I Could Have Sworn These $40-Per-Pack “Tiles” Were Actually Zellige

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plants near tiled wall

Courtesy of Smart Tiles.

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When we recently saw the founder of a tile company cover his own kitchen walls in zellige tile, it proved to us that this trend really isn’t going anywhere. Personally, I get why so many people are drawn to the raw texture, the slight imperfections, and the color variations of Moroccan tiles, but as a design editor who sees a lot of the same materials play out in homes (zellige backsplashes being one of them!), I’d be nervous to commit to it myself. But a temporary, affordable, DIY-friendly version? That I can get behind. 

While scrolling TikTok the other day, I was served an ad for Smart Tiles (the brand also has an Amazon store). I’m familiar with the products, thanks in part to Alexandra Gater, the serial rental renovator who has used the company’s peel-and-stick tile in a number of her projects. (She once broke down for me how she installed the brand’s pink Metro Ava option in her tiny kitchen.) But what I saw on my screen wasn’t the typical white subway or patterned antique tile I’m used to seeing from adhesive-geared brands. The Morocco Sefrou tile in green looked a whole lot like actual zellige. 

Smart Tiles Morocco Sefrou Green Peel-and-Stick Backsplash

For starters, Smart Tiles has the tonal range you’d expect to see in Moroccan tile (because the real things are made individually by hand, no two are ever exactly the same). The sheets also have a slight gloss to them, which appears to help them shine when the light hits just right—not unlike zellige. So what do they look like in situ? Designer Shelby Eanes covered (most) of her bathroom walls in them and they look pretty legitimate, especially with the walls painted in Benjamin Moore’s Peale Green


On the company’s website, the tile has a 4.8-star rating and around 1,600 reviews. A customer in Australia raved about how quickly it arrived and another said their only learning curve was cutting the tile to fit around switch plates and outlets (a sharp X-Acto knife will do the trick). The imagery on the website mostly shows the tile applied in a vertical stack, but you can orient the 12-by-9-inch sheets in a horizontal fashion, too. 

There are fewer reviews on Amazon, but we did happen to find them in design blogger Kiva Brent’s “storefront,” aka the place where she saves her top-recommended products. If green isn’t your color, here are a few more faux zellige tiles we’re eyeing.

More Smart Tiles Peel-and Stick-Backsplashes

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Sophistication in Greyscale: Exploring the Allure of a Modern Monochrome Home

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Step into the understated elegance of this 95 square meter apartment by Artimitro that captures the essence of greyscale sophistication. Here, a limited color palette unfolds into a world of intricate detail, where textures whisper and clean lines command attention. This space is a testament to the artistry of monochrome—each shade of grey is a brushstroke contributing to a serene and cohesive canvas. In this compact urban dwelling, the mastery of minimalism is on full display, showing that true luxury lies in the harmony of simplicity and thoughtful design. Let’s explore how less becomes more in this haven of contemporary living.

If you’re captivated by the interplay of light and shadow, this modern living room will enchant you. The elegance of the greyscale palette is accentuated by the natural light filtering through the blinds, casting dynamic patterns across the sleek, minimalist furnishings. A solitary olive tree adds a breath of life, its greenery a delicate nod to nature amidst the urban chic. It’s a space where every element is a stroke of design intention, crafted for tranquility and style.

Love the look of this mood board? Start with a base of dark wood flooring to introduce warmth and depth. Overlay this with sleek, matte black and textured grey tiles to add visual interest and tactile contrast. Use polished concrete for a contemporary edge, while brushed metal accents can reflect light and add a subtle gleam. Remember, in a greyscale space, it’s the interplay of finishes—matte, textured, and metallic—that brings life and layers to the design. Embrace the nuances of grey to craft a space that’s both refined and inviting.

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Product Of The Week: A Beautiful Minimalist Figurine

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A serene, contemplative ceramic figure in a minimalist style, this piece infuses any room with a tranquil, modern aesthetic.





Get it on Amazon.

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Suburban Dream: Crafting Timeless Comfort in the Garden House Near Kyiv

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Nestled in a picturesque suburb just a half-hour drive from the bustling city of Kyiv, a bespoke dwelling rises amidst the tranquility of a pine forest. This serene abode designed by Because Architects and affectionately termed the Garden House, represents a harmonious fusion of cutting-edge technology and pastoral charm. Conceived for a client yearning for a personal haven, this two-story structure sprawls across 216 square meters, offering a seamless blend of spacious interiors and nature’s splendor. Each design choice reflects a meticulous pursuit of comfort, ensuring that every nook of this family home resonates with warmth and a promise of lasting memories.

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I Asked 3 Pros for White Paint Recs, and They All Agreed on This Undertone

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modern pre-war living room

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“I prefer living in color,” Los Angeles–based artist David Hockney once said. And while I too love a vibrant shade of blue, I don’t necessarily want my New York City living room saturated in it. Recently, I decided it was time for a fresh coat of paint (the faded patina on my prewar walls left me pining for something new), and so I went looking for a lift, a tint with a twist, something clean yet calm. In other words, the perfect shade of white.

After months reviewing dozens of paint chips, I realized it’s true what they say: White is not just white. Yes, it’s a neutral, a blank canvas tinged with subtle tones ranging from warm red to cool gray, but it didn’t take long to learn Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White (an industry favorite) isn’t the same as the company’s Super White—a perfect fit for my dim home office but not quite right for my north-facing living room. 

With so many choices out there, I needed to call in an array of experts. Here’s what happened when I asked two paint brand pros, an interior designer, and an app what white paint I should use. 

What the Paint Brand Experts Had to Say

modern red lounge chair

“White spaces love good light, and if the light isn’t good, more nuanced neutrals are required to bring either warmth or character,” Patrick O’Donnell, the global brand ambassador for British company Farrow & Ball, shared with me when I asked him about his process. Over a Zoom call, he offered me an overview of the company’s historical-inspired palette and then, looking around my place, whittled down my options to Dimity, a pale taupe tinged with red, and Pointing, an uncomplicated white inspired by lime pointing in brickwork. “The former wants a little splash of red or yellow pigment, and the latter something just off-white to bring heightened character,” he suggested.

The lack of sun definitely posed a problem, which I conveyed to Natasha Rooney, a color consultant and showroom manager overseeing the new U.S. outpost of Little Greene, another British paint brand. I was eager for Rooney to do a home visit, and she happily made the trek from Greenwich, Connecticut, to see me. She asked me about the room’s status (was I planning to change the upholstery anytime soon), details relating to the space (do I rely mostly on lamps for lighting or will I install overhead fixtures at some point) and what kind of vibe I was after (moody or airy). 

“Sometimes we need the depth to feel the warmth,” she commented while perusing various shades in the Little Greene chart. Like O’Donnell, Rooney was keen about a warmer combination for the room. She also landed on a red-spiked hue called Hollyhock and Shirting, a pure white. She even shared helpful suggestions to streamline the prep process to ensure best results, like how I should dilute my primer to 50 percent color and 50 percent water and degrease the walls with sugar soap.

While I adored all of their selections, the palettes seemed better suited for a sunny, quaint cottage than my one-window, modern-leaning room. I continued on with my search.

What an Interior Designer Had to Say

Next, I persuaded Brooklyn-based interior designer Danielle Colding to stop by after drop-off at her kids’ school. While sipping an espresso, I asked Colding, a classically trained decorator, what she would do. She discussed various projects she worked on with her former employer and mentor, Keith Irvine. Colding flipped through various paint decks and to my surprise mentioned swatches with hints of cobalt and orange as options. “I love the pops of orangey reds. I’d like to keep that alive,” she said, looking around the room at my existing decor before earmarking Benjamin Moore’s Pink Damask, then selecting White Blush to cover the walls.

She then gravitated to her go-to, the brand’s Simply White, for the ceiling, window frame, and door. She’s been a fan of its creamy tone long before it became the company’s 2016 color of the year. And while her former mentor’s strategy for trim was a mix of half linen, half white, Colding insisted I forgo painting the baseboards a different shade and use the White Blush wall color from just below the picture rail, bringing it all the way down to the floor. “Subtle, but it will make a big difference,” she exclaimed.

What a Tool Had to Say

Several companies offer online assistance, with Benjamin Moore going a step further with its Color Match Tool. The pocket device lets you scan any flat surface of any color you like and then instantly finds its closest paint match out of the company’s 3,500-plus options through the Benjamin Moore app. I test-drove it using a patch of superpale pink on a Pierre Frey pillow and landed on White Zinfandel, a possible contender but a tad too pink.  

What I Ultimately Chose

Drumroll, please. The samples I finally ordered were Simply White OC-117 and White Blush OC-86, per Colding’s recommendation. As with any paint job, you won’t know if you love it until you try it. On a recent rainy day in NYC, I watched the small pink-tinged swatch marks warm my space right up, confirming that I’d made the right choice for my dimly lit apartment. Now it’s off to the brush aisle. 

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Weekend Reading 2.4.24

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There’s a big storm happening where I’m at so I’m spending more time indoors, but thankfully I have my ceramics studio to escape too. I’m spending extra time throwing clay on the wheel this month to improve my skills. My studio has a great big barn door that we open to get fresh air, it’s next to a plant nursery and I find it so meditative to sculpt clay while being so close to nature.

I’m in the midst of prepping for another artisan market hosted by the building where I have my local shop. I’ll be ending my lease at the end of March in anticipation of a move to Florida this summer, so if you’re close to Sonoma County, stop by the market on Saturday because everything in my shop will be 30% off including ceramics, art prints, jewelry, and all the lovely gifts I’ve curated in the past few months! 🙂

Favorite links from the week:

This home’s decor is inspired by an English pub.

This remodeled home in Charleston.

This lovely home filled with neutrals in Newport Beach.

If you like bright colored furniture, you’ll appreciate this designer’s portfolio.

This soft color and pattern filled colonial home.

I found these pretty and colorful flameless taper candles.

The 90/90 rule for downscaling your clothes.

How not to annoy flight attendants.

New data: single women now own more homes than single men.

If you’re watching the new Feud series, here’s a bit of background on the real ‘swans’.

From Cabinetry to Upholstery, This Soothing Color Is About to Upstage Sage

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For the last few years, sage green has been the go-to for renovators; even the most color shy have woven the popular hue into cabinetry, upholstery, and accessories. Derived from nature, it easily fits in with earth tones like beige and brown, blending seamlessly in neutral spaces. But in our eyes, there’s another color on the rise, and it plays the same role. Except instead of trees and foliage, it evokes bodies of water and clear skies. 

From Cabinetry to Upholstery, This Soothing Color Is About to Upstage Sage

Photography by Rett Peek

We’ve seen baby blue cover kitchen cabinetry in the homes of creatives Jill Singer and Hannah Carpenter. Designer Zoe Feldman chose the color for a sofa in her most recent project. And, in this home tour, designer Amy Knerr drenched just the ceiling of her cottage’s guest bedroom in it. It reads sweet when it’s bright and moody when it’s dusty, but never overpowers. And we predict you’re going to be spotting a lot more of it in the near future.

From Cabinetry to Upholstery, This Soothing Color Is About to Upstage Sage

Photography by by Billal Taright

For one, rather than dominating every home on Instagram, baby blue is a bit more unexpected. Our home editor, Lydia Geisel, concurs. “Blue will always be a natural fit for the kitchen, but there’s something even more versatile about these lighter, icy tones than your classic navy,” she says. She’s seen it paired up with a soapstone countertop, red vent hood, and even a pink terrazzo island. “The combinations are practically endless,” Geisel adds. 

From Cabinetry to Upholstery, This Soothing Color Is About to Upstage Sage

Photography by by Billal Taright

Like sage, the color has a calming effect. It envelops a room with spa-like energy, and adds interest without hogging the stage. “This shade of blue has the power to create a focal point and energize your space without sacrificing the serene ambiance,” says stylist and artistic director Colin King. (Case in point: he recently replaced his own cream furniture with baby blue seating from his collection with The Future Perfect.) King also believes that the color should be used as fearlessly as one would use beige. “When you can look at it as a neutral or as you would the perfect pair of denim, it becomes the foundation of something that can be quite refined, elevated, and bold without feeling too stiff or obvious.” 

This, too, goes for layering in decor, soft goods, and even appliances—while a rug from Nordic Knots’ new Park collection provides a solid foundation, an upright mixer in Kitchenaid’s brand new Blue Salt color can add a pop to an otherwise muted space. We’re on the hunt for any and all pieces that introduce the cool, soothing shade. Below, find everything we’re loving most.  

Bring Baby Blue Home



Statement Makers


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Channel Tufted Banquettes

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I’m on the hunt for a new headboard for my daughter’s room turned part time guest room while she’s away at school. I’m drawn to the channel tufted versions in pretty colors but then I fell down the rabbit hole of channel tufted everything and discovered so many lovely banquettes that were equally inspiring. I have no space in my home for a banquette but I love this look so much, perhaps someday I’ll have an opportunity to install one in a different home.

Are you one of those people that prefers a booth to a chair when dining out? I always scour a restaurant or cafe for a booth to sit in instead of table and chairs. A classic channel tufted banquette has the aura of both coziness and elegance, and will guarantee to elevate any casual dining space.

shift interiors

studio lifestyle


simon de burbure

claire reeves interiors



honey bee interiors

via luxe

carolyn leona


stringer construction design

arent & pyke

high desert studio

merve kahramen

dart studio

ile be home

georgia taper howe

artichoke ltd

source unknown

via house and garden

If a built in banquette or advanced DIY is not in the cards for you, consider these retail versions for sale:

bethanny banquette


arhaus leather

enzo banquette



buchanan bench

jamie stern (several styles for custom build)