Flash sale on Ideal Home's favourite SodaStream – 35% off on Amazon for 2 hours or while stocks last

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SodaStream Spirit sparkling water maker sale

This nifty kitchen appliance ticks two feelgood boxes in one go. Making sparkling water in a matter of seconds, the Prime SodaStream Spirit sparkling water maker deal will keep you hydrated as part of a healthy lifestyle, and reduce plastic waste, helping to save you up to a staggering 1,282 single-use plastic bottles over 4 years.

So while you’re browsing this year’s Amazon Prime Day deals, make sure you don’t miss snapping up the SodaStream Spirit with a £30 discount – a saving of 35% – from 8pm tonight. This flash deal is only available for two hours or while stocks last. This stylish compact sparkling water maker also comes with a one litre reusable, BPA free, carbonating bottle.

Prime SodaStream Spirit sparkling water maker deal

SodaStream spirit sparkling water maker

SodaStream Spirit sparkling water maker with reusable bottle: was £69.99, now £39.99, Amazon

From 8pm tonight, for two hours or while stocks last, this stylish compact sparkling water maker is reduced by £30 – that’s 35% off. The SodaStream Spirit makes fresh fizzy water at the touch of a button, so you can keep hydrated with delicious soft drinks, cocktails and more at home. Eliminating the need to buy carbonated water in single use bottles, this is an eco-friendly investment for your kitchen.

View deal: SodaStream Spirit sparkling water maker with reusable bottle, was £69.99, now £39.99, Amazon

Ideal Home’s Editor, Heather Young, invested in one for her own kitchen. She says, ‘I was on a mission to increase my daily water intake, but water straight out of the tap just wasn’t cutting it for me. I’m a fan of fizzy water, but was trying to cut down on plastic waste, so the SodaStream Spirit sparkling water maker was the perfect solution. Now I have sparkling water at the touch of a button.’

And Heather isn’t the only one getting in a fizz over her retro kitchen appliance. It turns out This Morning’s Eamonn Holmes is also a fan of the SodaStream.

SodaStream Spirit sparkling water maker sale

The SodaStream Spirit sparkling water maker is a real family favourite in Ideal Home Editor Heather Young’s home. ‘My 11-year-old twins love making their own sparkling water,’ she says. ‘They mix it with sugar-free squash so they feel like they’re getting a fizzy drink. It’s a healthier alternative to high sugar canned or bottled options.’

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If you grab yourself a SodaStream Spirit tonight, make sure to share your drinks and cocktail recipes with us on our Facebook page!

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Artistic Illustrations Of Homes By Frank Lloyd Wright

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The work of Frank Lloyd Wright was abundantly influential in shaping America’s architectural legacy, with his projects leaving their mark on almost every US state. These historically and architecturally significant projects have now been interpreted into colourful artistic depictions, expertly illustrated by artist Muhammed Sajid for Home Advisor. Some of the featured properties have now been demolished, damaged or renovated, but these powerful representations restore each original concept in precise tonal graphic form. The evocative collection stands to remind us of how the iconic designer’s tremendous portfolio will forever be entangled with American culture… “The mother art is architecture. Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization”– Frank Lloyd Wright.

Running alphabetically through 37 states of Frank Lloyd Wright legacy, we begin our gallery in Alabama. The Rosenbaum House was the first design to draw from the Usonian Jacobs House prototype. 63 years later, the house became a museum for original Wright designed furniture.

In Arizona, one of Wright’s rare spiral designs was built for the architect’s son and daughter-in-law, David & Gladys Wright. The house plays upon a shape that would later evolve into the 1959 Guggenheim Museum.

Wright’s Usonian and Prairie designs were key in changing the way that domestic houses were constructed. This Usonian Bachman-Wilson House was relocated away from flood threat by the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Arkansas.

The Hollyhock House in California was Wright’s first West Coast design. It showcases a style born from Asian, Aztec, Maya and Egyptian architecture that Wright coined California Romanza.

The Rayward-Shepherd House in Connecticut is a horseshoe-shaped house, idyllically situated beside a waterfall on the Noroton River. The house’s official name is ‘Tirranna’, an aboriginal Australian word for running waters.

A cantilevered roof overhangs coursed fieldstone at the Usonian style Dudley Spencer residence, Delaware.

This pod-shaped home was Wright’s sole residence in Florida. The Lewis Spring House shares curvaceous characteristics with the Guggenheim museum, which was created at the same time.

This example of Wright’s passively heated & naturally cooled solar hemicycle design was brought to life in Hawaii in 1995, decades after Wright’s death.

The parallelogram-shaped Archie Teater Studio in Idaho, AKA Teater’s Knoll, is a single open plan room.

The long horizontal lines of the Avery Coonley House was designed to mirror the flat vastness of the Illinois prairie. Its exterior of colored patterns precedes Wright’s textile block houses of the 1920s.

Inspired by Wright’s first trip to Japan, Indiana’s K.C. DeRhodes House features a sloping roof like those in traditional Japanese architecture.

Eye catching dark-wood framework attractively wraps the corners of Iowa’s Stockman House. The house would later become a museum after being saved from demolition by a proud local community.

A hint of Japanese aesthetic weaves through the Allen–Lambe House in Kansas, as Wright was simultaneously designing the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo.

After meeting Wright during a ship voyage, Reverend Jesse R. Zeigler commissioned this Prairie-style house in Kentucky based on Wright’s article “A Fireproof House for $5000” published in the Ladies’ Home Journal in 1907.

Designed for Wright’s own son, this hemicycle home in Maryland features concentric and intersecting curves around an almond-shape structure.

Prefabricated materials and Usonian design shape the Theodore Baird House in Massachusetts.

Of four homes that Wright built in the Upjohn pharmaceutical company’s cooperative community in Michigan, the Robert & Rae Levin House was the first.

Although Wright never visited the site of this house in Minnesota, the notable Elam House is the second-largest Usonian design ever built.

Operable windows distributed cooling breezes around the elegant Charnley-Norwood House, Mississippi, on which Wright worked as a draftsman alongside designer Louis Sullivan.

Modular concrete blocks constructed The Pappas House in Missouri, in the Usonian Automatic style.

It was third time lucky on the design of the Harvey P. and Eliza Sutton House in Nebraska, after Eliza rejected the first two.

Rows of rectangular windows perforate the white concrete Usonian Automatic facade of the Toufic H. Kalil House, New Hampshire. Wright’s Zimmerman House stands on the same street.

In new New Jersey, the pitched roof of the J.A. Sweeton Residence is only four feet from the ground at its lowest point.

The intriguing Arnold Friedman House in New Mexico features Wright’s first attempt at a teepee concept, roofed with cedar shakes.

The elongated ‘T’ shape of the E.E. Boynton House in New York was the result of a successful collaboration with the owner’s 21 year old daughter, Beulah.

A solid example of Wright’s Prairie style, Ohio’s Westcott House has a linear silhouette with a long roofline.

Built for the architect’s cousin, the 10,000 square feet Richard L. Jones House in Oklahoma is a larger example of Wright’s work, which features a pool, fish pond and fountain.

In Oregon, the Gordon House was saved from destruction to be opened as a museum for unique fretwork.

“Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you” said Wright, and the Fallingwater masterpiece in Pennsylvania conveys this harmonious mindset perhaps more than most of his works.

In tune with the old oak trees around the 4,000-acre Auldbrass Plantation in South Carolina, the exterior house walls climb at a gentle slope.

Planted at the top of a hill with views of the Tennessee River and Lookout Mountain, the Usonian Seamour and Gerte Shavin house has stonework reminiscent of Fallingwater.

A hexagonal copper dome tops the grand living room of the Gillin residence, Texas. This was the very last home completed before Wright’s death.

The angular roof of the Don M. Stromquist House soars into the Utah skyscape.

An L-shaped Usonian design, the Virginian Pope–Leighey House has moved position twice! The first move was to escape the expansion of Highway 66, the second a move of just 30 feet to escape soil instability.

The imposing Chauncey L. Griggs Property covers 3,700 square feet in Washington.

The F.G. Bogk House in Wisconsin was another home designed on the same timeline as the Imperial Hotel in Japan. Japanese design influence is clear in the broad overhang of the green-tiled hip roof.

An almost flat roof flares over the living room of the Quintin Blair House in Wyoming.

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Best duvets for a comfortable and cosy night’s sleep – from light summer to heavier winter options

Sourced content from: https://www.idealhome.co.uk/buying-guide-reviews/best-duvets-224921

Feeling the winter chill setting in. Then now might be the right time to upgrade to one of our best duvets. And with Amazon Prime Day just around the corner, you may well be able to grab a deal on one next week.

As we reputedly spend a third of our lives in bed, it makes sense to ensure we’re cosy and comfortable while we’re there. Unless you’re a dedicated sheets and blankets fan – seriously are you living in the 70s? – then it’s likely you’ll already be sleeping with a duvet of one kind or another.

Read all about the best pillows, mattresses, toppers and more in our buying guides section

With a type to suit every sleeper from those who feel the cold to allergy sufferers, they’re the quick and easy bed-making solution. Read on to discover the best duvets in 2019 – and more importantly, find the best duvet for you!

What is the best duvet in 2020?

What is a tog rating?


Image credit: Silentnight

The tog rating of a duvet essentially measures the ability of the duvet – without a cover – to trap air. The higher the tog, the more air it can trap and therefore the warmer it will be.

Remember, though that this doesn’t take into account any warmth from the duvet cover, or clothing you might wear in bed, or for that matter, your mattress itself. A heavy cover can increase a tog rating quite significantly, while memory foam mattresses are natural conductors of warmth so if you have one you might want to team it with a lower tog duvet for optimum comfort.

Most duvets run from 3 up to 15 togs with the former being cooler and more suited to summer and the latter better for cold winter nights. A 3-4.5 tog duvet is best for the summer months, a home that’s quite hot or people who get overheated in the night. Tog rated duvets from 9-10.5 are good spring and autumn choices as they’re a little warmer to cope with those colder nights.

For winter, pick a duvet that’s around 13.5 or even higher if your house is super cold at night. Within that, of course, it depends how hot or cool a sleeper you are and someone who overheats at night might prefer to have a duvet that is no hotter than 9-10.5 tog, even in the dead of winter.

Most duvets come in a range of togs, so if you’ve found one you like but it’s 13.5 tog and too hot for summer, there will probably be a 4.5 one in the same range. Some duvets can be combined with poppers or buttons, allowing you to buy separate 4.5 tog and 9 tog duvets, which can then be joined together to create a 13.5 tog duvet for winter. A great idea if storage space is limited.

Best duvets 2020

1. Luxury Hungarian Goose Down and Feather duvet, The White Company – best duvet overall


The 80/20 ratio in favour of goose down in this 4.5 tog summer duvet definitely makes it a luxury bedding choice, as does the price. However, the 329-thread cotton percale outer is so soft and smooth to the touch we were almost tempted not to hide its beauty with a cover.

Despite its lightness, it is well filled and squishy, so you don’t feel as if you’re sleeping with just a sheet for cover. The box-stitch construction ensures the feathers are distributed evenly – and importantly stay that way – to ensure perfect coverage all over. It is also available as a 10.5 and 13.5 tog.

We also loved the fact that the design included buttons and buttonholes around the edge so it can be combined with another duvet of the same or heavier weight to allow you to build your own tog rating for the winter months. It can be machine-washed and tumble dried but we’d recommend professional laundering to keep it in tip-top condition for years to come. It has a 10-year guarantee.

Ideal Home’s rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Buy now: Luxury Hungarian Goose Down and Feather duvet, £175 for a double, The White Company

2. Brook + Wilde Marlow Goose Down duvet – best duvet for ultra-lightweight luxury


If you’re looking to replicate the duvets you might have encountered during a stay at a five-star hotel in your own bedroom then this duck-down filled duvet could be the one.

It’s pricey, we know, but from the beautifully stitched, supremely soft 305 thread count cover to its responsibly sourced 90% white goose down filling it is likely to be a favourite for years to come so we think it’s worth the initial investment.

The square stitched cells help to keep the filling evenly distributed meaning it won’t clump. It’s super lightweight, too – even the king size our testers tried – but also as puffy as a cloud, giving it depth and plushness but not heft.

It comes in just one tog choice, 10.5, but its lightness combined with the warmth level meant it worked just as well for our hot and cool sleeper. If you need the reassurance of a cover weighing down on you at night then this might not be for you but for those that prefer a lighter option this is a great choice.

Ideal Home’s rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy now: Marlow Goose Down duvet, from £419 for a single, Brooke + Wilde

3. Slumberdown Allergy Protection duvet– best value duvet and best for allergy sufferers


Do you suffer from ‘Home fever’? Not sure? Well, this is the term used by Allergy UK to describe out-of-season hay fever symptoms, the most common of which are runny nose and sneezing along with itchy skin and eyes. Unlike hay fever, some of these symptoms can be caused by – look away now if you’re squeamish – the millions of dust mites that could be present in our bedding.

One of our testers is a martyr to ‘home fever’ and has yet to find a cure, so we were super keen to try the Allergy Protection duvet from Slumberdown, which has an Allergy UK Seal of Approval to recommend it. The 10.5 tog double duvet is 100% pure cotton and filled with luxuriously silky hollow fibre for protection against dust mites. It’s machine washable at 40˚C and can be tumble dried.

The synthetic filling meant it felt light on the bed but was substantial enough for cooler nights. While it’s a little too early to tell if it’s helped out allergy sufferer, there did seem to be less sniffing and it’s a reasonable price so well worth trying out if you suffer from allergies and you’re in the market for a new duvet.

Ideal Home’s rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy now: Slumberdown Allergy Protection duvet, from £22 for a single, Argos

4. Panda Cloud duvet – best duvet for eco softness


This duvet features a Rayon outer made from bamboo and a filling that’s a 50/50 combination of bamboo and nano microfiber and it professes to give the ‘down feather feeling’ in a more ethical package.

Bamboo is uninhabitable for both mites and fungi and therefore naturally both hypoallergenic and antibacterial. This makes is great for allergy sufferers and those who suffer from skin complaints such as eczma and because it is bacteria that cause fabrics to smell, the makers claim the duvet will stay fresher for longer with fewer washes.

That’s a definite bonus for those of us that don’t enjoy taking regular trips to the dry cleaners. It has a 10.5 official rating, but we found the thermo-regulating properties meant it was fit for all seasons and the moisture wicking bebefits of bamboo mean we’ll be cool but cosy all year round.

Bamboo is and eco-friendly resource that doesn’t require pesticides to thrive. It uses less water than cotton, produces more oxygen and absorbs more Co2 than hardwood trees and is fast-growing so it’s an all-round eco-solution. It has a five-year guarantee

Ideal Home’s rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy now: Panda Cloud duvet, £121 for a double, Amazon

5. Temperature Regulating duvet, Soak & Sleep – best duvet for hot sleepers


If you regularly experience disturbed nights because you’re constantly waking to either throw off your duvet because you’re too hot or scrabbling for it at the bottom of the bed when you’re too cold, then this hi-tech temperature regulating duvet could be the answer.

Filled with a new German engineered ‘Phase Changing’ filling, it is designed to absorb heat from your body when you are too warm and release it when you are too cool. The filling changes its state to create a temperature of between 27-32 degrees, which apparently is the optimum temperature for sleep.

The 55% Tencel and 45% cotton outer also helps to absorb moisture and support the body’s natural heat mechanism. One of our sleepers – definitely an over-heater – found this to be revolutionary solution to restless nights, experiencing an unusually undisturbed night, while the other slept soundly as always.

It’s on the flatter, lighter side of the duvet divide but still has a comforting heft to it so you don’t feel as if you’ve just got a flimsy layer between you and the night air.

Ideal Home’s rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy Now: Temperature Regulating duvet, from £35 for a single, Soak & Sleep

6. Silentnight Yours and Mine duvet – best duvet for couples


If your night-time sleeping experience is hotter than Hades while you partner is cooler than ice then this might be the perfect solution to your different sleeping types. The unique two-tog design features a higher rating on one half of the duvet and a lower on the other.

There are two combinations to choose from, 4.5 partnered with 7.5 tog for warmer spring and summer nights and 10.5 and 13.5 for winter. We tested in summer and as one of our testing due is very much on the side of warm when sleeping, we opted for the 4.5/7.5 duvet.

Made from hollowfibre inner and microfiber outer, it’s hypoallergenic, great for our allergy sufferer, too. It’s lovely and light but still kept our slightly cooler sleeper snuggly warm through the night, while the hotter – in all ways – of our two testers slept through without needing to throw off the covers in the night.

Definitely a tale of two good nights…

Ideal Home’s rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Buy now: Silentnight Yours and Mine duvet, from £30 for a double, Argos

7. Next Touch of Silk duvet – best duvet for a little luxury on a budget


This duvet comes in one of the widest ranges of warmth rating we’ve found, from a super-lightweight 3 tog to ultra cosy 15 and includes an all-season one that combines 4.5 and 9 tog duvets that can be clipped together or apart to suit the weather.

We tested the all-season duvet pair, which arrived in a compact, neatly rolled package, much like a memory foam boxed mattress. The outer polyester cover has attractive grey piping and seersucker detail and feels pretty silky to the touch, while the inner is a combination of 95% polyester combined with 5% pure natural silk for a super-soft filling.

The benefit of silk in bedding is that it naturally helps to regulate your body temperature, helping you to stay cool when it’s hot and vice versa. The compact packaging meant it took a little while to fill out and we were worried at first that it was a little thin – particularly the 4.5 tog.

However, despite that it was surprisingly cosy while still keeping us cool at night. The 9 tog was a little thicker but still lightweight. Another tick in its favour is that it is machine washable, too. 

Ideal Home’s rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Buy now: Touch of Silk duvet, from £25 t0 80 depending on tog rating and size, Next

8. Best duvet for winter – Airmax duvet, Silentnight


The marshmallow lightness of this duvet appealed to one of our testers immediately, declaring it something they could happily spend all day snuggling under watching box sets on Netflix. Surprisingly light despite its plump construction it’s still reassuringly warm enough to feel like it’s a good all-season choice.

We tried the 10.5 version, which was perfect as a spring/autumn option but it also comes in a 13.5 tog for colder nights. It has specially constructed airmesh walls, just like the mattress toppers and pillows of the same name, which help to increase airflow and provide more warmth with less weight.

The outer micro fibre cover is soft and silky to the touch giving a luxury feel even when encased in a duvet cover and off-set stitching construction helps to prevent it developing cold spots. Available in four sizes, from single to super king, the 100% hollow fibre interior and micro fibre exterior ensure that it’s hypoallergenic and it’s machine washable at 40˚C too.

Ideal Home’s rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Buy now: Silentnight Airmax duvet, £38.27 for double, Amazon

9. Best hi-tech duvet – Simba hybrid duvet


This hybrid duvet from mattress specialists Simba is double sided, with one featuring Outlast fabric technology, which was initially designed by NASA for astronauts. It utilises phase-change materials that keep a sleeper’s body temperature steady all night long by absorbing, storing and then releasing heat as it’s needed.

The other side features a 300-thread-count breathable cotton outer. These two sandwich a less techy but still gorgeously soft filling of largely duck down with a little feather to add heft. Initially, the Outlast side felt a little stiffer and more constructed – a bit like a topper rather than a duvet – but a few nights using it and it lost that ‘just out of the box’ feeling and felt more malleable.

For hot summer nights it still might feel a little warm for very hot sleepers but is a good partner with a memory foam mattress as it can counter the slight overheating some produce. It comes in four sizes but just one tog – 10.5 – and is machine washable, always a bonus, and can be tumbled dried, too. The box-stitch construction keeps the down from bunching, avoiding cold spots.

Ideal Home’s rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Buy now: Hybrid duvet, £245 for a double, Simba

10. Best duvet for all seasons – Our Perfect Duvet, Loaf


This duvet has a soft and strokeable cotton outer and a nicely plumped 85% goose feather and 15% down mix filling on the inside. A little heavier than the mostly down-filled duvets we tested, the boxed construction ensures that the feathers don’t gather in clumps, although we gave it a vigourous shake each morning to keep it squishy.

It was light enough for our hot sleeper to have mostly undisturbed nights apart from when the temperature spiked in an unseasonably warm few spring nights. We liked the fact that you can buy the duvet in a bundle with pillows, too, perhaps when you’re picking up Loaf’s Our Perfect Mattress (see our mattress reviews to see how we rated it) making for a one-stop bedding shop.

Sold in four standard sizes, but just one tog of 10.5, if you just want to invest in just one, quality natural filled duvet for pretty much all year round this is definitely a good, reasonably priced choice.

Ideal Home’s rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Buy now: Our Perfect Duvet, £85, for a double, Loaf

Get the perfect match: Best memory foam pillows – the top pillows for better sleep

How to buy a duvet – everything you need to know

Choosing your duvet filling


Image credit: TI Media

While a soft, high thread-count cotton outer will feel lovely to the touch, it’s what’s inside a duvet that counts and also what decides the tog rating (see below). There are a variety of fillings and which one you choose will often depend on what kind of a sleeper you are and whether you have any allergies.

Feather and down duvets are the luxurious, and often most expensive, choice. Usually a mix of feathers and down – the softer underbelly feathers – from geese or ducks, the higher the down count, the squishier and airier the duvet will be. More feathers make for a weightier and snugger cover.

Silk is another ‘treat yourself’ choice, and can be beautifully lightweight while also warm and is great at wicking away moisture. Mountaineers don’t use silk-filled jackets for nothing… It’s very strong and hypoallergenic, too and great for those who have a tendency to overheat at night.

Wool-filled duvets are chunkier, so a particularly good choice for winter where you want something with some weight to snuggle under on a chilly night. Finally, synthetic duvets such as microfiber or hollowfiber are a practical choice for those with allergies to feathers or wool.

If you want the cushioned feel of down and feathers without the cost then opt for microfibers, while hollowfiber has a denser structure that means it’s longer lasting.

What size duvet should I choose?

It’s best to choose a duvet that is the same size as your bed base so that you get the right amount of drape around the sides. Buy something too small and you’ll not be properly covered, something too big and you could end up feeling slightly suffocated under the weight of excess material and filling that will pull down at the sides of the bed.

Some companies do make specialist duvets for cots and for European sized beds but as a general rule single, double, king and super king are the most popular sizes.

How much should I spend on a duvet?


Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

If you want a duvet that will last a long time without loosing it’s ‘puff’ then natural materials will outlast most synthetic fillings but they will cost more initially. While you can pay upwards of just £10 for a microfiber double duvet with man-made fiber outer, a 400-count cotton outer filled with duck down could cost upwards of £150 for a single.

It’s best to decide the filling you prefer then look at the price range within that type to ensure you have a duvet that fits your budget restrictions well as your needs as a sleeper.

What’s underneath matters, too: Best mattress – the top choices for a perfect night’s sleep, now updated for 2019

What else should I look for in a duvet?

Pick a duvet that has a stich detail that serves to contain the filling in separate chambers, ensuring that it is evenly distributed and won’t cluster at the bottom or sides.

Shake and air it occasionally to loosen up any filling that has bunched or slightly compacted over time. This is particularly important with natural filled duvets but less so in synthetic ones as the filling has a construction that ensures it stays evenly distributed.

Duvets with man-made fillings will be usually be machine washable, although they can be bulky so only suitable for big-load machines. While some natural fillings such as feathers can also be machine washed, it is often recommended that they be professionally laundered to ensure they last.

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Spectacular House Designs Inspired By Famous Logos

Sourced content from: http://www.home-designing.com/spectacular-house-designs-inspired-by-famous-logos

Famous logos have inspired the design of five spectacular private house designs, released by Polish architecture firm Wamhouse Studio. The conceptual series features the Audi Ringshouse, a triangular Adidas residence, a gravity defying Renault diamond house, an entirely water locked Chevrolet island retreat, and a Mitsubishi emblem structure isolated in the sand dunes. Each unique construction entices the onlooker to peer inside its glass walls, and so we’ll take an in depth tour through the round windows of The Ringshouse. Inside we’ll discover how those great curving concrete walls shape and challenge the interior decor. The complete floor plan is included at the end of the tour.

The Ringshouse design features a brutalist house exterior, shaped to directly reference the four interlocking rings of German car manufacturer Audi. Designed by the Principal of Wamhouse Studio, Karina Wiciak, the source of inspiration was not just a logo but also the combined history of the brand and of architecture. The car brand was created in the 1930s, a time that is almost gone from living memory. “The building also refers to architecture, modernism popular at that time. However, features typical of this style, such as raw concrete structures, rounded walls and windows, open internal space, large glazing – are reinterpreted here again,” says Wiciak.

The Ringshouse structure consists of four parallel concrete cylinders, which hold a connected single story living space and all of the bedrooms. The main level floor area of the house is almost 280 square meters, however, there is also an underground garage with utility rooms. “The overall goal was to maintain the readability of four cylindrical bodies on the outside. Therefore, it is not a frugal home for a family, but rather a spacious holiday residence, situated among natural vegetation,” reflects the studio.

From the side, the massive grey cylinders lay like dissected aircraft. Porthole windows perforate the cold concrete facade.

To the rear of the property, sundecks span the length of the build. Curving white metal balustrades at each end bend with the building’s commanding silhouette.

Two exterior concrete staircases lead down to an outdoor swimming pool.

This concept is the fifth design in Warmhouse’s logo series. As with the previous houses, large windows factor to open up and exaggerate the form of the building, making the inspirational brand more readable.

Upon entering the home there is a hallway that leads onto an open plan lounge and dining room, plus a music corner and two generously sized closets. A modern cognac coloured sofa, a small pouf and round rug rest by a grand piano to seat a music appreciative audience.

Ring pendants drop over the piano, paying subtle homage to the Audi brand and the curvaceous interior walls.

The common space continues into a large kitchen with a pantry, and an adjoining home office with library. The property has two bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms, and three powder rooms. Although ceiling height would accommodate a second floor, the void has been left uninterrupted to create a dramatic conclusion.

Grey kitchen cabinets merge with the building’s raw concrete mass. A dining table links onto the end of a kitchen peninsula, adding a crisp white top to break the grey monotony. Wooden swivel bar stools chime a much warmer note inside the colour scheme, which is supplemented by a statement gold kitchen faucet. Enormous curtains wait to be drawn across the circular windows of the home, and between individual spaces.

Bedroom furniture has been built into the slope of the walls for a satisfyingly integrated finish. A gold modern chandelier complements the warm stain on the wooden bedstead. A modern floor lamp highlights a jade green bed set.

The floor plan illustrates how the terraces can be accessed from various points of the home, including the master bedroom, living room, formal dining room, and via the office/library combo by the kitchen.

The Adidas home is a triangular construction, which references Adidas’s modern triple stripe logo rather than the original Trefoil motif.

Great sloping windows separate the hulking concrete volumes of the famous triple stripe, looking like the supercilious den of some shark owning bad guy in a rip-roaring spy movie.

The glass expanses extend all the way over the roof of the building, flooding both floors of the home with natural light.

Looking more like an alien spacecraft than your average home, the Renault inspired concept house is a gravity-defying diamond. The top heavy sculptural form threatens to topple, but instead holds firm in the pasture.

The Chevrolet bowtie logo was introduced by company co-founder William C. Durant in 1913, and now it serves as the inspiration for an entirely water locked man-made island. Glass walls fill the outline of the sloping bowtie emblem, which reflect the sky and neighbouring land mass. Inside the concrete construction, multiple floor levels spread out across the open plan home, with staircases leading off in every direction.

The three diamonds described in the Japanese Mitsubishi brand name create a huge tent shaped home with an open void underneath. Triangular windows separate off the upper diamond, allowing views from the front of the building all the way through to the sky beyond. An elevated concrete volume gives rise to an additional story within the main floor of the building, whilst more living spaces are concealed behind the concrete facade.

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How To Hang Tapestry – Beautiful Inspiration Ideas for Wall Covering

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Tapestries are a wonderful and cost-effective alternative to buying a painting to fill up empty wall space. When carefully chosen, they can completely change the vibe of a room, especially when you choose tapestries with sceneries. But today’s article is not about tapestry design: it’s a tutorial that will provide you with a comprehensive guide and tips on how to hang a tapestry, as well as some really cool room décor ideas in the second part. Ready?

How to Hang a Tapestry

The best part of this process is that it is so easy, there are multiple ways to do it and be successful every time. If you’re looking for tips and suggestions on how to make this happen, here are some bits of information that will teach you how you too can adorn your walls with beautiful pieces of the tapestry:

  • Making a wooden frame (you can also think of it as a clamp) is one way to get your tapestry up on the wall. What you basically have to do is use a table say to make four even wooden slats that are going to be placed on the top and bottom of your tapestry, on the front and back side. You’re looking to create a two-edge frame and the two opposing sides of the tapestry. You can use hot glue to stick them to the materials and then all that’s left to do is add the string and hang your new creation on the wall.
  • Curtain rods and hooks can also help you achieve the same goal. Think of your tapestry as a new curtain that you have to make holes in the top side. These holes will have shower curtain hooks going through them. After that, everything is hung on the curtain rod itself and up on the wall it goes. Those of you not happy with the idea of cutting holes into the tapestry can use bulldog clips as an alternative.
  • Dowel and fusible bonding in another way to go. Since you basically need just a nail or a screw put into the wall, it limits the amount of wall damage and potential mess that you would have otherwise made. With a fusible fabric bonding agent, your goal is to make a dowel rod pocket. Once that is done, you can screw an eye hook at one of the ends and put the rope/string you’re using to hang the tapestry in there. Make sure that the tapestry isn’t too heavy, otherwise, you might need something more solid than a screw or a nail.
  • A wooden mall mount is another approach to this matter. What you have to do is to cut a piece of wood to the same length as the top side of the piece of tapestry you want to hang. You are going to use that to make the top frame of the tapestry. By using a staple gun, you will have to staple the top side of the tapestry to the wooden piece you just cut. This is the “how to” that requires the least items and is probably the fastest one to make as well.
  • One suggestion to hand a tapestry that we came across and absolutely loves was to use a fallen tree branch as support for the tapestry. You can use yarn or sturdy string to attach the tapestry to the wooden branch (just use a plastic needle to get the string through the upper side of the tapestry).
  • If you have a tapestry that’s made from thick woven material, you’re probably worried about using different nails and screws and flimsy wall-mounting anchors to hold it in place. What you can do in this case is create a foam backing for the tapestry to evenly-distribute its weight. All you need is a giant piece of foam and secure the tapestry to the foam by its edges, and then hang everything on the wall.

Wall Tapestry Decor Inspiration

1. Contemporary Entryway

Having a narrow and tall wall means you have a perfect place to hang tapestry and make it seem less intimidating. This adds more color and livelihood to an otherwise dull appearance and it’s of great effect if your ground level and second-floor walls aren’t separate by a ceiling. This way, you can go high and opt for tapestry that matches the rugs, door entrance, or complements some of the other colors seen in the hallway.found on rosemaryhallgarten.

2. Mediterranean Dining Room Tapestry

You rarely find a better place to hang a tapestry than in a country-style ranch. When combined with matching carpets, stone floors, a natural wood-burning fireplace, and plenty of wooden décor elements, all that’s really missing is a wall tapestry in red and brownish tones. The fall-inspired colors are what’s needed to make a ranch dining room that looks almost torn out of a movie with tales of brave knights.

3. Victorian Home Office Décor

Having a room dedicated to your home office is already a flex in itself, but decorating it in Victorian style? That’s just a sign of good taste. And if you’re interested in what tapestry could possibly match this type of décor, we’d suggest going with some that resembles a wall fresco, with a scenery in predominant colors that match other elements that might be in the room.

4. Eclectic Living Room Tapestry

There are so many different things that we love about this setup, but let’s focus on the tapestry and how it matches other elements in the room. The rustic style décor revolves around wooden tables made with unpolished and distressed wooden elements, and the traditional wall tapestry simply fits in. If you have a similarly woven vintage blanket for the couch, then you have yourself a beautiful living room décor right there.found on nanettewong.

5. Coastal Bedroom Décor

Are you looking for inspiration on how to decorate your coastal house bedroom? Then maybe this image will give you what you’re looking for. Once again we see color unity between the carpet and the tapestry that’s hung right at the head of the bed. We can’t help but notice the dreamcatcher hanging on the right wall, which is a superb décor element and a nice idea that blends in with the rest of the setup.found on touchinteriors.

6. Nature-Inspired Wall Tapestry

If you want to have a nature-inspired theme into your home, you can always opt for wall tapestry with woven flowers and leaves, or at least something where green and brown are the predominant colors. Here, every element goes hand-in-hand: the green walls, the nature pillowcases, even the wooden benches placed at the foot of each bed. The scenery outside the window is just a bonus.found on designerpremier.

6. Prairie-Style Bedroom

Are you looking to decorate your bedroom in massive style and give it its own personality? Then you’re going to love this idea. Everything seems to be wooden-centered, with colorful carpets that add plenty of color. The boho-style bedroom is complemented by the rope-like tapestry and it looks absolutely beautiful. It shows that no décor or furniture piece in this room has been chosen at random.found on lordinteriordesign.

7. Foyer Décor

Oh, how do we even begin to describe the beauty seen in this picture? The fact that this foyer offers plenty of space is a bonus that helps homeowners get more playful when it comes to where to place their elements. We just love the combination between the vintage hallway cabinet with its distressed look and the wall tapestry with nature-inspired elements and earthy tones.found on designmoe.

8. Reader’s Bedroom

If you’re a book lover, using the clearance underneath the bed to improvise wooden bookcases all around the bed is just an amazing space-saving idea that also grants really quick access to your favorite books whenever you want to read before bedtime. Choosing a wall tapestry to place at the headrest of the bed which is just the same width as the bed gives the entire setup a sense of wholesomeness. You just love to see it! found on cristinacusani.


When it comes to wall tapestries, there are so many possibilities for you to start getting creating, and I’m not just talking about the many different designs to choose from. You can use one of the many ideas in this article to hang a tapestry up on the wall to create a stunning visual effect but also to have peace of mind knowing that it’s going to hold. If you have any more ideas on how to hang a wall tapestry in ingenious and fun ways, let us know in the comments.

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Could this £17.50 ingenious hack save money on your energy bills?

Sourced content from: https://www.idealhome.co.uk/news/chimney-draught-excluder-255925

Who doesn’t want to save money and stay warm this winter? And the solution to both could be as simple as sourcing a chimney draught excluder.

The Chimney Sheep draught excluder is an easy and cost-effective way to minimise heating bills this winter. Costing from just £17.50, this simple solution is said to save, on average, £50 per year.

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According to the Buildings Research Establishment (BRE) having an open chimney is comparable to leaving a window open constantly. It’s reported that an average of 80 cubic metres of air travel up a chimney per hour, even in an inactive fireplace. We’re shivering at the mere thought.

Cosy living room with open fire

Image credit: Dan Duchars

How does a chimney draught excluder work?

Chimneys are built to draw air from indoors to the outside. The warm air extracted needs to be replaced, so cold air from outside is pulled in from other draughty parts of the house – such as gaps in doors, floorboards, keyholes and open vents.

A draught excluder stops the process. Take for instance the Chimney Sheep, the most-effective example on the market. Made from a thick layer of felted Herdwick wool, the Chimney Sheep’s 4.43 tog rating works by blocking 94 per cent of airflow – stopping warm air escaping up a chimney and cold air being pulled in via other routes.

This means when the heating is on it is not just escaping up the chimney, but actually heating the house more efficiently. This in turn means many users can actually turn their heating down – hence the savings.

chimney draught excluder

Image credit: Chimney Sheep

Buy now: Chimney Sheep 8 inch round Chimney Draught Excluder, £17.50, Amazon

Due to the properties of Herdwick wool, the Chimney Sheep is highly durable and naturally breathable. Making it the perfect solution to plug the gap just above a fireplace, while still allowing sufficient ventilation. Each size comes complete with a clamp and handle attached, making it easy and convenient to insert and remove.

This smart solution is the only chimney draught excluder on the market to hold a prestigious BBA Agrément Certificate. Which provides industry reassurance of the products fitness for purpose. Basically meaning it’s the best in the business.

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If contacted directly, Chimney Sheep Ltd are able to make made-to-measure versions too.

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Renovated penthouse decorated in natural materials creates a calming retreat in an urban setting

Sourced content from: https://www.idealhome.co.uk/house-tours/renovated-penthouse-calm-retreat-in-urban-setting-255874

‘When we first started, it was just one big open space – a gloomy, dark attic with just four windows’ the couple explain. After travelling for work and living in nine places over 12 years, this couple and their three children returned to their 1920s house in Hellerup, Copenhagen – and saw it with fresh eyes.

Finding it dark and dated, they decided to radically renovate, starting with the top floor. By converting the 120sq m space into a flat, they can live in it while they tackle the rest. The property is one-bedroom renovated penthouse within a three-storey 1920s house, bought back in 2000.

See more beautiful interiors inspiration: follow our real home house tours here

‘We wanted to create a beautiful, honest space that would outlive us,’ says the owner, founder of furniture design house Søren Rose Studio. ‘We wanted to enhance the light, and each time I stood on the scaffolding I discovered a new view to the sea, the park and over beautiful gardens. So, we ended up removing the entire roof and installing 23 double-height Velux windows. The homeowner explains how this has, ‘given the whole floor a completely different, more spacious feeling.’

renovated penthouse kitchen and dining area

Photo credit: Line Klein

Previously one large space, the beams were raised and a wall built to split it into a kitchen-diner and seating area, plus sleeping space and bathroom.

The finish includes underfloor heating beneath bleached oak flooring, Sonos speakers in the ceilings and a lighting scheme. The renovation took six months rather than the expected three, since the couple added a roof terrace to the plans.

Inside, the backdrop is simple – plain white walls and exposed brick – with impact from designer furniture and stand-out artwork and lamps. ‘In most countries functionality is valued higher than aesthetics, but here in Denmark both need to hang together,’ explains the homeowner poetically.


renovated penthouse kitchen

Photo credit: Line Klein

‘The kitchen is basically two wooden free-standing units, which fit seamlessly with the décor. I like the flexibility as, in future, they could be moved to the ground floor. Organised and functional are my keywords!’

‘I love the industrial look of the powder-coated metal frame of the kitchen units. It works well with the black tap’ says the homeowner.

Further inspiration: Scandi kitchen ideas to transform your space Scandinavian style

Living area

renovated penthouse living room with round window

Photo credit: Line Klein

‘The round windows are the only design features remaining from the original house. They’ve been restored to ensure they meet modern standards.
I made the bench and planter to match the Douglas fir flooring.’

The homeowner goes on to explain, ‘We treated the original bricks with a natural whitewash to cover their yellow colour.’ Transforming the brick finish completely.

A super-sized rug in a subtle, abstract pattern effectively defines this seating zone within the open-plan living space. For a style tip he adds, ‘The artwork by Karl Troels Sandegård looks more relaxed propped against the wall rather than hung on it.’ The propped picture acts as a focal point instead of a fireplace.

Dining space

Neutral dining room

Photo credit: Line Klein

‘It’s quite a long space, but it doesn’t feel narrow at all,’ says the owner. ‘There’s enough space around the dining table that it doesn’t feel claustrophobic. By installing 5m-high statement roof windows, we’ve created a space that’s so light and open. The knitted pendant is an unusual feature as it combines traditional craft with modern design.’

‘I like original interiors with designs that are minimal, well crafted, raw but refined’ explains the homeowner.

To add to the ambience he explains, ‘There are layers of lighting, including wall lights, ceiling pendants and tracks with directional beams and uplighters hidden on the beams’.

Master bedroom

renovated penthouse bedroom in white with Velux roof

Photo credit: Line Klein

The ceiling of windows floods this master bedroom with natural light.White painted beams keeps the space feeling light and bright. The crisp white bedroom colour scheme helps to invigorate the sleep space.
‘The Velux roof windows we added have a sensor system, so if it gets too hot or humid they open automatically, and they all have automated built-in blinds.’


Photo credit: Line Klein

‘As it’s such a beautiful space, I didn’t want any noisy elements in it,’ the homeowner explains. ‘So we’ve gone for classic, natural, earthy colours in here.’

‘I used natural materials throughout,’ he explains. ‘As an increasingly indoor generation, our interiors need to maintain our relationship with the natural world.’

Photo credit: Line Klein

‘The vanity unit is a prototype I built for a project 10 years ago and put into storage. I realised it would look great here’.

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 – using everything from paint to clever furniture

Feature compiled by Karen Wilson, originally featured in the September 2020 issue of Ideal Home.

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The Farmhouse Sink Trend Has Hit Bathrooms, But Not in the Way You Think

Sourced content from: https://www.domino.com/content/bathroom-sink-made-of-stone/

There’s a world of bathroom sink silhouettes out there (pedestal, under-mount, vessel, bucket), yet when it comes to material, they all tend to be made out of the same thing: slippery white ceramic. It’s easy to clean, sure, and you can’t call it an eyesore, but when was the last time you got excited about the boring basin style? Things are looking up, as this space is experiencing a big change, and—to no one’s shock—it’s partially farmhouse inspired. 

We’re currently seeing antique stone sinks pop up in bathrooms and powder rooms everywhere. The go-to choice among designers like Kelly Nutt (see her space, above) appears to be limestone: a durable, readily available (read: cost-effective), and easy-to-clean option. Weighing in at hundreds of pounds, these heavy troughs—whether marble, limestone, or travertine—require a sturdy support system. Nutt cut down the legs of an old console table and used that for her foundation. The raw, almost Brutalist quality to these statement fixtures is worth giving up sleek porcelain for good. 

If You’d Rather Be at a Country Cabin

cabin wood bathroomPin It
Courtesy of Ashe Leandro

The sandy ecru undertones of limestone play nicely with the oak panels that cover the walls of this Ashe Leandro–designed space. Both of the features were sourced from Chateau Domingue, a Houston-based company that sells architectural antiques, including reclaimed wood and stone salvaged from demolished forts and castles across France, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, and Spain. This small room has a big story to tell. 

If You’re Feeling a Smidge Gothic

black bathroom walls and sand colored sinkPin It
Photography by Tessa Neustadt; Design by Amber Lewis

“In a small space like a powder room, the details count,” says designer Amber Lewis of her decision to go with a reclaimed stone sink in this space. The wide trough provides a nice contrast against the textured charcoal walls. When you want to mount something this massive, you’ll have to get your contractor to go the extra mile and weld a steel frame system into the wall.

If You’re Not Farmhouse-y at All

green wallpapered bathroomPin It
Photography by Laure Joliet; Design by Reath Design

While the previous examples skew a bit rustic, Frances Merrill of Reath Design shows us how to go full-on modern with the look in this Los Angeles home, where she surrounded the vintage marble sink with a leafy Cole & Son wallpaper, a rainbow of glazed tiles, and handsome brass plumbing fixtures. 

If You Won’t Desert Your Minimalist Roots

gray stone sink and backsplashPin It
Photography by Sean Fennessy

Turkish hammam sinks feature a charming silhouette. (Nate Berkus, who had one in his former L.A. home, referred to the little wings as ears and said it was his favorite invoice from his renovation.) The tones of this one’s stone backdrop give the room a monochromatic look, “fostering depth without overpowering the space,” says its designer, Tamsin Johnson. The heavy lifting is worth the final result. 

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Rich & Rustic Home Interiors That Ooze Rural Allure

Sourced content from: http://www.home-designing.com/rich-rustic-home-interiors-that-ooze-rural-allure

Revelling in rustic riches, these two magnificent home designs have got us dreaming about days out in the countryside, far away from all of the world’s madness. These are not your average little log cabin, these are spacious luxury abodes that ooze rural allure. Our first home tour is a countryside inspired interior that’s mixed with contemporary linear furniture silhouettes and glamorous lighting. The second has beautiful barn charm with stunning ceiling beams and rugged stone features. A massive countryside kitchen introduces a soothing sage green palette, evolving into rich emerald accents inside one breathtaking double story bedroom design with a captivating mezzanine library.

Designer: Buro2D  
Photographer: Maxim Maximo  

This luxurious rustic summer home stands in the Peredelkino dacha complex of Moscow, Russia. A lofty living room is encased in beautiful wood tone and stone expanses to build tactile layers. Sunlight bursts in through clerestory windows and patio doors along the full length of the space.

A clear perspex hanging chair floats lightly in the sun rays at the window, where green garden views wrap the property.

Multiple caged chandeliers echo the spherical motif of the perspex hanging chair, each one dropping a little lower to the ground in an elegant cascade. A rustic timber and glass coffee table makes a beautiful natural focal point in the lounge below.

Behind the sofa, a second seating area is directed away from the TV in favour of a modern wood burning fireplace with a built-in wood store.

Two Eames style lounge chairs with matching footstools gather by the warm fireside.

The luxurious dining room is equipped for ten dinner guests. Ten dining room pendant lights jostle in height along the length of the large table.

The dining table is set dead centre in the space between two picturesque views of the garden. Two vases bring greenery to the table with the same peaceful symmetry.

Pebble poufs scatter in front of the garden vista.

Four runners stripe the rectangle dining table, where sparkling wine glasses emulate the sheen of the crystal clear dining room pendant lights.

Modern dining chairs crisply update the rustic aesthetic.

Inside the master bedroom, an upholstered platform bed is flanked by utilitarian swing arm wall lamps.

Chic beige bedroom chairs smooth out a rustic bedroom lounge area. Two tree stump side tables and a double headed floor lamp complete the tandem coffee nook.

Modern art lights the look of a dark wood tone statement wall.

An elegant vanity table stands on the other side of the room, with a
unique vanity mirror that is suspended by rope from the ceiling. A matching rope trims the vanity pouf to pull the rustic look together.

In the master ensuite, a moss panel lives above a wall mounted toilet and bidet set and a deep border of pebbles.

A unique bathroom sink tops a gorgeous live edge bathroom vanity.

The nursery is a small but magical room, where stars come out to play across the window drapes.

The second bathroom is a contemporary linear design with square sanitaryware.

Even the furry member of the family gets its own luxury bathing experience with this adorable custom tiled dog shower.

Ribbons of LED light lead us down a hallway toward a rustic wooden console table topped with unique decorative vases.

Around the corner, yet another luxe modern bathroom design combines the rustic and linear concepts to make a sleek and natural combo.

A freestanding bathtub sits snugly in the corner of the room, splashed by sunshine.

Visualizer: Vizline Studio  

Our second home tour begins in a rustic living room with magnificent exposed ceiling beams and a mezzanine up in the high rafters.

The room is set out in a relatively symmetrical manner, with a cognac leather sofa and an oak cabinet standing by each side of the hearth. Smaller accessories change up the layout. A modern floor lamp illuminates one side of the comfortable lounge, whilst a traditional table lamp balances out the other.

The classic table lamp rests on a small side table by the sofa and a rattan basket of throws.

A skylight opens the lounge up to the passing clouds.

An area rug brings textured geometric pattern to the lounge layout, whilst a mixed collection of scatter cushions add layering.

A black dining room chandelier is complemented by black hardware on the barn door and accents in the dining room rug. The stylish dining room chairs are the Wishbone chair.

Sage green cabinets make a statement across one wall of the kitchen, whilst the other side and kitchen table are simple wood tone.

Two glamorous pendants descend on the kitchen table.

The kitchen pendant lights bring a rich golden glow to the rustic space.

A green dresser mirrors the colour coordinated cabinets.

Inside the rustic bedroom there is a regal emerald green bed.

A mezzanine library & lounge makes the bedroom into a magnificent two story space that looks straight off the pages of a fairytale.

Wood flooring is warmed with a cosy fleece rug.

Log walls give the room a snug cabin feel.

A traditional bedside table complements the classic bed design.

The towering rugged stone fireplace is adorned with the majestic horns of a deer head, which peers down upon the flickering flames below.

Up on the mezzanine, a solid Acacia wood side table displays an antique typewriter. A deer figurine looks to the sun.

A comfortable reading chair and floor reading lamp settle under the eaves.

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The most popular rugs of 2020 revealed – and how to style them in your home

Sourced content from: https://www.idealhome.co.uk/all-rooms-ideas/most-popular-rugs-how-to-style-them-in-your-home-255680

Rugs are the perfect accompaniment to any room, with the power to add character to an otherwise lack-lustre decor. But as someone in the midst of trying to choose a new rug as the focal point of my living room, I know only too well the difficulty in choosing the right one. Because essentially, the right rug can make or break a decorating scheme.

Not to mention the fact rugs are not cheap – but so should they be, when held in such high esteem.

More inspiration: Living room colour schemes brimming with character and style

As if by magic, to make that difficult choice easier, the researchers at Heal’s have compiled a list of the most popular rugs. Based on each style’s Instagram popularity – to provide some much-needed inspiration.

With Emily Dunstan, home accessories buyer at Heal’s, offering her top tips on how to style each rug beautifully within our homes.

Rug trends: most popular on Instagram 2020

1. Persian – 203,344 posts

Persian rug Heal's with royal blue corner sofa

Image credit: Heal’s

A classic, patterned yet not overpowering rug design. ‘Persian rugs are one of the most popular and unique rugs on the market. Plus, they are incredibly versatile in both look and price. Produced by rug artists in Iran, the beautifully intricate designs are great as statement pieces. However, they can also be toned down for a subtle but equally elegant look.’

Emily’s styling tip: ‘Patterned rugs like Persians are great in high-traffic areas like living rooms as they wear in a beautifully subtle way.’

Buy now: Sentimental Rug by Linie Design, £789, Heal’s

2. Moroccan – 76,841 posts


‘Traditionally hand-woven in Morocco, this type of rug was originally made for functional purposes. However, western culture has begun to notice and admire the wonderful colours and patterns. With bold patterns and adventurous colours, this rug choice will add that extra kick to your room.’

Emily’s styling tip: ‘Moroccan rugs can also double as wall hangings where they can be admired in full.’

3. Kilim Rugs – 69,254 posts

Kilim rug

Image credit: Heal’s

‘Full of unique patterns and textures, a Kilim rug is the perfect statement piece. Kilim rugs are great for high-traffic areas as they are very easy to clean. Plus, most Kilim rugs are reversible which is ideal for busy homes.

Emily’s styling tip: ‘Colour matching the rug to surrounding furniture is key to making busy rugs like Kilims fit in perfectly.’

Buy now: Catania Kilim Rug by Gandia Blasco, from £520, Heal’s

4. Oriental – 60,844 posts


‘Despite often being thought of in the same category as Persian rugs, not all Oriental rugs are Persian rugs. An authentic Oriental rug will only be made of wool and occasionally with silk too. Beautifully intricate designs fill these rugs, a perfect expression of skilled craftsmanship.’

Emily’s styling tip: ‘Try pairing detailed rugs with neutral colours or with other accent colours within the room to create a seamless decor.’

5. Berber Rugs – 42,330 posts

berber rug in living room with log burner

Image credit: Lizzie Orme

The popularity of the humble Berber rug has skyrocketed in recent years. This textured, sumptuous style of rug is ideal for comfort underfoot in any room. ‘With North African roots, this traditional rug is full of character and earthy tones. A dense pile provides the ultimate softness and a thick feel, modernised Berber rugs commonly utilise geometric patterns and styles.

Emily’s styling tip: ‘Pairing Berber rugs with earth tones like terracotta can create a rustic and earthy feel.’

6. Runner – 18,091 posts


A runner is the modern day hallway hero. ‘This long thin rug type can be used for both practical and visual reasons. It’s the perfect addition to hallways, walkways or in front of the sink to catch spillages.’

Emily’s styling tip: ‘This type of rug is best used in hallways as a runway rug to create the illusion of direction and to open up the space.’

7. Faux Fur – 17,946 posts


‘Real fur rugs are dying out due to their non-vegan credentials, nowadays faux fur rugs are much more popular. Faux fur rugs add extra luxury to a room during the winter months.’

Emily’s styling tip: ‘Fur rugs look best when they’re the centrepiece of the room, and are not overshadowed by other furniture. Try placing this rug in areas with little traffic to keep it looking full and fresh.’

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8. Shag pile – 16,010 posts


‘Shag rugs have a deep pile which gives it its textural appearance and high comfort levels. Shag rugs became very popular during the 60s and 70s and remain a highly sought-after rug even now. The only downside to the shag rug is the difficulty in cleaning it.

Emily’s styling tip: ‘When placing furniture on this rug, remember to use furniture coasters to stop the pile from becoming flattened.’

9. Overdyed – 10,892 posts


‘Overdyed rugs are made by bleaching and dyeing rugs to create vibrant colours. It’s often a great way to revitalise old rugs and brighten up a room.’

Emily’s styling tip: ‘Overdyed rugs are a great way to modernize old Oriental rugs and to change up colour schemes.’

10. Woven – 4,415 posts


‘Woven rugs are a great accessory to any room, they can instantly change the décor. The woven rug is a very popular component of the farmhouse style interior due to its rugged and informal look.’

Emily’s styling tip: ‘Woven rugs look amazing when they are layered on top of each other for an effortless look.’

11. Abstract – 4,270 posts


For impact, make it abstract. ‘The perfect expression piece, abstract rugs are popular in modern homes, they can give the room an instant chic feel. Whatever the pattern, these rugs fit very easily into any room.’

Emily’s styling tip: ‘This rug needs to be admired in full, avoid placing busy coffee tables or furniture on top or nearby.’

12. Geometric – 1,846 posts


The pattern of recent years. ‘Another modern rug, these geometric rugs are often very bright and have crisp lines throughout. This rug is best in maximalist settings where patterns can be used for self-expression.’

Emily’s styling tip: ‘Colour matching is key for this rug, choose key colours and feature the same coloured accent pieces to make the carpet pop.’

More wise words from Emily: 5 hallway decorating mistakes we’re probably all making – how to solve them

Now the question is, which one should I choose?

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