Guests Constantly Ask About This Hotel’s Blue Paint—We ID’d the Exact Benjamin Moore Hue

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blue corner of bar

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We are constantly in pursuit of making our homes feel like a really nice hotel. That’s why, at every stay, we like to ask the staff about the thread count of the sheets or the brand of the candle burning in the lobby. But for guests at the Lake House on Canandaigua, a 124-room retreat in New York’s Finger Lakes region that opened in 2020, it’s not products that pique their curiosity—it’s paint. Chris Pulito, the hotel’s general manager, estimates he gets asked “What’s the paint color in the library?” around 50 times each month. “More than once per day, on average,” Pulito clarifies. 

The space (officially dubbed the Library Bar) is a dramatic departure from the rest of the Lake House’s light, white, and airy gathering areas, which is probably what gets people buzzing. “We wanted to create tucked-away spaces that guests could retreat to for a change in atmosphere and experience,” shares Lyndsay Caleo Karol, the creative director of the Brooklyn Home Company, which designed the hotel in collaboration with Post Company. When you turn the corner from the main entry, you’re greeted by a sea of blue. The walls, ceiling, shelves, and even the fireplace mantel are swathed in a rich shade that’s not quite royal but not quite navy. So what is it? It’s Benjamin Moore’s Gentleman’s Gray. 

For a room that is so clearly blue, it’s ironic that the name of the hue isn’t at all. But the designers weren’t out to pick a shade with a catchy label. Rather, they were focused on selecting a palette that references the surrounding landscape. “We were able to play with this idea throughout the various spaces—shades of blue—as a reflection of the changing light on the lake,” says Karol. By opting for a high-gloss finish, they amplified the glow not only from the large fireplace but the concave pendant lamps and sconces that dot the area. “It’s an amazing color that allows natural light during the day to brighten up the room,” says Pulito. 

Gentleman’s Gray isn’t the only cool-blue paint color worth stealing from the Lake House. The hotel’s Rose Tavern and cozy Willow Room feature the brand’s Polo Blue. In the restaurant space, it was chosen to anchor the soaring white ceiling, while in the adjacent cozy lounge-slash-dining area, it reads almost black. Ensuring the surfaces remain scuff-free, the hotel has a dedicated painter on the property who works 40 hours per week touching up any imperfections. If only we could steal him for our own homes.

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Destination Design: Riads

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This earth is full of inspiration and certain parts of the world own a particular design style that is iconic and bucket list worthy. The Moroccan riad has a long history that dates back centuries, it’s a traditional home with specific design elements influenced by the region’s history and culture.

A riad in Arabic means a home built around a garden, it’s recognizable by its multiple floors which all face the interior courtyard, often where fountains and lush botanicals are focal points. A riad has balconies that look down into the courtyards decorated with ornate tile, carved wood, and forged metal.

Traditionally designed for large families for protection, in modern times many have been renovated serve as boutique hotels privately run to offer a more intimate experience for travelers to Marrakesh, Fes, and surrounding regions. The rooms are private and the courtyard is a community space where guests can lounge or dine while appreciating the cushioned seating nooks, fountains, and the abundance of mosaic tile along the floors and walls that give many a distinct aesthetic.

Riads mix ornamentation with organic elements, they’re a visual feast with their layers of intricate tile, botanicals, and unique furnishings. A well decorated riad is a lesson on how to layer texture, pattern, and color to create an oasis. I’ve included links below to a collection of riads to bookmark for any future travel plans. Meanwhile, enjoy the inspiration!


riad yasmine


dar rbaa laroub


riad itrane


riad tizwa


l’hotel marrakech


riad be


riad vert


riad jardin secret


la maison arabe


la maison


riad zayane


maison anaroze


riad jaseema


bliss riad

18 Tables That Hold Just a Martini—And Nothing Else

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Small furniture comes in handy because it can fit in tight spaces, of course. But even if you have all the room in the world, sometimes an itty-bitty table—say one that stands at sofa height with a surface just big enough to rest your dirty martini on top—is a clever convenience. (Who wants to bend forward to reach their coffee table for every sip?) Charmed by these cutie-pies of the furniture world, we conducted a deep dive into the best martini tables on the Internet. With a table diameter that’s often no larger than 15 inches, we think of them like little pedestals, ideal for keeping your favorite libations within reach or topped with a bud vase or planter pot when not on drink-support duty. While the chic yet useful platforms have been around since the 1920s, martinis are enjoying some time in the spotlight—so we suspect their furniture counterparts will follow suit. Here’s where to start. 

Glass for Your Glass

Bringing in glass is an easy way to add a touch of shine to a space. Plus how often do you come across amber glass furniture

A Perch With Patina

Heavy metals like iron and brass mean you won’t need to worry about a guest who has possibly had one too many accidentally knocking over the table. We’re crushing on Visual Comfort’s hand-forged, aged-iron design, which looks like it’s straight out of an antiques shop.

Wood Works

If you’re looking for a warmer martini table aesthetic than what metal and glass styles afford, see our selection of smooth wood designs, nestled below. There’s walnut with dipped white legs, lacquered black spindles, and even a scalloped pedestal boasting a textured finish.

Alfresco Optional

The only thing better than drinking inside is drinking outside, so if you can get a table that does it all, you’re winning. These slim options look anything but heavy-duty, and a matte powder coating is forever chic.

Martini Glasses to Perch Atop Your Martini Tables

Because what’s a ‘tini table without its namesake vessel?

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Tips and Tricks to Make Interior Paint Dry Faster

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While different paint compositions dry at different speeds, you can use these tips to make all interior paint dry faster. On average, interior paint takes 6-8 hours to dry. Environmental conditions like humidity and air circulation affect drying times. Other factors include paint thickness, layers, and surface preparation.

How Long Should Paint Take to Dry

It may take between 1 and 8 hours for interior paint to dry. The type of paint, temperature, humidity, and thickness affect the drying time.

Latex or water-based paints are the most common option for painting the interior of a house and take 2 to 4 hours to dry. Oil-based paints may take 6 to 8 hours to dry.

Make Interior Paint Dry Faster

What Affects the Drying Time of Interior Paint?

The drying time depends on temperature, humidity, additives, air circulation, and more.

Temperature and Humidity

Temperature and humidity impact the drying time of paint. When the temperature is low and the humidity is high, interior paint takes longer to dry because it absorbs excess moisture in the air.

Since hot air holds more moisture, the paint absorbs less, making it dry faster. The temperature conditions for making interior paint dry faster range from 50°F-90°F. You should also target an indoor humidity level of 40%-50%.

Air Circulation

Proper air circulation, natural or by fans, extracts moisture from the paint’s surface to the air, allowing the paint to dry faster. Less air circulation results in a slower evaporation rate. Air circulation also helps end toxic fumes and makes the indoor temperature even.


Mixing paint with additives, like a coalescing agent, for instance, makes it thicker and dry faster. It’s suitable for low-solvent and low-VOC paints that take longer to dry.

Ethylene glycol mono butyl ether (EGBE) is a coalescing agent used in many types of paint. Defoamers are also useful additives that reduce the size of foamed bubbles. Foamed bubbles prevent paint from achieving an even, dry coat.

The common paint defoamers are non-silicone-based. They include polydimethylsiloxane, dimethicones, and ethylene oxide-modified polypropylene glycol. Accelerators like ammonium salts, alcohols, and glycols also make the drying process up to 40% faster.

Type of Paint

Types of paints have different drying times. Latex paints tend to dry faster. Oil-based paints have a slower drying rate due to their composition. When using a primer, wait for at least 12 hours before adding a second coat of paint.

Paint Thickness

A thicker coat takes longer to dry because its surface area needs more air circulation to evaporate the solvents. Too thick layers also trap moisture which leads to a longer drying time.

Surface Condition

Besides the paint application method, surface preparation determines how it will take a coat of paint to dry. Proper surface preparation improves paint adhesion. (Discoloration or patchy fading are signs of poor adhesion.)

The paint will take a shorter time to dry if the surface is smooth and dust-free. Using a primer helps create a uniform surface for the first coat.

How to Make Interior Paint Dry Faster

There are a few tricks to make interior paint dry faster. These remedies are easy to achieve with the right tools and environmental conditions.

  • Tweak the Room Temperature: Temperature affects a paint’s drying time. Paint tends to dry faster in warm air, so consider raising the temperature to around 70 degrees.
  • Apply Thin Coats of Paint: One thick coat may get the job done faster. But thicker coats of paint take longer to dry. Consider a thinner coat.
  • Enhance the Interior’s Ventilation: Opening doors and windows helps dry paint. Proper ventilation allows fresh air to circulate throughout the entire space. You can use a fan to speed up the drying process.
  • Lower the Indoor Humidity: Humidity affects the drying time. Consider calibrating the indoor humidity level. Run an air conditioner or dehumidifier, and avoid painting on humid days.
  • Consider a Water-Based, Low-VOC Paint: Water-based interior paints dry faster than oil-based paints. Paints with a low amount of volatile organic components also tend to dry faster.
  • Paint When the Weather Is Warm: Cooler weather can slow down the drying process, so it’s best to paint when it’s warm and dry. 
  • Use a Dehumidifier: A dehumidifier reduces the air’s moisture and speeds up the drying process. Use a dehumidifier that’s powerful enough to cover the entire area.
  • Try an Accelerator: Some paint brands offer specific additives to speed up drying.  Follow the directions on the accelerator’s package to maximize its effects.

Dry Time vs. Cure Time: What’s the Difference?

The dry time is the duration a coat of paint takes to dry. Temperature, humidity, and type of paint affect the drying time. High-gloss paints have longer drying times than medium-gloss coats.

Curing time is the period a coat of paint takes to achieve its full chemical and physical properties. These include optimal adhesion, color, durability, and more. Curing time is more often longer than drying time. It may take some days or weeks for the curing phase to lapse. Oil-based paints take longer than water-based paints to cure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Can you dry oil paint with a hair dryer?

Paint experts don’t recommend drying oil paint with a hair dryer. It may cause the coat to crack. Hair dryers also lead to the evaporation of paint thinners and mineral spirits. These paint additives release toxic solvent fumes into the air. Leave the paint to dry through an oxidation reaction. Oxidation is a natural method that may take days or weeks. The drying time via oxidation depends on the environment and thickness of the paint.

How long does satinwood take to dry?

Satinwood paint gives walls and trims a glossy finish. While it’s easier to maintain, the paint requires longer drying times. It takes between 2-4 hours to dry, depending on temperature, humidity, and airflow in the room. Satin paint takes 24 hours to cure. Make sure to check what the manufacturer recommends on its drying and curing times.

Can I use a paint accelerator or drying agent to speed up the process?

While accelerators and drying agents are practical, manufacturers don’t recommend using them. They speed up the drying process but may deteriorate a paint’s finish and color. The coat is also prone to cracking or forming bubbles.

How Can I Make Paint Dry Faster on Wood?

A hair dryer or heat gun on the lowest temperature setting would suffice. A hairdryer circulates air around the paint, increasing the evaporation rate. Applying a thin coat of paint on wood also shortens the drying time. Opt for oil-based paint and make sure there’s proper ventilation.

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Zio & Sons’s Mitzi Lighting Will Make Everyone Think You Went Vintage Shopping

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dining room with beams

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As the CEO and creative director of design firm Zio & Sons, the founder of luxury real-estate listing source This Old Hudson, and an associate broker at Houlihan Lawrence, Anthony D’Argenzio knows what details make a house feel like a home—and also what details add value to a property. Good lighting is a nonnegotiable for D’Argenzio. “When you’re moving, fixtures are something that typically stay in a home, which I don’t think a lot of people realize,” says the seasoned renovator. “If it’s done right, lighting lasts a very long time and it does improve your property value.” Not wanting to keep people in the dark (literally), D’Argenzio teamed up with fellow Hudson Valley–based maker Mitzi to create a line of fixtures with nostalgic silhouettes, clean lines, and intricate finishes, and it’s available to shop starting today. 

“It’s very much a reflection of my style, which is old world–meets–new but with a contemporary approach,” shares the designer. The collection, which has been in the making for nearly three years, was a personal endeavor from the very beginning: D’Argenzio’s favorite piece, the Havana light (available in a wall sconce and chandelier version), is named after his daughter, and the complete collection was photographed inside one of his real-estate client’s circa-1650 Dutch stone house. “I love working with vintage and antique pieces, but it can be hard to find them in multiples (for example, when you’re doing a long hallway),” shares D’Argenzio. “I really wanted this line to be a way of scaling lighting that has a heritage look.” Here are four standout pieces from his debut lighting collection. 

If You’re Also in the Market for a Sculpture

Art Nouveau and mid-century Italian influences played a heavy role in D’Argenzio’s beloved Havana fixtures—available in aged brass, old bronze, and polished nickel finishes—but their squiggly necks have never felt more current

If You’re Not Trying to Throw Shade

Topping off many of the pieces with oversize globe bulbs was a no-brainer for D’Argenzio. “I find a sphere to be timeless,” he says. The magic is in the detailing: Peep the notched metal rings around the base of the Beverly sconce. “It’s almost like jewelry for your space,” he adds. 

If You’ve Also Got a Thing for Stripes and Oars

The Nori pendant is a nod to the designer’s longtime love of sourcing lights from old ships. While the piece can be seen hanging in his client’s bedroom by the fireplace, the designer also suggests placing it above an island or in a bathroom. 

If Your Reading Nook Could Use Some Sparkle

Inspired by a pear-shaped mid-century piece the designer found at a flea market, the Thea lamp features a crackle-like finish on its amber-hued glass body. The fixture is French wired—meaning the electrical cord comes out of the bulb socket as opposed to running down the lamp internally—and topped with a linen drum shade, providing some textural contrast. “There are a lot of hidden details in the line that I think people will be pleasantly surprised with when their pieces arrive,” says D’Argenzio. You’ll also be convinced each one was a one-of-a-kind vintage find.

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Of The Hundreds of Items On Sale at West Elm, These Are the 13 Worth Shopping

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Plush Velvet Quilts and Shams From West Elm in Different, Jewel-Toned Shades Folded Up with Sale Scores Button

Courtesy of West Elm.

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Walking into West Elm is like perusing a real-life midcentury modern Pinterest board. Geometric-patterned rugs, tapered wood legs, flat-panel cabinetry, metal hardware—the brand is known for its look, and does it well. But the retailer also regularly partners with artisans and local makers (Bolé Road Textiles, Virginia Sin, Morrow Soft Goods), as well as designers and illustrators (Sarah Sherman Samuel, Walker Noble) to release unique or limited-edition collections. 

A few of these collaborations are actually hanging out in the clearance section right now—this gorgeous set of stemware designed with Diego Olivero, for instance, is nearly half off its original price, catching our eye as a top deal this week—and hundreds of other select items are up to 70% off. So, we took a deep dive into the Spring Refresh Sale to unearth even more scores, then categorized our finds below by price range.

For $50 and Less 

Pure Ceramic Taper Holder 

When it comes to a solid taper holder, we’re not asking for much—a sturdy base, an eye-catching silhouette, and just the right height. At just $10 a piece, this one delivers on all of that and more. While its white counterpart is no longer available, the black earthenware glaze offers modern appeal and a hint of contrast to your tabletop spread or an ambient glow atop a mantel. 

Shop more room decor on sale at West Elm. 

Colorblock Verging Stripe Pillow Cover

The quilted front of this cover adds a handcrafted detail to asymmetric stripes in a fun burst of primary colors. As a cotton-and-linen blend, this one is safe to add to the wash during a gentle cycle; just tumble dry it on low afterwards. P.S. We think both this cheerful Crewel Botanic Forms cover and Walker Noble Kuba cover deserve an honorable mention; each are just slightly higher in price. 

Shop more pillows and throws on sale at West Elm. 

Fluted Acrylic Drinking Glasses 

Nothing may feel more luxe than sipping from a ribbed vessel, and these fluted acrylic glasses take the party outside. An exclusive design with Aaron Probyn, serve drinks in these at any patio gathering (or an indoors one likely to get rowdy). The matching pitcher is on sale, too.

Shop more kitchen and dining on sale at West Elm. 

For $200 and Less 

Bolé Road Cotton Stripe Bed Runner

Handwoven in Ethiopia, Bolé Road Textiles are made by New York-based designer Hana Getachew, and this vibrant, 100% cotton bed runner is currently 32% off. Rather than layering with a throw blanket (especially if you sleep hot at night), this lightweight piece offers a pop of color without adding weight or warmth to your setup. 

Shop more pillows and throws on sale at West Elm.

Colca Wool Rug 

This artisan-made area rug is a longtime bestseller at West Elm. Handwoven wool offers durability and softness underfoot, and a 4-by-6-foot option is now less than $200. We love how the earthy geometric pattern looks over a larger, neutral jute rug. It’s a versatile piece we’ve seen past purchasers on Instagram successfully place in living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. 

Shop more rugs on sale at West Elm. 

Mitzi Nightstand 

The Mitzi nightstand delivers on the same streamlined look of more expensive options in fun pops of color. The single drawer offers a bit of storage without soaking up too much square footage, especially if the space between your bed and wall is tight.  

Shop more furniture on sale at West Elm. 

Lush Velvet Tack Stich Quilt 

This trendy velvet quilt is just $176 for a queen, and while there are eight different lush shades to choose from, our eyes are on the glamorous Golden Oak. We first spotted this sumptuous sleep companion during the brand’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale, and are delighted to see it discounted again. 

Shop more bedding on sale at West Elm. 

For $500 and Less 

Sarah Sherman Samuel Organic Shapes Flushmount 

A splurge-worthy find, this Sarah Sherman Samuel-designed flushmount for West Elm Kids is easily one of the cutest boob light replacements we’ve ever seen. Scalloped ceramic and brass surround a milky bulb for soft light that would suit a child’s bedroom or fancy powder room, in our opinion. 

Shop more lighting on sale at West Elm. 

Mara Hoffman Shearling Pouf 

When fashion designer Mara Hoffman’s collab with West Elm first dropped, Domino editors were swooning over all the tall vases, perfect for styling oversize branches. And although we couldn’t clock any of those ceramics on sale, we did come across this shearling pouf. It has all the markings of comfy-cozy extra seating. 

Shop more poufs and floor pillows on sale at West Elm. 

Mill Stoneware Dinnerware 

One of our favorite dinnerware sets is also on sale—this farmhouse-inspired stoneware is just $210. In the 20-piece assortment, you’ll get plates, cereal bowls, pasta bowls, and mugs. We’re drawn to its exposed clay rims, soft color scheme, and dappled exterior. 

Shop more kitchen and dining on sale at West Elm. 

For $1,000 and Less 

Viv Swivel Chair

We love a good swivel chair, and while this boucle version at West Elm isn’t a part of the current promotion, another bestseller—the Viv—is. It offers more discounted fabric coverings, upwards of $70, and for a limited time the savings vary, costing you as little as $629. You’ll just have to check all your options out for the best deal.

Shop more furniture on sale at West Elm. 

Slatted Shallow Media Console

We love the look of this TV stand’s slatted drawers made from solid, mahogany wood. Upon opening, you’ll find four cord cutouts to keep your tech eyesores—from WiFi routers to streaming players and smart home devices—out of sight. 

Shop more furniture on sale at West Elm. 

Bacall Storage Bench

Secret storage is our love language here at Domino, and we adore furniture that pulls double duty. This velvet-covered bench looks cozy enough to lay out on, and deep enough to tuck away extra throws that you need to stash for cooler weather.

Shop more furniture on sale at West Elm.

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Luxury Interior Design Created Around The Concept Of Contrast

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High-contrast black and off-white decor elements, plus artfully contrasting light installations create a luxury home with a unique essence. Visualized by 梦太初, this spacious apartment is refined, elegant, and filled with style statements. Despite its laconic color palette, the interior design conveys a sharp aesthetic, perfect for city-dwelling professionals who like to impress. An open-plan living space with a formal dining room is conducive to entertaining on a large scale. The kitchen offers another formal dining experience, where the chef can impress guests with their skills and join in with the conversation. An atmospheric hallway leads to the bedrooms, which harbor an aesthetic that is both minimalist and exceptional.

Created around the concept of contrast, this home interior features a pale stucco backdrop throughout with stark black accents. A large area rug lays soft footing underneath the main lounge area, whilst blending with a pale tiled floor. A white L-shaped wraps the edge.

A black marble coffee table and small black side tables contrast strongly with the light beige rug. A ceramic vase, decorative bowl, and a tray of cushion moss form an attractive centerpiece. Coffee table books complete the sophisticated table arrangement.

Two matching swivel chairs stand beside a modern fireplace. The letterbox fireplace extends the full width of the living room, flaming within a fashionably fluted firebox. The TV is sunken into the wall above to achieve a streamlined finish.

A second living room features another modern letterbox fireplace design. The white wall above it is utilized as a projector screen. An angular sofa embraces the irregular shape of a unique black and white rug design down in front. A home workspace is situated behind the contemporary couch, where it benefits from a view of the projector screen.

A square recess at the center of the ceiling is lined with LED light, which causes sharp contrast in the smooth ceiling expanse. Perimeter LEDs draw attention to the asymmetrical shape of the room.

The striking black and white striped lounge chair is the Serie Up 2000 chair by Gaetano Pesce for B&B Italia. A black bar is installed across a vast window, where the homeowners can sit and soak up the view over a drink.

Back in the main living room, a stone console table darkly contrasts with a beige folding room divider.

A botanical display stretches dramatically across the plain beige backdrop.

Behind the folding screen, a paper floor lamp softly illuminates a formal dining room. A wall of built-in units provides concealed storage, while a wall of display shelves makes a decorative addition.

The display shelves are backlit to highlight an assortment of decorative vases. Stone panels make textural interludes between the shelf towers.

Another recessed LED lighting installation makes subtle contrast in the plain ceiling.

The modern rectangular dining table accommodates up to eight diners. When the homeowner is conducting a soirée with a larger party of guests, the folding room divider is opened up to adjoin the lounge area.

Inside the spacious kitchen, there is a second large dining area. This time, a round dining table and modern upholstered dining chairs accommodate up to ten guests.

The proximity of the dining table to the kitchen island creates a social setting, where guests can interact with the cook. The monolithic stone volume builds a luxe statement in the layout. A row of mini pendant lights is strung along the length of the island, illuminating the stone prep area and a wooden breakfast bar at one end.

An impressive dining room chandelier makes a sculptural display over the large dining table. A bowl of decorative moss makes a modern centerpiece. Rugged stone columns loosely divide the open-plan kitchen diner from the adjacent hallway.

A recessed ceiling rose accentuates the statement lighting. Recessed LED strips highlight the room perimeter.

The white kitchen units fade softly into the background of the kitchen diner. Backlit, black wine storage units confidently stand out, creating a party atmosphere.

Atmospheric lighting creates a unique essence in the minimalist corridor design. Floor lights and perimeter lights flood the warm white floor, walls, and ceiling. Frameless doors give entry to the bedrooms and bathrooms. An art plinth provides a bold focal point at the end of the long hallway.

Inside the first spacious, minimalist bedroom design, a Japanese-style platform bed adds warm wood tone to the pale palette. The linear headboard is crisply lit along its top edge by a ribbon of LED light. Recessed ceiling lights glow from within a dropped ceiling panel. A tower of wood-backed display shelves cut through the creamy wall stucco. Decorative vases are moodily backlit to create an illuminated focal point.

Integrated bedside tables extend from the simple wooden bed frame. A beige rug adds textural interest underneath.

The wooden platform bed appears to float weightlessly in the minimalist bedroom scheme. Beige curtains heavily frame the wide bedroom window, where they block out every inch of daylight when it’s time for sleep. By day, sheer white voiles filter direct sunlight and offer an element of privacy.

The second bedroom design is fitted with an extraordinary wood-clad feature wall. Tactile wood cladding creates a curved L-shaped formation around a tufted headboard. A ribbon of LED light highlights slatted detailing. Mushroom bedside table lamps and an animal-themed child’s seat provide playfully shaped accents.

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Kohler Is Bringing Back 2 Archived Colors—And You Can Pick Which Ones

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kohler heritage color collection

Courtesy of Kohler.

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The days of stark-white toilets, tubs, and sinks dominating bathrooms are over. To celebrate its 150th anniversary, Kohler, the Wisconsin-based manufacturer best known for its plumbing fixtures, is embracing the rainbow. The brand just announced its Heritage Colors campaign, which  invites consumers to vote on their favorite vintage colorways they want to see revived later this year

Kohler Is Bringing Back 2 Archived Colors—And You Can Pick Which Ones

Kohler Is Bringing Back 2 Archived Colors—And You Can Pick Which Ones

Kohler Is Bringing Back 2 Archived Colors—And You Can Pick Which Ones

Kohler Is Bringing Back 2 Archived Colors—And You Can Pick Which Ones

Kohler Is Bringing Back 2 Archived Colors—And You Can Pick Which Ones

Kohler Is Bringing Back 2 Archived Colors—And You Can Pick Which Ones

The six contenders—Spring Green, Lavender, Peachblow, Sunrise, Avocado, and Pink Champagne—were previously only produced between 1927 and 1979. Two winners will be announced by David Kohler and Sophie Donelson—following a panel discussion titled “In Celebration of Color” with Isabel Ladd, Jonathan Adler, and Justina Blakeney at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show on February 1—before making their comeback as part of a limited-edition release this summer. The exclusive launch will include these six best-sellers: Memoirs Two-Piece Concealed Toilet, Memoirs 24-Inch Pedestal Console Table, Artifacts Freestanding Bath, San Souci One-Piece Skirted Toilet, Vox Rectangular Vessel with Deck, and Farmstead Kitchen Sink

While we wait for the big reveal, we’ll be looking back fondly at a few of our favorite colorful bathroom moments inspired by these retro hues. 

Think Pink

When it came to designing the kids’ bathroom in their London home, Charlotte and Angus Buchanan of Buchanan Studio doubled down on rosy features with a circa-1960s toilet and sink they scored from the Bold Bathroom Company. Their daughter naturally calls it her “princess bathroom.”

Salvage Your Vision

Going into her New Orleans reno, Breeze Braunschweig didn’t have a concept in mind, but between the Heath Ceramic wall tiles and the turquoise sink she scored from a junkyard, the finished space is a perfectly put-together mashup of old and new.

Soak in Cae-Sal Style

Inspired by her favorite dish of all time (a Caesar salad), chef Molly Baz turned her bathroom into a lettuce-colored oasis that suddenly has us craving veggies.

Make It Twice as Nice 

Within this primarily neutral bathroom palette, matching mirrors turn these sunny side-by-side sinks into twinning jewel boxes that are bound to kick off anyone’s day with a smile.

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Flea Market NYC: Where To Find The Best Secondhand Shops

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A flea market NYC is a great place to find bargains in the Big Apple. There are flea markets scattered across the city, and many of them are near major tourist attractions like the tallest buildings in NYC.

Some NYC flea markets are indoors while others are only outdoors. Certain ones operate year-round, seasonally, on weekends, or on weekdays. If you’re looking for a local flea market, there are options for everyone to enjoy.

What is a Flea Market?

Flea market NYC

A flea market can be any market selling secondhand goods. Most flea markets are outdoors with dozens of local vendors, but each one is unique.

The French term “marché aux puces,” was first used to describe a secondhand shop in Paris. The name loosely translated to “flea market,” likely because secondhand goods may or may not contain fleas. While the name has an unappealing meaning, it quickly became a recognizable term, so no one changed it.

Best Flea Markets in NYC

If you’re searching for a “flea market New York City,” then the following flea markets may be good options.

Year-Round Flea Markets

Chelsea Flea Market

  • Type: Outdoors
  • Location: East of Chelsea
  • Hours: 8 am to 4 pm on Saturday and Sunday

Chelsea Flea is a massive flea market only a few blocks from the iconic Empire State Building. There are 50 to 60 vendors that specialize in vintage and antique items, such as jewelry, photos, and historic collectibles.

Artists & Fleas Williamsburg

  • Type: Indoors
  • Location: Williamsburg
  • Hours: 11 am to 6 pm on Saturdays and Sundays

Artists & Fleas Williamsburg has an indoor location for customers who don’t want to face the weather. There are over 45 sellers that specialize in vintage collectibles, including clothing, jewelry, and decor.

Artists & Fleas Chelsea

  • Type: Indoors
  • Location: Chelsea
  • Hours: 11 am to 7 pm daily

This indoor location of Artists & Fleas is open daily with over 30 sellers. They sell lots of fashion and art items for creative individuals.

Grand Bazaar NYC

  • Type: Indoors and Outdoors
  • Location: Manhattan
  • Hours: 10 am to 5 pm every Sunday

This is one of the oldest and largest flea markets in NYC. It’s conveniently located just outside of Central Park, near the American Museum of Natural History. There are 60 to 200 vendors, depending on the time of year, so you can find just about anything.

GreenFlea Market

  • Type: Indoors and Outdoors
  • Location: Manhattan
  • Hours: 10 am to 5:30 pm on Sundays

GreenFlea is another one of the oldest and largest New York City flea markets. It has been around since 1985, and some of the profits are donated to schools. You can find almost any item there, including clothes, crafts, antiques, collectibles, and food.

Seasonal Flea Markets

Brooklyn Flea

  • Type: Outdoor
  • Location: Dumbo
  • Hours: 10 am to 6 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, April to December

Brooklyn Flea is a famous outdoor flea market with about 80 vendors. It’s known for its fashion items, but it also sells a variety of other goods like antiques, crafts, and gourmet food.

Hester Street Fair

  • Type: Outdoors
  • Location: Manhattan
  • Hours: Varies, Spring through Fall

The Hester Street Fair is smaller than most, but still popular. Its location and season vary each year, but it always returns with plenty of unique products, such as plants, food, clothes, and collectibles. This flea market also hosts theme nights on occasion, such as Halloween Day and Pride Day.

LIC Flea & Food

  • Type: Outdoor
  • Location: Queens
  • Hours: 10 am to 6 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, June to October

This New York flea market focuses on food, antiques, and vintage clothing. There’s also a beer garden along the water where visitors can socialize. The list of vendors consistently changes and grows, and sometimes, there’s live music on-site.

Queens Night Market

  • Type: Outdoors
  • Location: Queens
  • Hours: 6 pm to 12 am on Saturdays, Spring to Fall

Queens Night Market is one of the few NYC flea markets that happen at night instead of in the morning. This event focuses on food vendors, especially cuisines from a variety of different countries. There are also plenty of art pieces for sale, along with some live performances throughout the night.

Bronx Night Market

  • Type: Outdoors
  • Location: Bronx
  • Hours: 4 pm to 10 pm on Saturdays, April to October

Bronx Night Market is another market that’s great for night owls. It’s best known for its food since there are over 50 vendors selling delicious treats. It also hosts live performances that all ages can enjoy.

Nolita Market

  • Type: Outdoors
  • Location: Manhattan
  • Hours: 10 am to 7 pm on Fridays through Sundays, March through December

Nolita Market is likely the smallest option on this list, with only about 15 vendors per week. Yet, it’s worth walking through it at least once because the vendors specialize in some unique products, such as graphic tees, pendant necklaces, and sunglasses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Where Can I Find Flea Markets Near Me?

The easiest way to find flea markets nearby is to search for them on Google. You can also use online directories like Fleamapket to find a list of flea markets.

Do Flea Markets Take Cards?

It depends on the vendor. Some vendors will happily take cards while others prefer cash. It’s easiest to come to an NYC flea market with some cash available.

Do Flea Markets Give Receipts?

No, most vendors won’t give you a receipt, especially if you pay with cash. If you like to keep track of your purchases, write down the details at the time of purchase just in case.

Why are Flea Markets so Cheap?

Flea markets sell secondhand items that they got for free or cheap from other sources. So, they can sell them for low prices while still making a profit. Yet, this means the quality and sourcing can be uncertain.

Are There Fitting Rooms at Flea Markets?

No, most flea markets don’t have dressing rooms. So, if you buy clothes, there’s a risk that they won’t fit.

A flea market in NYC is a great way to save some money by finding great bargains. There’s no shortage of flea markets in the city, especially on summer weekends. So, consider checking some out, whether you’re a tourist or a local.
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Distinctive Colonial Style Home With Ethereal Interior

Sourced content from:

The Blanc project combines the colonial style with a modern open-plan layout. At the request of the client, pockets of privacy were achieved with the implementation of light-permeable partitions. Designed by Dematrix, this distinctive home holds an ethereal interior aesthetic with a fresh neutral color palette. The unique scheme conveys a positive vibe that feels alive. It communicates peace, elegance, and restful luxury. The kitchen springs to life under a bold dark green color scheme, which highlights this hub above the rest of the sociable living spaces. Contemporary furniture and 3d relief art lightly meld into pale backdrops. Lighting installations are special and interesting, adorning each room like jewelry.

A wide, paved driveway sweeps toward the grand front entry porch of this colonial-style home. The black paving stones complement stark black accents across the facade.

Potted plants smartly flank the front entryway. Exterior wall sconces light up a warm welcome.

The house contains five bedrooms, a sociable reception room, an open-plan dining room, a family living room, a study area, an open kitchen, a laundry room, and an upper living area.

The pale decor palette communicates a sense of minimalism, whilst upmarket materials convey comfort and luxury.

In the public reception room, a sputnik chandelier and a modern round coffee table place contrasting black accents into a predominantly white room palette. A wood-slatted ceiling and wood-backed display shelving units share a classic colonial aesthetic.

An assortment of decorative vases and a collection of books fill the built-in shelving units with interesting silhouettes and splashes of color. A feathered tripod floor lamp introduces a dash of whimsy to the room.

A blocked fireplace is paneled to complement the shaker-style storage cabinets that flank it. Matching wall molding makes an attractive frame around a modern gold mirror.

More textural decorative vases adorn the round coffee table in the center of the room.

Glass partitions divide the modestly proportioned reception room from a much larger, open-plan living space. The triple slide glass door grants the reception room privacy as well as airflow. In the larger, free-flowing sociable space, a playful swing seat hangs from a support beam.

A deep corner is transformed into a small lounge area. The cozy corner is perfect for impromptu conversations or to utilize as a bright and airy reading nook.

A small side table and a modern planter add points of black contrast between the white lounge chairs and wall decor.

The flooring in the open-plan living space is stunning gray and white Italian Statuario marble. The marble has a fabulous, dramatic vein and a glossy, light-reflective quality.

A small work area is tucked into the corner of the living space.

3D relief wall art adds textural interludes onto the ethereal white perimeter.

A sweeping staircase design features spaced marble treads, which allow natural sunlight to filter through. Unique decorative balustrades create a sculptural appeal.

The dining room scheme features a coffered ceiling treatment, which elevates the formal aesthetic.

The dining room console table is fashionably textured with fluted doors.

Golden accessories and fixtures deliver elegant luster.

Glass partitions achieve a sense of separation whilst maintaining the open flow.

Modern wall sconces bejewel the white walls with golden accents.

A vase of flowers makes an uplifting dining table centerpiece.

On one side of the dining room, a convenient hand-washing area features a unique bathroom sink. The black and PVD gold detailing on the wash basin is complemented by a matching black and gold tap and towel rail.

Plush upholstered dining chairs seat up to twelve people at the long rectangle dining table. Their ribbed upholstery is complemented by a piece of ridged relief art. All murals and artwork in the home have been customized to the space with a Duco finish.

A modern wall sconce illuminates each side of the artwork.

A cluster of globe pendants descends the double-height void above the open-plan living space. Visual interest is created with different sized pieces, suspended at varying heights.

The master bedroom is accessed just off the formal dining room. Cool gray and white tones create a soothing setting. SPC wooden flooring delivers a rich herringbone design.

A sliding glass door gives access to an ensuite dressing room. Two comfortable chairs and a small side table fashion a bedroom lounge area.

A gold floor lamp adds an elegant touch to the bedroom lounge. Decorative panel molding is filled with a delicate botanical wallpaper print. All of the wall and ceiling moldings were custom-made for the project to emphasize the scale and proportions of each room.

In the guest bedroom, the color scheme is switched up with a fresh green palette. Dark furniture provides weighty visual anchors.

The room has a contemporary yet colonial feel.

Beige bedclothes and white sheets create a layered look on the gray upholstered bed.

The kitchen features the boldest and darkest colorway in the house. A dark green cabinet finish gives the space a regal look.

A small dining area provides a convenient breakfast spot.

Gold hardware luxuriously complements the deep green kitchen units.

The hob is situated in the kitchen peninsula. This allows the cook to look out over the dining area and be sociable whilst preparing meals.

The upper living area provides a getaway from the main sociable spaces downstairs.

Two kids’ bedrooms are located on either side of the space.

The moldings on the walls, furniture, and staircase railing are a neutral Duco finish.

Ground floor plan.

First floor plan.

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