What Your Home Will Look Like in 2021, According to the Zodiac

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While no on can predict exactly what will happen in 2021, looking to the stars can help prepare us for any twists and turns that may occur—specifically at home. We turned to cosmic expert and founder of Lilith Astrology, Adama Sesay, to help us out. Read on for her tips on how to best manage your relationship to your home, according to your astrological sign. 


As the first sign of the zodiac, you’ve long been seen as a mover and a shaker, but 2021 is an opportunity for you to slow down and take stock of your goals. Sesay notes that “with Cancer in your domestic fourth house, you’ll tend toward a comfortable sanctuary where you feel nurtured.” Consider setting up a designated workspace, complete with a desk and journal, to recharge and focus on what you want to achieve this year. 


Normally rooted in comfort and routine, next year you’ll feel an unfamiliar desire to change things up. “With Leo energy in your home sector, creativity, fun, and self-expression will be important to you when it comes to your decor,” says Sesay. “In the first half of 2021, Jupiter, the planet of positive growth, will keep you busy as it moves through the opposing 10th house of career.” Having an inspiring WFH space to achieve your professional dreams is key. Opt for a big mood board and air-purifying plants to keep you on your toes. 


A cerebral air sign, you’re used to flitting from idea to idea, and 2021 won’t be any different. “You will experience private shifts with changeable Mars and Uranus in Taurus as the year begins,” says Sesay. She recommends taking time to declutter and organize your space in order to feel grounded and further sharpen your laser-fast mind. 


You already exist in the natural sign of home, so it’s a given that peaceful and harmonious spaces are important to you. According to Sesay, “2021 brings eclipses in your health, self-care, and spiritual wellness sectors.” She suggests carving out a “zen den,” such as a meditation corner, so you can focus on what your mind needs in the coming year.  


While endlessly generous, Leo also loves the spotlight. But this coming year, Sesay says expansive Jupiter and stable Saturn will be moving through your relationship sector, so it’s time to focus on the important people in your life. Consider investing in some grown-up stationery and quality pens to keep your loved ones close, no matter where they are. 


You’ve always been all about routine, and in 2021, you’ll benefit from applying your love of order to your physical body. “It’s important to create a space that allows you to stick to your new regimen and feel organized,” says Sesay. Install open shelving in the bathroom to house skin-care essentials within easy reach or set up a freestanding cabinet in a hallway that can hide your workout gear in plain sight. 


As the zodiac’s resident master of balance, you know how to stay calm through unexpected changes. Sesay sees shifts or additions to your family life this year (a new four-legged friend, perhaps?) and cautions you to maintain stability and structure in your home to weather the storm. Stock up on the staples, like new dishware or linens, so you’re extra-prepared for anything life may throw your way. 


People may not know this due to your mysterious exterior, but your space is actually the one place you can really let your guard down and fully commit to your passions (witchcraft included). “Scorpio’s fourth house of home is going through big changes in 2021 due to the major transit of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius,” notes Sesay. Perhaps you’ll move somewhere completely new or decide to drastically change your home with a statement furniture piece—we’ve got ideas if that purchase is a sofa—or head-to-toe kitchen renovation. 


With your penchant for wanderlust, putting down roots has always been a personal challenge. But Sesay explains that with total lunar and solar eclipses in your sign, you’ll experience major internal shifts soon. Get to know yourself on a new level by making your interiors feel authentically you: Display mementos from your many adventures on your bookshelf or go for a bright, warm wall color that taps into your inner fire sign (ochre is a favorite for 2021). 


Your workaholic tendencies will only increase in the new year with financial evolution and growth in your future. “Your second house of earned income is experiencing a major transit of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius,” says Sesay. “Invest in quality pieces that will stand the test of time and spark joy.” How about a statement armchair for responding to all those emails?


With Saturn and Jupiter moving into your sign this year, Sesay predicts you’ll have a lot on your plate and experience a major need for what your home can do for you. Now is the time to streamline your space with smart tech products to help you get things done—and fast.  


Your strong intuition might have already picked up on the winds of change due to a powerful Gemini solar eclipse in your fourth house of home. According to Sesay, you may find yourself on the move this year. Work through the chaos by keeping your sensitive self grounded with tactile comforts—a supremely soft acrylic throw, fuzzy sheepskin slippers—you can bring with you wherever you go. 

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Green & Brown Interior Decor Palettes Inspired by Nature

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Does any colour palette speak more of nature than shades of green & tonal brown? Foliage green and rich earth accents remind us of walks deep in the forest and spending peaceful time in landscaped gardens. This connection with the outdoors makes the palette a soothing choice for decorating modern interiors too. In exploration of this revitalising combo, we’re featuring two homes with contemporary room designs that still remind us of our natural roots. Take a stroll through green, brown and wood tone living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms that are designed to settle your soul with mother nature’s most loved shades, without ever leaving the confines of home.

Visualizer: Studio VAE  

Located in Minsk, Belarus, the open plan living space of this 113 square metre apartment is characterised by golden brown accents over a linear modern sofa and a modern wooden kitchen.

A rounded rectangle coffee table grows a refreshing green accent into the centre of the room, placed upon a tonal brown area rug.

The earthy rug compliments the warmth of wood chevron flooring.

Forest green paintwork shades the walls of the lounge, where panel moulding provides definition around the TV wall.

Minimalist dining room pendant lights make a low key trio over the black dining table. Unique black and ruddy brown dining chairs warm the combo.

Above the wooden kitchen base units, a matching timber panel provides a backdrop for open kitchen shelving. More panelling warmly frames out the one wall kitchen to give it added presence in the open plan.

Wood chevron flooring is replaced by hard wearing tile in the home entryway, making it a practical spot to kick off muddy boots after being in the real outdoors.

Slate grey and natural wood grain join together to create a sophisticated bedroom scheme.

A small bedside table rests by a grey city view, which makes the natural interior palette feel like a warm hug.

A modern wall sconce adds an eclipse to the bathroom vanity wall, in orbit of a round mirror. Rustic wood grain is combined with a linear modern aesthetic to create an attractive floating unit.

Narrow wooden cabinets make clever use of a leftover niche by the cistern wall.

The green and brown interior palette gives an interesting take on a modern kid’s room. The mature palette tames the more childish elements to create a space that all the family can feel at home with.

A unique kids bed slots into a wall of storage by the double workspace. Find more imaginative options for kids’ beds here.

Custom made bunk beds furnish the second kids’ bedroom, painted in a saturated matte green finish.

Brown and slate scatter cushions accessorise the bunks.

Decorative wall hooks and adjustable shelves provide flexible storage options across a huge pegboard wall. Wooden toys make a fun display up top, whilst the hooks hold backpacks and floor cushions where they’re most easily accessible.

Green shelves slot into a white volume cabinets by the desk.

A pacman shelf chomps at the window wall.

Light green bathroom tiles make a minty fresh stripe around the bathroom, lit softly by a spherical bathroom vanity light.

A granite inlay wraps the wet wall around a matching granite clad bathtub.

Visualizer: Kseniya Vinokurova  

Our second tour takes place at a home located in Moscow, Russia. Frosty green sofa upholstery gains warmth from brown accent cushions, and tonal shading from grey pillows and a throw. One wooden round coffee table melds quietly with the natural wood flooring, whilst a second brings a beat of jet black into the mix.

Sage green paintwork smooths the TV wall with a restful hue.

Black dining room pendant lights hang in a set of five over the six place dining set.

A leather Eames lounge chair gives the lounge area a chic designer touch.

Black lighting, black tables, and black appliances create a cohesive dark thread through the open plan that draws attention to zoning.

Slatted panels push pattern through a wood clad wall.

Green kitchen wall cabinets camouflage into matching wall paint to give the kitchen a more open and spacious feel around head height.

Beige dining chairs pull lighter tones from the wooden kitchen base units.

Striking and original geometric floor pattern fades from dark green through to mint, white and wood tone to encompass all elements of the room palette.

A wooden headboard panel expends the grandeur of a modern platform bed in the master.

Patterned panels give the room a cosy feel.

Brass wall sconces flank the upholstered bedstead.

Twin beds are divided into equal spaces to avoid sibling rivalry. See more smart ideas for shared kids’ rooms.

The room divider between the kids’ beds is fitted with bookshelves for bedtime reads and favourite toys.

Perforated wooden doors define a corner closet, extending the dotty aesthetic of a neighbouring climbing wall.

The kids’s indoor activities don’t just stop at a climbing wall, but unfold as a full gym wall with climbing rungs and rope, gymnastic rings and monkey bars. Crash mats keep everyone safe from injury below.

A child’s table and pair of kid’s chairs make a comfy reading and crafts area by the window.

Brown and beige tiling makes a mellow match in the bathroom.

Vertical tiles encase the bathtub and wet zone.

Narrow wooden shelves accentuate the vertical arrangement of the bathroom wall tiles, and exaggerate the height of the tall ceiling.

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What You Need To Know About Eyebrow Windows

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You’re here because you want to learn more about eyebrow windows. You’ve seen them on exotic houses, the neighbor has a new set, or you’ve always been fascinated with peeping eye dormers. Your reason doesn’t matter.

The point is, you need to know if you should get them, if you can afford them, and how to go about doing so. So that’s what we’ve found out! 

Eyes Of Sibiu 

Eyebrow Windows
Via wikipedia

One of the most famous sets of eyebrow windows can be found on Transylvanian buildings in Sibiu. They are prominent on houses like the Haller House and monuments like the Făgăraș Citadel.

This city is one of the first places to feature eyebrow windows, dating back to the 15th century. There are tales stating that the windows were made to haunt those who walked by, as they look like eyes following you. 

This was only enforced when Bram Stoker wrote his now-famous novel Dracula as Transylvania is the vampire’s home. The real reason, however, the windows were installed in these buildings was for ventilation. 

What Is A Dormer?

Via Catalano Architects

What you need to know about eyebrow windows is another, often more popular, name for them. They are also called eyebrow dormers. A dormer is simply a window on a pitched roof. They look cool, but what are the practical reasons to add them?


As mentioned above, the Eyes Of Sibiu were added for ventilation. That’s the reason a lot of dormers are added. Even when that space is simply the ceiling instead of a second story. Windows up there are great for ventilation. 

Adding Space

Sometimes, in order to use an attic or loft space, you need a little extra room. You can add a window seat, a built-in bed, or simply some place to put a chest. The extra ceiling and floor space is always a plus. 

Letting Natural Light In

Dormers are a safer and more efficient way to add light than simple flat windows. When adding flat windows to a roof, you need to be careful. When it hails, the glass can break easily when there isn’t a hood. 

Creating A Functional Room

All of these reasons together create the main reason these dormers are added to an attic or loft. If someone is going to live in that space, it needs light, space, and ventilation. 

Types of Dormers

Via Stoneyard

An eyebrow window is just one type of dormer. There are many others related to eyebrow windows that may suit you even better. Take a look at the different types to find your perfect fit.

Gable-Front Dormer

The gabled dormer is a simple triangle dormer. It is very common, with vertical sides and two slopes meeting the roof on either side. Another name for this type of dormer is a doghouse dormer since it is similar in shape.

Hip Roof Dormer

The hipped dormer has three sloping planes rather than two like a gabled dormer has. There are also three walls. The lip can come down to cover the windows or simply meet the walls, not offer much protection.

Flat Dormer

A flat dormer is simple enough. It is similar to the hipped dormer only instead of sloping planes, there is a single flat roof above them. Oftentimes, this piece is slanted to let rainfall escape the area.

Shed Dormer

Via Jody Brown Architecture

The shed dormer is similar to a flat dormer only the top is always slanted, often quite drastically. It is often slanted at only a slightly milder angle than the roof itself. It gets its name because it is usually added to sheds. 

Wall Dormer

This dormer is quite different than others as it doesn’t set up on the roof. Instead, it’s a continuation of the wall. It has two sloped pieces that meet above it and two walls added to fill the gaps. This type of dormer is easy to add during construction.

Eyebrow Dormer

Also called an eyelid dormer, this is the dormer we’re talking about today. It has a curved top that makes it look like the house has eyes that are peeking out at strangers passing by. This is likely the most unique type of dormer.

Link Dormer

This dormer is the only type of dormer that doesn’t need a window. It is simply a convex area of the roof built on to house a chimney or link the house to another area or an add-on to the original house.

Bonnet Dormer

Via McHale Landscape Designs Inc.

A bonneted dormer is similar to an eyebrow dormer because it has a curved top. However, it also has walls on three sides, making it different all the same. The ends don’t meet the roof but are set out a bit.

Nantucket Dormer

A Nantucket dormer is actually a combination of dormers. It has a shed dormer in the center which is connecting two doghouse dormers. You can see these in many modern homes with pitched roofs acting as the upper level.

Lucarne Dormer

A Lucarne dormer has a steep pitch that you’d see on a cathedral, gothic or Victorian building. It looks like a spire, often seen on towers or in storybooks. It is the most fantastical and rare type of dormer today. 

Blind Dormer

Also called a false dormer, these dormers offer no practical use. They don’t add light, space, or ventilation. They are simply added to make a house look more appealing on the outside. This is the cheapest way to add a dormer. 

Cost Of Eyebrow Windows

Via Firmitas Designs

The cost of adding eyebrow windows varies of course. However, you probably won’t pay more than $10,000. If that’s still too high for you, then consider these things to find out if your project will be on the high or low end. 

Size Of Your Window

This is a given, but the bigger the window, the more materials needed and the bigger the project. So the size and location of your window really do matter. Ask a contractor to give you a quote and to offer you the cheapest location. 

Age Of Your House

The older your house, the harder it will be to install eyebrow windows, generally. It’s harder to match old hardware and wood. Plus, it’s more dangerous to work with old houses. Not to mention screws are more popular now than they used to be. 

Wall Dormers

Yes, we’ve talked about wall dormers but did you know you can make eyebrow wall dormers? They are cheaper because they are a continuation of your wall. If you like this look, then consider them for a more affordable eyebrow window. 

Adding Your Own Eyebrow Windows

Via CG&S Designs

If you have experience in construction, you may want to attempt adding eyebrow windows yourself. If that’s the case, then you’ll need to follow these instructions carefully. Beware, this isn’t going to be easy.

Creating The Blueprint

This is important. Probably the most important step because it will affect every other step in this process. You will want to measure the area you want to put the window. How tall, how wide, and how deep. 

Remember, measure twice, cut once. I cannot stress this enough. So after you get your measurements down, you need to mark your plywood and your rafters. These will be your two main woodworking projects.

Two-by-fours are used for the rafters while plywood is usually used for the vertical parts. Plywood is also used to cover the rafters, setting between them and your roof covering. 

Getting Your Window

Before making your cuts, you need to make sure you can get a window that will fit your frame. If you install your frame and can’t get a window that works, you’ll be in trouble. If you can’t find a window to fit, you may need a custom one.

Even then, contact the manufacturer to get a quote and to make sure that they can make what you want. You may need to change things around an inch or two before cutting out your pieces.

Get To The Cutting

This is the most nerve-racking part. If your cuts are wrong, inverted, or half-an-inch off, your project is delayed. Remember, measure, measure, measure! After you’re sure all of your measurements are correct, go ahead and cut.

Or, if you want to be really sure, make a complete cardboard prototype. This is super inexpensive and can let you know if any of your measurements are wrong in minutes. 

Screw Everything In

Now that you’ve got all your pieces, you can finish your project. The first thing you’ll do is cut your hole. Cut it too big and you will have a mess to clean up. After you cut your hole, add your frame and rafters. 

Don’t forget to match your roof with the appropriate shingles or other roofing. Take a picture and ask someone at the home improvement store if they have a match. And finally, get that window in to complete the look. 

The Inside Work

The inside work is usually saved for last because it can be done in any weather, plus it’s not visible from the outside. But it does need to be done with care. This includes insulation and covering any holes you’ve made. 

For a complete guide, make sure you take a look at this amazing project where you’ll learn everything you need to know. It takes you through the process with pictures and a video done by expert contractors. 

Are Eyebrow Windows For You?

Via Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd

If you are in love with the look of eyebrow windows then you should probably look into getting them. The only con is the price tag. If that’s not enough to deter you then go for it. Your forever home should be your dream home. So make it happen!

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Confident Monochrome Interiors With Slick Form & Functionality

Sourced content from: http://www.home-designing.com/monochrome-interior-design-ideas-tips-photos

High contrast black and white decor makes up these four confident interior designs, where sleek form equals slick functionality. The simplicity of the colour theme leaves all attention on the abstract nature of modern furniture shapes, the complexity of textile, and the intrinsic relationship between home layout and daily living. Come with us as we take a tour of a high-end apartment with a forever changing layout of designer pieces and sculpture. Follow on with a home given over to stretched linear form, and another with polished details under a halo of light. Then, fInish off with a place that promotes rest and recovery, amidst a halftone textural feast.

Visualizer: Hot Walls   

Located in one of the most expensive buildings in Moscow, within the residential complex Polyanka 44, this premium apartment design has been changed around seven times. In this latest version, the minimalist white living room is disrupted by heavy black accent pieces that make abstract silhouettes.

A round coffee table stands out in the centre spot of a large rug that shades the floor with the slightest whisper of grey. Grey scatter cushions break up the L-shaped white expanse of couch.

A floating tv stand wraps the edge of the TV mount wall to create an offbeat asymmetrical feature.

There is a dividing wall of cabinets between the lounge and home entryway that seem to glide into the layout, giving the impression that elements of the room are shifting.

The TV wall and the cabinets behind the sectional sofa rise to only half the room height, which increases the feeling of spaciousness.

Black frames call attention to huge double height windows.

The eye catching lounge chair that challenges the view is the Armchair Serie Up 2000, which has an Armchair Serie Up 2000 with an interesting history.

The chair’s form is inspired by silhouettes of ancient fertility goddesses, accompanied by an attached ottoman that resembles an oppressive ball and chain.

Decorative black vases and trays create a sculptural extension to the coffee table.

A unique floor lamp makes a bright reading spot at one end of the crisp couch.

A square lobby sets up an impressive first impression. A large luxury pouf forces footfall to circulate around it.

Sculptural art has been changed out during the many redesigns of this space. A stone Buddah has been swapped for a Jesus statue in the entryway’s metal wireframe display case, like a metamorphic gallery exhibition.

Opposite the lounge, an ultra-modern dining area has been configured with high contrast black and white dining chairs, a clean white table and a striking black linear suspension light.

A second black linear suspension light highlights the neighbouring minimalist kitchen island, creating a strong visual link between the two.

The futuristic island is sliced into a unique angular form that manipulates negative space.

A black sink and hob are complemented by dark trim under the kitchen island countertop.

A countertop extractor unit keeps the island arrangement streamlined.

Resembling a mini kitchen island, a unique DJ stand rocks the same chiselled geometric profile.

Visualizer: Eugene Shkilnyuk  

Our next interior is a home of stretched linear form. The low profile of the modern sofa exaggerates its stretch, whilst the kitchen island is bumped out with a sleek dining table extension.

Grey carpeting cosily connects the couch with the TV wall.

A smooth TV stand floats the width of the living room toward an indoor plant, which sprouts mature greenery from a tactile concrete pot.

The solo plant is large to make up for lack of plant life in the rest of the space.

A tray table nestles within the modern sofa design to keep the rest of the lounge floor area completely clear.

A white linear suspension light spans the entire length of the kitchen island and dining table extension, pulling them together as one fluid piece.

Uniform vertical lines segment the clean white kitchen run. Find more inspiration for stylish modern kitchens here.

Unique dining chairs disrupt the kitchen’s simplicity with curvaceous sculptural form.

Visualizer: Seeuhauz Architects  

Our third crisp and confident interior unfolds under a sharp halo of perimeter light.

The overhead light reflects in a set of chic nesting coffee tables.

A comfortable white armchair creates a light and curvaceous contrast with the graphite linear sofa design.

An open coffee table book styles the lower of the two nesting coffee tables, leaving the bridging table free for setting down refreshments.

Custom TV cabinets make up a solid wall of storage around a recessed screen.

A modern floor lamp puts task lighting over one arm of the sofa.

At the other side of the couch, a wraparound end table hugs a chaise extension.

A broad walkway passes between the back of the couch and the kitchen diner, which keeps the room size feeling generous and each area clearly zoned.

The concrete kitchen island melds simply with the concrete floor, so that the eye moves easily over its large bulk.

Black cabinets and a short black backsplash provide a dark core to the kitchen design.

The dark sink area counterbalances the paleness of the island and its matching kitchen bar stools. A clear glass vase makes another light addition.

Black window blinds balance out the shaded feature wall.

A pair of mini pendant lights provide a minimalist lighting solution to the dining bar that doesn’t interfere with the kitchen aesthetic.

Tall units close around the island in a clean white L-shaped layout.

Moving around to the back of the living room TV wall, we find that the flip side of the cabinets morph into a home workspace.

Dark wooden cabinets bridge the minimalist home office niche.

A modern swivel chair wheels up to the computer desk, which is subtly illuminated with a ribbon of LED light.

The grey bedroom is a plush cushiony cocoon with sound softening wall panelling.

Glass lantern-like bedroom pendant lights add interesting form.

Round bedside tables align with the large pendant shades, adding to their impact.

The master bedroom opens into a luxurious dressing room.

A large round pouf and circular rug divide the walk in wardrobe from an ensuite bathroom on the other side.

Backlit garment rails give the dressing room a boutique essence.

White marble cladding marks the ensuite’s wet zone.

We enter the ensuite via a frameless shower enclosure and a unique pedestal sink.

Perimeter lighting drops an atmospheric glow.

A floor to ceiling mirror increases the sense of space in the compact room.

Sharp lines slice up the next white and grey bathroom scheme in the home.

A linear marble clad vanity is a custom fit, whilst a square toilet adds a boxy minimalist touch.

Visualizer: Nom Bureau  

Lastly, we arrive in Kyiv, Ukraine, to the Full Moon project. This concept is born out of a combination of countless shades and textures of one color. An expanse of black wood grain and matching paintwork makes up an especially dark interior that’s pierced with lighter accents.

The monochrome solution was arrived upon to promote relaxation, rest and recovery. The high contrast palette is the main feature of the interior, which at the same time starkly emphasises the exquisite detail in furniture, the nature of textiles, and homes in on tiny decor elements. A square coffee table lifts sharply away from a dark rug design, whilst the lounge chair’s rounded shape really pops.

Halftones and shading bring the monochrome space to life. Black scatter cushions break up the soft grey small sectional sofa.

The round lounge chair is a modern take on the papasan chair.

A designer table lamp brightens a console table, whereas LED strips highlight the wall shelves. Lighting here is not just a source of illumination, but an atmospheric element of design.

The dining area comes alive beneath the fluid line of an extraordinary dining room chandelier.

Modern dining chairs make a dark accompaniment to a black glossy dining table.

A textural feast of glossy and matte surfaces, stone, wood and metals reveal the monochrome range of the interior.

Glass modern fruit bowls delicately catch the light.

The ever so slightly lighter tone of the modern dining chairs creates a level of layering against the black kitchen wall behind. Closeness of shade but difference in texture helps express the detail too.

Moving out of the living space and into the master bedroom, we enter equally dark territory. Two modern wall sconces do their best to light the way.

Wall mounted bedside units fade away in a matt black finish.

Underneath the bedstead, one continuous strip of LED light gives the platform bed a floating illusion.

Ribbon LEDs make an illuminating headboard feature too.

Dark drapes meld with the walls.

Light wood flooring lifts the shadowy decor scheme.

A single shelf underlines the TV.

Decorative vases provide visual interest.

The bathroom is an impressive spa-like space with a built-in tub.

The black bathtub appears to have sunk naturally into a monolithic slab.

A black toilet camouflages against an ebony wall.

Coppery wall tiles warm the space.

Sloping sinks make shallow waterfalls in the double sink bathroom vanity.

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1 Week and 2 IKEA Units Turned This Tiny Room Into a Kid-Friendly Office

Sourced content from: https://www.domino.com/content/kids-playroom-ikea-ivar/

wood shelvingPin It

For nearly six years, Lucinda Mitra used the beige spare room in her East Sussex, England, home for wrapping paper, books, and her 5-year-old daughter’s toy overflow. “It was definitely a space where we kept the door shut, as it was often the room we chucked stuff in when we had visitors,” she recalls. But it only took one week this summer during lockdown for Mitra to completely transform the 56-square-foot nook into an office-slash-play area. “Dare I say that none of it was a challenge,” she says. 

After patching up the old screw holes in the walls (the previous owners had shelves hanging there), Mitra got to work on making the space equal parts fun and functional, with a modular worktable, hidden toys, and graphic walls. (Psst: That’s paint, not wallpaper.) Ahead, the seasoned DIYer reveals the quick tweaks that help the family make the most of the once wasted room. 

The Experimental Wall Mural

beige roomPin It

wood shelving in black and white roomPin It

After freshening up the baseboards and walls with two coats of white paint, Mitra picked up a can of leftover black Annie Sloan chalk paint and worked her way across every surface, making loose abstract brushstrokes (she first tested it out on a piece of paper to get a feel for the dashes). With that same slim, tapered paintbrush, she even went over the radiator, too. “They’re not the prettiest, so I decided to make them blend in,” she says. 

The Game-Changing IKEA Storage

tabletop closedPin It

tabletop covered with toysPin It

Mitra and her husband purchased and assembled two different IKEA Ivar units for the room. The larger of the two ($230) has lower cabinets that are great for concealing bulky toys, while the smaller combination ($165) features a fold-out desk with additional open shelves. “I really love the finish of the plain wood,” says Mitra, who decided not to paint the pieces. Her hack? She added chic leather handles (also from IKEA) to the doors.

The Floor Refresh

wood shelving in black and white roomPin It

The dated orange pine laminate floors got a fresh update, too—also with paint. “The white gives them a more modern look, and we saved money by not replacing them,” says Mitra. The time-consuming part was allowing the Zinsser 1-2-3 primer to cure (it takes around a week) so the paint sticks to it like glue. Mitra applied Rustoleum’s white paint in a chalky finish with a synthetic brush on the edges and a roller everywhere else. “It’s definitely worth doing!” she says—and the whole family agrees.

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Tumble dryer sales 2021 – save a bundle of cash on a Bosch, Candy or LG dryer

Sourced content from: https://www.idealhome.co.uk/news/tumble-dryer-sale-262900

No longer will your wet clothes get you in a spin. Our rundown of the best tumble dryer sales will help your clothes dry quicker and save you money in the long run.

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Even in the past few years, tumble dryers have been massively improved. They’re WiFi-enabled, so you can pair them with your phone and control them anywhere. They have anti-tangle and anti-crease technology, making your cycle even more efficient.

And as standard, many of them carry an A energy rating or higher, so they are better for the environment.

Here’s our round-up of the best tumble dryer sales out there right now. Enjoy!

Tumble dryer sales 2021 – quick links

Best tumble dryer sales 2021

Image credit: David Still

Currys tumble dryer sales

Haier HD90-A2979 9 kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer: was £749.99, now £599, Currys
Heat pump technology inside this Haier lowers energy usage by conserving the heat inside the drum. And the A++ energy rating means you’ll save up to 40% of energy compared to A class dryers. The dryer is protected against mould and bacteria, so your laundry always stays hygienic for you and your family.

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Grundig GTN38250TGCW 8 kg Tumble Dryer: was £549.99, now £499.99, Currys
You can dry everything with confidence using the Grundig AirTouch GTN38250TGCW 8 kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer. Its AirTouch technology gently dries and cares for your delicate clothes like jumpers and cardigans. Want to decide how dry your laundry will be? Use the sensor program to automatically stop the cycle at the ideal time. No more over-drying or wasted energy.

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Hoover Link X Care HLX H8A2TE Tumble Dryer: was £399.99, now £359.99, Currys
The Hoover Link X uses a heat pump to generate heat. This means it uses a refrigerant instead of electricity to heat the air which significantly cuts down on power consumption. In a rush for your clothes to dry? You can just set a specific amount of time for the machine to run. And even delay the start-up to 24 hours.

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Very tumble dryer sales

Bosch WTH84000GB 8kg Load, Heat Pump Tumble Dryer: was £599.99, now £419.99, Very
This Bosch dryer offers crease-resistant drying and is especially gentle to your laundry. Surprisingly quiet at the same time. AutoDry gently warms laundry to exactly the degree of dryness you want. An easy-to-use LED display with touch control and many additional functions like start delay and remaining time helps you keep track of your drying clothes.

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Indesit Ecotime IDC8T3BK 8kg Condenser Tumble Dryer: was £319.99, £209.99, Very
With 15 drying cycle options to pick from, you can give all your garments the delicate treatment they deserve. A large 8kg capacity is designed to look after all your family’s clothes and special programmes include jeans, sports, wool and refresh. And at £110 off, this tumble is a bargain!

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Hotpoint First Edition FETC70BP 7kg Condenser Dryer: was £279.99, now £219.99, Very
This 7kg freestanding tumble dryer comes in a classic crisp white finish to complement any household setting. It features anti-tangling technology thanks to a reverse tumble action, so your clothes dry evenly and look better for longer. There is also a handy LED indicator to show you when the water container needs emptying or the fluff filter requires cleaning.

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Hoover DXOC10TCEB 10kg Aquavision Condenser Tumble Dryer: was £349.99, now £279.99, Very
This condenser tumble dryer boasts a large 10kg load capacity, along with 14 drying programs to choose from. A clever Sensor Dry function allows you to choose the level of dryness you need from 4 different options, with an automatic switch-off once your chosen level is reached.

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Appliances Direct tumble dryer sales

Hotpoint TVHM80CP 8kg Freestanding Vented Tumble Dryer White: was £228.97, now £198.97, Appliances Direct
This vented Hotpoint model includes anti-tangle technology, which ensures clothes dry evenly and don’t tangle together. No longer worry about colour fading from clothes as Hotpoint’s Anti-Ageing technology helps maintain their natural softness and colour.

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Indesit IDV75 7kg Vented Tumble Dryer: was £211.98, now £199.97, Appliances Direct
With a capacity of 7kg, this appliance is ideal for medium to large families. In one load, you can dry around 20 adult shirts. Choose from 12 drying programmes, adjust the time and even choose between high and low-temperature cycles each time to ensure your clothes come out perfectly dry and looking great every time.

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Hoover DXOC8TCER-80 8kg Freestanding Condenser Tumble Dryer: was £342.98, now £305.98, Appliances Direct
With an 8kg drum and 14 drying programmes to choose from – including rapid drying options – you’ll have your clothes dried in no time. WiFi technology allows you to connect to the machine via the Hoover Wizard app on android smartphones, so you can choose and monitor cycles and run diagnostic checks.

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Argos tumble dryer sales

Hotpoint TCFS83BGP 8KG Condenser Tumble Dryer: was £259.99, now £229.99, Argos
This 8kg drum capacity dryer can fit around 40 T-shirts in one go and features the latest care and anti-tangle technology.

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Hotpoint TCFS83BGG 8KG Condenser Tumble Dryer: was £269.99, now £229.99, Argos
In stylish graphite, this freestanding dryer boasts a Fibre Care option to help protect delicate clothes, along with an Anti-Allergy cycle to remove bacteria.

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Samsung DV80TA020AX/EU 8KG Heat Pump Tumble Dryer: was £675, now £629, Argos
Keep electricity bills down with this A++ energy rated dryer. OptimalDry smart technology adjusts drying time and protects clothes from damage as well as saving energy.

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Hoover DXO C9TCER 9KG Condenser Tumble Dryer: was £329.99, now £299.99, Argos
Clever SensorDry technology monitors the moisture levels in your clothes and stops the cycle once they are perfectly dry.

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Hoover HLC8LG 8KG Condenser Tumblebug Dryer: was £259.99, now £229.99, Argos
This easy install machine only requires an electrical collection as the steam is drawn into the condensing chamber and turned back into water. It can also be controlled via your smartphone.

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Hoover DXO C9TCEB 9KG Condenser Tumble Dryer: was £299.99, now £259.99, Argos
In sleek black, this 9KG dryer can fit around 45 T-shirts in one load. It also has Anti-Crease and SensorDry technology.

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What tumble dryer features should I look out for?

How to clean a tumble dryer 4

Image credit: Tom Meadows

There are many different features and terms that certain tumble dryers will have in abundance. Here’s just a few that could benefit your house and your family’s clothes.

Energy rating

Dryers are rated from A to G, with A+++ being the most efficient. This means that it uses a lot less energy than the other two types below to dry clothes.


Many tumble dryers are WiFi-enabled nowadays, which means you can link it to your smart device. In the supermarket and need to put a cycle on? No problem, as you can whip your phone out and by the time you’re home, your clothes will be dry.

Anti-tangle technology

We’ve all had that moment when pulling clothes or bedsheets out of the tumble, expecting them to be warm and dry, but they’re still soggy. That’s because they’ve all got tangled up in the machine. That’s a thing of the past with anti-tangle tech, ensuring a fast and efficient cycle for your clothes.

Reverse drying action

This untangles clothes and reduces creases by spinning the drum in both directions.

Multi dry options

There are programmes that dry clothes so they are extra dry for immediate wear. Also programmes that leaves clothes slightly damp for easy ironing. There are even drying cycles that automatically stop when your clothes are dry

Fluff filter indicator

This alerts you when it’s time to empty the fluff filter, to keep the dryer working well.

Delayed start option

Lets you set it to start when you like, to make use of cheaper electricity at night.

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The Trendiest Chair Right Now Is More Than 90 Years Old

Sourced content from: https://www.domino.com/content/cesca-chair-trend/

Surely you’ve seen it, with its shiny steel base and contrasting natural seat: The Cesca chair has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent months, earning a spot on our Instagram feeds and in the apartments of the design inclined. But it might not necessarily be fair to call this chair a trend—after all, it’s been a beloved style for more than 90 years.

Marcel Breuer first designed it (which he named after his daughter, Francesca) in 1928, and yet, in 2020, it still seems to be everywhere. The structure is at once natural and industrial, striking a balance with its cane rattan seat and back and its trademark frame, inspired by that of a bicycle. It could be this duality that’s made the design so classic and enduring, but maybe, just maybe, there’s another factor at hand.

imagePin It
photograph by Aaron Bengochea

As a 1991 story in The New York Times called “The Many Lives of a Very Common Chair” notes, Breuer never patented his design. Sure, he signed onto production with specific manufacturers (today, Knoll remains the only retailer from which you can buy a licensed Cesca chair, and it has been the chair’s manufacturer since 1968), but his design has been accessible for other brands to adapt.


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A post shared by Emma Loughridge (@emmatheyellow) on Oct 7, 2018 at 9:18am PDT


This is precisely why you can get one of these structures for under $50 on eBay or a local thrift store and up to $500 from a certified antiques vendor such as 1stdibs. If you want a brand-new version from Knoll, though, it will set you back around $1,700. What you pick depends on your budget and how dedicated you are to authenticity.

It seems fitting, though, that this now-timeless design should be accessible through so many different paths. Breuer’s original was the first mass-produced chair of its kind, and production since the design’s inception has hardly ceased. Now in interiors that can range from minimalist to bohemian and from strict mid-century to industrial, the Cesca chair fits in.


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A post shared by NINA JOHANNSEN (@nina_ninosy) on Jan 4, 2019 at 4:21am PST


Today, though, there’s a specific rising trend that has brought the Cesca chair along with it. Cane rattan has enjoyed an increased boost of popularity, bringing the mid-century Jeanneret chair along for a revival as well. The use of natural materials in design feels particularly comforting in an increasingly technological world, and the versatility of rattan makes it especially dynamic in a chair, bookcase, or dresser.


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A post shared by meghan 🌿 tiny ➕ wild (@wildrepose) on Aug 14, 2018 at 11:15am PDT


Above the others, though, the Cesca chair enjoys a distinct honor of being one of the most widely available designs that is still actively sought by furniture lovers around the world. Even 92 years later we simply can’t get enough of a creation that melds hand craftsmanship with machine-made structures in a way that’s perfectly poetic.

Convinced you need your own? Find your ideal seat, below.


It’s best to go straight to the source if authenticity is your utmost goal. Knoll offers the Cesca chair with a darker wood frame that dramatically contrasts the cane rattan back and seat.


Made with European beechwood, this rattan version makes it possible to get the Breuer-inspired dining room setup even with a moderate budget.


This restored ’80s option offers a soft, cushioned seat upholstered in a blue-and-gold–patterned fabric. If you err on the side of maximalism, this one offers plenty of fun possibilities.


Created in the ’70s, this option is made to last. Its softly sloping arms offer up additional comfort, and its high-quality rattan promises optimal springiness.

7 Dark Brown Kitchen Cabinets That Don’t Scream “Dated Cabin Cherry”

Sourced content from: https://www.domino.com/content/dark-brown-kitchen-cabinets/

dark brown kitchen with white counterPin It
Photo Courtesy of Space Theory

It’s true that we’ve officially marked our shift away from all-white kitchens by declaring sage green as the It color to try this year, but don’t think we forgot about all our paint-averse decorators out there. We know major hits of color aren’t everyone’s thing—maybe raw tones from nature are more your speed. So hear us out as we make an additional case for dark brown kitchen cabinets. 

Before you let your mind go straight to builder-grade condos that may or may not also feature things like black granite counters and laminate floors, wait until we show you some ultra-chic kitchens that give the house flipper’s favorite move a modern spin. From mahogany to rosewood, these seven spaces are a solid second choice to our sage green obsession. 

The Non-Rustic Walnut

modern red wood kitchenPin It
Photography by Sean Litchfield; Design by Becky Shea Design

When faced with a “move-in-ready white box,” designer Becky Shea brought character into her client’s New York City apartment with lots of walnut, but she didn’t go overboard with the red-tinged wood. She balanced out the organic with stainless steel handles for an old-meets-new look. 

The Quiet Backdrop

dark brown kitchen with white counterPin It
Photo Courtesy of Space Theory

To give a lot more depth and texture to their wood kitchens, Henrybuilt uses an aerospace-industry finishing system to bring out the variations in the tones, making it “exponentially more durable over time,” suggests the company. Against a sea of white (peep the counters, backsplash, and pendants), those little nuances really stand out. 

The Rustic Trifecta

rustic kitchenPin It
Photo Courtesy of DeVol Kitchens

While a smooth mahogany or walnut screams “modern,” reclaimed wood doors with tons of groves add story. These fronts have been coated with DeVol’s Inky Blue Black tint and, to further bring out the texture, the company chose a concrete counter and exposed original stone for the backsplash. 

The Brass Beauty

butlers pantryPin It
photography by Suzanna Scott; Design by Regan Baker Design

Burnished brass drawer handles and shelf brackets bring out the golden-hued veins in the natural walnut doors in this pantry, designed by Regan Baker for the 2020 San Francisco Decorator Showcase. Like the wood, the metal and the matte-yet-luminous honed-marble countertops only get better with age. 

The Neon Hit

modern open kitchenPin It
Photography courtesy of Camille Architectures

French designer Camille Hermand played off the trippy vibes of these grainy wood cabinets by painting only the edge of the open shelf electric yellow. A touch of color like this says you know how to have fun while still appreciating the beauty of things in their natural state. 

The Botanical Hack

botanical backsplashPin It
Photography by Belle Morizio; Styling by Kate Berry

So what do you do if you already have dark brown cabinets but they’re not the wood you would have gone with? Take a page out of Domino executive creative director Kate Berry’s book and draw the eye away with a botanical wallpaper. She applied the treatment to MDF panels and then sealed it with glass panels so it’s splatter-resistant. 

The Sky’s the Limit

mid century kitchen with vaulted ceilingPin It
Photography by Nina Choi

Vaulted ceilings make dark brown kitchen cabinets, well, way less dark. Try to flood your space with as much sunlight as you can. But if that’s not an option, consider see-through island pendant lamps (like these glass globe ones) that don’t cut off any of your sight lines. 

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Cuisinart has put an end to messy worktops with its new cordless kitchen appliances

Sourced content from: https://www.idealhome.co.uk/news/cuisinart-cordless-collection-263565

If you are constantly finding yourself running out of plug sockets in the kitchen the new Cuisinart cordless collection promises to put an end to messy cables and stretching them over hob tops.

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Cordless kitchen appliances can sometimes be a bit of a letdown. Lacking power and spluttering to a halt when you most need them. However, the new Cuisinart collection promises power and performance thanks to its lithium-ion batteries.

The range is made up of the key kitchen staples – a hand mixer, hand blender, blender-to-go and an automatic bottle opener (the ultimate essential at this time of year). Each item is charged using a USB charger. The same charger works with all four pieces of kit that can be easily tucked away when not in use.


If your kitchen appliance cupboard is a mess of cables add one of these to your Christmas list immediately.

Cuisinart cordless collection

Cordless power hand mixer


The cordless power hand mixer offers 20 minutes of continuous use after a 130 minutes full charge. The hand mixer is powerful, with 5-speed settings, for beating batter and whipping cream.

The stand-up design means no messy worktop when cooking and baking. It also makes it easy to store away.

Buy now: Cordless Power Hand Mixer, £90, Cuisinart

Cordless Pro Hand Blender


The hand blender is perfect for pureeing soups and whipping up smoothies. It includes two clever extra attachments too. A whisk for whipping cream and batters, and a mini chopper bowl to make quick work of blitzing breadcrumbs and chopping herbs.

A full 130 minutes charge will give you around 30 minutes of continuous use. More than enough to blitz many soups and smoothies.

Buy now: Cordless Pro Hand Blender, £100, Cuisinart

Cordless On The Go Blender


Whether you are in the gym or at home, this clever portable blender can blend everything from protein shakes to soups. A full two-hour charge will give you enough power to blend 8 smoothies. The battery level indicator will let you know when the power is running low.

Buy now: Cordless On The Go Blender, £100, Cuisinart

Cordless 4 in 1 Automatic Wine Opener


If you love a good bottle of wine, but despise corkscrews this is about to become your new best friend. The wine opener removes the foil casing when you how it over the bottle, and automatically senses the cork. Removing and ejecting it in one action. Magic!

It also includes an aerator to improve the flavour of the wine as you pour, and a vacuum sealer to allow to dip in and out of a bottle of wine over a few days.

A full 2.5-hour charge will open up to 50 bottles. That should keep you busy for a while.

Buy now: Cordless 4 in 1 automatic wine opener, £80, Cuisinart

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A Tranquil Jungle House That Incorporates Japanese Ethos [Video]

Sourced content from: http://www.home-designing.com/a-tranquil-jungle-house-that-incorporates-japanese-ethos-video

Located in Llanogrande, Colombia, 5 Solidos architects have designed this imposing jungle house to incorporate tranquil Japanese Ethos. The form of the home is softened inside and out with curved corners that facilitate a peaceful flow. Natural wood grain, great expanses of water and majestic trees join to create calm zen encounters across enchanting outdoor spaces, of which there are an equal balance over first and second story terraces. Interior design is a sleek Japanese inspired affair of low to the ground chabudai tables, zabuton cushions and zaisu chairs. Minimalist aesthetics radiate a warm, earthy and traditional essence that creates a soothing sight to behold.

The modern exterior is dominated by a huge concrete staircase design that descends from the upper floor all the way down to a spectacular firepit on the ground floor terrace.

The second story has its very own terrace too, with a huge sundeck and a pool that wraps the softly curved perimeter of the concrete structure.

Mature trees shield the luxurious facade from the rest of the world, deterring unwelcome prying eyes and dampening any undesirable noise.

Wooden fascias interrupt the building’s concrete exterior, building interludes of warmth and slatted texture.

The home has its own resident tree that emerges in its full glory up on the top terrace. It’s wide leafy branches grant blissful shade over the outer deck and pool.

The tree’s roots are planted firmly in ground level, isolated on an island surrounded by tranquil waters.

The vast majority of the home’s walls are made entirely of glass and timber frame, allowing the interior to drink in the jungle view.

Huge stepping stones appear to float a path over the pool, before reaching the decked island at its centre.

Modern outdoor chaise lounge chairs line up by the waters edge.

Natural wood, water and the majestic tree pull together to create a zen-like experience that quiets the mind, body and soul.

Abstract outdoor lights shine their glow at sundown, as daylight disappears behind the trees.

We enter the building at the living room, but it’s not lounge furniture that commands the eye. A breathtaking panorama stretches out beyond floor to ceiling glass panes. Great pillars push vertically through the space like ancient tree trunks.

Upon pulling our eyes away from the glorious view, we find a contemporary concrete wall living room with sleek modern Japanese finesse.

A low level sofa and a low coffee table hug the floor. A small stack of coffee table books tidily accessorise the smooth tabletop.

Unique sculptural accent chairs are paired to double their eye catching presence.

Bedroom designs twin with the same warm wood clad decor and tranquil minimalism. Japanese style platform beds and contemporary bedside units lay low to the ground.

Modern wall sconces erupt from bedroom walls, like huge gems waiting to be mined.

Zabuton cushions line up at a modern Chabudai table, where a unique teapot awaits to serve.

On the terrace, a monolithic outdoor coffee table melds with the concrete floor. An outdoor sofa flanks each side in a conversational arrangement.

In this minimalist bedroom design, towering wall height builds a unique palatial atmosphere.

Wooden wall panels curvaceously navigate the space.

A bedroom chair and small side table rest beside the window wall, where wooden slats manipulate direct sunlight. Concrete stepping stones steal away from the exit.

Is it a shoe store or is it a walk in wardrobe? No need to decide, just bask in the glory of this enviable kicks collection.

The fun doesn’t stop there though, this closet just keeps on going and going. Industrial style rails lay out the current casual collection, whilst enclosed closets stow away vintage pieces and precious favourites.

Concrete ceiling planes blur the boundaries between indoor space and out.

In another of this home’s many, many bedrooms, a modern platform bed is flanked by bedroom pendant lights that are reminiscent of traditional Japanese paper lanterns.

An imposing concrete column looks irresistibly tactile. Wooden wall art adds contradicting intricacy.

Surprising secrets are held within the unassuming wooden walls of the bedroom, namely, a mini fridge and coffee bar.

Open shelving inside one of the home’s luxury bathrooms reads like an apothecary of lotions and potions.

Unique freestanding pedestal sinks twin up in front of a solid wall of mirrors. Grey stone basins create cool contrast with their linear wooden frames.

Twin minimalistic showers sprout as simple standpipes.

The home gym design is equipped for many people to work out in at any one time.

Various gym equipment lines up along the window wall, whilst mats are spaced along the back for floor work.

Hidden perimeter lighting paints a warm glow around the softly curved edges of the cinema space.

If movies aren’t on the homeowner’s mind, then there’s always the home spa.

Jacuzzis and saunas take the trials and tribulations of the day away.

After a long work out in the morning, there’s got to be time for relaxation and snacks in the evening. Where better to unwind than in a luxurious home theatre, with a whole bunch of close friends and family.

Slatted wood floors and walls warmly cocoon the room, with pale concrete lightening the upper half.

Even in the spa, there’s always time for tea. Japanese Zaisu chairs sit at a pedestal style Kotatsu.

But first, a relaxing massage for two.

Check out the house tour:

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