40 Gaming Setups That We Really Like

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Gamer rooms have quickly gathered status in the home, promoting gaming stations from a dusty corner of a bedroom or lounge to fully fledged and styled out setups. Gaming is no longer a past time just for kids, virtual platforms of recreation have became a go-to for all ages–particularly in response to social restrictions brought about during 2020. Gaming setups are now comfortable, themed, custom lit and immersive, and we’ve put together 40 of our favourite designs to inspire you to upgrade yours. Take a tour through themed desk spaces, simple gaming room decor for the minimalist mindset, multi screen setups, cool headphone stands and acoustic solutions.

Designer: superstrm  

The digital world has no boundaries. You can travel anywhere you want to in games, so how about a gallery of travel posters to open up your gaming desk space too.

Photographer: Howard Bouchevereau  

Another travel posters trip, touring Paris and New York.

Designer: Alexandro Lens  

Desks can run expensive but there are beautiful budget options too. This Ikea trestle desk and swivel chair make a stylish pair that won’t bring the bank.

Designer: BertTabak  

To up your game, this bright red Eames style armchair drops in a striking designer statement.

Designer: ElrioVanPutten  

If space is tight, you might want to stick to a simpler aesthetic, like this clean minimalist setup. A contrasting cool white and warm wood tone desk adds tonal interest.

Designer: fliixflax  

Balance out game memorabilia with some more sophisticated decorative items. This Super Mario collectible looks right at home amongst a new world of indoor plants and animal figurines. Gotta love that triple screen setup with a portrait rotation to cover all bases.

Designer: joeel56  

Nanoleaf Aurora lights create a customisable glow beneath a full shelf of collectible bobble heads in this multi screen setup.

Designer: mekunotech  

A Scandi style gaming room will benefit from a Louqe Ghost PC case that stays true to its minimalist Scandinavian origins. A cool headphone stand and the JWDA table lamp by Menu complete the crisp look.

Designer: obey_sheci  

Tone down the reverb. Two tone acoustic foam panels form a diamond pattern here, so not only will they control the noise but they look pretty great too.

Designer: thedesigner2011  

Give your gaming room a loft look with white brick wall panels. These guys can add the industrial effect to any nook, cranny or sloping ceiling.

Designer: Naniwack  

Go full-on geek chic with a periodic table desk pad and a Kneeling Knight pen stand to trick-out your area.

Designer: Steffis  

If you’re in the market for something more sophisticated, add a stylish light solution like the Artemide Tizio lamp–and don’t forget your wine glass dah-ling.

Designer: JHazes  

Nature and neon. This light strip angled against a raw concrete background smacks of bright neon signs in industrial settings. A botanical desktop wallpaper and indoor plants balance out the cold combo.

Designer: cichlid_visuals  

LEDs are colour matched with the desktop wallpaper in this coordinated setup, whilst an anglepoise lamp stands by to offer focussed task light. See more unique table lamps.

Designer: AttakGem  

If you want to incorporate indoor plants into your scheme, then how about pushing the boat out and cultivating a full vertical garden wall? You’ll feel as though you’ve been with nature even if you’ve been glued to the screen all day.

Designer: elektroaxt  

The hobbyist room. Music, gaming, Star Wars decor, Lego fighters and falcons, this room is set to gather all of the homeowners passions in one place.

Designer: solastar  

When stakes are high, set the lights low. Ambient lighting glows softly around this desk to keep focus where it matters.

Designer: acremona22  

Continue the view. This double screen set up tags on the end of the window view, which allows natural light to get past the corner monitor setup by day, and the city lights to sparkle by night.

Keep it coordinated. White speakers, white keyboard and a matching cool headphone stand keep this design crisp and clear.

Designer: crxscxnt  

This time a cool keyboard design is complemented by colourful Nanoleaf lighting. A KAWS Companion illuminates mysteriously in the pink glow.

Designer: clearmilk  

Another colourful keyboard ties in with a gallery wall of architectural art prints.

Designer: imsorrybae  

Choose a modern home office desk with storage to tuck away messy gaming accessories.

Designer: David Zhang  

Your digital world doesn’t have to be devoid of all that is natural. Feel grounded with a natural timber desk and nature desktops.

Designer: Mr Josi  

Reinvent the ordinary with eye catching PC towers and beautiful speakers.

Designer: jakemfbacon  

Elevate beautiful speakers with stands and raise monitors onto the wall.

Designer: Will_26  

This wall mounted screen is accentuated with a recessed lighting scheme of colourful LED ribbons.

Designer: Hyper-Ham  

A backlit monitor announces the main event.

Designer: Profil404  

Another backlit wall mounted screen, this time with a warming aura.

Designer: vivalatree  

Let your hardware be your inspiration. The blue LED strips in this gamer room are inspired by an Alienware desktop computer.

Designer: iErvin  

Make your own sunset with a burning red horizon.

Source: Nano Leaf  

If there’s one thing that sticks out in any gaming or desk setup, its the computer chair, so pick a great one. This computer chair
Herman Miller Sayl chair as a transparent lightweight look that sits gently in the scheme.

Designer: leh0ang  

Mix it up with multiple light sources.

Designer: reems2020  

Our homes are bedecked with TV statement walls and headboard feature walls, so why not a textured gaming wall?

Designer: ronaldmcshooter  

Nanoleaf lighting is customisable in shape, and since it can be combined with a rhythm-module to sync to sound it can really enhance the fun of gaming. This hand manikin says it’s A-OK.

Source: Nano Leaf  

More Nanoleaf formation inspo.

Designer: cinna_bun_  

Girly gamers all hail this adorable bubblegum pink covered scheme.

Designer: David Zhang  

Celebrate the line of symmetry.

Visualizer: Twinskunk  

Get serious on sound with a full surround of acoustic panels.

Designer: nowackdesign  

Bash out a simple but effective scheme in black and white

Designer: martin_kr  

Gaming is life right? Go all in with an immersive screen setup.

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Don't miss this new dining must-have at Cox & Cox – being celebrated by adorning fans

Sourced content from: https://www.idealhome.co.uk/news/cox-and-cox-fluted-wine-glasses-255408

Who doesn’t aspire to own the full Cox & Cox catalogue for their home? But for now we’ll settle for owning this gorgeous new glassware collection. The ‘New in’ ribbed glasses are going down a treat with shoppers, proving a sell-out success in the first week!

But fear not, our Cox & Cox team hotline informs us that these sell-out glasses will be back in stock tomorrow. So set yourself a reminder to pop a set in the virtual shopping basket immediately.

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Must-have: smoke fluted wine glasses

fluted wine glass

image credit: Cox & Cox

As entertaining at home looks to be the new normal way of life, we say it’s time to buy the dream glasses. These stylish new glasses come as a set of 6, which as it stands is the optimum amount of guests allowed to any one gathering – just saying! Inspired by traditional French glassware these elegant glasses will make every wine occasion feel more fashionable. There are also new Champagne flutes styled in the same smoked glass – because you can never have too much of a good thing right?!

Buy now: Six Smoke Fluted Wine Glasses, £55, Cox & Cox

The brand shared the stunning new ribbed wine glasses on Instagram a few days ago, and already they have proved to be the most liked post of the month! Cheers to that.



‘Set a special tone to your evening with our Six Smoke Fluted Wine Glasses, styled on a vintage French design’ wrote Cox & Cox. The ambient shot has, so far, generated 7,262 likes and a whopping 248 comments.

The theme of appreciation seems to be toasting friends who will love the new designs;
‘I can imagine us both appreciating these ✨’says one. ‘Because you can never have too many ribbed glasses 🤣 ‘ jests another with a pal.

As well as those who simply adore them…’They are STUNNING!!’ exclaims one excitable shopper!

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Let’s raise a toast to the fabulous new glassware coming back in stock!

The post Don't miss this new dining must-have at Cox & Cox – being celebrated by adorning fans appeared first on Ideal Home.

DIY: Hanging Art Ledges

Sourced content from: https://centsationalstyle.com/2020/09/diy-hanging-art-ledges/

I was feeling sad about summer ending because it’s my favorite season. Due to global circumstances with Covid, like everyone else, I didn’t get to take a beach vacation or travel anywhere far. So I decided to create a little display with some of my favorite destinations that I’ve traveled to in the past. For me, it’s a little reminder that summer will come again next year, and fingers crossed I’ll be free to explore the world in 2021.

The design for this display came to me in a daydream. I didn’t want floating shelves that stuck out or needed to support heavy frames. I wanted to create vertical hanging shelves where I could rotate simple small prints, ones that are nostalgic, and others from my print shop.  The original concept included rope and wood beads (which would also look very cool) but I opted for decorative gold chain instead.


To recreate this project you’ll need the following supplies: two 2x2x36” poplar square boards ($5.34 each at Lowes); stain or paint color of choice, sanding wedge, foam brushes, ruler, brass screw eye hooks, 5 feet decorative brass chain, power drill & bits, wood carving tool (I used a spade drill bit), pliers x 2.



The first step is to cut the poplar. My design is tiered, but you can do the same width for each ledge if you like. I chose 20”, 18” and 16” widths to form my three ledges.


I created a place for the art prints to sit by carving a groove in each ledge. Using a ruler, mark the middle and gently carve the first few lines. I used a spade drill bit with a pointed edge, it takes about 20 passes to get a deep groove. Next I used the rounded backside of a small drill bit to round out the bottom of the picture groove in my ledge. How deep you go is up to you, in hindsight I wish I’d made mine a little deeper.



Next, stain or paint your wood, or leave it natural and just give it a coat of polycrylic to protect it. Wood stain can be temperamental sometimes and I got the color wrong the first time. My original plan was to have ledges be a pale olive green with the wood tone coming through. The stain I ordered was supposed to be translucent and ended up being not so translucent.


So I went with Plan B. I set aside the green stain for a future dresser project and recoated my wood with some leftover Rust-Oleum stain in mineral green. I immediately sanded it and let it mellow and it transformed into an unexpected beachy blue green color which was a really nice surprise. When it was dry I sanded it a little bit more to expose more of the natural wood tone.


Drill pilot holes for the screw eye hooks. Be sure to map out their placement first.

Using pliers (it’s handy to have two), separate the links where you need them. I used 9 links between the bottom two ledges, it created the perfect amount of space for displaying small prints. Use whatever amount of chain that’s left to create the top hanging element.


Nine links between ledges seemed just right for the sizes of art prints I’m displaying. I’ve identified the sizes of my art prints shown below, they vary from 5×7” to 4×6” and include 5×5” and 4×4” sizes. Some prints have simple mats around them too. I added two little air plants to the display for an organic touch.



You can recreate this to display photographs of family and friends too! And as I wrote before, using rope and wood beads instead of chain would be a really cool alternative as well!


Imperfect Plaster Walls and Built-In Furniture Define This Artful Adobe Reno

Sourced content from: https://www.domino.com/content/adobe-home-renovation/

large square window on house exteriorPin It
Photography by Magdalena Wosinska and Shade Degges

Photographer and director Magdalena Wosinska wasn’t immediately sold on the tiny, abandoned adobe home in Pioneertown, Joshua Tree (population: 428). But in fear of missing out on an opportunity to put down roots in the California desert, she put an offer in on the property. She expected a six-month-long renovation, but the entire process ended up taking four years. “My first impression of the home was this is a project,” laughs designer Sarah Solis, who came onto the remodel about a year after Wosinska bought the place. “I was taken with the story of the space and the connection to the land.” 

Taking their time paid off: It allowed Wosinska and Solis to stretch the budget and carefully art direct the construction. While the owner was busy analyzing where they could carve out doors and hallways so the light could travel through the building, the designer studied up on traditional adobe craftsmanship and aimed to recreate the imperfect nature of the original plaster walls elsewhere. “This helped us tie the thread between the new and old structures,” says Solis (the kitchen, dining area, and guest bath are all additions). “We actually emulated the undulations.” Here, Solis walks us through the space—featured in full in our Fall 2020 Style Issue—and shares some of the more artful decisions they made during the reno.   

Let the Walls Sing

minimalist desert dinign areaPin It
Photography by Magdalena Wosinska and Shade Degges

A hand-applied plaster finish on the walls was one way Solis sought to tie the old adobe structure to the newly constructed rooms. While they did have to hire out the job, the finish was actually less expensive than Wosinska’s first idea of using American clay for the extension. The labor (it requires a specialist) and the material itself are both more costly than traditional plaster. For a modern touch, they went with brass light switches from Forbes and Lomax. “We both prefer the action of a rotary dimmer,” says the designer. “I was really excited she loved this idea.”

Keep Things Cool Underfoot

white and gray kithcenPin It
Photography by Magdalena Wosinska and Shade Degges

Wide plank white oak hardwood runs throughout the old adobe structure. Everywhere else, the pair opted for polished concrete, a material Solis says was the biggest money-saver during the reno. Another bonus: The material, which shows up again on the kitchen counters, helps keep the desert home cool. 

Save Space with Permanent Furniture

minimalist desert living roomPin It
Photography by Magdalena Wosinska and Shade Degges

In keeping with the architectural integrity of the house, Solis opted for traditional built-in Banco furniture. Everything has its place and is integrated into the floor plan. The sofa, for instance, is first constructed out of sturdy 2x4s before being covered in a wire mesh and prepped for plaster. Solis topped it with a linen cushion made out of medium-firm foam core wrapped in down feather. 

The con, Solis notes, is pretty obvious: Once it’s set in stone, there’s no rearranging things. “But rooms of this small scale really only have one optimal layout,” she points out. The pro? Everything feels solid and connected.

Carry the Story Into the Bathroom

stone sinkPin It
Photography by Magdalena Wosinska and Shade Degges

A good chunk of Wosinska’s budget went toward the bathrooms, mostly because it made sense for her lifestyle, but also because it’s a reliable place to invest if you want to increase a home’s value. That’s not to say the designer opted for basic builder-grade finishes though. She infused the rooms with character by bringing in antique sinks (the one in Wosinska’s bathroom is from the 18th-century from a vineyard in the South of France and the guest bathroom has a 19th-century basin sourced from a kitchen in Provence). 

“Magda had originally been thinking of doing floating concrete, but I wanted something with story and history,” says the designer. The fixtures are also a nod to Wosinska’s many travels to Europe. Pieces this heavy (each weigh in at hundreds of pounds) require a steel frame system that is welded into the walls. 

Think Outside of the Boxy Window Frame

imagePin It
Photography by Magdalena Wosinska and Shade Degges

All of the windows came from Anderson E Series—Solis’s go-to choice because the panels are easy to customize and the narrow wood frames compliment the home’s minimal lines. The brand also offers specialty awning windows, which the designer took advantage of in the guest bedrooms as well as in the kitchen above the sink. The furniture and layout of the rooms determined the sizes and shapes of the glass panes (peep the two that perfectly frame the built-in bench in the Wosinska’s bedroom).

The floor to ceiling windows in the detached sauna makes it feel like you’re outdoors during your session. “We wanted unobstructed views of the landscape that could still be opened,” she says of choosing operable panes. No matter where she is—the kitchen, the shower—she’ll always be bathed in shimmering desert light. 

Get the Look

Our Fall Style issue has arrived! Subscribe now to get an exclusive first look at Ayesha Curry’s Bay Area home—and discover how design can shape our world.

Luxury Home Interiors Set In Black And White Decor

Sourced content from: http://www.home-designing.com/luxury-home-interiors-set-in-black-and-white-decor

Black and white decor elements shape the large spaces inside these two luxury home designs. Minimalist interior layouts meet luxe materials and textures to build schemes that are both captivating and inspiring. Designer lighting and furniture pieces cultivate high-end looks, whilst clean lines and lack of accessories keep arrangements sophisticated and straight to the point. These are the homes of young professionals with an eye for detail and exquisite taste. Take the tours to find upscale kitchen arrangements, lavish living room ideas, sleek marble clad bathrooms, and show stopping bedrooms that gain major wow factor though towering stone headboard walls and custom made beds.

Visualizer: KYDE Architects  

In Kyiv, Ukraine, a double height black and white living room sets the impressive tone for this 650 square metre home tour.

The magnificent space is bathed in sunshine from enormous windows, which is reflected across ice white paintwork. A glass balustrade drinks in the daylight on the second floor.

Layered grey rugs and a black marble coffee table provide a luxuriously dark and textural base for the light and airy room.

The expansive space promotes a minimalist living room aesthetic, with plenty of breathing space left between furniture items.

Great arcing dining room pendant lights bounce over the length of a grand sixteen seat dining set.

The dining chairs carry a solid matt black finish to complement the dark mass of the marble rectangle dining table.

Patio doors open the dining space up to the terrace.

The black marble dining set is balanced out by a coordinating marble kitchen island on the other side of the open plan room.

Inside the luxury bedroom, a vast marble wall drops behind the headboard of a modern platform bed. An end of bed bench lengthens the furniture arrangement into the wide room, whilst modern bedsides wing each side. The black and white designer table lamp is the Snoopy by Flos.

Marble finishes spill into a black and white luxury bathroom, where they sharply clad a bathtub and shower wall.

A wall mounted faucet fills the beautiful bathtub.

More black and white marble covers the floor, and builds a stunning bathroom sink.

Black window reveals make a striking feature in pale grey walls.

Another amazing headboard feature wall is set to wow in bedroom number two. Rugged rock climbs from floor to ceiling like a sheer mountain face. A plinth raises the platform bed and small side tables from the main floor, building a room within a room.

A pebble bed under the bathtub, a rustic Japanese stool and an indoor plant curate a zen garden feel in this bathroom.

A stone double sink bathroom vanity lightly floats across a backlit mirror.

Granite slabs encapsule the shower.

First floor plan.

Second floor plan.

Third floor plan.

Designer: Armz Studio  

This 120 square metre apartment interior was designed for a young couple. The brief called for clean minimalism and a restrained monochrome color palette, which is immediately evident inside the linear black and white living room. The sectional modern sofa adds a lighter whisper of grey to the palette.

An ottoman is set between the lounge area and the kitchen to help subtly section the united space. It was decided that the minimalist decor should contain as few different materials as possible, so kitchen cabinets, a living room media wall and coffee table are all formed from identical material.

Microcement floor covering became the light background for all other materials and volumes.

Dark forms and smooth matt materials pull at room dimensions.

The glossy modern dining chairs are an Eames Eiffel style chair.

Three black pendant light shades hang heavily over the sleek white dining set.

Black and white volumes cut a contrasting kitchen design. See more black and white kitchens.

Grey kitchen bar stools pull up at a white bar top over the black island.

Facades of matte glass and mirror combine with modern lighting to build a futuristic aesthetic. The apartment contains a variety of electronic gadgets and a smart home system.

Vertical coat hooks stripe the monochrome hallway.

Sleek storage benches lay low to the light floor.

Decor inside the master bedroom has a much softer feel. A cushiony grey platform bed lays on a floral patterned bedroom rug, and cream drapes fold casually at the windows.

A recessed shelf in the headboard makes a neat landing spot for books and such, in addition to the simple bedside table.

The bathroom is a pure white minimalist space, with emphasis on chic white marble texture.

A custom cut mirror slots into place over a floating vanity, fitting flush between the shower screen and opposite wall.

Chrome fixtures gleam cleanly against the veined marble wet wall.

The only instance of colour in the home exists inside the kids’ room, where a bright turquoise stage holds a floor bed, storage drawers and a set of colour matched wardrobes. See more ideas for kids’ beds.

There is a kid’s study area at the foot of the floor bed design, set with two stylish kids’ desk chairs and a simple linear suspension light.

A planter is set right into the kids’ desk top to bring in some uplifting living greenery.

The terrace is lined with potted plants, which grow a scenic border of privacy. The mid century modern chair used outside is the Eero Aarnio Ball chair, which cocoons the homeowners from being overlooked by their neighbours.

Check out the home tour video:

Be sure to subscribe to Home Designing on Youtube for regular architecture and design videos.

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How To Choose The Best Deck Stain

Sourced content from: https://www.homedit.com/how-to-choose-the-best-deck-stain/

Are you thinking of staining your deck? If you’ve just got a brand-new deck, staining your deck can preserve its color and maintain its longevity. Exposure to the sun, ice, and other harsh weather conditions can result in your deck deteriorating over time. Using a deck stain can help prevent sun rays from penetrating the wood. It can also repel moisture and prevent the wood from growing mold or becoming soft. Another great benefit of staining your deck is preventing it from cracking. 

With numerous deck stains available in the market, however, it can be challenging to select the right one – especially if it’s your first time staining a deck. Here, we’ll give you some background on the different types of deck stains available, what to consider when purchasing your deck stain, a short guide on how to stain your deck, and end off with 5 of the best solid deck stains in the market to get you started. 

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Different Types of Deck Stains 

There are different types of deck stains – clear, solid, semi-solid, and semi-transparent. 

Clear Deck Stains

These are known as deck water sealer and won’t add any color to the wood. They do, however, penetrate the wood and protect it from various elements. They’re also water-repellent and will prevent UV rays from affecting the quality of the wood. With clear deck stains, you’ll need to reapply it once a year. 

Solid Deck Stains

These are referred to as opaque stains and are usually applied to the top of the deck surface to cover the grain. It can easily be confused for paint because it looks similar, but solid deck stains have ingredients to protect the wood. While they’re great at hiding discoloration, solid deck stains are usually more prone to cracking, chipping, and peeling. 

Semi-Solid Deck Stains

These are a little more transparent than solid stains and are suitable for high-traffic areas. In terms of durability, it’s quite similar to its solid deck stain counterpart. 

Semi-Transparent Deck Stains

These will impart some color to the deck but will also keep the grain pattern visible. They’re most commonly used for external deck staining as it’ll soak into the wood and last longer than clear stains. It’s also less likely to peel off the deck surface, but you will need to reapply when it loses its color. Semi-transparent deck stains are more suited to railings. 

Deck Stain vs. Sealer 

While both deck stains and sealers protect and preserve wood, they aren’t the same product. Sealers are clear and transparent, while deck stains usually have pigment or tone that adds some color. In many instances, individuals will use a sealer or a translucent stain on top of a semi-transparent one to avoid their decks from changing color. 

What are the Different Bases of Stains? 

There are two different bases of stains – oil-based and water-based stains. Oil-based stains are excellent at repelling water and conditioning the wood. They can also withstand various elements, are more durable, and require less maintenance. However, its downfall is that they’re flammable when wet and can take up to 2 days to dry. Once dried, however, they produce a richer color than their water-based counterparts. 

For water-based stains, they tend to maintain the color of the deck well and dry quickly. It also doesn’t have as strong of an odor and isn’t as flammable. Since they don’t emit volatile organic compounds (VOC), they’re also environmentally friendly. However, the downfall of water-based stains is that they don’t penetrate as deeply as oil-based stains. 

What to Consider

There are three things you need to consider when purchasing deck stains – durability, price, and the amount of effort required for cleaning. In terms of durability, various stains come with different ingredients – resulting in various thickness levels. While some stains can last for several years, others would need a recoating every year. 

Deck stains come in different price points for price, so you’d need to figure out what works with your budget. However, if you buy a cheaper deck stain, you may need to apply a second coating as it won’t cover as much area. If you can, try to purchase a more expensive deck stain as they last longer and have both a better coverage and finish. 

Finally, for your convenience, it’d also be best to purchase deck stains that are easy to clean and require only water and soap. If not, you’ll have to buy additional cleaning materials or sand before applying the stain. 

How to Stain a Deck – Step by Step Guide

  • First, you’d want to sweep your deck thoroughly. If it’s dirty, you’d want to wash it as well. Though if you decide to clean your deck, you’ve got to wait for it to dry.
  • Then, you’d need to take some sandpaper to smooth the wood and get it ready for absorbing the stain. 
  • Before you stain your wood, it’s good to invest in a pair of knee pads since you’ll be on your hands and knees most of the time. 
  • You’d then want to sand the deck floor thoroughly before using a leaf blower to remove all of the sawdust from your deck floor. 
  • After that, it’s time to stain! You’d need a brush to help you with the staining, and you should select a brush with natural fibers. 
  • While staining, you’d want to do it one board, at a time to avoid any overlap. 
  • After you’re done applying, allow it to dry for at least 48 hours. 

Top 5 Best Deck Stains

Now that you’ve got a better idea of how to stain your deck, here are five different deck stains that you can select to help you with the project. 

1. Australian Timber Oil, Quart, Natural

This timber oil is excellent for decks, railings, and sidings; it’s made with a unique blend of oils specially formulated to protect various wood pieces. It’ll penetrate into dense, resin-rich woods, is durable, water-repellent, and also has plenty of color-depth. Other great features of this timber oil include its translucent iron oxide pigments that provide a rich color and dimension and being able to protect exotic wood surfaces. 

Plenty of customers have given this product rave reviews and mentioned that it coats perfectly, lasts longer, and delivers fantastic results. Customers also like the variety of color choices and how it comes with detailed instructions. One customer mentioned that the fumes are relatively strong as a tip, so you’d want to either get a mask or paint in a well-ventilated area.


  • Great for exotic wood surfaces 
  • Durable and water-repellent 
  • Comes in a range of different colors 
  • Provides a rich color 


  • Has relatively strong fumes

2. Thompson’s TH.042841-16 Waterseal Waterproffing Stain

Another great deck stain, this particular formula is semi-transparent, so while it does have some pigment, it’ll still show wood texture and grain. In terms of features, it’s water-repellent, and the coating also resists both mildew and UV-damage. The advanced polymers will provide fade-resistant color, and you can add this to either freshly cleaned damp or dry wood. One coat can last for four years on the deck and about six years for fences and sidings. 

Those who have purchased this particular deck stain mentioned that it works well and can withstand various weather conditions. Others have also said that it offers good coverage and comes at a low price. It’s also easy to use and goes on similar to paint since it does color the wood.


  • Semi-transparent – has some color 
  • Water-repellent 
  • Resists both mildew and UV-damage 
  • Fade-resistant color 


  • Some have mentioned that the formula is a little runny

3. Ready Seal 512 5-Gallon Pail Natural Cedar Exterior Stain and Sealer for Wood

This deck stain comes in many colors and can be applied with either a sprayer, roller, or brush. No primer is required when you use this deck stain, and it’ll reach its true color in about two weeks. No back brushing is necessary, and it’ll also never leave runs, laps, or streaks. The product will seamlessly blend into the wood and can be applied in any seasonality. 

The stain itself is oil-based and enhances the texture and grain of the wood. The formula will penetrate deeply into the wood while protecting it from UV rays, mold, and mildew. It has some pretty good reviews from customers, and they mentioned that the deck stain goes on quick, really soaks in, and can be applied effortlessly with a brush or roller.


  • Easy application 
  • No back brushing is required 
  • Can be applied in any seasonality 
  • Penetrates deeply into the wood 


  • Color fades quicker than some of the other deck stains

4. Olympic Stain 79603 Maximum Wood Stain and Sealer

If you’re looking for an excellent deck stain, this Olympic Maximum deck stain has you covered. It contains both the stain and sealant to protect and beautify in one easy step. You can also use it in various weathers, and it provides enhanced waterproofing protection and will protect the wood against UV rays. 

Those that have purchased this product mentioned that it stirs easily, goes on well, and has fantastic coverage. It’s recommended to brush the deck stain on as it’s neater, and individuals love how it’s long-lasting, durable, and covers well.


  • Contains both stain and sealant 
  • Suited to various weather conditions 
  • Enhanced waterproofing protection 
  • Protects against UV rays 


  • The color’s a little lighter than expected 

5. SEAL-ONCE NANO+POLY Penetrating Wood Sealer with Polyurethane

Last on the list is this premium wood sealer that’s water-based and comes with advanced penetrating nanotechnology. It doesn’t have any toxic chemicals and will enhance and extend your wood’s natural life. It can also protect against water damage for up to 10 years on vertical surfaces and six years on horizontal surfaces.

Since it’s low VOC, it’s safe for pets and plants, and you can easily clean it up with soap and water. Upon application, it’ll prevent mildew, decay, mold, and won’t peel. There are also 11 different color tints, so you’re able to pick the one that best suits your needs. Customers said that this deck stain has excellent water-resistant, is safe for marine life, and has zero odor. They also like that it dries quickly and is easy to apply.


  • Advanced penetrating nanotechnology 
  • No toxic chemicals 
  • Low VOC 
  • 11 different color tints 


  • Some mentioned that the color’s a little off 

The Bottom Line

We hope you’ve got a better idea of deck stains and which ones you’d like to purchase for your home. When it comes to buying your deck stain, make sure that you consider the colors, the degree of opacity that you’d like, and the wood type you’re staining. Once you’ve narrowed all of that down, you’ll have a better idea of what you need to purchase. Just in case, you can also test out the deck stain on the wood that you’d like to coat, so you’ve got a better idea of how everything will turn out before painting the whole thing.

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Serenely Stylish White And Wood Interiors

Sourced content from: http://www.home-designing.com/serenely-stylish-white-and-wood-interiors

Serenely stylish in clean white and smooth wood decor, these four expertly designed homes provide tranquil interiors inspiration. Although the colour palette suggests stylistic similarities, this set of elegant interiors are each very different. Home number one takes us through a large and long open plan living space set with many subtle patterns and sculptural silhouettes. Home number two is a square floor plan with a practical approach to having it all in more compact quarters. Our third tour takes place over a split level living room with a cosy sunken lounge and luxe marble elements, whilst our fourth and last design is touched with just a hint of boho flavour.

Visualizer: Dian Rui Rui  

Our first luxurious living space is an airy and light filled room, patterned with a heavily veined marble TV wall treatment and wood grain panels.

The chunky circular coffee table brings an en vogue terrazzo element into the mix, whilst a knot pouf hits upon another contemporary trend.

A striped decorative vase and a houndstooth throw add further layers of pattern into the scheme, whilst the overall colour palette of the room remains light and neutral.

Wood panels make a tailored transition into white kitchen units across the longest wall of the living room, fashioning one long smooth sweep.

A velvety accent chair and indoor plant spring a touch of greenery into the corner of the room. A sculptural small side table complements the unique character of the modern chair.

The kitchen island and an adjoined dining table stand sandwiched in the space between two opposing walls of kitchen units.

A backlit wine storage cabinet gives the table area more of an atmospheric dining room appeal.

A large modern dining chandelier expands along the length of the kitchen island and dining table combo, providing an even distribution of light.

The white marble table gains a simple centrepiece from a modern fruit bowl and a decorative vase display.

Moving into the master bedroom we’re met with an eye-catching headboard wall light and attractive bedroom pendant lights, which give the room a warm and glowing essence. In this scenario an end of bed bench has been repositioned to split the space and serve the dressing area of the room.

Soft grey, light oak and beige tones meld into a peaceful decor palette. Golden light from inside the glass wardrobe fires up further warmth in the scheme.

A relaxing reed diffuser and small candle holder decorate the dressing table by the bed in place of a bedside table lamp.

The home office area has been shifted as far away from the bedroom relaxation space as possible to maintain boundaries between work and recuperation.

Visualizer: Hot Walls  

Our next tour lands us in a more compact living space, where the dining area and kitchen surround the lounge in an L-shape formation. The modern sofa is a simple armless silhouette that leaves the heavily furnished space feeling serenely uncluttered.

Sofa scatter cushions and fruit bowls on the rounded rectangle coffee table throw a dark accent into the pale palette of the room.

A bordered area rug gives the lounge a polished finish.

The TV wall is underlined by white marble hearth. A JWDA table lamp by Menu highlights a section of slatted wood panelling.

Tall units have been installed at one end of the TV wall to stow away media items.

An Eames bird looks eagerly out of the dining room window, surveying the city.

Disc-like dining room pendant lights float flatly above the dining table in a perfect pair.

Grey drapes heavily frame the black trimmed windows.

The largest area of the open plan living space is given over to a long oak effect kitchen with an island. A linear suspension light shines down upon a white marble countertop that wraps the edges of the island volume for added luxe.

Black kitchen bar stools stand out darkly against the white marble and light oak kitchen island design.

Integrated appliances balance out the kitchen bar stools with more notes of black.

Visualizer: Alexandru Ionita  

Our third home tour features a sophisticated lounge design with metallic decor accents. A chrome trimmed sectional sofa and a modern chaise hug the edges of a textured rug.

A split-level floor raises the kitchen and dining room two steps higher than the sofa, which gives the lounge a cosy den-like feel.

Black shelves climb the alcove of the living room wall, creating contrast between wood panels and white paintwork.

A white marble ledge trims the length of the room.

The white marble element appears as an accent around the TV wall decor, highlighting a niche of bookshelves.

A marble staircase builds a real sense of luxury in the open plan hallway at the heart of the home.

Gold kitchen bar stools make a chic addition to the marble kitchen island.

Wine glasses litter the top of a racetrack dining table, where modern dining chairs bring a soft pop of green to the colour story.

Visualizer: Dian Rui Rui  

Our last white and wood home interior has a unique floating TV panel that slots into nearby storage volumes. A wood coffee table echoes the TV panels oak volume.

Pebbles and blossom fill a conical glass vase with natural beauty on the small coffee table, whilst cute knick-knacks curate an eclectic vibe over on the shelves.

A monochrome tribal pattern rug brings boho energy to the soothing space.

The living room dining room combo is backed with a run of floor to ceiling oak units, where soft lighting glows warmly from shelves and niches.

Modern fruit bowls and a tinted glass vase make up a casual centrepiece for the wood dining table.

The master bedroom suite is split into a separate dressing room and sleeping area.

A green bed set elevates the peaceful white, grey and wood tone palette.

Built-in wardrobes line the walls of the dressing room, making a narrow walkway towards a makeup vanity by the window. Poufs and pillows pad out a little reading spot to go with the bookcase built by the vanity table.

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Bathroom colour schemes to upgrade your bathing space and inject character

Sourced content from: https://www.idealhome.co.uk/bathroom/bathroom-ideas/bathroom-colour-schemes-89846

Bathroom colour schemes are essential for getting the look, feel and design just right your bath or shower room. Creating the right ambience is key for a bathroom especially, because while we use it every day it’s the place that at times we need to feel completely indulgent – run a bath and shut the world out kind of vibes.

To inject a touch of personality break free of a staid, safe designs and add pops of colour. Adding a bright hue to your bathroom will really lift your whole home, bringing this functional space into line with the rest of your decor. Or, if you prefer a chic and modern take on interiors, you can choose muted greys to complement your otherwise neutral bathroom colour scheme. The ambience can be left entirely to the right lightning.

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The right colour can completely transform a bathroom. Take a look at our bold and bright bathroom colour scheme ideas for all your decorating inspiration..

1. Add height with a split colour scheme

Bathroom with green wall panelling and free-standing bath

Image credit: David Giles

This simple trick helps to create to break up the wall and create the feeling of space – ideal for use in smaller bathrooms.

Looking for bathroom ideas for compact spaces? READ: Small bathroom ideas to optimise your space

2. Keep it fresh in off-white and pastel

white tiled bathroom

Image credit: David Giles

All tiled everything works a treat in this chic bathroom space. The simplicity of pairing neutral shades and diluted pastels in different tile choices helps to add interest, while allowing the scheme to remain fresh and unfussy. The paired-back nature of the lime wood cabinetry helps to keep the feel light and airy. The fresh colour scheme welcomes metallic touches to stand out, just enough without looking too gaudy.

3. Go dark and dramatic with grey

bathroom shelving bathroom colour schemes

Image credit: Paul Craig

Colour has a huge impact on mood, and bathrooms have a tendency to sidestep polarizing hues in favour of pale neutrals and whites, which are refreshing and easy to live with. At the opposite end of the spectrum, darker shades of grey including slate, are also popular for creating a cocooning effect. Brooding dark shades provide the perfect backdrop for rich metallics, such as gold or brass.

4. Work a characterful two-tone contrast

white bathroom with half blue painted wall

Image credit: Brent Darby

If clean white is working in your space but you wish to add a hint of interest, why not go half and half?  This bathroom boasts brilliant white walls above a line, that has been perfectly measured and taped to form the illusion of a dado rail. The bottom half in complete contrast is a combination of a thing stripe in turquoise blue and a block of rich navy below.

5. Opt for blue in an on-trend ombre

Bathroom colour schemes

Image credit: David Brittain

Embrace this season’s ombre micro trend and incorporate the graduated paint effect into your bathroom. Often reserved for modern designs, it can look equally as stunning in a country scheme. If you have a south-facing room, it’s a good idea to invest in a cooler palette. This pale, sea blue has a tranquil, peaceful aura ideal for a room that receives the sunlight all day.

6. Create ambience with rich purple tones

Bathroom colour schemes

Image credit: Mark Scott

Bask in the glow of metallics and shiny surfaces. Add a heady, intoxicating note to a bathroom with a reflective copper bath to enhance rich bramble wall tones. Accessorise with comforting fluffy towels and a toe-warming mat. This season it is all about dark, heady colours and lush linens. Work in a few nature-inspired accessories for good measure.

7. Go for awaken green

Bathroom colour schemes

Image credit: Sussie Bell

Pep up a white room with a vivid colour. Push the boundaries of your colour barometer and go for the brightest blast you can muster. If you love one colour, use it to the max. In this scheme mixed-pattern mosaic tiles in dark and light green adorn the walls and window, giving this modern scheme colourful style.

8. Accessorise with sunshine yellow

Bathroom colour schemes

Image credit: Simon Whitmore

Give a block colour scheme a new lease of life with a burst of vibrant colour. If the thought of bright walls fills you with dread but you still want to incorporate colour without taking drastic action, then consider introducing a few zingy accessories and soft furnishings. Easy to change and cost-effective, you won’t need to strip your walls bare if you decide that this look isn’t for you, or you just fancy a change. Sunshine is just the thing to make you feel happy every time you use the space.

9. Strike a balance with monochrome

Bathrooms with black walls, white bath and white metro tiles

Image credit: Colin Poole

Choosing a monochrome colour scheme always helps to create a striking finish, without overpowering with accent colours. In this sleek bathroom the walls and furniture choices are black while the free-standing bath and Metro tile surround is kept classic in white. The patterned flooring helps to marry the shades and add further character to the scheme.

10. Add interest with contrasting coloured tiles

Bathroom colour scheme

Image credit: Simon Brown

Decorate your space with coloured tiles. For a look that is highly contemporary and original, lay wall tiles in contrasting hues chevron-style to create a bespoke space. A mix of blush pink, teal green and black combines well to enhance the modernity of this bathroom. Remember, less is more, so think petal pinks as an accent and include no more than three tonal shades in your palette. Use black as the base. Like white, it’s the colour that sets off any pink to its best advantage.

11. Keep things natural

taupe tiled bathroom with mint green accessories

Image credit: Colin Poole

Look to the earth for inspiration. This taupe and limestone colour combination has a beautifully grounded feel to it, ideal for a space to relaxing and enjoy some timeout. The neutral colour palette across all the tiled surfaces and the furniture helps to create a feeling of serenity, like that of a natural spa. The stone and putty colours are perfectly matched with mint green accessories to add a hint of uplifting colour in contrast.

12. Choose complementary colours

Bathroom colour schemes

Image credit: David Giles

Bring a plain white bathroom to life with a feature wallpaper. A sweet coastal-inspired design is all that’s needed to add charm and oodles of character. Using a statement wallpaper in a designated place – around the bath and above dado height only – will make it all the more special. In this room, the blue and red of the wallpaper has been used on accessories as an easy way to co-ordinate the scheme. Off-white floor tiles, laid with a dark grout, introduce a touch of difference.

13. Make it multicoloured

bathroom colour schemes

Image credit: Lizzie Orme

Add interest to a white scheme with accent tiling. Line recessed shelves with colour-coded tiles to turn them into a design feature in their own right. To create recessed shelving, you’ll need to build a false wall, which can also be used to keep plumbing out of sight. Finish of the look with a bold, yellow rubber floor, which is unashamedly loud and proud.

14. Light up in pink

Bathroom colour schemes

Image credit: Paul Raeside

Give a white bathroom a hint of colour with lighting. This walk-in shower has been illuminated with coloured LED lights, which have been embedded into the walls. Great for emphasising architectural features, highlighting wet areas and creating an intimate glow, clever bathroom lighting adds drama to any scheme. The right lighting can soften a bathroom’s hard surfaces, while mood lighting helps the room become a relaxing haven. Glass and high-gloss finishes help to bounce the light around the room. Install a dimmer switch for the best effect.

15. Contrast colours

Bathroom colour schemes

Image credit: David Giles

Transform your shower into an elegant feature. For a truly contemporary look, consider tiling in an unusual contrasting colour. Get a cheerful look using nautical brights. Here, red wall tiles add a hit of vibrant colour inside the alcove shower cubicle. Strong, durable and easy to clean, porcelain tiles offer a floor covering that’s ideal for a bathroom environment.

16. Add vitality to a grey scheme

Bathroom colour schemes

Image credit: Jake Fitzjones

Team zesty yellow with classic fittings for a sophisticated mix. Primrose yellow walls warm the cool grey scheme up with uplifting vitality.A white basin set into a stone console creates an attractive Art Deco style, while its elegant mirrored legs match the display of chrome fittings set on the wall.

17. Think (pale) pink

Bathroom colour schemes

Image credit: Simon Brown

Introduce a dash of blush pink to your scheme for a bold or barely there effect. If you think pink is best suited to country schemes, you’d be wrong. Used in a subtle way, pink can look equally good in a modern setting. A nod to the chevron trend is made with a contrasting zigzag on plain curtains, while sleek fittings ensure that the decoration remains the focus.

18. Dare to go dark and dramatic

Bathroom colour schemes

Image credit: Paul Raeside

In a tiny cloakroom, be adventurous and try out a dream decorating scheme that would just be too overwhelming – or expensive – in a larger bathroom. This fabulous space has it all: a fantastically dark floor-to-ceiling trailing floral wallpaper, sculptural bronze wash basin, glistening vanity unit and gold-framed artwork. The black polished granite countertop and upstand is reflective, glamorous – and even practical, too.

Want to add luxury to your scheme? READ: Hotel-style bathroom ideas to inspire a luxurious scheme

20. Awaken the senses with red

Bathroom colour scheme

Image credit: Simon Bevan

That’s one way to ensure your wake with a spring in your step. Go dramatic in your bathroom with strong colour and geometric pattern. Claret-red walls are decorated with white hexagon tiles set with red grout for a striking effect. The stand-alone, designer basin and mixer tap give the room ultra-cool character, while quirky accessories, such as this wave hand hook and a Moorish mother-of-pearl mirror, take the look East.

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Have you been inspired by these bathroom colour schemes?

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6 Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers That Will Inspire You to Pick Up a Paintbrush

Sourced content from: https://www.domino.com/content/painting-kitchen-cabinets-before-and-after/

pink kitchenPin It

Painting kitchen cabinets shouldn’t be an intimidating task—you can always redo it, after all—but that doesn’t mean it isn’t one. Between picking the right finish and committing to change, it’s a lot, especially if you’re not DIY-prone. The best reassurance: looking at success stories. So we went through our archives and rounded up six before-and-afters that got it right. 

There are neutral rooms that make the case for elevated minimalism and punchier spaces that may just convert even the most color-averse. We even found a rental makeover—yes, temporary homes can still be personal (just be sure to double-check with your landlord before doing anything drastic). These kitchen cabinets are the nudge you need to get started.

Brighter Than Ever

Turning dark cabinets white is no easy feat, but if you’re willing to put in the time, it’s worth it. For her transformation, stylist Lita Lee prepped the surface by going over it with coarse sandpaper (she didn’t want to use a mouse sander because it might create valleys in the MDF doors). Then she primed the fronts with STIX and applied four coats of Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace in a satin finish (each layer takes around 25 hours to dry). 

The French Blue

Designer Elizabeth Stamos saved $20,000 to $30,000 by keeping the cherrywood cabinets in her 1980s Chicago townhouse and covering them in Benjamin Moore’s Solitude, a shade inspired by a trip to Paris, where she saw multiple front doors in the blue-gray hue. She faked a bespoke look by adding trim to the top of the cupboards. 

Going Green

Because the kitchen is a high-traffic space, the cupboards have to be scuff- and chip-resistant. After sanding down the cabinets in this Philadelphia kitchen so there was no sheen left, designers Dan and Jenna McRorie swathed them in Behr’s Juniper Ash in the form of an oil-based trim enamel (the urethane in it makes it extra-durable). Another work-around is to use regular wall paint and then apply two coats of water-based polyurethane so they’re super-durable. 

Fade Into the Background

You can still save money on revamping your existing cabinets without doing all the work. Designer Natalie Myers had the ones in this dated 2000s kitchen disassembled and sent off to the paint shop to be sprayed and for the old hardware holes to be filled. (Note: She removed most of the uppers and replaced them with white oak open shelves.) The warm neutral allows the new graphic backsplash to shine. 

True to One’s Roots


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Loved our little feature on @dominomag’s new @reno_notebook ✨ Here’s what we had to say, reposted via Reno Notebook: “Hey Danielle of @dazey_la, why’d you choose to colorblock your kitchen cabinets? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Our Palm Springs home, known as the @Dazey_Desert_House, came with a signature orange entrance and we really took that and ran with it. In our recent renovations, we decided to make every corner of this already special spot even more wow-worthy. As a famous William-Krisel-designed mid-century home, we knew we had to honor the all-original cabinetry, but also add our fun twist! We decided to redo all our flooring with these incredible orange and creme @fireclaytile tiles in a both modern and classic elongated checker. Then we repainted the original pegboard cabinets with @dunnedwards paint in a fun and fitting gradient of warm and bright Palm Springs hues. I swapped out the original chrome faucet for a brass one as well as all of the cabinet knobs. We also switched out the lighting to this statement @hudsonvalleylighting sconce that incorporates both silver and gold. Making these few seemingly small changes transformed this kitchen from dated to DARING!” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Photo by @danidazey of @dazeyden #RenoNotebook

A post shared by Dazey Den (@dazeyden) on Aug 26, 2020 at 7:57am PDT


When your cabinets are as cool as Dazey Den founder Danielle Nagel’s pegboard ones, you don’t demolish them. To give them a modern update that fit the rest of her home’s orange theme, she opted for a gradient design on the doors using Dunn-Edwards colors. 

Drama Queen

When she designed this space for her parents, Jenika Kurtz blended two very different aesthetics: One favored the classics, the other went bolder. She picked matte black painted kitchen cabinets as a compromise. The shade goes with everything but takes plain old wood cupboards up a notch. Play up the sleek vibe with clean-lined hardware. Anything simple and brass will do; the paint is already splashy enough. 

This story was originally published on March 9, 2020. It has been updated. 

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Step inside broadcaster Laura Jackson's London home – to see her new season must-haves

Sourced content from: https://www.idealhome.co.uk/news/laura-jackson-home-edit-next-255295

This week Next unveiled an interiors edit with broadcaster, author and Hoste founder, Laura Jackson. The Laura Jackson Home Edit is a curated range of furniture, dinnerware, textiles and accessories from the new season Next Home collection.

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From sumptuous velvet chairs to stylish serving ware and vintage-inspired bedding, the edit offers a range of timeless pieces for every room. All styled in Laura’s beautiful East London home. Upon hearing the news we were just as excited to enjoy a snoop around Laura’s house as we were about the edit…

Laura Jackson in her kitchen

Image credit: Next Home

‘I am so excited to be working with Next on a homeware edit’ exclaims Laura. Like many of their customers she delights, ‘One thing I love about shopping at Next Home is everything is in one place.’

‘I know I can pick up something really beautiful for my daughter’s bedroom (obsessed with the bear washing basket) as well as find something special for the kitchen – hello new trifle dish. And something for the bedroom – add white ruffle bedding to basket! For me, I love mixing high street with vintage to create a lived-in, personalised space which evolves as my family grows.’

The Laura Jackson Next Home edit

Pink hallway with wicker console

Image credit: Next Home

We love everything about Laura’s hallway! From the powdery pink hue on the walls to the decorative touches, and that’s not to mention her new console. The on-trend piece sits perfectly to add stylish storage to this small hallway space.

Buy now: Noah Tall Console, £299, Next Home

black metal bar trolley

Image credit: Next Home

Laura hosts supper clubs, so obviously knows a thing or two about entertaining. It’s there no surprise her Edit includes an ‘of the moment’ drinks trolley. This contemporary design features a bottle holder rack and glass storage too, plus wheels for ease when moving. Sold.

Buy now: Bar Drinks Trolley, £200, Next Home

nursery with flower mural and yellow armchair

Image credit: Next Home

Can we please talk about how beautiful this room is, from the blousy floral wallpaper to the colour co-ordinated accessories! For her daughter’s nursery Laura has chosen to add the absolutely adorable Teddy storage baskets (from £25). Do you think those are ok in adult bedrooms, asking or a friend?

She’s also added the comfy Lacey chair in the delectable ochre shade. The rainbow stripe rug is the Harry design, prices start from £65.

Buy now: Lacey Armchair, £250, Next Home 


Image credit: Next Home

As Laura rightly said, you can literally shop every room and find a stylish treat – all in one go. The edit features this simple yet sophisticated Ruffle Edge duvet set, from £20.

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Which from Laura’s edit is your favourite?


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