Concrete And Stone House With A Camouflaged Front Door

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When they first started work on this project, studio Beatriz Empinotti Arquitetura was given total freedom by their clients. They were asked to design a house that makes the best use of the terrain. The clients’ only requirements were privacy from the street view and a large back garden. The architects completed the project in 2018 and the result was this amazing 280 square foot house located in Curitiba, Brazil.

The front door is expertly hidden within a timber wall section
The front door is expertly hidden within a timber wall section

Let’s see how it all turned out. At first sight, the house has a contemporary and sculptural vibe. It’s structured into two main volumes which are overlapping and have contrasting designs. One is the ground floor area which is clad in natural stone and the other is the upper floor which is cast in concrete.

The two volumes are slightly offset and the one on top is larger and cantilevered on one side
The two volumes are slightly offset and the one on top is larger and cantilevered on one side
The rear section of the house opens onto a stone and wood deck and a generous garden
The rear section of the house opens onto a stone and wood deck and a generous garden

A stone pathway runs through the front yard and leads to the front door which is skillfully camouflaged in the timber slat wall. The only thing that gives away its placement is the door handle. This wooden wall section is framed by stone-clad walls on either side. The concrete volume on top cantilevers to the left, creating a covered area with a walkway running through it. Inside, the layout is designed to reflect the owners’ lifestyle and is thus focused around the social areas. There’s a laid-back, relaxed ambiance throughout the entire house. The living room, kitchen, dining area and home theater room are clustered together on one side of the ground floor with the guest room and service area positioned separately and with independent access to the garden. The color palette used inside the house is quite unexpected, including primary colors combined with concrete, stone and black and white accents.

If not for the large door handle, the entrance would remain completely camouflaged
If not for the large door handle, the entrance would remain completely camouflaged
The garden-facing upper volume is also covered in thin wooden slats and match the front door area
The garden-facing upper volume is also covered in thin wooden slats and match the front door area
The social area are clustered on the ground floor and are seamlessly interconnected
The social area are clustered on the ground floor and are seamlessly interconnected
The kitchen island extends into a large dining table which is ideal for entertaining large groups
The kitchen island extends into a large dining table which is ideal for entertaining large groups
The living room is really cozy and inviting and has a blue area rug and a wooden rocking chair
The living room is really cozy and inviting and has a blue area rug and a wooden rocking chair
The backyard terrace has a pergola-inspired roof and serves as an extension for the indoor living spaces
The backyard terrace has a pergola-inspired roof and serves as an extension for the indoor living spaces
Large mirrors give the bathroom is bright and airy look
Large mirrors give the bathroom is bright and airy look
The minimalist, contemporary interior design is complemented by primary colors in bold nuances
The minimalist, contemporary interior design is complemented by primary colors in bold nuances
The floating staircase which connects the two floors has a very sleek and unobtrusive design
The floating staircase which connects the two floors has a very sleek and unobtrusive design
The vivid pops of color add an unexpected and exciting twist to the interior design of this contemporary house
The vivid pops of color add an unexpected and exciting twist to the interior design of this contemporary house

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7 Lunch Sandwich Ideas That Are Way Better Than a Sad Salad

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At what point will you abandon your sad desk lunch? One too many morning emails and not enough time to prep at night has made this habit a tough one to kick. But that’s not a reason to stick to a diet provided by your local deli. Instead, try one of these seven easy sandwich ideas that embrace the best flavors of the season. 

Whether you’re someone who likes green goddess dressing (and who doesn’t?) or has plenty of heirloom tomatoes piled high on your countertop, these seven lunches can take care of your midday cravings without asking too much of your busy schedule. 

Marinated Veggie Cheese Sandwich

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Courtesy of Half Baked Harvest

With this healthy yet filling sandwich from Half Baked Harvest, you might give the second meal of the day its due. Fresh thyme leaves, baby arugula, sliced provolone, goat cheese, and garlic intertwine with marinated veggies like yellow summer squash and fresh sun-dried tomato pesto. You’ll gladly take your whole lunch hour to enjoy it. 

Hummus Havarti Veggie Sandwich

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Courtesy of How Sweet Eats

Speaking of bright summer sandwiches, this option from How Sweet Eats is just as irresistible. Everything seasoning and pepitas are sprinkled on two buns, which hold together slices of tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados, carrots, and red onion. Microgreens, Havarti cheese, hummus, and pesto round out the mix. 

Smoked Salmon Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

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Courtesy of Joyful Healthy Eats

If you are someone who eats light around noon, this recipe from Joyful Healthy Eats will appeal to you. Cream cheese, garlic powder, and dill are combined into a spread that tops cookie-size circles of bread. Cucumbers, smoked salmon, and fresh dill are then piled on, making for an effortlessly impressive yet not-heavy lunch. 

Avocado Chickpea Salad Sandwiches

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Courtesy of The First Mess

There are sad salad desk lunches, and then there’s this option from The First Mess: It takes all of the components of a hearty salad and delivers them in a convenient sandwich form. Cooked chickpeas, ripe avocados, chopped celery, and minced dill are formed into a mixture and added to lettuce for easy-to-eat wraps. Sliced cucumbers and radishes can be included, too. 

Heirloom Tomato, Basil, and Manchego Toast

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Courtesy of Half Baked Harvest

If you’re looking to make the most of ripe tomatoes this summer, why not take a cue from Half Baked Harvest and work them into a toast? In this recipe, rustic bread forms the basis of the meal, and then heirloom tomatoes, grated Manchego cheese, cherry tomatoes, garlic, and basil are added on top. Just try not to make this recipe every day this week. 

Green Goddess Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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Courtesy of The Modern Proper

A warm grilled cheese sandwich will always be comforting, and if you’re working from home, this recipe from The Modern Proper might be just what you need to get through the rest of the day. Avocado, spinach, asparagus, sprouts, and green goddess spread is mixed with mayo, butter, and mozzarella between two slices of French bread. The sandwich is then cooked until the bread is golden and the cheese is melted. 

Roasted Caprese Burrata Sliders 

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Courtesy of Half Baked Harvest

For those of us who are working through summer weekends, perhaps this recipe from Half Baked Harvest can at least provide a sunny break. Cherry tomatoes are roasted with garlic, peppers, and olive oil, and then brioche buns are toasted. When everything is ready, the sandwiches are assembled with burrata, basil, and balsamic vinegar. 

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This “Dated” Kitchen Trend Is Back (and We’re Into It)

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Photography by Brittany Ambridge

Linoleum, dingy diners serving $1 coffee, and Formica countertops: These may be the first things that come to mind when thinking of checkerboard flooring, but there is a way to make this retro kitchen style feel fresh. We’re seeing a resurgence of the pattern in home design (hint, hint: check out our Winter issue), and if you’re planning to renovate in the next few months, the kitchen is the best place to start.

Perhaps the biggest draw of this trend is its versatility. Try the checkerboard design in marble, tile, painted hardwood, or even vinyl, depending on your budget and aesthetic.

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Photography by Tessa Neustadt for Style By Emily Henderson

Designer Brady Tolbert used peel-and-stick tiles (Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tile, $15.99+) for his contemporary, modern kitchen. “I wanted to cover the linoleum flooring with something that was not only functional, easy, and DIY, but also something that felt authentic to the character of the Spanish-style apartment,” Tolbert explains. “The black and white was a graphic combination that was modern but also totally timeless.”

Tolbert opted to lay the tiles on the diagonal for a more modern look, and he says peel-and-stick checkerboard floors are the perfect solution for renters. “It took one afternoon and cost under $50 to redo the entire floor. It transformed the look of the kitchen and is still one of my favorite elements in the room,” he says.

So whether you too are renting or renovating, give checkerboard a chance. Here are some of our favorite spaces that prove the “dated” trend can be redone in a manner befitting 2020 and beyond.

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Photography by Simon Bevan | Design by Ben Pentreath

Here, checkerboard is used to infuse bold style into a small kitchen. It perfectly plays off the matte black accent walls, which provide an edgier contrast to butcher block counters and simple white cabinets.


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A post shared by La Belle Vue (@labellevueneffies) on Apr 29, 2018 at 12:30am PDT


If it’s good enough for the South of France, it’s good enough for us. Try your hand at a rustic, French-country–style kitchen by opting for checkerboard in more subdued tones, like a pale gray or even light blue instead of black.

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Photography by Paul Costello

We’re loving the way this kitchen combines a shiplap ceiling, subway tile backsplash, and checkerboard floors. The patterned flooring adds another dimension to an already eclectic space.

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Photography by Austin Trenholm

If your kitchen has older wood floors in need of a revamp, try a fresh coat of paint. A strategic paint job can go a long way in completely changing the character of a room—just think how different this kitchen would look with regular hardwood. A checkered pattern, paired with that gorgeous pale blue retro fridge, balances out the contemporary features of the space in a unique, visually exciting way.

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Photography by Monica Wang

Linoleum flooring may not be for everyone, but in some cases it looks just right. This bright and airy kitchen is an example of the latter. Whitewashed features and rustic wood counters help keep the space from veering into kitsch territory. Plus, the checkerboard approach is a great way to add some color.

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My New (Old) Secretary Desk

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I bought a secretary desk a while back. I searched for one for months on Facebook Marketplace, and at local antique stores, but I ended up finding it at Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta. It was the first time I had ever visited the once-a-month event (can you believe that?) and it was the very…

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Escape to the Chateau's Angel Strawbridge reveals her secret to creating a stylish yet child-friendly home

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Creating a stylish and serene home filled with unique and unusual finds with two young children running around is a challenge. However, creating stunning child friendly home is something Angel Strawbridge has nailed.

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On the Channel 4 show Escape to the Chateau, Angel and Dick Strawbridge transformed a 19thcentury French Chateau into an incredible home and events venue. Each room has been imbued with Angel’s signature vintage interior design style.

Her boldest creations include the stunning butterfly wall in the entrance hall and the tower of curiosities. However, the most incredible part of the Chateau transformation is how Angel has managed to achieve it with two young children running around!

How to create a child friendly home

So what’s her secret to a child friendly home? Not one to sacrifice on style, Angel explains that the secret is as simple as child-friendly furniture and letting go.

Child friendly home 1

Image credit: Kindling Media Ltd

‘When we don’t have guests the children spread there stuff everywhere,’ says Angel. ‘My daughter gets my cushions that I’ve got all lovely arranged. She lays them all on the floor and she goes: the floors lava, all stand on the cushion! You can either not enjoy life and worry about your cushion arrangement or you can let go.’

‘But everything is child friendly. For example we’ve only got round tables around the house,’ explains Angel.

When it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom or playroom the Escape to the Chateau star says it can be tempting to have an idea of how you want your kids dress, and what they’ll play with. However, in reality you can’t make their tastes fit with your own.

child friendly home

Image credit: Kindling Media Ltd

‘The reality is that my son likes potty humour, captain underpants and Pokemon. My daughter is into sparkles, frozen, unicorn, rainbows and sparkles,’ says Angel.

While you may have visions of your child’s bedroom matching the rest of your home, the reality is probably going to be a bit different. Allow your kids to have some input in designing there own bedroom.

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And when it comes to choosing scatter cushions for the rest of the home make sure you pick a durable material. Just in case your little one is also a fan of playing the floor is lava.

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The Meaning Behind DIY Projects – With Inspiring Ideas

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We’re constantly talking about DIY projects and ideas but we never really talked about the general meaning of the term “DIY“. To put it simply, the acronym stands for “do it yourself” and is used to describe any task that can be completed without the direct help of a professional. That of course doesn’t mean you don’t need to use a tutorial. In fact, that’s the most important part of any DIY project: knowing how to do it correctly and efficiently. This applies to any domain.

There are many different types of DIY projects and the term has been around for ages. It became popular in the early 1900s when it was primarily used in correlation with home improvements and maintenance activities. The syntagm “do it yourself’ came into common usage in the 1950s and was used to describe a trend of various small crafts and projects that aimed to be recreational or cost-saving. The trend has been growing ever since and is now more widespread than ever.

Our favorite DIY projects are those that teach us how to craft things for our homes: furniture, decorations and anything in between. As you can imagine, this term gets used a lot and is very general and not everyone interprets it the same way. What may seem like a simple task to someone can come across as being difficult or even impossible to someone else. Our goal has always been to make DIY projects accessible and enjoyable and we hope continue to inspire in the future as well. With that in mind, today we’d like to share with you a few more DIY projects that we think could really improve your home.

This is how you can make a chalkboard out of an old picture frame: give the glass a good sanding and then wipe it off with a soft cloth. Cover the frame with painter’s tape, then apply a few layers of chalkboard spray paint onto the glass, in light even layers. remove the tape and there you have it. Be sure to follow the instructions on the spray paint can to get the best results. Put your new framed chalkboard up on a wall and have fun with it. You could hang it in the kitchen and write recipes on it.

This particular DIY project is easy but does require you to have a glass bottle cutter. The idea is to use it to cut off the bottom from a wine glass bottle in order to turn the rest of it into a wind chime. Apart from the bottle and the bottle cutter you also need some jewelry chain, 3 key rings that can fit inside the bottle neck, a wooden wheel and a stone pendant. Some of these items can be replaced with something else, especially the pendant. You can customize the wind chime however you want to and that’s the beauty of any DIY project.

Some types of crafts are meant to be more practical rather than decorative. A good example is a set of drawer dividers that you can make in order to more easily and efficiently organize the contents of a drawer. Obviously, you can adapt the proportions and everything else to suit your own requirements and drawers. These dividers are made of cardboard which makes this a very easy and cheap project. Anyone could do it and it only takes 15 minutes to complete it, assuming that you follow the same pattern.

These acrylic shelves are meant to be placed in front of windows in order to save space and to give the plants the sunlight they need. The shelves are made of clear acrylic which is a nice little detail. They’re transparent so the light passes through them and reaches the plants underneath. Also, they’re very versatile and can fit in any decor. We think this is a really cool DIY project for the kitchen because it allows you to grow fresh herbs without wasting any counter space.

A coat rack is something we see in every entryway, foyer, lobby and mudroom. It’s such a basic thing that we often take it for granted and we don’t even think twice about going out to buy one. But there’s a different way you could do things. You could craft a coat rack from scratch. It would be a nice way to personalize your entryway. At the same time you’d have the freedom to choose the exact proportions and dimensions that you want in order for the rack to fit your space perfectly.

Not many people dare to make home improvements themselves and choose to rely on professionals instead. While that can prove to be easier and more convenient, it’s not the only option. You can choose to take care of things yourself. There’s a lot that you can do around the house, including to build a staircase railing. This modern-industrial design is very easy and forgiving so perhaps you’d like to give it a chance.

There are also a lot of DIY projects you can do in order to make your home more beautiful. We’re talking about decorations and such. For example, you might like to try making a string art wall piece. It’s easier than you might think. All you need is a piece of wood, lots of small nails, a hammer, string and paper that you can use to trace the desired pattern on. You can start with something simple like this cute little heart-shaped piece and then gradually come up with more cool ideas.

A DIY project can also involve building a piece of furniture. You should probably leave the big and complicated pieces to the professionals but when it comes to little things like a shoe rack, an entryway shelf or an end table you shouldn’t have any problems completing the build successfully. Take this little module for example. It looks stylish and elegant and it’s also really easy to make.

On the same note, you could totally build a wood slab side table if you wanted to. To describe this project in the simplest way possible, all you have to do is attach the hairpin legs to the wood slab. There’s a little bit more than that to the project of course. Cutting a wood is a task on its own. It needs to be sanded and sealed and you can also stain it if you want to. Leave the bark on for a rustic vibe.

Have you ever used your arms to knit…in the sense that you don’t use any tools, just the yarn and your arms? It’s pretty fun and easy and you can do a lot of cool things using this technique. For example you could make some soft and cozy cushion covers. All you need is bulky yarn. Pick any colors you like and give your home a makeover.

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Two Tiny Apartments Stacked With Stylish Features

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Two tiny apartment interiors, each under 40 square metres, are stacked with stylish features. Cool concrete elements build an industrial aesthetic that makes the homes feel mightier than their meek proportions. The double height of the first home design lends itself to a mezzanine level that increases the sense of space further; punchy red and aqua blue accents add vibrancy and layers. Although the colour palette leans to the subdued side of the scale in home number two, contemporary wall art and modern lighting designs demand attention. We’ve also included the floor plans for each home within this gallery, which present a true sense of scale and layout.

Visualizer: Andrey Barinov  

Located in Madrid, Spain, this 36 square meter industrial style home has a double height interior. The lofty proportions give home to a mezzanine bedroom above the kitchen, and a library that teeters on a ledge above the television wall.

Thanks to a recess in the floor, the head height in the kitchen isn’t compromised by the mezzanine platform above it. The floor recess also works effectively in dividing up the living space between the kitchen diner and the lounge area.

The red librarians ladder stands out confidently inside the crisp white living room, drawing attention to the top rung destination at the book stacks above it. Natural wood cubbies are interspersed between the white bookshelves to add interest and texture.

The compact staircase that leads to the mezzanine bedroom is another storage feature with shelves. Neat display cubbies top under-stair cupboards beneath every alternate tread.

A Flos 265 swing arm wall lamp extends from a raw concrete backdrop behind the cushiony grey sofa. The original is available here.

One of the lower staircase treads extends out to one side to form a work desk.

A colourful and quirky statue waits by the bottom step of the staircase, which is actually a hunk of polished stone.

The concrete desk melds with the concrete living room wall.

Polished concrete forms the floor of the interior.

A massive window opens up the entire end of the home, giving city views to the lounge, kitchen diner, workspace, and even the mezzanine bedroom. Bifold doors exit onto a small balcony, which has a continuation of the same concrete floor as the interior.

Two red bar stools stand at the work desk, which also doubles as the dining table for the home.

Natural textures build layers in the decor.

Stepping down into the floor recess of the apartment, we notice the bathroom block behind the desk/dining bar. A shower enclosure can be seen through the patterned glass wall.

Next to this coffee cup, note that the word ‘HOUSE’ has been stamped deep into the concrete bar as a unique finishing touch.

Steps from the raised living room land in a sea of geometric pattern tile. The geo tiles flood the kitchen floor and the adjoined bar area.

The small one wall kitchen is a simple installation of pale wood effect units. White subway tiles build the backsplash above a white marble countertop.

In startling contrast with the pale kitchen design, the opposite wall is awash with bright aqua blue and pillar box red.

Upstairs in the mezzanine bedroom, there is a different vibe. The decor in here is rich and sophisticated, suave and relaxing. A floor bed design is perfect for the low ceiling height up here; a layered headboard feature wall plays with the sense of scale.

A modern wall sconce adds a cosy glow by the bed. The open sided mezzanine keeps the low ceilinged bedroom feeling spacious and airy.

Inside the bathroom, red grout makes bold outlines around patterned floor tiles.

Black concrete wall tiles bring in the industrial look.

A full length mirror reflects the view of the living area from the bathroom window behind.

A red faucet makes a bright statement.

The blue bathroom wall supplies contrast.

Wall shelves descend from the ceiling, ending by the unique bathroom sink.

Floor plan.

Section drawing.

Visualizer: Dimo Dimitrov  

The second project is a small apartment based in Sofia, Bulgaria, with only 28 square meters of living space.

A square coffee table takes up much of the living room floor space, after a small sofa and accent chair take up their positions.

The sofa stands off the floor on exposed legs to give the illusion of increased floor space.

The media cabinet follows the same leggy idea. Its white volume stands crisply against a grey raw concrete wall.

On the way from the front door to the lounge, we pass by the kitchen diner in this home.

A freestanding dining peninsula seats three.

A trio of unique kitchen pendant lights snake down from the ceiling.

The coffee maker is conveniently perched at the end of the bar beside the lounge, so that there’s no need to walk around into the kitchen to make a fresh cup.

White cabinets make up a clean L-shaped kitchen design; wood countertops and upstands warm it through.

Bedroom pendant lights dangle on shiny copper fittings, against dark grey decor.

Fresh white bed linen lightens the room scheme. Photographic wall art makes a dreamy gallery.

The copper light fittings tie in with warm wood tone in the room, on the platform bed base and the legs of two small bedside tables.

Floor plan showing division of living space in the apartment.

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12 Drugstore Hair Products That Are Better Than the Splurge

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When you want to look red carpet ready but have a budget that’s more aligned with a high schooler’s, there’s nowhere to go but the drugstore. The good news: There are tons of budget hair-care buys that are just as good—if not better—than pricier brands. Every day can be a great hair day, and you can save cash if you know just what to buy.

Lucky for you, we’ve done research on the hordes of products that fill the aisles of CVS and Target and come up with 12 picks that are definitely worth it. Stock up and prepare for the compliments to roll on in.

The Volume Booster

The 1,578 positive reviews can’t be wrong, right? Just spritz this dry shampoo on hair, let it absorb for about 30 seconds, and then comb through (or massage with your fingers) to make sure it’s blended.

The Seaside Spray

This product smells like the ocean and enhances the natural waves and curls you get while you’re there—all for less than $5. Oh, and it’s alcohol-free (read: nondrying) and cruelty-free. Just mist damp hair and let it air-dry.

The Deep Clean

This iconic shampoo is a master of the deep cleanse. Grab it when your hair is feeling dull or product buildup is making the strands a bit limp—you’ll want to use it sparingly, only about once a week. Bonus: A cleaner scalp means your other products will work better. 

The Curl Softener

For those with curls, a good leave-in conditioner is a must. With the help of the wheat protein and vitamin B5 in this weightless spray, dry, dull, brittle hair is transformed into soft, shiny strands. Just spray it on, focusing mostly on midlength and ends, and go about your day. 

The Eco Hero

Love Beauty & Planet is doing really, really big things for Mother Nature: Each bottle is made from 100 percent recycled materials; the shampoo is vegan and never tested on animals; and it has zero parabens, dyes, and silicones. Plus, it won’t fade your hair color and it will leave your strands soft and shiny.

The Metallic Rinse

Celeb hairstylist Kristin Ess launched her Target line three years ago and we still can’t get enough of it. This first-ever “in-shower watercolor” will give your mane a temporary rose gold tone when spritzed on wet hair. When you’re tired of it, just wash it out.  

The Salt Spritz

Upstate New York–based brand Captain Blankenship has an exclusive-to-Target skin-care and hair line called Sailor. We’re fans of the sea salt spray, a dry shampoo, and a texturizer that will give you a cool, just-woke-up-like-this look.

The Flat Hair Vanquisher

ApotheCare Essentials’s collection is free of silicones, parabens, and dyes. Not to mention, New York hairstylist Teddi Cranford is the brand’s lead stylist. This shampoo is the talk of the town (or at least the CVS comments section), specifically for its volume-boosting skills. Rose hip oil, geranium, and aloe vera give fine and flat hair a much appreciated, lasts-all-day lift.

The Hair Dryer of the Future

This blow-dryer is a game changer. The nozzle twists to “360 Vertical Mode” to create a tunnel of powerful air jets that dry hair faster and with less damage. 

The Root Refresher

Use this deep cleansing rinse, made with apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, and shea butter (which adds a dose of moisture), as a clarifying rinse. Your hair will be healthier and your scalp detoxed, all sans gunk from sulfates, parabens, silicones, and phthalates. This product is almost identical to apple cider vinegar treatments that are five times more expensive, so consider it a big bang for small bucks.

The Fan-Favorite Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo has a massive following for a reason. It fully absorbs into your tresses, leaving you with a natural, bouncy finish. Consider it your second-day hair hero.

The Style Savior

This hairspray comes out as an ultra-fine mist, but it has strong hold. Use it when you want to make sure your blowout lasts all day long—with no crunchiness.

Now go show off your crowning glory.

This story was originally published in 2018. It has been updated.

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Braided Yarn Storage Baskets

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I was walking through Michaels the other day trying to focus on the *one* reason I was there, to grab ribbon only, but then spied the thick soft yarn in a bin marketed for making blankets.

I can’t knit or crochet, I haven’t learned those skills yet, but I couldn’t help but be drawn to that super soft yarn and thought to myself if only I could use my creative talents to make something that resembled a knit basket but wasn’t. My brain’s solution was to braid the yarn and hot glue it to metal containers, so that’s what I did.


It seemed the perfect time of year (winter) to feature this project (two weeks before January) when we are all feeling equally cozy and also ready to organize all our stuff. May I present these braided yarn storage baskets, made from inexpensive metal wire containers from Target and cozy blanket yarn.

And might I suggest, why shouldn’t your storage containers be just as snuggly soft as your beanies and fuzzy socks and scarves and mittens, hmmmm? Doesn’t your favorite winter wear deserve its own special nest to rest in when not in use? (Baby Yoda has a cozy nest, your winter wear deserves one too.)


These are incredibly easy to make! I used two metal bins from Target, two of the soft big blanket yarn from Michaels, and hot glue. (I only used two of the four I purchased so I returned the two other sets of yarn.)

The first step is to make the braid, I recommend working in no more than 12 foot sections because you have to untangle on the back end as you braid the yarn together. Secure one side together with a rubber band then attach it to a door knob to hold it and to give tension while you braid.


For one basket, I used two strands of white to one strand of gray, and for the other I used two strands of gray and one strand white.


This big blanket yarn is extremely soft and very forgiving as you glue it, which makes it easy to keep the braids in a straight line as you work your way around, gluing it to the metal bin. Glue the braided yarn to the sides first, then finish with one final row along the top once the sides are done.


Some of the glue will drip into the metal container as you work your way around, You can use a piece of thick cardstock to wipe it away (optional).


Braiding the yarn takes about 20 minutes, and gluing the braids to the bin takes another 20 minutes, so each one can be finished rather quickly. 🙂


Once you’re done, store all your cozy winter wear inside. Socks! Beanies! Scarves!

Come spring, you can tuck these bins in your closet for future use in the seasons to come. 🙂



Colorful and Creative Designs Dominate Design Miami 2019

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Art Week in Miami might be dominated by Art Basel, but Design Miami is the place where art and design collide in the best way. Top designers and artists from around the globe presented their latest creations for making the home more beautiful and interesting at the 2019 edition of the show. From vintage to luxe to cutting-edge and everything in between, the range of creative pieces is stunning…as are the prices. Even if you can’t afford these originals, the show is still a feast for the senses and a wealth of inspiration. Here is a selection of our favorites:

AGO Projects

This marvelous table was designed by Fernando Laposse, who is a Mexican designer based in London. Laposse specializes in transforming natural materials into collectible pieces that are far more than the sum of their parts. Using sisal, he dyes, stitches and transforms the material into unique pieces like this glass-topped coffee table and a similar long bench. The pink beauty was part of the booth presented by AGO Projects, which is based in Mexico City and has offices in New York.

The Future Perfect

You can’t help but love these peopley-looking Nalgona chairs presented by The Future Perfect. Designed by Chris Wolston, they are crafted from 100% Colombian wicker, called mimbre. The different arm gestures and variations in the seatbacks create a grouping as diverse as any group of actual people. The chairs have a steel frame and were produced in a limited edition of eight.

Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Carpenter’s Workshop featured chairs by Virgil Abloh, but we gravitated to these hefty tables by Charles Trevelyan that punctuated a grassy expanse. The sculptural tables, made from Hotavlje Stone that was sourced in Slovenia, have a modern elegance that sets them apart. The Australian-born, London-based designer is known for his sculptural pieces that range from bronze and aluminum to timber, and marble, among others.


Converso Modern won “Best Gallery” booth at Design Miami this year for this display of pieces inspired by Osvaldo Borsani. The gallery teamed up with renowned decorator Billy Cotton for the arrangement, which is a stunning modern space. From the Osvaldo and Valeria Borsani Unique Desk to the duo’s revolving coffee table, the pieces are important works that are still as fresh today as they were decades ago when first created. Converso has developed a premier reputation for its modern furnishings and objects by architects, rare prototypes, and limited editions.

era studio apartment gallery

Slight in volume but very striking and statuesque, these chairs designed by Mario Ceroli were an attention-getting grouping. Presented by era studio apartment gallery,  the “Mobili nella Valle” chairs from 1965 are called the “perfect union of reality and fiction.” This is because they are highly functional but have very unusual shapes. Ceroli was said to be a three-dimensional, sculptural rendition of the painting of master artist Giorgio De Chirico.

Galerie Scene Ouvert

A console table with an otherworldly vibe, the Pseudosphère Consol by artist Nadège Mouyssinat melds a functional piece with pure sculptural artistry. Crafted from porcelain and steel, it evokes the feel of a landscape and futuristic castle spires all at the same time. Presented by Galerie Scene Ouvert, the console is a grand example of Mouyssinat’s technical mastery of porcelain, which she honed while working as a designer for Limoges.

Hostler Burrows

Large and dominant, the sinuous black Volcano Coffee Table by Israel’s Gal Gaon is the focal point of the room. We love the curves and the three unique legs that support it. Presented by Hostler Burrows, the piece is crafted from oak and walnut, with the wood grain pattern a major feature, along with the accented open hole toward one end. Gaon’s work follows an artistic philosophy that highlights the anomalies and features the differences. The velvety deep black wood is contrasted by the lighter wood that highlights the opening.

Friedman Benda

Friedman Benda actually was in two different booths at Design Miami and both were spectacular for different reasons, so we have to show them to you. First was Daniel Arsham: Objects for Living, which was the gallery’s collaboration with the designer, resulting in a space enclosed by opaque green glass walls. Inside, Arsham created a room that was meant to be a “cabinet of curiosities” to show off his futuristic works. While there were a number of fascinating pieces, this foam and resin desk was a favorite, with its silhouette that looks like it had pieces bitten out of it, not just along the edges, but also on the top surface.

In the main Friedman Benda booth, we were drawn to these floor lamps that look like they belong in a Tim Burton movie or a Dr. Seuss book. Created by the UK’s chef-turned-designer Jonathan Trayte, the Pink hot Solar Buzzer floor lamps are cactus-looking fixtures that are especially unusual because of Trayte’s use of unexpected finishes. In this case, a furry coat covers the organically shaped trunks and arms of the sculptural light.

Virgil Abloh for Galerie Kreo

Darling of the design and fashion worlds, Virgil Abloh (also the artistic director for Louis Vuitton’s men’s wear collection) has an upcoming show of his works in Paris, but those at Design Miami got a sneak peek in the Galerie Kreo booth. A selection of Abloh’s EFFLORESCENCE collection was on show, including the stainless steel mirror and the concrete chairs, each one of which is signed. The lamp alongside these pieces is a vintage fixture by Italian Designer Gino Sarfatti and is just one of the more than 400 lamps he created during his lifetime.

Galerie VIVID

There isn’t a room we can think of that wouldn’t be a great home for this Irwin Coffee Table by American designer Jonathan Nesci. Part of his new collaboration with Galerie VIVID, the table is meant to celebrate simple shapes, exacting precision and honest materials. Nesci said it is inspired by the nine domes of the all-glass former Irwin Union Bank, originally designed in 1951 by Eero Saarinen in Columbus, Ohio — the artist’s hometown. made from aluminum, the round inserts are polished acrylic that is One-inch thick.

Institute of Contemporary Arts x Artek

These fun ‘Untitled (Kiss)’ Stools 60 are by artist Barbara Kruger that are the first in a series of collaborations with Artek, a Finnish furniture company. The London institute will ultimately create a series of takes on the iconic artists’ customizations of the iconic Stool 60 by renowned designer Alvar Aalto’s. Kruger is widely known for her collaged photographs that are actually thought-provoking statements on contemporary issues like feminism, and identity politics.

Jason Jacques Gallery

Part functional furniture, part fantastical creature, The Jackrabbit bench by ceramic artist and sculptor Nick Weddell is hard to overlook. From the unusual technique to the more “monstrous” elements like multiple eyeballs and large mouths with teeth, it straddles the worlds of art and design. Weddell’s creations are known for their style, which “challenges mundanity and forges joy by rebounding between absurd seduction and unsettling repulsion.”

The astounding work of Japanese artist Katsuyo Aoki is impossible to pass by because it is so complex and intricate, that it’s hard to believe it’s made from porcelain. She is now for using this delicate material to turn grim skull shapes into something very beautiful. “Skulls express the sacred and vulgar atmosphere of the present age,” Aoki has said. Her works have been purchased by a number of top museums and collectors.

Joseph Walsh Studio

Spectacular, flowing pieces of wood form this collection from the Jason Walsh Studio of Ireland. The Enignum freeform seat is made from white oiled ash and the Eximon side table is crafted from Connemara marble. Behind those pieces is Gestures, a screen that is also made from white oiled ash. Designer-maker Walsh has developed his own creative process that transforms the fluidity of a sketch into its final crafted form. Walsh not only makes these types of custom and limited edition pieces, but he and his studio also manufacture striking sculptures of wood on a massive scale for installations.

Louis Vuitton

When a brand name is synonymous with luxury style, you expect nothing less than spectacular from its furniture collection as well. This is the case with Louis Vuitton and the Objets Nomades collection, which consists of limited-edition furnishings. This year, the brand debuted a shelving unity by Andrew Kudless, and this Diamond Sofa by Marcel Wanders, which is accented by leather Flower Field Cushions from Atelier Oï.

The most striking piece — and not because it was bright yellow — was this Bulbo chair by Fernando & Humberto Campana of Brazil. Having debuted during Milan Design Week earlier in 2019, the seat has the form of a hollowed-out blossom into which you can nestle. The petals are made of textile and leather. It is bright, bold, and a real standout in the collection.

Moderne Gallery

Front and center of the Moderne Gallery exhibition was this set by designer Paul T. Frankl, and rightly so. This set is the “Speed Lounge” chairs and coffee table, which have been called unique and extremely important. Part of the special nature comes from the fact that the designer had never used this type of cork veneer before, and certainly not in this quantity. Experts have called it the “consummate expression of the 1930s American modernist aesthetic.”


With an airy feeling reminiscent of butterfly wings, or delicate leaf skeletons, these small tables by Swedish artist Hanna Hedman have a near fairy tale quality. Despite being a jeweler, she has created all sorts of public and large-scale works in Sweden. Called Becoming Nature, the collection was created just for Design Miami and Hedman collaborated with Ornamentum to bring these larger-scale works to the United States. The pieces include of tables and chairs which are all made of laser cut steel that is powder coated and hand-painted.

Perrier Jouet

While not a design for the home, each year the Perrier Jouet immersive installation is a wonder of creativity and artistry. For 2019, it was “Metamorphosis,” which was designed to link the brand’s vineyards, cellars and champagnes. Created by Italian designer Andrea Mancuso, it was inspired by his visit to the vineyards in Epernay and their vibrant colors as well as the darker atmosphere of the cellars. There are 11,000 ceramic rounds that make up the flowing walls of color and each is meant to evoke the bottles resting in the cellar. Each of the six alcoves features one of the Metamorphosis glassware collection made for the occasion. The entire installation was realized in collaboration with ceramicists Alessio Sarri and Nuevoforme

Phillipe Gravier Gallery

The name of Odile Decq’s Splash! tables are very apropos. Shown by the Phillipe Gravier gallery, they are true to their namesake because they look just like big splashes of happy, bright color. The coffee tables are indeed a welcome change from the usual rounds and rectangles and would be a great addition to any modern or contemporary living room. We also think the dining room table would make for some very interesting dinner parties!

R & Company

Divided into three separate sections, the R&Company booth presented a challenge in choosing what to show you, but ultimately you need to see this first-ever immersive space full of works by Rogan Gregory. It is said to be inspired by deep-sea creatures as well as extraterrestrial forms. The entire room is centered around the massive sculptural fireplace and quite literally topped off by an imposing and hard-to-describe lighting fixture.

Rooms Studio

Called In Circulation, these bus stop benches were presented by Rooms Studio in collaboration with Max Machaidze. Artists Nata Janberidze and Keti Toloraia of Rooms Studio were just children when the Soviet Union collapsed and freedom became a possibility. These bus stop benches were often scratched with names, markings and messages, which made a strong impression on the two. Their works now are a study of the benches’ visual appeal  and the reasons why people marked them up.

Salon 94 Gallery

Design Miami’s first juried awards presentation chose this piece — the Savage Chair by designer Jay Sae Jung Oh — as the Best in Show. Presented by Salon 94 the seemingly organic shape, with its random bumps, blocks and protrusions is actually made from randomly found items — from toys to household objects. All of the items are arranged into a form, which the designer then meticulously wraps in very thin strips of raw leather cord. This chair is part of an entire series, all created using the same eye-popping technique.

The colorful pieces in this booth by the Side Gallery are great, but the highlight is the Fardos sofa by Brazilian designer Ricardo Fasanello in 1971. The vintage sofa — which is in impeccable condition — consists of three big leather-covered rolls that are strapped into place with bands made of canvas. In front of the sofa is a great minimalist piece: the coffee table by New Zealand-born Sabine Marcelis, made from onyx and cast resin.

Southern Guild

Always a highlight, Porky Hefer’s hanging pods were again a draw for the Southern Guild booth. This year, rather than having animal shapes, they were inspired by different chemical compounds. Dubbed “Molecules” pods, this one is the “Dihydrogen Monoxide” pod and the one on the background is called Fluoroheliate Monoxide and fits two people. All of the South African artist’s works are lined in sheepskin and upholstered with leather.

Among the other works in the booth, there were five from designers Dokter and Misses from their first solo exhibition. This is the Forty Percent Chance desk, whose irregular shape is a common theme among all the pieces.  This desk and an array of irregular cabinets are said to be inspired “by the entropy and oversaturation the designers experience on a daily basis in downtown Johannesburg and in urban ecosystems in general.” The separate sections of this unique desk are made from hand-painted steel and printed glass.


Another large-scale installation, the Atelier Swarovski space was a jaw-dropping, glittering display of crustal in various forms. Designer and collaborator Tord Boontje created nature-inspired installations in the booth. We could not take our eyes off the glittering canopy of his Blossom chandeliers that dominated the room that displayed cases of jeweled creations, including the Botanical Jewels collection by Penélope Cruz which will benefit Swarovski Foundation partner, The Nature Conservancy. Inspired by a frozen blossom branch after an ice storm, Boontje’s forest of crystal fixtures were asymmetrical and oh-so-sparking.

Todd Merrill Studio

Visiting the Todd Merrill Studio booth is like being a kid in a candy store because you want to look at everything and you just don’t know where to begin. This sofa was a standout for its faceted shape, which we immediately fell in love with. Designer Hannes Grebin of Berlin made this sofa as part of The Cozy Collection that applies the principles of Cubism to design. Grebin deconstructed the traditional furniture elements of the living room and reconstructed them into forms made from geometric shapes and interlocking planes. Upholstered in silk velvet, the sofa features legs made of cast bronze by Markus Haase.

Also in the Todd Merrill Studio booth, pieces by Marc Fish were mesmerizing, including this Ethereal Series Console Tables. Fish’s one-of-a-kind pieces are made with his masterful work with micro stack-lamination. Truly ethereal, as their name suggests, the pieces are made from his innovative material that combines resin with wood laminations. The way the light passes through and reflects on these elements changes the way they look, even as it maintains a leaf-like appearance.

Wexler Gallery

Last but certainly not least, we love how artist Roberto Lugo combines the large porcelain objects with art to create a work that speaks to the current pervasive street violence in our cities. “Street Shrine 1: A Notorious Story” uses two massive funerary urns and a ceramic teddy bear, along with graffiti-inspired wallpaper, to represent the all-too-commonplace make-shift memorials for victims of gun violence.

From wall to wall, amazingly creative inspiration was everywhere, so this collection is just a smattering of our favorites. Even though these works are very high-end designs and one-of-a-kind pieces, they are still fodder for the imagination on how you can incorporate new, fresh and edgy designs into your home decor.

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