Where to get a sofa in time for Christmas

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The colder weather is here, and that can only mean one thing, Christmas is just around the corner!

That means mince pies, mulled wine, and plenty of festive visitors… which can often lead to a reassessment of our home’s seating options and a slightly panicked search for where to get a new sofa in time for Christmas!

We’ve pulled together our tried and tested favourite seating in our guide to the best sofas, but, Father Christmas operates on a strict timeframe, and both the best sofas and the best sofa beds are renowned for having long lead times – think 12 – 16 weeks, eek! – which doesn’t necessarily gel with the festive hosting you might have planned.

But fear not, we’ve rounded up a crib sheet of retailers offering sofa delivery before Christmas, and many a lot sooner, with multiple options available in just 7 days!

Phew… at least that’s one thing to cross off the Christmas to-do list…

1. Sofa.com

A compact blue corner sofa in a contemporary living room

Whether you’re looking for a sofa or a sofa bed, Sofa.com has pre-Christmas delivery available on most orders placed in October – as long as you hit the deadline and order before October 31st. Find the perfect colour and get fabric swatches delivered to your door, or shop online at sofa.com.

2. John Lewis

A grey modular sofa in a colourful family living room

John Lewis has a wide selection of sofas with delivery available before Christmas, including many options that can be with you in just 7 days! You might need to compromise a little on upholstery choice with one of the 7-day options, but as long as you’re happy with grey or navy – two of John Lewis’ bestselling colour options – then you could be putting your feet up on your new settee before you know it. If you need a sofa that can work a little harder to make guests comfortable this festive season, then there are plenty of sofa beds you can buy in time for Christmas too. Shop today at johnlewis.com.

3. Swyft

A green velvet sofa in a contemporary living room

Sofa-in-a-box champions Swyft aim to make sofa – and sofa bed – shopping easier in more ways than one, offering flat-packed sofas that are delivered in sections to make manoeuvring your new sofa into rooms with tricky access far simpler, and offering delivery in well under 7 days – just 24 hours in fact, as long as you book before 3pm for next day delivery. We’ve done plenty of testing out of the brand’s range in our Swyft Model 03 sofa review and Swyft Model 04 sofa bed reviews, and if it’s quick and easy convenience you’re after we think they’re well worth the investment – perfect for Christmas seating in a hurry! Shop online at swyfthome.com.

4. Darlings of Chelsea

A classic grey sofa in a living room with a large window overlooking trees

You’ll have to move fast to bagsy a Darlings of Chelsea sofa in time for Christmas, as you need to order before October 15th to beat the pre-xmas delivery cut-off date. The brand’s pre-festivities sofa selection may be small, but there are some gems in the mix. Shop online at darlingsofchelsea.co.uk.


A traditional cream sofa with turned wooden feet in a modern living room

In our experience, MADE’s delivery estimates can sometimes be a little bit hit and miss – the price you pay for designer-look furniture at high-street prices we suppose. But the brand has a wide selection of furniture that is currently available on its ‘express’ delivery timeframe, meaning many options should arrive with you in under a week – great news if you’re looking for modern design with a super-fast turnaround. Just be careful when choosing your fabric, as different colours and upholstery options can have different leadtimes. Shop online at made.com.

6. Snug

A bright turquoise velvet corner sofa with a rounded shape in a modern living room

Another worthy sofa-in-a-box contender, Snug offers a similar service with flat-packed sofas meaning even some of its largest designs can still fit into homes with tight access, and 24-hour next day delivery available Tuesday to Saturday as long as you order before 1pm; perfect for festive get togethers. Shop online at snugsofa.com.

7. Sofology

A grey 3 seater sofa in a dark blue living room

Sofology’s pre-Christmas delivery sofa collection might be a little smaller than some of its competitors, but there are definitely some options that Nan and Grandad will approve of, with several power recliner options available to take you from upright to horizontal at the touch of a button. Sounds like the perfect way to relax after the turkey eating to us. Shop online at sofology.co.uk.

8. Furniture Village

A mustard yellow leather recliner sofa in a warehouse apartment

A selection of sofas available in 14, 21 or 28 days means that sofa shopping at the Furniture Village allows plenty of time to get seating sorted before the family descend for some festive fun. Shop online at furniturevillage.co.uk.

As you’ll see, there are plenty of sofas with delivery in time for Christmas to choose from, although we suggest striking whilst the iron is hot, as quite a few retailers have October orders as the pre-xmas cut-off point.

If you need some more inspiration to help you choose the best sofa for your living room, then you’ll find plenty of help in our dedicated living rooms hub, including modern living room ideas, small living room ideas and – all importantly! – how to get your sofa measurements right, as well as some useful advice on your consumer rights when buying a sofa.

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Cosori Pro LE Air Fryer L501 review: a top pick for families

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Cosori’s new Cosori Pro LE Air Fryer L501 wows with smart features, a sleek look, tactile controls, and an easy-to-clean design. What’s more, it is also one of the most budget-friendly air fryers on the maket. While it is one of the most popular air fryer brands on the market, Cosori sells its air fryers exclusively on Amazon, and they can regularly go on sale for as little as £100. For an air fryer of this quality, that’s a bargain.

I’ve reviewed each and every one of the best air fryers in our guide, so I’m able to compare them all directly with the same recipes every time I review one. The Cosori Pro LE Air Fryer L501 sat in my kitchen for over two weeks while I made chips, chicken, fishcakes, bacon, and cauliflower bites. It impressed me with its versatility and the selection of cooking modes, and the 4.7 litre capacity is ideal for families.

Ideal Home’s rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Reasons to buy: 

  • Ideal size for families
  • Speeds cooking times along
  • Removable air frying insert 
  • Sleek design
  • A range of great cooking modes
  • Dishwasher-safe drawer

Reasons to avoid:

  • Not all of the cooking modes are timed perfectly
  • The glass controls mark easily

Cosori Pro LE Air Fryer L501

Cosori Pro LE Air Fryer L501: specs

  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Black
  • Capacity: 4.7 litres
  • Modes: Chicken, chips, frozen, steak, seafood, veggies, bacon
  • Weight: 4.54kg
  • Power: 1500 watts
  • Size: 27.2 x 27.4 x 30.2 centimetres

Unboxing the Cosori Pro LE Air Fryer L501

The Cosori Pro LE Air Fryer L501 comes in quite a large box, but don’t let this fool you, it is a neat and compact air fryer. In the box, you’ll also get a book filled with 30 recipes from Cosori, which are designed to work with their cooking modes and are a helpful introduction to air frying. You can also download the VeSync app to get more recipes from your phone.

Using the Cosori Pro LE

The controls on the Cosori Pro LE are at the top of the air fryer, so it won’t require you to bend down. The drawer locks cleanly into place when pushed in, but you will need to press the button on the handle to pull the drawer back out.

One of the things I enjoy about the Cosori Pro LE is how sleek it looks, especially with the glass control panel on top. It works like a regular touchscreen and you can increase the temperature up to 200 degrees and the timer up to one hour, which is great for slower cooking.

Another big win with the Cosori Pro LE Air Fryer L501 is the removable insert. This means you can crisp up foods with a more liquid base, which may have fallen through the slots on the insert. The difference between the Cosori Pro LE Air Fryer L501 and the Cosori Classic is the drawer, because while the regular Cosori requires you to lift the air fry basket away from the drawer with the handle, you can simply pull out the insert and put it through the dishwasher to clean it.

While an air fryer insert has its advantages and disadvantages, I prefer it to one that is attached to the handle of the drawer. It is far more versatile, and easier to clean. It does, however, make it hard to pour out things from the basket without oil dripping out with it.

Cooking chips in the Cosori Pro LE

I followed my regular chip recipe when testing the Cosori Pro LE Air Fryer L501, and used the chip preset. It estimates 30 minutes to cook chips, and at 190 degrees. While you do not need to use a preset you can adjust the time and temperature very easily while using one. I did this to lower the timings, because in my experience chips will only take half an hour if cooked from frozen.

It will give you a reminder to shake your chips halfway, too, which is important to cook the chips evenly. The chips were ready in just under 20 minutes, and came out rather crispy, so I may have cooked them for even less time in future.

If you enjoy making chips from scratch, I would recommend the Cosori Pro LE Air Fryer L501, although its presets may take some fiddling.

Cooking meat in the Cosori Pro

I cook bacon in every air fryer I test, because once you’ve air fried bacon, there is no going back. For a start you will not have to deal with the spitting fat, and because the fat will drain away from the bacon as it renders, it will leave only crispy rashers with the fat captured underneath the insert.

The Cosori Pro LE Air Fryer L501 preset for bacon is 165 degrees, and eight minutes. I agree that only eight minutes is enough time to cook bacon perfectly, but I found that the temperature was a little low so after my first attempt I bumped it up to 180 degrees. I didn’t even need to turn the bacon halfway through because it was crisp on both sides after the eight minute timer finished.

Cleaning the Cosori Pro LE Air Fryer L501

One of the best bits about this air fryer is how easy it is to clean. The insert slots in with plates in the dishwasher, and the drawer can also go through it. The trickier thing is cleaning the top, because the glass can streak quite easily if your fingers are oily when touching it. To clean this I used a microfibre cloth which buffed away any streaks.

Should you buy the Philips Essential Air Fryer? 

Cosori Pro LE Air Fryer L501 review

With a decent capacity and sleek design, I think the Cosori Pro LE Air Fryer L501 is the perfect middle ground of any air fryer. It’s average in price and size, but above-average when it comes to performance. If you do want something larger I would recommend trying the Ninja AF300UK Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer, and take a look at our Instant Vortex Mini Air Fryer review for a smaller and cheaper air fryer that punches well above its weight.

About this review, and the reviewer

Millie Fender heads up all things small appliances at Ideal Home. There’s nothing she loves more than testing out the latest and greatest cooking gadgets, for indoor and outdoor use, from toasters to air fryers. She reviewed the Cosori Pro LE Air Fryer L501 from her own kitchen, testing it rigorously for nearly a month before writing this review.

Millie lives in South London and is constantly squeezing more appliances into her modest kitchen.  If it makes it onto the kitchen counters full time, you know an appliance is worth the hype.

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Cane Accent Chairs

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I was feeling the need for change in the living room so I bought myself some new accent chairs. I’d been searching for a few months having grown tired of my teal upholstered versions. I couldn’t find anything I really liked in an affordable price range until these caned armchairs popped up in my search, so I bought them for their casual style, versatility, and price.


They won’t live in the living room forever. I’ll probably move them to a bedroom in the future, but for now I like how light and natural they feel in this space.

caned armchairs / textured pillows

Cane and rattan have been trending for a few years, but cane furniture has been around for centuries! Because of the resurgence in popularity, we have more stylish choices than ever.

The style is lovely as a dining chair, office chair, or accent chair!

caned rectangle / cane dining

rattan dining / cushioned armchair



rounded back chair / dining chair

black side chair / jeannerete



patricia round back / velvet & cane

lula chair / landon chair

Model Home Tour: Design Takeaways

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Over the weekend I toured some nearby model homes in a new housing development. I love peeking into model homes to look for creative design ideas. These designers/stagers had some great takeaways which I was going to share on Instagram but instead decided they were worthy of a blog post.

I shot these with a cell phone so the quality is not as good as if I had brought my dSLR camera, but they capture the the spaces and details adequately enough. I’ll share more closeups and video in today’s Instagram stories.

Think bigger: display large scale art instead of a gallery wall of smaller frames.


Turn macramé curtains into a bed canopy.


Say yes to subtle patterned wall to wall carpet.


Classic hue + modern shapes = this opaque blue glass tile mosaic.


Blend different shapes of porcelain tile flooring.


Consider rectangular open cabinets instead of floating shelves for storage.

For drama, stack rectangular natural stone tiles in a shower.


Group smaller tables to create one larger interesting coffee table arrangement.


Tuck an ottoman under nesting tables for texture and/or extra seating.


Hang wall cubbies asymmetrically in kids rooms.


Stained wood slats over dark paint make a dramatic backdrop to bookcases.



Better in threes: group small pendants in corners or above nightstands.


Hang white brick wallpaper on one wall for subtle texture.


Install textured tile in creative stripes inside small showers.


Display opportunity: Shelves in front of windows.



Small spaces are perfect spots for focal point wall treatments.


Group same size mirrors together in an abstract wall display.


Which one is your favorite design element?

Weekend Reading 9.26.21

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I had a lovely birthday weekend! My best girlfriends picked me up on Friday and took me wine tasting then out to dinner, and the rest of the weekend I’ve been relaxing and taking it slow. Practicing the art of slow living leads to such good things. Food tastes better, plants and flowers are more lovely, time with friends and family is savored.

It feels rebellious to slow down in our fast paced world and appreciate things as they are in the moment, but should it? If slowing down makes life more meaningful then I’m starting to believe the ones caught up in a fast pace or the ones wanting more more more might be doing it wrong. 🙂

Feel like renting a cottage in the English countryside? Take your pick.

An oh so lovely, light and bright courtyard transformation.

This pool house is a well done inside to out transition.

Inspiration for decorating your porches and patios for autumn.

Spray paint for the (big) win!

Tips on how to plan and pack for a pandemic trip to Europe.

Why some older couples have great relationships.

How to remember what you read.

Being brave enough to live life creatively.

40 beautiful moments to remember to savor.

Today I toured some model homes near me and I’ll share the design takeaways in tomorrow’s Instagram stories. 🙂

Remove Rust From Stainless Steel With These Substances

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Rust is no one’s best friend and spotting it can feel like a disaster has struck. But all you need to combat the feelings you get when seeing rust is to learn safe and effective ways to remove it from your items.

Remove Rust From Stainless Steel

While there are many ways to remove rust from other metals, stainless steel requires different care. So make sure you know what kind of metal your items are made out of and if they have a protective coating that can be removed. 

Note: it’s a good idea to start with mild substances in order to use the gentlest formula that works for your item. If that fails, then move into something stronger. Keep doing this until something works.

What Causes Rust On Stainless Steel?

Rust is caused by the reaction iron, and other metals, have when it comes into contact with oxygen and water. So moisture-ridden stainless steel is a hotspot for rust to develop and ruin your tools, utensils, and structures. 

But getting rust on stainless steel doesn’t mean that the item is a goner. While the item can be too far gone, most of the time, you just need a strong enough substance to remove the rust without damaging the metal. 

If the rust has already eaten away at the stainless steel, then it is probably too late. So try removing the top layer of rust to see if the item is worth saving. If not, then focus on finding a replacement instead. 

Substances That Removes Rust

There are many substances that remove rust from stainless steel. We’re going to go over the easiest substances to get ahold of and the simple steps you can take to remove rust from stainless steel with each of them.

Start with something soft like baking soda or vinegar. If that doesn’t work then move onto one of the acids. If all else fails, buy an intense rust remover that is safe to use on stainless steel. 


Vinegar is a great option for removing rust. It is super easy to do. Just draw a bath of vinegar in a small tub that is big enough for the object to rest in. Put the object in the bath and let it rest for a couple of hours.  

After it is done, then you can rinse it off and dry it really well. It may or may not need a soft brushing after it gets out of the bath. Just ensure that no matter the method you use, dry the item well afterward. 

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great rust remover that works to break down rust and scrub it away. This substance has so many uses that it would be a shame not to keep it around. So even if you’re not a baker, get some baking soda in your pantry

Step 1: mix a paste with 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 2 cups of water. Alternatively, you can sprinkle baking soda directly onto the stainless steel. This works better for larger areas. 

Step 2: rub the paste onto the stainless steel and scrub lightly. It is a good idea to let it sit for about an hour, though no more than an hour at first. After it has been an hour, you can scrub with a soft-bristled brush.

Step 3: rinse off the substance thoroughly and then dry with a microfiber cloth or a paper towel. You should now be able to tell if the baking soda removed the rust or if you need to get something stronger.

Lemon And Salt

Lemon and salt is a little-known trick that can remove rust. The abrasiveness of the salt works well with the acidity of the lemon. So these are another two items that are great to keep on hand. The lemon smells great too!

Step 1: mix equal parts salt and lemon juice in a small bowl. Let it create a paste of sorts that can be used like toothpaste on your item. 

Step 2: using a cloth, apply the mixture to the stainless steel. Then let it rest for an hour or two, but not overnight. 

Step 3: after it sits, then you can start scrubbing lightly. Then rinse off the mixture and see if it worked! Hopefully, it did because this is a fairly gentle method.

Potato And Soap

This interesting technique works well for small items. It can also work for large items but it doesn’t work quite as well as you will need to place pieces of potato along with the item which isn’t easy with small potatoes. 

Step 1: Cut a potato in half and apply soap to potato flesh. It can also help to apply some of the dishwashing soap to the utensil as well.

Step 2: insert the utensil into the flesh of the potato and let it rest for an hour or two. The bigger and fresher the potato is, the better that it will work. So use your best if possible. 

Step 3: remove the utensil and wash it as usual. This is a very safe and efficient way to remove rust from stainless steel. So if it works then you are home free.

Citric Acid

Citric acid is a great way to remove rust so if you have access to it, then give it a try. If you can’t find it in stores, you can buy it in large batches for quite a low price online, so shop on Amazon or home improvement sites. 

Step 1: place the item in a container of warm water then sprinkle the citric acid and gently stir the water. You will see it working when bubbles start forming kind of like when using peroxide. 

Step 2: after about an hour, you can remove the item and scrub it gently with a soft, abrasive cloth. Then, you can rinse it, and let it dry. 

Oxalic Acid

Oxalic acid is a great rust remover but it is stronger than anything else that is safe to use on stainless steel. Test it out on an item that you don’t mind losing before testing it on the main item you are trying to save.

Step 1: apply a generous amount of oxalic acid onto the rust. Make sure you read the instructions thoroughly on the cleaner to ensure it is safe to use in the way that you are going to use it. 

Step 2: rub the oxalic acid in the direction of the metal grain lines using a soft, damp sponge. You will need to buff the metal slightly to ensure you end up with a good shine.

Step 3: rinse off the substance thoroughly and then dry with a microfiber cloth or a paper towel. If this didn’t work then there is only one more option to try. 


CLR has its own instructions depending on the form you use. So follow the instructions on the package the only difference will be that you should start off with diluted CLR with half water, half CLR.

If it doesn’t work, you can try using full-strength CLR and this will likely remove the rust. Just ensure that the box doesn’t say that you cannot use it on stainless steel and keep it way away from pets and children.

Never Use These On Rust

While most guides will let you know what to use on rust, they often neglect to tell you what not to use. These are some commonly used substances to remove rust that should not be used on stainless steel.


You may be tempted to use steel wool or another similar scrubbing item to remove rust on stainless steel. But when paired with the cleaning agents, it is simply too strong. So don’t use it, instead use a soft sponge. 


While WD-40 works great for tools, it is not good for kitchen items. So keep it in the garage and use it for exterior items rather than interior items that can break down if used with WD-40 on a regular basis. 

Chlorine, Iodine, Etc. 

Yes, chlorine and other chemicals used to clean pools may get rid of the rust, but it will also damage the stainless steel. So avoid using any type of bleach at all on your stainless steel, especially on a regular basis. 

How To Prevent Rust

Preventing rust is quite easy. All you need to do is keep the items dry as much as possible. You can get them we just make sure they don’t set in water. If you wash them, dry them immediately, and don’t leave stainless steel dishes in the sink.

Because water is what causes rust, this is really the only thing that you can do to prevent rust. If the item stays dry and clean at all times then rust will never be able to make its home on your stainless steel possessions.

But sometimes, you miss opportunities to keep your stainless steel dry. So find out which method works for your items and memorize it so that if this happens to you, then you will have a quick fix with substances on hand already. 

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Interiors With Pockets Of Greenery And Modern Staircases

Sourced content from: http://www.home-designing.com/interiors-with-pockets-of-greenery-and-modern-staircases

Indoor courtyards add pockets of greenery to these two luxury modern interiors, where modern staircases thread a line of luxury and elegance. The courtyards are small and arid designs where mature cacti rule with tall and intriguing forms. Home design number one also features a central terrarium for the family pet, accomplishing one beautiful and practical statement. The courtyard in our second featured home offers inspiration for an indoor reflection pool that’s crossed by luxurious white marble stepping stones and flanked by eye-catching modern art. In each home, we’ll discover inspiring staircases that show off their full beauty through clear glass balustrades, highlighted under mellow mood lighting.

Architect: Mahmoud Sherif  

In Cairo, this private residence features a large terrarium at the core of a luxurious living room. The pocket of greenery divides two spacious lounge areas that are flooded with natural daylight from wraparound windows.

A round ottoman coffee table injects black and white pattern into the centre of the lounge. Matching scatter cushions style the plain grey modern sofa.

Oversized pendant lights drop clusters of illumination over the conversational seating area.

A large area rug holds the lounge furniture arrangement together. A recessed track lighting system draws a mirrored outline of the area rug on the ceiling directly above, creating the effect of a room within a room.

The lounge space on the opposite side of the terrarium is an impressive double height room. A low relief decorative wall panel towers the full height of the lofty void.

Two sculptural chairs are placed at the end of the room, where they silhouette against the bright window.

An eye-catching modern chandelier explodes a bright brass accent into the grey and white decor scheme.

A modern brass floor lamp stylishly coordinates with the ceiling light fixture.

The large living room stands open to a modern staircase with a clear glass balustrade. A small, arid courtyard adorns the base of the stairwell, adding a splash of uplifting greenery, texture and natural interest.

A pet chameleon lazily explores the central terrarium, where he can keep a watchful eye over each side of the living space.

Abstract wall decoration enhances the staircase design, where circular panels appear to extrude from the same wall colour. Some of the circular panels serve as wall sconces that glow mysteriously through the glass balustrades.

The formal dining room unfolds at the base of the open concept staircase.

Chic brass and glass pendant lights are paired up along the length of the fashionable racetrack-shaped dining table. Rounded-back dining chairs complement the table’s modern curves.

The modern kitchen is a clean white and textured wood tone design, accented with a sleek beige kitchen island.

Wooden kitchen accessories warm up the white kitchen core and draw textural links with the wood grain appliance housing units.

White marble kitchen backsplashes and countertops thread a look of luxury through the spacious layout.

A small glass kitchen table makes a lightweight addition by the window. A dainty white pendant light visually anchors the neat eating area in place.

The circular modern wall sconces that illuminate the glass-sided staircase in the living room also make an appearance alongside the concrete entryway stairs.

The modern home exterior is a linear, white rendered volume with immense cutaways that reveal the sky.

Modern outdoor chairs and a coffee table make a relaxation spot beside the large swimming pool.

Glass balconies overlook the sparkling water.

Outdoor chaise lounge chairs pull up to the water’s edge.

Sheer white voiles filter the influx of bright sunlight.

Architect: Amr Ahmed  

Our second modern home interior benefits from an injection of bold colour, in the shape of abstract modern art over the sectional sofa. The rest of the living room decor palette is peacefully grey and white, which allows the art piece to truly shine.

The art-infused sitting area is situated in a quiet location at the back of the larger living room, which makes it a great spot for reading. Deeper into the centre of the social space, a channel tufted sofa forms a snug arrangement around the TV.

A beautiful wood cantilevered staircase design is illuminated along the treads. An arid courtyard grows cacti beneath the rise of the staircase.

A reflection pool shimmers prettily beside the understair courtyard design, flowing a blue river toward a piece of intriguing photographic art. A complementary blue accent covers a Platner armchair designed by Warren Platner for Knoll.

The courtyard and pool divides the kitchen from the formal dining room. White marble stepping stones provide dry passage between the two.

The kitchen occupies an elevated position that overlooks the surrounding living space.

Three black metal kitchen bar stools contrast against the white marble island. A ribbon of LED light illuminates the stunning marble vein.

A luxury console table adds the white marble decor element to the hallway of the home, beneath an attractive set of freeform wall mirrors.

Inside the first bedroom, a 4 poster bed with flowing white curtains creates a romantic look. See more inspiration for 4 poster beds here.

The second double bedroom features a unique suspended bed design with a modern wood slatted headboard. A swing chair follows on with the suspended theme by the window, where it forms an inviting reading nook.

The enormous luxury bathroom has a double sink bathroom vanity setup in the window, where tropical plants loll at the edges of tall bathroom vanity mirrors and marble pedestal sinks. Colourful artwork makes an unexpected addition to the bathroom wall.

On the balcony, sheer white drapes can be drawn to keep out bugs whilst the homeowners enjoy a little TV in the fresh air. A white marble television mount and media shelf build a luxurious indoor-outdoor feel. Crisp white upholstered furniture lay out a dreamy ethereal aesthetic.

Recommended Reading:  4 Homes That Feature Green Spaces Inside, With Courtyards & Terrariums

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Bathroom Design: Fixed Shower Panels

Sourced content from: https://centsationalstyle.com/2021/09/bathroom-design-fixed-shower-panels/

Yesterday I shared on my Instagram stories some progress shots on our little two bedroom flip house and created the final to-do checklist before we can list it for sale.

For both bathroom remodels, I chose single pane glass shower panels. It’s a contemporary look, but one I prefer in small to mid size bathrooms with walk in showers. These tempered glass panels are available in a few different styles: framed, frameless, screen, and etched. Installation requires U brackets secured to the wall and shower floor with added silicone on both sides of the glass to stabilize the pane.

For my shower remodels I bought two of these frameless panels in satin brass, they were a lot less expensive than a local bid I got for shower doors. I’m so pleased with how light they feel compared to the alternative of framed sliding or a hinged shower door. (And less glass to clean!) The same panels are also available here with multiple bracket finishes available.

This “barely there” frameless style works for any walk in shower where there is additional space for entry and exit beyond the panel.

Below are a few examples where other designers have installed a similar fixed shower panel. Also find budget friendly sources for a similar style if you’re planning a shower remodel in the future. 🙂

melanie beynon

eva holbrook

adore magazine

the beach people

three birds renovation

Budget Friendly Shower Glass Panels:

curved top in satin brass

matte brass frame

matte black frame


matte black grid

fluted glass

framed fluted & clear

frameless panel (U bracket in chrome, bronze, black & brass)

arched top (multiple finishes)

Modern Interiors Where Classical Art & Sculpture Steal Centrestage

Sourced content from: http://www.home-designing.com/modern-interiors-where-classical-art-sculpture-steal-centrestage

Classical art & sculpture steal centrestage in these three modern home interiors, adding time transcending attraction and intrigue. The art pieces instill character into their modern surroundings, build culture, and create a worldly, sophisticated air. One of our home tours combines these classical art pieces with a colourfully eclectic setting in Manhattan, where huge and luxurious rooms brim with decadence. Our second home tour unfolds under dramatic archways that frame a meeting of modern furniture, contemporary lighting, and traditional mural painting. Finally, the third home design we will tour edges us into the future, where classic art becomes the backdrop for an eye-catching futuristic kitchen design and unique geometric furniture and accessories.

Visualizer: UDesign  

The first of our two home tours is a Manhattan apartment with a sophisticated eclectic vibe. Four metre high wooden ceilings tower above a luxurious living room that’s filled with bold colours, dark wooden floors, and a hint of neo-classicism.

The large living room is split into two separate lounge areas. At the back of the room, an L-shaped sectional sofa arrangement, two eye-catching upholstered lounge chairs and a low-profile bench seat make up a sociable, conversational layout. A powerful, muscular bust watches over the seating area, whilst a floral mural provides delicate balance.

A large area rug pulls the lounge furniture together on a neutral pale grey island. Chartreuse scatter cushions on the sofa playfully clash with the dusky rose lounge chairs.

A modern floor lamp creates a brightly lit reading area at one end of the sofa.

Other artworks in the room carry a faces theme with splashes of vibrant colour.

An enviable home workspace in front of a spectacular city view provides an inspiring environment. The desk itself stands as a sculptural piece on strikingly contoured legs.

The classically inspired artwork comes with a provocative twist that gives the decadent room a sensual energy.

In the second lounge area, yellow ottomans draw colour inspiration from the flames of the modern fireplace, whilst teal upholstered sofas cool the room palette.

Modern wall sconces flank the modern fireplace and a wall mounted TV.

A leopard slinks into view at the end of a dramatically dark hallway.

In the luxury dining room, a large marble dining table comfortably serves eight dinner guests. The chic, curved dining chairs are the Platner armchair designed by Warren Platner for Knoll.

Two exquisite dining room chandeliers drip with light-catching crystals above the table. Classical busts decorate each side of the edge-to-edge window.

One entire wall of the dining room is dedicated to wine storage and serving.

Wine glasses are hung the length of the bar area to ensure one is never without a clean drinking vessel.

A massive wall mural depicts a deep gallery of classical sculpture.

Traditional ceiling roses frame the chandelier mounts, whilst modern perimeter lighting glows around the edge of tiered crown moulding.

Inside the master bedroom, an upholstered bed continues the teal accent from the living room. By the fireplace, baroque inspired wallpapered panels communicate the dusky pink element of the decor palette.

A brass pendant light hangs a taste of Art Nouveau above the bedroom lounge, which also flavours the four armchairs below. Two side tables drop in a jolt of daring purple.

The large glass wardrobe builds added depth in the bedroom.

A brass bedroom pendant light is paired with each brass bedside table.

The end of bed bench is fashioned out of two teal ottomans that coordinate with the bed upholstery.

A bedroom rug clasps the two ottomans and bedside tables together with the bed, to crisply differentiate the sleeping area from the bedroom lounge.

A sculpture embellishes the walkway that leads around into the master ensuite.

Inside the ensuite, a marble and brass double sink bathroom vanity lustres beneath punchy purple mood lighting. The colourful illumination glows from backlit bathroom mirrors, and spills upon modern geometric wall tiles.

A full-size Venus de Milo statue stands beside the bathtub.

An art rug creates a colourful core in the room.

Visualizer: Ivan Petechel  

Archways frame a meeting of modern furniture and traditional mural painting in our second art enriched home design. In the living room, modular sofas create a border of comfort underneath an arch that spans the entire space.

A round coffee table is fashioned out of smooth microcement to match the floor.

The warm meld of yellow tones within the wall art inspires the modern furniture upholstery.

Contemporary globe pendant lights hang like fully waxed moons.

One pendant serves the lounge, whilst three make a closely-packed statement above the dining table.

Matching globe table lamps add task lighting by the sofa.

The oval dining table complements the spherical lights and the arches in the architecture.

Rounded-back dining chairs continue the elegant rounded aesthetic.

Divine canvases grace the walls of the living room dining room combo.

Visualizer: Inna Zimina  

Finally, we flash forward to a futuristic home interior, where classical artwork juxtaposes hard, geometric furniture lines.

A classical wall mural of cherubs brings a burst of glorious colour into a beautiful little reading nook by the futuristic kitchen, creating an imaginative getaway.

Geometric home accessories decorate the kitchen countertop.

Copper trims warm up the cool kitchen palette, where they attractively frame backlit glass wall cabinets that are filled with decorative vases.

Chiseled kitchen bar stools join a web of geometric pattern in the futuristic kitchen design. The geometric motifs and silhouettes are counterbalanced by the fluid lines of sculptural artwork.

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