Neoclassical Interiors With Extraordinary Furniture

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Filled with extraordinary furniture design, eye-catching light installations, and unique touches, these two neoclassical home interiors are shining examples of bold self-expression. Lavish and wonderfully eccentric, there is visual excitement at every turn. Home design number one shows a warm limewashed interior with striking black designer furniture and chunky white marble elements. The second home tour is sugared with pale pink and gold accent pieces and a feminine air. A child’s room is shaped with a sprinkling of magic and light. The dressing room and bathroom are almost palatial under swathes of marble and gold, whilst the pool area resembles a petite party zone.

Visualizer: 小B咔咔  

In the neoclassical living room of our first featured home interior, beige limewash builds a cozy feel despite the large and lofty proportions of the space. Attention-grabbing black furniture pieces set down unique silhouettes in the neutral scheme.

A large area rug softens the wood herringbone flooring in a greige colorway. A large modern chandelier hangs from a highly ornate traditional ceiling rose in crisp juxtaposition.

A deeply ornate white marble fireplace is contrasted by a black cast iron firebox. A traditional mirror leans on the mantelpiece. Modern vases extend the fireplace adornment.

Underneath the living room chandelier, a unique wood and marble coffee table design of interlocking elements creates a solid statement piece.

Over at the staircase, a boiserie-framed mirror makes an attractive arch behind a designer lounge chair. A floor lamp and a side table are added to create a cozy reading nook. A large lion sculpture guards his domain.

The modern staircase makes a solid, sweeping statement.

A unique side table, an unusual wall sconce, and a sculptural piece are grouped to make a pleasing vignette by the window.

Coffee table books, a sculptural vase, and a decorative bowl provide neat adornments.

Two lounge chairs are paired to cause a light visual divide between the sitting area and the dining room. Architectural arches are supported by a contrasting black support pillar, which boldly ties with the black furniture arrangement.

A large vase holds a stark botanical display.

A bead-like dining room chandelier threads a string of orb shades above a stunning white marble dining table. Handmade vases make an artistic table centerpiece.

Six unique wooden dining chairs surround the racetrack-shaped dining table. A curved buffet unit adds a shapely wooden element to the back of the room.

A wide arch alcove is utilized as a bar for the dining room. Black tiles give the area bold definition. A smaller archway serves as a plinth for sculpture.

Only a small window brings natural light into the dining room, so a wall mirror is mounted alongside it to reflect illumination.

More light is shared through fluted glass doors that lead to the kitchen.

Visualizer: 而川视觉  

In this romantic neoclassical home design, sugary pink accent pieces add sweetness and warmth. Lustrous gold elements shine luxuriously. A black and white rug provides visual weight at the base of the room scheme.

A large crystal chandelier is the crowning glory of the living room. A modern linear wall light blazes across pink and gold discs to make eye-catching wall decor.

Pink, fluffy living room chairs add a playful element. A huge projector screen drops down in front, transforming the space into a home theater.

A gold and white marble coffee table marks the center of the room. A geometric fruit bowl provides modern embellishment.

In the master bedroom, beautiful boiserie provides elegant adornment at every turn.

Behind the upholstered headboard, a round boiserie panel frames a light-reflecting convex mirror. A faux fur rug spreads a cozy layer upon the blush bed set. A pretty bedside table lamp adds a gold botanical motif.

An archway leads from the main bedroom into a magical recreational space with a Disney theme. Balloon lights drift across the ceiling, illuminating decorative crown molding.

More muted pink accents add sweetness to the white decor scheme.

An extraordinary feathered gold floor lamp and a chaise lounge make an eccentric relaxation area on a fluffy round rug.

Starlight flickers in the boiserie panels. Sting lights brightly showcase Medicom Reon X Crowned Mickey Mouse figurines by designer Hiromu Takahara.

In the kid’s room, a celestial-themed wall lamp and string lights create a magical and sleepy atmosphere for bedtime. A pink canopy creates a cute kid’s bed design.

The large walk in wardrobe features a skylight and made-to-measure cabinetry. An illuminated Ultrafragola Floor Mirror by Ettore Sottsass sends out a pink glow.

The main bathroom is an impressively large space, clad from top to bottom in luxurious white marble slabs. Stunning tilework makes a framed feature across the floor, where a tufted gray pouf offers a plush resting spot.

A double sink bathroom vanity unit fills one wall of the fabulous bathroom space. An upholstered stool adds a pop of pink, whilst vanity mirrors and faucets install golden moments. The bathtub is accessed via a grand archway and deep white marble steps.

A small crystal chandelier falls between the two bathroom sinks, dripping with shimmering light. The shower area is framed in gold, with a golden towel radiator mounted inside.

The second bathroom in the home is equally luxurious under white marble wall cladding, though smaller in scale. Gold fixtures brightly trim the room, including the toilet lid.

Outside, a small terrace boasts a raised swimming pool. Sunloungers are positioned up on the platform to catch the sun’s rays.

Large glass doors open up a view of the enviable dressing room.

A pretty parasol brings a pink accent to the sun terrace, along with a fun pink flamingo float!

Patterned floor tiles make an eye-catching feature in the limited space.

Columns and archways stand out in a muted pink finish.

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Clay Christmas Tree Luminaries

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I’ve talked a lot about my new ceramics hobby where I spend a few hours a week in my local pottery studio. In that space we’re turning clay into ceramics using glazes and kilns, but for those who want to create decor at home there’s is always air dry clay that can be found at craft stores.

I’ve used air dry modeling clay before to make jewelry bowls or sculpted branches, and you can use it to make holiday tree luminaries too!


I cut out paper templates from grocery store bags to create my trees in three sizes. To recreate this project, these are the supplies you’ll need: 2 two lb. packages of air dry modeling clay; paper for templates; clay sculpting tools (optional); rolling pin; flameless votive candles; gloss spray paint (or color of choice).



If you roll air dry clay just slightly larger than your paper template you’ll create a cone shape. Thickness should be approximately 1/4 to 1/3 inch.


Score the linear parts of the clay where the edges will meet with a sharp pointed needle like tool. Dab a bit of water along the seam and press the edges together to form the cone.


Allow the clay to set for an hour or two before piercing the holes in the shape. Once the cone trees are a little dry use a rounded sharp tool to cut holes in any pattern you like.

Allow the trees to dry for a full 24 hours then coat with any color, I used gloss white spray paint. Allow paint to dry a few hours then set up trees in a decorative arrangement. Add flameless votives or tealights underneath to create a flickering glow!

See today’s Instagram Reel for a “how to” video of the process start to finish. 🙂

Even when they’re not lit they make a charming scene by day on any mantel, bookshelf, or tabletop.


If the DIY versions aren’t something you want to try yourself, consider these store bought ceramic trees and luminaries for your holiday decor:


LED green + white trees

glazed buff trees

blue and white trees


nordic trees

illuminated ceramic trees


ceramic tree luminaries

Small Homes With Muted Red And Green Interiors

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In these two small home designs, muted red and green accents are used to break up compact spaces and to help create zoning. High-contrast red accessories create a visual heat, which is complemented by areas of natural wood tone. Soft green hues and indoor plants make a fresh and uplifting contribution. In home number one, red accents define a small dining area and a neighboring kitchen. In the bedroom, a red duvet set separates the sleep space from a green home workspace. In home design number two, we’ll see how muted red moments call attention to a living room media wall, a small dining table, and a welcoming front entryway.

Visualizer: Elena Sedova and Sergey Sedov  

Inside the small living room of our first featured home, a red pendant light calls attention to the dining area that hides behind the couch. Red wall cabinets draw the eye around the corner to the kitchen.

A living room rug lays down a solitary splash of blue, which makes the sitting area stand out from the crowd.

A round coffee table makes the most sense in a particularly compact furniture layout because there are no sharp corners to bump into. A small, lightweight table is also easy to move. It can be quickly repositioned to where it’s needed or where causes the least hindrance to the occasion.

Opposite the sofa, a media console draws a bold red line across the plain white TV wall. A short glass vase with a botanical spray adds a pleasant natural element to the modern unit.

Behind the couch, a round dining table is smoothly encircled by four curved-backed dining chairs.

The red dining room pendant light hangs low to the table to colorfully anchor the eating area.

The small dining area is physically separated from the adjacent kitchen by a short peninsula. The peninsula measures only one unit long but provides essential extra storage space for pots and pans.

The kitchen peninsula also doubles as a neat breakfast bar. Two kitchen bar stools slot tidily under the waterfall countertop.

In the bedroom, a gray upholstered bed is colorfully dressed with a muted red bed set. A black bedside table lamp makes a slender silhouette on the wooden bedside unit.

Mirrored wardrobes reflect natural light from the window opposite.

A large indoor plant makes lush green contrast with the red bed set. A stylish bedroom pendant light drops low to provide reading light by the pillows. See more ideas for bedroom pendant lights.

In contrast to the passionate red bed zone, the bedroom workspace is all systems go in green.

A green upholstered desk chair is paired with a wooden desk to build a fresh natural palette.

Taupe curtains hang a neutral frame around the bedroom window.

The walls around the gray bed are pale and serene to create a peaceful aesthetic.

Hand towels take the red accent color into the compact bathroom design. Wood-slatted panels add texture and depth to the small space.

Apartment floor plan.

In this 68-square-meter apartment, a small dining table is boldly defined under an eye-catching red finish. Black dining chairs darkly encircle the colorful moment, whilst green decor makes a fresh botanical backdrop.

In the lounge area, a linear red media unit is contradicted by a dark gray small sofa and a gray living room rug.

An assortment of houndstooth print and plain red scatter cushions accessorize the sofa. A small side table is moved around the room where needed.

A pair of ​​modern wall sconces create an atmospheric glow above the sofa.

In the dining room, a small wall light throws illumination over the tabletop in place of a pendant light fitting.

A simple glass vase filled with greenery makes the dining table centerpiece.

Green paintwork frames a striking black and wood kitchen installation.

The hallway is lined with olive green decor. Oak flooring lays down a natural base.

In the home entryway, bespoke storage units stow away coats, shoes, and bags. A small nook contains coat hooks for guests and a built-in entryway bench.

More cabinets bridge the entryway bench, providing additional storage for seldom-accessed seasonal items. A much larger closet and cabinet set is concealed within the green color-blocked hallway.

The walls around the front door are treated to a warm and welcoming red colorway. A custom-cut floor-length mirror reflects light into the small space and gives the homeowners a place to check their appearance on the way out.

In the bedroom, a black swing arm wall lamp provides reading light on each side of a red upholstered headboard.

A green focal wall drops cool contrast behind the bed.

A black and gray bedroom rug lays down a tight geometric pattern. Frosted glass closet doors reflect natural light.

A media unit morphs into a dressing table at the foot of the bed. Red storage drawers cut a line of color underneath.

Even the tiny powder room faithfully follows the muted red and green decor aesthetic. A small vanity unit gains a greater presence from its red drawer fronts. A vase of greenery embellishes its clean white countertop.

Wood wall cabinets utilize the upper half of the toilet cistern concealment wall.

A recessed shelf is boldly backed in black stone to provide a contrasting focal point.

The green accent is restricted to the powder room door.

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Weekend Reading 10.30.22

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Happy Halloween weekend! I drove out to a favorite venue in Sonoma yesterday just to see in person a house made of pumpkins. It’s very cool and creative, see this Reel for a quick video tour!

I don’t have any plans to dress up or go out for Halloween, I’m just enjoying the costumes of people around me and around town. I’m working on holiday related content and projects to share in the coming weeks. November is the busiest month but I feel more prepared this year than I have in the past.


Favorite links from the week:

This home layered with earth tones in Hamburg, Germany.

This lovely refresh of a 1970s bathroom.

Very cool drawer fronts on this DIY cabinet makeover.

Pros and cons of having a smaller home.

How to add upholstered panels to your walls.

This creative and fun Anthropologie knock off.

Plan ahead to make this wreath charcuterie for a holiday gathering.

The 14 different types of pie.

Made me laugh: how to style a wood side table.

What Are Ridge Vents and Does Your Roof Need One?

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There are many different types of roof vents, each coming with their own unique benefits. One of the most popular types of roof vents is a ridge vent. Even though these ventilation options are popular among roofing contractors, many homeowners don’t know what they are.

ridge vent

When you’re having a new roofing system installed on your home, or you need to schedule roofing repairs, you should make sure that you know about every roofing option available to you. When you know which type of roofing features to ask for, you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible features added to your roof.

What Is a Ridge Vent?

Whether you have a roof made of asphalt shingles, luxury slate, or wood shake, it is crucial that you have ventilation for your roof. Inside your home, heat rises. That’s why your attic or upper crawlspace are always so hot. Roof venting allows that heat to be released.

A ridge vent runs the entire length of the ridge of your roof. One of the primary benefits of these vents is the fact that they are not visible from the ground.

Types of Ridge Vents

There are two different types of ridge vents. The type of ridge vent that you need depends on the ventilation system in your attic.

  1. If your attic has an active ventilation system, you should choose a ridge vent with a baffle. Active ventilation means that your attic’s ventilation system relies on fans that circulate the air around. Baffled ridge vents are vents that have chutes that provide a route for airflow in your attic.
  2. Passive ventilation systems rely on natural wind movements to circulate air through your attic. These ventilation systems are often found in older homes. If this is the type of ventilation system that you have, you can opt for a ridge vent that does not have baffles.

One of the biggest benefits of ridge vents with baffle is the fact that they prevent rain, snow, and sleet from getting into your attic or upper crawlspace. Ridge vents that don’t have plastic chutes (or baffles) also allow insects to get in.

How Much Do Ridge Vents Cost?

The process of installing a ridge vent on your roof has a direct impact on the price. The materials needed for a ridge vent installation are some of the most affordable materials in the roofing industry. Based on national averages, ridge vent itself costs between $2 and $3 per linear foot.

There is some prep work that contractors must perform, which increases the price of ridge vent installation. In addition to removing any shingles or pieces of metal that cover the ridge of your roof, the contractor must also remove any underlayment that is in the way. Once your contractor removes everything from the ridge, he or she will cut a hole for the ridge vent that runs the entire length of your roof.

This process takes several hours, and is the biggest expense associated with ridge vent installation. A study of national averages indicates that roofing contractors charge somewhere between $45 and $75 per hour for the labor associated with ridge vent installation. Labor costs around $300 to $400 for ridge vent installs.

According to national averages, the total cost of ridge vent installation runs somewhere between $300 and $650. The typical cost for complete ridge vent installation is only $500.

Why Does Roof Ventilation Matter?

There are several reasons that you should make sure that your attic has proper ventilation. While there many different types of roof vents on the market, ridge vents provide some of the best ventilation. This is because roof vents run the entire length of your roof’s ridge, ensuring that air can always move in and out of your attic.

Roof ventilation is very important if you live in an area that sees high humidity. Since humidity is a measure of the level of moisture in the air, humid attics that do not have proper ventilation often become breeding grounds for mold and mildew. Not only does this damage the items that you have stored in your attic, but it can also make the air in your home dangerous to breathe.

Providing your roof with extra ventilation also protects the roofing structure itself. When air can pass through the roof on your home, certain roofing types, like shingles will better withstand damage due to extreme temperatures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

Are ridge vents affordable to install?

Yes, they are. You can have a ridge vent installed in your home for a few hundred dollars.

Can I install my own ridge vent?

You shouldn’t try to install your own ridge vent unless you have training as a roofing contractor. Not only is it dangerous to work on your roof, but you may also cause significant damage to your roof.

Are ridge vents really necessary?

Yes, they are. Ridge vents help protect your roof and your attic from damages caused by poor circulation.

Having a quality ridge vent installed in your home not only makes your home safer and more comfortable, but it also adds years to the lifespan of your roof. If you don’t have a ridge vent, consider contacting a roofing contractor today.
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In This Mexico City Home, a Hacked IKEA Closet Doubles Down on the Bedroom’s Zen Mood

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copper light over dining table

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pink plastered bedroom

Custom Bed Frame, Chloé Mason Gray; Ceramic Wall Hanging, Vica Cerámica; Table Lamp, Pablo Designs; Metal Table, Frama CPH from Studio IMA.

How long does it take to replace an IKEA furniture part? In Chloé Mason Gray’s experience, approximately three-and-a-half months. When the interior designer went to source a mirrored Pax wardrobe from the Swedish retailer for her client Chase Hensel’s Mexico home and quickly learned there were no mirror panels left in stock, she thought it would be a breeze to have the fronts custom-made elsewhere. So she purchased the unit sans mirrors and began her search for glass. “It turned out that hardly anyone makes ones with the particular thickness needed for this closet,” says Gray. But the time it took to find a fabricator was worth the wait: When Hensel wakes up in the morning, he’s greeted by the reflection of the thousands of tiny grains of sand that coat the walls. 

mirrored closet

Rug, Mughal; Stool, Disciplina.

The pinky brown plaster treatment that covers the bedroom (ceiling included) is called Cerami, and though it’s usually applied in an imperfect manner that highlights the depth of the pigment, Gray had her subcontractor, Marco Villa Mateos, smooth it out so there were no noticeable swooshes. The finish is a complete 180 from the two-story rental’s original popcorn walls, and the same goes for the floors: Previously a faux wood tile, they’re now European oak.

For Hensel, investing in the space, even though he doesn’t own it, was an easy decision. “I figured I’d be here for a long time, so why not make it a place I truly feel comfortable being?” he shares. A similar mindset drove the product manager to leave Oakland, California, in September 2020 for Mexico City’s La Condesa neighborhood: “I decided life was too short to not live somewhere I loved.”

copper light over dining table

Custom Dining Table, Chloé Mason Gray; Vintage Chairs, Azotea; Stools, KyoSag; Pendant Lamp, Flos.
bar console table

Table Lamp, Trouvé; Bar, Marco Villa Mateos

While Gray was able to fix the walls’ quirky texture, there was not much she could do about their awkward orientation. “It’s a very oddly shaped house,” she notes. “I don’t think there is a single straight wall in the whole place.” Exhibit A: the dark green library, where a refurbished vintage Tobia Scarpa sofa—the first thing Gray bought for the home after three weeks of scouring the Internet—serves as the ultimate lazy Sunday post-up. Through trial and error, she found that by pulling furniture slightly away from the wall and positioning it on an angle so that it appears straight to the viewer’s eye made the crookedness less noticeable.

green library

Refurbished Sofa, Tobia Scarpa; Ottoman, Mim Ratán; Marble Side Table, Schtai; Pots, Solana; Artichoke Paint, Sherwin-Williams.
black sculptural stairs

man leaning on wall

Because the house is located on an avenue heavily shaded by trees, there isn’t a whole lot of natural light streaming in. While Gray peppered overhead fixtures and lamps throughout, for the most part she leaned into the moodiness with dark wall treatments. The staircase was no exception: She swathed the original structure’s decorative steel railing in navy-tinged concrete. “When viewed from the side, it has a very sculptural quality,” says Gray. At the top of the steps, what looks like a piece of art is actually a fabric and fiberglass light fixture, which sets the scene aglow come nightfall. 

portait in office

Restored Vintage Desk, Clara Porset for DM Nacional; Chair, Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich; Vintage Ceiling Lamp, Trouvé; Photograph by Gina Nero.
wall light near skylight

Wall Lamp, Flos.
carved coffee table

Upcycled Coffee Table, Trouvé; Sofa and Ottoman, Siete Studio; Bellhop Floor Lamp, Flos; Plants, Aldaba Jardines.

In his office, Hensel convinced Gray to hang the Gina Nero photograph, which captures a Mexican family living in New York. “I probably wouldn’t have chosen it on my own, but the scale is perfect,” says the designer. “It also makes me think about how there is a dialogue between pieces in the home that tell a story about Mexican history and culture.” The desk is a mid-century find by Cuban Mexican designer Clara Porset (Gray painted it a lively shade of green), while the legs of the living room coffee table downstairs are carved stone from a Mexico City building facade. 

dark gray shower tile

outdoor dining table

Table and Benches, Roberto Michelsen; Plants and Pots, Aldaba Jardines.

Gray, who lives locally, came across a few new artists during the project, too. Disciplina made the brick candelabra in the dining room and the leather and steel bench in the primary bedroom. Victoria Chávez García of Vica Ceramica crafted the silver ceiling lamp and brass-plated wall sculpture nearby, customized to fit the space’s color scheme. And Siete, another discovery, is behind the living room sofa and matching ottoman, which have Hensel’s pit bull’s stamp of approval: “It’s held up amazingly well given that Eddie uses it as his bed!”

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Jesmonite Projects, Part One

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I discovered the existence of jesmonite a month ago when a few products made with it popped up on Instagram. It’s not sold in the US so I haven’t seen many people in the States working with it.

Jesmonite is an acrylic resin composite which combines a water based resin liquid with a reactive powder material base. It will replicate the shape of any silicone mold and can be colorized and textured to look like stone.

I was so intrigued when I discovered it that I ordered some and when my jesmonite kit arrived, I made both these terrazzo tray and the tealight candle holders using silicone molds.

I’m very excited about this product because it is an eco friendly material that’s easy to work with, one that you can use to make decorative functional objects for yourself or for friends and family for the holidays.

It feels like stone once it hardens so it can be used to create all kinds of things, see examples below!


Jesmonite is readily available in Europe, the UK, and Canada but there aren’t any US distributors that I could find. I ordered mine from this supplier in Canada, the AC100 kit I bought ships for free with plenty of material to work with for making multiple objects. You can also order it on Amazon too for shipping to the US.

The supplies you need to get started are the jesmonite set of powder and liquid to mix as well as a small food scale for accurate measuring, a mid size mixing container, mixing sticks, and silicone molds. Terrazzo chips and pigments are optional additives.


I made the terrazzo tray using this silicone mold and terrazzo chips I ordered from this Etsy shop.

image via VH Art Decor


And I made these tea light candleholders with this set of silicone molds.


I kept my molds and colors simple since I was experimenting with this product for the first time. I read if you sand the terrazzo pieces that it exposes the color of the chips more so I noted that for the future.


This material is simple to work with and it solidifies in 30 minutes, it’s really amazing! Check today’s Instagram post where I’m sharing a Reel showing the process of mixing and pouring into molds.

You can also buy pigments to tint the jesmonite any color you can imagine. Jesmonite can be any color, marbled, or turned into terrazzo with jesmonite chips so there is so much room for creativity.


Below are more examples I found online, these include molds and jesmonite pieces you can buy:

irregular edge silicone mold


marbled jesmonite trays


soap dish


gold fleck trays


  rainbow coasters

ring cones




cloud tray silicone mold

I have plenty of product left so I’m going to order some pigments to create marbled jesmonite and two more molds to make holiday gifts and ornaments.

Stay tuned for Part Two of my experiments with jesmonite, coming in November!

Door Cover Ideas That Make Average Doors Look Amazing

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Our doors are often the least attractive part of our house, so door cover ideas are essential to help make the most of your space.

Door Cover Ideas That Make Average Doors Look Amazing

There are so many types of doors that make up our home. We have ideas to help you increase your doors’ appeal on the inside and outside.

Having more custom doors will also help to make your home more attractive to home buyers. Upgrading exterior doors will help add to your curb appeal.

Rather than going to the extra expense of replacing doors, try covering them in unique ways. These ideas are inexpensive options that take just a bit of effort to give your door a boost in style.

Door Cover Ideas

The construction of each type of door is unique. Sometimes unique solutions are required, though there is some crossover of door covering ideas that will work for each type.

Interior Doors

The style of interior doors range from paneled to flush, but here are a few interior door covering ideas that will give your doors a new look.

Painting Interior Doors

Painting Interior Doors
Making it Lovely

Painting interior doors is a great way to dress up a door. One common option is black, but you can paint your doors any color that complements your interior space. Paint it “as is” or add some molding to make it look even more custom.


Leland Interiors, LLC

Interior doors are an ideal foundation for a mirror as they provide a large, flat, and upright space. Mount a mirror onto a door in your bathroom to both cover the door and allow you that last check of your outfit before you leave. Add molding around the mirror and paint it for a more decorative style.

Paint a Mural

Paint a Mural
Artworks by Marcine, LLC

Why not use your standard builder’s grade door as a canvas for some gorgeous artwork? Hire a professional or if it is not in the budget, find a friend to paint your doors in a colorful pattern that will distract from the door itself.

Vinyl Decal

Vinyl Decal
Beyond Murals

If hiring an artist to paint a mural is outside your budget, try a vinyl decal for your door instead. Vinyl decals used as door coverings will brighten your interior and add a whole new look to your space.

Add a Stencil Design

Add a Stencil Design
Elizabeth Harris Interiors

Make any standard door just a bit fancier with the addition of a stenciled pattern. You don’t need to be a painting expert; you just need a steady hand and careful preparation.

Paint the door and the stencil with contrasting colors to make sure the stencil stands out from the background.

Add New Hardware

Add New Hardware
Laurie Blumenfeld Design

If the style of your door is good but plain, you can dress it up with some fancy hardware. New hardware does not cover your door, but it does give it a more custom look. A custom door knob will go a long way to making your door feel more expensive.

Distress the Door

Distress the Door
Fitzgerald Studio

Distressed furniture is a popular design feature for both farmhouse and rustic-style homes. Paint the door and add some touches with darker or lighter paint to give the door some age.

Dueling Colors

Dueling Colors

You can always disguise a less-than-attractive door by painting the door in a unique way. Use two colors to add interest to the door.

Cover It With Curtains

Cover It With Curtains
F & P Interiors

Add more drama to your home with interior curtains over the door. Choose a dramatic print or choose something more understated; either will look gorgeous in the right setting. Curtains don’t just add a look of elegance, they help to insulate rooms against drafts from the outdoors.

Privacy Film

Privacy Film
HomeStory Doors of Orange County

Use privacy film to cover an interior glass door. You can find privacy films with different designs like stained glass, frosted glass, or pebbled glass. These obscure the view without blocking the light.


SR interior design

Order large decorative stickers to make standard doors more interesting. Large number stickers like these give the door a modern and industrial look. Add monograms or room name titles for some other options.

Fabric or Wallpaper Coverings

Fabric or Wallpaper Coverings

Use fabric and some DIY skills to cover your door with any pattern you like. Choose any elegant brocade or a more whimsical pattern like this Unikko fabric.

This idea comes by way of The Interiors Addict. Use an alternative material like wallpaper to cover your door rather than fabric.

Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard Paint
Whitten Architects

Dress up the door of a playroom with chalkboard paint. This works best with a flush door with a flat front. Or, add a flat panel to any door and paint it with chalkboard paint. Frame it for a more custom look.

Exterior Door Cover Ideas

Whether you like it or not, your exterior doors are a window into your interior space. Dress up your exterior doors with these door coverings that are both all-encompassing and distracting from your structural door style.



Wreaths are a wonderful way to cover your exterior door. While they won’t cover the entire door, wreaths distract from the door style.

They also add elegance to the overall exterior door. These are one of the best front door cover ideas as wreaths create a striking focal point. Change them out to help decorate your home for the changing seasons.

Roman Shades

Roman Shades
S. B. Long Interiors

One of the most elegant door covers for exterior doors with glass is a roman shade. Mount a small rod on the door itself if the door is wood or even metal. Or, if you want to mount a shade without drilling holes, use a over the door rod or magnetic rod to mount the shade.


Su Casa Designs

If you have large glass doors, curtains are a useful and attractive way to create door covers and to make them look more distinctive.

Use sheers if you want light to come through while still obscuring the view inside and outside.

Similar to curtains on interior doors, curtains on exterior doors like sliding glass doors or french doors will help to insulate your home and keep it warmer.

Sliding Shutters

Sliding Shutters
Tidewater Interiors

If you want a more modern door cover idea, try sliding plantation shutters. These have the added advantage of being able to adjust in an incremental way. Close the louvers for full coverage or tilt them to let in as much light as you want.

A Coat of Paint

A Coat of Paint

One of the best but easiest ideas for door coverings is using a unique paint color. Interesting door paint creates a beautiful focal point for your home and disguises the look of a boring door.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What is the best door covering ideas for bedroom doors?

The best door covering ideas for bedrooms involves layering. This means that you can adjust the light and privacy levels to create the look you want with different adjustments throughout the day as needed.

How can I cover a door that I do not use?

There are a couple of ways to create covers for doors that you don’t use. A closed curtain hung above the door will mimic the look of a window. If you don’t want something as permanent as a curtain, cover the unused door with a room divider. You can also draw attention away from the door by painting the doors the same color as the trim and as the wall.

Should I hang door curtains on the door itself?

Depending on what kind of door you have, you can hang your curtains on the door or above the door. If your door is a hinged door that has a small window that you want to cover, hang the curtain on the door itself. Do this by attaching a small rod above the window. If you have sliding glass doors or want to hang a large curtain over a hinged door, it is best to hang the curtain from a rod mounted above the door.

What is the best way to cover up a window on an exterior door?

There are a couple of ways to cover a window on an exterior door. You can use a large wreath to obscure the view from the outside to the inside. You can also apply some kind of privacy film to obscure the view without blocking the light from the window. You can also hang a small curtain or a roman shade to cover a small window on the door.


There are many doors in most of our homes that are not unique or noteworthy. With door covers, you can create interesting interior doors and exterior doors to make your home look and feel more custom.

There are so many varied ideas that you can be sure of creating just the type of look that you want for your home.
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The Best Food Gifts for Curious Cooks, Holiday Hosts, and People Who Just Love to Eat

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Best Food Gifts Gif Olive Oil Knives Shabbat Set Oven Mit

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We all gotta eat, so why not add a dash of style to your special someone’s meals this holiday season? The best food gifts in (and out) of the kitchen make cooking more colorful, eating more delicious, and entertaining more fun—all very good things, in our opinion. From the broadly appealing (a set of the perfect steak knives) to the very specific (overnight soil for your herb garden), our top picks for gifting this year aim to please your cast of characters. Whether they be new apartment dwellers, on-trend pals, hard-to-shop-for siblings, or tiny chefs, the best food gifts await them, below.

Best Food Gifts for Cooks

Ninja NeverStick Possible Pan

Maybe you have a niece heading to college or a brother in need of a kitchen upgrade? In either instance, this nonstick skillet, along with its three accessories, makes a cute and thoughtful gift. The 4.8-star-rated set can stand in for up to 12 single pieces of cookware (including a roasting pan and saucier) and neatly stacks to take up as little room as possible. With five colors to choose from and compatibility with all ranges, it’s a fit for a beginner cook and small-space inhabitant.

Baggu Oven Mitt

Drawn up in sweet illustrations of market produce, this oven mitt will make anyone want to put a pot of polenta and vegetables in the oven.

CRUXGG Waffle Maker

Whomever is in charge of weekend breakfast will appreciate this get-everyone-in-on-it rotating waffle maker. It was designed for Williams Sonoma by Bronx-basd CRUXGG—a collaboration between Crux and Ghetto Gastro’s top-chef collective that use food to empower communities, fight racism, and advance social justice.

Loisa Mortar and Pestle

This cheerful bamboo mortar and pestle comes with the smartest little silicone base—which allows you to move the bowl around to any position. It’s part of a new tool line from Latin-owned kitchen and pantry brand Loisa. (A tostonera, masher, and skimmer are also on offer.) Plus 2% of the brand’s monthly sales are donated to an organization fighting for food justice.

Opinel Le Petit Chef Set

If you have a budding chef on your hands, this under-$50 set from Opinel will get them started. It includes the following: a knife and peeler with educational rings to help guide kids in the process, and a finger guard that’ll help them understand how to position their hands while prepping food. Ideal for ages 5 to 10, reviewers appreciate that the knife doesn’t have a pointed tip, and one individual enthusiastically notes “the knife blade doesn’t feel sharp when you touch it, but it cuts like a dream.”

Barebones Wood Pan Scraper

Stocking stuffers can, and sometimes should, be silly—but if you want to go functional, this under-$10 walnut scraper is versatile and camp-cooking friendly. (Tip: Buy two and gift them together as minimal salad servers instead.)

Pela Lomi Electric Composter

The Lomi might look like a slow cooker and, in part, you’d be right to think that—it can make soil overnight. The electric composter uses patented pods filled with microbes that give you more usable dirt and less waste. It’s the Land Rover of compost bins, if you will. For the vegetable gardener or plant parent.

Best Food Gifts for People Who Love to Eat and Drink

ONIMA Hot Sauces

For the hot-sauce lovers in your life. This three-bottle set from Barcelona-by-way-of-Kentucky Tyler Mains is all about the Iberian Peninsula. The exclusive trio is the first in Acid League’s Maker Series. We’re particularly into the Il Mig, which plays with two of Spain’s best known ingredients: olive oil and sherry vinegar. 

Spring & Mulberry Chocolates

Medjool date, pecan, and Himalayan salt. Mango, Urfa chili, and black lime. The prettiest packaging. Organic dark chocolate. Whoever gets handed the Spice Market collection from Spring & Mulberry will likely not want to share it.

Branche Olive Oils

Olive oil—a staple kitchen item and the sort of gift that’ll be put to good use. This well-packaged set from Branche includes two options (one bold, one buttery) your recipient can choose from, depending on what they’re cooking.

West~bourne x Oishii Omakase Berry Butter

Have you ever smelled Oishii’s omakase strawberries? If so, then you’ll know why its brand-new berry butter—made in collaboration with Cali-based West~bourne—is going to be snapped up. At just $18 a jar, it’s an ideal gift for everyone from coworkers to teachers to anyone else who deserves a sweet spoonful.

A Táche More Luxe Hot Chocolate Kit

The kind of fancy food gift that won’t sit in the back of their pantry all year. This limited-edition wintry set includes two cartons of Táche Pistachio Milk, Flamingo Estate Drinking Chocolate, and Mojave Mallows Artisanal Marshmallows. When it’s time to take off the ski pants and slip into chalet chic, it will be waiting.

COTE x Convive Wine Club Best Kept Secrets Box

There’s likely someone in your circle that is a) into wine or b) getting into wine. COTE x Convive Wine Club’s gift packs range from all red to all bubbly, with some reserve options that lean toward the higher end. Their Best Kept Secrets selection, though, balances a bit of cool mystery with really good value. You’ll look like the most in-the-know gifter out there.

Best Food Gifts for Hosts

Material Table Knives

This steak knife set is a regular host’s dream. With straight blades made from German stainless steel and matte, grippy, stain-resistant handles that come in four modern colors, the knives are versatile as far as style goes. Choose to gift one color or do the “mixed” selection, which includes each hue. The set of four comes in a maple-wood upright holder, which would sit pretty on any countertop. (If you’re looking for something more classic, be sure to peruse our guide to steak knife sets.)

Our Place Shabbat Set

We love the concept behind Our Place’s Traditionware collection, which is exactly like what it sounds: cookware for celebrating and honoring traditions from around the world. For anyone who celebrates Shabbat, the brand’s recently debuted teal Shabbat Set includes its Oven Pan, a reusable Oven Mat, a challah cover designed in collaboration with Minna, and naturally nondrippy beeswax candlesticks.

Areaware Everything Nice Sugar and Salt Set

Sophie Lou Jacobsen designed the cutest glass condiment couple for Areaware, and it’s the finishing touch for a new homeowner’s coffee bar or your friend who makes the best appetizer spreads.

Isabella Sevv Maple Charcuterie Board

The asymmetrical edge of this maple cutting board from California-based Isabella Sevv has just the right amount of whimsy without feeling over the top.

TG Designs Bread Bow

Bread knives don’t always double as tomato tacklers, but this beautiful bow made in Kentucky is armed with a serrated carbon steel blade that makes for smooth slicing. It would look just as nice on a styled shelf next to dishes as it does in action on a table midmeal.

Dusen Dusen Striped Apron

An apron they wouldn’t mind leaving on during their dinner parties, this Dusen Dusen striped number comes in two color combos and has adjustable neck and waist ties. There are also placemats and napkins to match, if that’s their sort of thing.

CB2 Aldo Wineglasses

Gift a set of these utterly chic wineglasses, in the same style or as a mix, from CB2’s new Milan-inspired collection of Gianfranco Frattini designs. Just right for the friend who didn’t make it to Italy this past summer (and really needs better glassware when you bring a bottle over).

Lisa Corti Placemats, Set of 4

This set of four handmade placemats would bring festivity to someone’s table at any time of year, particularly now, when color and fun entertaining is where it’s at. At just $22 per piece, they’re not much more than what you’d find at a big-box retailer and infinitely more stylish.

Via Carota‘s Cookbook

Who wouldn’t be excited to turn out platters of Jody Williams and Rita Sodi’s pasta and vegetables at home? The seasonal and ingredient-driven organization is for farmers-market heads everywhere.

Josephinenhütte Wineglasses

These mouth-blown, handmade wineglasses, designed by Austrian glassmaker Kurt Josef Zalto, are beautiful to look at and make any wine (even beer!) sing. Sure, they’re expensive, but if you’re in the market for an impressive gift, they won’t disappoint.

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Mid-Century Modern Stores That Have Something For Everyone

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Mid-century modern stores offer a wide range of mid-century modern furniture as well as home goods and decor. There are stores that offer just mid-century furniture as well as places that offer more general furniture with a few MCM furniture offerings.

Mid-Century Modern Stores That Have Something For Everyone
Brittany Stiles Design

According to Home and Gardens the mid-century modern decor style is still popular. It will remain so because of the classic look and pared-down style that is so common for midcentury modern furniture. So, where are the best mid-century modern furniture stores where you can get in on this gorgeous trend? 

10 Mid-Century Modern Stores

10 Mid Century Modern Stores
Haven Design and Construction

Most everyone is familiar with mid century modern furniture brands like West Elm, but here are some MCM store options off the beaten path. There is something in this list for everyone whether you are looking for the highest quality furniture or just the best deal you can find.

Rove Concepts

Rove Concepts is a company that focuses on style without sacrificing quality. Most of the products are crafted in artisan workshops. They have oversight over the process from the acquisition of raw products to the production of the final piece. They have a product line produced with sustainability in mind and use FSC certified wood to produce their wooden furniture line.

Rove Concepts Elbow Chair
Rove Concepts

The Elbow Chair from RoveConcepts is based on a 1956 Danish mid century chair design. It has a clean and edited profile, but its shape is ideal for human comfort. This chair comes in both natural and walnut stain with upholstered or a woven seat.


Article began in 2013 with the mission of providing great-looking and quality merchandise to consumers. They work with furniture makers to produce this kind of furniture. By doing away with an intermediary, they are able to provide the quality they want at a price that is reasonable.

Article Nera Bed

The Nera Bed has a low profile, typical of other midcentury furniture. The headboard features stunning chevron patterned wood veneer which extends to include the nightstands.


Joybird is one of the few mid century modern furniture stores that specialize in just mid century design. From the beginning, this company sought to produce furniture that was inspired by iconic mid century designers like Frank Lloyd Wright and Cara Greenburg. They wanted to produce high quality furniture at fair prices for the consumer. They produce beautiful furniture with bold and gorgeous colors and innovative designs.

Joybird Chelsea Sofa

The Chelsea Sofa blends traditional and modern style in a seamless way. It has a classic shape with luxe upholstery choices like velvet. This style of sofa creates an instant focal point in any room.


If you are looking for more budget-conscious mid-century furniture, look for options at Target. Because mid-century modern design is so popular, they have a wide range of products from furniture to home decor. In order to get the most bang for your buck, look for furniture options that feature solid wood construction. These will be the most sturdy, but it is still important to handle this furniture with care.

Target Esters Wood Armchair

The Esters Wood Armchair has a gorgeous style and color tone. It features a rubberwood frame and nine different upholstery choices.


IconByDesign is an Australian-based mid-century modern furniture store that now has a branch in the USA. It uses American hardwoods to produce solid wood furniture pieces that have fabulous and gorgeous styles.

There are two ways to order at IconByDesign. You can order with the “Buy Now” option and get furniture that is shipped the next day. Or, you can pre-order and wait a bit longer and save 20% on the listed price. They use solid wood that comes from sustainable sources, so you can feel great about your purchase both for the planet and for your home.

IconByDesign Magnus Sideboard

The Magnus Sideboard has a quintessential MCM shape. It is ideal for both dining room storage or for a media cabinet. It is built from American oak with a natural finish.


Since 2006, Allmodern has featured the best in contemporary and modern design. Because mid-century is such a hot trend right now, they have countless options for mid-century furniture of all kinds. They specialize in designs for the purists and also those who just want their space to be fresh and cool. They offer pieces that have solid wood construction at competitive prices.

AllModern Thomas Coffee Table

The Thomas Coffee Table has an iconic mid-century shape with boomerang-shaped legs with a starburst top. It is crafted from kiln-dried solid wood and comes in three finishes: walnut, black, and whitewash.

Design Within Reach

Design Within Reach is one of the most respected furniture companies that offers mid century purists quality and iconic furniture designs. Design Within Reach was founded by Rob Forbes when he found that it was difficult to source quality furniture by designers such as Eames, Le Corbusier, and Saarinen. They now work with historic brands such as Herman Miller to bring these quality pieces to the public.

Design Within Reach Eames Lounge Chair
Design Within Reach

The Eames Lounge Chair might just be one of the most iconic styles of mid-century modern furniture design. Charles and Ray Eames designed this lounge chair in 1956 with the goal to cradle the human body’s curves. This chair combines soft and supple leather with a molded wood frame.

World Market

World Market is a company that carries furniture of all different styles imported from all over the world. They specialize in artisanal goods and handicrafts but also focus on affordability. As one of the prevailing styles of the times, they carry various modern mid-century furniture and other products that are inexpensive but look fantastic.

World Market Camile Sage Green Sectional
World Market

The Camile Sage Green Sectional is the perfect mid-century sectional for a small space. It combines sleek tailoring with luxe velvet upholstery for a glamorous but classic style.

Room and Board

Room and Board was founded in 1980. They seek to combine quality and classic furniture with fresh styles that will stand the test of time. They use American manufacturers to make more than 90% of all their products. Also, they support sustainable practices and local non-profit organizations that strengthen communities where they exist.

Room and Board Copenhagen Two Door Bookcase
Room and Board

The Copenhagen Two Door Bookcase is crafted by North Dakota woodcrafters. They utilize quality wood veneer and MDF. It has a simple mid-century design that is sure to be a classic in your home for years to come.

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IKEA seeks to provide quality furniture that is affordable as well as stylish. IKEA does not always have the best reputation for quality pieces, but they have solid wood and more durable options available. They have various mid-century furniture that works for every budget.

IKEA Stockholm

The Stockholm line features coffee tables, storage units, and seating with classic mid-century style. The coffee table features a walnut veneer top with solid wood legs. It also features a lower shelf that is handy for storage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What are the best mid century modern stores for furniture?

The best store for mid century modern furniture can mean many things to many people. By the best, if you mean the highest quality and design originality, look at both Design Within Reach, RoveConcepts, and IconByDesign. These sources provide quality furniture and unparalleled customer service for on-site and mid century modern furniture online. If by best, you are looking for a medium quality piece that is more affordable, consider stores like AllModern and Article. These provide some good quality furniture at prices that work for many budgets.

Where can I find mid century modern furniture near me?

Many American cities have access to stores like Target and World Market. These are good options for those living in mid-sized cities. IKEA is another popular option for people living in big cities or at least within driving distance.

Is mid century modern still in style?

Yes, there is still a huge market for mid century modern style that is not going anywhere for some time to come. The simple and tailored look of the mid century style makes it a good option to mix and match with other furniture styles.

Where can I find vintage mid century modern furniture?

If you want to find authentic mid century modern furniture look at sites online like 1stDibs, Urban Americana, and Ebay. Be sure to look and make sure the item says that it was produced during the mid-century years (1945-1965) and not a clever reproduction before you buy it. Also, look in your area for vintage and antique stores to score some mid century furniture. You just might find a piece that will reward your patient searching.

What furniture do experts consider mid century modern?

Mid century modern style was the dominant style in America from around the mid 1940s to the mid 1960s. This style is characterized by sleek lines, organic shapes, and the use of new materials and methods to produce functional and useful furniture.


Mid-century modern furniture is a style that has something for everyone. Its classic and simple design works well as a pure style or mixed with other styles for a more eclectic look. These mid-century modern stores feature a mix of furniture of every type and for any budget. There are so many great options, the problem is narrowing down your choices.
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