Red Brick Architecture And Indonesian Vibes From East Java

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Project Omah Boto (which means ‘Brick House’) was born out of a client’s request for “Indonesia vibes”. The build site is located near the Pari Temple and Sumur Temple, Sidoarjo, East Java, which opened up the idea of historical red brick architecture that stems from the Majapahit Kingdom era. The materials and manufacturing techniques are passed on to craftsmen in Trowulan Village, home of the red brick industry, to this day. Andyrahman Architect team invited craftsmen to partner with them during the architectural process, making their skillset and integral part of the design. Other Nusantara elements, including bamboo, wood, and rattan, were introduced into the design to form a marriage of true Indonesian character.

The red bricks in the Omah Boto (which means ‘Brick House’) became the main element, described by the designers as being like “a gene or cell of the building”. Brick pattern in Omah Boto is built using tectonic techniques, which require a high level of accuracy. These tectonic brick constructions combine design precision with craftsman ingenuity and understanding of the material’s character and quality. “Architect is the one who’s famous outside. While inside, the craftsmen emerges” explained Mr. Hasan, the brick project leader.

The 5x10x20cm brick dimension is used as the main measuring standard throughout all architectural aspects of Omah Boto, such as door or window width, sill height, and even room area.

The home exterior design and build as a whole is truly unique in its collaborative nature, being not only built but designed side by side with traditionally trained craftsmen.

Light and air permeable brickwork formations build the structure of the house and the outer walls of its grounds. Metal gates pull closed across a garage entryway, which is hidden behind wood louvre doors.

A motorcycle port is floored in beautiful green and yellow Indonesian tile, like a carpet of Batik motives.

Decorative red brickwork is accentuated under lights at the back of the port, highlighting every dip and extrusion. Some of the brick arrangements in the house are taken from Batik motives, like the Parang and Pucuk Rebung motif used for wall and floor brick tectonics, and the Kawung motif on bathroom ceramics. These patterns were experimented with, and developed by the design team, to hark back to the main reason of brick usage in Indonesia from ancient times. The results bring about an interesting rhythm, and characterful arrangements.

Once inside the home, the red brickwork is seen making stunning zigzag pattern across a TV wall. A blue and yellow striped media cabinet matches with a powder blue modern sofa and a blue accent chair. A round coffee table sits atop a gorgeous Indonesian rug design that defines the sitting area. Omah Boto adopts the traditional Javanese house concept, whereby there are three main parts to a house’s zoning: The Pendhapa (a public/ communal area in the front side of the house), Pringgitan (a transition area in the middle), and Dalem (a private area in the back).

Traditionally, Javanese house zoning is arranged horizontally but in Omah Boto it has been stacked in a vertical arrangement: The whole of the first floor is utilised as a communal room, the next floor up contains a living room, and the bedrooms take up the top story. Down in the communal room, a sociable dining spot sits behind the lounge area, equipped for six diners or tea drinkers.

Colourful canisters prick the kitchen diner with bright colour. Patterned tile adds energy to the backsplash of a basic wood and concrete kitchen design. Five rattan dining room pendant lights have been grouped above the simple wood dining set at different heights to add movement and interest.

A dense vertical garden thrives at the side of a modern staircase design.

Dark stained wood planks encase solid concrete treads and risers.

A black metal balustrade climbs one side of the staircase, whilst concrete planters congregate at the other.

Vertical planting brings added shade to the interior of the home.

The prayer room (or Musholla) in this house is characteristic of a Garbhagriha, through the brick construction of floor, walls, and ceiling. The sacred Hindu Garbhagrha (which translates from Sanskrit as ‘womb chamber’) is here to remind all who enters of their origin, and purpose of life in the world.

Impressive craftsmanship is seen in and around the front doors of the home too, where beautiful woodwork panels manipulate the penetrating sunlight.

More sunlight patterns push through the walls on each level of the home.

Rattan light shades echo the crosshatched brickwork formation.

A small lounge rests in the shade.

Tile pattern shines on bare bedroom floors.

A superb red brick headboard rises in impeccable undulating pattern. There is an air of Frank Lloyd Wright about this bedroom design, and its use of natural materials.

Fitted wooden wardrobes hug the corner of the room.

A shock of red tiles tower in the shower room.

The outer skin of the Musholla is designed to reduce glare from the sun, and to maximise airflow while maintaining the homeowner’s privacy in the sacred room.

Bricks appear to hang impossibly from the ceiling over the prayer room.

Kids’ beds are stacked to utilise the tall ceiling height, with storage chambers included in and around the bed design.

A bathtub bathes in sea of blue and white tile.

Outdoor chairs sit beneath a rattan canopy.

A view of the impressively ornate front doors from the outside.

The rattan canopy over the home entryway requires outstanding craftsmanship.

Indeed, it is painstaking craftsmanship that shines through in each and every detail of this home.

West elevation.

East elevation.

Section drawing.

Traditional Javanese house layout vs the vertical Omah Boto version.

Brickwork patterns and uses.

First and second floor plans.

Third floor plan and rooftop.

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Sunlit Stroll through Aveiro

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In May, I traveled to Portugal, to the Algarve region, and also Lisbon and Sintra. On our way north to Porto, my travel mate and I made a one night stop in Aveiro. I’d read about the town and the canals and glad we got a chance to see it, it was really sweet! Aveiro is less than an hour from Porto, so it could be done on a daytrip, but instead we chose to spend the night. Aveiro is charming and small, and totally walkable in an afternoon.

I woke up early to blue skies, and after a quick breakfast at our hotel we stepped out to see the town. My travel mate and I meandered through the streets at a slow pace, people watching and listening to the rhythm of the town: the shop owner sweeping up in front of their store, the clinking of glasses the waiters gather after patrons leave a bistro, the music drifting out of an apartment window above a cafe.

I kept my camera ready at all times. Vignettes appear out of nowhere, which is the appeal of strolling on foot. I squinted in the sun at all the buildings awash with bright colors and azulejos tiles in shades of blue, green, and brown.





Aveiro is famous for its Moliceiro boat rides through the canals, easy to find since they’re right on the riverfront. It’s touristy and not the most thrilling excursion, but you will get some views of the cute town as you ride through the canals.


One additional sight Aveiro is famous for includes the candy striped beach houses facing the river on the Praia de Costa Nova. I never made it there, but it’s a reason to return, and one more stop to consider if you visit!


As evening sets in Aveiro, the colors change, they become more muted, just like the sky. The setting sun was a signal that it was time to pick a place to eat.






For dinner, we chose Obairro in the middle of town where the waiter entertained us with stories to accompany the recommended local dishes. Under the influence of the wine from the Duoro Valley, it was here I considered perhaps I need more blue and white plates in my life. 🙂

So many travelers I meet have just been or are about to go to Portugal, as you can see, Aveiro is another reason why! 🙂


Painting Your Walls Freehand Is Incredibly Liberating

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woman on a ladder painting black strokes across the wallPin It
photography by chelci lindsay

Even if you don’t consider yourself a nitpicky person, it’s easy to turn into a perfectionist when you start painting a wall. Every stroke must be smooth! Don’t go past the blue tape! At least two coats! Suddenly, something that should be as fun as creating a work of art becomes a lengthy list of dos and don’ts. So what if mistakes didn’t exist? What if you didn’t need a game plan? More and more DIY’ers are painting their walls freestyle, and it’s convinced us to be more carefree and tap into our inner artist. 

Chelci Lindsay, the blogger and shop owner behind White Grove Decor, recently made over her bedroom and decided to let loose with abstract brush strokes. “I didn’t want a ‘perfect’ or even look, so I mixed up the length of each movement and also the amount of paint on the brush,” she says. Even if Lindsay “messed up,” you’d never know. Every line was meant to be fluid. “You can always paint over it if you don’t love it!” she adds. Make up your own design as you go, or try one of the seven freeform ideas below. Spontaneity is on your side. 

Go with a Gradient

pale green arches in a nurseryPin It
photo courtesy of vintage revivals

Mandi Gubler, the DIY’er and blogger behind Vintage Revivals, turned a plain white space into a whimsical nursery for the One Room Challenge with a series of ombre arches. Using various combinations of Sherwin-Williams Softened Green and her own mix of white paints (peep her secret formula), Gubler created six different shades. From there, she began with the lightest hue on the outer layer and slowly worked her way in. 

Stick to Basic Shapes

giant terrazzo shapes on a wall by the stairsPin It
photography courtesy of house on a sugar hill

While Jodi Bond of House on a Sugar Hill didn’t go completely freehand on this design (she sketched the large-scale shapes on the wall before filling them in with pinks, beiges, and black), the blogger didn’t overthink the placement. In fact, she drew the whole thing in three minutes flat. “In actual terrazzo, the chips fall where they may, quite literally,” the blogger explains in her tutorial. In order for the wall to look authentic, she had to embrace imperfections. 

“In actual terrazzo, the chips fall where they may, quite literally.” — Bond

Start on the Ceiling

dining room with a blotch of paints going up to the ceilingPin It
Photography by Aubrie Pick

Designer Jeff Schlarb recruited pro decorative painter and wallpaper fabricator Elan Evans for this colorful job, but anyone can re-create the vibe by layering a handful of brightly colored streaks on top of one another. 

Channel Familiar Shapes

nursery crib with gray plane and mountain painted on the wallPin It

There’s no better place to be playful than a newborn’s room. Using a darker shade of gray than the walls, Tali Roth surrounded her son Romeo’s crib with simple silhouettes of airplanes, birds, and trees. 

“You can always paint over it if you don’t love it!” — Lindsay

Smooth Out the Edges Afterward

imagePin It

Another tactic: Let the kids do the dirty work for you. Angela Chrusciaki Blehm tasked two of her children with graffitiing the family playroom wall. When they were finished, she went back over it with white spray paint to define the shapes. 

Ask a Creative Friend for a Hand

bathroom with purple seal and green frog and other shapesPin It
photography courtesy of Dusen Dusen/Ellen Van Dusen and Lorien Stern

If you’re low on ideas, bring in someone who’s full of them. Dusen Dusen founder Ellen Van Dusen called upon a friend, artist Lorien Stern, to transform her ordinary powder room into an homage to her favorite animals and characters. Her dog, Snips, even makes an appearance on the wall. 

Treat Your Wall Like a Giant Doodle

little girl scribbling on a pink wallPin It

Domino’s creative director, Kate Berry, gave her daughter, Quinn, free decorative rein over her bedroom. And what do kids love more than scribbling? For Quinn, this wall is a never-ending outlet for her imagination. For everyone else, it’s a spunky work of art.

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10 Rustic Sofa Table Designs You Can Easily Sneak Into Your Modern Home

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Originally introduced in the 1700s, the sofa table used to be a long, drop-leaf piece placed in front of the sofa and included drawers for storage and decorations. Today that’s no longer the case. The sofa table kept its name but is no longer associated with the sofa in many cases. It became a versatile piece of furniture often featured on hallways, in dining rooms or in the living area where it sometimes sits behind the sofa or is used as a space divider. If you’re wondering how a modern sofa table would look like today, check out below 10 of our favorite designs.

This sofa table features a top made of thick MDF boards, a matching shelf and legs made of metal. It’s strong and durable and at the same time it looks sleek and slender. In terms of style, its design is quite eclectic, featuring both rustic and industrial influences. You can find out more about this piece of furniture on Amazon.

Here’s another sofa table with a distinctive rustic allure. It’s made of MDF and laminate wood with no other materials blended into its design. It’s simple and it also has character. The slatted bottom shelf is a bit peculiar but is at the same time a defining detail in the design of the table. Check it out on Amazon.

For a modern or a contemporary setting the best choice is often a sofa table with a very simple design. This right here is a nice example. This table looks very clean and simple and lacks any . unnecessary ornamental features, including the shelf which is often considered to be a defining characteristic on a sofa table. The combination of burnt oak and powder-coated metal give it a contemporary-industrial look. For more details, check out the table on Amazon.

This table is very similar to one we mentioned above with a noticeable difference: the top. The MDF A-frame structure and slatted bottom shelf give the table a distinctive rustic appearance while the white marble top introduces a modern and elegant touch which ends up making a huge difference and allowing the table to stand out. Check out this piece of Amazon for more details.

If you’re looking for a sofa table that has that unique old vibe to it, look no further because we found it. This beautiful piece is made of 150 year old oak wood. It’s as much a furniture piece as it is a work of art. The wood is salvaged from old barns and no two tables are the same. Check out etsy for more details on this amazing table.

With an elegant and eclectic design, this sofa table is exactly what you’d want for a welcoming living room or a charming entryway. The top and the bottom shelf are made of thick MDF board and the frame is made of metal. This combination gives the table a vintage farmhouse allure that’s often difficult to get right. Check out its full description on Amazon.

In addition to the bottom which is typical to all sofa tables, this also includes two extra drawers at the top. This detail makes the table even more versatile than other similar pieces simply because it offers more storage without being too obvious about it. Put this in the living room behind the sofa, in the entryway or on a hallway. You can find the Vasagle table on Amazon.

In contrast with many other designs on our list, this sofa table doesn’t have a bottom shelf or any top drawers. It’s as simple as they come and that actually gives it lots of character. It has a sawhorse leg design and an overall rustic look. The simplicity of the design allows it to be very versatile which makes it easy to envision this in a variety of different setting and used for various different purposes. You can find it on Amazon.

We realize that since sofa tables are not that common you’ll probably have trouble finding one that suits your style or your budget so we’d like to explore some alternative options. You could build your own table from scratch. This way you can be sure it has the right size and you can use whatever materials you want. There’s a nice description that you can find on ana-white. The table is simple and slender and fits perfectly behind the living room sofa.

This farmhouse sofa table featured on ahostinghome is quite amazing too. To get that worn look you can either use reclaimed wood or paint the wood and then lightly sand it. The typical farmhouse style design offers a cool advantage even in a modern home as the wide legs let you easily hide cords and cables behind them in order to maintain a clean and tidy living room.

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Moto Jackets Under $75

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Have I ever told you I ride a Vespa? One of my favorite things to do is ride it around town to the market or a fitness class. After a trip to Europe, I saw it’s how many of them get around and I wanted to live like that too, so I bought myself one a few years ago.


I’m in my forties and my fashion choices have changed, my style is edgier than ever before. In my twenties, when I was a young lawyer I would spend money on nice suits. In my thirties, I wore more casual cardigans and athleisure wear. It’s fun to reinvent yourself a few times in life and fashion is one way to do it. In the fall I now wear mostly moto jackets as my top layer, especially when I ride.

I added these four new moto jackets to my wardrobe this season. I’m wearing the rose pink one in my new profile picture, and the black one I’m wearing is this faux leather floral jacket, my new favorite!

faux leather floral / ruched shoulder

rose pink / black vegan leather

I rounded up a few under $75 for your fall wardrobe too!

camel quilted  / red belted

coastal green / stone zippered

olive with hood / raspberry ruffle

fur + gold zipper / classic navy


Seattle Apartment Converted Into An Eclectic Bachelor Pad

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This is an apartment that’s almost overwhelmingly beautiful. Located in downtown Seattle, it’s been recently redesigned by studio Hoedemaker Pfeiffer. It was a drastic transformation which gave the apartment a completely new identity. it went from a dated space with a cramped layout and almost no natural light or views to a very welcoming open-plan bachelor pad with gorgeously framed views of the coast and the city skyline. The new interior design is eclectic, mixing in modern, contemporary, rustic, vintage and mid-century elements in a very organic way. The result is a juxtaposition of styles and influences which somehow feels very natural.

The beautiful blue ocean is framed by lots of warm wood and looks amazing
The beautiful blue ocean is framed by lots of warm wood and looks amazing
The apartment also offers a magnificent view of downtown Seattle which gives an urban vibe
The apartment also offers a magnificent view of downtown Seattle which gives an urban vibe
A cozy window seat taken full advantage of the panoramic view
A cozy window seat taken full advantage of the panoramic view
Originally the kitchen was closed-in and the new design opens it up and gives it a more airy look
Originally the kitchen was closed-in and the new design opens it up and gives it a more airy look

The apartment has a strong masculine vibe while also being very warm and welcoming. It’s an urban retreat with lots of character and a fresh vibe. The spaces are defined by textural diversity and flexibility ensured by the open plan design. Wood, stone, leather and various types of fabrics are seamlessly blended together creating an inviting and cozy ambiance and giving the apartment a lived-in feel. With all that going on, the view still manage to remain the main focal point throughout the apartment.

The apartment has a cool lived-in feel thanks to the reclaimed wood and weathered leather used throughout
The apartment has a cool lived-in feel thanks to the reclaimed wood and weathered leather used throughout
The living room is not particularly spacious but has a very airy feel thanks to the large windows
The living room is not particularly spacious but has a very airy feel thanks to the large windows
The dining area is framed by a curved balcony with a panoramic coastal view
The dining area is framed by a curved balcony with a panoramic coastal view
The kitchen is part of an open plan area but maintains its individuality
The kitchen is part of an open plan area but maintains its individuality
The panoramic views are the main focal point of the apartment's new interior design
The panoramic views are the main focal point of the apartment’s new interior design
The bedroom features delicate curtains, lots of wood and a variety of textured details
The bedroom features delicate curtains, lots of wood and a variety of textured details
The furniture has a vintage vibe which ultimately gives the apartment an eclectic allure
The furniture has a vintage vibe which ultimately gives the apartment an eclectic allure
The bathroom lacks any source of natural light but is nevertheless bright, airy and stylish
The bathroom lacks any source of natural light but is nevertheless bright, airy and stylish

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50 Amazing Backyard Projects – There’s Something For Everyone

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A house without a backyard is incomplete and really missing out on a ton of cool features which can be added out there, from stylish and comfortable furniture pieces to all sorts of cute accessories, decorations and other quirky things. That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today: 50 projects that can make your backyard better in cool and ingenious ways.

Wind chimes in general are nice and cheerful and this one in particular is pretty cool mostly because it’s easy to make. You need an empty glass bottle, some jewelry chain, 3 key rings, a wooden wheel and a stone pendant. If you missing some of these things you can look for replacements and alternatives. After all, you’ll want to make your glass bottle wind chime as special as possible.

A modern pergola can really change the whole backyard but, as you can imagine, is a fairly serious and time-consuming project not to mention you’ll probably need some help along the way. Once it’s in place, however, you’ll be able to enjoy it for a long long time. If you want to you could train vines or climbing plants to grow on the pergola. That would look bohemian and beautiful.

Before you start focusing on all the little decorations and accessories, the big basic elements have to be in place and out of the way. That includes projects such as installing a deck floor. With planning and attention to detail you should be able to pull this off without a problem.

Sometimes before you can start building something new in your backyard you have to get rid of the old structures. For instance, any old, cracked or uneven concrete slabs would have to be removed. You can do this yourself and we can share with you our preferred method.

Now let’s talk specifics. There are so many things you can put out in the backyard that we don’t even know where to start. A chair turned into a garden bed seems like a wonderful option. After all, what else would you be using your old chairs for?

Big planters are also always nice to look at so perhaps there’s room for one in your backyard. A pallet planter is a nice option. You make it out of reclaimed wood which is a nice touch and this design is simple and modern which is also great. feel free to add your own twist to the project.

Pallets can also be used in lots and lots of other wonderful projects for the backyard. This, for example, is a pallet herb planter. It’s easy to make and very practical too. You can put it up on a wall or just let it lean against a wall on your patio. Use chalkboard paint so you can easily label your herbs. Check out the video tutorial on youtubeand make as many of these as you want.

Don’t want your backyard planters to take up floor space? How about a pallet wood hanging planter instead? You can paint it in a bright and vibrant color so it stands out and looks cheerful. By using pallet boards you’ll keep the cost of the project low.

Here’s a little something that you can craft to make the outside of your house look cute and friendly. These window box planters can be crafted using reclaimed wood or pallet boards to keep the cost of the project low. Give them a nice finish so they also look pretty even when they’re empty.

Flagstone pathways are very beautiful, especially when there’s grass growing through the stones and they look like they’ve been there for ages. If you’re interested in learning how to lay a flagstone pathway in your backyard or your garden, check out our detailed tutorial.

In a lot of ways, the backyard is an extension of the indoor living area. With that in mind, you can furnish it with comfortable benches and even a table. A coffee table on wheels would be super practical. Once again, you can use pallet wood for this project.

Of course, we can’t ignore this colorful garden bench. It looks charming and since it rests against the fence it doesn’t need a backrest. It’s made out of pallet wood. You can customize your own bench with your favorite colors and add comfy cushions if you’d like to. If there’s no fence to act as a backrest, just add one to your bench and you can turn this into an outdoor sofa or daybed project.

Some of the projects on this list are meant to make your backyard look nice and pretty while others such as this one are focused more on the practical side of things. This is a garden hose hanger. It keeps your backyard clean and tidy and give you a place to store the garden hose when you’re not using it.

A grape trellis is one or those things many plan to build but keep postponing. Perhaps now would be a good time to finally do it. Nobody really knows how to build a grape arbor until they actually do it so go ahead and try. If you’re not really a fan of grapevines just use other climbing plants instead.

Adding a swimming pool to the backyard definitely sounds like a cool idea and you can actually do it. It can be a casual-looking stock tank pool big enough to soak in and you could build a wooden frame around it, sort of like a table so you can keep drinks and towels on it. Check out heywandererblog for details.

A trellis screen can also look lovely in the backyard. You could have vines and climbing plants trained to grow on it. Building the trellis screen is easy and would only take a couple of hours. You can find all the details of this project on practicallyfunctional.

What good is having a backyard if you can’t have a nice bbq get together from time to time? Simply enjoying dinner outside would also be a wonderful experience but for that you need to equip your backyard with a kitchen. Have something custom-made and include all the features that you like. Check out bobvila for details.

You know what else you could put in your backyard? A tiki bar. Something small and simple would do. You could build it out of reclaimed wood to give it more character. You can include shelves for storage or other details and accessories in your own design to make it special. Check out the project on brooklynlimestone.

Chalkboards are super fun and make great educational tools but they’re not exactly great indoors since they can make quite a mess. If you were to hang a chalkboard outside in the backyard however things would be different. You can attach the board to the fence and add hooks to the frame so you can hang containers with chalk and cleaning sponges. The idea comes from loveandrenovations.

If there’s enough space in your backyard you could even build a playground for the kids. You can make the project easier and faster by reusing shipping crates. The playground doesn’t have to be complicated from a structural point of view but it should definitely be fun as well as safe. Check out frugalmomeh for tips and instructions.

Swings are always fun no matter how old you are. They’re also easy to build, especially the rustic ones with only a piece of wood as a seat. This project would be perfect if you have a big tree in your backyard. Just make sure you hang it securely so be sure to check out themerrythought for all the details.

A wine barrel can be upcycled into a table, a storage module or, in this case, a water feature for the backyard. Although you could simply fill the barrel with water and call it a day, that wouldn’t look too interesting so check out the project featured on aloandbeholdlife for a more comprehensive understanding of the concept.

How about a fire pit for the backyard? You could build one out of concrete pavers and you could place comfy chairs all around it. Keep the project and the design simple. It’s the ambiance you create that matters the most. You can find out more about building a fire pit on keepingitsimplecrafts.

Backyard bbq parties and other casual get-togethers are great when the ambiance is friendly and they’re even better when you can enjoy an ice cold drink on a hot summer day. That’s when this project comes in handy. It’s a table with built-in coolers. This is something that you can build yourself so check out remodelaholic for instructions.

Another cool feature to have in the backyard would be a pond. It doesn’t have to be big. Find a corner or a piece of ground in a convenient area and you can put your new pond there. you need a container which you’ll be placing flush with the ground. Place rocks and plants around the edge. You can find more details about the project on ohmy-creative.

A bunch of rocks can spruce up your backyard quite nicely. They may not look like much individually but you can use them to create all sorts of cool designs, like this vegetable garden spiral featured on ohmy-creative. It’s a nice and creative way of making your garden look less boring and mainstream.

Remember that garden hose hanger we mentioned earlier? Here’s another ingenious project that lets you store your garden hose with ease and this time out of sight. This is in fact a planter made of pallet wood. It has a little door at the bottom which reveals a secret storage compartment. Check out the details on diycandy.

We showed you how to build a fire pit for your backyard so now let’s see how you can also build a beautiful patio around it. Obviously this takes some planning and you won’t finish this in a day. We love the round patio concept featured on recapturedcharm. The stones look lovely and there’s a nice border framing the whole area, with grass growing around it.

In case you happen to have a wooden barrel and you don’t know what to do with it, an idea can be to turn it into a planter that also serves as an umbrella stand. It’s a combination that works out great for cozy backyard settings. This quirky idea comes from spruceyournest.

There are several different ways in which you can build a backyard patio and one of the most important choices is the palette of materials. This right here is a pea gravel patio. It’s fairly easy to set up but it does require planning and all the materials and tools involved can end up costing quite a bit. Check out the details on cityfarmhouse.

Good lighting is always important and that also applies to the backyard. Conventional chandeliers and pendant lamps won’t work here but that gives you an opportunity to be creative. Hang some string lights on poles all around your backyard patio to create a magical and cozy vibe. You can find out everything about the project on cityfarmhouse.

Vertical gardens are not just cool-looking but also very space-efficient which is great if you have a small backyard and you don’t want to turn it all into a garden. Check out this vertical garden wall from homemadelovely. It has a sturdy construction and it looks chic and stylish at the same time.

What’s fun about backyard projects is that you can improvise and create all sorts of things such as a bench made of stacked stones or concrete blocks with a piece of wood on top. You can use that to set up a cozy sitting area. Add more benches if you want to or build something else like an outdoor sofa or perhaps a fire pit. Check out linapalandet for more ideas.

Vertical planters can make lovely decorations both indoor and outdoor. A monogram planter would for example look beautiful out on a wall, perhaps as an ornament for your front entrance or a focal point for the backyard area. Depending on which letter you choose, this project can either be super easy or a bit more complex. Check out remodelaholic for more details.

Planning some backyard parties this summer? Then how about an outdoor bar to make everything more fancy while still being focused on the practical side of things? You can build the bar out of wood and you can give it shelves for storage and even an ice bucket compartment. You can find all the details of this project on aburstofbeautiful.

We love DIY planters and we have a feeling you do too so here’s a bunch more ideas that you can use when you’re decorating your patio or your backyard. One is a tiered planter made out of two reclaimed drawers, complemented by two metal planters. Together they make a charming trio and individually they have just as much character. Check out beyondthepicket for the details.

Having a backyard opens up a whole world of possibilities. You can do a ton of cool and fun things out here, including to set up an outdoor movie theater. You need a projector (unless you want to use the wall of your house instead) and some comfortable seats. This project from notjustahousewife shows you how to accomplish the second part.

We mentioned before that you can make a comfortable outdoor sofa for your backyard so now let’s see how it’s actually done. This sofa featured on funkyjunkinteriors is made out of pallet wood. It has a funky-looking backrest and a comfortable seat cushion. You can even add a crate as your footstool.

Think of the backyard as an extension of the indoor living area. Out here you can create a second lounge area with comfortable chairs, a sofa, a coffee table and even a cool faux grass area rug to go with it all. You could use this beautiful seating area setup from lizmarieblog as a source of inspiration.

A fence is needed if you want to physically delineate your backyard and to give it privacy at the same time. We found this really cool idea on gardendrama which shows how you can decorate a simple wooden fence with colored marbles. You need a drill with bits in sizes that match the marbles.

Remember hopscotch. It’s one of the few old-school playground games that are still somewhat popular to this day. Wouldn’t it be cool to add something like this to your backyard? You can use bright colors to create an eye-catching design and you can use pavers for the actual tiles. This idea comes from happinessishomemade.

Hanging mirrors on the exterior walls of your house is another interesting an ingenious idea. The mirrors can reflect the surroundings which works out wonderfully if you have a nice garden or a cool view that you want to make the most of. These vintage mirrors from thebrambleberrycottage and made of old window frames and beadboard.

That’s right, these hanging planters are made out of colanders. That actually works out great for them because the colanders have a bunch of holes that keep the soil aerated and prevent too much water from building up at the bottom. You can hang these out on the patio or in the backyard and you can spray paint them if you want the colors to pop. Check out the project on countryliving.

It’s nice to have all sorts of different areas in the backyard with different functions. One section for example could be a little garden and it can stretch across the yard. You could build a small walkway so you can pass through without walking on dirt. Use pallet wood for this. It makes the project super easy and super cheap. Check out funkyjunkinteriors for inspiration.

Here we are with yet another vertical planter idea. This time we’re looking at a ladder-inspired design with rectangular boxes placed on multiple levels, all easily accessible and in plain view. If you want to find out how to make your own tiered garden planter check out the tutorial on ana-white.

Cinder blocks and lumber, that’s all you need to make an outdoor bench for your backyard. You can paint the cinder blocks if you want to and this will give your bench more character. The lumber pieces simply go through the blocks and are supported in between. Add cushions or a mattress for comfort. Check out lenasekine for more info on the project.

Old tires can be useful too. As long as the tire is still in one piece you can clean it, paint it and turn it into a beautiful and original planter. You can put your new planter up on a wall, either inside the house or outside or you could hang it from a tree in the backyard. Check out both options on diyshowoff.

Wine bottles can be upcycled in all sorts of ways too. Most commonly they’re turned into vases but you can also use them to make tiki torches which you can put outside in your backyard. No worries, it’s all easy and safe as long as you follow the instructions offered on designsponge.

The usual indoor chandelier obviously doesn’t work outside but that doesn’t mean you can’t add magic to your backyard in other ways. You could make a unique outdoor chandelier to make that happen. Use grapevine spheres and string lights. The idea comes from allthingsheartandhome.

The last backyard project we want to show you today is a pallet daybed. Building the pallet platform and overall frame is quite simple. Add wheels so you can move the bed around and use metal pipes and fittings to make a support frame around the seat. As for the actual daybed seat and cushions, that’s up to you to pick whatever type you want. Check out prettyprudent to find out all the details of this marvelous project.

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Textiles of Peru

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As an avid traveler, I’m always deeply appreciative when I encounter a culture’s unique architecture, design, and textiles, and I was completely blown away by the colors and textures of the textiles of Peru during my recent visit.

I simply couldn’t get enough of the patterns and vivid hues I saw as I strolled the shops and market stalls. As I walked around I’d find so often my mouth was just open with wonder, loving at how beautiful it all was.



The history of textiles in Peru stretches back thousands of years. In ancient times, textiles were a predominate art form, and over the centuries weavers developed original styles, designs and techniques.



I had the opportunity to stroll the streets and markets of Cusco to observe how contemporary weavers continue in modern times to recreate the designs of their ancestors. These textiles depict both realistic and abstract design, their pictures and patterns tell stories with bold medleys of color, present on the immense variety of clothing, home goods, and artwork.




Bright colors are an important part of Andean aesthetics and the Peruvian people so proud of their bright textiles, they wear them as their daily clothing.



The villages surrounding Cusco are the epicenter of Peru’s textile industry, with alpaca, llama, and  goods in high demand. The herds of alpaca, llama, and vicuña are cared for by indigenous shepherds and breeders. Once a year, they shear the animals, harvesting five pounds of wool from each female and eight pounds from males, equating to thousands of tons of wool. The dense fleece of the alpaca makes soft and plentiful fibers that are extremely durable with a high thermal quality.

Acrylic yarn was invented in the early 20th century and is made from synthetic materials. In recent decades, weavers in the Andes stopped using natural fibers in favor of acrylic because pre-spun acrylic yarn was cheap, easy to use, and offered brighter colors. Neon is has become popular in some communities, so natural dyes have been pushed aside for chemical dyes, but the traditional more muted colors are present in natural fibers. Alpaca and synthetic blends are less expensive, pure baby alpaca will cost more.

In Chinchero, a small village outside of Cusco, we visited an area of textile production where the women demonstrated the natural dyeing process of yarn, and where the backstrap loom is still used with wood and bone to weave elaborate patterns. (You can read a lot more detail about the process of weaving Peruvian textiles here.)

I felt so fortunate to have seen and touched these textiles and learned about the hand-woven traditions. I didn’t have much room in my suitcase, but I did bring home a pillow cover and a small clutch purse that I purchased at a market in Cusco, but I secretly wished for a second suitcase to bring home so much more.

If you’re interested in adding an authentic Peruvian textile or two to your home, find some at these sources. 🙂

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