Beyond IKEA: These Are the Best Affordable DTC Furniture Brands

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While we love the idea of kitting out our homes in designer furniture, there’s that tiny issue of needing to pay rent. For now, most of those pieces are out of budget—but we still need a place to sit. Enter all the direct-to-consumer decor brands giving IKEA a run for its money. 

To narrow things down, we’ve rounded up brands priced between big-box retailers and high-end designers that sell their wares only on their e-shops. These are companies that operate on a comparatively smaller scale, oftentimes with an actual designer at the helm of each velvet-tufted armchair, which means a tighter selection of products. (That’s a good thing.) While we love brands like Anthropologie, West Elm, and CB2 for on-trend decor that’s reasonably priced, it’s time to give the more under-the-radar companies some love, too. Read on for our nine go-to sites for good-looking furniture that won’t wreak havoc on your bank account.


The gist: Launched in 2015, Campaign only offers three types of items: a sofa, an armchair, and an ottoman. A retail model this specialized requires major attention to detail and it shows; everything is made to last 10 times longer than the average seating option. 

The style: Sleek silhouettes and subdued colors rule—though the occasional burnt orange and avocado green lend a slightly retro feel to the pieces. 


The gist: Founded to tackle the problem of disposable furniture, Floyd is all about beautiful design you can take with you. You won’t need additional tools to assemble anything, and the pieces can all be disassembled when you need to pack up and move

The style: IKEA’s older, cooler sister; think: elevated Scandinavian vibes. 

Capsule Home

The gist: We love Capsule Home for its line of sofas explicitly designed for small spaces. The three styles are flat-packed for easy maneuvering in an elevator and even have USB ports hidden within for charging your phone while you watch Netflix. Not to mention, they’re actually affordable at just $399 each.

The style: If you go beyond the square-footage-friendly options (which all lean mid-century), you’ll find a full roster of aesthetics and colors.


The gist: Burrow keeps it short and sweet: There are only four product types available in a tightly curated range of colors. The company gets bonus points for using eco-friendly materials and the fact that the fabrics are 100 percent stain-resistant. Bring on the red wine. 

The style: A millennial take on mid-century modern. 

The Inside

The gist: This fabric-forward furniture brand—it sells everything from throw pillows to headboards—is best known for its incredible designer collaborations with big names such as Scalamandré and Clare V.  

The style: A color fiend’s dream. Upholstery in practically every pattern and Technicolor shade under the sun is available for most of the items. 


The gist: Forget the usual sources of inspiration—the idea for Article came about after its founders took a trip to the Arctic Circle (seriously). Based on principles of simplicity and efficiency, the company offers a flat shipping fee of $49 and everything is easy to assemble. 

The style: A lot of neutral hues and clean lines, no doubt inspired by that initial trip. #AntarcticaChic?

Interior Define

The gist: Like The Inside, this brand has a base collection of styles that are constantly reimagined via designer collaborations, the latest of which is with Jason Wu. Where it differs is its focus. Interior Define is all about the sofa.

The style: From rich velvets to mod micro-suede, these couches are all about luxury. Perfect for a hint of elegance without going full old school. 


The gist: This super-tightly curated furniture collection—there are only four items—is all about bringing utility and multi-functionality to contemporary design. The trolley in particular is a great example of this: Use it as a bar cart, a pantry, or even a mobile vanity.  

The style: According to Dims founder Eugene Kim, Japanese-meets-Scandinavian. 


The gist: Hem works directly with designers to create fun yet functional pieces, like the Insta-famous adaptable pouf sofa (it can grow with you), a rotating pedestal shelf, and colorful pendant lamps

The style: A playful take on Swedish design, with lots of bubbly colors and unusual silhouettes. 

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20 Exquisite Shower Designs To Inspire Your Next Remodel

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Some might say there’s not much to think about when designing or planning a shower or a bathroom as a whole. We tend to disagree since even the most minimalist of shower designs require careful consideration and are actually more complex than they seem. Decisions have to be made regarding all sorts of details such as the type of materials used, the color palette, the layout and even the actual location and placement. If you could re-image your walk-in shower right now, how would it look like?

Marble never goes out of style and is a good option for a lot of walk-in showers because it looks elegant without overpowering the decor. Also, each slab of marble has a unique pattern and that gives it lots of character. This stylish marble bathroom was designed by studio CCS Architecture.

Lately, a new trend has emerged, where en-suite bathrooms are actually part of the bedroom itself, with glass enclosures separating the two spaces. The design is not for everyone but is definitely an option worth considering. Let this design by Trevor McIvor inspire you.

That’s right, this shower is situated on the roof of a building. It’s unusual but it’s also pretty amazing. The view is definitely impressive so imagine being able to enjoy this panorama while taking a shower late at night. It’s a sense of freedom and excitement which we can’t quite describe. This was a project completed by José Adrião Architects.

The tub and shower combo is quite common, being appreciated for its space-efficiency. There are numerous ways to tackle this sort of design and usually a designer would work with what they have. This is a fairly spacious shower setup, with a handy wall nook by the tub and white marble everywhere.

Many contemporary interior designs focus a lot of bringing the outdoors in and it’s usually the social areas that get to express that best. Of course, that doesn’t mean the rest of the spaces should be ignored. One of the best examples of a bathroom infused with nature-inspired beauty is this one. There’s a big boulder in this shower and it looks really cool. This was a project done by FM.X Interior Design.

Murals are also really cool and you can do something amazing with that when designing the shower. This idea from Prototype Design Lab could be your source of inspiration. Adapt the design to the resources that are available to you and pick a theme that suits you and your home.

Small and simple doesn’t equal boring and this stylish walk-in shower designed by Auhaus Architecture proves it. The transparent glass doors ensure a nice spatial continuity and help the bathroom appear bright and airy. The small wall nook is very practical and maintains a minimalist vibe which suits the room perfectly.

If you want the shower to stand out and have its own identity rather than blend into the bathroom, that’s easy to achieve through color. Light colors are great at making spaces appear larger but in this case a dark nuance would give the shower more depth and dimension. This walk-in shower designed by studio K2A could give you some ideas in this sense.

Fitting both a tub and shower in a bathroom can be tricky, especially when the layout or the proportions of the room don’t really help. For this bathroom studio Devyni Architektai chose to place the walk-in shower in the far right corner, with large windows on the opposite side, a low shelving unit along one of the walls and a freestanding tub sitting towards the center of the room.

Interior design studio Madama turned the walk-in shower of this bathroom into a work of art and a cool focal point which draws the attention away from the reduced proportions on the room and redirects it towards the clean and chic decor. The large mirrors play an important role as well.

Black and white with a touch a gold – a beautiful combination which does this bathroom justice. The white marble walls and floor tiles highlight the walk-in shower in a sophisticated but at the same time subtle way. This is a design created by studio Foster + Partners and features a clear separation between the shower and the rest of the room.

This is an example of a shower area which is its own standalone volume as opposed to part of a bathroom setup with seamlessly combined features. The flooring is the focal point, adding an artistic vibe to the space. The lighting is also very cool in this case.

With enough space you can design your bathroom however you want. A large room doesn’t necessarily have to be filled with furniture or to have a design defined by lots of different materials, finishes and colors. Less is often more and this contemporary bathroom is a nice interpretation of the concept.

Interior design is a form of art, in its own unique way. Naturally, there are many different ways to express that, even in a small and simple space like the bathroom. This shower is a lovely example. It’s not overly complicated but not too simple either even if the colors are toned down and the materials unexceptional. This was a project completed by Design First.

The clear glass dividers let the shower blend in seamlessly while the floor tells a different story, creating a clear distinction between the shower module and the rest of the bathroom. Overall, an interesting way to balance out the decor and to give each element character without disrupting the harmony of the space as a whole. A project completed by Becker Architects.

Symmetry gives comfort and creates a sense of familiarity which is a useful feature that one can take advantage of when designing a space. This bathroom has a narrow vertical window framed by plants, a freestanding tub centered in front of it and two open showers on opposite sides. This was the work of studio Design Platform.

There’s definitely a certain amount of opulence in the design of this shower and the bathroom as a whole. The black walls and ceiling keep the design simple to a certain degree, allowing the patterned tiles to stand out and become the focal point of the entire room.

This corian shower is so amazing and yet so simple…with walls, flooring and a ceiling that match, glass doors and a huge window which adds color to the decor and lets nature enter the space in a very expressive manner.

Outdoor showers may have the same function as the indoor ones but their overall design and everything that comes with it is definitely in a category of its own. In this case,  Andersson Wise Architects chose an open design with no walls or screens to frame it, not in the traditional sense at least.

Imagine a standalone shower out in the garden, surrounded by nature, open to the sky and built out of pure and simple materials which help it enjoy an organic connection with the surroundings. That’s just what Robert Young Architects managed to offer with this design.

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Sources for Custom Cushions

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A reader inquired about my sources for the fabrics in my client’s dining nook which prompted today’s post. We ordered her cushion and pillows from Cushion Source and I’m very happy with their quality.

fabrics shown: coliseum / shibori net / pebbles

We used a Sunbrella navy fabric for the seat cushion, but she plans to swap the pillows out with the seasons so for those we used indoor use fabrics. Custom cushions are an investment but one that will last for years to come if you choose sun safe durable fabrics.

house beautiful

I stitched up a DIY simple sew window cushion seat years ago, that’s a handy tutorial if you sew, however if you don’t own a sewing machine these are some additional online sources for having custom cushions made for window seats.

All sources have extensive fabrics available in house, however if you’ve got your heart set on a particular print, most allow COM (customer’s own material) to be used for custom cushions.


If you have any additional sources that you’ve used, please share in the comments!

Modern Country House With Eco Themed Interior, Plus Pool House And Spa

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A private country house located in the Moscow region, Russia, has undergone a ground floor redevelopment. The rooms have been given a fresh modern style with a stunning eco theme. Natural wood and stone are used throughout the downstairs interior, designed and visualised by Artur Mitroshkin, along with glass accents and luxe metal elements. Botanical patterns appear in the leafy living room rug, a dazzling gold and crystal chandelier, and several sets of decorative shutters that serve as room dividers and unique window shades. The home also boasts an indoor pool space, which comes complete with a spa volume tucked below a mezzanine that’s built and furnished only for complete relaxation.

The luxurious living room features a beautiful L-shaped modular seating arrangement that is made up of different components, which break up its large expanse. A large end table extends from one end of it, with another tabletop separating a comfy corner seat from the rest of the couch. Part of the sofa base is upholstered in a ribbed design to add texture. A designer table lamp and a decorative bowl add shining metallic touches to the wooden base.

A square coffee table is tucked into the elbow of the L-shaped sofa, holding a tray of glass decanters. It stands on a huge rug with a beautiful botanical themed print. Plain and patterned navy scatter cushions across the grey sofa contrast with the green hue in the rug.

Opposite the sofa there is a golden TV unit set into a ribbed wall–which matches the texture on the end of the sofa. Recessed nooks display a limited selection of books and belongings. Light wooden cabinets quietly underline the golden feature wall, leading into taller storage units at one side where golden backlights burn.

A glorious chandelier drips crystals from golden branches over the ceiling of the living room, as though raindrops were pouring through a majestic treetop. Stunning etched doors can be closed between the lounge and the kitchen diner to create a more intimacy in each room when desired. The golden etchings match with the other botanically inspired elements in the room.

One green accent chair draws on the colour in the botanical rug, matching with the hue of its tropical fronds.

The home entryway gives an impressive welcome despite its minimalist aesthetic. Floor to ceiling windows flank a modern front door, followed by grand double doors into the main hallway. The natural light floods through all of the glass, giving a bright and airy first impression of the home.

A huge custom cut mirror behind the console in the entryway doubles the effect of the black framed doors, making it appear as though they run on at twice their length. Through the doors we catch sight of a curving staircase, which wraps around a circular table dressed with flowers.

Natural travertine slabs tile the floor of the hallway, kitchen and dining room.

The modern dining table set features comfortable chairs with concealed legs, which gives a clean and simplified look.

The dining pendant light duo have solid shades that compliment the chairs aesthetic. The glow from tall cabinets in the dining room continues the precious twinkle of the dividing doors.

Black countertops weigh down the look of a light wood kitchen.

Ovens are integrated into a vast wall of full height storage cabinets.

Access to the indoor swimming pool is made via the kitchen.

The pool room is furnished with rattan seating and a small coffee table; a wine cooler is built into a wall of white units, keeping refreshments close to hand.

Modern strip lights are set into a wooden ceiling to make the entire room bright. Sun loungers are positioned at the pool side, where the homeowners can relax and look out at the countryside beyond the windows.

At the poolside, a secretive door in the white facade conceals a wet bar.

Decorative shutters, just like the doors of the dining room, draw across a row of windows behind the sun loungers. The wood based loungers match the chaise in the sitting area by the pool, and the grey cushions of the wicker chairs.

Indoor plants reach up to a second level in the pool space, which is accessed via a modern wood and glass staircase.

Up on the mezzanine, a relaxation area is completely insulated with glass. A floor sofa stretches out along the platform, with double depth seating and comfy throw pillows.

A walk-in closet is equipped with a bespoke installation of garment rails, shelves and drawers.

Underneath the mezzanine in the pool house there is a bathroom and spa.

The walls and floors are covered edge-to-edge in a linear pattern of modern white tiles.

A contemporary pedestal sink stands tall in front of a full height vanity mirror.

A glass door seals the sauna.

Soft lighting emanates from beneath the benches.

RIpples decorate a unique bathroom sink.

Another bathroom inside the home is a dark and dramatic affair. A back lit vanity mirror burns like a solar eclipse over the basin, highlighting the wood grain across the wall behind it.

A spherical pendant light orbits the eclipse.

The freestanding vanity table features a shelf below the basin on which to store fresh towels.

Backlit shelves make a precious display out of simple soap dispensers and toiletries.

Floor plan.

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Kraftwerk Trade LLC, the exclusive distributor for Adamson Systems Engineering in the Republic of Belarus, has Set the country’s first permanent Adamson S-Series solution from the Grodno Regional Philharmonic’s New concert…

Retail Shelving Inspiration (for the Home)

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Before school starts, I’m building a wall of shelving for my teens, and so I dove deep into the countless options available to analyze what would work best. I may settle on a series of simple ladder shelves like these, but I’m also considering the idea of constructing something unique. Naturally, one turns to Pinterest for inspiration. 🙂

I stumbled across a lot of beautiful shelving ideas from retail boutiques all across the world. You’ll notice so many of them feature white walls with pale wood shelving, a trend in residential design as well. The combo feels fresh but also allows the merchandise to take the spotlight, just as a similar combination of pale wood and white in the home keeps the focus on artwork or decor.

These retail shops showcase all the beautiful ways to display products, but note that similar looks can be created in residential homes as well. I love the brass supports that sit on top of the low minimalist cabinetry in this salon, with natural wood floating shelves running along the wall.

Facile Skin via My Domaine

I knew this shop looked familiar because I was in it just last year during my long weekend in Seattle. This is more of a farmhouse style, notice the beauty of the contrast between the black pipe shelves against the whitewashed tongue and groove backdrop.

via remodelista


Here’s an interesting idea, install taller wood cabinets on the bottom, shorter matching drawers in the middle, and a series of open white cubbies above. Envision a similar setup in a home office or pantry. If you like the look of cabinets below and shelves above, IKEA’s SVALNÄS system is one to consider.


  via hey gents


Another great look: black pole supports and natural wood floating shelves. This setup would be great for a family room or study, and imagine varying the heights of the shelves for creative displays.


via tea cup tea

This construction drew my eye, it’s a series of notched 2×2 boards, it reminds me a little of Lincoln Logs. The spaces between the supports make room for a variety of storage boxes or cubbies.

via archilovers

Yet another beautiful use of wood and white together, the metal forms the frame and the arbitrary wood boxes make the display warm and interesting.


via bertrand guillion architecture


I love this clever shelving in a housewares store, two shelves suspended from the ceiling with metal supports and the lowest shelf on rolling casters.

via the design files


Here’s another use of poles as bracket supports, the wood provides a contrast to the stark white and cement wall, and the poles also draw the eye up to elongate the space.



This is a pet food store display with repeating wood rectangles in various sizes pieced together. Imagine customizing a series of cubbies like this in a kid’s room, or perhaps a sunroom for your plant collection?

via trendland



A retail shop in London uses suspended rope shelving to display its goods, a look easily recreated in the home as a DIY project.

via sofillium


Home goods displayed in industrial metal shelves have countryside casual style. Find a similar and affordable shelving unit for the home here.

via remodelista


One can never go wrong with a wall of black metal supports with wood shelves. Find this combination in a home goods store in St.Kilda, Victoria, Australia.

via the design files



source unknown


Last but not least… classic brass shelving like the ones in this skincare boutique in Brussels. The brass poles and caps add that elegant French flair.

via refinery 29

For those who love to look inside shops, check out The Shopkeepers blog, it features the best from all over the world.


How an Artist Gave Her IKEA Frosta Stools a Literal Facelift

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Stools are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture around. Footrest? Check. Side table? Consider it done. Plant stand? They’ve got that covered, too. As if that weren’t enough, in Kate Zaremba’s Washington, D.C., sunroom, they serve yet another important function: artwork. 

“I have been illustrating and creating patterns using silhouettes for a few years, so the design was sort of instinctual,” says the wallpaper designer, illustrator, and cofounder of The Lemon Collective. With some leftover paint and an hour to spare, Zaremba gave her two birch veneer IKEA Frosta stools a literal facelift by turning the seats into abstract portraits. “If you look closely, the neck of one figure connects to the forehead of the next,” she adds. 

Of course, the real magic of this DIY is that it will only set you back $14.99 (the cost of a Frosta stool). Learn how to make your own head-turning furniture, below. 

The Supplies 

If you want the silhouettes of your figures to really pop, pick color combinations with higher contrast. Zaremba used Benjamin Moore’s Dragon’s Blood alongside the brand’s Pale Vista and Sheer Pink. Here’s everything you’ll need once you’ve got your palette down: 

  1. 2 IKEA Frosta stools
  2. Clear coat sealer 
  3. 2 to 3 colored paints of your choosing (acrylic or latex will both work)
  4. Pencil 
  5. 1 flat 2-inch paintbrush
  6. 1 angled paintbrush 

The Step-by-Step 

A steady hand will help you create the silhouettes, but there’s no special technique required to pull off this paint job. It took Zaremba just 30 minutes to complete each stool.

  1. Draw the silhouettes of the faces with a pencil, defining main features like the forehead, nose, mouth, and chin.
  2. Paint the legs and one half of each seat using a flat 2-inch brush for fast coverage. (It’s up to you whether you use the darker or lighter hue.) 
  3. Paint the other half of the seats with your second color using a smaller angled brush to carefully trace the silhouette. Let dry.
  4. Go over the legs and both sides of the seats with a second coat.
  5. Once dry, apply one layer of clear sealant with the flat brush.

The Aftermath

Make your new friends feel right at home by pulling them up to the dining table as extra seating, placing them at the foot of the bed in lieu of a bench, or topping them with equally cheeky vases for pure decoration. “In the evenings, we use the stools to put our feet up,” shares Zaremba, “but we also love how they look as a place for drinks or books.” No matter how you decide to use your stools, their colorful faces are bound to bring a smile to yours.

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Church That Looks Like Community And Feels Like Home

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“For you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God.” 1 Peter 1:23 I passed by Steevenson’s strawberries (that he’s hoping to share with all his classmates before school lets out for summer!) and thought about how incredible it is that we can count…

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How To Use Lighting And Textures To Add Interest To Dark Interiors

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Today we’re going to tour three interiors that illustrate how to use lighting and textures to add extra interest to dark decor. Dark decor can be bold, dramatic and seductive, but it can also fall flat and be downright depressing if you don’t get it right. The trick is to send a little current of excitement though it, which can be achieved by pulling texture out of those walls, and lighting them up oh-so perfectly. There are countless ways you can do this, and this little trio of tours has a good handful to show us. Check out smart black slatted panels, stunning stone feature walls, and some drop dead gorgeous lighting installations.

Visualizer: Stephen Tsimbalyuk  

With an area of 65 square metres, our first home was designed for a young couple located in Reykjavik, Iceland. The interior speaks of cool professionalism, wrapped up in a dapper grey package. Grey slats cut down the living room wall like a pinstripe suit.

The slatted wall is lit at one end to exaggerate the abrupt change between a smooth plaster wall and the textured section. A sleek black square coffee table is set down on a heavily textured rug.

Opposite the sofa, a rugged stone feature wall undulates the length of the living room, climbing toward a mountain range outside of the windows. A flat screen TV floats in front of the rock face.

A unique dining table hangs from the ceiling of a small dark kitchen diner, surrounded by four black dining chairs in the shadows.

In place of candles, a tiny fireplace burns openly in the centre of the fascinating dining table set.

The burning hoop of a modern dining pendant light adds to the glow in the grey dining room.

A grey L-shaped kitchen wraps around the dining area.

Recessed lighting diffuses over the adjacent rock feature wall.

Slatted cabinet doors line the longest wall of the kitchen, throwing a mysterious shuttered effect over the kitchen paraphernalia within.

The mountainous feature wall treatment is repeated inside a dramatic grey bedroom design, lit from the top and the baseline by recessed LED strip lights. The warm white glow accentuates every peak, pit and roll of the rock face.

A bedside lamp adds to the illumination of the impressive bedroom accent wall, as does a beautiful bedroom pendant light by an ensuite bathtub.

The bespoke black headboard design runs the full width of the bedroom and ensuite bathing area, where it becomes a shelf for fresh towels.

On the opposite side of the room to the black bath, there stands a unique black pedestal basin, and a shower enclosure behind tinted glass.

The floor of the wet area is tiled in large format grey slabs.

A rustic side table is cut from a rough tree log.

Entry to a backlit walk-in wardrobe is made via the washbasin area.

A double workspace features a desk that is in the same vein as the dining room table.

The workstation is suspended from the ceiling, which keeps the floor space looking incredibly open.

The floor plan reveals the location of the separate WC just off the bedroom.

Visualizer: Stephen Tsimbalyuk  

We take a trip to Paris for our next apartment tour, where we find grey living room decor spliced with wood effect wall panels.

The small lounge leads straight onto a formal dining room, where the walls are mostly overtaken by windows. Heavy grey drapes gather at the edges of the glass, brushing at the wood laminate floors with their hem.

A grey kitchen peers through an opening on the other side of the room. The walls around the wide doorway have been painted in a matching shade to create one solid cohesive volume.

Three lamps burn brightly along the black dining pendant light. Behind, a wood panelled wall is lit from one side to accentuate a clean transition from grey paintwork.

Handle-free units keep the small kitchen looking sleek and streamlined. Soft lighting gives it a welcoming vibe.

Flooring changes from wood to tile in the hallway.

Recessed spotlights illuminate the walkway.

In the master bedroom, a headboard feature has been created with a high panel and some recessed LED strip lights.

A glass closet opens up on the opposite side of the room to the window, reflecting the light and the view.

Custom fit closet systems flank the walls of the walk-in wardrobe.

The sliding glass doors allow the daylight to enter the closet, but ceiling spotlights brighten the clothing selection process.

In the shade of a grey bathroom, a tiny niche burns brightly.

Anthracite towel rungs hide out in a shadowy corner.

A backlit panel supports a wall hung toilet.

Towels and a rattan laundry basket jostle beneath a made-to-measure vanity.

Visualizer: Hi Light  

High contrast monochrome decor fills our last home tour, which is enlivened with lush green plants. The indoor greenery is a reflection of the homes special location amongst the trees. Glossy black walls reflect daylight from the windows and the forest panorama.

Stunning wirework pendant lights cluster over the white sofa, creating a light canopy.

Lantern pendant lights emit a soft diffused light in the dining room, above a glossy white dining set.

More plants give their texture to a minimalist white galley kitchen design, where their leaves and tendrils overspill from a bespoke built-in planter along the ice white countertop.

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