Healthcare experts reveal the common mistake households make when cleaning surfaces

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A third of households are cleaning surfaces in their home the wrong way, and actually making homes dirtier according to research by GAMA Healthcare.

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It might make sense to focus on the dirtiest areas first. However, this method used by a third of households in the UK actually just spreads more dirt and germs across kitchen worktops and tables.

When it comes to how to clean surfaces you should always wipe from the clean area to the dirty area. However, according to GAMA Healthcare, Britain’s leading supplier of disinfectant wipes and infection control training to the NHS, only four in ten households are cleaning their homes this way.


Image credit: Colin Poole

But this isn’t the only mistake we’re making when cleaning our homes. Only 60 per cent of households are using a methodical approach to wiping down a surface, which can make all the difference to the spread of germs at home.

‘Cleaning surfaces haphazardly, staring in the middle or bottom, and wiping up or down acts to spread germs,’ explains Dr Braverman and Dr Hanouka, former NHS doctors and infection control experts. ‘Working from the top to bottom is the most effective way to wipe, but currently, only 60 per cent of people are using that method.’

Cleaning solutions by kitchen sink

Image credit: Polly Eltes

To effectively wiping down and disinfect any surfaces we should we wiping in an S-shape, not side to side. According to Dr Braverman and Dr Hanouka this is key to making sure you’re not re-contaminating the areas you’ve already cleaned.

After cleaning and disinfecting a surface it is important to wait for surfaces to dry before putting everything back. This is especially important when using a disinfecting product like Zoflora that you leave the surface to dry for the recommended contact time. For example, if it says it kills germs in ’30 seconds,’ you need to wait 30 seconds for it to do its job.

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This Christmas we not just cleaning to impress the in-laws, but keep our homes safe. Make sure you’re not making any easy cleaning mistakes.

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Marie Kondo Believes This Kid’s Toy Sparks Good Organization Habits

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The only thing better than finally getting a kids’ space organized is getting your kids to do some of the organizing themselves. The trick, like most parenting hacks, is to somehow make it fun. So we did a deep dive to find the chaos-curbing goods that fit in each area your little ones occupy. These 20 pieces encourage orderliness—it’s never too early to learn the “a place for everything and everything in its place” lesson—but in the most playful way possible. Think: pretty palettes, friendly animal characters, durable materials, and small space–friendly designs wherever possible. The goal is to turn tidying into something they’re actually excited about and form good habits for well beyond 2020. Because we could all use that little extra help.


The never-ending battle against toy clutter is unavoidable, but these storage solutions have the fun factor to engage kids in organizing: a color-blocked toy bin that doubles as a stool and activity table; a giraffe-shaped basket that shows what’s inside while still keeping odds and ends contained; and a multi-pocket wall organizer (that can also be hung on the back of a door) where kids will love stashing tiny treasures. Plus a block set that fits neatly into a house-shaped container, so when playtime is over, returning each piece to its designated spot becomes a game in and of itself (leave it to Marie Kondo to have scouted that design).


Turn putting clothes away into play with kid-minded decor elements like a house-shaped garment rack (that could easily double as a make-believe fort), animal-like hangers, and wall hooks reminiscent of some of their favorite sweet treats. Getting them excited about choosing and styling an outfit also empowers them to streamline the wardrobe display, so they can find much-loved pj’s or that dinosaur costume easily.  


Right now having a neat desk at home is essential for adults and kids alike. These clever accessories—a slim book that opens up into a colorful accordion folder, a lamp with a base that also acts as a desktop organizer/catchall, a friendly trash bin that keeps students company as they work, and a DIY felt pencil wrap—are not only interesting but also encourage an orderly workspace. 


Elements that move (like this Transformer-style bunk bed that folds up and swivel storage piece); furniture with multicolored drawers (a handy way to designate what goes where); and shelves housed in unexpected shapes that create a whole new landscape to explore—these engaging, interactive designs all entertain while sparking good organization habits in the long run.


Kids can help keep things tidy in the kitchen, too. This cool foldable high chair doubles as a step ladder, so older kids can reach cupboards (and therefore put away their cereal and snacks). At first, little ones might need a bit of guidance from this Montessori-inspired placemat, designed to teach them where to place dinnerware, but ultimately it shows how to set the table for everyone. Colorful geometric-shaped plates and bowls will have them artfully arranging their food at mealtime, and these adorable reusable zipper bags will make packing leftovers (and maintaining an orderly fridge) fun. 

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Keep Out The Water With A Garage Door Threshold

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During inclement weather, there’s nothing worse than rainwater seeping into your garage and damaging all of the items that you’ve got in there. If that has happened to you before, it’s time to get a garage door threshold. Not only will a garage door threshold prevent rainwater, leaves, dust or sand from entering your garage, but it’ll also minimise the chances of rusting occurring – which can be detrimental to the vehicles, tools and appliances that you’ve got stored inside your garage. Additionally, a garage door weather seal will also protect against cold air, drafts and snow. Garage door thresholds are also great to have if the floor of your garage is currently not level or your gasket strip at the bottom of the door has become worn. 

Garage Door Threshold

If you’re thinking of purchasing a garage door threshold, we’re here to help! We’ve rounded up 10 of the best garage door thresholds that we’ve found and will provide a detailed review of each of them. Additionally, we’ll also talk about how to go about choosing the correct height and length for your thresholds and the different types of thresholds available. 

How Do I Know the Correct Height for My Garage Door Threshold? 

To know the correct height, you have to measure the gap between the bottom of your garage door and the floor in a few places and take note of the largest measurement. Since it’s highly unlikely that your floor’s level, it’s a must to measure the gap at least three to four times to figure out where the most significant gap is. 

Once you’ve got the biggest measurement, another thing to consider is the level of protection that you require. If you tend to get storms in your area, you’d want to select a higher seal to help with keeping out water. 

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How Do I Know the Correct Length for My Garage Door Threshold? 

To figure out the right length for your garage door threshold, you’d want to measure the width of the opening. If you need to, you can also easily cut the threshold to the size you require with either a pair of scissors or a hacksaw. 

What are the Different Garage Door Threshold Materials? 

With garage door thresholds, they typically come in two different materials – aluminum and vinyl. Aluminum thresholds are great if you’ve got a garage that’s storing large equipment as they’re incredibly durable. They’ll also minimize airflow and prevent any water and debris from entering your garage. 

Vinyl garage door thresholds, on the other hand, are a popular choice if you’re concerned about aesthetics. These thresholds come in a variety of colours with some even having a wood grain-like aesthetic. While they are durable, they can crack when exposed to high temperatures or weight; hence they’re not a great option if you’re storing heavy equipment in your garage. 

Best Garage Door Thresholds 

Eapele 20ft Garage Door Threshold Seal 

This durable garage door threshold is made of rubber material and comes in two different sizes to suit your needs. It’s able to withstand extreme temperatures so you won’t have to worry about your garage door threshold racking or shifting in cold weather. As the material’s made of soft rubber, you’re more than welcome to cut it with a knife or a pair of shears to your desired size. 

This garage door threshold is incredibly popular as it’ll seal out drafts, rain, snow, dust, dirt, rodents, pests and more. It’s also easy to install, all you’ve got to do is cut it to the length you’d like, clean the floor well and proceed to stick it with liquid nails. Individuals that have purchased this garage door threshold like it as they mentioned that it’s easy to install, and also prevents rainwater from being blown under small gaps. 

Garage Door U-Bottom Weather Stripping Kit

Another fantastic garage door threshold, it’s U-shaped and comes in three different sizes that you can select from. In terms of material, it’s made with flexible rubber that’s both durable, waterproof and long-lasting. It’s able to withstand a variety of temperatures and comes with seven insulation layers that help to reduce sound while keeping you warm. Use it for either your interior or exterior door to keep moisture, dirt, cold air, and so much more out of your garage. 

The material used to make this garage door threshold is also non-toxic, and it won’t crack or shatter during high temperatures. Installation is also easy as there’s no screw or nail required. You can also easily cut the strip in accordance with your needs. As it’s made of heavy-duty professional grade rubber, you can be assured that it’ll last you for many years to come. 

Garage Door Threshold Seal 20ft

For a garage door threshold that provides you with superior water protection, you’ll want to take a look at this excellent product. Thanks to its unique design, it comes with a special raised edge that’ll make sure that your garage stays both water and debris-free. It also comes with a red safety strip, and you’re more than welcome to cut the garage door threshold to your desired length. 

Material-wise, it’s crafted from PVC rubber that’s water-resistant and will keep your garage dry. Additionally, this product also comes with a lifetime warranty, so you know that you’re covered in case you run into any issues. You can also find your perfect thickness with this garage door threshold as it allows you to tear off strips to ensure you get the ideal water-stopping level thickness. This is a highly-rated product that customers have mentioned was easy to install and kept their garage door completely dry. 

Weatherproof Universal Garage Door Bottom Threshold Seal

This garage door threshold comes with excellent durability as it’s made with flexible rubber that’s non-toxic and long-lasting. It comes in three different lengths that you can pick from, and the rubber is specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Additionally, if properly installed you don’t have to worry about your seal cracking, breaking or shifting and it’ll also stop rainwater from being blown into your garage. 

Installation’s simple and the seal’s intentionally designed to be slightly longer to ensure that you’ve got the proper length to suit your needs. Like most other garage door thresholds, you can cut this one to fit your needs. It’ll also form a tight seal on your door and allow for a garage that’s not only quieter but also cleaner and dryer. Customers love this garage door threshold and mention that it fits right and is easy to install. 

M-D Building Single Garage Door Threshold Kit

If you prefer vinyl garage door thresholds, this will do the trick. The vinyl material is incredibly durable and will form a seal that’ll protect your garage against rain, draft, dirt, insects and more. It’s also easy to install as you’ll get your garage door threshold along with a tube of silicone adhesive with your purchase. 

Customers that have purchased this like the product and mention that it works perfectly. They also said that it keeps the water out and they appreciate that it comes with everything you need for installation – including directions for every step. They also like how this garage door threshold is made with excellent quality and kept their garage dry during storms. 

Weather Defender XL Garage Door Threshold Floor Seal

Need an extra-large garage door threshold? This is a fantastic product that’ll keep your garage dry with no issues at all. It comes in three different sizes that you can select from and includes adhesives. It’s also easy to install, and you’ll be able to keep water, leaves, pests and rodents out of your garage with no problems at all. This garage door threshold is also suitable for all door types, vehicle types, residential and commercial applications and more. 

Material-wise it’s made from eco-friendly PVC that’s both flexible and comes with a bright yellow safety strip. Additionally, features of this garage door threshold include anti-slip ridges for safety and black adhesive for your convenience. Customers like how it comes with instructions that are easy to digest, and mentioned that their garage floor had been kept dry ever since. 

Tsunami Lifetime Garage Door Threshold Seal Kit

For a garage door threshold set, this will have you covered. Upon purchase, you’ll get an entire kit that comes in three different colours of black, brown and gray. It’ll also do a great job at keeping out water, leaves, dirt, pests, snow and more. Thanks to the insulation on the garage door threshold, you’ll also be kept warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer. It’s compatible with a range of doors from hinged doors to walk through doors and will help with minimizing energy costs. 

Installation wise, it’ll mount to your garage floor and create the perfect seal. It’s also great for sloped driveways or uneven garage floors as the door seal helps to add a ½ inch tall barrier to the garage floor. Customers have raved about this garage door threshold and mentioned that it kept their garage floor dry. They also said that it’s easy to install and is a product that they’d definitely recommend. 

Universal Garage Door Bottom Rubber Seal

For a durable garage door threshold, you’ll want to go with this particular product. It’s made of durable black synthetic rubber that’s able to withstand extreme temperature conditions. Each purchase comes with five aluminum T tracks along with a rubber seal and screw kit. This particular garage door threshold is made of high-quality material and will suit garage doors of all sizes. 

Installation is relatively straightforward since your purchase comes with everything you need, such as aluminum channels and screws. If you’d like, you can also cut the seal to suit your needs. Use this garage door threshold to prevent water, wind and dust from seeping in. This particular product is recommended for steel or wood rollup doors, and you can be assured that it’s made with heavy-duty material that’s both long-lasting and durable. 

Suptikes 2 Pack Door Draft Stopper

This garage door threshold will take care of all the gaps. It’s great for uneven door gaps, and can also be used for your cabinets, beds, sofas and more. Since it comes with a self-adhesive, it’s incredibly easy to install. All you’ve got to do is measure the width of your door, cut it to your desired size, peel the back off the adhesive, stick it to the door and you’re good to go. 

With this garage door threshold, you’ll prevent heat and cold from escaping during the winter and summer. It’ll also reduce your electricity bill, and since the door bottom seal consists of two layers, it’ll also keep your room both cozy and quiet. This is a highly-rated garage door threshold that individuals have also used on the exterior doors of their house. They mentioned that it keeps spiders out and also stops drafts. They also love how easy it is to install and noted that they’ve not run into any issues with the adhesive. 

Vinyl Garage Door Top and Sides Seal

Lastly is this excellent garage door threshold that’s made of vinyl material. It’ll effectively keep out cold air, dust, leaves, moisture and more. It’ll also help to extend the lifespan of your door as it has a cushion that absorbs shock when closed. Even during colder temperatures, your garage door threshold will remain flexible, and it also comes with fasteners for easy installation. 

In terms of reviews, customers have mentioned that they love this product and recommend it. While it isn’t very aesthetic, customers like how it’s functional and said that installation was relatively easy. It’s also much cheaper in comparison to some of the other garage door thresholds and will still get the job done. 

Bottom Line 

We hope that this article has helped you learn more about garage door thresholds and you were able to choose one that best suits your needs. Garage door thresholds are great to have if you’re looking to protect the items that you have stored in your garage. When it comes to selecting your garage door threshold, remember to check that it’s of the correct height and length, and comes in a material that suits your needs. 

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<p>Any christmas cards with gremlins?</p>

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Sorry this one took me so long! It got lost among angry notes (it’s Tumblr; everyone’s mad at something). But it’s hard to find “gremlins” in the sense of really angry looking gnomes or elves. And if you mean “gremlins” like the movie, then no, not really. “Evil” gnome things are more common in modern stuff. But here’s a good faith effort:

Darkly Decorated Open Plan Living Spaces

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Large open plan interiors can take a strong dose of colour, as illustrated by these three darkly decorated living spaces. A dark wall treatment can help generously proportioned spaces feel more cohesive and cosily contained. Black and grey perimeters take elements of the room into the shadows to let lighter pieces shine and hold main focus. We take a look at how pale sofas make an open plan lounge into a light heart of the room, whilst black kitchens and charcoal dining areas wait quietly in the shadows. You’ll also find a plethora of home lighting ideas to illuminate and dramatise, from concealed perimeter lights and recessed spotlights to chic chandeliers and stylish floor lamps.

Visualizer: ON Design  

Sleek sophistication exudes from this 203 square metre penthouse interior in Moscow, Russia. A biscuit brown sofa arrangement sets out the borders of the lounge area, with a unique spherical floor lamp rising behind. Recessed track lights set frames of light over each zone.

A squarish coffee table fits into the centre of the space, introducing a splash of white marble. A huge grey area rug holds the pieces of the lounge together.

A charcoal kitchen and dark feature walls wrap the lightly toned lounge furniture setup. The darker outer areas fall away from main focus like shadows.

In place of a TV wall, a motorised projector screen drops down from the ceiling when desired.

With the projector screen retracted, a luxurious wall of black marble textures the living room.

Modern art props against the marble wall panels, building a stylishly layered effect.

The lights of the home twinkle brightly against the dark decor, like precious jewels.

A small side table pulls the black marble element to the centre of the layout, where it smoothly contrasts with the white marble coffee table.

Black window blinds stretch the dark decor right across the glass. Soft daylight plays gently over the contours of a classic bust displayed on a colour matched grey plinth.

A modern chandelier descends upon a modern grey and black dining set with a stunning chrome base.

The mirrored base brings added light to the shadowy dining room scheme, giving the grey dining set a much lighter look.

A light floor and ceiling prevents the shaded palette from feeling oppressive.

Moving toward the hallway, an indoor plant and an oscillating slat screen divide off a small sitting area. An inviting faux fur chair peeps out from behind.

Another mature indoor plant is given a home next to a comfortable reading chair in the window of the living room. A modern arrangement of stone tiles add elegant character to the supporting walls.

Black kitchen accessories camouflage quietly with the cabinets.

Visualizer: HotWalls  

Our second inspirational dark living space is dominated by a rugged stone feature wall that climbs behind a wall mounted TV.

Illumination from recessed LED ribbons plays over the form the stone. A tall and slender floor lamp discreetly lights the modern sofa.

Light living room furniture makes contrast with the dark living room wall texture.

An ottoman coffee table arrangement combines the light and dark elements of the room.

The jagged houndstooth motif makes perfect partnership with the sharp stone feature wall. Houndstooth fabric brings pattern to a plain modern sofa, and sets a point of commonality that’s shared with the dining room.

In the dining area, chic houndstooth upholstery patterns six modern dining chairs to shake up the dark decor.

The dining table is attached to the kitchen island, where it is sandwiched directly beneath the stone countertop.

A long dining chandelier scatters tiny lights along the length of the table, like a constellation of stars.

Flat-fronted handle-free walnut cabinets conceal the kitchen behind the island.

When the slab doors are closed they take on the appearance of simple wall panelling.

Plentiful storage and a kitchen countertop hide behind the secretive covers.

Visualizer: Natalie Ruden  

Our final living room design is a little more compact than the other two spaces, providing a taste of how dark decor can work inside more limited floor areas.

A pair of grey rugs lay down the dark element on top of light oak floorboards.

The graphite upholstery of the modern sofa is broken with lighter toned pillows. A long mirrored wall reflects every drop of natural light provided by the room’s large windows.

An oak media unit floats a light accent across a charcoal feature wall.

Dried wheat springs a golden brown flourish from decorative vases.

Modern dining pendant lights mark the eating area of the kitchen, which runs off the end of the kitchen island.

Indoor plants freshen the heavy interior. LED plinth lights and under cabinet lighting strike life into the flat black kitchen.

The black marble dining tabletop is contrasted by a matt black kitchen island, whilst the cabinets behind are set beneath matching stone.

A volume of paler larder units and an oven housing unit build light relief at the end of the kitchen run.

A stone modern fruit bowl tops the table.

Black slats build a room divider between the living room and a dark and moody hallway design with atmospheric lighting.

An indoor plant drinks in the sunlight on a balcony area.

A black wire frame lounge chair vibes with back window binds and a lightweight side table.

Perimeter lights pull dark walls out of the shadows.

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Cool & Clear Interiors With Blue Accents And Glass Walls

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Whether calming or dramatic, depending on which shade you choose, blue decor is a sure crowd pleaser. Blue reminds us nature loving humans of our mighty ocean and of clear skies, which is why it fits so well into our interior living spaces too. To nurture this connection with open air and open spaces, we’re featuring three different home tours that employ breezy blue accent decor and clear glass walls to harness that feeling of boundaryless freedom. We’ll see how even small studio apartments can be opened up with brilliant blue elements and a glass wall bedroom, and how Meditteranean blue moments can warm a concrete shell.

Visualizer: Anna Vasyliuk  

Our first interior is a 41 square metre apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine. Cool blue splashes are balanced by cosy moments of natural wood tone. A wood effect TV stand wraps around the edge of a narrow dividing wall to create a custom look.

A round coffee table puts a blast of bright blue into the heart of the small lounge, where it contrasts dramatically with a dark cocoa and taupe sectional sofa combination.

Right by the end of the couch, a frameless clear glass cube contains the bedroom.

Artwork inside the glass wall bedroom becomes a part of the living room too. Privacy curtains cocoon the sleep space at night.

A vibrant blue floating vanity flanks one side of the simple white bedstead. A low hanging bedroom pendant light brightens the other.

Natural light makes it through from the large living room windows.

You always want to make a good first impression, and this home entryway sets out the upbeat blue colour scheme right from the get go. Blue storage cabinets, shelving, a built in blue entryway bench and a colour matched interior door build a solid statement wall.

The blue saturated hallway unit continues around the corner into the kitchen area.

Bifold doors draw back to reveal appliances and a mirrored fridge inside.

There is also a small blue kitchen space for prep at one end, which houses the kitchen sink.

The cooktop is situated on the kitchen peninsula, which takes on a much more peaceful appearance in white granite.

A mismatched duo of dining pendant lights creates extra interest.

Blue trims pull checkered grey dining chairs into the fresh colour scheme.

Visualizer: Anastasiia Reznichenko  

Our second tour is set inside a modern studio space, where a split level floor creates zoning. A modern sofa gives us our first sapphire blue accent piece.

In the split level studio design, the homeowner can go “upstairs” to bed. A midnight blue accent wall sleeps within dark grey surroundings.

A comfortable home workspace backs onto the kitchen worktop, with a glass wall situated to divide the two. The kitchen’s white marble finish flows around onto the rear to create a luxurious desk support.

The rest of the kitchen presents as tall larder units along the other side of the lounge. A modern chandelier gives the compact dual use space a strong sense of style and elegance.

The kitchen countertop flows into an L-shape across the lounge window to create a dining bar.

A slatted bedroom feature wall is mounted in perfect alignment with the glass room divider to bring texture to both spaces.

The cutaway headboard wall expands the perception of both height and width.

Differentiating the walls helps to define the sleep space as a room within a room.

Blue paintwork slicks over textured concrete in the bathroom.

Blue grout colourfully floods the channels around plain white tile.

A shower of light flows down the wet wall behind a freestanding bathtub, creating an unusual statement.

Arched mirrors double up to reflect the cool glow.

The curved motif is carried onto a unique circular towel rail over the bathtub, which punches a crisp white accent into the blue feature wall.

Designer: K Band  

Our last blue accent interior is an 85 square metre two-room apartment in Kyiv, with a concrete open plan living space. A modern fireplace gives the centre of the room a warm and unusual heart with its cantilevered design.

A comfortable reading chair and footstool set pull up by the fire for cosy evenings with a best seller.

The dual aspect fireplace design successfully divides the open plan room without blocking off the visual flow.

In the dining area, Mediterranean blue molding frames out a shelving unit for wine glasses and flatware.

A blue kitchen continues the Meditterranean vibe. A live edge wood dining table adds a beautifully rustic yet trendy note.

Inside the bedroom, wood panels and blush textiles make a soft arrangement. A mini pendant light vibes with the black framework of a glass wall dressing room.

The spacious dressing room leads through into an ensuite bathroom.

The TV is set back into the wood panelled walls to create a streamlined custom finish.

In the master ensuite, a concrete pedestal sink is highlighted under atmospheric bathroom lighting.

Wood effect tile rises from floor to wet wall. Slats continue the warm wood tone across the ceiling.

The guest bathroom is a stunning white marble creation with a mosaic covered shower.

The grey and white bathroom is simple yet luxurious. Large expanses of mirror help the narrow area to appear open and light. A laundry zone hides away in cupboards at its entrance.

Facing mirrors create an infinite optical illusion of mosaic and light.

Apartment floor plan.

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How 4 Designers Plan to Decorate With Pantone’s Colors of the Year

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Today, Pantone, the global color authority that standardizes swatches for the design industry, announced its 2021 color of the year—er, make that colors of the year. Ultimate Gray (described as solid and dependable) and Illuminating (a cheerful yellow) are the winning hues that the company says reflect what people are looking for after this roller coaster of a year. “This is a combination that gives us resilience and hope,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. “We need to feel encouraged and uplifted; that is essential to the human spirit.” 

This is only the second time two colors have been chosen by Pantone, and the very first time an achromatic shade (gray) has been selected. But to be honest, we didn’t expect anything but a radical choice coming out of 2020. Neither of these two options are particularly easy to decorate with (gray has a reputation for being boring, and lemon yellow can read as kitschy if you’re not careful). So we went to designers Colin King, Mat Sanders, Anita Yokota, and Domino’s very own style director, Benjamin Reynaert, and asked them how they would decorate with this year’s picks

Pick Your Star Piece

To keep gray feeling fresh, don’t overuse it in a room. If you have gray upholstery, don’t put down a gray rug (it can quickly feel dull and flat). Simply use it as a canvas to experiment with marigold, green, blue, and rust hues. —Colin King 

Make Old Furniture New Again

Illuminating feels very vintage Parisian. I’d dig up modernist chairs at the Saint Ouen flea market (as soon as I can travel again) and splash this all over the upholstery. Ultimate Gray is centering and would work great in transitional spaces, like on entryway walls. It’s a tonal reminder to breathe and collect yourself. —Mat Sanders

Go Big in a Small Space

I would love to do gray walls and a yellow door in an entry. I also think a yellow laundry room with gray shelves would be fun. Small spaces would be conducive to a playful combination like this. —Anita Yokota 

Drench Every Wall and Molding in It

I find this combination to be a throwback to baby nursery palettes in the early 2000s. I like the idea of drenching walls, moldings, and even ceilings in one of these colors. The gray would look really beautiful in a small galley kitchen (it reminds me of one of my favorite grays, Plummet by Farrow & Ball). I’d do a bright yellow mohair velvet on a modern sofa form, like a sumptuous option from Pierre Frey on a low Milo Baughman couch. That sounds like a dream to me. —Benjamin Reynaert

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