Homeowner paints patio grey with 'faux rug' to transform outdoor space – for just £60

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Thanks to a splash of paint and a stencil this courtyard patio has gone from drab to fab. Karen McCarthy, from South Wales, decided to transform her courtyard with newly painted patio slabs and a faux outdoor rug design.

The tired outdoor area is now a chic Mediterranean-inspired space, and better still it was done on a budget – costing just £60.

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Karen’s patio before

Image credit: Karen McCarthy

Karen told money-saving community Latest Deals, ‘I wanted to spruce up the area outside my kitchen and decided to use some light grey masonry paint to cover the tired old slabs.’

‘Having seen outdoor rugs online I came up with the idea of using paint to create a ‘faux rug’ effect for underneath my bistro set.’

Stage 1 – faux rug painted onto the patio

Image credit: Karen McCarthy

Karen used dark grey and white Frenchic Al Fresco paint and a homemade stencil to create the faux rug design. ‘I cut the stencil out of mylar plastic. I bought several sheets for £7 but you can buy ready-made stencils online.’

‘It took around two days to complete and the materials available online cost around £60.’ Detailing she spent £27 on Sandtex paint, £18 on the Frenchic paint.

Karen goes on to explain, ‘I also bought LED solar lights for the ivy on the wall for £5, and the mirror cost £6.99, both from Home Bargains.’

After – painted patio makeover

Image credit: Karen McCarthy

Karen is delighted with the look of her newly transformed patio. And says just how it’s changed her life, ‘It’s lightened up the whole area. And not being able to go on holiday because of the current situation, I’ve brought a touch of the Mediterranean to my home instead,’ she adds.

Image credit: Karen McCarthy

The painted stencilled area creates a zone dedicated for dining. Dressed to impress with a stylish bistro table, decorative wall clock and blooming hanging baskets.

Karen’s top tips for painting patio slabs

Tip 1: ‘My advice would be to make sure the area is cleaned beforehand. I had it jet-washed a couple of weeks beforehand.

Tip 2: ‘When painting in an area that you need access to, paint every other slab so you can still walk on it whilst the painted area is drying.’

Image credit: Karen McCarthy

‘I have added small white LED solar lights to the foliage on the wall making it cosy at night’ Karen explains. A beautiful finishing touch to add further ambience for evenings spent alfresco, holiday style.

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Feeling inspired to makeover your outdoor space?

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36 Hours in Mendocino

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Yesterday I returned from an overnight road trip with my daughter, we drove up the Northern California coastline to neighboring Mendocino County and spent the night at a little B&B. I wanted to squeeze in a little getaway to a place I’ve never been, and spend some one-on-one time with my teenager. A little coastal road trip was the perfect medicine for our cabin fever!

We got very lucky with the weather. As we pulled into town the sun was shining and when we left the next afternoon, fog had already settled over the county. Unlike Southern California beaches where you can pretty much guarantee sunshine most of the year, Northern California’s coastal weather is unpredictable, it changes from hour to hour, day to day, but that’s what makes our coastline mysterious and alluring! Some of our vistas look like they’re straight out of a “Best of California” travel guide.

I’ve lived my whole life in Northern California, I’ve traveled east to Sacramento and Tahoe and I’ve been to most of the southern parts of our state, but this was the first time I’ve been this far north along the coast. What took me so long?!


The drive is a winding one, so if you ever make the Highway 1 road trip, be prepared to go slow around all the bends as you make your way north, but on arrival in Mendocino, you’ll enjoy one of the most charming towns in California! The town is easy to explore within a 24 hour period.

The architecture is a mixture of clapboard sided homes and Victorians with white picket fences. The town feels like a throwback to a bygone era, no wonder it’s a destination for so many travelers to the region! The residences have my favorite kind of gardens: wild yet manicured. There must be something in the soil because the lavender and hydrangea are some of the most intense shades of purple I’ve ever seen.

A few of the shops were open so we stopped in to browse the locally made goods and enjoy the sunny weather and coastal views before heading back home.

The entire town is being very conscientious because of Covid-19. There weren’t many people there mid week so it was sleepy, but thankfully everyone was wearing masks and social distancing and using hand sanitizer. The local merchants were grateful we stopped in for the day in support of the community.

Add Mendocino County to your travel list if you’re ever in California, the hiking paths and views of the ocean are some of the most scenic in the USA!

May Book Club: Free Country (Week 2)

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Hello! And welcome to the week 2 of our May book club! If you’re new around here, we’re reading a book called Free Country which was recommended by one of my neighbors. We read Days 5-9 this past week and we’re all here to e-chat about them today. I’ll start by sharing some thoughts about…

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Be wowed by a charming farmhouse with an eye-catching extension in the East Sussex countryside

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Moving to a dilapidated farmhouse with 140 acres of land wasn’t part of Lisa and Toby’s life plan. They had just had their second child and were ensconced on a country plot near Brighton. But when an estate agent’s email alert arrived with details of a run-down property in an East Sussex village, everything changed.

The house and its outbuildings hadn’t been updated for about 30 years, and the land hadn’t been farmed for a similar length of time. This didn’t daunt them, however. ‘It was actually a great benefit to us,’ says Lisa. ‘It meant we had a blank canvas to work with, and that we inherited ancient wildflower meadows and woodland.’

Tour more of the stunning properties featured in our real homes channel

There was a strong emotional pull, too. Lisa’s great grandmother had a farmhouse in County Kerry, Ireland, and the farm had a similar feel. ‘It really felt like coming home,’ she says.

‘We didn’t have a masterplan and knew nothing about farming, but we saw a house with potential, and outbuildings that could make holiday cottages,’ says Toby. Soon the granary and cowshed were turned into accommodation decorated in a stripped-back style with environmental consciousness at its core – think self-regulating wool duvets and pillows, and organic clay paints.



Image credit: Polly Eltes

There was little to do in the farmhouse itself, as Lisa and Toby loved it just the way it came: dark and cosy, and with all its original doors and beams. ‘We fitted new windows and gave it a lick of paint, but largely let it be,’ says Toby.

Keen to bring in more space and light, the couple added an eye-catching extension. A glass walkway links the old to the new, and an arched zinc-clad roof on the upper storey holds the main bedroom, dressing room and en suite, and a light-filled kitchen and dining area below.



The kitchen is a bright and modern contrast to the original farmhouse, but one that sits comfortably alongside, thanks to its use of natural materials including wooden wall panels and furniture. Rattan shades over the oak dining table add rustic texture and warm lighting.

Get the look
Buy now: Woven Rattan Shade, £150, Cox & Cox

Living room


Image credit: Polly Eltes

A corner sofa and rich colour palette create a cosy feel here. Lisa and Toby have used colour and pattern to bring the scheme to life.

Guest bedroom


Image credit: Polly Eltes

The king-size white cane bed enhances the period feel of the beamed space.

Main bedroom


Image credit: Polly Eltes

The curved room shape creates a cocooning feel, while painted wooden floorboards complement the raw wood ceiling. The wall of glass creates an incredibly light space. The Danish rocking chair was a flea market find.


Image credit: Polly Eltes



Image credit: Polly Eltes

Simple pattern used in fabrics adds to the elegance here.

Get the look
Buy now: The Falmouth Cast Iron Bath, £1064, The Cast Iron Bath Company
Buy now: Chunky Cotton Rug, £175, Molly Mahon

Shepherd’s hut


Image credit: Polly Eltes

The hut has become an essential space for children’s sleepovers. Lisa’s friend, textile artist and block printer Molly Mahon, decorated the interior of the hut in her signature bright and cheerful style.

The house has more than delivered on its promise of ‘possibilities’. As well as the holiday cottages, Lisa runs her botanical beauty business, Amly (named after one of the wildflower meadows) from here, and Toby brews beer from their own spring for his business Gun Brewery.

They have planted an orchard, and Lisa holds weddings in the woods as part of her Foxtail Weddings business. ‘Now, we feel increasingly connected with the land and are outside much more than we thought we’d be.’


Image credit: Polly Eltes

Ready for another? Relax and enjoy a barn conversion decorated in the colours of the Devon coastline 

This is especially true in the summer when doors are flung open and children and pets roam freely. ‘The children go dipping in the river that runs along the bottom of the land,’ says Lisa. ‘In summer the wildflower meadows come into their own and reach their peak on the longest day of the year, when it’s a cacophony of sounds and smells. It’s a special time of year and such a lovely place to be.’

To stay at Hawthbush Farm visit hawthbushfarm.co.uk

Words by Clare Gogerty

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How to spot the signs of a leak – and what to do about it if you have one

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Water leaks can be hard to spot, but if left undiagnosed, these pesky problems can quickly spiral into costly issues. It’s not just the price of fixing the route of the problem, but the resulting water damage to your home that can really soar.

Maintain your home the easy way with our DIY & Decorating advice

Izzy Schulman, Director at Plumbers4u tells us how to spot the signs of a leak and what to do if you spot one.

1. Damp patches and cracked walls


Image credit: Tim Young

Alarm bells should start ringing if wet areas or damp patches appear on walls or ceilings. If you spot any new damp patches, it’s important to get them seen to straight away.

If the damp is coming from up from the floor, it’s time to take immediate action. This is cause for serious concern, as any prolonged saturation can weaken the foundations of your home over time.

If the leak is coming through from the roof, it might be a case of compromised flashing or a damaged roof vent. Also locate your water tank, which may be in the loft, to check the leaks aren’t originating from there.

2. Mould, mildew and odd smells


Image credit: Joanna Henderson

If you notice a musky smell, patches of black mould or discolouration on the walls, this may be a marker of a small to moderate leak in your home.

Mould thrives in humid temperatures so if pipes are leaking in a warm area of the house, mould can appear as quickly as 24-48 hours. It’s important to keep on top of this – have it examined and cleaned, as dangerous spores that can affect health can form in just three days if left untouched.

If the wall isn’t overly saturated, you can tackle the mould before harmful spores form. Start by cleaning with mould and mildew cleaner, leaving the solution on the problem area for 5 minutes before wiping away for best results. Be aware a cleaner like this may remove some painted surefaces.

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If you spot mould, it’s likely the leak is inside the wall – so it’s time to call a plumber to find the source of the problem as soon as possible. They will have the experience in sourcing such leaks and best equipped to deal with it as it may require specialist tech to accurately diagnose the problem.

3. A hike in water bills and low water pressure


Image credit: TI Media

If a high water bill comes out of nowhere, even if your consumption is constant, or if the bill is frequently over your estimations, it might be cause for concern.

If there aren’t any of the signs of a leak in your home, it could be there’s a larger leak on the external pipes that connect your home to the mains supply. A clear signal of this is if there’s an obvious drop in water pressure or no water coming out of the taps at all.

It’s worth checking in with neighbours first or reach out on a local Facebook group to see if their supply has changed as it’s possible that the street’s supply has been affected.

If it is just your property that has the problem, look around your front and back gardens for leaks, damp patches and overgrown areas of grass near any drains, which can indicate problems with external pipes.

4. Unusual sounds around the house


Image credit: Colin Poole

Those odd, background sounds that we begin to ignore over time, like running water, gurgling or bubbling from near a sink, toilet or bathroom could actually be a sign of a possible leak.

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One way to put your mind at ease if you’re becoming concerned, is to check your water meter. If it’s registering water usage or ticking when there isn’t any water running, it’s time to get in touch with a plumber.

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Hot Multicolour Accents & Cool Concrete Interiors

Sourced content from: http://www.home-designing.com/hot-multicolour-accents-cool-concrete-interiors

Colour bleeds from artwork into the interiors of these São Paulo homes, pooling into accent furniture, upholstery and decor. While there is emphasis on art toys, figurines, modern sculpture and wall art, the interiors have become living masterpieces in their own right. The blaze of hot colour accents is cooled with raw concrete. A sobering grey backdrop prevents the riot of multicolour from appearing childish or circus-like, and instils a sophisticated thread of cohesivity. Each home has been expertly designed by Guilherme Torres to be both fun and fierce, youthful yet structured. Layouts are skillfully curated to let each artful piece of design to have its moment to shine.

The first interior is a 248 square metre property with an open plan living area. Bright works of modern art are hung around the perimeter of the white and concrete room, with art toys and sculpture jostling through the middle ground.

The decorative screen in the living room becomes an illuminating feature with a light box placed behind it.

A large kitchen and dining area open up at the back of the room, where decorative vases and bold blue dining chairs push colour into more subdued surroundings.

A tufted sofa puts a block of plum purple along the edge of the lounge. A table lamp bursts onto the scene with a big bubble of orange.

The dining room chandelier is a sculptural piece in itself, made out of paper note pages.

Hourglass planters align with a structural column to form a subtle room divide between a sitting area and the kitchen. A red chaise lounge and red kitchen bar stools build colour cohesivity.

Different coloured decorative vases add vibrancy to the grey dining table and the dining area’s raw concrete decor.

Whimsical wall art pops out from every corner of the home.

Even the bathroom gains a piece of fun sculpture and colourful accessories.

Our next interior is a much smaller home, measuring 86 square metres. A unique recessed light track design snakes up the concrete wall and ceiling, making the industrial grey room appear lighter and larger.

There’s not a lot of space for rotating on the Magis Spun chair, but it looks cool at the base of the light track and art wall.

A coffee table book collection scatters more colour into the grey based living room. A characterful Hanno the Gorilla toy has taken up residence on a copy of Dot Dot Dash!, a designer toy and character art book.

A spectrum of blue transitions across the kitchen wall, on glossy slab front cabinets.

Chrome sculpture makes its way onto a bar tray on the kitchen countertop.

Under cabinet lighting highlights the sheen of a chrome kitchen faucet.

Concrete walls are left raw in the bathroom too.

Another light strip feature cuts up through the concrete, burning brightly by a wall mirror.

This 350 square metre house has a wonderfully open and airy feel thanks to huge windows that surround the living room on all sides. A red lounge chair set makes rich colour contrast with the lush green garden views through the glass. A modern floor lamp gives the lounge layout some height.

A small side table and a set of poufs bring orange accents into the lounge, which make perfect companions to the cooler teal hue across the upholstered sofa and a teal dining room pendant light in the background.

Colourful pattern dances across a tiled feature wall behind the modern dining set.

The rectangle dining table is concrete to match the floor. Wooden Wishbone chairs vibe with the plant life outside of the dining room’s picture window.

Copper pendant lights line up along a reading nook, where a custom concrete bench has been cast to include book storage in its base.

A concrete staircase climbs between floors, lit by LED stair lights.

At the top of the staircase we find ourselves in a more family oriented, kid friendly, living room. Walls of colourful storage volumes work through the entire rainbow.

Thanks to the vivid colours of the custom furniture, bright children’s toys meld easily with the decor. Green accent chairs pull colour into the centre of the room, along with brightly printed scatter cushions.

A green rug sweeps beneath a stylish wooden console table and a matching Cherner armchair.

Yellow bathroom furniture shines cheerfully inside an all concrete bathroom.

The tiles that coat the dining room feature wall are at play on the home exterior too, making a welcoming entrance.

Our final tour is a 400 square metre home that employs dark wood tone to anchor fanciful artwork and accent pieces.

Wood panelling has also been used to recess the TV and speakers, along with associated wiring. A glass vase of greenery makes a fresh addition to the wall of dark wood grain.

Other walls remain raw concrete. Red and orange accents heat up the industrial aesthetic.

Yellow lounge chairs lighten up the living room, whilst aqua blue chairs lift a darkly panelled dining room.

Sculptures and art books sit atop a contemporary concrete fireplace.

A more formal dining area seats eight guests around a solid wood table. Tangerine dining chairs heat up the pale room palette.

Real tangerines add a natural accent inside the modern fruit bowl centrepiece.

A patchwork pouf rolls in a ball of pattern and colour.

Decorative vases perfectly match an aqua blue console.

The bedroom palette is completely subdued in contrast to the living areas, to promote complete calm and rest.

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Summer Tech Wallpapers (Free Downloads)

Sourced content from: https://centsationalstyle.com/2020/06/summer-tech-wallpapers/

Hello friends and happy summer to you! I was playing around with some graphic arts software that I use and created a few new wallpapers for your desktop, laptop, tablets, and phones!

Below find five new styles, all free downloads. Each design is available to download in four formats. The 16×9 ratios work for most desktop monitors, and the 16×10 ratios work nicely for most laptops. Links to tablet and phone wallpapers are available too, find the links below each design. Just click on them and you can download the .jpg file and set it as wallpaper on your computer, tablet, or cellphone.

Watercolor Waves


watercolor waves desktop (16×9) / watercolor waves laptop (16×10)

watercolor waves for tablet / watercolor waves phone (9×16)



Dancing Ribbons


dancing ribbons desktop (16×9) / dancing ribbons laptop (16×10)

dancing ribbons for tablet / dancing ribbons phone (9×16)


Summer Rain

summer rain desktop (16×9) / summer rain laptop (16×10)

summer rain for tablet / summer rain phone (9×16)


Lavender Field

lavender field desktop (16×9) / lavender field laptop (16×10)

lavender field for tablet / lavender field phone (9×16)



gemstones desktop (16×9) / gemstones laptop (16×10)

gemstones for tablet / gemstones phone (9×16)

*for personal use only


Beautiful 4th of July Wreath Crafts With Quirky And Patriotic Designs

Sourced content from: https://www.homedit.com/4th-of-july-wreath-crafts/

What better way to start the 4th of July preparations than with a few nice and simple crafts? We always recommend wreaths because they’re super versatile and there’s an infinite number of ways in which you can decorate them and make them look beautiful and special. We have a bunch of patriotic wreath designs to share with you today and we hope they’ll inspire you.

This wreath and quite sweet, both literally and figuratively. That’s because it’s decorated with Skittles (America Mix). It’s a really fun and interesting way of adding a twist to an otherwise pretty straightforward project. In addition to all the Skittles, this project requires a few more things such as a foam wreath form, faux leather trim and decorations such as flowers or succulents. More details can be found on akailochiclife.

Burlap wreaths are fashionable and they look both simple and beautiful. It’s easy to customize them and make them fit a certain theme. For example, if you want to make a 4th of July burlap wreath you can add things like red, white and blue flowers, red and white striped ribbon and small flags. Check out pleasenotepaper for more inspiration.

Another option is to make a very simple yarn wreath. If you like this particular design, you can check out all the details about it on myfrugaladventures. The supplies you’re going to need if you want to make a patriotic wreath just like this one include navy, white and red yarn and a straw wreath. The little white stars can be stickers or you can cut them out of paper or cardboard and then glue them into the blue section of the wreath.

Wire wreath frames are really cool for DIY projects too. They’re really easy to decorate with clothespins and in that sense there’s a nice design on homecraftsbyali which you might want to use as a source of inspiration. It uses red, white and blue clothespins and wood cutouts stars in different sizes. It’s one of the simplest designs when it comes to wreaths and patriotic designs in general.

If you have the time for it, you could knit a really cool wreath. The American flag crochet pattern featured on petalstopicots looks really nice and a styrofoam wreath form would be perfect for the interior. The other supplies needed include yarn, two crochet hooks, pearl pins and a tapestry needle.

You can also wrap rope around a foam wreath and mix and match different colors to create all sorts of cool patterns. This one featured on justcraftyenough is mostly white with a few red stripes and three big stars as decorations clustered on one side. That gives the wreath a patriotic look and makes it a perfect decoration for the 4th of July.

If you want your 4th of July wreath to be a bit busier and have more colors, patterns and decorations on it, the design suggested on fleecefun could look great. This wreath is decorated with a bunch of pinwheels for which you can use print-outs and different types of paper or cardboard with different patterns on it.

Two grapevine wreaths are better than one, at least when you want to make a wreath that looks full. You can tie the two together to double the thickness of your wreath and then add decorations, which in this case consist of a big flag casually wrapped around at an angle plus some greenery and a big burlap ribbon. You can find out more details about this 4th of July project from stonegableblog.

You can make this festive wrath in under half an hour, provided you have all the necessary supplies of course. You’re going to need a 14” foam wreath form, a few 2.5” wide strips of fabric, a cardboard tube, washi tape, glitter cardstock, gold paint, wood skewers or toothpicks, a hot glue gun, some rope and a few straight pins. The instructions can be found on thecraftedsparrow.

This tulle wreath which we found on anightowlblog looks mighty lovely as well. As you can probably guess, making this fluffy wreath is also quite easy and inexpensive. You would of course require plenty of tulle in red, white and blue and a straw wreath (other types would work too). A hot glue gun would come in super handy right about now and you should look find some ribbon to hang the wreath with.

You can also decorate a wreath using all sorts of leftover materials such as fabric. You can cut the fabric into strips and combine different colors and patterns, then tie the strips onto the wreath or glue them until you cover up the whole surface. When done, you can also add bunting or other additional decorations. There’s a lovely 4th of July rag wreath on sassysanctuary which you can check out for inspiration.

Like many other projects, this one starts with a simple grapevine wreath. The added decorations include 2” wide red ribbon, 2.5” navy ribbon, a big wired burlap ribbon, a bunch of small wood star cutouts.  The design is simple but also bold, perfectly suited for the 4th of July-themed decor that you’re probably planning. Hang this on your front door and it will definitely stand out. For more details, head over to positivelysplendid.

Since this is meant to be a festive wreath, how about a less traditional design, something bold and eye-catching like this colorful firework-themed wreath from designimprovised? You can use a bunch of pre-made items such as paper pinwheels of different sizes and colors to make this whole project easier and faster but you can also choose to craft everything from scratch.

Did you know you can make a cool-looking wreath out of paper straws? The two-tone red and white ones are great if you want your wreath to have a patriotic theme for the 4th of July celebration. Once done, you can decorate the wreath with blue paper stars to really complete the look. If you’re interested in finding out more about this particular project you can check out theprojectcorner.

Another fairly simple design for a festive 4th of July wreath can be found on craftaholicsanonymous. It starts with a basic 18” straw wreath. The entire wreath is wrapped in red and white striped twill ribbon. It’s decorated with a blue burlap ribbon with a lovely star pattern on it and it also has 3 mini American flags and a little chalkboard pennant banner at the center.

Remember the rag wreath we mentioned earlier? Well here’s another one and this one is made with strips of jeans so if you have a pair of old jeans that no longer fit or that are damaged now would be a great time to recycle them. There’s a tutorial showing how to make this wreath on notjustbrides.

you can also decorate your 4th of July wreath with candy. This one is all covered in Twizzler bites which were first left outside to harden. This made it easier to glue them onto the wreath form after which the entire thing was spray-painted blue. Adding a few white stars and a big red and white ribbon completed the design. More details about this can be found on fitcraftystylishandhappy.

This is a lovely floral wreath with big red and white flowers attached to a wire wreath form and there’s also blue ribbon with white stars on it attached in the form of a bow. It’s a simple but beautiful combination and a list of supplies which is definitely easy to get. You might even have some of these items already. In any case, check out littleblondemom if you need more details.

Rather than decorating your patriotic wreath with stars you could have the wreath itself be star-shaped. The easiest option would be to find a pre-made 16” grapevine star wreath like the one featured on consumercrafts. It has a smaller American flag star at the center and it’s decorated with berry spray pearls. It’s simple but it also makes a big statement.

How about a nautical-themed wreath? That could look really cool and the USS America wreath featured on missflibbertigibbet is the perfect example. It’s actually a fairly simple project even though there are a few particular details that stand out. This can also be a source of inspiration for other similar wreath designs that fit the theme.

Cool 4th of July wreaths you can buy

If you want to save yourself some time and effort, there are also some beautiful 4th of July wreaths available for purchase. This dried floral wreath is a gorgeous example. It looks nice and full and it’s made of quail brush and 13 sugar starfish decorations representing the original colonies. You can display it indoors as well as outdoors in a protected area.

This God Bless America wreath is full of details and would make a nice 4th of July decoration for the front door, porch or just any regular wall. It’s made with red, white and blue decor mesh and patriotic wired ribbon plus the star-shaped sign at the center and everything matches. The design is quite busy and if you were to try a DIY version of this wreath it would probably be wise to simplify it just a bit.

This is a firecracker wreath with a busy and full design. What we really like in this particular case is the fact that it’s not all red, white and blue. In fact, there’s very little white in this design and instead a more natural shade of beige was introduced, giving the wreath a subtle rustic look. All the decorations are attached to a metal wreath form. There’s a lot of deco mesh and wired ribbon all over it as well as glitter stars and a firecracker ornament at the very center.

In the case of this Americana patriotic wreath it’s the red and beige nuances that take center stage which is both refreshing and charming. The faded colors do a lot to make this wreath look stylish and give it lots of charm. It’s made with creamy natural burlap combined with red, white and blue metallic striped deck mesh as well as bright red burlap fabric.


In comparison, this dried floral wreath featured bold and vibrant colors with deep shades of red and blue complemented by crisp white accents. The wreath is made of quail brush, willow and flag-themed decorations, including 13 starfish representing the original colonies. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use and it’s great for summer events such as Memorial Day, the 4th of July as well as Labor Day.

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Our Most Recommended BBQ Shelters – A Cover Story For Grilling In Any Weather Conditions

Sourced content from: https://www.homedit.com/best-bbq-shelters/

Nothing is better than hanging out around a fire during the summer. Of course, it gets even better when talking about a barbecue fire. Don’t let the weather rain on your parade (or barbecue). Take a look at our list of barbecue shelters and consider such an addition to your backyard. Explore cover replacement options if you already have a BBQ shelter but you would like to give it a fresh look. Choose something that looks great and also keeps you safe and dry while cooking. Keep the heat of the sun or the excess moisture of a summer shower away from your grilled delicacies.

If you are not sure what makes a great barbecue shelter, we got your back. You’ll also find a list of the characteristics you need to keep in mind when choosing a gazebo. We break them down for you, so you won’t be raking over the coals at your next barbeque.

Quick Guide for BBQ Shelters

To enjoy more your time around the BBQ, you want to make sure you have a proper cover over your grill. Here is a list of the aspects you need to keep in mind before making a purchase decision.

  • Structure 

Safety is a priority when doing a barbecue. This also applies to the construction providing shelter from sun, rain or wind. To avoid getting trapped under your BBQ shelter, you want to choose a sturdy structure. Metal or treated wood will be strong enough to face the wind.

  • Ventilation

A good ventilation prevents you from choking with smoke and ruining the whole BBQ. Most gazebos have open sides that permit fresh air to flow in and out with ease. Also, you can check for roof vents that also improve ventilation.

  • Size 

You know your backyard best, so you have to make sure you use the space in the best way possible. Choose a BBQ shelter that can accomodate your grill without taking all the space in your garden. Or opt for a wider gazebo, to enjoy extra-space for you and your guests to move around or huddle under in case of rain.

  • Protection 

Most gazebos provide UV protection and are also treated to be fire retardant. Tent style shelters usually feature a waterproof canopy top. Some wooden gazebos may require special treatments. Opt for a heavier structure, that has a solid foundation, in case the area where you live is very windy.

  • Assembly 

If you are not a jack-of-all-trades kind of person, then an easy to assembly shelter is for you. Most BBQ shelters will involve assembly, as they come in a flat package and with a set of instructions. The tent style shelters take a few snaps to erect, so you only need a few minutes to get under the roof.

  • Design

If details usually concern you, then take time to see what comes alongside your BBQ shelter. Most of them feature shelves or hooks for your grill utensils. Check the color of the canopy or the frame finish, to know if your gazebo will blend in or stand out in your backyard.

Our Top 6 Recommended BBQ Shelters

The Sojag Ventura BBQ Grill Gazebo transforms any outdoor space into a haven. Enjoy cooking outside under a well-anchored gazebo. With a galvanized steel roof and an aluminum frame, this BBQ shelter will be worth the investment. Designed to face the weather’s changes all year round, it will survive rust, UV, mildew and even fire. Feel comfortable in your barbecue area, as this shelter also includes two shelves. This way, you get to enjoy a working area right next to your grill. The dark gray finish of the frame gives an elegant touch to space and will for sure stand out in your backyard. This BBQ shelter covers an area of 352.16 square feet, enough space for you and your friends to gather around. In terms of dimensions, the gazebo measurements are 8 Ft. W x 6 Ft. D. The item includes 1 Year warranty for the product and 2 years against any rust perforation of the roof. Installation and foundation will be necessary for this barbecue shelter.

The Sunjoy Kent Steel Grill Gazebo lets you enjoy grilling in a more comfortable, cool area. From structure to accessories, this shelter has all you need to indulge yourself when cooking outside. This Sunjoy grill gazebo will keep you protected from the sun and rain while you flip your burgers. Its 8ft. W x 5 ft. D structure comes protected with a layer of rust-resistant powder-coated steel. Leave behind the days when smoke took over your BBQ area. The 2-tier roof ensures better ventilation of the smoke. All sizes and shapes of grills will find a new home under the roof of this barbeque shelter. Get ready to be more enchanted by the little details of this gazebo. It even includes hooks so you can keep your grill utensils within reach. The built-in shelves will make your working area even more practical and attractive. This beautiful brown steel shelter will blend in perfectly in any outdoor landscape. And it comes with easy-to-follow instructions, so the assembly won’t give you a hard time. Wearing the signature of the largest provider of gazebos in North America, this product comes with a one-year warranty.

The Sojag Dakota Metal Grill Gazebo helps you make summer last longer. With the protection offered by its aluminum roof, you can enjoy your grilling days more. Get comfortable cooking outside, with a working area easy to set on the two built-in shelves. Dimensions of this BBQ shelter are 6 Ft. W x 8 Ft. D. The roof provides shade and good ventilation during the hot months. Maintenance is easy, as you only have to ensure snow doesn’t put excessive pressure on the roof. The full-frame features protection against any weather conditions. The product comes with a one-year warranty. You will need to handle the full installation, according to the instructions.

The Cobana Grill Gazebo Outdoor Patio BBQ Canopy combines simple design with practicality. Add more comfort to your BBQ experience. Keep the excessive sun or unexpected rain away, as you find refuge under a durable polyester top. Find the perfect color match for your backyard, choosing one of the three fabric options for the roof. The sturdy frame will also help keep your grill area protected. No more water pooling, thanks to the buckles ensuring a well-fastened top. Also, the waterproof, weather-resistant materials will keep your grilled delicacies safe from rain. Easy to install and clean, stable and resistant, this gazebo will be a great addition to your outdoors. The extra features will delight you, as you have 4 pothooks and 2 shelves on the sides, so you can feel at ease cooking. Keep all your grill utensils and tableware nearby. When it comes to size, details matter, so you should know this shelter measures 8′ L X 4.6′ W. Add some light decorations on top of the poles for a more personalized look.

The ABCCANOPY Double Tiered Outdoor BBQ Gazebo Canopy with LED Light puts the BBQ season in a new light. With a large 8′ x 5′ footprint, this grill shelter will provide plenty of shade and comfort for all the grilling fans. Designed to resist rust, corrosion, chipping, you know this BBQ gazebo is here to stay. For windy or hot days, the top canopy has two soft tiers that ensure great air ventilation and stability. Extend your grilling hours even after sunset, using the energy-efficient LED lights included. And make the most of your working area, using the two lateral shelves and hooks to store your BBQ utensils. Keep the rain and UV rays away while you cook your specialties in the great outdoors. Let your passion for grilling grow under the cover of this sturdy yet nifty barbecue shelter. Blend in with the nature, as the canopy comes in a beautiful shade of Forest Green. Get ready to grill with style, from dusk till dawn.

The MASTERCANOPY Pop-up Canopy Tent is the kind of instant BBQ shelter you need for an adventure. Take this easy-to-install tent to festivals, camping, backyard events. The full package is a pleasant surprise for grill lovers. It becomes as easy as “pop” to bring some shade wherever you decide to do a barbecue. The wheeled bag saves a lot of trouble in transporting the elements of this portable tent. You also get four canopy sandbags and four tent stakes (10’x10′), next to the pop-up canopy frame. The canopy roof features a vent to ensure proper ventilation and cooling. The steel frame blends with the strong plastic components for a long-lasting structure. This pop-up canopy tent will adjust to your height and needs. Keep your fingers safe from pinches with the help of the improved toggle leg adjustment. Select from the three different height options: High 81′ , Medium 77′, Low 73.2 ‘. No need for fire alarms, the top cover material is fire resistant, compliant with CPAI-84. You are one minute away from comfort and shade, with this practical, durable BBQ shelter.

Refresh Your BBQ Shelter with a Replacement Canopy

The Garden Winds Replacement Canopy – Standard 350 are a perfect match for the Sheridan Grill Gazebo. Stylish and resistant, this canopy proves beauty is in the details. This product features reliable ultra stitches and durable pockets. So, no matter how strong the wind or rain may be, you will be safe. Your grill gazebo will keep you protected from rain and sun, for a long time. Made from waterproof polyester, this grill gazebo replacement top fits only a specific model. Its dimensions are 107 x 67 inches. Ain’t no sunshine and no rain coming through this beautiful beige canopy. It can protect you from UPF 50+, it is water-resistant, and complies with the CPAI-84 fire retardant.

The Garden Winds Replacement Canopy for L-GZ238PST-11 suits the structure of a Bamboo-Look BBQ Gazebo. Water resistant and CPAI-84 fire retardant compliant, this canopy is durable and stylish. To ensure its utility, compare all measurements to determine the type of gazebo you have. This product measures 97.5” x 60” on the bottom tier and 29” x 18.5” for the top tier. Add some color to your barbecue shelter, as this long-lasting canopy has a design inspired by the USA flag.

This Garden Winds Replacement Canopy Top Cover made of Riplock fabric is a match for the 8 x 5 Bamboo Look BBQ Gazebo. Measuring 16 x 12 x 3 inches, this top cover weighs 2.64 pounds. With a pleasant shade of beige, the canopy is UV treated, water-resistant and fire retardant. Give a fresh look to your BBQ shelter with this long-lasting canopy.

The Sunjoy 110109132 Original Replacement Canopy for L-GZ651PST is compatible with the 5 x 7 Grill Gazebo. The fabric used for this canopy is 100%  premium Polyester. It has a polymer coating so UV-protection, water and fire resistance are also included. This top cover is compatible only with the grill gazebo (5×7 ft) sold in Bigots US in 2013 spring (store SKU: 30535375). A great plus of this product is the 12-month warranty. Also, the low maintenance translates as a very easy to clean material.

There you have it, our top list of good-looking, practical and long-lasting BBQ shelters. Let us know in the comments which one do you think will look best in your backyard. This barbecue season, have a smokin’ time under a new grill gazebo!

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Argos has included this genius bench-to-bistro set in its garden furniture sale

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Argos is offering up to a third off in the Argos garden furniture sale. Perfect for giving your garden an update just in time for the warm weather.

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This is a garden sale you’ll want to have a look around. Argos has dropped the price on some of our favourite pieces this summer. Including its popular wooden bench to bistro set and the Ipanema Fruit picnic chair.

Here are a few of the pieces we’re planning to swipe up in the sale. But you’ll need to be quick as we don’t think they’ll hang around for long.

Argos garden furniture sale

Argos bench to bistro set

Argos garden furniture sale 3

We fell in love with this clever piece of furniture as soon as it was released. Perfect for small gardens or balconies, the set transforms from a wooden bench to a table and chairs in just a few easy steps.

The set is priced at £52.99, instead of £80. However, with limited stock, you’ll need to act fast.

Buy now: Wooden Bench to Bistro Set, was £80, now £52.99, Argos

Argos sail garden gazebo

argos garden furniture sale 1

When temperatures are soaring it is always a good idea to have something to shelter under. However, if you’re after something a little more stylish than an umbrella or traditional gazebo, this smart black sail is for you.

It is sturdy and suitable to be left outside all year round. Plus it has racked up some glowing reviews, averaging five stars on the website.

Buy now: 3M x3M Sail Garden Gazebo, was £275, now £182.99, Argos

Argos Pascal sun lounger

argos garden furniture sale 2

Buy now: Pascal sun lounger, was £250, now £166.49, Argos

If you are looking to add a bit of glamour to your garden, this sun lounger is just the ticket. The grey rattan arms are incredibly on-trend and look gorgeous against the wood effect frame.

The thick cushions and length will seriously up your comfort factor when next lounging in the sun. Pile the lounger high with textured cushions for a patio show-stopper.

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Will you be snapping up any of these stylish bargains?

The post Argos has included this genius bench-to-bistro set in its garden furniture sale appeared first on Ideal Home.