John Lewis reveals how Christmas Decorating Trends have changed over last 10 years

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With 90s fashions back on-trend and 70s interiors booming, it’s easy to think we’re going back in time. John Lewis & Partners have taken a trip down memory lane to explore how Christmas decorating trends have changed over the past decade.

Looking back to Christmas’ past, the retailer compares then and now – to see how Christmas decorating trends have changed.

To summarise – decorations have become more sophisticated, trees are several feet taller, tree skirts are trending and statement baubles have replaced traditional round ones.

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Christmas decorating trends

Image credit: John Lewis & Partners

‘In 2009, we typically thought a thin bit of red or gold tinsel mixed with some round baubles and a few lights attached to a heavy adapter meant we were ready for Christmas’ says Dan Cooper, head Christmas buyer at John Lewis & Partners. ‘ Ten years on the UK
tastes have become so much more adventurous and sophisticated.’

New research, looking over the past 10 years at John Lewis has revealed the following;

Christmas trees are taller

‘Artificial trees have grown in quality and popularity, and become several feet taller. Ten years ago 4ft trees dominated the range sold by John Lewis, but today 7ft trees are our most popular with 9ft trees growing in popularity’ Dan explains.

Statement baubles become best-selling

‘One of the biggest changes in trends has been in Christmas baubles. In 2009 most of us bought traditional round baubles, and there were very few individual ones,’ explains Dan. ‘ Today, we have over 400 different types of bauble
and our best selling baubles are not traditional Christmas baubles but birds, foxes and dinosaurs. We have embraced the idea of making our trees individual to us with statement baubles.’

Christmas colours are more sophisticated

It’s not just the tree size that’s different, our decoration choices have changed. According to John Lewis UK households are now more likely to decorate their Christmas tree in sophisticated colours. Think white, blush, green and copper. Rather than bolder colour choices , such as red or gold, which were the favoured shades for decorating ten years ago.

Trees draped in thick tinsel, which has had a resurgence that peaked in 2018, or decorated with a statement pieces are seen as the most Instagrammable for 2019.

Trend grows for tree skirts

With the more sophisticated approach to decorating, today’s trees are more likely to have their roots covered. Making tree skirts a growing trend.

Upside down trees are thing of past

John Lewis no longer sell upside down trees, popular back in 2009. Dan informs us, ‘ Instead pre-lit trees are on-trend and this year for the first time they have overtaken un-lit trees.’

Image credit: John Lewis & Partners

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This week marks the biggest week for Christmas decorating and shopping. Will you be decorating 2009 or 2029 style??

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The 18 Most Popular Paint Colors of All Time

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As anyone who has ever endeavored to do so will tell you, picking a paint color is stressful. Your trip to the hardware store results in numerous tiny paint chips taped to your walls in the hopes that a two-inch square will provide clarity. You agonize between two nearly identical (but different!) shades of blue-gray because you’re sure the skosh of shade difference could be your downfall. You start to question everything as you muse over whether that emerald hue really is timeless or whether it’s a trendy decision you’ll live to regret. You may end up abandoning everything and leaving your walls a plain white in defeat. Sound familiar? We’re here to help.

To narrow down the seemingly endless array of color swatches, we polled leading paint experts from Farrow & Ball, Clare, Sherwin-Williams, Behr, and Benjamin Moore to discover their most popular hues. There’s a classic array of neutrals, ranging from crisp whites to warm creams, as well as varieties of trendy matte black. But by and large, the most popular paint colors are not vibrant, overly saturated tones one might expect from a society leaning increasingly maximalist: They’re muted mauves, blue-grays, and dark reds.

If you want to give your own space a paint revamp, consider these beloved shades.

Farrow & Ball

imagePin It
Illustration by Phuong Nguyen

De Nimes No. 299 is a complex blue, perfect for those who are wary of moving into a world of color because it still has a familiar underlying gray tone, which is more visibly apparent in spaces with low light. In well-lit areas, it appears much bluer,” shares Joa Studholme, the color curator at Farrow & Ball. Studholme recommends using the deep blue-gray on front doors and other exterior surfaces for a distinctive look—though, if it’s mostly your home’s insides that you are concerned with, she says you can’t go wrong with using it in your living room or kitchen. “It’s also a great anchor to a space, so it’s perfect for use on kitchen units, especially when teamed with the slightly darker and equally complex Railings on a central island,” she notes.

imagePin It
Illustration by Phuong Nguyen

Feeling something unique? Try Sulking Room Pink No. 295 as an alternative to the poppy Millennial Pink. It’s more of a dirty-rose hue, and Studholme is a fan of keeping it in living rooms to create a comforting, intimate space. “With the world in turmoil, it’s not surprising to see a move toward the comfort of nostalgia—colors that not only enrich homes but also the soul.”

Though user, beware: This color comes with a caveat. “It’s important to avoid clean white with this color, as its powdery feel makes it incredibly soft and is better used with complementary tones like School House White or fellow pink Peignoir on woodwork or ceilings,” cautions Studholme.

imagePin It
Illustration by Phuong Nguyen

Paean Black No. 294 is a Georgian-inspired, red-based black that creates an intimate feel in super-contemporary or bohemian homes while adding a distinguished look to traditional exteriors,” says Studholme of the brand’s take on the matte black trend. “It is the perfect  accent for all Farrow & Ball reds.”


imagePin It
Illustration by Phuong Nguyen

It’s hardly surprising that rental-friendly white is on the list of most popular paint colors, but Sherwin-Williams’ best seller is anything but plain. “Pure White is Sherwin-Williams’ most popular color because it’s a neutral white that doesn’t lean too cool or creamy,” explains Sue Wadden, director of color marketing for the brand. “I love a monochromatic look with this color. Use it on both the walls and trim; a semi-gloss finish for the trim and a flat finish for the walls.”

imagePin It
Illustration by Phuong Nguyen

Tricorn Black is our truest black and it makes a great accent color,” continues the color expert. She’s a fan of embracing the dramatic with this one—which you may as well do with a matte black color, right?—and painting either your ceiling or trim black for some high contrast against white walls.   

imagePin It
Illustration by Phuong Nguyen

Behind neutrals, blues appear to be the most popular paint colors across the board—though the tones vary. Aleutian, a paler blue-gray, instantly feels zen, making it perhaps no wonder that it’s a best seller in today’s increasingly stressed-out world. “I like blues in the bedroom, where they invoke a sense of calm to help relax at the end of the day,” says Wadden.

imagePin It
Illustration by Phuong Nguyen

Rainwashed is a pale green with hints of pastel gray,” says Wadden. “I love this color with a pale pink, such as Charming Pink.” If you’ve been looking for the perfect color combo to dip your toe into the ice cream pastel color trend, this expert-sanctioned pairing may just be the ticket.

imagePin It
Illustration by Phuong Nguyen

Conversely, go bold. Sherwin-Williams’ most popular red is sophisticated and timeless. Fans of the modern farmhouse movement, in particular, will love it. Try using Rave Red in your entryway for a dramatic first impression,” recommends Wadden.


imagePin It
Illustration by Phuong Nguyen

Headspace is a soft blue-green hue with a calm, airy vibe,” says Clare founder and CEO Nicole Gibbons. “This color would look exceptionally dreamy in a serene bedroom paired with soft neutrals and a mix of patterns.”

imagePin It
Illustration by Phuong Nguyen

With a name tailor-made for the Millennial demographic Clare is sure to attract, we can see why Current Mood is a best seller. “While it’s true most people opt for safer neutrals, Current Mood is a deep, moody green that totally goes against the neutral trend,” says Gibbons of the rich emerald hue. The shade is another one that’s been enjoying a moment in the spotlight lately; equal parts sophisticated and bold, it’s perfect for creating a statement in a smaller space like a powder room.

imagePin It
Illustration by Phuong Nguyen

Greige is back in a big way. The versatile neutral is easily one of the most popular paint colors; subtle enough to act as a backdrop to any design aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with this shade. “Penthouse is a sophisticated hue that reflects light beautifully. It’s an extremely versatile color that pairs beautifully with any colors or patterns and would look great in any space,” says Gibbons of the multifaceted hue.

imagePin It
Illustration by Phuong Nguyen

If a darker neutral isn’t quite what you’re looking for, consider Whipped.  “[It’s] our best-selling color and most popular shade of white,” shares Gibbons. “It’s a warm white with a soft, delicate feel and would look great in a living room accented with pops of color throughout. This white is versatile enough to work in any space, but it’s an especially great choice for north-facing rooms.”

Benjamin Moore

imagePin It
Illustration by Phuong Nguyen

The boldest Benjamin Moore best seller? Hale Navy, a classic dark blue shade that can be styled virtually any way. Don’t let the boldness of the color turn you off; according to Andrea Magno, color and design expert for the brand, navy is the easiest of the dark colors to implement given its timelessness. “This color is frequently associated with a crisp nautical look, but it has moved beyond that association to one that is comfortable against modern furnishings and art or it can create a focal point in an otherwise neutral room,” says Magno of the many ways to design with navy. She also recommends pairing it with accents like reds, pinks, and yellows for some chromatic contrast.

imagePin It
Illustration by Phuong Nguyen

“One of our most popular whites, White Dove is a creamy [shade] that pairs perfectly with an array of colors, from pales to deeps,” says Magno. “This hue has a bit of warmth without a yellow cast, making it very appealing and easy to use with both warm and cool colors.” Take a page from the color expert and use it to spruce up tired-looking wall trim or doors.

imagePin It
Illustration by Phuong Nguyen

“For an ideal neutral, look to Edgecomb Gray,” advises Magno. “This muted hue has a touch of gray but is also warm, creating a pleasing balance that works well in many homes and [with] a wide range of decorative styles. It’s the kind of color that works exceptionally well as a backdrop, as it can tie a room together.”


imagePin It
Illustration by Phuong Nguyen

Maybe you’re willing to branch out a bit into a slightly tinted neutral. Enter Porcelain Peach by Behr. According to the company’s VP of color and creative services, Erika Woelfel, the mildly orange tone hints at a larger color trend. “We’re seeing oranges transition from sweet and tropical to burnt and brewed, with a slight cast of red,” explains the expert. “The lines between these two color families will continue to blur, as orange continues its influence.” Woelfel’s preferred way to decorate with Porcelain Peach? Paired with another soft neutral, Amazon Breeze.

imagePin It
Illustration by Phuong Nguyen

Dark Crimson is consistently among our most popular colors and is a classic, refined choice for a front door,” says Woelfel. “Bright red-hot hues are giving way to rustier versions with orange and brown undertones.” Tap into this up-and-coming trend with a deep shade of red.

imagePin It
Illustration by Phuong Nguyen

Behr announced Blueprint as its 2019 Color of the Year, and since the announcement, the popularity of this deep blue-gray has skyrocketed. “Warmer than denim yet softer than navy, this shade is versatile enough to be used as an accent or swathed across an entire space. I love layering Blueprint with other shades of light and dark blue for a chic, monochromatic look,” says Woelfel.

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Dark Grey Modern Decor As An Atmospheric Base For Colour

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Dark grey modern decor is extremely versatile. Not only does it build undeniable drama into an interior scheme but it forms a terrific base for boosting colour accents, both bright and muted. A dark interior builds a feeling of cosiness by seemingly bringing far flung walls closer, and high ceilings lower. Lighting schemes become accentuated as fixtures burn brightly against shadowy surroundings, picking out edges and texture. In these two particular examples, we’re looking at how dark grey makes an atmospheric backdrop for mossy green elements and shades of yellow. The accents are sparing, but dark grey rushes in to fill the voids with its great visual weight.

Visualizer: Z Design  

Pebble smooth cushions and ultra low backrests make up a modern sofa design in our first grey home interior.

The lighting in the living room is soft, illuminating only what’s necessary for practicality. LEDs mark the perimeter of a kitchen wall, highlighting an integrated coffee machine. A warm glow burns along a media table under the TV, illuminating the electronics there.

A projector screen can be dropped down in front of the TV, which is when the benefit of soft room lighting really comes into play.

A slimline floor lamp provides focussed task lighting at one end of the sofa. Roller blinds take the glare off the movie screen, dropped just half way so that we still get a view of the outside. A couple of modern outdoor chairs and tables on the balcony make a pleasant place to relax.

The TV falls away into the dark wall, instead of lording over the lounge with its black lifeless screen.

Dark grey kitchen cabinets fold around the outskirts of the open plan, with cabinets filling the walls all the way up to the ceiling.

The living room dining room combo places everyone together in the same room, whether they are watching TV or eating the fruits of the chefs labour.

A linear suspension light spans the length of the modern dining table for six. Three of the six moss green dining chairs are perfectly positioned to take in a movie over dinner.

Task lighting in the kitchen hones in on a peninsula, which is home to a venting induction hob and the kitchen sink. Shutters reveal shelves of kitchen equipment.

The kitchen peninsula is also utilised as a casual dining spot for two.

Moving into the grey bedroom, a moss green 4 poster bed stands tall between a set of unique bedroom pendant lights. Its colour looks beautiful yet understated in its dark surrounding.

Matching moss green bedside units wing out from the 4 poster.

Grey closets line up flat-faced and handle-free opposite the foot of the bed.

The minimalist bathroom is a cocoon of creative lighting.

A square toilet and bidet set cut hard lines in the layout.

The floor level runs smooth into the shower.

A grey modern bathroom vanity blends with the grey wall of the second bathroom, but LED lighting installed underneath gives it an eye-catching floating effect.

A black faucet extends straight out of the frameless vanity mirror.

Glass doors seal off laundry equipment.

Floor plan.

Designer: Home-D  

This grey home interior, located in Kiev, Ukraine, is warmed through with wooden elements and brightened by yellow accents.

A mellow, yellow toned sofa shines through the dark decor. Grey scatter cushions work to unite the brightly coloured sofa with its setting.

A modern floor lamp stretches across the yellow sofa, throwing light over lazily reclined backrests.

A projector plays its part in this home setup too. Cinema days with the masses are over.

Wood effect kitchen units bring texture to the scheme, alongside a ribbed grey feature wall behind the lounge. Wood effect panels also box in the return wall of the kitchen, making a subtle and seamless transition into the hallway.

The ribbed aspect is echoed in the support stem of the kitchen breakfast bar.

A large and bulbous glass pendant light makes a impressive feature above the bar.

Three stylish grey bar stools line up at the elliptical countertop, facing into the kitchen to be sociable with the chef.

A monochrome decorative vase brings pattern to the window sill, where vents for heating are inconspicuously bedded.

Monochrome flatware carries the theme through into the kitchen.

In the home entryway, a shoe bench is revealed inside of bespoke glass fronted storage units. Unique coat hooks push out from a wood grain wall.

Chevron wood flooring starts at the home entryway and runs through all of the living areas.

A glass wall bedroom lets the line of sight pass through, to make the most of the home’s dimensions.

A desk/dressing table is situated just outside of the glass wall bedroom, hidden behind opaque cabinet doors.

Bifold doors open up the entire width of the compact bedroom, merging it completely with the main living space.

The bespoke platform bed has an integrated bedside table.

A unique bedside table lamp is the only decoration needed.

Contrast builds in the bathroom.

A yellow toilet and shower enclosure shine brightly beside grey-black stone slabs.

There is also a bold yellow vanity unit mounted on a matching backsplash, which towers all the way to the ceiling. A mirrored vanity cabinet stretches wall to wall in the small bathroom, reflecting the colour coordinated shower tiles opposite.

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Printable Leaf Thanksgiving Place Cards

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With Thanksgiving just one week away, today I’m sharing a printable for your tabletop. I made these printable place cards with watercolor leaves. They are editable, you can add any serif or script font you wish, or simply print them out and write in the names by hand.

I recommend cardstock for printing. If you’re familiar with Photoshop, you can add names with any fonts there. If not, you can add names with fonts by using Adobe Reader, see instructions below.



You can easily add the names in Photoshop, or add names using the Comment function in Adobe Reader. First select Edit PDF then choose the Comment option.


Choose any font on your computer, I chose Quickpen for my place cards (one of my favorite fonts).



Print them out on cardstock, then cut them out by hand and place them on your table!


You also have the option of a hole punch and twine or ribbon tied around a napkin. Or use them as a thank you tag attached to wine!


Here is the free printable, for personal use only. 🙂

Watercolor Leaves Thankful Printable


Enjoy a tour of this handsome converted Oxfordshire farmhouse

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Dovers Farm is a beautifully converted farmhouse, located in desirable Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.

Originally built in the 19th century, the house has been renovated to a high standard throughout. The six-bed family home today is a vision of contemporary living  – with large open-plan kitchen, dining and living room areas.

Renovation inspiration: The embarrassing mistake Kevin McCloud says too many of us make when renovating

This modern family home offers its beautifully proportioned living spaces over three floors.


Image credit: Savills

Dovers Farm is an elegant looking brick and flint property. Nestled on a five acre rural plot, it’s described by property agent Victoria Knight as, ’The most beautiful setting deep in the Hambleden valley’.

Open-plan kitchen

Image credit: Savills

The contemporary kitchen space is a spectacular space, largely thanks to the double-height vaulted ceiling.

The beautiful open-plan space features a large island and a range of integrated units – in a mix of stainless steel and high-gloss grey.

Dining area

Image credit: Savills

Across from the generous kitchen lives this fabulous dining area. French doors open out to the garden terrace to take advantage of the idyllic surroundings.

Dovers Farm sitting room

Image credit: Savills

Adjacent from the open kitchen dining area is this family/living room. An array of large windows and high vaulted ceilings again allow the room to feel light and spacious.

A charming wood burner helps to add a cosy element to this sitting room.

Living room

Dovers Farm living room

Image credit: Savills

Oh my disco ball! This living room space is effortlessly stylish thanks to a neutral colour palette and chic sisal carpet. The statement navy sofa, warming mustard coloured cushions and the disco ball help to inject personality.

This looks like the perfect living room to sit and watch Strictly Coming Dancing.

Master bedroom

Dovers Farm master bedroom

Image credit: Savills

On the first floor, the master suite boasts a light and airy bedroom with the luxury of an open fire. This impressive room boasts a dressing room with fitted wardrobes, along with an en-suite bathroom with a grand free standing bath and separate shower.

This spectacular house is currently for sale with agents Savills, with a rightful asking price of £3.25 million.

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If we had the budget we’d book the removal van immediately.

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DIY Birch Holiday Tree

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For the holiday season, I envisioned making a rustic tree out of real birch branches, so over the weekend I pieced this one together then embellished it with a few decorations.

I enjoy doing a few DIY projects around the holidays and this one is my latest creation. I love the papery white bark of birch, it’s textured and appealing, and the spaced out branches of this DIY tree allow just enough room to hang a few ornaments.

I know there are plenty of places around the country (and world) where birch trees grow, but that variety is more scarce here in Northern California. Since I have no birch tree in my backyard, I purchased three 4’ long branches from CB2 for $6.99 each. I cut the branches to form five stems and used the remainder pieces to form the trunk. The base is basic 3×3” lumber purchased from Lowe’s. To follow is the step by step on how I made it. I’m also sharing lots of video on Instagram later today so you can check my stories there to hear me talking about the process and how I pieced the tree together. 🙂

Supplies to recreate: three 4’ long birch branches, relatively straight, approximately 2 ½” to 3” in width; (I purchased mine here); thirteen ¼” x 2 ½” dowel screws, miter saw, power drill with drill bits, measuring tape, lights and ornaments of your choice.

Here’s my sketched-in-30-seconds drawing of the branches. You’ll need five branches at these lengths 1) 2 ½” feet, 2) 2 feet, 3) 1 ½ feet, 4) 1 foot, and 5) 6-7 inches.


Because they’re natural, the branches are not perfectly straight, but straight enough, and you can see one had that curvy part, so I mapped out the cuts to take advantage of the straightest parts.  Here’s a diagram of where I made the cuts on the three branches:


I used the leftover parts to cut the divider pieces for the trunk to separate the branches to allow room to hang ornaments.


You will need a miter saw for this project, although I suppose you could use just a really sharp saw! The miter saw does make it much faster and easier to make the cuts.


I forgot to take pictures of making the base but you can see the detail in the video on Instagram. Basically it’s this: I cut the 36 inch long 3×3” lumber into three pieces, one at 18” and two at 9”, then I drilled pilot holes in the centers and used the dowel screws to attach them together to form a strong base. You can see it up close in the next picture.

To secure the branch pieces to the trunk pieces, drill pilot holes in both spots where the dowel screws will attach them together. Make sure your drill bit is slightly smaller than the dowel screw and not the same size, this allows the thread of the screw to grip the wood so the tree is secure and stable.



Keep assembling screw by screw and piece by piece, then decorate as you please! I added little evergreen twigs for color, battery powered twinkle lights, mini mercury acorn ornaments, and a cute little bird is glued to the top.


The Most Statement-Worthy Part of Your Home Can Also Be the Smallest

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As much as we love seeing how everything in a room comes together, sometimes you learn more by taking a closer look and focusing on the details. Well-styled vignettes (usually composed of collected trinkets and eye-catching accents), though small, can be just as much of a main attraction as a statement sofa. There’s an art to them. Carefully chosen colors, perfectly balanced scale, and an eclectic mix of objects results in a visually interesting nook.

From perfectly arranged entryways to the coziest place to curl up with a book, these eight moments are the ones we have bookmarked for inspiration.

dresser with vasesPin It
Photography by Nicole Franzen; Design by Space Exploration

So you have some extra space on top of your dresser. Instead of littering it with jewelry and the like, keep the surface bare except for a few sculptural vases and complementary-colored artwork to make your bedroom look a little lighter à la this simple, neutral space. 

entryway gallery wall with benchPin It
Photography by Sara Tramp; Design by Jess Bunge

Gallery walls can so often feel uniform—so take a page from this vignette’s book and play around with scale and height. Starting the display from the ground up not only makes it more visually interesting, but you can squeeze in so many more personal collectibles this way. 

colorful artwork beige armchairPin It
Photography by Brooke Holm

Carve out a spot (even if it’s just a few feet) where you can unwind in the company of a good book. All you need? A cushy armchair, a table for your beverage of choice, and a couple pieces to bring some life to the space—be it a bright print or a potted plant

kitchen nook with vases and photosPin It
Photography by Aaron Leitz

Yes, your kitchen is a utilitarian space, but you can also treat it as a mini gallery of your favorite things. Here, an assortment of decidedly noncooking-related items adds a personal feel and makes for quite the photogenic nook in one fell swoop.

imagePin It
Courtesy of Fantastic Frank

Who says you need expensive art and designer-grade decor to pack a punch? A few of your favorite prints, clipped up on a string in lieu of formal frames, and natural accents (literally: peep this leafy branch) do the trick.

imagePin It
Photography by Yasmine Bohéas

If you don’t have room for a bulky organizational fixture, focus on imbuing your foyer with charm instead. A farmhouse-style bench is both a spot to lace up those shoes before you head out and a surface on which to display some cozy touches. 

imagePin It
Photography by Sandra Rojo; Design by Maria de la Orden

Your nightstand doesn’t have to be a space to which you relegate clutter and functional (but otherwise homeless) items like chargers or aspirin. Eschew a standard end table for a mini coffee table to instantly elevate a corner, then approach it as you would an empty mantel or dresser top. Stacked colorful boxes add interest and sneaky storage, while an asymmetrical mirror draws the eye up.  

imagePin It
Courtesy of Homestead Seattle

To mimic the look of this antiques-filled dining nook, hit up your local flea market or thrift store and spend a lazy weekend scouring for one-of-a-kind treasures (like a porcelain pot or framed illustration) that will really make eating that Monday morning muesli feel at least a bit more special.   

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Decorative Fire Starters

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Are you old enough to remember that cheesy movie Firestarter starring Drew Barrymore from the 1980s? I just remembered it when I typed the title, I wonder what Drew thinks about acting in it now….

Anyway, not the reason for today’s post. I was thinking about host/hostess gifts and I’m a believer in gifting something pretty and practical. It’s light a fire and candle season, so why not show up with one of these “better than a Bic” fire starters to impress your host! Pair it with a great candle and boom, the perfect gift for anyone on your list. So easy!

ceramic match striker / poetry striker / usb candle lighter

oprah’s favorite: skeem cloche / ceramic speckle  / colorblock lighter

gold label bottle / safety matches / fancy matches

match teepee / modern clay

recycled wood hearth matches / ribbed glass long matches / alchemy bottle

leather social light (multiple colors) / brass field lighter / rechargeable battery lighter

stoneware strikers

The Zenhaven Mattress Review: Why It’s One of the Best

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The landscape of the mattress manufacturing industry has changed significantly over the last decade, with more and more options available. Many of them can be purchased exclusively online, with the bed in a box idea becoming more and more popular. Not having the overhead of a brick and mortar store allows manufacturers to save money, and they can pass that onto the consumer. With the Zenhaven mattress, however, this has been taken to another level.

Choosing a mattress so you get great sleep and live your best life requires knowledge, however, and with reviews like this one, taking a look at the Zenhaven latex mattress, we aim to give you accurate information so you can better understand what will suit you. I found that I was quite impressed with the Zenhaven mattress. Take a look and find out why.

120-night trial

Zenhaven Mattress

Zenhaven Mattress

The Plush side of the Zenhaven mattress is great for most side sleepers, as well as some back sleepers.

View Deal

The Beginning

The Zenhaven mattress is the brainchild of Saatva, which was founded in 2011 in Austin, Texas. The original Saatva mattress was a traditional spring mattress, delivered as a bed in a box, and it took over the market as one of the favorites and most respected manufacturers in the business. From there, they launched the Zenhaven mattress, which entered the scene as an all-natural memory foam mattress that took the industry by storm. However, it doesn’t come in a air tight package, but a standard wrapping.

On top of that success, the company has branched out again and created the Zenhaven mattress. This mattress continues with the theme of being natural and without chemicals, but this time, it’s a latex mattress, bringing the company full circle and covering every part of the market. The Zenhaven bed recently rated on the list of best all-natural mattresses.

The Details

After you place the initial order for your Zenhaven mattress, they’ll have it readied and boxed to ship as soon as possible. As a standard bed-in-a-box, the regular practice to ship these monsters includes strict compressing and vacuum sealing the mattress in heavy-duty plastic wrap to keep it flattened. Then, the mattress is slipped into a long rectangular box for shipping. If you’re still not ready to use your new bed when it arrives, no worries! You can store it somewhere and leave it in the box for up to three whole months.

When you first unbox the Zenhaven mattress, you’ll have to make sure it’s in place or close to the place you want to keep it because it expands fast. You’ll probably experience some off-gassing, but that’s totally normal and is often very minimal with newer models such as this one. With that being said, you should still open a window and let the bedroom experience decent airflow to assure that the off-gassing isn’t too noxious and finishes faster. You should be able to sleep on the Zenhaven mattress the same night if you unbox it early in the morning.

Zenhaven mattresses ship anywhere in the United States, and in the contiguous U.S. at no charge. Unfortunately, international shipping is not available at this time, but Zenhaven can ship to Alaska or Hawaii, also free. However, if you live in one of those two locations, and need to return it, Zenhaven will not cover the cost of shipping to send back. They will honor their warranty, though!

Initial Impressions

Because the Zenhaven mattress is dual-sided, there are two distinctly different firmness levels available. The sides, labeled as Luxury Plush and Gentle Firm, offer softness for those who like to feel as though they are hugged through the night or firmness for those who need additional lumbar support.

I tested both sides and found that, as expected from a latex mattress, there is quite a bit of bounce. Of course, this means it’s less adaptive for those who need to suppress motion transfer. However, if you like springy and bouncy, as often experienced with traditional mattresses, the Zenhaven hits the mark.

On the Plush side, I sank in a little more than I tend to like. I prefer a firmer mattress. However, if you enjoy just that little bit of sinkage that comes with any plush bed, you’ll enjoy it. I’d rate the plush side at a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 for firmness.

The Gentle Firm side was much more to my personal liking since I have some back pain. It was firm enough to support me while allowing for some contouring to relieve pressure on my back, shoulders, and hips. I slept comfortably through the night on my back and sides, and I determined this was more of a 6.5 on a scale of 1 to 10.

The Zenhaven mattress had a great amount of support, and I found that the edges were firm enough that I could sit on them without feeling I would slide to the floor. I did experience a little discomfort, as though I might roll off when I got close to the edge of the mattress while sleeping.


The Zenhaven mattress is flappable, created to fulfill multiple consumers’ needs with a different loft (or firmness) on the two sides of the mattress. Aside from the cover, the entire mattress is made of 100% natural latex, keeping it free of harmful chemicals and making it environmentally friendly and great for you, avoiding breathing in those chemicals and potentially toxic fumes that come from such chemicals.

Normally, I start with the top comfort layer, but since this is a dual-sided mattress, we’ll start with the core. The Zenhaven mattress base is created from two thick, compressed layers of Talalay latex, which is completely natural. These two layers are dense and supportive, with a combined thickness of 6 inches. That is the structural support for the rest of the mattress, keeping both sides from allowing too much sinkage and creating greater responsiveness.

From there, the Zenhaven has one Luxury Plush layer on one side of the mattress. This layer includes 1.5 inches of softer, supportive Talalay latex. The reason for the use of Talalay over Dunlop is to create a smoother, more comfortable surface since it has a reputation of being smoother to the touch than Dunlop. While there is some sinking with this side, it is more like a comfortable hug, which some people find soothing.

On the other side, the Zenhaven mattress has a Gentle Firm layer. While this layer is also 1.5 inches thick, the Talalay latex on this side is created with a denser, firmer feel so that, while you get a level of comfort from the back support and additional contouring, it still offers the same bounce that is expected from a latex mattress.

Surrounding the entire Zenhaven mattress is the cover, which is formed out of cotton and wool. The organic New Zealand wool serves multiple purposes. The wool is soft and inviting, and it has moisture-wicking properties that keep the bed cool and dry through the night. It also acts as a flame retardant. The organic cotton is very breathable, keeping air flowing for a cooler sleep space, and hypoallergenic.

Features and Benefits

The first thing I noticed upon testing the Zenhaven mattress was how cool it remained throughout the night. I have a tendency to sleep hot and have used many cooling pads on top of my mattress in order to sleep through the night. While I was warmer on the plush side due to the additional sinkage into the mattress, it was still fairly cool, and on the firm side, I slept through the night without waking up hot or sweating.

I also enjoyed the fact that the entire mattress is organic, making it environmentally sound and hypoallergenic. This is great for anyone with bad allergies, as well as anyone who wants to cut back on carbon footprint and keep the pollution down.

One interesting thing is that, unlike so many other online mattress purchases, the Zenhaven is not a bed in a box. It is not compressed, rolled, and shipped in a small box. Instead, it is delivered in its full glory, which also means no off-gassing at all and no delay in being able to sleep on it. and the best part is, you don’t have to set it up yourself.

The fact that white glove delivery is included, with free shipping and removal of your old mattress, is quite a draw as well. I find that mattresses are often heavy, and the installation of a bed in a box requires at least two people. Zenhaven offers this to the contiguous United States, Canada, and with special arrangements for those in Alaska. This is the first company I’ve seen with such extensive coverage that includes the white glove delivery, which is especially helpful in not having to find a way to dump your old mattress yourself.


The Zenhaven mattress comes in 6 sizes, which means you can choose the right size for your space and get the same quality. The standard Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes are available, as well as the extended Twin XL and California King. At a thickness of 10 inches, you don’t have to worry about specialized sheets with deep pockets, and you won’t have the sheets slipping around because the mattress is so thin. The Zenhaven mattress is easy to fit, which means you can obtain bedding from any resource. Of course, the Zenhaven mattress is only available through the Zenhaven website and not sold in brick and mortar stores or through major online retailers like Amazon.

Twin38″ x 75″140 lbsPrice
Twin XL38″ x 80″147 lbsPrice
Full54″ x 75″175 lbsPrice
Queen60″ x 80″184 lbsPrice
King76″ x 80″147 lbs per piece (if split)Price
Cal King72″ x 84″140 lbs per piece (if split)Price

Heat Transfer

Latex is naturally far more breathable than memory foam, so there is an initial advantage in the Zenhaven mattress. The material of the bedding itself is created to have extensive airflow, so space is cooler to start with. Add the wool in the cover, which is both breathable and moisture-wicking, and you have an environment to sleep in that won’t overheat or retain any moisture from night sweats. In addition, the cotton is thin and light with a cool feel, which allows you to feel that the heat you put off isn’t being retained.

As I stated, I’m an oven when I sleep, so the fact that I didn’t even wake up once due to being hot was incredible. Zenhaven has found a great marriage of materials to make for a nice, cool slumber.


The latex of the Zenhaven bed is a very durable material. Latex is durable and sturdy, again giving Zenhaven an advantage over other mattresses. The core material is dense and seems to assure the mattress retains its shape just fine. I tested the edge support and found that the mattress holds up both when I sit on the edge of the mattress and when I roll toward it to sleep on the edge. I don’t feel in danger of falling off, and that’s something you don’t find in compressed mattresses very often.

The craftsmanship of the mattress overall is incredible, and I personally felt that I could have used this mattress for the full 20 years it’s under warranty with no issues, if not longer. It gave me confidence in every area of construction.

Maintenance, Protection, Care and Warranty

The mattress cover on the Zenhaven mattress is removable, making it simple to care for. You can launder it in cold water on a gentle setting, and if you want, you can tumble dry it on low heat. It’s better, however, to hang dry in a well-ventilated space, since some dryers don’t retain their temperature control over time and could overheat.

The Zenhaven mattress can be spot cleaned, should there be any stains or other issues. You can use an additional mattress cover, if desired, to seal the mattress against spills, but the cotton and wool cover does an excellent job of protecting the mattress without any harmful chemicals or manmade materials.

The Zenhaven mattress has a 20-year warranty, which is one of the longest warranties in the industry, which can help give you peace of mind that you’ll be able to replace or repair it should something go wrong. In addition, you get a 120-night trial period to sleep on the Zenhaven and determine if either side is perfect for you. during this time, if you aren’t pleased with the mattress, you can return the mattress for a full refund.


Latex mattresses, especially those that use all-natural materials like Zenhaven, can be quite expensive, and the Zenhaven mattress is certainly not the most frugal of purchases when it comes to new mattresses. But it’s important to factor in the advantages you get with the mattress when judging the cost. The white-glove service is included, including the hauling away of your existing bedding. The materials are all organic and luxurious. The mattress is not compressed and shipped in a box, so that is a huge advantage. And it is a latex product. Therefore, the higher price is to be expected.

120-night trial

Zenhaven Mattress

Zenhaven Mattress

The Plush side of the Zenhaven mattress is great for most side sleepers, as well as some back sleepers.

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Reviews and Feedback

There are almost no complaints on the Zenhaven mattress. Reviews are extremely positive, and it seems that, among latex mattresses, this is considered the best of the best. Users rate the Zenhaven bed as comfortable, supportive, cool during sleep, and durable.

Those who don’t enjoy a bounce to their mattress – such as those who have spent years on memory foam – tend to complain about this aspect. And there are some questionable reviews regarding motion transfer, mostly based on this bounciness. However, this is a personal preference and, if you don’t like that characteristic in a mattress, you shouldn’t purchase the Zenhaven.

Otherwise, I couldn’t find a single bad review of this mattress.

Our Final Verdict

The Zenhaven mattress is incredibly pricey, when compared to a bed in a box. However, this isn’t a typical bed in a box situation. You get the white-glove service included, which is usually either not available or is offered at a hefty additional price. You also get a fully organic mattress, with the best-sourced materials that are all environmentally friendly and healthy for you in your home.

Aside from not having to set it up or haul off your old mattress yourself, the absolute high quality of the construction of the mattress speaks volumes. It’s got great breathability and moisture-wicking, and that makes for a cool, comfortable sleep. It’s reversible so caters to most sleepers, and it has great lumbar support, so you get pressure point relief and contouring for better posture and less pain.

120-night trial

Zenhaven Mattress

Zenhaven Mattress

The Plush side of the Zenhaven mattress is great for most side sleepers, as well as some back sleepers.

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Is a mattress cover needed?

The Zenhaven comes with a removable mattress cover, so you don’t need to purchase one separately.

How does the returns process work?

The Zenhaven mattress comes with a 120-night sleep trial, and if you aren’t happy with your mattress after that time, you can return for a full refund.

Where can these mattresses be shipped?

Zenhaven mattresses can ship throughout the contiguous United States, Canada, and to Alaska with express arrangements through the company. Shipping to Hawaii or other countries is not available at this time.

Is the loft adjustable?

The Zenhaven mattress is dual-sided. One side is plush for those who like a soft sleep space, and the other side is medium-firm for those who prefer greater support.

What type of sleeper is this mattress best suited for?

Any hot sleeper or sleeper who deals with joint pain.

  • Heat Retention

  • Quality/Durability

  • Loft (inches)

  • Edge Support

  • Off-gassing

  • Value (Price)

  • 120-night trial

  • Refunds

  • Warranty


Best for what sleep position?

The Plush side of the Zenhaven mattress is great for most side sleepers, as well as some back sleepers. For other back sleepers, as well as stomach sleepers, the firm side will be preferable.


Cover – Cotton/wool (all 100% organic)

Fill – Natural Talalay latex

Base – Natural Talalay latex


  • Durable and well-constructed
  • Latex is highly breathable and cool to sleep on
  • Flippable for dual lofts, offering more than one environment
  • White glove delivery (and haul away) included
  • Not compressed in a box


  • Motion transfer may be an issue
  • Some people don’t enjoy a bounce in their beds
  • Can be costly
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“@type”: “Person”,
“name”: “Candace Osmond”
“reviewBody”: “The Plush side of the Zenhaven mattress is great for most side sleepers, as well as some back sleepers. For other back sleepers, as well as stomach sleepers, the firm side will be preferable.rnrn<strong>Materials:</strong>rnrnCover – Cotton/wool (all 100% organic)rnrnFill – Natural Talalay latexrnrnBase – Natural Talalay latexrnrn<strong>Pros:</strong>rn<ul>rn t<li>Durable and well-constructed</li>rn t<li>Latex is highly breathable and cool to sleep on</li>rn t<li>Flippable for dual lofts, offering more than one environment</li>rn t<li>White glove delivery (and haul away) included</li>rn t<li>Not compressed in a box</li>rn</ul>rn<strong>Cons:</strong>rn<ul>rn t<li>Motion transfer may be an issue</li>rn t<li>Some people don’t enjoy a bounce in their beds</li>rn t<li>Can be costly</li>rn</ul>”

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