This Is How Americans Will Be Traveling in 2020

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In 2020, we can expect to see two types of travelers: homebodies, and those who are looking to leap outside their comfort zone. Rental marketplace Vrbo announced these new insights in its 2020 trend report, based on domestic and international bookings over the course of the past year (through August 31, 2019). In addition to identifying how people are traveling, it also notes where people will be jetting off to (Cherry Log, Georgia; Bella Vista, Arkansas; and Terlingua, Texas, are among the top U.S. hot spots, and three of the five top international beach destinations are in Portugal). The two trending strategies that caught our attention also happen to be super-affordable: 

Same-City Stays

Not staycations in the you, your sofa, and all three seasons of Stranger Things sense, but rather choosing to rent a place in your own backyard for the weekend. Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas, and Atlanta are just a few cities where these mini getaways are gaining traction. One explanation is the rise of the “celecation,” which Vrbo describes as families and friends making a vacation out of celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, or reunion; those who live in town opt to book a large home that fits everyone. The money you save on airfare can go toward your next big cross-country trip.

Unconventional Accommodations

Out-of-the-ordinary residences—think: barns, castles, and tree houses—are becoming increasingly popular (71 percent of millennials say they would consider spending the night in a nontraditional place). However, most adventure seekers would prefer to go small than stay in a palatial château: Demands for houseboats, yachts, RVs, and Airstreams have spiked 30 percent since last year. It’s a smart move if you want to pocket some extra cash. This tiny rental home on wheels starts at just $146 per night. Your 2020 bucket list starts here.  

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51 Red Bathrooms Design Ideas With Tips To Decorate And Accessorize Yours

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Red bathrooms aren’t the obvious choice–but that’s what makes them so great! Dare to stand out from the crowd and create a unique decor scheme that’s full of heat and mystique. We’ve all become accustomed to seeing the odd red bathroom accessories set here and there, but today we’re talking about all in, all round red bathroom designs that would laugh in the face of safe neutral schemes. Come with us on a journey through 51 inspirational red bathroom ideas, where we’ll find stand-out red vanities and red sinks, unique red bathroom decor and stunning red tiles, plus brave concepts for intertwining other punchy accent colours into red interiors.

Visualizer: Igor Sirotov  

Red and rosy. An illuminated mirror and some focussed spot lights create a rosy glow in this red minimalist bathroom, where red on red is the non negotiable theme.

Visualizer: K Band  

Another run at a red on red theme, only this time there are clean white ceramics to disrupt the solidity.

Designer: AAA Arch  

Make a green view really pop. As red and green are on opposite sides of the colour wheel, they create high contrast when put side by side. Frame your green garden view with red interior walls, floors and ceiling.

Designer: Anthony Gill  

Shiny red bathroom tiles cup the view of outdoor greenery in this one.

Visualizer: Lange Geller Kuehl Interiors  

Red as a classic colour. Red wainscot and boiserie look the business in a bathroom. This traditional styling works best with traditional silhouettes for toilets and sinks. Complete the look with a set of elegant wall sconces, and a black and white tiled floor.

Source: SHK Shop  

Red razzmatazz. Red carpets are rolled out at big showbiz bashes, so we associate the rich colour with a bit of glitz and glamour. Make your own showstopper with ruby red bathroom walls, a unique red accent chair, and one Hollywood-worthy chandelier in the starring role.

Visualizer: Daryna Detiles  

Roll out your own red carpet. Once you’ve created an award worthy feature, roll out a red bathroom rug to beat a path to it.

Visualizer: Elevation Architectural Studios  

Red and black baroque. Go heavy on elaborate ornamentation and decoration to create your very own piece of baroque. Choose densely patterned tiles, candelabra wall sconces, and a boldly baroque inspired vanity mirror.

Designer: Balbek Bureau  

Look into the light. Solid red decor can have a darkening effect, especially in a small space, so be sure to install ample light to keep the bathroom at a comfortable level for your needs. The solid light box frame around this double sink bathroom vanity mirror is electrifying.

Visualizer: Diff  

Alternate the wall treatment with tone and texture. This red and black bathroom uses areas of solid red and black decor interspersed with grey marbled slab. The marbled effect spills out across the floor to unite the room.

Say hi to high gloss walls. The light reflective, room expanding qualities of glossy surfaces can be taken to the extreme by covering basic walls with gorgeous gloss panels.

Visualizer: Light Design  

This remarkable marbled red wall brings organic pattern and movement.

Visualizer: Viktoriya Petrukhina  

Red and ribbed. Ribbed wall panels build a pinstripe pattern of light and shade.

Visualizer: Maria Fadeeva  

Transform a red and white bathroom design from an ‘ok for now’ to a definite ‘wow’, with strong black base notes. Black swing arm wall lamps, black framed vanity mirrors, and black towel rails all fit the bill.

Visualizer: LIS design studio  

Use red as zoning, like this dark red tiled shower enclosure.

Visualizer: Tomek Michalski  

Decorate in palatable proportions. A very large luxury bathroom benefits from plenty of ‘air’ being put through strong colour. Get bold with one red feature wall, then use a few well placed colourful elements to accentuate the rest of the room.

Visualizer: Rustem Urazmetov  

Play with proportion! Decorating small areas in solid contrasting colour can distract from size limitations.

Visualizer: Slava Korchagin  

Colour a base band. Install red vanity cabinets and matching tiles at consistent height around the base of a red and white bathroom scheme, to create a solid bright band.

Visualizer: Stanislav Ananev  

The colour arrangement is flipped on it head this time around, with a red band wrapping the upper half of the room scheme. Crisp black and white geometric tiles vie for attention down on the floor.

Brighten up the bathroom furniture. Bright red bathroom furniture will create a buzz in the plainest of bathrooms. Buy a brand spanking new red bathroom set, or give a face lift to pieces you already own with a coat of primer and paint.

Visualizer: Artem Tafy  

No more drab doors. Colour coordinate the bathroom door and cabinet doors in the same red hue as the walls for a totally cohesive finish.

Source: Terma Heat  

If you’re just looking to add a brief pop of red to your bathroom design, a modern vertical radiator or heated towel rail is a great way to bring in a sizable piece. This hot red design looks stunning next to a cool turquoise tipped table.

Source: Zucchetti  

You could also opt for statement red faucets, which speak loud and proud on a slate backsplash.

Visualizer: Tyoma Atsone  

Up the tempo with graphic bars of red, black and white to boost walls and floors.

Visualizer: Artgroup  

A Mondrian inspired interior design may quench a thirst for red decor, with its primary colours and solid shapes.

Visualizer: Delcon USA  

Another take on the Mondrian bathroom theme.

Visualizer: Lemonade Studio  

A subtler take on cubism. This time just a few black and white blocks cross a solid red wall, but the abstract style is still distinctive.

Visualizer: Kirill Vill  

Two types of tile, two strong colours.

Visualizer: Zarysy  

Dampen down bright red bathroom walls with a grey ceiling and grey floors. Natural wood tone also helps to balance out the vibrancy.

Visualizer: Duet Design Group  

Glam up red furniture with golden hardware. This red and gold bathroom furniture has a high contrast teal background to amplify its colour.

Visualizer: Rina Lovko Studio  

Make hero pieces stand out in more ways than one. The vanity unit in this white bathroom stands out not only because of its bright red colour, but because of its unique cantilevered design that cuts into the centre of the room.

Visualizer: Vladislava Torgonsky  

In a shadowy red and black bathroom, red accents have an almost luminous effect.

Visualizer: Marco Podrini  

Use colour to as a connective tool. Red siding on this shower unit becomes an integral part of the vanity unit, giving the bathroom layout better connection and flow.

Source: Famosa Tile  

Rain ruby red from a skylight. The natural light from velux windows or a skylight will highlight the lustre of red mosaic tiles or a textured glossy red tile.

Source: Aquatica  

Red as an earth tone. A muted red and brown bathroom feels laid back and natural, especially with some authentic timber elements to enhance it. Arrange indoor plants all around the bathtub to really get closer to nature. This red bathtub sits sensitively within the colour scheme, with just a white inner shell for a touch of freshness.

Source: Aquatica  

Same red bathtub finish, different look. This elongated red tub is staged on a white marble platform, whilst red geo pattern dances across surrounding tiles. Light grey wainscot makes a sophisticated border.

Visualizer: CCI Renovations  

Don’t be hemmed in. You don’t have to take your red feature wall all the way to the ceiling if the height is too overpowering–this one levels out at the same height as the window on the opposite wall.

Visualizer: ArtPartner Architects  

Dark red and dramatic. Dark red everything, with just a few black accents, makes a wonderfully moody setting. Light floor tiles prevent the look from becoming oppressive, despite the darkened ceiling.

Visualizer: Tamara Batsmanova  

Another dramatic red bathroom from the darker end of the scale, with a lighter floor to keep things airy.

Visualizer: Art Group by Vasilkova Daria  

Start and end your day in a work of art. Think photographic wall murals, graphic floor tiles and unique decorative mirrors.

Visualizer: Evgeny Zjuba  

Go geo. Geometric tiles jostle for attention behind colour contrasting mirrors in this red and green bathroom. Red geometric pendant lights hover above a red bath.

Visualizer: Z.Design architecture  

Carve out a red ensuite. This boxy red design visually separates the ensuite bathroom from the bedroom, without having an actual solid wall between the two at all.

Designer: Fadd Studio  

Use strong red elements to balance out deeply patterned monochrome decor.

Designer: Tatyana Arkhipova  

Another example of red vs deep pattern.

Designer: Cantoni  

Rev up a red scheme with red bathroom accessories sets, and a unique bathroom sink.

A natural pebble floor makes a beautiful, and unexpected, accompaniment to a red bathtub.

Designer: 2B Group  

Optical illusions. Besides the mind bending wall treatment here, a red floor tile has been employed to reflect strongly in the mirrored vanity cabinet–visually doubling the size of the room.

Visualizer: One Architects  

Create a ravishing ensemble of russet red and copper.

Visualizer: Konstantin Kononenko  

Another russet red decor bathroom, this time with blue contrast.

Visualizer: Daria Zinovatnaya  

And one more.

Visualizer: Vladyslava Torhonska  

Make plants into decor heroes by choosing planters that carry the colour of the room.

1. Red bath towel se
2. Red touch free soap dispenser
3. Red bathroom accessory set
4. Red toilet paper holder
5. Red pedal trash can
6. Red shower curtain
7. Red bathroom vanity light
8. LED bath faucet
9. Red bathroom rug

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9 Crock-Pot Soups to Make This Winter, Because It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

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Name a better way to end a glacial winter day than with a piping-hot bowl of soup that’s been simmering all afternoon. (Sorry, making snow angels doesn’t come close.) A slow cooker is the ultimate shortcut to make this scenario a reality: Simply gather your ingredients, set the timer, and enjoy the result when you’re back from work, French baguette in hand. 

Whether you’re in the mood to hunker down with some corn chowder or a hearty dose of minestrone, you can achieve a tasty meal with zero stirring-over-a-pot involved. These nine recipes are sweater weather’s best friends.

Vegan Chili 

brown chili with sour creamPin It
Photography by a Couple Cooks

Sonja and Alex Overhise of A Couple Cooks top this recipe off with their go-to vegan toppings: cashew cream (instead of sour cream), green and red onions, and chopped cilantro. If you want to take a smokier route, the blogging duo suggests adding paprika to the spice mix. 

Creamy Wild Rice With Chicken 

mushroom soupPin It
Photography by Half Baked Harvest

While you can also whip up this dish with an Instant Pot or on the stove, Half Baked Harvest blogger Tieghan Gerard makes a case for letting the basic pantry staples sit and simmer. For texture, she suggests tossing some roasted mushrooms in butter, rosemary, and garlic and adding them to the pot. 

Beef Stroganoff

mushroom soup with big noodlesPin It
photography by Le Creme de La Crumb

This savory option doesn’t even need an afternoon to cook—it’ll be ready to eat after an hour and a half in the pot. For the beef, Creme de la Crumb suggests picking up stew meat (it’s juicy and tender) and twirly cellentani noodles. 

Slow-Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup

chicken noodle soupPin It

As far as comfort foods go, chicken noodle soup is the equivalent of homemade macaroni. This hearty recipe by Damn Delicious calls for traditional spaghetti noodles; one whole lemon; and tons of fresh parsley, rosemary, and thyme. 

Crock-Pot Chicken Gnocchi Soup

creamy gnochi soupPin It

Set up your Crock-Pot station before leaving for work in the morning, and when you return home, this soup will be waiting for you. Pinch of Yum’s recipe starts like a chicken wild rice soup (toss in the basics: carrots, celery, onions, and broth) but gets a twist with the addition of gnocchi and creamy evaporated milk.

Slow Cooker Chicken Fajita Soup

imagePin It

The Recipe Critic’s dish takes only 10 minutes to prep, so you’ll have no trouble tackling it in the morning before you head out. After cooking on low for four to six hours, take out the chicken to shred it. When you put it back in the slow cooker, sprinkle on the finishing touch: a cloud of shredded Cheddar. 

Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken Tortellini Soup

tortelinni with carrot soupPin It

Celery, carrots, onions, chicken, and tortellini make for one soothing meal. Double the recipe and you’ll have a week’s worth of lunches.

Slow Cooker Broccoli Cheese Soup

cheese sprinkled on brocoolli soupPin It

If you’re a fan of Panera’s broccoli and cheese soup, try this creation by Well Plated. It does take a full eight hours to cook, but to speed up the process a bit, Erin Clarke recommends using an immersion blender after everything has mingled for six hours. 

Slow Cooker Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup

tomato soupPin It

Prepare to be sipping tomato soup all season long. Go beyond the bread and enjoy it with a gooey grilled cheese—the pairing will instantly bring you back to your childhood. Slow and steady really does win the race.

This story was originally published on November 3, 2017. It has been updated.

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This Is Not a Drill: Marie Kondo Is Launching a Store

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What happens after you KonMari your home? Once you’ve sent all your non-joy-sparking sweaters off to Goodwill, it’s a question you’re probably asking yourself, and it’s what sparked Marie Kondo’s latest venture: An online shop whose focus goes beyond just organizational tools. Officially launched today, The Shop at KonMari is instead full of Kondo’s favorite things—an ode to creating a lifestyle that sparks joy after you’ve delved into the nitty-gritty of minimizing your wardrobe and decluttering your living room. 

“A lot of followers have been asking me, after you achieve that, what would be the rituals that you do every day or the routines that you have?” Kondo told us over the phone. “These are the items that I recommend.” 

For her, it boils down to carving out a spot in her home to be her personal retreat. “I have a small study that I use for just myself, and that’s where my collection of crystals and incense is,” she says. “It’s one of my most favorite spaces.” Kondo suggests finding the places that make you happy and establishing a ritual of your own. Looking for some inspiration? Here are the three things from her shop she loves most:

The pre-chore reset 

Kondo swears by using a tuning fork—a metal object you strike against a crystal to create sound—to restore balance before she starts tidying up. So if the idea of tackling your entire home stresses you out, this is something you might want to mimic. “They clear my mind,” she says. 

The morning mood-booster

Kondo kicks off each day by burning this incense to purify her space. “I’ve been using it for so many years; it’s got a calming effect, and brings up your energy, too,” she explains. 

The entertaining must-have

“When I invite people over, of course I want to have a Japanese flair,” says Kondo. One such tradition: serving guests family-style from a big pot in the middle of the table. For this, she loves a donabe. “It’s really cute and contains the heat inside, so it’s a great way to host people.” Try it out, if only for the reason that having a chic oven-to-table pot is one less thing you’ll have to clean up post-meal. 

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Personalized Holiday Gift Ideas

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Hello friends! Thank you so much for the lovely comments from my last post on saying no to stressful obligations during the holidays. Such insightful comments! For the next few days I’m working on an important gift, I’m assembling all the best pictures from my teens’ childhood, uploading them, and having a book made for each of them.

A few years ago I had a T-shirt memory quilt made for my stepdaughter, she still naps with it, and it’s one of her favorite things. I love personalized gifts, they feel more meaningful because they take a little extra planning but they have such a beautiful impact when revealed to the recipient.

In anticipation of the holiday season, consider some of these unique personalized products for gift giving. 🙂


leather cord roll ups

commemorative printed linen tray

leather keychains


framed heart snapshot



t shirt memory quilt

map for adventuring couples


natural leather tray



night sky star map

initial leaf bracelet

 plush friends

keepsake quote

engraved wood architectural outline

monogrammed cutting board

glass and wood serveware

leather dopp kit


family pillow

What personalized gifts have you given to the special people in your life? I’d love to know!


Feel More Relaxed at Home with These Best Essential Oil Diffusers

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One limited to spas, aromatherapy has made its way into our homes as we try to create a relaxing environment away from the stresses of work and responsibility. Calming the mind can help improve focus as well as the quality of sleep. Whether you’re experienced with aromatherapy or just trying some out to see how it works for you, it’s important to use essential oils and not chemical substances that mimic various smells. And, the best way to do this is with an essential oil diffuser.

Essential oil diffusers come in various forms with different features. Which ones you choose can depend on where and how you plan to use the diffuser – as well as how much you think you will use it.

Our Top 3 Essential Oil Diffusers

best choice

VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser

VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser

With 88 percent of the more than 12,000 reviews coming in at four and five stars, this diffuser/humidifier covers all the bases.

View Deal

Color LED Lights

InnoGear Aromatherapy Diffuser

InnoGear Aromatherapy Diffuser

The capacity of this diffuser makes it perfect for any room and its size makes it portable throughout the house.

View Deal

smart device

Smart Wifi Enable Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser

Smart Wifi Enable Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser

It also comes with a one-year warranty and 24-hour response for after-sales service.

View Deal

What Are Essential Oils?

If you’re new to aromatherapy, you might not have a clear knowledge of exactly what essential oils are.

Basically, an essential oil is a compound that is extracted from plants in a way that preserves the scent or flavor of the plant – its essence. This is done using a variety of natural methods – not chemical ones — including distillation or cold pressing. Once the essence is extracted, it is mixed with a carrier oil – a neutral oil that dilutes the essence and makes it possible to use them in diffusers and on the skin. They are not typically meant to be consumed in most cases.

While essential oils are often used in massage, aromatherapy relies on inhaling the scent of the oil. It is said that inhaling these scents stimulates parts of the brain that are involved in memories and emotions and that this why aromatherapy is relaxing and soothing. The inhaled benefits include some positive effects on body functions such as blood pressure and heart rate. While lots of health benefits are being ascribed to essential oils, little scientific research has actually been done on their effects. Of course, this is changing because the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria has renewed interest in the search for other compounds that can fight bacterial infections, so research is ramping up.

Choosing Essential Oils

More than 90 types are commonly available and each one has its own smell and potential health benefits. You can choose them for the benefits, but if you don’t like the scent, it won’t be relaxing for you. Find some scents you like and see if they match up to the calming effects that your are looking for. Here are some popular oils and the benefits that are attributed to them, but you can find a much longer list on

  • Peppermint is most often used for better digestion and as an energy-booster.
  • Lavender might be the most well-known thanks to its prevalence in spas, where it is used as a stress reliever.
  • Sandalwood may be more associated with the perfumes of the seventies, but it is useful for calming nerves and helping people focus.
  • Bergamot is another stress reducer.
  • Rose is very useful for lessening anxiety and improving mood.
  • Chamomile is already well-known as a bedtime tea, so it’s logical that it is used for relaxation and to improve mood.
  • Ylang-Ylang is frequently used for headaches and nausea.
  • Tea Tree is already used in skincare products to fight infections and improve immunity.
  • Jasmine is thought to help with depression and libido.
  • Lemon can help with digestion, mood, headaches, and more

Choosing an essential oil diffuser

With hundreds of models that range from $10 to well over $100, the choice can be daunting. Of course, the choice depends on more than just visual style. Many features can sway which ones are best for your home and intended use. Make sure that you take these elements into consideration when choosing an essential oil diffuser for your home:

Capacity: Essential oils are very potent, so to diffuse them, a few drops are added to water. The water capacity of the diffuser will determine how long it can run and how large of a room it can accommodate. Sizes can be anywhere from a few ounces to more than a quart. Of course, the smaller sizes tend to be the most common. The larger the capacity, the longer it can run without needing to be refilled and the larger the space it can serve.

Area served: If the room where you want to use the diffuser is small, then size really doesn’t matter. If you want the aroma to permeate a much larger space, look for diffusers that have a larger capacity water tank and are made to cover a larger area.

Mist: Before you shop, decide if you want a continuous cool mist or one that is released intermittently because that might narrow down your choices somewhat.

Strength of aroma: If you prefer a stronger scent or mist, consider purchasing a nebulizing diffuser because they vaporize the oil drops without heat, before the emitting the mist. Nebulizing diffusers are generally expensive, so you don’t need one unless you find the scent from regular ones to be too weak.

As a humidifier: Some essential oil diffusers can also work as a cool-mist humidifier. If you have problems with dryness in colder weather, this can be a two-for-one bonus.

Timer: If you plan on using your diffuser on a regular basis, you’ll want to consider a timer. Being able to set a timer to run consistently is a great convenience if you think you’ll benefit from regular use.

Automatic shutoff: While a diffuser is not generally a fire hazard if you forget to turn it off and the diffuser runs dry, it can overheat and break. Having an automatic shut-off function will ensure that you don’t accidentally ruin it.

Lighting: The properties of LED lighting make them suitable for all kinds of uses, including in diffusers that can also be used as a nightlight or mood light.

The 8 Best Essential Oil Diffusers

1. VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser

Doing double duty as a diffuser and humidifier, this Amazon Choice VicTsing 300ml Essential Oil Diffuser does the job very well and has plenty of bells and whistles to boot. This is a good-sized diffuser with a 300-milliliter tank that can last for 10 hours when running on the lowest of the two available mist level settings. The diffuser has a timer with a variety of settings as well as automatic shut-off when the water runs out. Mist levels generated are ideal for a space of 200 to 300 square feet,

Beyond the basic functions, the VicTsing essential oil diffuser also has a choice of seven colors to add to the soothing environment. The colored light can be switched off or run on a dim or bright setting. The exterior wood grain finish, which comes in three shades, helps the diffuser blend in with any style of decor.

best choice

VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser

VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser

With 88 percent of the more than 12,000 reviews coming in at four and five stars, this diffuser/humidifier covers all the bases.

View Deal


  • Reviewers love the style, function and quiet operation of this diffuser.


  • Some buyers who use the diffuser overnight are bothered by the brief beeping when it shuts off. Also, the “on” light remains lit even if the colored accent light is turned off.

2.InnoGear Aromatherapy Diffuser with 6 Bottles 100% Pure Essential Oils

For a top diffuser in a more modest size, the InnoGear Upgraded 150 milliliter Aromatherapy Diffuser is a fabulous choice for those using a diffuser for the first time because it comes with a package of six commonly used essential oils to sample and try out.

The company’s whisper-quiet ultrasonic technology makes this an extremely quiet diffuser. The mist it generates is super fine and smooth, which means it can help relieve dry skin in the winter improve breathing in the summer. Depending on your preference, the diffuser can be run with a continuous mist or an intermittent one, allowing you to control how much of the mist and aroma are released int your space. A waterless auto shut off means that users don’t need to worry about safety if they forget to turn it off before the water runs out.

InnoGear’s aromatherapy diffuser also has an LED night light feature that can be set on a single color or to cycle through all seven. The six essential oils in 10-milliliter bottles included in the package are lavender, tea tree, lemongrass, eucalyptus, sweet orange, and peppermint.

Color LED Lights

InnoGear Aromatherapy Diffuser

InnoGear Aromatherapy Diffuser

The capacity of this diffuser makes it perfect for any room and its size makes it portable throughout the house.

View Deal


  • Besides the overall function, reviewers love how easy this is to fill and clean.


  • Overall, buyers had no quibbles with the product except for those who received a defective one.

3.Smart Wifi Enable Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser

With smart technology spreading throughout the house, it’s no surprise that you can now get a wifi-enabled essential oil diffuser. This 300-milliliter diffuser from Birgus can be operated without wifi, but can also connect to Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Connections are made with the Birus app downloadable from the iOS app store or Google Play store. Extra conveniences come with a connected diffuser, such as being able to program or control it from your phone or with voice commands.

Other important features of the diffuser are its omnidirectional ultrasonic variable mist, the automatic safety shut off when the water is low, and the accent lighting. Different colors of the 360° LED lights can be used for mood lighting or as a night light. With a 300-milliliter capacity, the diffuser will run on the low mist setting for 8 hours.

smart device

Smart Wifi Enable Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser

Smart Wifi Enable Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser

It also comes with a one-year warranty and 24-hour response for after-sales service.

View Deal


  • On Amazon, 75 percent of all reviewers gave this diffuser five stars for its easy operation, stylish look and connectivity.


  • Some buyers had difficulty with the app, which one reviewer noted will not work with 5G

4.URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

As Amazon’s choice for “humidifier and diffuser, the 400-milliliter URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser has a large capacity that will last for six to 12 hours before needing a refill. The size and mist output are best for a room no larger than 15 by 15 feet.  The diffuser has a stylish vase shape and a choice of natural wood grain finishes in different shades.

Using ultrasonic technology, this diffuser runs very quietly, making it great for overnight use. The automatic shut off feature ensures safety and protects the unity from damage when the water runs out. A four-setting timer and mist control let users customize the experience. The same goes for the seven colors of LED lights, which can be set you a favorite hue or left to cycle through them all. The package contains a charger adapter and a measuring cup, but no essential oils.

zen look

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

The zen look is appropriate for the relaxation and hydration that comes from this essential oil diffuser.

View Deal


  • Buyers love the look and great functioning of this essential oil diffuser.


  • Some reviewers had issues with defective products.

5.OminiHOME Essential Oil Diffuser

With a water capacity larger than most other essential oil diffusers/humidifiers, the 530-milliliter OminiHOME model can provide up to 10 hours of misting. and, if it is run on the low mist setting, the diffuser will work up to 18 hours. The unit has a stylish oval design and an attractive woodgrain finish. High and low misting modes allow users to control the amount of humidity and three timer settings allow it to run automatically for two, four or eight hours.

Low sound from the diffuser means that it will not disturb sleep or be a daytime annoyance. This diffuser unit also features seven colors of LED light that can be adjusted to a dim setting or a bright one.

Brightness Adujstable

OminiHOME Essential Oil Diffuser

OminiHOME Essential Oil Diffuser

The vent for the mist is located on the side, which means that it is easy to direct the mist in the desired direction.

View Deal


  • Amazon reviewers liked the ease of operation and sleek look of this essential oil diffuser.


  • A few buyers received defective models.

6. ALOVECO Aromatherapy Diffusers for Essential Oils

More than 80 percent of Amazon reviewers gave the ALOVECO Aromatherapy Diffuser for Essential Oils four- and five-star ratings. The whisper-quiet operation of the stylish diffuser/humidifier makes it a popular choice. With a capacity of 300 milliliters, it can run up to 12 hours on the low setting. The unit has setting options for a Continuous mode or 10-second intermittent mode, along with a timer that can be set for two or four hours. In addition, the mist can be set at a strong or standard setting. It is also designed to automatically shut down when the water level is low. A side vent allows users to turn the mist toward a particular direction.

A unique feature of this ALOVECO diffuser is the wireless remote control that lets users turn the mist or lights on or off at will. The remote is also handy if you want to place the diffuser on a higher shelf or behind furniture. And, speaking of lights, it has seven soft LED mood light hues, which also make a great night light, especially for children.

full set

ALOVECO Aromatherapy Diffusers for Essential Oils

ALOVECO Aromatherapy Diffusers for Essential Oils

Even better, the product comes with a 90-day money-back and a lifetime worry-free warranty.

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  • Buyers love the good mist output for a small-sized diffuser.


  • Some buyers noted problems with the diffuser not working after a short time.

7. Ultrasonic Cool Mist Essential Oil Diffuser

For diffusers that have more artful style, Amazon shoppers love the Ultrasonic Cool Mist Essential Oil Diffuser with its tree design. Rather than just a plan vessel, this diffuser features a tree silhouette that stands out against any of the seven LED light colors. The 100-milliliter capacity is smaller, but as this is primarily a diffuser, the size is not an issue.

Ultrasonic technology that is whisper quiet won’t be a disturbance during sleep or work. The cool mist that is continuously emitted spreads the scent of your choice throughout the room and the little boost of humidity also helps the indoor air environment. Automatic shut-off means the diffuser is safe and won’t be damaged when water completely runs out. In addition. the QUSUP Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser passes all the safety and durability testing required for ETL and FCC certification.

Auto Shut-Off Protection

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Essential Oil Diffuser

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Essential Oil Diffuser

The unit has an easily removable cover that allows for easily refill

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  • Buyers love the look and the simple function. The diffuser also comes with a 45-day money-back and 24-month worry-free guarantee.


  • Some reviewers said the diffusing function stopped working.

8. Two-pack URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

For fans of aromatherapy, Amazon’s choice for a two-pack is this URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser. Ideal for when you want a small essential oil diffuser/humidifier in more than one room, the double option is more economical. This unit has whisper-quiet operation technology and an automatic shut-off mechanism for safety when the water runs low. The mist mode has two settings — intermittent and continuous — which can run up to 6 hours with the 100-milliliter capacity tank.

Each diffuser has a 45-day money-back guarantee and one year warranty. The oils and measuring cup are not included with the units. Of Amazon reviewers, 87 percent rated this with four or five stars, loving its function and small size.

two packs

Two pack URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuse

Two pack URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuse

Seven colors of LED lighting are adjustable from bright to dim, according to personal preference.

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  • Buyers love the value and function of this small diffuser.


  • Some reviewers had issues with defective models.


Any of these essential oil diffusers can fill the house with a relaxing scent and a comforting level of humidity. It’s up to you If you want the extra bells and whistles like colorful LED lights or artistic designs. Aromatherapy using a diffuser is an easy and very affordable way to transform the atmosphere in your home and make the whole family more relaxed and at ease.

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Sea Views And Stone Walls Shape A Luxury Modern Home In Brazil

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The monolithic Pedra da Gávea mountain serves as a mystical backdrop for this TV show host’s home in São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro. Mr Alex Lerner had the oceanside home built so that he could relive the vacation feeling he enjoys when on holiday in St. Barts. Architects Studio Arthur Casas began working on the design the moment the plot was chosen. Optimising sea views was paramount of course, so the main living space of the home had to be elevated, freed from the high walls that surrounded the triangular lot. The landscape was made a living, breathing part of the home design by destabilizing perceptions of indoors and out.

The 5,200 square foot Brazililan home cost around $213 per square foot to build, but the sweeping ocean and mountain views are priceless.

Owner Alex Lerner stood firm that the only material he saw his house being realised in was the same peachy greige stone that he had laid eyes on at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Stone walls and natural timber come together in harmonious marriage. The blue water of an infinity pool shimmers beneath clear blue skies.

White outdoor chaise lounge chairs from Restoration Hardware, costing a cool $1,095 each, are kept pristine with washable covers. “I like things very, very clean,” Lerner admitted, and on this it seems the client and architect were perfectly matched. The house that Casas created showcases his own affinity for clean lines, and satisfies Lerner’s request for a place that would not require too much maintenance. Casas created the ambiance of a pristine vacation home, so much so that Lerner quipped: “Someday, will I have to give it back?”

Lerner confessed to owning four vacuum cleaners, and that he would have no qualms about putting one of them to use outside if any stray leaves should lay fault on his pristine new landscape.

The living room opens up fully to the sky and seascape, urging toward the veranda. The continuous floor level and ceilings achieve an unrestrained flow between the outdoors and in. The natural landscape becomes glorious decor for the home, colouring its dissolved wall.

Extensive terraces around the modern house exterior create an exciting social space.

Ambient lighting highlights every nook.

The garden is home to plants native to the Atlantic Forest.

The house is designed to merge with its green landscape, to frame and be framed by surrounding nature. The aim is that over time the home will become more and more integrated into its location, until it almost vanishes.

An intimate wooden volume forms the top floor of the house, in a much smaller footprint than the entertaining space below.

The wooden cuboid holds the master bedroom suite, which includes a large closet, spa bathroom, and a home office.

There is a hot tub submerged in the floor of the wood-clad volume, where a tall door measuring almost 12 feet tall leads directly into the master bedroom.

When the tall door is closed, it just about disappears within the wood grain. Great wooden beams build the frame of an outdoor room around the hot tub and deck.

Raised high off the ground, the infinity pool pushes out into space. At night, Lerner is able to skinny dip in relative seclusion. “I wanted to find a place for privacy,” he said. “I live alone, and here I can be naked.”

The wooden bedroom suite overhangs the main entryway to the house. A massive stone wall shields the home from the public eye. Architect Arthur Casas raised the foundation so the house below is hidden from view.

The front door opens into the living room on the mid floor.

Maid and gardener’s apartments, plus a number of guest bedrooms, are spread out across ground level.

Natural surroundings are both embraced and reflected by the rugged house design.

Notions of inside and outside become blurred and irrelevant.

Even the front door design is straddled between ideas of barricade and invitation.

Huge sliding glass panels and a stretched glass balustrade pull ocean panorama into the living area. “I spend my whole time here,” says Lerner.

A large floating staircase zigzags up the home.

Glass panels on the other side of the living room open onto a courtyard.

A comfortable lounge chair and footstool are placed by the window to enjoy the scene and ventilation.

The interior of the home is decorated predominantly in white and light wood tone to achieve the desired clean aesthetic.

Brazilian designers, Rodrigo Calixto and Guilherme Sass, made the Catamarã chairs seated at the kitchen dining island. Each chair carries a $1,100 price tag.

At the dining table, PK9 chairs by Poul Kjaerholm from Fritz Hansen ring up at $6,439 each. Diesel Fork Grande Suspension Lamps from Foscarini top the dining table, priced at $1,055 per pendant.

An open sided staircase design leads to the master suite. Wooden treads push out from their stone wall mount, where a recessed handrail hides.

Perimeter lighting keeps the scheme soft and simple, and does not encroach on the wondrous view.

Hardwood cumaru flooring floods the home, a durable choice to withstand the elements.

White ceilings keep the stone build feeling light and free inside.

Outside the master bedroom, Sérgio Machado’s artistic interpretation of a procession of ants marches across the wall.

The white bedroom is cool and calm, with crisp linens from Restoration Hardware. A 19th-century French chest rests by the bed.

A bench at the foot of the bed also comes from Restoration Hardware. The chair is by São Paulo designer, Aristeu Pires.

The luxury bathroom seems to stretch for miles thanks to the clever positioning of a custom cut frameless mirror.

Ground floor plan.

First floor plan.

Second floor plan (Master suite).

Section drawing.

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Favorite Things of 2019

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Pat me on the back, in this corner of my studio I managed to squeeze eight of my Favorite Things of 2019 into this shot, see if you can you spot them. 🙂

I’m partnered up with a group of creative bloggers (see list below) and this week we’re posting our favorites. When it comes to gifts, the truth is, the older I get, and the more I travel, I actually prefer experiences to things.

But…. I can’t deny there are material things we all need and certain things we all love, and when you find something that’s a favorite, why not share it with your friends, right?

My Favorite Things of 2019 under $50


The original mudcloth pillow seen on the left is from this shop, but the set of mudcloth inspired pillow covers I found on Amazon. They add a fun black + white pattern to my studio sofa.

These gold and black wire hurricanes are available in different sizes, they’re fresh and modern and are a sculptural simple addition to any space.

I’ve labeled this black faux fur blanket the “boyfriend blanket” because once you wrap it around you, you’ll have a major crush and never want to let it go. It’s so cozy, when I take the occasional cat nap during the day, this blanket is my BFF.

Inexpensive and timeless, I have a trio of white ceramic houses from Target that look festive anywhere, on a mantel, tabletop, or nestled in a tray.

I bought this planter set at CB2 and I rotate them everywhere, my favorite element is the subtle pattern present in each design.

Having this set of black and ivory bowls is very practical. I use one as a succulent planter, one to hold matches, and in this seasonal vignette, another to hold mini ornaments.

This set of oval trays is from IKEA, I use them to group candles/plants, etc. They work in any space, bathrooms, living rooms, on your breakfast table. Clean lines, great quality, and shockingly cheap for powder coated metal trays.

I prefer matches to lighters, although I have a collection of both. I’m old school in my belief it’s far more fashionable to strike a match when lighting a candle. So I love these $5 safety matches.



A few more favorite things:

I’m a traveler and love to get out and about, near and far. If I’m on a solo adventure, I don’t want to bother people with the “will you take my picture?” question, so I carry this tripod + selfie stick in my backpack. It has a bluetooth wireless remote, so I can set up the tripod, pose from a few feet away, snap a few images with my iPhone, and move along quickly without troubling strangers.

I don’t like racerback sports bras, I prefer ones where the straps sit on the shoulders like my everyday bras. These New Balance Breakthrough Bras are designed for high impact sports and they’re available in traditional bra sizes so you know they fit! They keep the girls strapped in place on runs or in my fitness kickboxing classes and during all those up and down exercises like burpees and jumping jacks (hate those BTW).

Girls, trust me on this one. You want great looking lips any time of the day at any hour? Try the Buxom Lip Plumping polishes. I carry around a few different colors. These give a little shimmer, a little color, and a hydrated look.

I fell for the hype and bought the Australian Clay Mask but I do love the way it cleans my t-zone. I apply it once-a-weekish when I’m in the bath and let it sit for twentyish minutes. It gets all the yucky stuff out and tightens pores, win win.

I’m in my forties, but my skin still looks really great. Most of the credit goes to good genes, daily use of sunscreen, and also a retinol serum. This anti-aging serum I’ve ordered a few times. It has vitamin E and hyaluronic acid and it’s 10 bucks! I use it 2-3 times a week on face, hands, and décolleté.

I have a dozen different beanies that I wear all the time to keep my head warm. This beanie is a favorite and available in so many yarn colors. You know why beanies are the best? They let you look cute on a “haven’t washed my hair today” day. I wear them November through March as an excuse not to shampoo. 😉

Add some edge to your wardrobe! I love this Faux Leather Embroidered Moto Jacket, every time I wear it all the ladies ask me where I got it, and I tell them “Amazon, 48 bucks” and they say “Send me the link!” So here it is. It runs small, I’m a 4-6 so I ordered that size and it’s fitted but I like it that way.


Big thanks to Melissa at 320 Sycamore for hosting this week’s blog hop!

Check out these participating bloggers in the hop for more great finds!

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New on-trend fringed mirror surprising and delighting Primark shoppers

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Fringing is huge. From cushions to throws, it’s very much THE trim of the moment. Fringed mirrors are the latest accessory making a statement in fashion conscious homes this season.

To cater for an affordable solution, there’s the Primark tassel trimmed number. The statement new design is surprising and delighting Primark shoppers.

Talking trends: Home decor trends 2020 – the key looks for updating interiors

On-trend Primark fringed mirror


The metallic oval design is complete with a stylish navy fringe. The trim adds a little touch of flourish to an otherwise simple mirror. Available in stores nationwide now, the new  Navy Fringed Mirror is just £10.

Here is the number you will need, to try to locate this little gem in stores. Fringed mirror product code: 6444001.

More surprises in stores: This £30 Primark bar cart is almost identical to one at Oliver Bonas… only £365 cheaper


The new accessory appears on the verified Primark Home account on Instagram. Primark say, ‘On-trend statement pieces that’ll take your space from boring to boudoir ✨ Limited Edition collection available in selected stores. Cushions from £7/€8, Mirror £10/€12, Accessories from £3/€4 #PrimarkHome #HomeDecor #InteriorDetails’.

It’s racked up 5,248 likes and a number of complimentary comments, including:

‘Look at that fringe mirror 😍’ exclaims one.

Joined by statements of, ‘This mirror is all the feels 🖤’ and  ‘That fringed mirror!’.

‘Amazing! That’s what I call interior goals! 😍’, says another, appreciating the whole put-together scheme.

‘WOW!💖😍💖😍’ and ‘😍😍😍😍👍💖’ were all others simply had to say.

Also from the Dark Forest collection…


In-keeping with the fringed mirror is a chain print cushion, from the same collection. The fashion-forward design is covered in an ornate print featuring chains and tassels. Edged in a baroque-style pattern and a twisted trim, this cushion is one for the fashion conscious decor.

In stores only: Navy Chain Print Square Cushion, £7, Primark Home


Primark new season velvet plant pot

A velvet planter, who knew Primark would produce such design wonders? This totally on-trend plant stand is the perfect compliment to a luxe living room. The gold stand will elevate any houseplant to new heights, quite literally.

In stores only: Navy Velvet Plant Pot with Gold Stand, £6, Primark Home

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Is your home ready for an abundance of on-trend accessories?

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The 7 Best Black Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets (and Beyond)

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Dramatic. Dominant. Dark. The descriptors most commonly associated with black are scary, to say the least. It’s no wonder painting an accent wall (let alone an entire room!) in the color, can seem like a huge risk. It might bring us down or make an already-tiny space feel even smaller. Believe it or not, the hue actually has just the opposite effect. 

As we’ve learned from some of our favorite moody kitchens, “light and bright” is still possible if you know your right swatches from wrong. When we asked nine interior designers to share the best black paint colors for kitchen cabinets, we were relieved to hear them describe their tried-and-true picks as “warm,” “rich,” and “pairing well with pure whites.” For cupboards and beyond, these are the shades they swear by: 

Blackest by Clare 

All of Clare’s products are zero-VOC, meaning they’re formulated without the carbon-based solvents found in most other brands. “It’s a no-brainer,” says Natalie Myers of Veneer Designs. Myers describes this “intense black” as not too watery and not too thick, making it a great option for DIYers who want a stress-free application. 

Whitney Portal by Portola

This non-traditional choice ticks “depth” off of ETC.etera designer Sally Breer’s checklist every time. “It’s not a black hole that feels hollow; there are some warm, brown-red undertones in it that make it really dynamic,” she says. 

Off-Black by Farrow and Ball

This chalky option was the clear winner of the group (multiple designers said it’s their go-to pick). “In certain lighting, it reads as dark gray,” Dee Murphy of Murphy Design points out. Because of that, she adds that it’s the perfect introduction to the “dark side.” The only point the pros vary on is what kind of finish to use. New York designer Cara Woodhouse prefers something on the shinier side. “I like to use this color on both the trim and the walls, but I’d use a full-gloss sheen on the millwork and the brand’s Estate Emulsion finish (it only has a two-percent sheen) for everything else,” she says.

Word to the wise: Matte finishes are best for low-traffic areas, as they’re more likely to show scuff marks and fingerprints. Allison Crawford, the founder of HOTELette, says a flat finish looks especially eye-catching against crisp white walls. 

Story Teller by Portola 

Designers tend to shy away from blacks that look too purple. This one strikes the right balance between a warm violet and rich charcoal. “We use the limewash in most of our projects,” says Tamara Kaye-Honey of House of Honey, noting that the old-world treatment “envelopes a room in the best way.”

Railings by Farrow and Ball

Unlike its more beloved counterpart, Off-Black, this swatch from Farrow & Ball skews more blue. Although the color gets its name from ironwork, “it doesn’t feel sterile,” says designer Heidi Callier. To really bring out the navy undertones, the brand suggests using the full-gloss version. 

Jet Black by Benjamin-Moore 

WeWork’s creative director of design strategy, Rubén Hernández-Correa, thinks a lot about using paint to highlight the architectural character of a building. His go-to choice for doing so: This straightforward shade.

Pitch Black by Farrow and Ball 

Woodwork, flat walls, siding—L.A. designer Jake Alexander Arnold loves this pure, velvety option so much he went so far as to paint the entire exterior of his house with it. “It’s the perfect classic because it goes with everything,” he says. There’s nothing to fear here. 

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