Writer Zeba Blay Still Has 100 of Her Old Baby-Sitters Club Books

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In Show Your Shelf we ask bibliophiles to share how their books make their space feel like home.

“I always feel like I should be more well read and have a bigger book collection—just walls and walls of books,” says Zeba Blay. The senior culture editor at HuffPost (who is currently in the process of writing her first book, Carefree Black Girls, out in fall 2021) imagined her future home would have the kind of sprawling shelves she saw again and again on design sites and social media. But when she moved into her first apartment in Jersey City, New Jersey, she decided against it, instead removing the door from a small, awkward closet, painting its shelves, and using it as her own miniature library. “Once I did that, I felt like I was really able to start building a collection of books that was meaningful to me,” she explains.

Now she shares a larger apartment, still in Jersey City, with her boyfriend, and she scatters piles of books throughout the space. “I’ve made my collection into an extension of my home, rather than something that I’m showing off,” she says.

Here, Blay shares her thoughts on color-coding (“It’s not that deep”), the one book she always recommends to friends, and why she prefers stacks to shelves. 

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Courtesy of Zeba Blay

Big Bookcases Aren’t Everything

Under our TV are the books that are my tried-and-true—ones that I’ve read a bunch of times and really love and want to be on display. We have a little reading nook that I’ve recently turned into a writing space with my desk, and that’s where I keep books that I read when I need inspiration or information. Next to the couch and next to our bed we have our current reads—I’m always reading more than one book at a time because my mind is constantly racing. I can’t stay on just one thing. I recently spent a weekend with my friend Fariha [Róisín], and she gifted me a book called Sylvia Wynter: On Being Human as Praxis, which I’m excited to start. I’m currently reading The Chiffon Trenches, and I’m also in the process of reading The Body Keeps Score, which is a book about trauma and how it comes up in your life. 

For or Against Color-Coding?

It’s not that deep—it’s a pretty thing to look at. If I’m going to have my books out, I like for them to be aesthetically pleasing, and that doesn’t make me any less intellectual. In our bedroom, I just wanted to be playful, so we have some books lined up showing the pages instead of the spines. This is fun, guys.

The Books That Inspire Her

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Courtesy of Zeba Blay

The Source of Self-Regard by Toni Morrison. I’m writing my first book right now, and it’s incredibly scary. In my career as a writer, I’ve really struggled with centering myself in my writing, because I’ve often been made to feel or allowed myself to feel like the standard of a good writer is someone who looks at things objectively. But in this world, objectivity is often couched with whiteness. Anytime I feel the need to write about something from the perspective of a Black woman, I think, Oh ,my God, is that going to be seen as irrelevant to the argument? But Morrison’s writing has really made me comfortable with the fact that my experiences are just as valid in the conversation as anything else. There is something inspiring about reading books by my friends, too—if they can do it, I can do it. I have How to Cure a Ghost by Fariha Róisín, and Freshwater and Pet by Akwaeke Emezi, and I find myself coming back to them when I’m stressed and just have to close my laptop.

Getting Rid of Those Books From College 

I studied literature as an undergrad, and you don’t really realize that you’re indoctrinated with this point of view, until you sit back and look at your bookshelf with all your books from college and realize they’re all [by] white men. I have books by Samuel Beckett and Wilkie Collins, and that’s great because part of being a person is being able to read all these different perspectives, but it’s like, damn, bro—you don’t have enough of the Black canon and the Asian canon and the Brown canon. I went through a big purge a few years ago. I was such a Shakespeare nerd in high school, and I had multiple copies of every play and the sonnets. Eventually I had to say, Wait, why do I have four copies of Richard III? What’s going on here? For every book I removed, I added something new to my library that felt like it should be a part of my tool kit. I’m a Taurus, so I love to accumulate things, but my boyfriend is much more minimal, so living with him has been helpful in keeping my collection intentional. I’ve given books away to my friends, and our building has a little spot in the laundry room where people leave books. 

Childhood Comforts 

I probably have a hundred of the original Baby-Sitters Club books from when I was younger, but for the most part, they’re at my mom’s house. In my current collection, I have Kristy’s Big Day, which covers when her mom got remarried after being divorced. That was so “whoa” for me because my parents were divorced. I also have Sea City, Here We Come, which was one of the specials where they would go on a trip and there would be drama. I loved the Claudia books because she was my idol. I have a few Nancy Drews and The Royal Diaries. I hope one day if I do have a child, they will get these ridiculous books that seem so dated to them, because they were even dated when I read them. 

Sharing Stories With a Significant Other

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Courtesy of Zeba Blay

My boyfriend is Indian—he’s trying to educate himself more on Black Lives Matter, and I’m trying to educate myself more on what’s happening in the Brown community. He has also opened my eyes to how many resources are online, and how many books you can find for free. Most of the books in the apartment are mine, but he’s a musician and filmmaker, so he has a lot of books on music theory and cinematography, so we get to dip into each other’s worlds. He recently read The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri, and he read it aloud to me one night—it’s nice to be able to share a story, especially in this time. 

Her Constant Recommendation

A book that is very close to my heart is Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. It’s an almost-1,000-page fantasy novel about magic in England. It’s one of the most immersive reading experiences I’ve ever had. It gave me the same feeling I had being 11 and reading Harry Potter. I first read it in high school. The first copy I ever had was from around 2006, and it’s completely in tatters—the first pages are actually gone. I know I’ll have this book forever—it’s healing to me.

Another book that a friend lent me and now I want to lend to a bunch of people is Minor Feelings by Cathy Park Hong, which is a beautifully written, instructive book of essays. Surpassing Certainty by Janet Mock is also a big one.

How Books Make a Home

I have anxiety, I have depression, I’m a Taurus—all of those things together have led to me making my home, now more than ever, my safe space. It’s really about creating an environment that feels healing, and the books are a part of that—even the ones that are just chilling there and I haven’t looked at in a year. They make the space feel like home, and they make it feel like me. I really do believe in energy, and an object as banal as a book has energy, too. With everything going on with the pandemic and this discourse about racism in America, it’s so important for me, especially as someone who deals with mental illness and who is a Black woman in America, to have this space where I can feel free.

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Weekend Reading 7.19.20

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Happy Sunday everyone. If you watched my Insta stories yesterday you saw a new fixer upper project just landed in my lap. I need to finalize some paperwork and collect a few bids, but I’ll have some space renovations to blog about soon!

Summer is flying by, days are super lazy and we’re all just mostly hanging out at home. I can’t believe my teens are back to high school in less than a month. Here in California, the district announced distance learning to start. It’s easier for me since my two kids handle their school work on their own, but oh my heart when I think of all my friends with elementary school kids, juggling homeschooling and their work schedule. It’s going to be rough for a while longer, let’s all remember to be kind to one another!

Favorite links from the week:

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Cotton Face Masks – Sources

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If there was ever a year that teaches us how to adapt to changing circumstances… hello 2020.

Yesterday, I had just finished up a few hours of work and decided to enjoy the sunshine and meet a friend at a local tap room where they serve authentic German beer from the Hofbräuhaus in Munich. If I can’t visit a real biergarten in Europe, I’ll just enjoy the taste of one in my hometown. 🙂

As I sipped from my stein, my friend told me about how she is spending the next few months virtually walking the Camino de Santiago, her creative way of visualizing a trip abroad and staying fit.  As we sat and talked, we got the latest update from our governor that California was going into another round of business closures. Ugh.



Face masks are a way of life now, in my county, you can’t enter any business without them. Since face masks are the new (and often necessary) fashion accessory, I bought myself a few new cute washable ones.

Below are sources for three of my favorite cotton masks:

black floral 1 & floral set

And for those of you looking to add a few non-medical masks to your collection, here are a few other sellers I found offering masks in floral prints and pretty fabrics. 🙂

Pretty Plum Sugar

Dotty Lane – Etsy



Kat Bag – Etsy

Lotus and Luna


Shop Sunday Ritual

The Happy People Co. – Etsy

Claire & Clara

Stassie Knit – Etsy


Hey January – Etsy

Soren by Angelique – Etsy

5 Pack – Old Navy



If you can recommend other sources for non medical cotton masks, please share in the comments. 🙂

20 Eye Catching Wall Shelves

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I was on the hunt for a decorative wall shelf to hang in my bathroom, one that provided storage and display but also with artistic sculptural quality. I found so many great ones out there, I had to share.

Wall shelves have come a long way! No longer are we stuck with simple floating versions or shelves that sit on brackets. Step aside basic shelves and make way for all these shapes and styles from diamonds to octagons!


mid century geometric

matte black floating trio


honeycomb shelf

triangle & circle

farmhouse floating

gold metal two piece

booker climbing display

shelfmate collection



santiago wood shelves


floating lines

diamond floating

hexagon & oak

round wood display

center circle

walnut & gold

copper shelves

gold circle

octagon shelf

wood & metal


Homeowner uses decorative stencil on concrete to carry out impressive 'Yarden' makeover

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We’re seeing more creativity than ever, especially during lockdown – as homeowners find the time to tackle those long put-off DIY projects. One that we’re seeing time and time again is the stencilled  concrete patio – and just how effective this can be to transform an outdoor ‘yarden’ space.

Another example: Homeowner paints patio grey with ‘faux rug’ to transform outdoor space – for just £60

Homeowner Dawn Burton decided to brave a DIY job to update her drab concrete patio area in her courtyard.

Courtyard before

Image credit: Dawn Burton

Dawn shares her impressive DIY efforts writing, ‘Lockdown/LockDawn project for my 117 yr old yarden! As you can imagine the walls & floor are completely uneven so probably not a good idea stencilling your yard 😫 But I do love a challenge 😳

And challenge it certainly was. She goes on to say, ‘ If I knew the pain I was about to endure in my back, legs & everywhere else I don’t think I would have tackled it. But hey ho this 54 yr old doesn’t like to be beaten & certainly not by a floor💪🏼😂 ‘. That’s the kind of winning spirit and determination we can get behind here at Ideal Home.

Image credit: Dawn Burton

Dawn began by painting the concrete area with an overall coat of black paint. She tells us. ‘The floor had 2 coats of Smooth black masonry paint. Stencil was pure brilliant white masonry  and Frenchic Al Fresco in Dusky Blush. Followed by 2 coats of patio sealer on top & voila.’

Image credit: Dawn Burton

To create the Victorian tile look Dawn chose a specialist stencil for home decor and crafts. The paint is stippled on with a brush and she also used various make up brushes – we’re won over with Dawn’s can-do attitude!

You’ll notice the pillow to support her knees, as seen behind the scenes – just to show how much Dawn endured to carry out this incredible makeover.

Buy now: Victorian Tile Pattern Stencil, £9.49, Ideal Stencils

Stencilled concrete patio after

Image credit: Dawn Burton

The finished outdoor area is a total triumphant. Dawn says, ‘Couldn’t be more proud of what I’ve achieved.’ Before hilariously adding, ‘I never, no not ever want to see a stencil again 😂 ‘.

All in all Dawn estimates she spent roughly £124 on transforming the courtyard floor.

Image credit: Dawn Burton

To enhance the newly painted outdoor area she has now dressed it to perfection – with a small sofa, bistro table set and pretty plants.

‘I really hope I’ve inspired others to try something they’ve never ever done before, I did 😉👍🏼’.

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Do you have a makeover that deserves to be seen by the world? Share it with us in the Ideal Home Room Clinic, we’d love to feature your DIY project here too.

Will you be trying this painting hack for your patio?

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Brighten Up Your Patio Nights With The Best Umbrella Lights

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Oh, the summer days drifting away to the summer nights. That cozy feeling you get spending time in your patio in the warm breeze of the sunset. Those conversations with friends extending long into the night. Precious or fun moments deserve to be under a spotlight. But also, because it ain’t too much fun to stumble around your own garden when stars don’t shine too bright. That is why having umbrella lights can be both practical and decorative.

Add a spark of style to your patio with one of our recommended umbrella lights. If you want to add a romantic light or a bright one, suitable for reading outside, you have plenty of options. We put together a list of 4 best lighted umbrellas. If your garden already features a solar umbrella, check out our selection of lighting options to match. Feeling overwhelmed by the topic? Our guide can shed some light on the most important features to consider.

How To Choose The Best Umbrella Lights?

Making an informed decision is mandatory to ensure you don’t throw your money out the window. So here we are, to help you see the light among this plethora of options available on the market. We break down the most important features you need to analyze before purchasing your very own umbrella lights. You may be all about style, but there are some essential technicalities to consider too.

Power Source Type

Umbrella lights come in three variants, based on what kind of power source they use. You can choose solar, battery or mains powered lights for your patio. Here’s the trick, each one has some upsides and downsides, so keep reading to know more.

  • Solar powered umbrella lights absorb and store sunlight throughout the day. Once it gets dark, they convert it into energy as they turn on. Eco-friendly, not weighing on your energy bill, these lights seem perfect. That is, of course, if you are living on the sunny side of the country. If weather in your area is mostly cloudy, solar lighting may not reach its full potential. Also, make sure you want to give nature full control over the lights. That is, this kind of lights will turn on by themselves, as soon as it gets dark. And they also fade out when they start running out of power. So, if you usually spend time outside in the late hours of the night, these lights might not glow long enough.
  • Mains powered umbrella lights connect to a constant source of power. That means you can keep the party going all night long. They are affordable and reliable, all you need to do is plug them in to your mains power supply. The downsides come from the power cords spread around your patio. There is a risk you can stumble on the cables hidden in the grass, especially at late hours, when you get very tired. Not to mention that the long cords may not match your garden design very well.
  • Battery powered umbrella lights bring together the best of both worlds. That means they can be eco-friendly, practical, convenient and aesthetic. Consider rechargeable batteries, not the discardable ones, to reduce waste. Your electricity bills will be under control too. This will help you reduce costs and protect the environment as well. They ensure you have as much light as you need, when you need it, without the unpleasant cables all over your patio.


When it comes to design, there are four most common options for the patio lights. You can choose between strand lights, disc lights, spotlights and lanterns.

  • Strand lights are the first thing most people associate with umbrella lights. They involve multiple small bulbs attached on a powering cord. Usually, their distribution matches the structure of your umbrella. You will have a central trunk line for the pole and additional strands for the umbrella rims. If you already have a solar umbrella in your patio, you can buy only the strand lights and attach them. Or you can choose an umbrella model that already incorporates these lights. Keep in mind that this kind of lights have more the set-the-vibe kind of glow. They might not be bright enough if you want to read or play cards under your umbrella after sunset.
  • Disc lights have a circular shape and you can usually fasten them around your umbrella pole. They direct light downwards, ensuring plenty of light under the umbrella. Unlike the strand lights, these ones will provide widespread, strong light. So, don’t rely on them for creating a soft, romantic atmosphere. Yet, consider them your allies if you plan reading or having a late-night dinner under the umbrella.
  • Lantern lights are a versatile addition to your garden. You can either hang them to your umbrella or place them around the patio. They add a whimsical touch to your outdoors, making it even more enjoyable to spend time there. Not to mention that they will be a pleasure to the eye even when they’re turned off, thanks to their design.

Our Most Recommended Patio Umbrellas with Lights

You may want to refresh your backyard with a solar umbrella so you can enjoy summer days (and nights) more. Or you may simply want to update your old, dusty umbrella with a more modern version. Either way, we dare you to take a peek at our selection of lighted patio umbrellas. We have a feeling that at least one of these carefully selected models will be love at first…light.

ProductBest FeaturesPower SourceUmbrella Diameter
1. Hartlepool Market Umbrellaopening mechanism both manual and crank lift;

LED lights built inside the umbrella ribs

solar powered9.10 feet
2. Somerville 10′ x 6.5′ Rectangular Market Umbrellapush button for tilting; UV protection – UPF 80solar powered10 feet
3. Maghull 9′ Market Umbrellabeautiful, saturated canopy colors; classical design; weather-resistantbattery powered9 feet
4. Patio Umbrella Ourdoor Solar Umbrella LED12 colors palette for the canopysolar powered9 feet

1. Hartlepool Market Umbrella

Add some style to your patio or pool with the Hartlepool Market Umbrella. This deluxe aluminum umbrella comes with an exquisite design and powerful LED lights. You get to enjoy more time with your family or your friends, under an elegant and practical cover. The umbrella protects you during the day from strong UV rays. At night, its solar-powered LEDs will provide you with the light you need. When it comes to your comfort, crank it up a notch. This umbrella’s height and inclination angle are easy to adjust, just as you need them. Choose from the five canopy colors the one that would look great in your garden or by the pool.

2. Somerville 10′ x 6.5′ Rectangular Market Umbrella

The Somerville Rectangular Market Umbrella satisfies your needs for both shade and light. Tilt the umbrella as you need, to keep you safe from the hot sun. Adjust the inclination angle so the light falls on your table perfectly. It is all a push-button away, both tilting and switching the light on/off. Count on this umbrella to last, thanks to its powder-coated aluminum structure. It will pass the test against rust, chipping or peeling, while looking great in your patio. It comes with a one year warranty and a ventilated design to stop the umbrella from inverting on windy days. Take cover under the canopy, available in four attractive colors: canvas blue, sandy, wine red and taupe.

3. Maghull 9′ Market Umbrella

The Maghull 9′ Market Umbrella lets you enjoy your time outdoors a lot more, both at day and at night. A strong steel structure combines with a colored canopy for an aesthetic look. Both practical and beautiful, this round umbrella has incorporated lights as well. Adjust the inclination angle with the crank lift and get as much sun or shade as you want. Or use it to make sure the rim light suits your needs. The intense color of the canopy is fade resistant, thanks to the 240/gsm polyester used. Water-repellent, easy to clean, it is available in four colors: green, beige,dark red and brown. The product comes with a 6 month warranty. Use this umbrella day and night, to feel more comfortable in your patio

4. Patio Umbrella Ourdoor Solar Umbrella LED

The ABCCANOPY Patio Solar Umbrella adds a splash of color and light to your nights in the garden. Of course, you also get plenty of shade under its canopy on hot days. Go full (solar) power with this beautiful umbrella, as its 32 LED lights will charge all day and glow all night. No annoying cords around, no empty batteries. The solar panel of the umbrella recharges automatically, allowing the lights to work up to 12h. Opening or closing the umbrella is a “crank” away. And there is only one button to push if you want to tilt the umbrella top. This solar umbrella will pass the test of time for sure. It features protection against water, UV, fade and rust.

What If I Already Have A Patio Umbrella?

These patio umbrellas with incorporated lights look great, no doubt. But what if you already have an umbrella and just want some lights? We thought of that and selected some of the most practical and beautiful umbrella lights. Take a look and find your favorite!

Product Best FeaturesDesignPower SourceNumber of Lights
1. HONWELL Patio Umbrella Lightremote control, 16 color change options, adjustable brightness, wirelessdisc lightsbattery powered20 LED lights
2. Theron Solar 3-in-1 Patio Umbrella Lightingindependently adjustable spotlightsspotlightsolar powered3 spotlights
3. OYOCO Patio Umbrella Light 3 Brightnessversatile (hang/clamp) installation, 3 brightness modesdisc lightsbattery powered28 LED lights
4. Multi Colored LED Outside Lights for Deck Umbrellasmall size, suitable for various settings, remote control, 2 brightness modes, 16 colorsdisc lightsbattery powered20 LED lights
5. Brella Lights Patio Umbrella Lighting System With Power Pod with 6 Ribuniversal match for any 6 feet diameter umbrellastring lightspower pod120 lights
6. Black Solar Powered LED Outdoor Bug Zapper Lanternpractical design, modern UV-light technology for zapping insectslanternsolar poweredbuilt-in LED light
7. Patio Lanternadjustable brightness, safe to use in locations with high humiditylanternbattery poweredbuilt-in LED light

1. HONWELL Patio Umbrella Light

The HONWELL Patio Umbrella Light is perfect to get the party started. It is suitable for your patio umbrella but also for camping or  other outdoor activities. Choose from the 16 colors palette the one to match your atmosphere. Adjust brightness, color, turn the lights on/off, while being up to 26 feet apart. The 24 keys remote control is easy to use and very convenient. Forget the worries about cables spreading all over the patio. These LEDs operate with 6 AA batteries, so you can dance under the lights without stumbling.

2. Theron Solar 3-in-1 Patio Umbrella Lighting

The Theron Solar 3-in-1 Patio Umbrella Lighting allows you to enjoy up to 10h of light every night in your patio. The three spotlights are solar powered and can be easily adjusted, to direct light where you need it most. Eco-friendly light, these three spotlights match any patio umbrella. No more tangled cables around your garden, no worry about turning off the lights in the morning. The bright LEDs turn off on their own during the day and light up after sunset. Get ready to get under the spotlight with these convenient, powerful umbrella lights.

3. OYOCO Patio Umbrella Light 3 Brightness

The OYOCO Patio Umbrella Light makes your brightest dreams true, right in your patio. Of course, we’re talking about how much light you want to have for your nights spent outdoors. You get to choose from three different brightness levels: Dim (4 LEDs on), Bright (24 LEDs) or Super Bright (28 LEDs). All accessible with the press of a button. Easy to install, saving energy and looking sharp, this LED disk brightens up your nights. Clamp it on your umbrella or hang it in your tent or wherever you need. No strings attached, as it operates with four batteries.

4. Multi Colored LED Outside Lights for Deck Umbrella

The HONWELL Umbrella Pole Light is the slightly lighter version of the HONWELL Patio Umbrella Light. And by lighter, we mean both color and weight. This umbrella light has a white body, but comes with the same 16 color options for you to set the atmosphere right. The remote makes everything more convenient, from switching the lights on/off to setting the brightness. And it is cord-free, using six batteries as a power source.

5. Brella Lights Patio Umbrella Lighting System With Power Pod with 6 Rib

The Brella Lights Patio Umbrella Lighting System will make your patio umbrella glow. Enjoy a soft, subtle light, for endless nights. This in-line lighting system operates with a power pod, so you don’t have to worry about battery. And its design matches any umbrella with a 6-feet diameter. Add a whimsical vibe to your patio with these umbrella lights.

6. Black Solar Powered LED Outdoor Bug Zapper Lantern

Trust the Black Solar Powered LED Outdoor Bug Zapper Lantern to bring light and charm to your patio. This little lantern suits any patio, deck or camping space. Count on its UV light to attract and zap any annoying mosquitos or flies. It uses solar energy to operate, so you don’t have to worry about cables or batteries. Just place it in your desired spot and enjoy the night.

7. Patio Lantern

The Patio Lantern will cast plenty of light in your garden, even on rainy nights. Safe to use in places with high humidity, this lantern will spread 1000 lumens of light in all directions. Flood areas of over 50 feet with light or simply add a bit of glow, with a dim light. You can adjust the brightness of these lights. Also, don’t worry about tricky cables, the lanterns works with batteries.

How To Take Care Of Your Umbrella Lights in Winter

If you live in an area where winter is gentle, you don’t have much to worry. The high-quality umbrella lights are usually weatherproof. By design, they should handle very well the typical winter weather.

But if you face heavy snowfall, strong winds or high humidity in winter, here are some tips that can be useful. Learn how to protect your umbrella lights in the cold season.

Avoid large amounts of snow from gathering on your cables and wires. Preferably, save your mains-powered lights from very low temperatures. You can either isolate them properly with a cover until spring. Or if you have enough space, place them in your garage or another indoors area until better weather. Low temperatures and high humidity can impact the integrity of the electrical circuits.

Enjoy The Glow

Umbrella lights, whether strings, lanterns or discs, will really brighten up your patio. We hope our guide and recommended models help you find the light you are looking for. Let us know in the comments which style is your favorite. Lighten up and enjoy those warm summer nights under your brand new umbrella lights!

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Couple transform their cluttered garage into a wine bar – with tropical wallpaper

Sourced content from: https://www.idealhome.co.uk/news/garage-makeover-to-home-bar-with-jungle-wallpaper-251986

The pubs may be reopened but with many happy to avoid the crowds home bars are still trending. And one couple more than happy to stay home and raise a toast are Louise and Si Davis – after turning their cluttered garage into a trendy home bar.

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Sharing their garage makeover with our Ideal Home Room Clinic members, Louise writes, ‘My hubby Si and I decided to give our garage a quick makeover as it had become a dumping ground for everyone!’

Before and after – garage makeover

garage converted into home bar

Image credit: Louise Davis

‘Our whole house is very Laura Ashley and girly, so it only seemed fair to design a room that Si could relax in’ explains Louise.  Adding ‘Without being surrounded by flowers, scented candles and copious amount of scatter cushions!.’

Although it does look as though she managed to sneak a few scatter cushions in, nice work Louise.

Image credit: Louise Davis

‘After clearing the entire contents of the garage into a skip, we gave the exposed brick work a paint in Navy blue and laid new carpet’ Louise details.

‘Si then spent the day building the bar from MDF panels with beading. I then sprayed the bar using Craig & Rose Artisan paint in Dark Grey Granite effect – I’d used this on my fireplace and was really pleased with the results.’

The couple added LED strip lighting from Screwfix to the bar and had a glass top made, to create the trendy wine bar vibes.

Jungle-inspired wallpaper

Image credit: Louise Davis

‘I found a fab jungle inspired wallpaper on I Love Wallpaper which we used to cover the back wall and our three kids had bought the T-Rex dinosaur skull for Si’s 50th – so that was the perfect centerpiece.’

Louise was keen to to cover the entire ceiling with foliage, so bought four rolls of it faux foliage from The Range.

‘I stapled it to the ceiling and then added fairy lights, it was a back and neck-aching job, and required lots of Deep Heat after,’ says Louise.

Rexys bar sign

Image credit: Louise Davis

The couple bought the wooden letters, for the sign, from eBay. They picked these up fairly cheap and sprayed them with silver paint to make the sign.

To add the perfect finishing touches Louise tells us, ‘We then had a bar runner, coasters and cushions personalised for him as a surprise.’

The transformation was complete in roughly four days. ‘We have already made such good use out of it, as all our three grown up children have had their birthdays during lockdown. So we were able to all get dressed up and celebrate with a few cocktails at the bar!’

Staying in is the new going out in 2020.

Image credit: Louise Davis

Explaining the name of the bar, Louise tells Ideal Home, ‘My hubby’s nickname is Rexy, so it had to be named Rexy’s Bar!’.

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*Immediately clears out the garage to make room for a gin bar.*

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Spacious Dark Interiors With Ruby Red Accents

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If Count Dracula were cruising the housing market for a modern pad to replace his decaying castle, then these spacious dark interiors with blood red accents might catch his eye. The gothic inspired colour combo paints moody glamour through three dramatic concept homes, where it cocoons modern furniture, inspires a mysterious lighting scheme, and hushes the outside world. These are homes for escapism, a place where the homeowner can set their own rules. Although darkness dominates, the spaces open up with lofty ceilings and huge windows. Textured stone walls and expanses of traditional panelling are employed to play in the shade, whilst curious sculptural pieces rise out of the shadows to build intrigue.

Visualizer: Serge Somkin  

This interior concept is a fresh vision on castle living, inspired by medieval aesthetics. Rough, spacious and controversial, this modern abode is unique from its sculptural furniture down to a strangely foreboding red lighting scheme.

A tall sculptural chair basks in the atmospheric red light of a linear fireplace. Abstract art extrudes from the stone wall.

On the other side of the large living room, an open plan dining area is alive in the glow of rouge perimeter LEDs. A modern dining room chandelier ignites a hoop of searing white.

A persian rug outlines the eating area.

Each dining chair is like a piece of sculptural art. Architectural fins assist with solar shading at the windows, and cause light play across the floor.

A linear suspension light slices through a black and red kitchen scheme.

Wall art is softly lit by directional ceiling lights, bringing it out from the shadows. A dining area runs off the side of the kitchen island; unique dining chairs are shaped like small figures in the gloom.

A black faucet blends into the black kitchen and black marble countertop.

The master bedroom is a massive luxury suite with a glamorous 4 poster bed set right in the centre. A wall of ruby red lighting sears the edge of the darkness, highlighting a long stretch of glass closet doors.

Individual bedroom pendant lights form a chandelier arrangement by the
4 poster bed.

A huge rug spills out from under the bed, flooding beneath a pair of black marble side tables.

More architectural fins filter direct sunlight from the sleeping chamber. Sunlight is invited readily into the other half of the room, where there is a large lounge area and a home workspace.

A square coffee table and equally square chairs furnish the sitting area.

The floor lamp is a unique design that is tightly strung between ceiling and floor.

More red lighting adds mystique to the home office.

Two decorative vases silhouette in the ruby glow.

The sprawling bathroom is like a luxury spa, caped in black.

A sunken bathtub beds into the black floor, allowing a wall of natural light to flood into the room unobstructed.

A modern
rocking chair reclines by the window and a piece of red and black sculpture.

There is a walk-in shower at the back of the room with double shower heads.

A golden pendant light gleams over the bath.

The glass wall bathroom looks out into a vanity area.

Twin wash basins are sunken into a long black vanity shelf, underlit by red LEDs.

Vanity stools wait in the fiery glow beneath the bench.

High contrast black and white floor pattern stands out sharply in the shadowy space.

Bright white modern wall lights burn vividly against the dark backdrop. Red perimeter lights highlight wall texture and strike a sharp outline.

Visualizer: Jonathan Nicholson  

The next home interior has a neoclassical scheme, with traditional wainscot walls and a button back sofa. A contemporary white chandelier contrasts with the raven paintwork.

Red upholstery makes the tufted sofa stand out from the black panelled backdrop.

Stylish lounge chairs bring more modernity and lighter warming hues into the layout.

An elegant glass vase tops a luxe white marble coffee table. The interior design coffee table book is Entryways of Milan.

A large sputnik chandelier casts out its spokes over the black dining room. White sculptures on white plinths disrupt the onyx decor.

Monochrome wall art is framed by the wainscot beading.

A stark botanical display forms the table centrepiece. Edison bulbs provide a low atmospheric glow.

Four black dining chairs are widely spaced around a rectangular dining table, giving the space a minimalist look and allowing the deep colour scheme to breath. An oak herringbone floor effectively brightens the look.

A garnet upholstered bench sweeps underneath colour coordinated floral art. A gold picture frame enriches the opulent colour palette.

Visualizer: Makseem Knife   

The final home interior is a one of great stature, where towering wall panels further exaggerate the room’s lofty effect. Custom-made floor length black curtains frame great windows. A black 3-piece suite and floor lamp are dwarfed by the sheer scale of the impressive space.

A splash of russian minimalism colours the black wall.

Laid out beneath the low slung slab coffee table, a scarlet area rug gives the dark room a strong heart. Chevron flooring floods the rest of the floor space with a rich espresso tone.

Almost going unseen, a minimalist pendant light fixture drops a single edison bulb from an original ceiling rose. The black rose melds with its colour matched ceiling mount.

The rest of the enormous room falls away into obscure darkness, where indoor plants brush black feathery silhouettes into the corners.

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Don’t Lose Out on Your Dream Home—A Realtor’s Tips for Sealing the Deal

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Lockdown threw everyone’s plans for a loop—especially those who were planning to move. According to a new Zillow report, the market is starting to pick up again: Homes are selling faster than they have at any time in the past two years. What’s more, the average time a property is even up for grabs is a full week less than last summer. So, if you’re thinking of kickstarting your relocation plans, it’s time to move quickly; we tapped an expert to get tips on exactly how to make that happen. 

From winning a bidding war to prepping a priority list, here’s everything Realty ONE Group’s Rebecca Correia suggests for making sure you don’t let your dream home slip by:

Be Able to Move Quickly

You should walk into a house equipped with everything you need to make an offer, just in case you fall in love with the farmhouse style on the spot. Correia recommends fully researching the area before you so much as step foot through the door; then, have your lender review all financials so you’re pre-approved. 

Write a Checklist 

Take it from other first-time homeowners: It’s important to be crystal clear on what your needs and wants are to avoid disappointment down the road. Just be sure to differentiate between the two: “You may want a pool for hot summer days, but really need a big yard for pets and kids,” explains Correia. Every list should also include a section for mechanics like heating and water, so you can tick them off and put your mind at ease before signing anything. 

Look at the Bigger Picture 

“Find an agent who’s not only putting you in an auto-search, but also scouring the internet looking at off-market homes,” says Correia. With so much speed-selling happening, it can’t hurt to cast a wider net. 

Go the Extra Mile

Say you find your perfect place and you’re ready to move in next week… chances are, others feel that way too. Correia suggests writing a “love letter” to the owners: “Express to the homeowner how their house will suit you and your family’s needs,” she says. When you’re enjoying an al fresco cocktail hour on that freshly renovated back patio, you’ll be glad you went above and beyond. 

Introducing Domino’s new podcast Design Time, where we explore spaces with meaning. Each week, join editor-in-chief Jessica Romm Perez along with talented creatives and designers from our community to explore how to create a home that tells your story. Listen now and subscribe for new episodes on Thursdays.

Designs To Inspire Slick Small Home Creativity

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We’re delving into some more small home inspiration because with so many expertly executed small space projects it’s hard to feature just a few! Limited space doesn’t mean limited opportunity for great design, it just presents a model to compact and condense awesome ideas into an enriched area. With that said, here are two slick small studio apartment designs by talent at Studio Open, which are fully equipped to inspire and motivate more tiny home creativity.

This tiny apartment in Moscow, Russia measures just 25.6 square metres. It’s high ceiling has made it possible to incorporate a mezzanine to separate out the bedroom. The downstairs floor area is split between a kitchen diner area and a brief lounge.

A single slouchy seat makes a comfortable spot for reading and listening to music. A bookcase is built into the end of a run of closets, which would also make a good spot for a headphone stand to keep the only lounge chair tidy.

A small but stylish floor lamp joins the floor chair.

The tiny dining table for two is just big enough to hold a coffee mug and plate each, and a simple glass vase centrepiece. The pair of modern dining chairs provide the style element to the piece.

The home entryway is a long and wide walkway, with enough room to accommodate a generous amount of storage closets, a shoe storage unit and an entryway bench.

Although the entryway serves its own separate purpose, its wide open layout helps to increase the sense of space in the living room too.

A decorative wall mirror bounces natural light into the hallway.

KAWS sculpture Is casually placed on the end of the floating shoe rack. It’s not exactly a special spot for a piece of collectable art but it is seen by all who call at the apartment.

Glass blocks build a light sharing wall for the bathroom. The feature makes a textural backdrop for the minimalist round dining table.

Dining pendant lights flutter down to the dining table, a cascade of folded ellipses.

The small kitchen carries a dark stained wood finish that disrupts the pale room. Its chocolate tone picks out lowlights in the terrazzo floor tiles of the living space, and builds a feeling of depth and warmth.

A stainless steel faucet, pitcher and utensils pot give the kitchen a little sheen. Geometric mosaic tiles spread pattern and add modernity.

On the other side of the glass block wall, a small wooden side table holds an array of toiletries next to the shower enclosure.

Concrete decor gives the grey bathroom an industrial edge.

A large glass fronted cupboard is backlit to brighten the corner of the room.

Under-cabinet lighting illuminates the vanity area.

A sleek grey bathroom sink matches the modern grey toilet pan. A Batman rubber duck adds a touch of humour.

Back in the living room, a spiral staircase design gives rise to the mezzanine level of the apartment.

There is a privacy curtain in place to pull along the balustrades, which helps the bedroom feel cosier at night.

Modern wall sconces light the head of the bed and two tiny bedside shelves.

Translucent doors and inner light boxes make the wardrobe contents into bedroom decor.

Perspective drawing of apartment.

Floor plan.

This 28 square metre apartment is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Coral pink accents lift the look of the compact interior. Small-scale furniture pieces increase the sense of space. A round coffee table fits in front of a narrow tower of shelving by an armless sofa design.

The dining bar can double as a home workspace. A crisp white media unit blends with the white painted TV wall.

The white TV wall floats against raw concrete decor, which wraps around onto the ceiling of the living room.

A swing arm wall lamp works well as a modern dining light and as practical task lighting. White kitchen bar stools make a light addition to the minimalist table.

The dining table can be positioned for use flush up against the wall or at a 90 degree angle with the one wall kitchen.

The kitchen is revealed from behind bifold doors. A bright coral backsplash packs a lot of punch into the tiny area. A two ring hob and an average sized kitchen sink leave only a little food prep space, so the dining tabletop serves a third use as an extra kitchen worktop.

Storage units installed between the entry door and the sofa are well positioned to be utilised for kitchen storage too.

If the first living room workspace is too busy in the midst of mealtime prep, there is another desk area by the window. A yellow stool makes a happy colour accent.

Wall cabinets cross above a couple of indoor planters.

In the hallway, a bench seat bridges a gap in the cabinetry.

An LED ribbon highlights a boot nook under the bench seat.

Coral pink bathroom accents vibrantly contrast with teal painted walls around the upper half of the room. A KAWS gold bearbrick sculpture reflects in a decorative mirror on the vanity.

Pink bathroom tiles back the shower enclosure, tying in with the unusual coral shower unit. A bespoke cabinet makes use of the void above the concealed toilet cistern.

Apartment floor plan.

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