Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Create Your Own Stylish Oasis

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You spend a lot of time in the bedroom, and while much of that should be spent sleeping, the space should still be comfortable and stylish. It’s such a personal area that your preferences and the elements that make it most convenient and relaxing are what should be included. Stumped about how to change things up?  Have a look at these ideas bedroom decorating ideas for switching things up in your own home.

Add a Bench

Adding a bench at the end of the bed is more than just a style improvement, it’s a really functional element. More than just a place to lay out your clothes while getting dressed, a bench is very convenient for sitting down to don socks or shoes. If you’re wondering why you need a bench when you can just sit on the bed, it’s bad for the mattress to repeatedly sit on the edge.

Opt for Pendant Lights

Pendant lights above the bed are a great option, especially when space is at a premium. Use singles or multiples and have them installed where it is most convenient for reading and where they won’t get in the way. For installation over a bed, slimmer, more streamlined styles are recommended for convenience.

Luxurious Combos

We already talked about the advantages of adding a bench to the bedroom, and this type of bed combines the two into one luxurious piece. The plush upholstered and tufted headboard extends around the sides and foot of the bed. The wider base at the bottom forms a comfortable and convenient bench that not only adds function but also an amazing style element.

Built-In Bookcase Headboard

Narrow bedrooms can be a challenge when trying to add nightstands or bedside storage. Opting for an inset, built-in bookcase headboard is a bedroom decorating idea that saves a ton of space. The inset portion takes the place of nightstands and includes adjustable lighting fixtures that are made for reading in bed. The area at the top of the headboard also provides some display space, which may not be plentiful in a small or minimalist bedroom.

Go Faux With Windows

Placing the bed right up against windows is not the greatest idea because it can be drafty or chilly in cold weather. If you like the look, try installing a wall of faux windows behind the headboard. Paper blocks the view through the glass, making them seem like closed shutters or curtains. This is also a great idea for a bedroom that has minimal windows, adding the illusion that an interior wall is actually a full expanse of windows.

Floating Nightstands

For a coordinated look and a clear floor area, nothing beats floating nightstands.  Here, they are part and parcel of the headboard and bed frame, which includes lighting. If you already have a headboard you love, it’s possible to incorporate this bedroom decorating idea by installing floating nightstands that are individually attached to the wall. Or, try adding some accent shelf boxes that include lighting as this bedroom does.

Mix and Match Bedside Lighting

People who strongly prefer symmetry might cringe at the thought of having different styles of lighting on each side of the bed, but this mixed-up look is very modern. One side features a wall sconce fixture while the other has a set of sleek pendant lights. The differing finishes are tied in with the mismatched nightstands on the opposite side.

Eclectic Bedside Tables

Don’t limit yourself to traditional notions of nightstands when looking for pieces to place next to the bed. Current designs favor all sorts of small tables, stools and even stumps being used at the bedside to hold lighting and other necessities. If there’s one place where the rules have totally been broken, it’s where bedside tables are concerned, so use your imagination!

All in One Headboard

Whether the room is small or large, one of the easiest bedroom decorating ideas is an all-in-one headboard. Great for people who aren’t big fans of shopping for decor, the streamlined look includes small bedside tables that are attached as well as standing lamps incorporated into the design.

Unconventional Canopy

A far cry from the traditional idea of a canopy bed, this style is modern in that it adds casual draping to a minimalist fourposter bed. With an open top instead of the more expected cover, the style is airy yet provides a feeling of privacy on the inside. Casual tie-top curtains are especially versatile because they are easily removed or changed out for a different look.

Dramatic Wall Bed Unit

This amazing design combines a floating platform bed with nightstands, a lighted headboard and a wall shelving unit. It’s the ultimate one-and-done concept for a bedroom where you want plenty of drama. The bold colors, size of the wall unit and moody underlighting create a focal point that leaves nothing to be desired.

Built-In Bunks

When siblings need to share a bedroom, styling the space can be a real challenge, especially in tighter quarters. Make the most of a kids bedroom by using built-in elements that incorporate storage under the bottom bunk, alongside the bed structure, and floating on the wall atop the dual desk. This is super functional, easy to keep tidy and will last through the teen years.

Luxuriously Pink

For a child who loves pink and lots of delicate details, an over-the-top styled bedroom is a dream come true. This bedroom decorating idea uses soft pinks everywhere — from the walls to the bedside tables and the bedding. By keeping the print on the upholstery a simple gingham and incorporating lots of small details, it’s a luxury design suitable for a child without being juvenile.

Upgrade Bedside Lamps

One of the simplest bedroom decorating ideas is to change your bedside lamps for something more modern and unexpected. Ditch the jar-shaped, shade-topped style for an architectural model like this one. The rest of the pieces in this bedroom are fairly standard, from the traditional nightstands to the slightly arched headboard, but the lamps add a good dose of contemporary interest to the room.

Visually Panel the Walls

Like the look of trimmed and paneled walls but don’t have the budget? Try installing simple frames across one wall or all of them. This projects the look without the expense and can be as simple or as fancy as you desire. A darker neutral wall looks great with white frames but for fans of gold or silver, metallics would also work. More adventurous types might want to try bolder hued or even black frames.

A Statement Headboard

For a big dose of personality, pick a statement headboard. It sets the tone for the room and will drive the rest of the decor. Here, the whimsical nature of the headboard and the rococo curve of the legs make the use of candelabra lights at the bedside a natural. This goes really well with the wall framing too, and no other wall decor is necessary above the bed.

Add Plants

Maybe you haven’t thought about making plants an element in your bedroom decor, but they can even be part of the scheme above the bed. Start with a clean-lined headboard and then create an asymmetrical gallery wall above, incorporating plants that frame the art from the sides. Greenery adds interest as well as a healthy element.

Bring in Some Backlighting

One of the best bedroom decorating ideas for transforming the space is to add backlighting because it adds so much atmosphere. In the bedroom, the ideal place is behind the headboard and sleek styles are the most conducive to backlighting. In this staggered headboard design, the lighting is incorporated in the sections to the side of the actual bed, but it could also go in the middle.

Eliminate Table Lamps

For a contemporary look and a less cluttered bedside table, move the lighting off the tabletop and onto the ceiling. Simple round pendants look very dramatic when hung over the nightstands. This frees up space on the table and adds a modern element without being in the way of the bed.

Boldly Upholstered

If you love prints, then this is the bedroom decorating idea for you. Instead of the usual basic headboard and printed bedding, this bedroom flips the concept on its head and goes for an upholstered headboard in a bold variegated diamond print. Yes, it is boldly orange, but the hue is muted by the blacks and grays which keep it from looking garish. Keep the rest of the room neutral and you’ll have no trouble matching the bedding to the headboard.

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Rustic-Industrial Interior Design Examples

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Two rustic-industrial interiors show us how to create a characterful home that provides a cool change from the norm, with a relaxed kind of vibe. See how to make a place that is packed with patina, and how to embrace exposed elements like raw concrete, bare brickwork and revealed ducting. For those of us who like life a little more colourful, fear not! The rustic-industrial style inside these two homes is not all about the grey and baron; cheery colourful accents are scattered about the rooms in some unexpected places. As we tour through, we’ll discover refreshing blue and green elements, and even some beautiful pattern.

Designer: Shmidt Studio  
Visualizer: Shmidt Studio  

Our first tour takes place inside a 54 square metre mini loft. A projector screen drops down from its ceiling mount, in front of a rustic shiplap wall. A linear module crosses the floor beneath the screen, with the appearance of a media cabinet but serves as a hearth for a small modern fireplace.

The other side of the rustic living room is home to a sofa with chaise, and a home workspace with plentiful storage cabinets.

When the projector screen is retracted into its ceiling mount, propeller wall decor is revealed on the shiplap wall, giving it some industrial flavour. There is also a set of wall mounted bookcases, which are broken into sections by the wood wall cladding.

A ridged area rug textures the floor.

Nesting coffee tables provide a layered look in the centre of the rug. The sofa has a mix of brown and grey sections to break up its expanse, and add a little relaxed rustic character.

The grey finish of the industrial style kitchen units is designed to match the raw concrete wall behind. The warmer tones coming from the backsplash and countertop tie in with the adjacent red brick wall. Warm lighting has been added below the base units to accentuate their floating effect. Exposed ducting from the cooker hood pushes up the industrial style factor.

Directional track lights shine down over the dining area. There is no low hanging pendant light here, but shiny wine glasses hang over the table to evoke a comparable decorative effect. The glasses are held in a wall mounted wine storage rack, conveniently placed right by the table.

Chartreuse dining chairs make a strong statement in the grey kitchen diner.

The laminate flooring carries a patinated effect that melds well with the rustic-industrial decor.

The same floor treatment is carried through into the hallway.

The interior doors have been given a rustic paint job.

Moving into the industrial bedroom we discover more exposed brickwork, which acts as a headboard feature wall. industrial style lighting highlights its rugged texture.

Bifold doors conceal the closet.

Decorative panels edge the brick wall at one side of the bed, behind a bedside table lamp. Sage green paintwork frames the window.

The soft grey bed set looks extra cosy against the raw brick.

Opposite the foot of the bed, an entire wall of storage is broken into pieces by wood tone, dark grey and white finishes.

More closet space is found out in the hallway.

Wall hooks on a blue pegboard wall hold the coats.

A secret utility area is hidden behind a set of bifold doors at the end of the hallway.

Another hint of blue strikes inside the cloakroom.

The vanity unit inside the main bathroom is a rustic wooden affair.

The effect of the vanity is matched by a wooden bath caddy.

The single blue door on the cloakroom vanity unit has its effect doubled in a floor to ceiling mirror.

Visualizer: Tran Tu Thien  

Next up, we find a warm and welcoming rustic-industrial interior, decorated in tan and soft grey. The tan sofa matches the tones of a raw brick feature wall in the adjoined kitchen diner. The natural tone is also echoed in a rattan floor pouf, which is something similar to this

A glossy grey media unit is adorned with a glass vase at one end, next to a leaning shelving unit. Inspirational wall art decorates the entryway to the living room, next to a set of cheerful blue louvre doors. Beautifully patterned tiles cross the kitchen backsplash, bringing personality to the whole room.

The sputnik chandelier over the dining table has an industrial vibe, with its angular frame and oversized bulbs.

The kitchen runs in an L-shaped arrangement. Two industrial style swivel swivel bar stools sit at its peninsula.

A gold swing arm wall lamp brightens each bedside in the master bedroom; green wardrobe doors complement their lustrous tone. The bed is layered in pale neutral, soft grey and black linen, and piled high with comfy scatter cushions to offset the harder industrial elements in the room.

There is an industrial home office in the corner of the bedroom, where shiplap climbs the wall. Storage nooks occupy the space underneath one side of the L-shaped desk. Matching shelving nooks provide more office storage up on the wall, and all the way up to the ceiling.

Rustic shiplap also provides the covering for the headboard feature wall. Here, the wooden planks have been set into a shallow recess in the wall to hide the cut ends. Over in the window niche, a cosy reading nook has been fashioned with a storage seat and some extra scatter cushions. A monochrome gallery wall stylishly connects the gap between the reading nook and the small side table by the bed.

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Morrisons takes on John Lewis with great-value glam home accessories

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Love the designer luxe look for your home, but without spending the big bucks? For that we’d say check out the latest arrivals in the Morrisons home department. The new Cooks & Home range have a fabulous, if surprising, selection of glam affordable home accessories.

We love nothing more than supermarket finds, as you well know from our Aldi, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Lidl round-ups. The only thing we love more is when we can compare key finds to designer buys of a similar style – and count the savings.

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To prove the latest Morrisons accessories are as goods the designer versions, we’ve compared key buys to that of much-loved John Lewis.

Morrisons home vs John Lewis


Brass and copper are having key metallics for this season. Both work so well with key on-trend decorating colours in interiors, such as navy, olive green and blush pink. Largely due to the warmth of both metallic tones. While the John Lewis is more contemporary with its minimalist slim head, if you’re looking for an ultra cool metallic lamp and want to make a saving, the Morrisons design is indeed a great deal.

Buy now
Ideal: Shelby GU10 LED Task Lamp in Brass Black, £5o, John Lewis
Great deal: Kafe Desk Lamp in Copper, £35, Morrisons
Saving £15

Morrisons Home

Make time for a classic look wall clock. You can’t go wrong with a timeless grey finish with black elegant clock hands.

Buy now
Ideal: Thomas Kent Laura Clock, £25, John Lewis
Great deal: Padstow Wall Clock, £10, Morrisons (In stores now)
Saving £15

Morrisons home

Add a flourish of pretty pattern with a decorative bedspread. The John Lewis version features the iconic Morris & Co Strawberry Thief pattern, whihc as become a much-loved country classic. In a slightly more purple colour palette is the ditsy floral print option from Morrisons home, a compromise only on the designer print aspect – but worth it if you want to save BIG time.

Buy now
Ideal: Morris & Co Strawberry Thief Bedspread, £275, John Lewis
Great deal: Ditsy Stripe Bedspread, £27, Morrisons (In stores now)
Saving £248

Morrisons Home

These simple black wire frames are a great way to make a simple, yet stylish statement of your photos. Both create the illusion of photos floating, thanks to the clean lines and sense of space around the actual main frame itself.  The Morrisons design is also wall mountable, only adding to its value.

Buy now
Ideal: Umbra Prisma Photo frame in Black, £17.50, John Lewis
Great deal: 3D Photo Frame, £6, Morrisons
Saving £11.50

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An over all saving of £289.50 for suitable similar buys.

Grab something glam and great-value this weekend while doing the food shop.


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Explore this stunning Victorian house in Chester

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Manor House is a beautiful 7-bedroom family home situated on Queens Park Road in Chester. Many of the period features in this Grade II listed Victorian home have been preserved including the fireplaces and stunning stained class windows.

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However, this home has managed to escape looking too traditional by blending these with plenty of modern touches to bring this gorgeous home into the 21st Century. We’d safely bet that when you sat in class as five-year-old and told to drawer a house, it might have come out looking a little like this.



Victorian house in Chester 1

It would be a crime to not spend a few minutes/hours admiring the façade of this house. Made out of traditional red brick, with a slate clad roof and gorgeous large windows picked out in white, we can only imagine that the family living her must be related to the Darlings or the Banks, or some other Disney brood. The perfect streak of green from the creeping ivy is the finishing touch that is almost too good to be true.


Victorian house in Chester 8

Our first thoughts might have been whether you could slide down that bannister à la Mary Poppins, but on a more grown up note this hallway is a open and breezy space. The marble floor looks formal, but is also practical for putting up with the muddy footprints and kids running around. The light fitting is a lovely touch, it makes a statement without looking gaudy, and compliments the geometric ceiling mouldings.


Victorian house in Chester 2

This mix and match kitchen proves you don’t need to stick to one style to make a splash. The black backsplash behind the cooker and the worn wooden island are reminders of the houses Victorian roots in this modern kitchen. There is every mod-con you could want in this room, from a wine fridge to a built in coffee machine. The current owners have made the bold move to install a playful glass light fixture in this room, just because kitchens are supposed to be practical doesn’t mean they can’t be fun too.

Dining Room

Victorian house in Chester 4

There are two dining spaces in this room, but this is our favourite. The red tiled floor gives this room that traditional and informal feel, mixed so well throughout the house. The dining set up is clever, opening up the room by putting a bench on one side and chairs on the opposite. This room in days gone by might have been reserved for the kitchen staff, but with that view out of the French doors we’d feel like the lady of the manor having breakfast here.

Living Room

Victorian house in Chester 3

From the informal to the beautiful, this living room was made for entertaining. The current owners have stuck to emulating the original splendour expected of a drawing room in this room. While not typically ones for crystal chandeliers, we love how this one looks with the stained class double doors. This room has the unusual luck of having a  window above the fireplace flooding the space with light. However the loveliest touch has to be the row of small shoes neatly displayed along the ledge above the radiator.


Victorian house in Chester 7

If you want to make a statement in a bedroom this is how you do it. The room has been kept deliberately free of excess furniture and ornaments, because with wallpaper like this you don’t need much else. The current owners have cleverly positioned the bed at an angle in the corner of the room so that the occupants can enjoy view out of both windows. Who said a bed needed sit flat against a wall?


Victorian house in Chester 6

A freestanding bath always looks luxurious, and picked out in mint green in a neutral bathroom it looks even more enticing. The cupboards discretely disguised as panelling allow this room to achieve the look of being minimal, despite have buckets of storage. If you’re wondering were all the shampoos and towels are our bet is in one of them.


Victorian house in Chester 9

The garden is relatively compact for a house of this scale, but still lovely. The lawn wraps around the house and the front garden is mainly laid out with shrubs and trees to maintain some privacy. The back garden is south-facing and includes a large patio the perfect spot for entertaining in summer.

Manor House is on the market with Savills for an asking price of £1,500,000.

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Was this your dream home growing up?

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8 Repurposed Churches Turned Into Spectacular Homes

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Living in a house that used to be a church may sound like an odd thing to do but the more we think about it the more it’s starting to sound increasingly appealing and interesting. Repurposed churches offer all sorts of unique advantages, one of the most important ones being the history of the building and its significance. Of course, the architecture is remarkable and sets the foundation for a stunning and unique interior design. The following projects will prove it.

Situated on a corner lot in London, United Kingdom this house is defined by a traditional aesthetic on the outside and a modern and sophisticated vibe on the inside. It was originally a church and it’s been converted into a residence by studio Gianna Camilotti. The exterior was left pretty much untouched so the building still retains its original character. The interior however has been completely revamped, with spaces that take advantage of the high ceilings and amazing arched windows.

When it comes to repurposed churches, the stained glass on the windows is one of the best and most unique features. That’s a detail which studio Zecc Architecten decided to preserve when they transformed this church from Utrecht, The Netherlands into a residence. They kept the stained glass even though it makes the rooms appear darker compared to regular clear glass windows which let in lots of natural light.

This is the Church House, a residence located in Brisbane, Australia. Originally it was the Church of Transfiguration which was built back in 1924. After the transformation, its facades remained almost unchanged, a testimony to the past. In addition to completely redesigning the interior of the existing building, architecture firm DAHA also created an extension. The two structures contrast with each other and have very different architectural styles.

Located in Melbourne, Australia, this charming house dates back to 1892 and originally served as a church. The historic timber building was transformed into a home by studio Bagnato Architects. The fact that it already had a size and shape similar to that of a typical suburban house helped the process and made the conversion easy and smooth. Of course, major changes were made. The ground floor was opened up towards the backyard, ensuring a seamless indoor-outdoor transition and the interior was updated and divided into smaller areas.

Another wonderful church conversion was completed by Scrafano Architects in collaboration with studio Linc Thelen Design. The church is located in Chicago, Illinois and has been transformed into a family home. It now has 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms as well as an amazing living space with 25 foot high ceiling and a stylish fireplace. The interior design is fresh and simple, with an emphasis on neutral colors. The stained glass windows make exquisite focal points throughout the house.

Originally built in 1928, this Reformed Evangelism Church in Haarlo, The Netherlands has been converted into a one-of-a-kind residence by Leijh, Kappelhof, Seckel, van den Dobbelsteen Architects. The building retained a lot of its original charm, with many architectural features being preserved almost intact, in particular the facade and the bell tower. Other historic elements include the wooden roof, the doors and the arched windows. The stained glass gives the spaces a really special look and stand out thanks to the new minimalist interior design.

All church conversions have a unique wow factor but not all of them take full advantage of this. One example of a project which makes the most of its unique history is the Cairns House which is located outside Kelso, in the UK. It’s now a 5-bedroom family home with a modern interior and a traditional exterior. The interior design is spectacular, taking advantage of the architecture, large open spaces and the beautiful stained glass arched windows. Check out crabtreeandbrabtree to find out more about it.

The Chapel is another wonderful church turned holiday home located in the United Kingdom. The structure is quite small and looks rather cute with its stone-clad facades, gabled roof and red door and window frames. The interior is modern with just a few subtle hints of rustic charm. The original windows were preserved and the frames are painted red on the outside and white on the inside, in order to match the fromt door and respectively the walls. Check out camenzindevolution for more details.

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Architectural Trend: Slatted Wood

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There’s an architectural installation trend I’m so drawn to lately: natural stain slatted wood. Every time it pops up in my feed or in a home tour or on Pinterest I just pause and think, wow that’s such a clean and interesting look, and so fresh and modern! Room dividers, staircases, and shelving units are all perfect places to integrate this trend if you love it too!

Examined closely you’ll see the design is not complex. As long as the wood slats are safely secured where they start and stop, they provide a beautiful barrier to serve a practical purpose and replace traditional railing on staircases.

est living


via dwell



dorsey designs


As partitions or room dividers, natural slatted wood installations are a contemporary backdrop to shelving, artwork, and wall sconces, like other styles of wall paneling that are alternatives to shiplap.


loloi rugs


portugal property

casa de valentina

mason studio

the austin tour via

design files 

design with reach

Slatted wood doors are a modern alternative to solid barn or closet doors, the slats hide just enough to disguise media or items not in use. With exterior installations they provide privacy, but also allow light to filter in during the day.

via dans lakehouse

dwell cloud house


It’s not necessary to contain this look indoors, it looks just as beautiful as a fence or enclosure, there’s just the additional element of treating it so that the wood is protected from the elements.


via dwell

arch daily


The same style applies to artwork or furniture, notice how these pieces incorporate the repetition of wood slats to create a striking focal point.

geometric wall art



gestalt new york


Are you on board with this contemporary look? Could you visualize it in your home or yard?

Benefits of Natural Light

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*in partnership with Milgard

I’ve been working with a client for almost a year on a full scale remodel. It’s remarkable how this home has changed from a dark and run down home to a fresh and functional abode that suits her lifestyle. When she came to me, overwhelmed, at the beginning stage of her renovation, I asked her in her initial interview what were the things she wanted most and of her biggest requests was more natural light. We got right to work with a new architectural plan to achieve her wish in every way possible.

Her home is a traditional San Francisco zero lot line structure, meaning the sides of the neighboring homes are so close they can reach out and touch the wall of their neighbor’s home. This placement does not allow for any light coming into the home on either side, only through the front and back spaces. It required a special strategy with the architectural design to reorient the location of spaces so that the most amount of natural light comes into her home in the spaces where she craves it most.

This is her newly furnished dining nook, flooded with sunlight, and it’s where she enjoys morning coffee, meals, wine in the evening, and catching up on social media.


For her home’s renovation we chose vinyl windows from the Milgard Tuscany® Series. The wider frame profile maximizes natural light and her view of her rear yard. SmartTouch® locks make her windows easy to open and because of their design, she knows just by looking when it is locked. There is no “before” picture to share because what was here before was a closet and dark narrow hall, but not anymore! Now it’s a bright and airy nook with a pass through to her rear deck. The natural light that floods the space has made it her favorite space in the home!

There are several benefits that come from the strategic placement of new windows in a renovation or new build to add more natural light. Today I’ve partnered with Milgard Windows & Doors to share a few!


Improves Mood

Natural light is one of the most popular requests in new homes and renovations for good reason. Exposure to natural light improves health because it’s a huge mood booster. Think about it. Whenever you’re tired or unproductive or grumpy, often it’s a lack of natural light in your day. Natural light triggers the production of serotonin, the brain chemical that makes you feel happy. Just sitting next to a window feeling the light as it enters a space lifts the spirits and improves anyone’s mood. It’s why tables next to a window are the ones requested when people dine in restaurants, and why window offices are more sought after than cubicles in the workplace.

Adds Value

In the architectural plan, we situated this south east facing bathroom to allow for plenty of morning light. Milgard offers obscure glass which we used in the horizontal slider in the shower to allow for natural illumination during morning preparation, something all women crave! The addition of this window reduces the need for artificial light during daylight hours.



Physiological Boost

Circadian rhythms are present in all of us, that natural 24 hour cycle which tells us when to sleep and when to wake up. Screens and artificial light interrupt our body’s rhythm, but natural light does the opposite, it helps regulate our biological clock.

We are modulated by external cues that come from sunlight. Exposing ourselves to light in the morning helps us to wake naturally and resets our circadian rhythm. Natural light in the morning signals your body that it’s time to be awake and as the sun sets, our bodies relax and settle into rest mode as part of our sleep-wake cycle. Our internal clock is timed much like a wristwatch when we’re regularly exposed to natural light.

Financial Savings

If your home is dark you use more hours of artificial light to brighten it up so it makes sense that adding more natural light to your home with new windows cuts down on the amount of time you need your artificial lights to be on. New windows and doors are long-term investment but one where you can reap the above mentioned benefits too! Milgard’s energy efficient windows are tailored to fit your climate, local codes, and green building standards to control temperature which may result in less heating and cooling expenses.


It’s a universal truth in design: large panels of glass situated toward a view make a space to feel more open and welcoming, yet another reason to let the natural light pour into your home!

I’ll share more images of my client’s remodel soon (as well as sources). Meanwhile, if you’re considering replacement windows or new windows, be sure to visit Milgard to see the variety of window and patio doors available to you.

*This post in partnership with Milgard Windows & Doors, all opinions (and the first two photographs) are my own, remaining images courtesy of Milgard. 




Modern Boy’s Room Decor Ideas With Lots Of Charm And Flavor

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Themed give purpose to interior design and make decorating fun and exciting. Some themes are better suited for specific types of spaces so for example if you’re thinking of decorating a boy’s room you might enjoy themes such as space, pirates. cars, superheroes and many others. Of course, you can also plan the interior design piece by piece and stop every once in a while to look at the big picture. I think you’re going to find the following examples quite useful.

This space-themed boy’s bedroom looks absolutely amazing. Our favorite feature is the constellation wall which was created using white nails and string. Other cool elements spread throughout the room include alien robot decorative pillows, little toy planets hanging from the ceiling and various toys present on the shelves and nightstands. This was a project completed by J & J Design Group.

This charming bedroom was designed by studio ONION and has these two amazing custom beds inside blue nooks with mock windows. Once bed can be reached via a ladder while the other has a little staircase. In between the bed stands a small arched hallway leading to the door. The custom-built wood wall also includes hidden storage modules which eliminate the need for a conventional dresser.

This bedroom has a loft bed, a very practical feature which suits small rooms and allows plenty of storage and other features to be included without making the room feel cluttered or tiny. The room was designed by Barbora Léblová. It has a cozy sleeping area is the corner while the rest of the room includes a workstation, a large wall unit and plenty of open space for other activities.

This bunk bed combo saves a lot of space and leaves enough space in the room for other features such as a desk, a set of shelves and a play area. The room was designed by studio Sarah Barnard and has a beautiful color palette based on shades of blue complemented by wooden accents and red details.

Interior design studio Bogdanova Bureau gave this boy’s bedroom a custom wood unit which includes a platform for the bed, storage shelves underneath and to the side and an entire hidden area behind a wall. The rest of the house is just as fun and exciting.

There’s a lot going on in this bedroom even though there’s not much furniture in the room. The bed sits on one side of the room, opposite to the window, with a floating desk, open shelves and a chalkboard wall on the other side. In between, there’s a climbing wall. It’s a super fun feature added by interior design studio ZOOI.

This is a cozy bedroom inside a mountain retreat designed by Studio Razavi in France. It has two built-in bed stacked vertically against one of the walls, with a storage area on their left and a window to the right. The interior design as a whole is very simple, encouraging everyone to spend more time outside.

A spacious bedroom makes it possible to include all sorts of cool interior design features such as a slide, a playhouse-like bed, a swing, a desk and of course lots of storage. This room designed by studio Marta Castellano is a wonderful example in this sense. It looks very bright and airy and it shows a perfect blend of fun and practical features.

The focal point of this room is a bed shaped like a car, a very fun and awesome feature worthy of attention. Since the room is quite small, that doesn’t leave much space for other large pieces of furniture so the designers chose to include a tiny table and low storage cabinets with shelves. The main piece of wall decor is a large world map. This was a project by RSRG Arquitetos.

Not all children’s bedrooms are infused with lots of colors and childish decorations. Some have a rather grow-up look and that actually gives them a lot of character. Take this room for example. It looks refined and elegant without being too formal or losing its kid-friendly nature.

Architect Gabrielle Toledano managed to squeeze a lot of cool features in this bedroom, including two beds with storage drawers and compartments underneath them, a desk, a platform with even more storage inside and even a playhouse. It’s all perfectly balanced and thus the room doesn’t appear cluttered or small.

The wallpaper in this bedroom is cool and eye-catching so the furniture placed against this wall doesn’t cover it all up but rather complements it with its fun colors and geometric shapes. The long floating shelf below the ceiling is a nice feature which adds lots of storage in an unusual manner. The room as a whole is small but doesn’t look or feel tiny and that has a lot to fo with the layout, the furniture and the large windows. This was a project by MSWW studio.

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Sleeping in Treehouses

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I was talking to my cousin and he reminded me of the “tree house” he built when we were kids in the oak tree at our grandparents house. One day my cousins Danny, Derek, and Darren decided to build a tree fort, they rounded up a bunch of wood, created a makeshift ladder to climb up the trunk, then laid down planks across the biggest branches to make the base platform. It had no railings, no stability, of course it was horribly unsafe.

One wrong step would send them falling to the ground, but the right series of steps allowed them to catapult themselves into the swimming pool below, which they managed to do dozens of times. My grandfather got a kick out of watching the whole thing being constructed, and even more joy from watching them swing from the branches and jump from the platform into the pool below. Good times. 🙂

I don’t recall what happened to that makeshift tree fort because my grandfather passed away and my grandmother moved out of that house but my older cousins did have their secret meetings up there where they conspired on all the ways they’d make trouble in the neighborhood. I remember being denied access because I didn’t know the secret password.

Tree houses are synonymous with childhood – we’ve all climbed up in one, and you were lucky if you had one or a friend who had one, right? For the adventurous or outdoorsy types who want to channel your inner child, or if you simply spend the night high up among the trees, take a look at these treehouses across the USA that you can rent to get this one-of-a-kind experience.


Timber Treehouse – Concord, North Carolina



Pleasant Bay Lookout – Bellingham, Washington




Sequoia Treehouse –  Dundee, Oregon (Wine Country)


Pinecone Treehouse – Bonny Doon, California



Willow Tree House – Willow, New York


Walker Pond Tree Cabin – Coventry, Vermont



Summit House – Tiller, Oregon



Adirondack Tree House – Middlebrook, New York


Vineyard Tree House – Monterey, California


Serenity Tree House – McEwen, Tennessee


Whispering Wind Treehouse –  Argyle, New York



Treehouse Retreat – Colombia Falls, Montana

Would you do it? Would you camp out in a tree house like these for a night or two?

4th of July Decoration Ideas That Can Transform Your Home In A Moment

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Even though the stores are probably full of 4th of July-themed decorations around this time of the year and a lot of them can look cute and interesting, we much rather prefer DIY 4th of July crafts because they’re really unique and they have lots of character. This year we prepared a bunch of cool projects for you to have a look at and be inspired by so let’s not waste any more precious time and start checking them out one by one.

First, some 4th of July bunting, something that you can hang outside and frame your entryway with. You can make it out of red, white and blue butcher paper and the amount you’re going to need varies based on how long you need the bunting to be. You’ll also need fishing line, a sewing needle and a hot glue gun. Check out thehousethatlarsbuilt for more details.

If you want to make your house look festive you could also hand one of these cool star banners. You can make it out of cardboard. You’ll need red, white and blue cardboard paper, spray adhesive or glue, a perforator, a craft knife and some ribbon. Check out cuckoo4design to find out how to make 3D star templates.

It’s not really 4th of July without firecrakers and in that spirit we’d like to share with you a lovely project that we found on tinselandwheat. It shows you how to make wood firecracker decorations which you can display out on the porch or anywhere else you want. We really like the simple design and the toned down color palette.

Since you’ll probably be celebrating the 4th of July mostly outside, we thought you might enjoy this themed planter idea from apumpkinandaprincess. This is obviously something that you can use all year round but the little vinyl decorations make it a funky project idea for the 4th of July. You can take out the stickers afterwards and add new ones on different occasions.

If you’re also planning a festive lunch or dinner, you’re probably in need of some patriotic table decor ideas. Luckily, we have some suggestions, starting with these lovely rustic wood rounds decorated with red and blue flowers. They go perfectly with the rest of the themed decor. You can add more colorful flowers to make a festive centerpiece for the table.

Now is also a good time to make something out of all those scrap fabric pieces you’ve been saving and a cute idea can be to make a 4th of July garland. You’re going to need little pieces of fabric in red, white and blue. You can mix and match different shades of these colors and different patterns. Make the garland as long as you want to.

Since we’ve started talking about projects that involve recycled materials, you might also like to check out this beautiful American flag decoration which is made out of reclaimed wood. You could use a pallet or some scrap wood pieces from previous projects. In any case, have fun painting the flag pattern. You can use a template for the stars or you can just freehand the entire thing. Check out myfrugaladventures for more details.

A more common project can be a patriotic wreath. There are lots and lots of 4th of July wreath ideas to choose from. The design featured on vickybarone is rather simple but that doesn’t mean it lacks character. To make one just like this you’re going to need a wreath form, white felt flowers, red and white twine, mini clothespins, red and blue felt and red ribbon.

Aren’t these little flags just adorable? They’re easy to make too. You only need some wooden paint sticks which you should be able to find at your local hardware store, some red and white acrylic paint, foam paint brushes and a staple gun. The project is explained in more detail on theproperblog.

We also found another cute project, this time on justalittlecreativity. It’s a house number banner and it’s something that you can put on display all year round. To make it you’re going to need canvas, some painter’s tape, chevron frog tape, some red, white and blue craft paint, carbon paper, white glue, two wooden dowels, four dowel caps, Heat N Bond and some rope or twine.

When was the last time you recycled an empty can? It’s not something many of us do which is a real shame because tin cans can be super versatile when it comes to DIY projects and home crafts. Check out for example these colorful tin can windsocks featured on the-wilson-world. You could make something similar using spray paint, star stickers and ribbon strips.

You can also turn tin cans into 4th of July table decorations. Clean them and remove the labels, then spray paint them. We suggest three cans: a white one, a blue one and a red one. You can tie a little ribbon around each one or add some star-shaped decorations if you want to. You can then proceed to use the cans as storage containers for spoons, forks and knives or you can put little flags in them, as suggested on stockpilingmoms.

Mason jars are also very versatile, even more so than tin cans. A nice idea if you want to turn a jar into a 4th of July ornament is to wrap it in colored yarn and to use it as a vase or as a candle holder. You can use yarn in red, white and blue  and if you want to you can also decorate the blue section with little white stars. There are lots of uses for something like this. You can find some inspiration on albiongould.

A little bit of paint can go a long way. A lot of projects on this list support this idea, including this patriotic flower pot with a stars and stripes pattern on it. You can use painter’s tape to make the stripes look perfect but you can also go for a more unique and rustic look which uses imperfections in its favor. You can paint the stars at the end and you can use a bit of sandpaper to give the pot a worn look.  Check out lollyjane for more details.

Speaking of stars, you can paint a bunch of them directly onto your lawn. Make sure you use special paint for grass which won’t damage the lawn and isn’t permanent. You could look for a star template at your local stores or you can just as easily make one yourself out of a piece of cardboard. This funky idea comes from theconcretecottage so check it out for more details. The star can be simply decorative but if you want to you can also have some fun setting up a 4th of July twister lawn area so the whole family and guests can have fun playing.

This 4th of July decor idea from thecountrychiccottage has a nice rustic appearance gives by the barn wood stars that act as frames for the candles and by the tea-stained flag which gives up the crisp white details in favor for a distinct time-worn shade. In addition to these two elements, the project also includes candles wrapped in red burlap ribbon and jute twine.

If you like working with wood, check out a project that was featured on makingofamom. It teaches you how to make 4th of July firework blocks. You either need a firework blocks craft kit or three blocks of wood which you can cut and sand yourself. You’ll also need acrylic paint in red, white and blue, paint brushes and a drill. The wicks are made of wire so if you’re not using a kit make sure you get some separately.

This patriotic windsock would look great outside on the porch or hanging from a tree in the yard. Of course, if you’d rather skip the whole 4th of July theme and make something more versatile you can customize the design however you want. To make this you’re going to need a wooden embroidery hoop, a swivel clasp or ann S hook, skinny ribbon in whatever colors you prefer, some thicker ribbon too, some tulle, a hot glue gun, a ric rac, long fabric scraps and twine. Check out the instructions on heyletsmakestuff.

A cute table runner can bring together your 4th of July decor quite nicely and is also something that you might actually enjoy making, given how easy the project. We found this idea on theshabbycreekcottage. All that’s needed is some burlap fabric, a piece of foam which you can cut into the shape of a star (you’ll need 3 stars) and acrylic paint in red, white and blue. The idea is super simple: once you have the dimensions right and cut out the burlap, paint one side of the foam star and then push against the burlap to transfer the paint. Repeat as many times as you want, using all three colors.

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