.

Visualizer: Thanh Hang Vu  

These classic furniture profiles feel fresh and contemporary thanks to the calming transitional color palette. While every item in this space is worthy of admiration, the chandelier prompts special attention – this piece from Serip Lighting features organic forms that bridge across design eras gracefully.

Visualizer: Stanislav Kaminskyi   

Dark and rugged – this transitional bedroom takes a strong departure from standard themes. The color palette embraces all the transitional favorites but takes them deeper with greys, leathers, and matte black.

Visualizer: Thanh Hang Vu   

Another fantastic space that centers around a dramatic Art Deco headboard wall. This space uses clean lines to its advantage, allowing more delicate details like the artwork and the palm frond lamps to capture attention.

Designer: Bellas Artes   
Visualizer: Nurik Karanavidani   

Sapphire blue textiles set this transitional bedroom apart. Modern elements include the IC pendant lamps by Michael Anastassiades, a handsome choice alongside vintage-inspired accessories like mid-century modern starburst mirror.

Designer: Angelina Kostina &  
Visualizer: Irina Rybnikova   

What a charming transitional bedroom! Not only does this space dip outside of the more common casual neutrals, it also takes successful risks with playful décor. The duck feet lamps are from Porta Romana, the webbed chandelier by Marcel Wanders.

Visualizer: Irina Rybnikova   

Playful patterns offer an updated take on transitional simplicity. The rug, accent wall, and curtains add depth to the palette of clean textures and subdued colors.

Visualizer: Panova Viktoria   

This transitional bedroom exudes luxury. Shining satins, glimmering gold, pearlescent finishes, and layers of rich textiles give this space an opulent quality that ties the decorative elements together despite their diverse design styles.

Visualizer: Marina Selivanova   

Because of its neutral and flexible nature, transitional style meshes well with other décor themes as well. This bedroom embraces hints of East Asian design influence. Where western spaces would have plain boiserie, this bedroom employs elaborate fretwork. Where contemporary homes would have transparent glass, this space uses frosted panels.

Visualizer: Marina Selivanova   

Now, let’s look at a few uncommon color accents for transitional interiors. Ruby red is a very intense choice – opulent, passionate, and bold.

Visualizer: Marina Selivanova   

Pastel blues are common in transitional design, but this deep cobalt blue is a divergent choice. Its appearance throughout the more traditionally-inspired parts of the room – like the chair and pouf – offer a counterbalance to the remarkably modern headboard.

Colorful accents can also sway a transitional space more toward the modern side.

Visualizer: Kamran Kadirov   

Emerald green is an especially suitable color for this theme – timeless and elegant, and a great fit alongside the metallics and neutrals so common in transitional interiors.

Visualizer: Leyla Salayeva   

This bedroom demonstrates strong contrasts between modern and traditional elements. The boiserie here is especially ornate, while the bed and furniture all maintain the clean lines of perfectly contemporary design.

Visualizer: Irina Maslova   

Many of the features that define transitional style focus on achieving a level of cohesiveness as to avoid looking eclectic – but that does not mean that transitional bedrooms must avoid eclectic details altogether. This space has fun combining modern zig zag prints with rustic cowhide patterns, an antique rug with contemporary printed pillows. The result is charming!

Visualizer: Leyla Salayeva   

Smart color blocking makes this spacious bedroom feel warmer and more intimate. The accent wall and rug work together to define the bounds of the sleeping space, punctuated by a grand upholstered bed in the center.

Visualizer: RAL Designs   

Decorative paneling adds decorative appeal to almost every surface of this handsome bedroom – the large upholstered headboard, the dramatic accent wall, the built-in side tables, even the edges of the platform bed.

Visualizer: Slava Korchagin   

This bedroom keeps things especially simple. This is an example of an accessible transitional style that anyone can emulate: swap in your own favorite minimalist side tables, upholstered headboard, subtle accent wall, etc.

Visualizer: Slava Korchagin   

Here is an example of a transitional bedroom that would be accessible to those with a reasonable budget. It does include a few larger investments like the crown molding and cove lighting, but otherwise the furniture and materials remain relatively straightforward.

Visualizer: Slava Korchagin   

Minimalist pendant lights, minimalist side tables, classic artwork, and a classic accent wall – this bedroom shows how elements from two completely different themes can contribute to a flawless transitional space.

Visualizer: Anton Krat   

A spectacular example of high-end transitional style. This bedroom steals the show right from the first glance with its mirrored wall panels and crystal chandelier.

Visualizer: Dinara Yusupova   

Understated luxury has its appeal as well. This bedroom starts with the smooth and simple materials common to transitional décor but sprinkles opulent touches throughout – the sculptural table lamps, the crystal pendant light.

Visualizer: Anton Krat   

Extraneous decoration is uncommon in the world of transitional interior design trends. However, this room does not avoid personal touches. Instead, it uses a large headboard to create separation between the transitional sleeping area and the living space filled with books and collectibles.

Visualizer: Anton Krat   

This beautiful space is carefully curated to create the ideal balance between classic and contemporary, luxury and accessibility.

Visualizer: Omar Maghrabi   

Transitional styles aren’t always subdued! This one embraces opulence. The brilliant gold accent wall and matching globe pendants, the Lindsey Adelman chandelier. Every decorative aspect feels extravagant while the center of the room – the bed – maintains a striking contrast of calm simplicity.

Visualizer: Reem Elgafi   

And finally, a quick glimpse at a lovely transitional bedroom from above. This style is great for small spaces thanks to its streamlined character, but also scales well to spacious rooms because of its inherent flexibility.

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41 Wingback Chairs that Reinvent a Classic Favorite

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Nothing makes a dramatic impression quite like a stately wingback chair. This unique design has a rich history and purpose – originally, the hallmark wings were included to protect the upper body against drafts and intense heat from fireplaces. You might have found them in extravagant drawing rooms and private studies where occupants would sit and read, socialize, or perhaps even grab a quick snooze. This list features 41 of our top picks ranging from traditional wingback designs to ultra-contemporary statement pieces, each one showcasing the fantastic versatility of a style that has continued to change and evolve over the years.

$5145BUY IT

Grand Repos Wingback Chair: Designed in 2011 by Antonio Citterio, the Grand Repos Lounge Chair uses its curvaceous form to embrace the body for a feeling of refuge. Swivel, recline and relax in this fully adjustable work of art. This model is available in black and silver base finishes along with upholstery in a range of naturals, neutrals, and striking firetruck red.

$8924BUY IT

Hans Wegner EJ 100 Ox Chair: A statement piece that looks fantastic from every angle, this mid-century modern lounge chair is ready to become a central statement point anywhere in your home. This piece is available in classic leather (including the brown leather wingback chair you see here) and a vibrant spectrum of premium fabrics.

$5000BUY IT

Papilio Style Wingback Chair: Named after the Latin word for butterfly – “papilio” – this piece is the perfect embodiment of grace. Japanese industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa conceptualized the wing design to reflect a protective nature, a powerful aid to relaxation. This swivel chair is just as practical as it is comfortable, the back zipper facilitating easy upkeep of the wingback chair slipcover.

$1600BUY IT

Wegner Style Wing Chair: Based on Hans J. Wegner’s CH445 Wing Chair, this versatile design perfectly captures the spirit of mid-century modern flair. Every angle is exceptionally tailored to match the original from the deep pitch of the seat to the height of the back. Find the perfect wingback accent chair for your favorite space from the selection of leather and wool upholstery options.

$448BUY IT

Arne Jacobsen Style Egg Chair: Inspired by Arne Jacobsen’s iconic 1958 design, this piece mimics the hallmark curves and glove-like fit that makes the Egg Chair such an important part of the modern design lexicon. This red wingback chair swivels and adjusts, making it great for a reading nook, bedroom, or living space. You can find an authentic original available here.

$2800BUY IT

Tom Dixon Wingback Chair: Make a dramatic statement in your living space with this contemporary take on a timeless style. The gorgeous Wingback Chair from Tom Dixon features exaggerated wings for eye-catching aesthetic appeal, easily doubling as support for deep relaxation and unexpected naps. The back of each piece features a brass logo to let everyone know you have a modern original.

$1500BUY IT

Modern Reader Wingback Chair: Embrace the light and playful look of contemporary Danish design with the Modern Reader designed by Tor Hadsund. This small wingback chair features subtle wings and a curvaceous seat, its supportive shape sure to become a guest favorite. Choose from an array of vintage-inspired textile colors to suit your interior with ease.

$1887BUY IT

Modern Metal Base Wingback Chair: Milan-based designer Michele Menescardi created a fantastically charismatic statement piece with this casual wingback chair. This lounge features a classic shell shape situated atop a perfectly contemporary lightweight metal base. The removable lumbar support cushion offers extra support right where you might need it most.

$1535BUY IT

Modern Bent Plywood Wingback Chair: Enhance your favorite space with something a little different – perhaps a splash of a distinctive pattern. This piece features a molded plywood body for retro appeal, its seat upholstered with durable fabric made by Sunbrella in a playful desert inspired print. This Wayfair wingback chair model is also available in charcoal black for a more subdued look.

$370BUY IT

Blue Modern Wingback Chair With Steel Legs: Are you looking for a colorful accent sure to capture attention? This blue wingback chair features striking upholstery, durable yet soft to the touch, situated atop vintage-inspired metal hairpin legs. Thanks to the more traditional sizing, this high wingback chair is a little easier on the knees than most of the low-profile lounge style options.

$1500BUY IT

Papa Bear Style Wing Chair: Designed to look like the Hans J. Wegner original, this Papa Bear recreation is constructed from a sturdy walnut wood frame and upholstered in quality Italian upholstery. Although not shown in the image above, this piece comes with a matching ottoman to complete the set.

$218BUY IT

Grey Tufted Wingback Chair: This tufted wingback chair combines classic design details with contemporary charcoal gray upholstery for a look that transcends eras. The plush seat and back beckon enjoyment, ideal for social areas and cozy relaxation spaces alike.

$318BUY IT

Purple Wingback Chair: Infuse your living space with a splash of elegant color. This purple wingback chair features smooth grape upholstery lined with rows of decorative nailhead trim. It also reclines – a handsome alternative to traditional recliners.

$130BUY IT

Blue Velvet Wingback Chair: Upholstered in super-soft bright blue velvet, this wingback chair is sure to become an everyday favorite. This piece combines ultra-modern aesthetics with a touch of retro mid-century charm. The price is perfect for those who want high-end style on a budget.

$1700BUY IT

Domus Lounge Chair: Finnish architect Ilmari Tapiovaara created the Domus Lounge Chair in 1946 using the molded plywood techniques that were, at the time, completely changing the landscape of the furniture design world. This classic piece lets its beautiful birch grain steal the stage and bring a natural touch to any interior.

$216BUY IT

Small Mid Century Modern Wingback Chair: Countryside charm absolutely radiates from this chic and welcoming wingback chair. This piece combines current trends and classic materials, its curvaceous body upholstered in smooth beige fabric and lined with rustic burlap along the exterior. Explore the other color and material combinations to find the best fit for your décor theme.

$264BUY IT

Grey Faux Linen Contemporary Wingback Chair: With its graceful swooping lines and plush all-over padding, this gray wingback chair feels just as comfortable as it looks. Because this piece maintains such a lovely neutral theme, it can easily accommodate any range of accent colors – great for those who like to experiment with different accent pillow combinations from season to season.

$233BUY IT

Beige Fabric Wingback Chair: Invest in a comfortable armchair that will continue to suit your interior no matter how your tastes change over the years. This wingback recliner chair is upholstered in a neutral beige, decorated with subtle nailhead trim to accentuate the outside edges.

$229BUY IT

Floral Wingback Chair: Enjoy a blast from the past with this mid-century modern style chair, upholstered in a vintage-inspired floral print with playful retro colors. Use as a standout accent piece within a contemporary interior or pair with other era-appropriate pieces for a complete theme. This floral wingback chair is certain to draw compliments from guests.

$399BUY IT

Patterned Wingback Chair: Not only does this reclining wingback chair capture the eye with its paisley print, it also offers an excellent seating experience thanks to its plush padded arms and leg rest. This piece is available in several other colors and patterns for smart coordination.

$468BUY IT

Striped Black And White Wingback Chair: Center your interior décor around this eye-catching focal point! An instant statement piece, this striped wingback chair features black and white stripes in luxurious soft velvet. Consider adding this piece to a dark-themed modern interior, or pair with gold accents for a cool Art Deco vibe.

$260BUY IT

Plaid Wingback Chair: Plaid is always a cozy pattern option for interiors with nautical, cottage, and rustic themes. This plaid wingback chair looks fantastic on its own or paired with a bright colorful accent pillow like the one pictured here.

$450BUY IT

Mid Century Modern Yellow Wingback Chair: Bring a ray of sunshine to your favorite space with this cheerful yellow wingback chair. Soft linen fabric makes this piece soft to the touch, while the sturdy hardwood frame ensures longevity. Black-finished hairpin legs complete the mid-century look.

$237BUY IT

Red Wingback Chair: Complement your interior theme with a wingback chair recliner in classic red. This piece is fantastic for a bedroom, media room, living area, or home library – anywhere you like to kick up your feet after a long day. You can also find this chair available in cream, grey, and navy blue.

$264BUY IT

Velvet Teal Wingback Chair: Color, texture, and class – this velvet wingback chair makes a dramatic impact with its rich teal color, a statement piece your guests will love to admire. The conservative footprint helps to save space and the lightweight form is easy to move for social gatherings.

$171BUY IT

Wingback Dining Chair: Offer guests a sophisticated spot at the table with this wingback dining chair. The button-tufted backs offer classic appeal with a high-end look. Plush seats and supportive backrests ensure lasting comfort for everyday use. Each set includes two chairs.

$221BUY IT

Antique Wingback Chair: Enjoy the look of an antique wingback chair without the price tag or upkeep with this distinctive design. The seat and back and upholstered in ruby red with taupe damask wrapped across the back. The wings are lined with chocolate bonded leather, perfectly coordinated with the dark-finished legs.

$700BUY IT

Queen Ann Wingback Chair: A gorgeous Queen Ann wingback chair with a decorative twist. This piece is upholstered in a linen cotton blend, printed with antique French script for elegant eye-catching style. Travelers and calligraphy enthusiasts alike are sure to fall in love with this unique design.

$251BUY IT

Tufted Antique Wingback Chair: Give any room a high-end classic treatment with this elegant wingback chair. This button-tufted piece would command respect across from an executive desk, can inform first impressions at an entryway, or enhance ambiance within a home library.

$431BUY IT

French Wingback Chair: Gently distressed mindi wood framing gives this piece the look of a vintage wingback chair with all the advantages of sturdy modern construction. The body and cushion are upholstered in beige linen upholstery for a soft touch and highly versatile appeal.

$1712BUY IT

Genuine Brown Tufted Leather Wingback Chair: This genuine leather wingback chair is sure to make a stately impression wherever you place it. The deep back tufting continues along the sides of the wings to provide all-encompassing comfort for a luxurious seating experience. Small front casters make this handsome piece easy to move.

$311BUY IT

Black Bonded Leather Wingback Chair: With a high back and oversized wings, this impressive chair is sure to make a bold statement in any interior. The black bonded leather upholstery glimmers with a trim of silver nailheads for an extra dash of decorative appeal. For those seeking a little more color, this model is also available in a beautiful teal.

$272BUY IT

Wingback Chair With Ottoman: Light brown acanthus leaves swirl across the upholstery of this patterned wingback chair with ottoman. The pattern motif is classic yet fits well within the modern home as well. You might find this pair to be a fantastic fit for a quiet reading area, bedroom, or a well-appointed living room.

$261BUY IT

Swivel Wingback Chair: Classic style meets contemporary comfort with this tufted wingback chair. Enjoy the swivel base as you socialize with guests, answer emails on your laptop, or curl up in the evening with a great book. The faux leather upholstery offers a timeworn look for heirloom appeal.

$324BUY IT

Wingback Office Chair: Upgrade your work day with this executive-style wingback desk chair. Button-tufted upholstery over thick cushioning provides lasting support and comfort, helping you focus more on the important tasks at hand. Sturdy caster wheels provide excellent mobility.

$260BUY IT

Tufted Wingback Recliner Chair: Kick up your feet in the comfort without sacrificing your preference for traditional aesthetics. This reclining wingback chair maintains a conservative footprint, ideal for smaller spaces or those who prefer a cozier seating experience. Explore the attractive range of neutral and natural colors available to find the perfect fit your interior.

$263BUY IT

Rocking Wingback Chair: What a charming piece! This pink wingback chair makes a dreamy first impression with its pastel upholstery and bold button tufting. The rocking base is perfect for calm evening reading in a home library or rocking an infant to sleep in the nursery.

$352BUY IT

Beige Rocking Wingback Chair: If you need a rocking chair for a nursery, this wingback chair would be a perfect fit. The seat is extra-wide to accommodate story time with a young one, while the back is tall enough to support the head of a tired parent. This model is also available in a versatile light grey color.

$170BUY IT

Roll Arm Wingback Chair: Soft and subtle, this model is an easy fit for any interior style. The rolled arms embody a classic aesthetic while the smooth lines stand in line with contemporary trends. Enjoy the versatility of the white upholstery pictured here or explore the available selection of bold hues to bring a splash of color to your space.

$810BUY IT

Scandinavian Style Tall Wingback Chair: Designed with excellent support in mind, this tall wingback chair features a full backrest and dramatic side wings. The gently splayed wood legs hint at subtle Scandinavian influence – a light modern look for cheerful spaces. This piece is available with dark or light grey upholstery.

$810BUY IT

Wicker Rattan Wingback Chair: This lovingly-crafted wicker wingback chair is perfect for interiors with themes ranging from nautical to rustic and beyond. The thick seat cushion is bouncy and firm for support, while the soft feather-filled back pillow ensures lasting comfort for long chats with friends. Guests will love the high back and substantial armrests – and, of course, the distinctive style.

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Here’s Where Millennials Are Actually Moving

Sourced content from:

imagePin It
Tour this Heidi Caillier–designed Seattle home here. photo by HARIS KENJAR

Crisp air, good coffee, beautiful furniture—these are the things 20-to-30-somethings really want in life, according to a new study published by insurance agency Haven Life, and they’re heading to certain cities to find them. 

Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the report ranked metropolitan areas according to the percentage change in the population of millennials from 2012 to 2017. The key finding? Millennials have been flocking to the Pacific Northwest. (They already account for nearly one-fifth of the population in the Portland-Seattle region!) Here are the five metro areas at the top of the list: 

  1. Portland, Oregon (tied with Vancouver, Washington, and Hillsboro, Oregon)
  2. Seattle (tied with Tacoma and Bellevue, Washington)
  3. Denver (tied with Aurora and Lakewood, Colorado)
  4. San Francisco (tied with Oakland and Hayward, California)
  5. Austin (tied with Round Rock, Texas)

The report hinted that the surge in these areas is likely a response to rising housing costs in places like Chicago and New York (neither of which graced the top 20). Our take? The Northwest’s budding design scene has made it a haven for young creatives. The fact that some of our favorite home brands (Muji, Hay, and Blu Dot included) have opened stores in Portland in the past year is all the confirmation we need. But in case you have a trip (or permanent move) planned out West, here are a few more reasons to love the design destinations: 

The Can’t-Miss Restaurant 

Situated in the heart of Amazon’s Seattle campus is James Beard Award–winning chef Renee Erickson’s Willmott’s Ghost, a new restaurant that delivers strong ’80s Milan vibes with its pastel pink zellige tiles, deconstructed globe pendant lights, and tubular booths. 

A Winning Photo Studio

Creatives in the Portland area can kick-start their business with a propped-out photo shoot at the Portland Studio, a rentable workspace with whitewashed brick walls and pops of plywood.

The Acclaimed Fair

Vancouver’s biggest interior design show is coming back around this September, and if this year’s lineup includes works from design studios like Another Human and Bzippy & Co. again, you know where we’ll be crowdsourcing trend predictions for 2020. 

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You Can Furnish Your Whole Bedroom for Under $1,500

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Decorating a bedroom from scratch is like attempting to finish a 1,000-plus-piece jigsaw puzzle—seemingly impossible in the thick of it but oh-so-satisfying when you finally fill in those last few gaps. To give you a head start, we pulled a suite of pieces that should check off everything on your list. And since we’re always up for a challenge (especially where sleep is concerned), we decided to up the ante with a very tight budget: $1,500 for the whole space.  A $200 dresser that’s not hideous? A $50 mirror you’ll be happy to wake up to every morning? Yes, they do exist. Here are all of our picks, which, as promised, ring in at just under $1,500 total. 

The Rug

The first step to transforming a bedroom is to lay down a beautiful floor covering to anchor the rest of the pieces. Bonus points if it’s vintage. Double bonus points if it’s the perfect shade of pink. 

The Bed

This frame’s high headboard will make the bare space above your bed feel less blah. Plus, like the rest of IKEA’s products, it’s meant to be hacked. All you need is a can of paint and you’re in business. 

The Chair 

On the rare occasion it’s not being used as a dumping ground for laundry, this timeless chair—based on the Wegner classic—will prove to be your favorite place to lounge. 

The Plant 

This Madagascar Dragon Tree will grow with you, and in the meantime, it’ll add vibrant shape and color to that lonely bedroom corner.

The Mirror

We love when a functional object gets a fun makeover. This round iridescent option will rival the artwork in your home. 

The Dresser

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to KonMari your wardrobe, this six-drawer dresser is a good excuse to perfect your standing folds.

The Clock

On the topic of starting fresh, why not go analog with this minimalist clock? 

The Light

Good bedside lighting is stylish, but never fussy. This sculptural brass lamp certainly ticks that box. 

The Basket

Drew Barrymore’s’ first-ever home collection is chock-full of chic storage, including these chevron wire baskets. Use one as a makeshift hamper or a catchall for extra blankets.  

The Tray

Corral clutter, display statement jewelry, serve yourself breakfast in bed—just three reasons to always have a tray in your bedroom. 

The Nightstand 

No need to overcomplicate your nighttime routine. This powder-coated tray table will encourage you to stick only to the necessities. 

This story was originally published on July 18, 2018, and has since been updated. 

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DIY: Criss Cross Vegetable Trellis

Sourced content from:

*This project brought to you in partnership with Arrow Fastener™ tools.

It’s garden season! I don’t plant a big garden every year, usually just a few tomato plants, some green beans, maybe some squash and that’s about it. I do love having home grown tomatoes, especially cherry ones, they’re like candy to me and once they are ripe I snack on them daily!

I was challenged by Arrow Fastener™ to use one of their tools to build something unique for my garden, so I made a pair of criss cross vegetable trellises with lattice wood purchased at Lowe’s and I spray painted them black. I love the X motif, and they’re such cool looking supports for my garden tomatoes!



These criss cross trellises are easy to build! Tools you’ll need to build just one trellis (“double the recipe” for two): Arrow Fastener™ Electric Staple Gun and Nailer; T50 heavy duty ½ inch staples; 6 eight foot 1 ½” pieces of lattice (for frame); 4 eight foot 1” pieces of lattice (for criss cross); 6 broad 1” hinges; miter saw; spray paint or stain (optional).



Step One: Cut the 8’ pieces of 1½” lattice into eight 48” and eight 18” strips to form the four sided frame. (The number of pieces shown below are for two trellises so there are 16 pieces).


Cut just one end of each of the eight 48” pieces to create a pointy edge to help the structure sink into the soil easier.



Step Two: Create each frame by securing the 18” pieces to the 48” legs using the Arrow Fastener™ Electric Staple Gun and Nailer and the T50 heavy duty ½ inch staples. I created the rectangle shape with the second 18” strip secured 27” below the top 18” strip.





Step Three: Cut the 1” lattice strips with the miter saw to fit the size of the rectangle and form the X shape and secure the additional lattice with the Arrow Fastener™ Electric Staple Gun and Nailer.


Step Four: Secure the four frames together with broad 1” hinges.


So that the frame lays flat, make sure that the 90 degree angle of the hinge is inside the structure, this allows the hinge connection to sit between each frame and for the structure to lay flat for storage in the off season (shown below). You’ll only need three sets (six hinges total) to attach the four individual frames. (It’s a good idea to do a small pilot hole before screwing in the screws on the hinges.)

Attach the hinges where the lattice is layered so that the screws assist in securing the strips together and don’t poke through to the opposite side (as shown below.)


Step Five: Once the frames are secured with hinges they can stand freely on their own. Time to paint! Or stain! Or keep them natural, it’s up to you. I chose a black spray paint suitable for outdoors for mine.



Once dry, set the structures inside the soil and gently tap with a mallet or put slight pressure on the top so they sink in 6 inches to support your growing vegetables. This size is perfect for tomatoes, but would also work for beans or other climbers.






Enjoy these trellises as long as your vegetables are growing, then store them flat in the winter for future growing seasons!

This project brought to you in partnership with Arrow Fastener™ tools. All photographs, designs, and opinions are my own! Visit the Arrow Fastener™ projects page for dozens more creative DIY projects for home and garden.


IIA Awards for Excellence in Architecture: Call For Entries

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If you are an architect from India, here is a contest you might be interested in. The Indian Institute of Architects is inviting applicants to submit entries for their prestigious IIA National Awards for Excellence in Architecture. This year’s awards, hosted by the IIA Trivandrum Centre of the Kerala Chapter, aims to acknowledge the best architecture works of 2018. Want to showcase your work before the world? Apply here.

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30 Things Your Home Doesn’t Really Need

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imagePin It
photo by aaron bengochea

There are plenty of things we hold onto for good reason. Treasures from our travels, family heirlooms, sentimental birthday cards—all justifiable keepsakes. Then there are the odds and ends we accumulate just because we have the space to store them. You know, the “But what if I need this one day?” items. It seems like a rather harmless habit—until those nonessentials add up and turn your cabinets and closets into living nightmares. The chaos stops here. It’s time to repurpose, recycle, or kick ’em to the curb. 

While we aren’t here to push a hyper-minimalist agenda, we do believe every object in your home should serve a distinct purpose or, at the very least, brighten your day a little. We doubt your excessive tote bag collection or rubber band–filled junk drawer is offering you much. Here are the 30 things you’ll be better off letting go: 

Things in Your Kitchen

imagePin It
photo courtesy of space exploration design
  • The ominous cloud of plastic bags under the sink 
  • All those spices that are past their prime  
  • Mismatched Tupperware taking over your cabinets—get containers that stack neatly instead
  • The microwave—the stove or oven does the job just as well (if not better) without hogging counter space 
  • Extra knives, because all you really need are  three good ones
  • Single-use accoutrements from your last takeout order (think: chopsticks, napkins, straws) 
  • The logo-heavy cups and shot glasses from your college days 
  • Specialized cleaning solutions (a single all-in-one concentrate will leave your house just as pristine)
  • Any subpar tote bag you snagged just because it was free 
  • Stemmed wineglasses (simple drinking glasses work for water, juice, and vino) 

Things in Your Bedroom

imagePin It
photo by cody guilfoyle
  • Wimpy hangers from the dry cleaner
  • The top sheet, unless you really love to bundle up 
  • Beat-up shoeboxes and the accompanying protective bags (streamline your collection with a tiered rack or over-the-door hanger
  • The shack of books you’re done reading (donate them to a used-book store—or pass along to a fellow bibliophile)
  • The obscene amount of decorative pillows you purchased during your boho phase 

Things in Your Bathroom

imagePin It
Design by Emily Henderson Design; Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp
  • Every hotel toiletry you’ve ever stolen 
  • Sad towels with holes or makeup stains 
  • That ugly shower caddy—invest in a teak stool or over-the-tub tray that won’t make you cringe every morning
  • Expired medications, makeup, and sunscreen (yes, they all have expiration dates!)

Things in Your Living Room

imagePin It
photo courtesy of katie martinez design
  • The dead plants you keep trying to revive
  • A china cabinet (repurpose your plates as wall art instead!)
  • Subpar vases from those very kind flower arrangement deliveries 
  • Trophies and any other inconsequential childhood memorabilia collecting dust

Things in Your Office

imagePin It
photo by laure joliet
  • The dead batteries rolling around in your desk drawer
  • Junk mail (unsubscribe from that stuff and save a few trees in the process) 
  • Old magazines you haven’t looked at in years 
  • Supplies for the creative projects you’re going to pick back up “someday”
  • Chargers that belong to old devices, and old devices with no charger at all 
  • Half-used cans of paint (an excuse for a 30-minute DIY
  • Clunky filing cabinets (go digital or keep super-important documents in thin transparent envelopes)

This story was published on February 3, 2019. It has been updated with new information. 

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10 Bookshelf Ideas With Lots Of Flair And Character

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Bookshelves may not seem like the type of exciting furniture pieces but don’t let their usual lack of complexity fool you. You can customize them in all sorts of cool and ingenious ways and you can even give them a whole new identity. Originality and creativity come with the job when you’re a DIYer and this case is not different. With that in mind, check out ten of our favorite DIY bookshelf ideas and them become a source of inspiration for your next home project.

Wooden crates are not just great for storage but super versatile too and you can use them to build yourself a custom bookcase. Each crate is a compartment in which to store and to organize books and other things and you can also use the empty space between the crates as little extra shelves for all sorts of small things like candles and such. Be sure to check out our youtube tutorial first.

Bookcase are not exactly comfortable but, in their defense, they’re not supposed to be. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t change this. You can easily turn a bookcase into a comfy bench with built-in storage by placing a foam mattress or a cushion on top. This works great with the tower bookcases, the ones that are tall and relatively narrow. Check out this youtube video to find out more details about the transformation.

Building the entire bookcase from scratch is not that difficult either and there are lots of cool designs and ideas that you can integrate into your project. For example, if you want to give your DIY bookcase an industrial vibe this tutorial from rogueengineer shows you exactly how it’s done. This bookcase is made of plywood and cedar planks and has metal pipe supports.

You can make your DIY bookcase look modern and give it a rustic vibe at the same time. It’s all about the design and in this case the combination of colors and the overall shape of the frame have a big impact on the how the piece is perceived as a whole. We love this look as it reminds us of the old plant stands often seen in rural houses. Check out instructables to find out how this was made.

If you’re currently looking for the perfect chair and bookcase combo for your reading corner, we have an idea that’s not just cool but very practical and space-efficient too: a bookshelf chair. It’s a two-in-one piece which is actually not that difficult to build. The planning process is very important so be sure to measure twice and cut once and to have a clear idea in mind of how you want this bookshelf to turn out. Check out the details of the project on instructables.

If you’re looking for a way to give your DIY bookshelves more character, try adding a sliding door mechanism. It’s a very cool little detail which totally changes the design of the bookcase and gives a somewhat rustic appearance without going too far with it. You can see how this piece was built step by step by following the tutorial offered on instructables and you can apply some of that newly-found knowledge to create a charming bookcase of your own.

Here’s another example of a DIY bookshelf project which isn’t that difficult to build or to plan, with a design that’s versatile and practical. This can easily fit in a variety of spaces such as the living room, office or the bedroom and it would look at home in either of these areas. If you’re interested in the details of how you too could build something similar, check out instructables.

Well this is definitely not your typical bookshelf design and as you can imagine building something like this is quite a challenge. First of all, draw the outline of the nautilus shell. Then the part where you cut lots of layers of plywood comes in and this can take a while not to mention that you need a jet machine for this. Anyway, once you have all the pieces you’ll have to stack all the layers and to glue them together. You can find the rest of the details on instructables.

Bookshelves are not just for books but you probably figured that out by yourself. This versatility means you can put bookshelves in pretty much any room of the house. With that in mind, a DIY bookshelf project sounds even better now. Check out the tutorial explaining how this plate rack from shanty-2-chic was built.

Even if you don’t have a lot of space you can still build a bookshelf that fits. For instance, this tower-like design is perfect for tiny nooks and for room corners as if only takes up a few inches of space on the floor and has a chic and modern design. It can hold all sorts of things including books, vases, small planters and decorations. Check it out on anikasdiylife.

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