This Is What Happened When I Tried 5 Different Natural Sleep Aids

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I’ve never been a morning person. For as long as I can remember, the early hours of the day (anytime before 8:30 am) have been marked by a debilitating need for coffee, a dogged persistence to stay in bed, and a blatant disregard for my alarm. In an effort to change my ways, I knew I needed a little extra help, so I decided to try out a few different natural sleep aids.

I’ve consumed plenty of information on the habits of morning people and I’ve tried many techniques to become an early bird myself. Yet, no morning workout class, alarm-across-the-room placement, or icy-cold face wash could keep me from returning to my covers. I came to a point of acceptance in my sleep journey, realizing that there was only one thing that would actually help me to wake up earlier: I had to go to bed earlier.

Every time I aimed to fall asleep an hour or two earlier than my typical midnight bedtime, though, I found myself tossing and turning. With the ambition of waking up earlier, falling asleep suddenly became something stress-inducing, and my worries made it impossible to get some shut-eye. With five different natural sleep aids in my arsenal, however, I was finally able to get the rest I sought and I even woke up feeling pretty bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

The Old-School Pick

Melatonin is likely the most widely recognized sleep aid, but it’s not without mixed reviews. I had long avoided it out of the fear that it would work almost too well, making it impossible for me to wake up in the morning. Still, when I was faced with a bought of jet lag, I decided to try it out, hoping that it would, at the very least, help me to fall asleep at a normal hour in my new time zone.

At 10:45 pm, I took a 3 mg dose. By 11:15 pm, I was asleep. The 30-minute window between taking the supplement and going to bed wasn’t characterized by drowsiness but rather a general sense of relaxation.

“Our bodies naturally produce this hormone in the evening to regulate our sleep cycle,” explains Dr. Erin Stokes, ND, and medical director at MegaFood. “The natural cue of darkness is what causes the body to produce more melatonin, and many healthcare professionals believe the increase in light exposure from screen time in the evening has contributed to a rise in insomnia. Melatonin can be particularly helpful for certain individuals who are in a new time zone and have difficulty adjusting to a new bedtime.”

Stokes, however, recommends that melatonin isn’t used as a long-term solution for insomnia but rather something that can help every now and again. It didn’t make me feel totally refreshed in the morning, but it enabled me to get at least eight hours of sleep, and that’s something I won’t complain about.

The CBD Twist

Not all CBD products are made the same; whether a product will help you fall asleep or whether it will simply help ease stress depends on the exact formulation. I’ve grown accustomed to using CBD tinctures (opting for a relatively high potency of 1000 mg) to abate anxiety, so I was open to trying it as a sleep aid. Mineral Health’s Sleep tincture stood out because of its unique blend of CBD and CBN, another cannabinoid found in hemp.

“CBN is more powerful as a sedative than CBD and highly effective in small doses,” explains Matthew “Mills” Miller, founder of Mineral. “Consuming 2.5 mg of CBN has the same level of sedation as a mild pharmaceutical sedative. Nonetheless, CBN is synergistic with CBD, and both depend on each other’s presence to accentuate the effect.”  

On a day when I felt particularly wound up, I opted for this sleep aid around 10:45 pm, I took a full dropper of the tincture and allowed it to absorb underneath my tongue. I read for 15 more minutes and fell asleep. It seemed to work well.

But here’s the thing: I probably didn’t need a full dropper. In fact, a half dosage probably would’ve been sufficient. The sedative-like quality of this product left me feeling lethargic and all the more unwilling to get out of bed in the morning. Now I know to either cut down on my dosage or save this potent product for sleep help on long-haul flights.

The Herbal Remedy

For those who don’t want to opt for melatonin alone as a convenient pill option, Love Wellness’s sleep supplements make a fair alternative. They contain both valerian and magnesium—two other natural ingredients that have been shown to help with sleep.

Magnesium supports muscle relaxation, which is why it’s commonly associated with healthy sleep support,” explains Stokes. “Valerian is a well-known plant and has a long history of use that dates back to ancient Greece and Rome, where it was taken to help with both sleep and general nervousness.”

I took two of these supplements around 10 pm on a night when I hoped to fall asleep quickly, and it worked. I felt drowsy quite shortly after taking the dosage and found myself turning in for the night even earlier than I anticipated, not even making it a chapter through my book.

The added pre-sleep drowsiness that these pills granted is a helpful side-effect for anyone who needs to fall asleep fast, but ideally, I prefer a supplement that still enables me to be a bit more selective about my bedtime.

The Beauty Sleep Bonus

I drink assorted hot liquids throughout the day as a means of sustaining myself. In the early morning, I’ll start with hot coffee. By mid-morning, I’ll switch to Earl Grey tea. By afternoon, I’ve moved on to green tea, and in the evening, I’ll switch to something herbal, like kava, mint, or moringa tea. This is what made Beauty Chef’s easy-to-mix powder appealing.

On a night when I brought a hot cup of kava tea to my bedside table, I mixed in a spoonful of this powder, which contains lemon balm, an herbal sedative that can help with mild sleep disorders (though not a ton of clinical research has been done on it). This powder also contains turmeric and other herbs that promote a skin-glowing effect.

The tea concoction did help me drift off to sleep, but it didn’t prevent me from waking up at 3 am from a stress-related dream. The natural sedative was powerful enough to get me to bed, but it wasn’t strong enough to keep me soundly asleep. This option, it seems, is best if you’re more interested in probiotic skin benefits.

The Winner: The Dropper Effect

My ideal sleep supplement helps me fall asleep without feeling overly drowsy, makes me feel refreshed when I wake up, and doesn’t require a high dosage of anything. I found this exact mix of results in The Nue Co.’s Sleep Drops.

In our Sleep Drops, we use a blend of valerian root, chamomile, passion flower, and catnip—these ingredients work together to gently depress the central nervous system, reduce anxiety, and aid relaxation,” explains Jules Miller, founder of The Nue Co. “The idea isn’t to provide a knock-you-out product where you wake up with that ‘hangover’ feeling, but to deliver totally restorative, easy sleep.”

Just six drops into a glass of water helped me to fall asleep shortly after hitting the pillow, and when I woke up, I felt all right. I didn’t hop out of bed with a ton of energy, but it also wasn’t a total struggle. For now, that feels like a step in the right direction.

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Our New Kitchen Backsplash Crush Is (Spoiler!) Not Tile

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When Hotelette founder Allison Crawford first walked into the kitchen of her two-bedroom Austin loft project, she wasn’t seeing the light. Yet. “It was dark and small,” she recalls. So she switched up the layout, moving the whole room 25 feet closer to windows. Then, to amplify the natural light and open up the space, she chose an unusual backsplash: antique mirrors. The reflective material (a nod to the apartment’s Art Deco roots) immediately opened up the space. 

The chunks of glass were tough to install but totally worth it. Crawford discovered the luminous panels on the Etsy shop Atlanta Mirror Marvel after a lengthy search process. Spoiler: The pieces aren’t decades old—they’re just made to look authentic with a smoke patina treatment. And Diana Skellenger, the contractor who worked on the project, was extra-particular when purchasing the handcrafted slabs from the vendor. “Unlike with tiles, there’s no room for mistakes during order or installation,” she says. While a definite investment (Crawford estimates the final cost to be around $2,000), the real deal would have come to at least double. Below, Skellenger and Crawford give us the backstory on the unconventional material and share tips for how to make it work in your home.

The Install 

black lower cabinets and patina mirror backsplahsPin It
Photography by Nicole Mlakar; Design by Allison Crawford

Skellenger had to be precise with her measurements when ordering the glass because the fabricator is the one who cuts the single ¾-inch-thick slab, including the holes for the outlets, before shipping it. Crawford, understandably, was on edge when the fragile piece was in transit, but, luckily, it arrived unscathed. The installers used a wet saw to cut the mirror into four separate slabs. 

The Rest of the Room 

Crawford’s goal for the aesthetic was to find a middle ground between old and new. “The owners wanted the room to be bohemian but sophisticated; eclectic but modern,” she says. The condo building was built in the 1930s, and the windows and terrazzo floors are both original to the place, so the antique-inspired glass was the cherry on top of the existing charm. 

For a contemporary touch, Crawford chose high-contrast cabinets. The lower cupboards and the built-ins around the matte black refrigerator are painted in Farrow & Ball’s Railings, while the open shelves, hood, and walls are swathed in Benjamin Moore’s Super White—her go-to neutral. Crawford also sourced the hardware (a mix of vintage and new handles and latches, all in the same brass finish) from Etsy. 

The Alternatives 

Not ready to financially commit to massive chunks of glass? Crawford recommends Ann Sacks’s collection of glass tiles ($80 per square foot) if you want a similar look on a smaller scale and tighter budget. Or if you’re not up for remodeling at all, stock up on antique mirrors and display them in a gallery on the wall. Your space will never feel brighter. 

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Brooklyn Decker’s Living Room Accessory Has Major Cozy Manor Vibes

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Every living room needs a focal point, whether it’s a colorful sofa, a work of art…or a fireplace fender. Brooklyn Decker introduced us to the centerpiece on Instagram over the weekend. Called club fenders, these bench-like blockades came into popularity in England in the early 1900s, according to manufacturer Rockingham Fender Seats, but they’re coming back in fashion

Decker shared a photo of her husband, tennis star Andy Roddick, cozied up with a book in front of the bumper, which offers a foot or so of empty space between the herringbone-tiled hearth and the rug. Back in the day, fenders were used for purely functional purposes (they prevent logs from rolling around), which is why you’d typically find them in dark, chilly spaces like a billiards room or library. Now, though, they’re simply another hangout spot. (Psst: You can actually sit on a lot of them.)  


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Brooklyn Decker (@brooklyndecker) on Feb 21, 2020 at 6:42pm PST


If you want to exude quintessential British style (supermodel Claudia Schiffer has a leather bench in her Tudor mansion in England, and London antiques dealer Will Fisher has made a point of collecting and selling old guards)look no further than this piece. While Decker’s design seems to be a custom job—the fabric mimics the scenic Zuber wall covering she recently installed in another room—you can create your own statement perch with one of these shoppable finds: 

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Revving Up Home Decor With Red & Blue Accents

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Monochrome home interiors are a sleek modern option, but adding in bright colour really revs up the energy and character of a space. Today we’re specifically looking at how contrasting red and blue accents balance each other out in a black, white, and grey home decor scheme–as well as pump up the wow factor. Take a tour around a studio apartment with a blue accent lounge, red infused kitchen, and some quirky wall art, to see how to push the theme big and bold. Then, finish off with a family home that’s alive with colourful focal areas that float in a tranquil sea of white and wood tone.

Designer: One Architects  
Visualizer: One Architects  

Our first red and blue accented home is a studio apartment that’s characterised by oversized elements and concrete feature walls. In the lounge, a modern sofa strikes a line of electric blue behind a round coffee table on a circular area rug.

The concrete partition wall behind the modern sofa marks a divide between the lounge and kitchen.

LEDs shine where the concrete wall meets the ceiling to accentuate its raw texture. Track lights beam around the perimeter of the lounge.

Indoor plants are dotted around the layout, building height around linear furniture. Grey concrete planters complement the living room feature wall. A red slimline media unit stands out brightly against a geometric wall treatment.

Quirky wall art competes with the colourful room elements for the spotlight.

Glass bifold doors can be drawn closed across the sleep space of the studio apartment, or left open to increase the depth of the living room.

A track light system draws out a square above the bed.

Monochrome wall panels layer up to build a cozy bedroom scheme with light and shade. LEDs in the headboard wall trick the mind into thinking there is a window there.

The sleeping nook gains natural light from the living room window, even if its glass doors are shut.

Vertical wall sconces thread narrow wall spaces.

Solid red cabinet doors slide an adventurous slab of colour into the home entryway. These are the main wardrobes for the home since the bedroom is sleeping space only.

A void beneath the floating closets stores shoes; the line is lit by LEDs concealed under the lip of the units.

The grey front door is smoothly camouflaged within grey wall panels. A tall mirror widens the look of the space.

Chevron wood flooring connects the open plan living areas.

A grey and white kitchen design is uplifted by red cabinetry in the central island.

Large dining pendant lights make a heavy display low over the island countertop. White woven kitchen bar stools lighten the look.

Cabinets across the one wall kitchen are knocked back in white; a prep space at the centre carves out a dark block of grey raw concrete.

Pops of plant greenery freshen up the heavy room palette.

Ribbed cabinet doors, and ridged light shades build texture.

Walking into the bathroom, a slick stripe of red flows around the modern bathroom vanity and the cistern wall.

A clean white border defines the vanity area, whilst grey granite and smooth panels clad the rest.

Towels and toiletries stack in a striking red shelf tower.

An expanse of white tiles give the shower a light and bright air.

Designer: Arina Zamorina  
Visualizer: Arina Zamorina  

Our second red and blue accented interior is a vibrant modern family home. Grey, white and natural wood elements provide the base for colourful hero pieces, like this bright red window seat and matching red soffit. Although not quite as colourful, the piece of cool cat furniture above the sofa definitely deserves a mention; its angular form and wood lining make it a piece of feline friendly art. An equally stylish little cat ladder means that the furry family member doesn’t have to use the sofa or anyones head for a leg up.

A panel of grey provides a mounting spot for the TV.

Just a thin stripe of blue by the bookcase gloriously juxtaposes the red window installation.

The blue stripe is echoed in the kitchen on a horizontal plane. A small round dining table is visually anchored in place by a low hanging sculptural light fixture. See more dining room pendant lights.

The chevron wood flooring of the lounge becomes crisp white tiling beneath the clean white kitchen.

An interior door becomes camouflaged in the paintwork of the room, by the white kitchen border and grey TV wall.

Blue backing picks out a built in entryway seat in a white flooded hallway design.

In the master bedroom, a platform bed and TV stand follow the same sharp white aesthetic.

A glass wall separates off a small study area with a modern home office desk and stylish computer chair.

On the other side of the blue carpeted area, a makeup table and vanity chair form a dressing area.

Blue panels and chunky terrazzo colour the family bathroom.

A cut out in the front of the bathroom vanity reveals a washing machine housed there. A tray of soap dispensers dress the top of the utility cupboard.

Terrazzo tiles add energy to the small space.

In the kids room, colours are calming apart from one lively spot of red that forms a wall light by the bed.

A Scandinavian style kid’s chair and table make a dinky dining spot for teddy bears.

A red small side table pulls up by an adjustable kids’ bed.

In the kid’s decor scheme, the chevron floor continues upward to form a flowing feature wall.

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The online vacuum-cleaning hack that Dyson is warning against

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When it comes to housework we all have our favourite products and methods, but what about when it comes to cleaning our cleaning equipment?

A hoover hack has recently been doing the rounds on social media, which reveals an alternative way to clean a vacuum cleaner. It’s caused quite the commotion online, with avid cleaners commenting on the unlikely technique. However, Dyson has since warned against the method.

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The vacuum-cleaner hack

Posting in the We Love Mrs Hinch group on Facebook, a woman shared how she takes her machine apart and soaks the pieces in a bathtub of water overnight. Of course, she highlights that anything electrical should be left out of the equation. She goes onto to explains that, as a result of the soaking, the bath water turns from clear to a murky grey to signify that all the dirt has come out of her vacuum.

hoover cleaning hack

Image credit: Trevor Richards

The original post sparked debate online with some users branding the bath soaking technique as ‘stupid’.

One fellow group member wrote, ‘What? Who on earth cleans a vacuum out? I thought only Monica from Friends did this and even then she only vacuumed her vacuum.’

While another asked, ‘Am I the only one freaking out?’

But others admitted to doing the same with their machines. Someone else commented, ‘I did mine like this over the weekend and it works and the suction is like new.’

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What the experts say

hoover cleaning hack Dyson advises against

Image credit: Dyson

In a recent development, Dyson has now warned against trying this method at home. The company advises that the machines should not be exposed to water. They state that there’s only one piece of the vacuum which can be safely washed every three months — the filter. This helps keep the machine in the best condition.

Dyson also advises to wipe the rest of a machine down with a cloth.

A Dyson spokesperson said, ‘We do not recommend that owners expose their machines to water. Owners should refer to the cleaning instructions in the manual provided with the machine upon purchase. The only component that can be washed is the filter, which should be washed every three months to maintain the machine.’

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‘To clean other components, we recommend wiping with a cloth. If the machine is dropped into water, please do not use and contact the Dyson Helpline.’

The post The online vacuum-cleaning hack that Dyson is warning against appeared first on Ideal Home.

Best of Black Floral

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I wore the best little black floral dress when I was wandering around Palm Springs, variations on that kind of pattern are my favorite. I was reminded how many black floral pieces I have in my closet including jackets, tops, and shoes! Black floral is my jam when it comes to what I wear but there’s a great selection of modern black florals in home decor too.

Floral and botanical patterns always feel fresh in spring and summer, the light backgrounds are lovely, but the black background gives a floral a moodier feel, don’t you think? I love these fresh interpretations on this classic motif!

shower curtain / gold trim chair / bluebonnet print

zinnia quilt / art print / daphne rug

floral wallpaper / arm chair / roses wall art

garden pillow / embroidered curtain

black floral seville curtains / roses suitcase / wall tapestry

Captivating Blue & Green Accent Interiors Under 55 Sqm (With Floor Plans)

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Blue and green accents shape the modern interiors of two homes, each measuring just under 55 square metres. Bright blue and rich green coloured elements captivate and charm, and visually expand the modest proportions of each place with their added interest. Each apartment also features custom fit workspace designs, set into window reveals of living rooms. Whilst we can revel in the open airiness of home number one, home number two amazes with an inventive floor plan that manages to squeeze three double bedrooms into just 52 square metres–without any of them looking like a broom closet. Check out the floor plans at the end of each tour for more space savvy ideas.

Designer: Studio Open  
Visualizer: Studio Open  

Entering at the living room dining room combo of home number one, we encounter a vivid blue dining set. This is a pivotal piece for the open plan room, due to its dominating colour and the predominantly white decor that surrounds it.

The 50.8 square metre home layout requires some astute furniture choices in order to maximise the feeling of space. A modern sofa design drops the arm rests in order to narrow its footprint. A small side table makes up for in colour what it lacks in surface area.

An ultra slimline floor reading lamp wraps the edge of the mini sectional sofa.

The blue chairs and matching round dining table stand out against a background of white kitchen cabinets and whisper grey walls.

A clear glass vase makes a simple centrepiece for the small dining table.

A single armed sputnik chandelier makes a sculptural addition to the neat dining area, its black stem contrasting boldly against the snowy white backdrop.

One blue chair pulls up at a minimalist home office area by the windows of the living room. A custom cut desktop spans the width of the window nook, and bespoke office shelves climb an alcove.

The cool grey and white one wall kitchen runs into a warm feature wall of natural wood, which makes a welcome addition to the stark room scheme. Two modern wall sconces dot a tiled backsplash in the kitchen, beside a minimalist chimney extractor.

In contradiction with the simplistic kitchen design, a unique soap dispenser brings interesting form and finish to the countertop.

Blue and multicolored modern artwork brightens up a grey painted brick wall.

The exposed brickwork continues down the hallway, adding texture and architectural character.

A decorative wall mirror punches smooth elliptical curves onto the rugged wall.

Another modern wall sconce lights the entryway.

The grey bedroom is enlivened with indoor plants.

Above the headboard, a plain wooden shelf disguises an LED reading light.

A dog sculpture peers inquisitively from the floor.

Blue framework builds a colourful open closet design in the bedroom, and another elliptical wall mirror with light serves the dressing area.

A lush green Swiss Cheese Plant and a magenta rubber ducky make colourful companions inside a very grey bathroom design.

The bathroom vanity light matches the other orb wall sconces seen in the kitchen design, hallway and bedroom. Green wall paint around the vanity area seems inspired by the natural beauty of Monstera Deliciosa leaves.

A half circle wall mirror completes the vanity set up, above a shallow modern vessel basin.

Floor plan.

Visualizer: Alexey Anisimov & Julya Chernova  

The second blue accented apartment is a 52 square metre layout with three bedrooms. A plush blue velvety accent chair lights up the lounge right off the bat, next to a grey modern sofa and a stylish black floor lamp.

The lounge area runs into a dedicated home office area, which is kitted out with smart storage and shelving for files.

Decorative wall pattern smokes and swirls beside an equally curvaceous modern desk chair design.

The modern home office desk is plenty long enough for two users (as illustrated on the floor plan at the end of the tour), with just enough space left over to squeeze past down the walkway into a neighbouring bedroom.

A rectangular coffee table crosses a geometric area rug, which plays on the chevron cut of the wood laminate flooring. Gypsum wall panels undulate waves of white across the upper half of the TV wall.

Cork tiles characterise the first bedroom, which is closed off by a portiere. Inside the sleeping nook, the headboard wall is a blue cushioned dream with chevron quilted upholstery. Repositionable wall sconces bend in from each side of the bed to provide reading light.

Green kitchen units are teamed with natural wood wall cabinets and a timber countertop.

A wooden breakfast nook bench dips into the L-shaped kitchen arrangement, situated beneath a bright window. Green cushions accent the banquette seat, and deep green dining chairs pull up alongside the small dining table.

Moving into the next bedroom we find a combination of blue and green decor elements.

Densely patterned blue wallpaper makes a striking backdrop.

A green comforter turns back to reveal a grey flip side.

The final bedroom we see is situated en route to the latter, so a portiere provides privacy once again.

Another lively wallpaper print adds individuality to the space.

A geometric patterned chest of drawers vibes with chevron weave bedroom curtains.

More sharp chevrons cut pattern into jade green bathroom tiles.

Laundry equipment hides behind bifold cabinet doors.

Timber planks clad the bathroom walls.

Blue poufs adorn an exquisitely tiled entryway floor.

Three bedroom floor plan.

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Classic Stage has been converted to a house of horrors for the winter, although perhaps not in the way intended. In any case, it is offering new versions of two classic chillers, each of which has been adapted to death in various media. These …

Racist Valentines

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Racist Valentines:

I promised a few people that I’d write something about all the racist Valentines that you find if you search for old images. I didn’t want to share them with the rest as if they were just “funny.” So here they are, on their own with a short write up. And, of course, don’t click if you aren’t up for some truly awful and disturbing reminders of how acceptable this attitude used to be.

Spring Desktop & Phone Wallpapers

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Today is such a beautiful day! In February, we get a few days with clear skies and soft sun and it’s just enough sunshine to get me so excited for spring. I do most of my traveling in spring and fall, and I’ve been grounded since August when I went to Peru so I’m excited because….today I’m headed to Palm Springs! I’m there on a whirlwind trip for just 48 hours to tour the town, take pictures, and visit with one of my favorite cousins who lives nearby. We try to connect once a year so I’m excited to see him tomorrow! Follow along on my Insta stories tomorrow and Wednesday, I’ll be running around town photographing the iconic spots!

I received a request from a few readers for new desktop wallpapers, so I designed three new versions for spring. The 16 by 9 ratios work for most desktop monitors, and the 16 by 10 ratios work great for most laptops. Just click on the links below to download the .jpg file and use it as wallpaper on your computer or cellphone.The first design is this watercolor wash desktop and phone wallpaper, I’ve added a March calendar to it.

Watercolor Wash Desktop Wallpaper 16 by 9 ratio

Watercolor Wash Desktop Wallpaper 16 by 10 ratio

Watercolor Wash Cell phone wallpaper 9 by 16 ratio


Next is a climbing vine design, you may recognize it from this fabric pattern. 😉

Vine Desktop Wallpaper 16 by 9 ratio

Vine Desktop Wallpaper 16 by 10 ratio

Vine Cellphone Wallpaper 9 by 16 ratio


And finally a cherry blossom pattern.

Cherry Blossom Desktop Wallpaper 16 by 9 ratio

Cherry Blossom Desktop Wallpaper 16 by 10 ratio

Cherry Blossom Cellphone Wallpaper

All wallpapers for personal use only.

I’ll share some of my Palm Springs adventures in my Instagram stories this week and I’ll be back Wednesday!