This Home’s Painted Floors Are as Cool as Its Push-to-Open Marble Vanity Drawers

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It was designer Elspeth Benoit’s decorative painters, Lisa Donohue and Brynn Gelbard of Londubh Studio, who first dubbed her 2,162-square-foot Los Angeles home “mid-century nautical.” “It felt very fitting,” says Benoit. “It always looked like a ship from the outside.” Small porthole windows line the front of the house—a detail that added charm, for sure, but also posed a need to renovate: Benoit wanted to be able to see her kids when they were playing outside. Plus introducing some more light into the circa-1940 post-and-beam structure couldn’t hurt. 

For the first two years of living there, Benoit didn’t touch the bones (she just painted a few features white to make it livable for the time being). And when it did come time to change things up, she left the good stuff, like the tongue-and-groove paneling in the dining room and the exposed ceiling joists. “We wanted to honor the house that exists and all the people who lived there before and loved it for the same reasons,” says Benoit. Tonal green checkered floors (that’s where Gelbard and Donohue came in with Farrow & Ball’s Calke Green and Folly Green), oversize skylights, and stained-glass windows were welcome additions that blended right in. 

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Benoit tasked Dakota Witzenberg from To Do Something with the custom millwork in the living room, in addition to the kitchen and bathroom construction. The goal was to build a bookcase sturdy enough to house all of the her husband’s books and vinyl records, with shelves dedicated to displaying art. Behind the lower cane doors: their kids’ reads and the air return, which was relocated to make way for the yellow-lined bifold doors painted in Benjamin Moore’s Palace Ochre.

“We wanted to honor the house that exists and all the people who lived there before and loved it for the same reasons.”

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“A large oil painting we had in our first home in Brooklyn called The Legend of the White Canoe became the touchstone for a lot of the colors in the house,” says Benoit, hinting at the blush pink tone (Portola Paints’s El Mirage) that flows from the built-ins, down the hallway, and to the stairwell. 

Then there was the matter of the floors. “It’s a hot-button topic, but for us, it was a good way to match the orangish tone that I didn’t really like,” says Benoit. While a crisp white was the answer in the main living space, the designer went much darker in the nearby dining room—an attempt to hide fallen crumbs that have the tendency to stay stuck in the cracks of the boards.

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Stained-Glass Windows, David Scheid.

“The tonal palette speaks to the incredible views of Los Angeles,” she says. So it only made sense to continue the pattern into the sunroom beyond. The walls are painted in Farrow & Ball’s Black Blue, but it doesn’t feel like a black room, suggests Benoit. “I think I’m more attuned to the nuance of color. So to me, I see the blue when I look at it,” she explains.

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Adding skylights to the kitchen not only made it brighter but offered views of the giant deciduous Liquid Amber tree outside. “It’s a nice way to keep in touch with the rhythms of the seasons,” says Benoit. She ripped out the old glossy black tile flooring that showed every bit of fallen food for Carrara marble slabs.

“It’s a nice way to keep in touch with the rhythms of the seasons.”

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Fridge, Liebherr; Range, Blue Star; Dishwasher, Bosch; Sink, Rohl; Faucet and Pot Filler, Kohler; Sconces, Roll & Hill; Skylights, Velux; Windows, Marvin.

The cabinets are vintage reclaimed oak laid into veneer panels, and the countertops and backsplash are Alexandrita quartzite. On top of all that texture? An ultra-tactile wall and vent hood coated in Portola Paints’s Roman Clay finish in the color Nitty Gritty.

pink bathroomPin It
Faucet and Sink, Waterworks; Sconces, Nickey Kehoe; Mirror, Rejuvenation.

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Benoit approached the shared kids’ bathroom with a fresh perspective in the form of a pink-toned marble called Cipollino Ondulato (you never know what you’ll find in the remnant pile at the stone yard). “I don’t think you have to dumb down on design in a children’s space,” she says. 

marble vanityPin It
Mirror, Rejuvenation; Sconce, Commune Design; Floor and Shower Tiles, Clé; Sink, Waterworks; Windows, Marvin; Quell Paint, Portola Paints.

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The main bathroom follows a similar monochromatic scheme, this time in deep shades of blue and violet. Wanting to not compromise on storage for the Calacatta Viola countertop, Witzenberg carved two discrete push-to-open drawers out of the vanity stone. The large cabinets beneath are pull-out laundry bins. “It’s kind of like camouflage,” says Benoit. 

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Back outside, her landscape designer, Sam Harris from Culture Horticulture, constructed a new gated entry that drew on the home’s sailboat-like vibes. Rather than fill this new modern porthole window with glass, as she originally intended, Benoit left it open. “Packages and things could be tossed right through it, so it actually worked out really well,” she says with a laugh. Anchors aweigh!

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Studio Green Paint, Farrow & Ball; Lights, Rejuvenation; Doors, Tungsten Royce; Landscaping, Sam Harris of Culture Horticulture; Contractor, Harold Jones Landscape.

Photography by Virtually Here Studios; Architecture by Arteberry Cooke; Staging and Styling by A 1000 x Better 

What Drill Bits to Use for Stainless Steel

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Have you been searching for drill bits that can easily drill into stainless steel? There’s a reason why you need specific drill bits for stainless steel (more on that later). But having the right ones can make drilling through the stainless steel a breeze.

drill bits for stainless steel

There are a variety of drill bits out there that are perfect for stainless steel, but they vary in size, construction, and what they can protect from. There are even drill bits that not only drill through stainless steel, but they can also cut through wood, plastic, titanium alloy, and more. Read on to see the features of drill bits and some of the best ones that are on the market.

Top 3 Picks

Best Overall:Hurricane 230 Twist Drill Set

The Hurricane 230 Twist Drill Set comes with 230 drill bit pieces that are made out of high-quality construction. There are also spare pieces should you need replacement. It can drill into stainless steel but aluminum, zinc, wood, and other materials.

Best Quality: Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set

The Neiko Drill Bit Set is made out of titanium nitride, which means it can drill through hardened steel and other materials easily.

Best Bargain:COMOWARE Twist Drill Bit Set

The COMOWARE comes as a set for a very good price. It can drill through steel and other materials such as plastic and wood.

Why You Need Special Bits for Stainless Steel

You need special bits for stainless steel because those bits are usually made out of durable construction such as high-speed steel, titanium nitride, and cobalt. It will also have to withstand the drilling (the wear) and the extreme heat from drilling whereas regular bits probably won’t be able to handle it.

Types of Drill Bits

Types of Drill Bits

There are a variety of drill bits that are used for drilling. Here are some of the most common types:

High-Speed Steel Bit

High-speed drill bits are the times you would definitely want to use when you’re drilling through the steel. They’re also calmly no nice twist bits because they have the twist to them, and you use these for general use. You can use these fish on wood, metal plastic, and more. As far as power tools, you can use the bits with an electric drill, power drill, and hand drills.

Twist Drill Bit

The twist drill bits are the most common types that you use for the home. It drills perfectly in metal, wood, and plastic.

Brad Point Drill Bit

A brad-point bit is used to bore holes in wood. The brad in the middle of the bit tip assists in accurately positioning the bit for accurate drilling and creates a clean exit point in the workpiece.

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Auger Drill Bit

Another form of wood-boring bit is an auger bit, which has a screw tip that begins the hole and pushes the bit through the workpiece to quickly make a clean hole.

Self-feed Drill Bit

Another form of wood-boring bit is an auger bit, which has a screw tip that begins the hole and pushes the bit through the workpiece to quickly make a clean hole. These pieces may be up to 18 inches long. Large flutes, like the brad-point bit, aid in the removal of chips and dust. A hollow-center auger bit removes more chips, allowing for deeper drilling; a solid-center auger bit is stronger and more rigid.

Installer Drill Bit

The type of bits is actually specialized twist bits that are designed for wiring things such as entertainment systems. They can be up to 18 in long and they can easily drill through wood plaster and some masonry.

Spade Bit

These bits look like paddles, which is their other name (paddle bit) that can bore large diameter holes. These bits can be used for one and a half inches in diameter in the wood.

Forstner Drill Bit

These bits for smooth clean holes in the wood. The design lets you overlap holes, and a point lets you position the bit precisely on the workpiece.

Best 5 Drill Bits Options for Stainless Steel

IRWIN Drill Bit Set

IRWIN Drill Bit Set

The IRWIN Drill Bit Set has 29 pieces that are of professional grade. As far as the sizes it ranges from 1/16- 1/64 inch. The bits are high quality as they are heat resistant and they’re made out of industrial-grade, high-speed steel cobalt alloy construction. The bits also have 135-degree split-tip points to make penetration (drilling) easier. You can use these bits on steel with no issues. The set does come with a case with the drill bits so you can keep all the bits in one place and bring it anywhere you may need them.


  • 29-piece set
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Made out of high steel cobalt alloy construction that can penetrate steel easily


  • It doesn’t perform as well as the manufacturer’s claims

Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set

Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Drill Bit Set

If you’re on a budget and need a decent drill bit set, you’ll love the Neiko 3 Piece set. While it’s only three pieces, the bits are wider so that means you can get precise holes with the bits.

  • Smallest bit is ½ to 3/16 inch
  • Medium sized bit is ½ to ⅛ inch
  • Largest sized bit is ¾ to ¼ inch

There is a 135-degree split point tip on these bits that helps reduce friction, pressure, and heat. These bits are made from high-quality steel with titanium nitride coating.


  • Affordable
  • Made from high-quality steel with titanium nitride coating
  • Wider bits


  • Can’t drill through hardened metals such as car steel frames

COMOWARE Twist Drill Bit Set

COMOWARE Twist Drill Bit Set

The COMOWARE Twist Drill Bit Set provides 10 bits that are made out of high-speed steel with a black oxide coating. There is a 35-degree point tip point & twist design that helps increase the cutting speed. Not only can these bits go through steel easily, but they can also go through plastic, soft material, and even wood.

The bits range from 1/16 inch to 1 1/64 inch, so there’s a variety of sizes to choose from to fit your drilling needs. There are other options by this brand if you choose to want more bits.


  • Goes through steel easily
  • Variety of bit sizes
  • Can be drilled through plastic, soft material, wood, and metal


  • Some users have questioned about the quality of the bits, saying it doesn’t perform as well as it should

230 Pieces Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set

230 Pieces Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set

There’s an impressive 230 bits in this drill set by Hurricane. These bits can easily be drilled into not only stainless steel but aluminum, zinc, wood, and other materials. The bits themselves are made out of titanium nitride to protect from heat and wear. There is a 135-degree split point tip that helps with easy drilling, and it will help keep the heat at lower levels as well. There is a plastic storage box that comes with this set that can hold all these bits and will make for easy transportation for wherever you will need them.

These bits can accommodate drilling holes in sizes from ¾ inch to ½ inch, depending on what you need to drill. There are several replacement pieces for each bit, in the event it breaks. This drill set is perfect if you need it for professional reasons, but it’s good for a DIY’er who wants a more versatile set.


  • 230 drill bits
  • Can be drilled in aluminum, zinc, wood, steel, and other materials
  • Made out of titanium nitride


  • Some bits do come with imperfections
  • Some bits can dull quickly

COMOWARE Cobalt Drill Bit Set

COMOWARE Cobalt Drill Bit Set

The COMOWARE Cobalt Drill Bit Set comes with 15 bits that are made out of 5% cobalt and high-speed steel, which gives protection to heat and wear. The bits range from 1/16 inch to ⅜ inch so you’ll have a variety of sizes that you can use to drill into steel, cast iron, high-temperature alloy, titanium alloy, hard plastic, and wood. There is a 135-degree split-tip point that helps reduce thrust and much easier penetration into materials. This set does come with a plastic storage case that you can store the bits in and easily transport around if you need them in a different area.


  • Bits are made out of 5% cobalt
  • Variety of bit sizes
  • Can be drilled into most materials


  • There are quality issues with these bits as in they break when tried to use on hardened steel

Storing and Caring for Your Drill Bits

Clean the Bits

After you are done using them, you’ll want to clean them while you are using the bits. If you don’t stop every five to ten minutes to wipe off your drill bit with a dry towel, you risk damaging it (and whatever you’re drilling).

Oil the Bits

After your bits are cleaned and dry, you’ll need to oil the bits. The reason for this is because you want to make sure the bits are in tip-top shape to use again.

Separate Your Drill Bits

You’ll want to make sure that your drill bits are separated in a toolbox or case so that it’s organized and doesn’t get scratched for future use. Many drill bits that you buy often come with a case to help keep the drill bits separated.

About the Brands


IRWIN was actually founded in 1885 as a small company. They’ve started with the first auger bit made by them and now they make other tools such as blades and bar clamps. IRWIN is now known as one of the top companies that sell high-quality drill bits and more.


Neiko has been around for more than 20 years. They are known as a brand that provides premium products such as high-quality drill bits. They also sell torques, wrenches, sockets, and more. Customers often describe this brand as a good value for money because their products usually cost less than leading competitors.


COMOWARE is actually a brand that’s owned by the U.S. Division of Jiangsu Tiangong Industrial. They make quality tools for a price that’s usually very affordable.

Tips for Drilling into Stainless Steel

  • Make sure you use the right bits

You don’t need fancy bits. Just drill bits that preferably have a twist. Look for drill bits that are made out of high-speed steel etc. and that’s all you need. There are various sizes, but you’ll have to decide which one to use for whatever you will be drilling.

  • Protect your eyes

When you’re drilling, you’ll want to protect your eyes. It’s important to wear safety glasses so that you don’t get sparks or worse the bit in your eyes in case it does slip and come out ratcheting that way.

  • Mark where you want to drill

You will want to mark the spot where you want to drill and add a center punch, like a dimple. That way when you start drilling with the bit, it has somewhere to ride (to stay in place).

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right drill bits for stainless steel can be somewhat stressful. But we hope by reading today’s guide, that you know how to look for one and which ones are the best on the market, you are more confident with your decision. They vary by size and construction, so you’ll have to choose wisely to see which drill bits would fit best for the tool you’ll be using on the stainless steel. If you have enjoyed reading this guide about the drill bits for stainless and found it useful, please let us know, in the comments if you like!

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This Brand’s Kitchen Cabinet Color Is Officially More Popular Than Classic Navy

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First, it was sage mayhem. Nearly every kitchen renovation we saw last year featured the soothing gray-green, from a modern London space that paired the hue with a heavy dose of coral to a tiny Toronto rental that also got a stick-on backsplash upgrade. Then we leaned into dusty clover, a sprightly shade that felt especially fitting for spring. So what’s the status of green in the kitchen now? We’re going a few tones darker, according to new U.S. sales intel from Copenhagen-based kitchen cabinet maker Reform

green kitchen tall cupboardsPin It
Courtesy of Reform
dark lower green cabinetsPin It
Courtesy of Reform

In 2021 so far, the brand’s most popular linoleum colors are mushroom, olive, and smoky blue, whereas in 2020 it was mushroom, smoky blue, and then olive. Put simply, the dark green hue is outshining classic navy and quickly catching up to the best-selling neutral, which resembles a creamy greige. Don’t have the budget for the company’s semi-custom cupboards? You can still get in on the up-and-coming trend with these paint swatches.

Fig Tree, Behr

When paired with black and white ceramic tiles and brass hardware, this hue reads as retro-cool (Chris and Claude Co. used the shade in its ’60s-inspired home reno).

Rosemary, Sherwin-Williams

Portland, Oregon–based designer Stephanie Dyer incorporated this more subdued version in a client’s Craftsman space, paired with pops of red, orange, and teal for a modern twist. 

Southern Vine, Benjamin Moore

“The color has a neutral feel thanks to its slightly gray undertone,” says designer Bria Hammel, who used it in a client’s 1890s kitchen. The hue fit in so well that they chose to use it throughout the rest of the home, incorporating it to paint the breakfast nook’s millwork, first-floor bathroom, and fireplace. We are green with envy, to say the least.

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How To Create Daring Decor With Dark Textures

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When decorating in dark colours, you can find yourself in a mundanely monochrome and featureless rut. In this collection of daringly dark interior designs, we look at how to introduce deep and intriguing textures within sculptural art walls, rugged rock face feature walls, au currant ribbed panel elements, expanses of tilework and industrial style tinted concrete. We’ll observe how atmospheric lighting schemes accentuate the 3D elements, and how bright accent hues lift individual furniture pieces off black and grey canvases to create crisp definition. Dark decor schemes like these aren’t for the fainthearted, but being bold brings about big rewards of unique living spaces, elegant dining rooms, cosy bedrooms, and all round wow factor.

Visualizer: Design Rush  

Colourful accent furniture builds excitement within a daring, dark decor scheme. This uber modern yellow sofa strikes a bright accent through the centre of our first living space. A 3D wall treatment artistically sculpts the black feature wall behind the lounge and dining areas with abstract shapes that rise and fall in the shadows.

Not everything needs to stand out. This low lying round coffee table seems to extrude from the matching plain black area rug. It’s shallow profile complements the modern sofa’s sleek frame.

The aligned flames of a modern fireplace dance even more brightly in dark surrounds. A couple of upholstered poufs effectively extend the curved sofa’s playful accent colour.

Smooth, handle-free storage units create a useful and attractive frame around a TV.

Perimeter LEDs spill a gentle trickle of light down the camouflaged cabinet fronts, which consolidate into a chic grey accent wall.

Two dining room pendant lights are paired up to span the full length of the dining table, bringing it brightly off the black backdrop.

The light tabletop is contrasted by black modern dining chairs along each side.

The head and foot of the wide dining table remain spaciously unoccupied.

Modern fruit bowls rest betwixt twin black runners on the rectangle dining table.

The slick grey cabinetry aesthetic returns in the home entryway, where bespoke wardrobes store bulky outdoor wear and large cleaning appliances.

A matching grey entryway table floats across a frameless, custom cut mirror that bounces natural light into the shadowy niche.

The yellow accent makes a stir in this darkly decorated space too, as a useful pouf seated by the front entrance door.

Visualizer: ZOOI Interior studio  

Our second dark interior example is an elegant space that was created for a young couple with a penchant for modern design. A rich, tonal meld of neutral shades and contrasting materials make a unique impact. A fantastic black rock face climbs behind the dining area, undulating deep texture and drama, whilst cabinetry behind the lounge is flat and flawless.

A glass vase places a warm amber accent onto the black glass coffee table. A plush grey rug tightly defines the lounge zone from the closely neighbouring dining area.

A white feature wall ripples inside of a midnight black frame. A cobalt blue ceramic vase adds an unexpected bolt of bright colour.

Slatted panels add en vogue texture to the black bedroom design. A modern chandelier and floor lamp combine to create the form of a majestic, illuminated tree.

Black pendant lights illuminate small bedside tables that are embraced within a wide winged headboard.

A tan bedroom chair with ottoman creates a moment of light relief within the dark scheme.

An ensuite bathroom stands open on each side of a narrow partition wall, giving direct access to two unique pedestal sinks.

An imposing rock face feature wall dominates the room from behind the bathtub.

Golden wood tone makes warm contrast against the cool black rock.

Visualizer: Elena Sedova  

Inside our third home tour, a textured black tile effect feature wall rises behind the TV. A pair of modern wall sconces perforate the darkness.

Charcoal grey upholstery shades the sectional sofa, whilst a beige rug plays a lighter note.

Terrazzo flooring brings light pattern to the whole open plan living space as one seamless expanse.

A red accent chair rounds out the lounge arrangement with an unexpected moment of heat.

Red indoor plants expand upon the accent theme.

A large rectangle dining table and ten chairs divide the lounge from a one wall kitchen with island.

The twin lights are Model 2065 dining room pendant lights designed by Gino Sarfatti for Danish brand Astep.

Another pair of modern wall sconces light a wall of white tile in the kitchen, which counterbalances the black TV wall opposite.

An induction hob and integrated extraction unit create a sleek finish across the kitchen island.

Huge edge-to-edge windows fill the large living space with daylight.

Black tinted microcement darkly decorates a small snug/movie room. Unique modern wall lights fan white accents against the textured sofa wall.

A stone coffee table matches the shade of a grey area rug.

Sliding slatted doors screen off the snug without closing it in, which ensures that the dark colour scheme does not feel oppressive.

A projector screen draws down the focal wall, descending to meet with a linear black media unit that melds with its dark microcement setting.

Inside the master bedroom, a sage green upholstered bed makes beautiful contrast with a dark headboard feature wall. Contemporary wall sconces create bright balance above each bedside.

An indoor plant introduces delicate freshness to the industrial grey concrete decor scheme.

Slatted wardrobe doors disrupt the smooth cement.

The second shadowy bedroom scheme is defined by a unique mural.

Abstract shapes paint a monochrome landscape across the room. A bespoke headboard with integrated bedside units sets a solid black base.

A glossy white chest of drawers reflects light from a huge bedroom window.

Designer: 23Design Inc  

Our final dark, textured home design has an indoor area of 1779 square feet, and resides next to the Xinbei Guandu Bridge. The river facing plot offers magnificent views of the mountains. A volcanic rock feature wall complements the home’s natural setting.

Natural, environmentally friendly, art mineral paints were used, alongside a cement ceiling, aged and rust mottled steel beams, and a wood herringbone flooring.

White curtains keep the window wall bright. A white L-shaped couch draws the light element into the centre of the room.

A round black coffee table coordinates with the fabulous black rock feature wall.

A floating black unit strikes a slick glossy black accent against the rough rock.

Grey scatter cushions and a matching woollen throw subtly break up the white sectional sofa.

Recessed spotlights puncture the linear concrete ceiling treatment.

Strip lights dash bright linear highlights throughout the room.

A modern home office area is situated at the back of the room, with the desk occupying the space directly behind the sofa. A wall of built-in bookshelves form a black backdrop.

A tan lounge chair complements the rust coloured metal ceiling beams.

When the desk is not in use for work, an assortment of coffee table books and glass vases transform the desktop into an attractive sofa table. Decorative items are also displayed within the bespoke bookcases, where they are warmly backlit to create a cosy evening ambiance.

Mesh dining room pendant lights create a sparkling sculptural arrangement above a rounded rectangle dining table. A luxe white marble tabletop reflects the atmospheric glow.

The modern dining area runs off one side of the small kitchen island. The main body of the kitchen is neatly concealed from view behind secretive sliding doors. Buddhist artwork instills a zen-like feeling of calm.

All technology is hidden from view to evoke a complete sense of peace, and a deep connection with the pace of nature that awaits just outside of the window.

The stylish chair by the modern home office desk is the Flow chair by Jean Marie Massaud for MDF Italia.

Moving on into the master bedroom, we arrive behind a centrally placed headboard. The modern winged headboard design defines a clear walkway into the bedroom, and a dressing area in front of the wardrobes.

The unique headboard wraps a solid, orange cocoon around the head of the bed.

Inside of the headboard, modern wall sconces provide reading light above integrated bedside tables.

A vanity table stands across from the foot of the bed, accessorised simply with a leaning vanity mirror and a modern vase of foliage.

In the second bedroom, muted orange paintwork fashions a split wall treatment around the perimeter.

A desk/dressing table crosses the top of the low mounted bedside unit. A wood effect backboard unites all of the bedroom furniture together as one fluid piece. A white and wood modern wall sconce lights one bedside, whilst a slender wood pendant light descends over the other. See more inspiration for bedroom pendant lights here.

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10 Small Powder Room Vanity Ideas You and Your Guests Will Both Love

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Let’s face it – the look of your guest bathroom is crucial because that’s one of the places most used when you’re entertaining.

Small Powder Room Vanity Ideas

You want to give the best impression based on your personal style and taste, and this is one of the best places to show off how well you can put together a room. But you may not have a lot to work with. In fact, your guest bathroom may be a very small space, even a half bathroom or powder room. That doesn’t mean you can’t make some changes that will spruce up the space. One of the simplest things to do is match up a vanity that isn’t antiquated or shabby.

You can find a lot of small powder room vanities online, requiring almost no installation, so your process for updating the bathroom is easy. But how do you navigate the hundreds of options to find the best small powder room vanity for your particular needs? Here are some tips to get you started.

What to Look for in a Small Powder Room Vanity

When you start your search, one of the most important things you’ll want to consider is your budget. Keep in mind that prices for small powder room vanities are widely varied, and you want to set an appropriate limit that allows you a broad range of options without breaking the bank. Even on a modest budget, you can find some beautiful vanities. You’ll also want to consider how much room you actually have in your powder room.

You want to assure that any vanities you’re considering meet the parameters and dimensions of your location.

Another consideration is how much storage you’d like to get out of that vanity. Obviously, you’re going to be limited as to how much you can store in a small powder room vanity, but since your area is already small, having some storage space could be essential.

To help you narrow down your search, consider the following list of some of the best small powder room vanities available online so you can get an idea of what works for you.

Top 10 Best Small Powder Room Vanity To Take In Consideration for Guest Bathroom

1. Glassman 18″ Wall-Mounted Single Bathroom Vanity Set with Mirror

If you like the minimalist vibe and want to assure you have what you need without intricate details, the Wrought Studio Glassman Wall Mounted Single Bathroom Vanity Set is ideal for your application. It’s a small setup to start with and a space saver that can also bring a clean look to the space with basic straight lines and no frills, which can actually make the small powder room look larger. This small cabinet is perfect for hiding plumbing fixtures, and it’s wall mounted in case you need to store something beneath it.

You do have options for minimal storage within the cabinet, so you can keep cleaners or essentials handy. The sink that’s included with the vanity is made of durable fire clay, which is both aesthetically pleasing and reliable, lasting for dozens of years without issues. This vanity includes a matching mirror for convenience and continuity of style, as well as the sink, a mounting bracket, and the cabinet handle. It does not include a faucet, drain assembly, P-trap, backsplash, or overflow protection.

The base of the vanity is constructed of manufactured wood, while the top is ceramic. The overall weight is 23 pounds, so it’s easy to install without a lot of trouble. Recommended mounting height is 7.75 inches off the floor. Overall dimensions for the vanity measure 18 inches wide, 9.25 inches deep, and 25.75 inches tall. The mirror is 14.75 inches wide and 19.5 inches high. This small powder room vanity comes with a 5-year warranty.

2. Rodarte Single Bathroom Vanity Set with Mirror

If you’re looking for a classy, high-end appearance and you want a complete kit, you’ll enjoy the Brayden Studio Roderte Single Bathroom Vanity Set, which is perfect for small powder room applications where you want to bring in a very specific element of design. While remaining petite for your limited space, this vanity elevates the appearance of your powder room with its black finish that contrasts with the counter and sink of the vanity. The base is crafted from solid and manufactured wood, giving it the sturdiness you need, as well as a firm support for the countertop and top mounted sink, which are glass with a lighter green and white tint.

The square sink is a top mount and is gloriously modern for a contemporary feel. This particular vanity is free standing, so you don’t have to worry about mounting anything except for the matching framed mirror. You get two cabinets and two drawers, which offer a fairly large amount of storage for a small powder room vanity. Best of all, this particular vanity set includes several of the pieces not often found in a vanity set.

You get not just the base and the sink with the mirror but also the faucet, P-trap, and backsplash. The vanity comes with handles for the cabinet doors and drawers as well. The product is a little heavier, coming in at 131 pounds of solid mass. The vanity measures just 24 inches wide for a great fit in a tight space. The mirror is 21.7 inches wide and 29.5 inches tall.

3. Seadrift 24″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set

The Greyleigh Seadrift Single Bathroom Vanity Set is an ideal transitional piece for your small powder room, allowing you to easily work around it to create either a traditional or contemporary feel as you desire. Crafted from solid birch wood, this vanity is hefty as well as gorgeous, and it’s a freestanding option so you don’t have to worry about installation and mounting. You can simply move the vanity, which is fully assembled, into your space for use. The sink is rectangular for a modern flair that is juxtaposed to the more traditional details of the base of the vanity.

The ceramic countertop is solid and sturdy, as well as easy to clean, so you can keep this vanity in top condition for years to come while you entertain. The sink is equipped with a single hole for a faucet, so you can seek out your own fixture to match your taste. The cabinet doors below offer you both a means of hiding the plumbing in the bathroom as well as some additional storage for things like extra toilet paper or cleaning supplies.

Handles for the cabinets are included. This vanity doesn’t come with a mirror, nor does it include a faucet, drain assembly, backsplash, or P-trap. Despite being made of solid wood, this small powder room vanity only weighs 90 pounds so it’s easy to move into place. The vanity measures 24 inches wide, 18.25 inches deep, and 34.5 inches high, so it works well in most tight spaces without making the room feel crowded.

4. Darry 19″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set

The Darry Home Single Bathroom Vanity Set is a simple but elegant option that keeps a low profile in small spaces while still looking great. The recessed panel door gives it a classic traditional appearance, and you have options of light gray, white, and teak finishes so that the piece blends in perfectly with your choice of designs for your powder room. Inside the vanity unit is a shelf for placing the necessities you need to store out of sight for easy access.

The under-mount sink has three holes for faucet hardware, giving you the opportunity to find the right match for your taste rather than assuming you would prefer one included in the package. On top of the sink is an exquisite Italian Carrara marble, elevating the entire appearance of the small powder room vanity with its elegance. Cabinet handles are included in the vanity set, and you’ll love the fact that the vanity comes fully assembled for easy installation.

Because it’s a freestanding unit, you don’t even have to worry about mounting to the wall. Made of solid and manufactured wood, the piece weighs only 66 pounds and measures 19 inches wide, 19 inches deep, and 35 inches high, providing a perfect solution for a tight space. This small powder room vanity comes with a limited warranty from the manufacturer.

5. Karson 30″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set with Mirror

If you have just a little more room in your small powder room and want to get a bit more storage in an incredibly high end setting, consider the Wade Logan Karson Single Bathroom Vanity Set, complete with a mirror to match. With room behind the cabinet doors for a bit of extra storage, you can easily put towels, toilet paper, and other sundries inside so they aren’t crowding the room but are still easily accessible.

With two cabinet doors and two drawers, there is a variety of storage options in this single freestanding vanity unit to meet your needs. The base is formed from solid oak with a choice of gray or espresso veneer finish so you can assure you have the option to make the unit blend into the rest of your space. The white quartz countertop is both aesthetically pleasing and high end in appearance, with a perfect contrast to the darker base. The white rectangular vessel sink, crafted out of ceramic, sits atop the counter, making a bold design statement all on its own.

The mirror is framed to match the vanity, so you get a complete set that works well without worrying about a lot of construction and hassle. The vanity comes fully assembled, and all of the doors and drawers have a soft close so there’s no slamming. The vanity weighs 123 pounds and measures 30 inches wide, 18.5 inches deep, and 31.1 inches high, while the mirror is 27.5 inches square. The vanity comes with a 1-year limited warranty for residential use only.

6. Blanken 30″ Single Bathroom Vanity

The Gracie Oaks Blanken Single Bathroom Vanity is unique in style and appearance, with a little contemporary design and a lot of farmhouse charm, all in a compact unit that’s perfect for a small powder room. The unique design of the vanity includes a sliding barn door style cabinet, which has elegant frosted glass, that you can move along the metallic track to leave one side of the vanity open. This allows guests to find towels, washcloths, or other items you’re storing for use inside the vanity.

It also comes with two baskets, where you can place them on the shelves inside to store more unsightly items, such as toilet paper and extra sundry items out of sight. Made of manufactured wood, the base of the vanity is sturdy without being incredibly heavy. You also have a choice of gray or white finish to make your small powder room aesthetically pleasant. The countertop and sink are crafted from white porcelain, which makes them both durable and easy to clean.

The vanity comes preassembled and is freestanding, so you only have to move it where you want it and have a hassle-free installation process. A one-year limited warranty protects you against manufacturer defects and any damage they could cause. The entire assembled vanity weighs under 95 pounds and measures 29.9 inches wide, 18.1 inches deep, and 34 inches high for a perfect fit in even the smallest of powder rooms.

7. Walden 24″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set

If you’re looking for something simple and affordable that still achieves a nice aesthetic and provides some options for storage, the Longshore Tides Walden Single Bathroom Vanity Set is a great choice for you. To start with, this vanity is constructed from birch and is solid wood, so you can assure the strength and durability of the vanity for years to come. With options of gray, white, and a fashionable blue you won’t find elsewhere that really makes a statement, you have plenty of options for finishing out your powder room remodel with the perfect choice.

The countertop and sink are crafted from white porcelain for a well-defined finish that is easy to clean and maintain, and the sink has overflow protection, which isn’t included in many of these vanity sets. The shaker style doors on the vanity have a soft close that avoids slamming and damage, and two internal shelves provide storage for many of your sundries and toiletry needs. All of the included hardware is finished in gold to give it extra pizzazz. While assembly is required, it’s a simple process, and this is a freestanding unit, so no mounting is required. Simply move it into the desired location and connect a faucet and drain to start enjoying this small powder room vanity. The vanity comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty to help you feel more at ease. It’s easy to move, weighing only 64 pounds, and it measures a compact 22.9 inches wide, 17.5 inches deep, and 34.1 inches high.

8. Rosalinda 36″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set

The Rosalinda Single Bathroom Vanity Set offers you the opportunity to bring old world charm into even the smallest room in your home, with beautiful detailed work and solid construction that’s reminiscent of both farmhouse simplicity and mid-century modern elegance. The solid wood construction of the base, using elm, creates the perfectly reliable and sturdy unit you’re looking for to last a lifetime, and it gives you that unique wood grain appearance that is singular to every constructed vanity.

For storage purposes, you get two functional drawers with a shelf beneath, so you can tuck away any unsightly items that might need to be quickly accessed while displaying towels and washcloths for guests to use. The countertop is fashioned from stone with a black finish that calls attention to the piece all on its own and includes a backsplash. The white rectangular undermounted sink crafted from porcelain gives a stark contrast that is quite striking.

The vanity comes with a one-year limited warranty against defective parts. Because of the solid wood construction, the vanity weighs 184 pounds. However, it’s preassembled and freestanding, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of building or mounting the vanity. It measures 36 inches wide, 22 inches deep, and 35 inches tall, making it a great addition to a small powder room that isn’t overly cramped.

9. Modena 24″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set

If you’re looking for a simple piece with clean lines and a little traditional charm that will become a great transitional piece you can work around with your design elements in your small powder room, the Andover Mills Modena Single Bathroom Vanity Set may be something that meets your requirements. The sharp angles and clean lines give you a more contemporary feel, while the chrome finished hardware and white porcelain sink keep this piece timeless so you can remodel and redecorate without having to change out this particular piece.

The base is constructed from solid poplar wood, making it sturdy and long lasting, and you get plenty of storage for a small space, with two cabinet doors and a drawer beneath. Choose your finish to blend into your space from antique coffee, medium gray, white, and a striking dark blue that will really catch the attention of your guests. The vanity comes fully assembled to easy the pain of construction for you, allowing you to simply connect plumbing fixtures for instant use. You’ll find comfort in the fact that the doors are equipped for soft close, and you also don’t have to mount the vanity, since it’s a freestanding unit.

With the solid wood crafting, this small powder room vanity weighs just over 88 pounds, and it measures 23 inches wide, 18.13 inches deep, and 32 inches high, making it an ideal choice for even the smallest of bathrooms without making it feel cramped. There is a one-year limited warranty on the vanity that protects against defects and unusual wear and tear.

10. Pamila 31″ Single Bathroom Vanity Set

Farmhouse style and charm are essential to a comfort zone these days, and the Breakwater Bay Pamila Single Bathroom Vanity Set is the ideal solution to completing this design aesthetic in your small powder room. With a traditional look and feel to the piece, the slightly updated simplicity of the clean lines brings farmhouse chic forward to the 21st century and beyond, all while remaining super functional and meeting the needs of a small space.

To make an even bolder statement, you have choices of a white finish that’s very classic or a navy blue that will wow visitors every time. The solid wood based, crafted out of pine, offers plenty of storage even in such a small setting, with three drawers and a shelf beneath. Tuck away some smaller items that need to be easily accessed while displaying your best towels below. To further elevate the appearance, the countertop is high end polished Italian Carrara marble complete with a backsplash, which houses an under-mount porcelain sink.

The sink is square for modern charm and is simple to clean and maintain for longevity. The entire vanity arrives fully assembled, complete with soft close doors and hardware, and you don’t need to mount this freestanding vanity, so you only have to worry about placement and plumbing. The one-year warranty is valid for residential use only. Even with solid wood, the unit weighs only 116 pounds, and it measures 31 inches wide, 22 inches deep, and 34.5 inches high, making it a perfect fit in the average sized small powder room.

Inspiring powder room design ideas:

Large vanity paired with a round mirror

The bathroom vanity is almost always paired with a mirror so the combo is not exactly unexpected but there’s so many different combinations that can actually look interesting. Here for instance stadio Romanza Interior Design paired a large vanity that has a rectangular countertop with a round mirror which complements it and softens its lines and overall appearance.

Stylish corner vanity setup

Placing the vanity in the corner is a nice way to save some space and be efficient with the layout of the bathroom. This is particularly useful in the case of a powder room. In this case the vanity is right by the door which is actually really convenient and practical. This is a design by studio Gemma Parker Designs.

A perfect fit for a small powder room

If you want to go with a design that isn’t necessarily linked to a trend, try a more classic and timeless approach. You can find some inspiration in this beautiful design created by AFT Construction. This small powder room features a mosaic tile floor and wallpapered walls with a floral pattern but it’s the rather simple vanity that stands out the most in this situation.

Luxurious gold accents

There’s certain combinations of colors that we instantly associate with a particular style or a theme. The black and gold combo gives out a luxurious and glamorous vibe and that’s certainly true for this stylish powder room designed by studio Q Construction. The vanity was placed diagonally in the corner which makes this design even more interesting.

Stone and wood accents

Natural materials like wood and stone are wonderful choices if you want to make your bathroom and powder look and feel more zen, relaxing and inviting. There’s lots of interesting ways in which you can integrate them into your design. Check out this beautiful powder room interior by Werschay Homes to get a few ideas in that sense.

A stylish marble countertop

Whether you use it in the kitchen, the bathroom or anywhere else, marble is a beautiful and timeless material that always adds elegance and charm to the space around it. Here it’s been used by studio Paige Pierce Design to complement a white vanity and to spruce up this lovely powder room and its cheerful wallpapered walls.

Lots of storage with a classic vibe

There’s something very satisfying about having a big vanity in the bathroom. It gives you plenty of storage so you can keep the rest of the space looking clean and tidy and it also makes a statement even if it has a simple design. Check out this beautiful shade of blue paired with a white countertop. It’s a classic look created by the designers at studio Panageries.

A coastal-inspired powder room design

Isn’t this beautiful powder room simply charming? It has a really fresh and cozy-looking design and a coastal-inspired décor thanks to the materials, finishes and decorations sued throughout. The wooden vanity is the piece that grounds the entire space. We love the casual ladder towel holder and of course the mirror as well. This is a design by studio Mary Hannah Interiors.

It’s all in the details

As always, it’s the little details that bring a design to life. Take this powder room by studio Dyphor New York for instance. The white vanity, the gray countertop, the rectangular vessel sink or the oval mirror don’t stand out that much by themselves but when put together and complemented by this lovely sconce and the eye-catching wallpaper they suddenly fit together like pieces of a puzzle.

An elegant approach

You can’t really go wrong with a solid wood vanity, especially if your goal if to make your powder room or bathroom look nice and inviting. That’s actually a great tip when decorating any space where you want to receive guests and make them feel welcomed. Check out this elegant farmhouse-inspired powder room by Lee Douglas Interiors for more inspiration.


Sometimes, the idea of remodeling a space is daunting simply due to the sheer volume of options you have. This is especially true in the bathroom. Rather than having to measure out multiple parts and pieces and shop for them separately, consider ordering a small powder room vanity that has your vanity base, counter, and sink already pieced together, and sometimes may include additional parts to easy your job.

Most of these are either preassembled or easy to put together, and while some may be wall-mounted to provide additional room, many are freestanding, so they don’t require installation beyond the plumbing fixtures. It makes the job simpler and, often, less expensive, and you still get an amazingly beautiful space that doesn’t feel cramped.

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This Design Detail Made Buying an L.A. Craftsman Sight Unseen an Easy Choice

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cane chairs around tablePin It
Chandelier, Currey and Co.

All Julia Kramer needed was a sign. While browsing Los Angeles real estate online from her two-bedroom apartment on New York’s Upper West Side, the former longtime Bon Appétit editor found one: a stained-glass peacock window in the dining room of a charming Craftsman in Koreatown. During the beginning of the pandemic, when everything in Manhattan was basically shut down, she and her husband, Zach Kaplan, would take their two young children to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine to visit the church’s three resident peacocks (yes, live ones). “I felt like it was meant to be,” says Kramer. After asking an L.A.-based friend to take a look at the place the day after it was listed, the couple made an offer on it, having never set foot inside. 

In the six weeks between buying the house and moving in, the pair tasked Jamie Haller, a seasoned restorer of Craftsmans and shoe designer, to help bring some of the rooms up-to-date but also strip away features that didn’t belong there, like the built-in speaker systems in the living room and kitchen and the millions of recessed lights. “We paired all of that back and left the good stuff,” says Haller. 

kitchen looking into dining roomPin It
Curtains, RH.

The most discouraging part of the house-hunting process for Kramer was seeing all the newly remodeled kitchens—she’d rather live without subway tile and open shelves. So the fact that this kitchen’s wood-everything had gone untouched was a second reason to jump on it. “I really don’t like a lot of other countertop materials like marble and granite,” says Kramer. It was also a bonus that the space was separate from the other rooms in the home. “When I cook, I like to be in my own space,” she adds. 

wood kitchen islandPin It

wood dining nookPin It

Most of the work that happened in the kitchen amounted to nonobvious, restoration-based updates, like swapping out the awning window chains so they could actually open (even if it took three hours to track down the correct and historically accurate hardware). “Sometimes it’s about restraint,” suggests Haller. “Giving it the love it needs to function.” The designer also had a carpenter replace the track of the old-fashioned bread box’s garage door so it had some tension (before, it was a recipe for slamming little fingers). What the room lacks in modern amenities, like soft-close hinges, it makes up for in soul. 

“We paired all of that back and left the good stuff,” says Haller.

gallery wall living roomPin It

mix matched moderning armchairsPin It

The living room was a tedious project: The plaster walls had been covered in blue silk dupioni fabric and lined with braided cord trim, all adhered with 45,000 staples, estimates Haller. “It took a week just to remove them by hand,” she says. Now at the center of it all: Kramer’s prized vintage coffee table (a 1stdibs score) that doubles as a shrimp cocktail and champagne station during parties. The inverted center is the exact size of her ice bucket. 

black bookcasePin It

Haller had to start fresh with the lighting (the previous owners took the fixtures with them), but that doesn’t mean she shopped new. Her go-to source? “An amazing salvage shop in L.A. where they save lights from Old Hollywood celebrity homes,” she says. The antique sconce over the salvaged sink in the guest bedroom once belonged to Buster Keaton. 

Pin It

Pin It

While most Craftsman homes feature red-orange Douglas fir, here it’s all dark, purple-hued mahogany—a wood tone that plays surprisingly nicely with hints of pink, like the original fireplace grout and new dining room walls, painted in a soft dusty lavender–gray shade. “When the light comes in through the window, it kind of glows, because it bounces off the wood,” explains Haller. 

“It seemed like someone else’s really amazing life,” says Kramer.

Pin It

Given the short renovation timeline, restoring the wood trim (much of which had been painted brown) back to its original glory was off the table—it would take too long. Instead the designer opted to paint it again, but this time in Farrow & Ball’s dark navy shade, Railings

Pin It

Pin It
Lighting, Circa.

But in the main bedroom, they went with a much softer palette, turning the former purple walls cream. “I am usually drawn to maximalist patterns and colors, but when Jamie mocked up serene, neutral versions of this room, I was like, oh, my gosh, I want that,” says Kramer. “It seemed like someone else’s really amazing life.” In addition to carving out an extra closet so there are two on each side of the bed (they stole some square footage from one of the kid’s rooms), they added a built-in reading nook with a tufted cushion—a WFH spot Kramer frequents. 

built in bench in kids roomPin It

dreamy cane wallpaper in playroomPin It

In the children’s bedrooms, Kramer and Haller practiced a different kind of restraint. They opted for allover wallpaper but in prints that walk the line between kid- and adult-friendly. “I’m not willing to give into my sons having ugly child spaces,” says Kramer. “I’m trying to postpone it for as long as possible and maintain my grip,” she says with a laugh.

The whimsical crane design in her youngest’s space is by House of Hackney, as is the floral print in the bathroom. “I was a little nervous about it because it’s a big room, but since there are so many built-ins, it breaks it up in a really nice way,” explains Kramer. Birds of all types have turned out to be her good-luck charm. 

floral pink bathroom wallpaperPin It

floral pink bathroom wallpaperPin It

Pin It

How to make rainbow bunting – perfect for Pride or simply to brighten your home

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Learn how to make rainbow bunting to bring positive vibes to your home. This colourful garland is the perfect make, whether you’re passionate about Pride, want to support the NHS or simply love rainbows (who doesn’t?).

Hobbycraft has come up with this fun DIY and decorating idea, which is perfect for using up old balls of yarn.

How to make rainbow bunting

rainbow macrame bunting with pompoms

Image credit: Hobbycraft

This project uses traditional rainbow colours, but you can use any wool shades you like to create a bespoke design.

What you’ll need to make yarn-wrapped bunting

  • Darning needles
  • Tape measure
  • White macrame string
  • Plain DK yarn in red, yellow, green, blue and purple (100g balls)
  • Gold metallic wire

1 Cut lengths of rope and wire

macrame string with scissors

Image credit: Hobbycraft

Start by cutting three 30cm pieces of macrame string. Also cut a piece of gold metallic wire slightly smaller.

Buy now: Oasis gold metallic wire stick, £2.75 for 50g, Hobbycraft

Buy now: ReTwisst white macrame string 5mm, £10 for 500g, Hobbycraft

2. Start with the red yarn

wrapping yarn around macrame string

Image credit: Hobbycraft

Hold the pica of string and wire in one hand and place the red wool on top it. Grasp between your finger and thumb about 4cm down.

Buy now: Knitcraft red cotton blend plain DK yarn, £3.20 for 100g, Hobbycraft

3. Start wrapping the wool

wrapping yarn around macrame string

Image credit: Hobbycraft

Wrap the red yarn (straight from the ball) around the string and wire. Keep wrapping until you reach the other end. You can use two balls of yarn to cover the string more quickly if you prefer.

4. Secure the end

rainbow macrame bunting assembly with darning needle and scissors

Image credit: Hobbycraft

Once you have wrapped 22cm of string, trim the red yarn. Use a darning needle to sew the tail/s back through the wrapped end.

Repeat for the remaining colours as follows:

  • For the yellow, cut the rope to 28cm and bind 20cm
  • For the green, cut the rope to 26cm and bind 17cm
  • For the blue, cut the rope to 24cm and bind 15cm
  • For the lilac, cut the rope to 22cm and bind 13cm

5. Begin sewing the pieces together

rainbow macrame bunting assembly with darning needle and scissors

Image credit: Hobbycraft

Once you’ve prepared all the coloured pieces, bend them into a curve. Thread your darning needle with cotton thread. Sew the blue and lilac arcs together in a zig zag pattern.

6. Continue sewing the pieces together

rainbow macrame bunting assembly with darning needle and scissors

Image credit: Hobbycraft

Continue sewing in the same way until you reach the end. Repeat to add each colour at a time. Keep bending the bound string and wire as you work to form a rainbow shape.

7. Trim the cord

rainbow macrame bunting decoration with scissors

Image credit: Hobbycraft

Once you’ve sewn all the pieces together, you’ll have a rainbow! Trim the ends of the cord to the same size using a sharp pair of scissors.

8. Repeat to make more rainbows

rainbow macrame bunting

Image credit: Hobbycraft

For three meters of bunting, you’ll need to make nine rainbows in total. You can make as many as you like!

9. Make plenty of pom poms

yarn pompoms in rainbow colours

Image credit: Hobbycraft

Add extra colour to your bunting with fun pom poms. Use the same wool colours from the rainbows to make 24 pom poms, approximately 5cm in size. Put them to one side.

10. Create a loop

knotted macrame string

Image credit: Hobbycraft

To create a hanging loop at each end of your bunting, fold over the end of the macrame string and bind with yarn, as before. You will need one at each end.

11. Add your rainbows

rainbow macrame bunting close up

Image credit: Hobbycraft

Add a rainbow 22cm in from the end of the macrame string. Thread your needle with red yarn and sew around the top of the rainbow a few times. Tie off at the back and trim.

12. Keep adding rainbows

rainbow macrame bunting

Image credit: Hobbycraft

Using the same method, sew a rainbow to the string every 33cm to make sure they’re evenly spaced.

13. Add the pom poms

rainbow macrame bunting with pompoms

Image credit: Hobbycraft

Finish your bunting by tying a bundle of three pom poms to the string in between each rainbow.

Hang up your rainbow bunting in a window or from a shelf or mantelpiece with pride!

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Rounded-Edge Furniture & Comforting Curves

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Rounded-edge furniture and curvaceous interior architecture create a comforting, tactile design aesthetic. Rounded furniture makes it possible to fashion layouts with a soft and easy flow, no matter what the size of the room. In compact spaces, rounded edges are the perfect solution for avoiding awkward corners and knocked shins. In a large living space, a curved furniture piece can make a distinct and eye-catching focal point. These smooth individuals work beautifully when teamed with elegant architectural arches, round feature windows and snaking partition walls for a cohesive theme. Alternatively, sharp geometric outlines can make a crisply contrasting option. Check out these two well-rounded home interiors for curve-filled inspiration.

Visualizer: Alina Larionova  

A curved sofa immediately states the shape theme in the centre of a smooth white and grey interior scheme.

Nesting round coffee tables create a tonal overlap in front of the white sofa.

The coffee tables’ deep, curved bases set down a weighty, tactile aesthetic. A freeform rug design creates additional contrast underfoot.

A coffee table book and decorative glass bowls adorn the two tables, whilst a set of decorative vases fill an attractive, round perforation in the microcement partition wall.

The interior window is shaped to complement a number of round feature windows and rounded rectangle windows within the main architecture.

The TV set has been mounted to one side of the round opening in the partition wall, which gives each of them equal prominence in the living room layout. A view of the neighbouring dining room is visible through the gap, which gives the living space an open, free-flowing feel.

An elevated wooden platform creates a split-level layout in the living room. The space beneath the platform is open to give the feature a lightweight, floating effect. Three floating access steps amplify the illusion.

The platform is utilised to raise up a small seating area to a wonderful natural panorama of tree-filled hillsides.

Indoor plants contribute natural greenery to the living room, to further blur the lines between inside and out.

Cylindrical silhouettes shape a small side table and a matching coffee table in the raised seating area. Designer chairs create inviting, comforting curves, and echo the rounded architectural embrace.

The thick partition wall between the lounge area and the adjacent dining room follows a relaxed, curved path to avoid jarring the silky smooth surroundings.

A round dining room chandelier mirrors the shape of the tabletop below.

The modern chandelier’s lustrous metal frame makes light-reflective contrast with a room of predominantly matt finishes.

Fully upholstered, curved dining chairs softly encircle the modern, ribbed pedestal dining table.

The interior window facilitates natural light-share between the two separate living spaces.

The round dining table coordinates with the curve of the modern sofa through the connecting window.

The limited tonal palette of the interior adds emphasis to the shape thread.

A ribbed glass vase forms a textural link between the base of the pedestal dining table and its centrepiece. A modern fruit bowl completes the simple arrangement.

The kitchen creates a contradiction to the rounded theme, with a sharp, geometric island design.

Angular sides define the unique kitchen island, which gives the kitchen its own distinctive vibe.

Recessed track lights burn brightly through the subtle cement ceiling, adding to the sharp change in theme, and exaggerating the linearity of the island below.

Sliding doors simplify the kitchen tower units behind the island. Black integrated ovens bed darkly in the wood effect finish.

Wide shelves hold flatware and decorative accessories. Glass tumblers incorporate the en vogue ribbed texture accent from the dining room.

A huge custom sink design dips into the island countertop.

An integrated induction hob completes the worktop.

Visualizer: Catherine Amato & Stanislav Tsoy  

Coastal vibes wash through our second featured home interior. Shells, waves and footprints in the sand spring to mind from its rounded, pebble-grey furniture and freeform nooks. A hexagonal coffee table creates a cut of shapely contrast.

The textured rug creates barefoot sensation, whilst a wall of unique recessed shelving niches feed the eye.

Intriguing design objects fill the pitted surface of the unique coffee table. The sunken column chapiter is a small scale model of the Capitello chair by Franco Audrito and Piero Gatti. The centerpiece is The Knot by Stockholm-based sculptor Tove Tengå.

The tactile, irregularly shaped floor lamp beside the sofa appears to be a modified version of Eny Lee Parker’s Oo floor lamp.

Glazed archways climb toward the lofty ceiling height, accepting glorious sunlight.

Green-tinted ceramic tiles wrap an impressive curved feature wall in the dining area. Dark green dining room pendant lights descend on a round glass dining table.

Geometric floor tiles offset the rounded decor elements.

Wall tiles have been cut into a curve to end the kitchen backsplash, which complements a rounded base unit.

The creative backsplash makes the one wall kitchen composition into a piece of functional art.

A moss green SMEG fridge brings retro inspired curves.

A green chimney extractor unit draws the accent colour up. A brass kitchen faucet makes a shiny addition.

An open kitchen shelf follows the top of the tiled backsplash, ending in a matching rounded corner. Glass jars create an attractive open pantry for dry goods. Small plants add a green flourish.

An assortment of wooden cutting boards tie in with the rustic look of the rich wood and ceramic kitchen arrangement. See cutting board and knife options here.

Recommended Reading: Creating Well Rounded Interiors With Circle Themes & Orange Accents

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The Best Fire Pits For The Perfect Outdoor Setup

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We’ve previously talked a lot about fire pits in general and how you can organize them and make it more comfortable and inviting. What we didn’t really focus on until now is the actual fire pit.

Best Fire Pits

Yes, the seating and the decor are important but everything ultimately revolves around the pit which sits at the center of this entire setup. Before anything else, it’s important to make a distinction between the four main types you can choose from: wood-burning, gel fuel, propane fire and natural gas fire pits.

Types of Fire Pits

There are currently four main types of fire pits on the market which have been divided into larger categories based on the fuel they require but also have some subcategories based on the materials used to make them or their intended purpose.

Wood-Burning Fire Pits

These are basically like having a contained campfire and are the closest you can get to the authentic experience. Wood-burning fire pits can be:

  • Made from brick or stone, with a classic design that’s simple and focused on the aforementioned materials.
  • Wood-burning grills, which double as cooking surfaces by placing a grate over the fire.

Propane-Based Fire Pits

These are considered more elegant and contemporary options that provide attractive flames and variate designed to choose from. You can select between:

  • Fire pits with copper bowls, which tend to be more expensive but are a more beautiful and aesthetically-appealing choice.
  • Portable propane pits, which can be moved to a different location because of the caster wheels that facilitate movement.
  • Fire pit tables, which have some of the elements of a traditional fireplace, with vast ledges and spicy costs.

Gel-Fuel Fire Pits

These options are portable and have a beautiful design, and are mostly available in the following two options:

  • Tabletop fireplaces, designed to offer a cozy ambiance inside and outdoors, but without requiring to build an actual fireplace.
  • Gel-fueled logs, which are a clean alternative to burning fuel and are characterized by portability. 

Natural Gas Fire Pits

This is the last main category, offering two different types of fire pits that have an endless supply of fuel because they are permanently connected to a gas line:

  • Sunken models are the underground version of a propane fire pit, with flames that barely reach ground level.
  • Raised versions, which have round or square designs, are often called “tabletop fire pits”, and can be made with copper, stone, or brick foundations. 

How to Choose a Fire Pit

How to Choose a Fire Pit

Choosing a new fire pit isn’t easy if you have no clue what to search for. To help you with that, let’s talk about the features and considerations to have in the back of your mind while shopping for such a product:

  • As you saw in the previous chapter, there are multiple types of fire pits to choose from. Knowing all these styles will help narrow down your options to find something convenient for you. For instance, if you have a gas pipe running through your property, it would be a shame not to opt for a natural gas-powered unit. Of course, there’s also that stuff about style, materials, and personal preference to consider.
  • The size of the fire pit is important and it has to match the budget, location, and how many people will usually want to sit around the fire pit. Built-in units tend to be bigger (ranging from 35 to 58 inches in diameter) while store-bought units have around 24 to 30 inches in diameter. The height of the fire pit will also vary from one model to another and, as a reference point, you want to choose fire pits that are lower compared to the height of the seat.
  • You will have to choose between portable and permanent units. Portable models are great for those that plan to move the fire pit around, but also for those who like to camp often and would love a fire pit to sit in front of at the end of the day.
  • Local regulations have to be taken into consideration and they are not identical across all states. You want to check with the local building codes, your homeowners’ association (if you live in an apartment complex), and the local authorities to see what are the requirements related to outdoor fire pits. This is to ensure your own safety, but also the safety of those around you, as a fire can get out of control in the blink of an eye. You might even be required to pass a local fire officials inspection before you are allowed to install a firepit.

Backyard fire pit design ideas

DEsign by SEED Studio

The wood-burning kind give you that authentic campfire-like experience which you can’t really recreate through other means. They’re usually made of steel and some in a variety of different styles and sizes. The size of the bowl dictates how big the fire can get so keep that in mind and choose a fire pit that suits your space. Gel fuel fire pits don’t give off any smoke but they also don’t give that burnt wood smell which some actually enjoy.

Concrete fire pit design by Slava Balbek of 2B Group

They also don’t give off as much heat as the other types. They have reservoirs which need to be constantly replenished with gel fuel. In comparison, propane fire pits don’t need to be refilled as they use propane tanks. They’re also usually larger than the other previously mentioned types. The flame rises from beneath pebbles or faux wood. Natural gas fire pits are similar to the propane ones but need a permanent connection to a natural gas line.

Firepit seating by Seattle-based McClellan Architects
Sunken fire pit seating by architecture studio Ezequiel Farca
Corten steel by Lake|Flato Architects
Traditional fire pit seating with swivel chairs from Allbackyardfun

Best Outdoor Fire Pits To Spruce Your Backyard

Prine 24” H x 28” W Steel Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

Prine 24'' H x 28'' W Steel Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

Small and discreet are just two of the qualities of this outdoor fire pit. We love how it conceals the propane tank behind a closed door so there’s nothing ever truly unaesthetic about it. It features hammered black coating, uses a standard gas tank, and has an exterior made from steel. It can also be turned into a small coffee table once the pit is covered.


  • High heat output.
  • Modern design with enclosure for propane tank.
  • Can be turned into a low-profile table.


  • Prone to rust.

Izzo 24” H x 32” W Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Pit

When it comes to nice-looking fire pits, the Izzo is here to play with the big boys. This crossweave fire pit is a great addition to any patio or deck. It features a stylish cutout pattern that will make a great addition to any yard. This fire pit comes with a large fire bowl and a steel frame that is durable and resists rusting. This fire pit features a spark screen and a safety ring that are designed to prevent sparks from flying around all over the place.


  • Rust-resistant powder-coated steel.
  • Cover included.
  • Easy to transport. 


  • Spark screen tends to wobble.

Dolcho 24” H x 28” W Steel Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

The attractive Dolcho can be used as a fire pit, a dining table, a coffee table or a lounge bar. It can also be converted into an outdoor dining room or a coffee table. The powder-coated iron material and streamlined design of this fire table make it look very attractive. If you want to place this on a wooden deck, the manufacturer recommends adding heat-resistant barriers. This propane fire pit has a heat output of 50,000 BTU which is impressively hot considering its compact size. 


  • High heat output.
  • Can be versatile when covered. 
  • Concealed fuel tank.
  • Adjustable flame.


  • Cover is not included.

Kayden 21.25” H x 40” W Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Pit

The Kayden is another compact fire pit that comes with a sturdy steel construction that’s clearly built to last. It also sports a bunch of intricate design elements that make it gorgeous. The weave design of this fire pit allows for a decorative fire to be enjoyed for hours. Its deep bowl allows for plenty of room to accommodate guests. The included spark screen and wood poker make this fire pit easy to use. It is a wood-burning unit that measures 21.25” H x 40” W x 40” D and weighs 27 pounds.


  • Spark screen included.
  • Fire poker included.
  • Removable fire bowl.


  • Cover not included.

Gabrielson 17” H x 32” W Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Pit

This Darby Home Co. Gabrielson Backyard Fire Pit is the perfect item to relax in front of after a long day at work. Its metal frame makes it strong and durable, thanks to the powder-coated finish that will keep your fire pit looking new for years to come. This fire pit features a steel inner mesh screen that encloses combustible materials such as coals and sparks. It comes with a safety mesh lid and a smokescreen. The design is meant to provide a 360-degree view of the fire that burns using wood as a fuel source.


  • Poker included.
  • Safety mesh screen design.
  • Comes with a ledge to keep hot beverages warm.


  • Paint tends to peel off.

Delshire Polyresin Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Pit

This stylish outdoor fire pit has a modern design with a removable brazier and a sturdy fiberglass base. The black metal brazier is removable for easy cleaning, while the gray fiberglass console provides a safe and sturdy base. The simple and practical design provides a stylish minimalist style. When your guests come over, enhance your outdoor atmosphere and light a fire. 


  • Can be placed directly on a wooden deck.
  • Removable bowl for easy cleaning. 
  • Modern and sleek design. 


  • Very small. 

Flanigan 23” H Steel Outdoor Fire Pit

The Flanigan fire pit can easily become the focus of your outdoor space. From grilling marshmallows in the summer to warming up on cool autumn nights, this outdoor fireplace will turn your yard into a wonderland. It’s made of 0.7mm thick weathering steel, designed to fade from the original metallic color over time, giving you a vivid look. The black finishes seem to blend perfectly with the gold rings and details so that this cauldron-inspired style can match a variety of outdoor aesthetics. Spark screens, grate, and poker are all included, so all that’s left is to start the fire to keep you properly warm.


  • Spark screen and fire poker included.
  • Made from quality steel.
  • Log grate included.


  • Screen is prone to rust.

Woodcroft 23.2” H x 41.7” W Concrete Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

If it’s a concrete fire pit you’re after, may I suggest the Woodcroft? It’s made from MGO and has a gray finish that makes it look like a giant block of cement. The door conceals the spot for the propane tank which will serve as a fuel source. It comes with a PVC cover and measures 23.2” H x 41.7” W x 20” D. It has a BTU output of 50,000 and comes with fast ignition.


  • Cover included.
  • Features an intuitive control panel.
  • Comes with decorative lava rocks.


  • Not the best quality.

Colis 22.83” H x 29.92” W Concrete Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Pit

The Colis is a 30″ outdoor round wood-burning fire pit with a concrete base that will add warmth and modern decor to your outdoor space. This low-wood burning fire pit has a stone appearance to bring warmth to your yard, porch, deck, or patio. It also has an open design, making it easy to load wood. A screen is provided to protect your deck or porch from any sparks. It is made of durable concrete and will not crack or tip in extreme weather conditions. This stylish fire pit has a burning area of 22.24 x 22.24 x 5.71 inches, and its overall dimensions are 30 x 30 x 22.83 inches.


  • Sturdy construction.
  • Includes poker.
  • Comes with a spark screen.


  • Not as warm as one might think.

Moises 24” H x 45” W Iron Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

Everything about the Moises fire pit is just stunning, from the sleek iron slats to the octagonal style that blends in so well with different kinds of yard setups. It is described as being a portable unit that measures 24” H x 45” W x 42” D, but those 90 pounds in weight pretty much contradict that statement. It uses a propane tank for fuel and renders a heat output of 50,000 BTUs.


  • Rust-resistant construction.
  • Cover included.
  • Push-button ignition. 


  • Complaints about door not closing all the way.

Graciela 32” H x 32” W Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Pit

With a beautiful design, the Graciela outdoor fire pit creates the perfect spot for a get-together. It comes with a mesh lid designed to keep flying sparks at a distance, a poker to spread the logs around, and a cover to turn this into a table if needed. It is made from steel and uses wood as a primary fuel source. It measures 32” H x 32” W x 15” D and, at 22 pounds in weight, it’s also quite portable.


  • Spark screen included.
  • Comes with a poker.
  • Can be converted to a table.


  • Metal construction can easily bend.

Janke 13.5” H x 27.55” W Steel Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Pit

Creating a relaxing outdoor experience has never been easier with products like the Janke. This one comes with a practical design that’s basic enough to blend in anywhere, but not too basic as to look unattractive. It’s made from sturdy stainless steel and three solid legs that provide stability. The storage cover is made from PVC and will keep the bowl water and debris-free when the fire is not burning.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Cover included.
  • Compatible with multiple setups.


  • Prone to rust.

Collegiate Series 16” H x 30” W Steel Outdoor Fire Pit

If you ever wanted to show your support for the college team, here is an outdoor fire pit that can make that happen. It comes with cold-rolled steel to provide extra ruggedness and durability. It has welded legs for maximum stability, plus a gorgeous rust patina finish to admire for years to come. It can support a weight capacity of 50 pounds and uses wood as a primary fuel source.


  • Comes with a spark screen.
  • Empowers the local community.
  • Weather-resistant construction.


  • Collects rainfall.

Blue Rhino Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

The blue Rhino fire pit features a square-shaped fire bowl made of black steel. It’s a propane fire pit and it has a storage compartment for a 20lb tank beautifully concealed by solid steel side panels. It features a safety valve and piezo ignition for easy start and its total dimensions are 30 inches x 30 inches, height 24 inches. It weighs 65 lbs. 

Safety valve

Blue Rhino Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

Blue Rhino Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

Sleek solid steel side panels to conceal propane tank (20lb tank not included)

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  • Compact design that fits anywhere.
  • Push-button ignition.
  • Hidden control panel for elegant design.


  • Complaints about not staying lit.

Sunnydaze Cast Iron Outdoor Fire Pit Bowl

As you can tell by its design, this is a wood-burning fire pit. It has a large fire bowl which measures 34” in diameter and it has a simple, heavy-duty design. It’s made from a cast iron material which a steel-like finish and it has handles which allow it to be moved around with ease.

1-year manufacturer’s warrant

Sunnydaze Cast Iron Outdoor Fire Pit Bowl

Sunnydaze Cast Iron Outdoor Fire Pit Bowl

Assembly is very easy: just attach the three legs and the handles and you’re done.

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  • Heavy-duty design.
  • Portable function (included handles).
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Prone to rust.

Deluxe Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit

The compact size is one of the best features of this propane gas fire pit. It doesn’t give off any smoke or smell and there’s no leftover ash at the end, making this fire pit perfect for camping trips. It’s lightweight and portable and you can assemble it without any tools. The overall dimensions are L 19” x W 19” x H 11” and it comes as a kit which includes a cover. 

high quality steel construction

Deluxe Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit

Deluxe Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit

You can also be sure it will last for a long time thanks to its durable steel construction and protective enamel finish. 

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  • Compact size, high portability.
  • Easy to ignite.
  • Create a natural-looking flame.


  • Manual ignition.

Rectangular Extruded Aluminum Gas Fire Pit Table

This is also a propane fire pit, this time with an adjustable stainless steel burner and extruded aluminum body. It’s durable and weather resistant and although it has a heavy-duty construction it looks sleek and elegant. It comes with a lid and its bowl is filled with glass beads.

Adjustable stainless steel burner

Rectangular Extruded Aluminum Gas Fire Pit Table

Rectangular Extruded Aluminum Gas Fire Pit Table

The propane tank can be conveniently stored inside, out of sight.

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Patio Natural Stone Gas Fire Pit for Backyard

Unlike the other designs mentioned so far, this propane gas fire pit has a more natural and organic appearance. It features a natural stone shell which helps better blend in with the landscape. It has a stainless steel burner but there’s no storage compartment for the propane tank, hene it needs to be stored outside of the fire pit. The overall dimensions 27.6″(Dia) x 9.5″(H). 


Patio Natural Stone Gas Fire Pit for Backyard

Patio Natural Stone Gas Fire Pit for Backyard

Fire pit’s complete design features a stainless-steel burner, decorative lava rocks, a cover, and propane hose

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  • Flame control adjustment knob.
  • Quick ignition button.
  • Natural appearance.


  • Very small.

Big Sky Stars and Moons Firepit

The sky lights up with this eye-catching fire pit, in a metaphorical sense of course. It has a very quirky design and a sturdy and durable steel construction with a black finish. There’s are cutouts into the exterior shell of the fire bowl shaped like the stars and the moon.

Includes cooking grate

Big Sky Stars and Moons Firepit

Big Sky Stars and Moons Firepit

It’s also small and portable and it includes a cooking grate and spark screen.



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  • Interesting star and moon cutout design.
  • Includes a cooking grate.
  • Safety ring to facilitate transport.


  • Prone to rust.

Fire Pit Art Bella Vita

The Art Bella Vita fire pit is made to order and is fueled by liquid propane. It has a very sleek and modern design and it’s portable meaning you can take it with you on your camping trips and easily relocate it if you ever want to redesign your backyard. It has a brass burner and all-weather electronic ignition system as well as an iron oxide finish which gives it a nice patina over time.

portable fireplace

Fire Pit Art Bella Vita

Fire Pit Art Bella Vita

It can be left outside without having to worry about rust.

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Concrete Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

This is another case where the propane tank needs to be stored outside the fire pit which can be an inconvenience. However, it also allows the fire pit to have this low, coffee table-like structure and design. You can connect it to the propane tank via a gas hose and it’s also possible to convert it to natural gas using a separate kit. It’s made of lightweight fiber concrete and steel and it comes with a protective cover, a burner lid and a pack of lava rocks.

comes with lava rock

Concrete Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

Concrete Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

Cast from lightweight fiber concrete and steel that is tinted to the finish color for increased outdoor durability

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Fiber Concrete Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table Bowl

Concrete fire pits look modern and stylish, as also proven by this beautiful design. This is a propane gas fire pit which works with standard 20lb tanks and can offer up to 28 hours of burn time on its low setting. The tank is one again stored outside of the fire pit and connected via a gas hose. Again, you can convert it to natural gas if you want to and that can be done using a separate conversion kit.

Modern design

Fiber Concrete Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table Bowl

Fiber Concrete Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table Bowl

Fire pit Table comes with lava rock, protective cover, stainless steel burner lid.

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Ohio Flame Patriot 48-inch Wood Burning Fire Pit

We end the list with a beautiful wood-burning fire pit made of durable steel. It has a large fire bowl and it practically requires no maintenance whatsoever. It’s built to withstand everything nature can throw at it and it develops a nice patina over time which gives it a rustic appearance.

rain drain

Ohio Flame Patriot 48-inch Wood Burning Fire Pit

Ohio Flame Patriot 48-inch Wood Burning Fire Pit

There’s also a rain drain at the center in case water gets inside.

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  • Long-term durability.
  • Multiple size options.
  • Quality welding. 


  • Prone to rust.


How to start a fire in a fire pit

In order to start a fire in a fire pit, you have to follow these steps:

  • Collect the fuel necessary to do so if you have a wood-burning pit. You will need kindling and tinder. You will also need fuel consisting of large firewood pieces to keep the flames going. 
  • Place the tinder first in the center of the firepit. Then place some kindling on top to form a teepee around the tinder. 
  • Light the tinder using a knife or a special firestarter. You should notice the flames from the tinder as they start burning the kindling. 
  • Add smaller firewood pieces once the kindling starts burning. Place them carefully to avoid the teepee from collapsing.
  • As smaller firewood pieces burn, start adding larger pieces.
  • Supervise the fire at all times.

How to put out a fire pit

When you want the fire to stop burning, don’t add any more firewood to it about an hour before the time you want it to burn down. If you want to put out the fire without waiting for the fuel to naturally burn, use water to extinguish the fire. Stip and spread the ashes to allow them to cool down, but keep supervising them until they’re cool to the touch. It’s easy for embers to reignite and start a fire.

Always make sure that you have a fire extinguisher at hand. Alternatively, you can have a garden hose connected to a water supply or a bucket of sand, as they can both be useful in putting out the fire.

How to light a fire pit

If you want to light a fire pit, you have to follow the steps listed under the “How to start a fire in a fire pit” section.

How to build an outdoor fire pit

The instructions for building an outdoor fire pit depend on a lot of different factors, mainly the type of fire pit you want to build and the materials you want to use:

  • With most fire pit kits, you don’t have to cut and size the block. Instead, just lay the block on the prepared location and add finishing touches. These fire pit ring kits are made from the same materials as the fire pit blocks and are ideal for creating a variety of shapes and stone patterns.
  • Creating your own fire pit can be a simple and fun project with a few basic skills and creativity. You can easily make your own custom-sized fire pits. You’ll need to add some fire brick to the retaining wall to protect the structure from the heat.
  • A simple and elegant in-ground fire pit makes the perfect place to gather with family and friends. This project involves building a patio around the pit.

Can you roast marshmallows on a propane fire pit?

Yes, you can. In fact, propane-based grills are wonderful for cooking foods, so a propane fire pit should do an excellent job in bringing your marshmallows to that delicious warm consistency. 

Can you put a fire pit on a wood deck?

You should never place your fire pit on a wooden deck for obvious safety reasons. It’s easy for flying sparks to land on the deck and damage it or, even worse, start an uncontrollable fire.

How to clean a fire pit

Cleaning a fire pit is a relatively simple process if you follow these steps:

  • Remove any debris that might be leftover from previous fires. Debris can also come in the shape of leaves or fallen twigs that ended up in the fire pit because it was left uncovered. 
  • To clean a stationary fire pit, create a mixture of muriatic acid and water (in a 1:9 ratio). Use protective gloves and a sturdy brush to scrub the interior and exterior part of the fire pit. When you’re done scrubbing, use a hose to spray it down and let it dry. 
  • If you have a steel or a copper fire pit, you need to use hot and soapy water plus a soft cloth for cleaning. Make sure you rinse the soap and wipe the interior and exterior with a dry clean cloth, as sitting water leads to rust.
  • If you have a cast iron fire pit, grab a hot water bucket and a steel wool piece to scrub the surface. Make sure you dry it right after, as cast iron is sensitive to rust.
  • To clean a gas fire pit, use soapy water and a cloth to wipe the interior, then a dry cloth to soak up moisture.


A fire pit can be an integral part of any space, and there are many options when it comes to choosing one. A fire pit is an integral part of any home. Not only does it provide warmth, but it can also transform the look of your garden. It can be used as a seating area or a focal point for an entertaining area. When the fire gets too hot, pop the grill plate over the fire pit and you can cook anything you like.

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Virtually Wander the World (Part 2)

Sourced content from:

Last summer when we all needed to stay put in our towns because of the pandemic, I wrote an article about virtually wandering the world featuring video tours of places to visit around our beautiful earth. I’m sharing them again, but this time I’ve added to the list! How amazing that we live in a time when we can enjoy walking tours or aerial videos of all the fascinating places on earth.

I found these virtual tours on You Tube, none of them are narrated so they’re not like travel shows that have the distraction of a host. These virtual tours are walking, cycling, boating, or aerial shots of places around the world, many set to relaxing music.

While we’re still so limited in our ability to travel the world, these may be just what you need to escape to other parts of the globe. Click on the links above the images and they will take you directly to the You Tube videos where you can view a relaxing virtual tour of that part of the world.


Watch playful penguins and see stunning beach views in Cape Town, South Africa 

See the beauty of nature and wildlife in Yellowstone National Park

Fly over the fjords and coastline of Norway


walk the beaches of Bora Bora and listen to the ocean waves


Stroll the streets of Quebec City and the architecture of the old city.


Float away to the snowy Alps of Switzerland and the Lauterbrunnen Valley

Catch a glimpse the wildlife and people of Madagascar


Walk the cities and streets of Morocco including Marrakech and Chefchouen.


Get up close with locals of Peru and go inside Machu Picchu.

Enjoy a slow aerial view of Japan including Tokyo and Kyoto.


  Stroll along the streets and canals of Venice in Italy.

Fly over the scenic Northern Islands (Faroe, Lofoten & Senja)


Have you ever been inside the arena of the Colosseum in Rome?


Hear the ocean on this beach walk along the path in Wailea, Maui.


  Take a jog down the famous path in Venice Beach past the Santa Monica Pier..


Take a quiet walk around the Great Pyramid of Giza.


Tour the charming towns of the Cinque Terre by land and sea.


Want to see the exterior of the Taj Mahal up close? Take a walk around it.


Go on virtual safari to see African wildlife in Kruger National Park.


Explore the landscape and culture of Bali and its surrounding islands.


Fly over the Scotlish Highlands and the Isle of Skye while listening to healing music.


See the natural lakes and waterfalls on the South Island of New Zealand.

Take a nature hike through Redwood National Park set to zen music.

If you miss airplanes, how about a meditative orbit around our beautiful earth.

While watching these videos I let out a big sigh because I wish to explore all the places I haven’t been yet, but these are the next best thing!

I hope you enjoy these virtual tours as much as I do.

above photos via Canva