Moto Jackets Under $75

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Have I ever told you I ride a Vespa? One of my favorite things to do is ride it around town to the market or a fitness class. After a trip to Europe, I saw it’s how many of them get around and I wanted to live like that too, so I bought myself one a few years ago.


I’m in my forties and my fashion choices have changed, my style is edgier than ever before. In my twenties, when I was a young lawyer I would spend money on nice suits. In my thirties, I wore more casual cardigans and athleisure wear. It’s fun to reinvent yourself a few times in life and fashion is one way to do it. In the fall I now wear mostly moto jackets as my top layer, especially when I ride.

I added these four new moto jackets to my wardrobe this season. I’m wearing the rose pink one in my new profile picture, and the black one I’m wearing is this faux leather floral jacket, my new favorite!

faux leather floral / ruched shoulder

rose pink / black vegan leather

I rounded up a few under $75 for your fall wardrobe too!

camel quilted  / red belted

coastal green / stone zippered

olive with hood / raspberry ruffle

fur + gold zipper / classic navy


Seattle Apartment Converted Into An Eclectic Bachelor Pad

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This is an apartment that’s almost overwhelmingly beautiful. Located in downtown Seattle, it’s been recently redesigned by studio Hoedemaker Pfeiffer. It was a drastic transformation which gave the apartment a completely new identity. it went from a dated space with a cramped layout and almost no natural light or views to a very welcoming open-plan bachelor pad with gorgeously framed views of the coast and the city skyline. The new interior design is eclectic, mixing in modern, contemporary, rustic, vintage and mid-century elements in a very organic way. The result is a juxtaposition of styles and influences which somehow feels very natural.

The beautiful blue ocean is framed by lots of warm wood and looks amazing
The beautiful blue ocean is framed by lots of warm wood and looks amazing
The apartment also offers a magnificent view of downtown Seattle which gives an urban vibe
The apartment also offers a magnificent view of downtown Seattle which gives an urban vibe
A cozy window seat taken full advantage of the panoramic view
A cozy window seat taken full advantage of the panoramic view
Originally the kitchen was closed-in and the new design opens it up and gives it a more airy look
Originally the kitchen was closed-in and the new design opens it up and gives it a more airy look

The apartment has a strong masculine vibe while also being very warm and welcoming. It’s an urban retreat with lots of character and a fresh vibe. The spaces are defined by textural diversity and flexibility ensured by the open plan design. Wood, stone, leather and various types of fabrics are seamlessly blended together creating an inviting and cozy ambiance and giving the apartment a lived-in feel. With all that going on, the view still manage to remain the main focal point throughout the apartment.

The apartment has a cool lived-in feel thanks to the reclaimed wood and weathered leather used throughout
The apartment has a cool lived-in feel thanks to the reclaimed wood and weathered leather used throughout
The living room is not particularly spacious but has a very airy feel thanks to the large windows
The living room is not particularly spacious but has a very airy feel thanks to the large windows
The dining area is framed by a curved balcony with a panoramic coastal view
The dining area is framed by a curved balcony with a panoramic coastal view
The kitchen is part of an open plan area but maintains its individuality
The kitchen is part of an open plan area but maintains its individuality
The panoramic views are the main focal point of the apartment's new interior design
The panoramic views are the main focal point of the apartment’s new interior design
The bedroom features delicate curtains, lots of wood and a variety of textured details
The bedroom features delicate curtains, lots of wood and a variety of textured details
The furniture has a vintage vibe which ultimately gives the apartment an eclectic allure
The furniture has a vintage vibe which ultimately gives the apartment an eclectic allure
The bathroom lacks any source of natural light but is nevertheless bright, airy and stylish
The bathroom lacks any source of natural light but is nevertheless bright, airy and stylish

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50 Amazing Backyard Projects – There’s Something For Everyone

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A house without a backyard is incomplete and really missing out on a ton of cool features which can be added out there, from stylish and comfortable furniture pieces to all sorts of cute accessories, decorations and other quirky things. That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today: 50 projects that can make your backyard better in cool and ingenious ways.

Wind chimes in general are nice and cheerful and this one in particular is pretty cool mostly because it’s easy to make. You need an empty glass bottle, some jewelry chain, 3 key rings, a wooden wheel and a stone pendant. If you missing some of these things you can look for replacements and alternatives. After all, you’ll want to make your glass bottle wind chime as special as possible.

A modern pergola can really change the whole backyard but, as you can imagine, is a fairly serious and time-consuming project not to mention you’ll probably need some help along the way. Once it’s in place, however, you’ll be able to enjoy it for a long long time. If you want to you could train vines or climbing plants to grow on the pergola. That would look bohemian and beautiful.

Before you start focusing on all the little decorations and accessories, the big basic elements have to be in place and out of the way. That includes projects such as installing a deck floor. With planning and attention to detail you should be able to pull this off without a problem.

Sometimes before you can start building something new in your backyard you have to get rid of the old structures. For instance, any old, cracked or uneven concrete slabs would have to be removed. You can do this yourself and we can share with you our preferred method.

Now let’s talk specifics. There are so many things you can put out in the backyard that we don’t even know where to start. A chair turned into a garden bed seems like a wonderful option. After all, what else would you be using your old chairs for?

Big planters are also always nice to look at so perhaps there’s room for one in your backyard. A pallet planter is a nice option. You make it out of reclaimed wood which is a nice touch and this design is simple and modern which is also great. feel free to add your own twist to the project.

Pallets can also be used in lots and lots of other wonderful projects for the backyard. This, for example, is a pallet herb planter. It’s easy to make and very practical too. You can put it up on a wall or just let it lean against a wall on your patio. Use chalkboard paint so you can easily label your herbs. Check out the video tutorial on youtubeand make as many of these as you want.

Don’t want your backyard planters to take up floor space? How about a pallet wood hanging planter instead? You can paint it in a bright and vibrant color so it stands out and looks cheerful. By using pallet boards you’ll keep the cost of the project low.

Here’s a little something that you can craft to make the outside of your house look cute and friendly. These window box planters can be crafted using reclaimed wood or pallet boards to keep the cost of the project low. Give them a nice finish so they also look pretty even when they’re empty.

Flagstone pathways are very beautiful, especially when there’s grass growing through the stones and they look like they’ve been there for ages. If you’re interested in learning how to lay a flagstone pathway in your backyard or your garden, check out our detailed tutorial.

In a lot of ways, the backyard is an extension of the indoor living area. With that in mind, you can furnish it with comfortable benches and even a table. A coffee table on wheels would be super practical. Once again, you can use pallet wood for this project.

Of course, we can’t ignore this colorful garden bench. It looks charming and since it rests against the fence it doesn’t need a backrest. It’s made out of pallet wood. You can customize your own bench with your favorite colors and add comfy cushions if you’d like to. If there’s no fence to act as a backrest, just add one to your bench and you can turn this into an outdoor sofa or daybed project.

Some of the projects on this list are meant to make your backyard look nice and pretty while others such as this one are focused more on the practical side of things. This is a garden hose hanger. It keeps your backyard clean and tidy and give you a place to store the garden hose when you’re not using it.

A grape trellis is one or those things many plan to build but keep postponing. Perhaps now would be a good time to finally do it. Nobody really knows how to build a grape arbor until they actually do it so go ahead and try. If you’re not really a fan of grapevines just use other climbing plants instead.

Adding a swimming pool to the backyard definitely sounds like a cool idea and you can actually do it. It can be a casual-looking stock tank pool big enough to soak in and you could build a wooden frame around it, sort of like a table so you can keep drinks and towels on it. Check out heywandererblog for details.

A trellis screen can also look lovely in the backyard. You could have vines and climbing plants trained to grow on it. Building the trellis screen is easy and would only take a couple of hours. You can find all the details of this project on practicallyfunctional.

What good is having a backyard if you can’t have a nice bbq get together from time to time? Simply enjoying dinner outside would also be a wonderful experience but for that you need to equip your backyard with a kitchen. Have something custom-made and include all the features that you like. Check out bobvila for details.

You know what else you could put in your backyard? A tiki bar. Something small and simple would do. You could build it out of reclaimed wood to give it more character. You can include shelves for storage or other details and accessories in your own design to make it special. Check out the project on brooklynlimestone.

Chalkboards are super fun and make great educational tools but they’re not exactly great indoors since they can make quite a mess. If you were to hang a chalkboard outside in the backyard however things would be different. You can attach the board to the fence and add hooks to the frame so you can hang containers with chalk and cleaning sponges. The idea comes from loveandrenovations.

If there’s enough space in your backyard you could even build a playground for the kids. You can make the project easier and faster by reusing shipping crates. The playground doesn’t have to be complicated from a structural point of view but it should definitely be fun as well as safe. Check out frugalmomeh for tips and instructions.

Swings are always fun no matter how old you are. They’re also easy to build, especially the rustic ones with only a piece of wood as a seat. This project would be perfect if you have a big tree in your backyard. Just make sure you hang it securely so be sure to check out themerrythought for all the details.

A wine barrel can be upcycled into a table, a storage module or, in this case, a water feature for the backyard. Although you could simply fill the barrel with water and call it a day, that wouldn’t look too interesting so check out the project featured on aloandbeholdlife for a more comprehensive understanding of the concept.

How about a fire pit for the backyard? You could build one out of concrete pavers and you could place comfy chairs all around it. Keep the project and the design simple. It’s the ambiance you create that matters the most. You can find out more about building a fire pit on keepingitsimplecrafts.

Backyard bbq parties and other casual get-togethers are great when the ambiance is friendly and they’re even better when you can enjoy an ice cold drink on a hot summer day. That’s when this project comes in handy. It’s a table with built-in coolers. This is something that you can build yourself so check out remodelaholic for instructions.

Another cool feature to have in the backyard would be a pond. It doesn’t have to be big. Find a corner or a piece of ground in a convenient area and you can put your new pond there. you need a container which you’ll be placing flush with the ground. Place rocks and plants around the edge. You can find more details about the project on ohmy-creative.

A bunch of rocks can spruce up your backyard quite nicely. They may not look like much individually but you can use them to create all sorts of cool designs, like this vegetable garden spiral featured on ohmy-creative. It’s a nice and creative way of making your garden look less boring and mainstream.

Remember that garden hose hanger we mentioned earlier? Here’s another ingenious project that lets you store your garden hose with ease and this time out of sight. This is in fact a planter made of pallet wood. It has a little door at the bottom which reveals a secret storage compartment. Check out the details on diycandy.

We showed you how to build a fire pit for your backyard so now let’s see how you can also build a beautiful patio around it. Obviously this takes some planning and you won’t finish this in a day. We love the round patio concept featured on recapturedcharm. The stones look lovely and there’s a nice border framing the whole area, with grass growing around it.

In case you happen to have a wooden barrel and you don’t know what to do with it, an idea can be to turn it into a planter that also serves as an umbrella stand. It’s a combination that works out great for cozy backyard settings. This quirky idea comes from spruceyournest.

There are several different ways in which you can build a backyard patio and one of the most important choices is the palette of materials. This right here is a pea gravel patio. It’s fairly easy to set up but it does require planning and all the materials and tools involved can end up costing quite a bit. Check out the details on cityfarmhouse.

Good lighting is always important and that also applies to the backyard. Conventional chandeliers and pendant lamps won’t work here but that gives you an opportunity to be creative. Hang some string lights on poles all around your backyard patio to create a magical and cozy vibe. You can find out everything about the project on cityfarmhouse.

Vertical gardens are not just cool-looking but also very space-efficient which is great if you have a small backyard and you don’t want to turn it all into a garden. Check out this vertical garden wall from homemadelovely. It has a sturdy construction and it looks chic and stylish at the same time.

What’s fun about backyard projects is that you can improvise and create all sorts of things such as a bench made of stacked stones or concrete blocks with a piece of wood on top. You can use that to set up a cozy sitting area. Add more benches if you want to or build something else like an outdoor sofa or perhaps a fire pit. Check out linapalandet for more ideas.

Vertical planters can make lovely decorations both indoor and outdoor. A monogram planter would for example look beautiful out on a wall, perhaps as an ornament for your front entrance or a focal point for the backyard area. Depending on which letter you choose, this project can either be super easy or a bit more complex. Check out remodelaholic for more details.

Planning some backyard parties this summer? Then how about an outdoor bar to make everything more fancy while still being focused on the practical side of things? You can build the bar out of wood and you can give it shelves for storage and even an ice bucket compartment. You can find all the details of this project on aburstofbeautiful.

We love DIY planters and we have a feeling you do too so here’s a bunch more ideas that you can use when you’re decorating your patio or your backyard. One is a tiered planter made out of two reclaimed drawers, complemented by two metal planters. Together they make a charming trio and individually they have just as much character. Check out beyondthepicket for the details.

Having a backyard opens up a whole world of possibilities. You can do a ton of cool and fun things out here, including to set up an outdoor movie theater. You need a projector (unless you want to use the wall of your house instead) and some comfortable seats. This project from notjustahousewife shows you how to accomplish the second part.

We mentioned before that you can make a comfortable outdoor sofa for your backyard so now let’s see how it’s actually done. This sofa featured on funkyjunkinteriors is made out of pallet wood. It has a funky-looking backrest and a comfortable seat cushion. You can even add a crate as your footstool.

Think of the backyard as an extension of the indoor living area. Out here you can create a second lounge area with comfortable chairs, a sofa, a coffee table and even a cool faux grass area rug to go with it all. You could use this beautiful seating area setup from lizmarieblog as a source of inspiration.

A fence is needed if you want to physically delineate your backyard and to give it privacy at the same time. We found this really cool idea on gardendrama which shows how you can decorate a simple wooden fence with colored marbles. You need a drill with bits in sizes that match the marbles.

Remember hopscotch. It’s one of the few old-school playground games that are still somewhat popular to this day. Wouldn’t it be cool to add something like this to your backyard? You can use bright colors to create an eye-catching design and you can use pavers for the actual tiles. This idea comes from happinessishomemade.

Hanging mirrors on the exterior walls of your house is another interesting an ingenious idea. The mirrors can reflect the surroundings which works out wonderfully if you have a nice garden or a cool view that you want to make the most of. These vintage mirrors from thebrambleberrycottage and made of old window frames and beadboard.

That’s right, these hanging planters are made out of colanders. That actually works out great for them because the colanders have a bunch of holes that keep the soil aerated and prevent too much water from building up at the bottom. You can hang these out on the patio or in the backyard and you can spray paint them if you want the colors to pop. Check out the project on countryliving.

It’s nice to have all sorts of different areas in the backyard with different functions. One section for example could be a little garden and it can stretch across the yard. You could build a small walkway so you can pass through without walking on dirt. Use pallet wood for this. It makes the project super easy and super cheap. Check out funkyjunkinteriors for inspiration.

Here we are with yet another vertical planter idea. This time we’re looking at a ladder-inspired design with rectangular boxes placed on multiple levels, all easily accessible and in plain view. If you want to find out how to make your own tiered garden planter check out the tutorial on ana-white.

Cinder blocks and lumber, that’s all you need to make an outdoor bench for your backyard. You can paint the cinder blocks if you want to and this will give your bench more character. The lumber pieces simply go through the blocks and are supported in between. Add cushions or a mattress for comfort. Check out lenasekine for more info on the project.

Old tires can be useful too. As long as the tire is still in one piece you can clean it, paint it and turn it into a beautiful and original planter. You can put your new planter up on a wall, either inside the house or outside or you could hang it from a tree in the backyard. Check out both options on diyshowoff.

Wine bottles can be upcycled in all sorts of ways too. Most commonly they’re turned into vases but you can also use them to make tiki torches which you can put outside in your backyard. No worries, it’s all easy and safe as long as you follow the instructions offered on designsponge.

The usual indoor chandelier obviously doesn’t work outside but that doesn’t mean you can’t add magic to your backyard in other ways. You could make a unique outdoor chandelier to make that happen. Use grapevine spheres and string lights. The idea comes from allthingsheartandhome.

The last backyard project we want to show you today is a pallet daybed. Building the pallet platform and overall frame is quite simple. Add wheels so you can move the bed around and use metal pipes and fittings to make a support frame around the seat. As for the actual daybed seat and cushions, that’s up to you to pick whatever type you want. Check out prettyprudent to find out all the details of this marvelous project.

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Textiles of Peru

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As an avid traveler, I’m always deeply appreciative when I encounter a culture’s unique architecture, design, and textiles, and I was completely blown away by the colors and textures of the textiles of Peru during my recent visit.

I simply couldn’t get enough of the patterns and vivid hues I saw as I strolled the shops and market stalls. As I walked around I’d find so often my mouth was just open with wonder, loving at how beautiful it all was.



The history of textiles in Peru stretches back thousands of years. In ancient times, textiles were a predominate art form, and over the centuries weavers developed original styles, designs and techniques.



I had the opportunity to stroll the streets and markets of Cusco to observe how contemporary weavers continue in modern times to recreate the designs of their ancestors. These textiles depict both realistic and abstract design, their pictures and patterns tell stories with bold medleys of color, present on the immense variety of clothing, home goods, and artwork.




Bright colors are an important part of Andean aesthetics and the Peruvian people so proud of their bright textiles, they wear them as their daily clothing.



The villages surrounding Cusco are the epicenter of Peru’s textile industry, with alpaca, llama, and  goods in high demand. The herds of alpaca, llama, and vicuña are cared for by indigenous shepherds and breeders. Once a year, they shear the animals, harvesting five pounds of wool from each female and eight pounds from males, equating to thousands of tons of wool. The dense fleece of the alpaca makes soft and plentiful fibers that are extremely durable with a high thermal quality.

Acrylic yarn was invented in the early 20th century and is made from synthetic materials. In recent decades, weavers in the Andes stopped using natural fibers in favor of acrylic because pre-spun acrylic yarn was cheap, easy to use, and offered brighter colors. Neon is has become popular in some communities, so natural dyes have been pushed aside for chemical dyes, but the traditional more muted colors are present in natural fibers. Alpaca and synthetic blends are less expensive, pure baby alpaca will cost more.

In Chinchero, a small village outside of Cusco, we visited an area of textile production where the women demonstrated the natural dyeing process of yarn, and where the backstrap loom is still used with wood and bone to weave elaborate patterns. (You can read a lot more detail about the process of weaving Peruvian textiles here.)

I felt so fortunate to have seen and touched these textiles and learned about the hand-woven traditions. I didn’t have much room in my suitcase, but I did bring home a pillow cover and a small clutch purse that I purchased at a market in Cusco, but I secretly wished for a second suitcase to bring home so much more.

If you’re interested in adding an authentic Peruvian textile or two to your home, find some at these sources. 🙂

Threads of Peru

Textile Shops on Etsy


Peru Inca Market



Dramatic Marble Accents in 3 Modern Homes by Shexia Space Design

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Few materials create an immediate sense of luxury quite like marble. This material has been admired since antiquity, used in both sculpture and architecture alike. Marble – and marble lookalikes – are making a grand resurgence within modern interior design. This post tours three homes designed and visualized by Shexia Space Design, each one featuring tremendous marble accents as a unifying theme. You will see marble used for a variety of applications, from furniture and accessories all the way to major interior treatments. Use these images as inspiration for fresh ways to use marble details within your own home.

This first tour begins with a stunning modern living space punctuated by one of the most classic decorative elements of all – a slab of Calacatta marble with rich grey veining. Throughout these homes you might notice that Calacatta marble is favored. Calacatta is from the same region of Italy as the ever-popular Carrara but Calacatta tends to feature whiter marble with darker and more defined veins. The beautiful table features a marble effect in pink with rich white veins that mimics the look of something like Rojo Alicante.

Furniture draws from a variety of styles. The modern sofa is a sleek 2004 design by Francesco Binfaré – its name, On the Rocks, is a nod to its original stone-like upholstery but this example boasts a smoother more contemporary treatment. The suspended modern fireplace is the Domofocus model from Focus, a smaller and more streamlined version of the iconic 1968 Gyrofocus design.

While marble is a luxurious feature on its own, this interior also incorporates a few other opulent features like this elegant accent chair with its sleek metallic finish.

Modern meets classic in the dining area. Intricately carved boiserie doors hang from ceiling to floor, a traditional touch that feels right at home with the marble tabletop. Geometric dining room pendant lights provide a contemporary offset to match the glass table pedestals and the rounded chairs.

Color accents are used sparingly. The effect of this decorative vase is so much more powerful in the absence of competing elements.

Minimalism defines the separate media and entertainment room, allowing the interior elements to take center stage. Each piece of furniture is a sculptural work of art and the room itself is a blank canvas.

In a room populated with such unique and dissimilar color accents, carefully chosen artwork can tie the theme together.

A large home bar sits opposite the entertainment area. Marble serves as a backdrop to the wineglasses. Beveled marble slabs form a bar counter. Above, a twisting ribbon of metal echoes the twisting bands of gold that glimmer within the veins of some dazzling marble selections.

The expansive wine cellar is enough to make any oenophile envious.

Grey marble is often more affordable than the pristine milky white options. The floors here could be a Grey Emperador, Isparta Grey, or other lightly veined variety.

The bedrooms are more subdued. While the rest of the home is dominated by marble, the bedrooms take a more welcoming approach with warm textiles and soft textures.

Of course, these spaces are not completely separated from the home thematically. This bedside table lamp features a base in dark green marble as a nod to the home’s material palette.

Metallic accents like the bedroom pendant lights and the side table ensure the master bedroom maintains that spark of luxury despite its comfort-centric styling.

Strong, simple geometry is another recurring theme throughout this space. Smooth cylinders like the vase and divan pillow stand in contrast to the blocky profiles of the bedroom chair and gold table.

An interesting alternative to the walk-in closet, this walk-through closet features spacious cabinets on each side and leads directly to the master bathroom.

Marble makes a grand reappearance in this space. Rougher stone gives the shower a more natural aesthetic.

This bedroom has a more youthful energy. Unconventional geometry adds a playful touch – the loops of the bench, the curves of the modern chandelier, the folded shapes of the wall sconce.

Arched cabinetry completes the whimsical aesthetic.

This second home takes a completely different approach to decorating with marble. Instead of large swaths of the material, this space uses marble elements sparingly. By using bold colors, this design makes more a visual impact using less of the material. This approach feels less formal and more adventurously modern.

A round coffee table centers the living area. Its marble-like appearance takes on the tone of popular stones like Elazig Cherry and Rosso Levanto.

The dining room table enjoys a similar style, this time in a bright white with delicate yet distinct grey veining. Above, a modern take on the retro sputnik chandelier concept.

Unique geometry plays a role from the rounded table set to the artwork, from the lighting to the arched doorway.

A striped decorative vase underscores the artistic geometry of its surroundings.

In this incredible white kitchen, a green marble island sink stands out. Coloration like this can be found in the Verde Alpi slabs quarried in Italy, or in other premium green marble varieties.

Notice the distinctive lighting element worked into the niche between cabinets – a lovely ethereal addition.

A bright master bedroom adopts a simpler aesthetic, decorated in greys and reds with a few hints of greenery.

Through the semi-transparent panels, a wide arch provides access to a spacious closet area.

More dramatic green marble cladding brings color and elegance to the shower.

This luxury bathroom is open, airy, and makes fantastic use of natural stone.

The third and final home uses marble in both conventional and unconventional ways, conservatively in each case. Unlike the other two homes, this space does not center around any major marble elements in the living room. Instead, you see smooth contemporary furniture with distinctive curves – the round table, the sweeping floor lamp.

Each color choice exemplifies the trends of today, especially the pale dogwood accents – also known as millennial pink. This millennial pink chair is from the Prince line by Rodolfo Dordoni.

Bold marble centers the kitchen. These veins are especially defined, creating a bigger impression with less material. The same millennial pink color recurs at the dining table built into the kitchen island. This model is the Beetle Dining Chair from GUBI.

In the bedroom, more millennial pink and metallic accents create a modern and welcoming look.

A large dressing area contains a glass-walled bathroom. While marble may be expected in a luxury bathroom, the continuation of marble near the vanity area is a delightful surprise.

The gorgeous vanity chair and vanity mirror use that striking color combination that makes this home feel fresh.

Marble graces the floors, the sink vanity, and the shower walls.

In wet environments like the bathroom, marble can be exceptionally high maintenance. Many high-quality lookalikes exist – from ceramic tile to cultured marble and beyond.

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Embroidered Art

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Whenever I travel I bring a small piece of art home with me, and on a recent trip to Portugal, I found an embroidered tea towel that I found so charming I decided to turn it into a framed piece of art. Sardines (and all kinds of locally sourced fish) are a common meal and the fish motif is repeated in a lot of ceramics, art, and packaging in Portugal.


I removed the glass from a 8×10 picture frame, then cut the tea towel to fit, allowing an extra inch around the edges. I used hot glue to secure the towel to the back of the cardboard insert and returned it to the picture frame. Instant art!


I love the raised texture of embroidery when it’s displayed as art, the colorful threads catch the eye and make the artwork so interesting. Embroidered art looks great without glass so you can better see the detail of the threads.



My tea towel is machine stitched, but hand stitching has equal (if not more) appeal. You can find vintage embroidered art on Etsy (and Ebay) or unique works by artists, these are some favorites I discovered:

abstract scene / custom name

constellation / arizona sunset

simplify  / punch today


If you’d like to try your hand at embroidery, check out these DIY embroidery kits, a great way to learn this style of textile art while you’re binge watching your next show!

wildwood  / pick your state

winter girl / flower patch

enjoy life / floral, dark background


Any embroiderers out there? What are your favorite sources for patterns and supplies?

. .

Stylish Wood Craft Ideas That Anyone Can Pull Off

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Wood is one of the most common materials used by us throughout the years and during all this time we learned how to take full advantage of it and how to include it in all sorts of different types of projects in various different forms. Today there’s a ton of cool ideas to choose from if you’re thinking of crafting something out of wood. Let us be your source of inspiration. Check below our top favorite wood craft ideas gathered over the years.

You could make a wood cheese board to display your delicious appetizers in style. Give it a nice dark finish so the food stands out by contrast. All you need for this project is a hardwood board, some sandpaper, a paint brush and food-safe finish in the desired nuance.

Have you ever considered crafting a wreath out of wood? That idea sounds a little bit vague so let’s talk specifics. This right here is a wood slice wreath. It’s made using round wood cuts with bark edges, glue, burlap fabric and some decorative things such as flowers and a little bird’s nest.

Wood is most commonly used to build things like furniture and frames for certain types of items. For example, you can build a chic wood planter for your stylish flower pots. This one has a matte black finish which looks great in combination with the metallic copper accents.

Isn’t this rustic cake stand just charming? Imagine having something like this for yourself. It would stand out at parties and it would also be wonderful to have around when you’re making treats on weekends. You can build your own stand using a thick wood round for the base and this slices for the top.

Look around the house and perhaps you’ll find that you already have a few wooden pieces that you love. In that case, maybe you’d like to give them a quick makeover. These metallic accented wooden bowls sure look pretty so let this project inspire you.

You can also use wood to create beautiful art. We’re not talking about sculptures because those actually require special talent and knowledge. The idea here is to put together a few wood scrap pieces to create some abstract and modern art. This piece right here resembles a mountain.

There’s also a bunch of useful things which you could make out of wood. A wooden tray could be a nice addition to your home or a cute gift for someone. To make one you need a piece of wood or plywood, two handles or knobs, a drill, a hand saw, nails and some paint or stain.

Sure, this isn’t actually a project that involved solid wood but it does have that warm and natural vibe that wood usually adds to a decor and that’s a great detail. To make this wooden strip candle votive you’re going to need cane reed, masking tape, a tea light candle, glass tumbler and a glue gun.

Does your desk need a lamp? Well then make one. It’s actually quite simple and you can use a piece of wood as a base. You’ll need a light socket kit so keep that in mind when preparing all the supplies. If you want to you can drill a little hole in the base and make a tiny planter. This would make your wooden block desk lamp look even more quirky.

Although we no longer need wall clocks since we can tell the time by looking at our phones, fridge, microwave oven, etc. we can still display these things as decorations in our homes. A modern wood wall clock with a minimalist and abstract design can look lovely up on the wall among framed pictures and other artwork pieces.

These rustic wooden pumpkins would make really cool Halloween decorations. They’re also the perfect project if you have some leftover wood from previous crafts and you want to put it to good use.  Alternative, you can get some unfinished wood blocks at your local hardware store. Also get some wood spools, glue, sisal wire and burlap while you’re there and don’t forget the orange paint.

Speaking of decorations, check out this stylish wall-mounted mirror attached to an oversized frame. It looks lovely and it actually leaves a bit of room for you to add some hooks on the side if you want to store and organize some jewelry or accessories. The plain wood framed mirror look is nice as well if you prefer to keep things simple.

If you’re the type of person who liked to put a bit of extra effort into their gift-wrapping technique then we think you’re going to love this wooden gift tag idea. It’s a really nice way to personalize a gift and make it special. With a branch, a drill, a saw and some sandpaper you can make a bunch of tags which you can then personalize however you want.

A wood slat hanging frame can also be a nice little project. You could use something like this if you want to display posters or paper prints on the walls. For the frame you’re going to need a long and rectangular piece of wood, a drill, 2 popsicle sticks, a saw and some twine. If you paint it if you want to.

Another cute thing that you can display on the wall is this wooden create sign. It would look lovely in your office or studio, especially if you’re the artistic type. You can either decorate a pre-made sign or craft something from scratch. In addition to that you’re going to need paint in several different colors, letter stencils, a foam brush, glue and paint brushes.

Maybe you’re not confident enough to make your own furniture right now but you might dare to try something smaller, like this wooden x-shaped magazine holder. It’s a useful accessory that can give you a taste of how satisfying it is to craft things yourself.

In search for a new centerpiece? How about this wood candelabra? It looks stylish and it has character plus it’s a really nice DIY project which you do at a low cost. You can give the wood a natural appearance and simply applying some oil but you can also stain or paint it. It’s up to you to turn this project into something unique.

Hanging planters are awesome for several reasons, one of which is convenience as they don’t take up any space on the counter or the floor. The cons, however, include the price and the fact that there aren’t really that many designs to choose from. This leads us to our last woodcraft project: a wooden hanging planter which you can make out of a bowl, some rope and a hook. Isn’t it marvelous?

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16 things you'll only know if you shop at The Range – including a few surprises!

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Do you regularly shop at The Range? If you do, you’ll know the treats that lay in store – but there may be a few surprises here you might not know yet know. Read the below to fully appreciate all that you can from The Range shopping experience.

Offering trusted brands for less, in-house homeware and even frozen food (YES!) you’re guaranteed to find unexpected treasures with every shopping trip.

More shops to check out: 16 things you’ll only know if you shop at B&M – if you don’t know, you need to know

Here are the top things to know about shopping at The Range…

1. There are 16 departments to explore

The stores comprise of 16 fantastic departments including everything from Arts & Crafts and Furniture to Gardens to Home Décor!

2. The homeware is designed in-house

The Range has its own talented design team based in-house, creating own brands affordable buys for our homes.

3. Jaw-dropping deals on offer courtesy of ‘Mega Drop’


The famous Mega Drop offers customers a variety of products across multiple departments. Mega Drop brings a selection of brilliant bargains and jaw-dropping deals each and every month.

Whether styling up your home and garden, keeping the kids entertained or pampering your pets, the Mega Deals can help you make a super saving.

4. Rose Gold kitchen appliances

If you’re looking to add a glam addition to your kitchen, The Range is the place to head. The Rose Gold kettle and toaster combo was so successful, it was joined earlier this year by the sparkly microwave.

Read more about them here: Obsessed with rose gold? This microwave is about to take kitchens to the next level

5. It boasts brilliant celebrity fans

Photo credit: Paul Cook (Enfield Store Manager) – With Keith Lemon and Katherine Ryan

The Range was the star of the show when it appeared on Keith Lemon’s new show ‘ Shopping With Keith Lemon’, Funny man Keith was browsing in store with fellow comedian Katherine Ryan – snapping up all the aforementioned rose gold delights!

See what they bought: Celebs love The Range’s rose golden kitchen collection – even Keith Lemon’s a fan

6. They stock premium home brands

The Range

In addition to stocking own-brand homeware, The Range offers a premium home collection by Jonas & James. This collection has just launched and includes home accessories, wallpaper and lighting. Swing by your local store to check out this new range.

7. You can get the job done with fab DIY department

Photo credit: The Range

If you enjoy a DIY task, you’ll love the deals on offer here. Get the best price on trusted DIY brands such as Dulux, Crown and Ronseal – The Range also has its own-brand Saber power tools range.

8. They cater for all garden maintenance


The majority of stores feature an outdoor garden centre selling all your garden essentials at very competitive prices.

9. Cleaning guru Mrs Hinch is a devoted fan

It’s well documented that the cleaning supremo is an avid shopper. She always shares her spoils with her Hinchers, from homeware to cleaning finds.

Mrs Hinch frequently shares her Lenor favourites from The Range’s Spring Awakening collection, available in selected stores.

10. You can shop at 174 stores and counting

In a day and age of more shops closing down high street, The Range is another store positively thriving. There are currently 174 stores open nationwide, with a plan for two  further store openings in September.

11. There’s a whole craft department

If you’re a dab-hand with arts and crafts you’ll love the craft corner. The extensive offering covers everything from glue sticks and feathers to glitter and card to help you ‘make it yourself’.

12. They offering amazing giveaways


If you’re in the market to enter competitions on a regular basis, you need to check out The Range Instagram where they run weekly giveaways.

13. It loves to share customer’s creations


The Range team is happy to support, inspire and reward their customers by sharing ingenious upcycling project and hacks.

14. Dee Dee’s Cafe keeps customers feed and watered

Dee Dee’s Café is a huge hit with customers needing a sit down after time spent browsing. Sadly these are only in selected stores only, so check yours before you visit.

15. Some stores boast an Iceland section

We did not know this until our contacts at The Range informed us! There is an Iceland Foods in 22 stores… and counting.

In addition to the impressive homeware bargains, thanks to this store-within-a-store, you can pick up your weekly shop, too.

16. They love a sale just as much as we do


Online and in stores, there’s always an offer, deal or sale to keep shoppers happy. Check out the latest sale bargains on their website right now!

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We’ll meet you in either the DIY or gardening aisle this weekend – the perfect places to spend a bank holiday!

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August bank holiday opening times for all your favourite DIY retailer and supermarkets

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Hurray for the looong weekend! A whole day extra, to do with as we like.

Whether you’re tackling a DIY project or hosting a BBQ, we can guarantee one thing you won’t like to do is waste any of the free time. And that includes turning up to the shops and find them closed!

Because this can happen, as shops often open and close at unusual times during any holiday period.

We’ve compiled a handy one-stop list of DIY store and supermarket August Bank Holiday opening times, to make your life a little bit easier.

Speaking of DIY projects: IKEA hacks – simple updates on best-selling basics that anyone can do

August bank holiday opening times 2019

Tesco bank holiday opening times


On Sunday, all Extra, Metro and Superstores will operate from their usual opening times until 7pm, with Express stores closing at 10pm.

Large stores may also open between 9am-6pm and 8am-10pm for Express stores.

Opening hours may vary from store to store,  so Tesco advise customers to visit the Tesco store locator to check their local store’s opening times over the bank holiday weekend.

Sainsbury’s bank holiday opening times

All Sainsbury’s stores will be open as usual, but times may vary from town to town.

You can check the specific time for your local branch closer to the time using the Sainsbury’s store finder.

Asda bank holiday opening times

Asda bedding

Image credit: Asda

The opening hours will vary depending on the store. But generally speaking stores will be open on Sunday from 10am-4pm and Monday 6am-8pm.

You can check the specific time for your local Asda branch using the online store finder.

Morrisons Bank Holiday opening times

Across the long weekend the majority of Morrisons will be open from 9am-6pm. Normal Sunday hours apply 10am-4pm.

Use the Morrisons store locator to find more specific local store opening times, especially for stores with petrol stations.

Waitrose Bank Holiday opening times

waitrose effect 1

Image credit: Waitrose & Partners

Waitrose is open this Sunday from 10am-4pm and on bank holiday Monday 8am-6pm.

Use the branch finder to check the timings of your local Waitrose.

Aldi Bank Holiday opening times

Aldi supermarkets will be open normal working hours over the August bank holiday weekend. That’s Sunday 10am-4pm and Monday from 8am-6pm. Ideal to help to dash to if you run low on beverages once the summer soiree is in full swing.

For more specific local store times, visit the Aldi store finder.

What’s in store right now: These £15 Aldi wireless headphones look just like Beats!

Lidl bank holiday opening times

The discount supermarket will be operating a special bank holiday opening time of 8am-8pm (instead of 8am-10pm). However normal Sunday hours of 10am-4pm apply.

For specific times at your local store, visit the Lidl store finder.

Find in store: This Lidl fire pit will keep you toasty this bank holiday weekend, and it’s an absolute bargain!

B&Q bank holiday opening times

The DIY retailer is there for all your need this week, with stores open business as usual.

To check your local store times visit the B&Q store finder.

Wickes Bank Holiday opening times

bank holiday opening times

Photo credit: Geography Photos/Contributor Getty Images

No need to panic, Wickes opening hours over the bank holiday are pretty standard across Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Sunday hours are 10am-4pm.

To see specific details for your local store check the Wickes Stores.

Worth noting this bank holiday weekend, Wickes is offering ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price’ on ALL PAINT. Available online and in-store from tomorrow until Monday.

Homebase bank holiday opening times

This DIY hero is one hand all weekend too, open Saturday 8am-8pm; Sunday 10am-4pm and Monday 8am-8pm.

Check the opening times of your local store using Homebase store finder.

High Street August bank holiday opening times 2019

Argos bank holiday opening times 2019

argos garden furniture

Image credit: Argos

Argos opening times vary from store to store, nationwide. On Sunday, stores are open as normal from 10am-4pm and on Monday 9am-5.30pm.

Check the opening times of your local store using the Argos branch finder.

John Lewis bank holiday opening times 2019

The majority of John Lewis stores will be open from 9am-5pm over the long weekend. But operating normal Sunday hours of 10a.m-4pm.

Find your local store for more specific timings.

Speaking of shopping: 12 thoughts everyone has while walking around Ikea

Happy (sunny) bank holiday to all!

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B&M is selling this luxury Gazebo for just £20 instead of £100

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Thankfully, the British weather seems to have got the bank holiday memo. This weekend is set to be a scorcher with the mercury predicted to hit record highs. So this B&M gazebo is going to provide some much-needed shade for many a garden over the long weekend.

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Having a gazebo to hand is always a plus, but never more than this weekend, especially if you’re looking to avoid melting as the temperature rockets to 30 degrees.

But there is something extra special about this B&M gazebo. Originally priced at £100, the price has been slashed to just £20! That is one serious Bank Holiday bargain.

B&M Gazebo

The bargain buy was spotted by a mum on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group. Group members were keen to jump on the discount luxury gazebo with the post clocking up 3.2K likes and 3.4K comments.

B&M gazebo

Buy in-store: Luxury Steel Frame Gazebo, now £20, was £100, B&M stores

The luxury gazebo has a footprint of 2.5 x 2.5 metres and is equipped with a sturdy steel frame. The grey material makes this a stylish addition to the garden, especially with the elegantly curving legs.

The sides are made up of see-through netting, trimmed with the grey material so you can draw the curtains if you need to keep the flies at bay. You’d couldn’t ask for a better setting for a sunny bank holiday barbecue.

B&M has confirmed that supplies of the gazebo are extremely limited, hence the extreme saving of £80 on this gorgeous luxury gazebo. If you are hoping to get your hands on one you better be speedy.


The gazebo is only available in selected stores so you should call your local store before heading down to check if they have the gazebo in stock.

If the 3,000-plus likes on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group are anything to go by, you could have stiff competition. However, snapping up this bargain is 100 per cent worth a sprint to your local B&M.

Just think how smug you’ll feel, lounging under you luxury Gazebo with an Aperol Spritz in hand, while your neighbours stare on in envy.

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So why are you still here? Get to B&M!

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