Pink And Grey Home Interiors With Cool Unique Design Features

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Take a tour around these two refreshingly individual pink and grey interiors–each one of them inspirationally unique in terms of both colour and style. There is something so undeniably soothing about the soft pink hue. It effortlessly rounds out any hard edged, ultra sleek interior scheme without taking anything away from its modernity. This duo of home designs is no exception; even with the coupling of dark charcoal grey expanses and electrifying shocks of cobalt blue, pink clearly sweetens the scene. Not only is the colour scheme a sight to behold, but these homes have extraordinary custom furniture inspiration that is out of this galaxy…

Designed by Ira Lysiuk & Stanislav Pashkalyan, our first interior was created for young homeowners who are big fans of the Star Wars movie saga. This led to the imagining of a home filled with futuristic inspired silhouettes and bright colour contrast to surprise and amuse house guests. Blasting off in the living room, we see a pink and blue clash that’s reminiscent of many a Star Wars poster featuring the glow of lightsabers from the light and dark sides. The ultra modern sofa design looks like it belongs in some far flung galaxy.

A matching lounge chair sits by a bespoke feature wall, which combines the pink, grey and wood tone materials of the room into an art piece. A stylish speaker perches on the end of a wooden media unit beneath the TV.

The back of the sofa design features angular and curvaceous intersections, an outline that is continued onto the kitchen island and extractor hood.

The cobalt blue extractor unit throws shocking colour contrast into the pink kitchen.

A great wing stretches out from the core fan unit. Intense white light strips beam along its length, like the wing of a spacecraft.

Sliding pink kitchen cabinet doors make up the backsplash.

The space inside the cupboard is shallow but well utilised.

Unusual wooden balustrades shutter the modern staircase design. A great eye peers from the top.

Cobalt blue and pink colour contrast electrifies the bedroom scheme. A pink pouf matches with the upholstery of an unusual headboard design. A Seletti monkey lamp hunches on a long linear vanity installation that stretches the full width of the window wall.

Streamlined storage drawers skim beneath the vanity countertop in the same mellow wood effect. Bespoke wooden window shutters slide into position above it. An interior door is camouflaged in the room’s two-tone border.

Behind the two-tone door there hides a walk-in wardrobe. A custom cut mirror clads the interior of the closet door.

The kid’s room design embraces the same colour palette as the rest of the home, but this time with the added quirk of a black and red cartoon wall mural. If you love this animal themed kid’s chair, check out this elephant home decor.

Lightsaber-esque neon wall lights provide a subtle take on Star Wars themed home decor.

More wooden shutters characterise the home entryway, alongside a very modern shoe bench and some unconventional photographic art.

The floating wooden desk in the home office twins with the bedroom vanity. A black swivel chair weights down the look.

Another piece of offbeat art adds striking effect to pale grey walls.

A pink bathroom is sure to pull house guest attention.

Of course, where there is pink in this home there is also a balance of blue. This time the counteraction to the all pink bathroom comes in the form of an all blue shower room. A hanging monkey lamp swings between blue neon vanity lights, above a blue pedestal sink and blue tiles.

A Star wars themed toothbrush holder is the cherry on the cake.

Designer: O.M. Shumelda  

This dark grey and pink decor scheme is not so space-age, but still inspirationally unique. A glass wall lounge reveals an unusual modern grey sofa, accented with pale pink scatter cushions. Exposed white electrical cables become a design feature upon a charcoal wall and raw ceiling. A small grey pouf takes the grey tone to the window side of the room, where sheer white drapes billow.

The glass coffee table adds a complementary delicate touch of pink to the centre of the charcoal room with its frame.

The industrial style lighting on the ceiling is twinned by a floor lamp, each lit with a large squirrel cage globe.

Indoor plants spike on the opposite side of the glass screen.

An airy kitchen diner is decorated in solid grey and coral wall paints, along with plentiful white kitchen cabinets in a large L-shaped arrangement.

A superb dining table design wraps a load bearing wall on three sides. Its bespoke pink framework can be seen through a crystal clear glass tabletop. Five modern dining chairs surround the creation.

Bright LEDs cut around the pink ceiling of the white L-shaped kitchen.

A minimalist white extractor hood blends with clean white tile walls, whilst a black swing arm wall lamp lamp stands out.

A humorous bird decal hangs out on the kitchen backsplash.

Although the glass wall to the lounge is only a narrow panel, it is the perfect width to define a clear border between two different areas of the main living space.

A white oven integrates with the white kitchen cabinets.

The beautiful coral ceiling expands into the home entryway.

A glass wall bedroom amplifies the sense of space and strengthens cohesivity.

White drapes provide privacy when needed.

A neon wall light burns brightly against a dark headboard wall. A black and white houndstooth cushion adds weight to the pastel bed set.

Monochrome makes its way to the floor along a modern runner.

Light wood laminate floors vibe softly with the sweet pink accents.

Bespoke concrete bedsides take the industrial chic essence into the bedroom.

A pink border puts a colourful cap on a white bathroom design.

Industrial style concrete makes an appearance in a unique pedestal sink. A wooden ladder shelf with indoor plants adds earthy nature tones.

Coral pink floods the hallway and all of the interior doors.

1. Green & pink flower vases
2. Pink floral wall art
3. Pink accent chairs
4. Pink chandelier
5. Living sofa
6. Rose gold arc floor lamp
7. Convertible chair
8. Pink floor pouf
9. Floor rug
10. Songbird Ruth By Kay Bojesen
11. Pink and gold coffee table
12. Knot cushion

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Houseplants I Haven’t Killed

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I took a walk around my neighborhood and downtown this morning, it was eerie seeing all the streets mostly empty. Many of the local stores have closed, and the bars and restaurants and gyms. Residents are staying indoors with the exception of walks around town for fresh air. I was at Kohl’s yesterday returning a sweater and the entire store was empty. I went to Target to pick up a few toiletries and people were hushed, moving quickly, and all standing far apart from each other. This situation has changed dramatically in the past few days.

I’m a social creature, so this lockdown will be challenging. It’s St. Patrick’s Day and I always go to the local Irish pub to celebrate, but not this year. I’m trying to stay positive. The sun is shining, the trees are in bloom, and we have food to survive two weeks, so for now, everything is fine. My heart is hurting for all the small businesses that will suffer in the upcoming weeks and months. I see this situation is an opportunity for us all to show more kindness, compassion, and generosity, right?

I was thinking, what do I write about in the coming weeks? Obviously, all things home related. Our homes are our sanctuaries, or at least they should be, so I’ll keep the content focused on that for the month of March. So I was looking around and thought hey, why not share the indoor plants that have survived and thrived under my care for at least a year. That’s a pretty good measure of success. Here are the houseplants that I haven’t killed. 😉


I’m a big believer in having a plant or two in every space. I find the more green leafy plants I add to a room, the more serene it feels. And we could all use more serenity now right? “Serenity Now!” I have had no luck with ferns. Every fern I buy dies. But these guys below are totally low maintenance, very forgiving, they even survive a few days without water, because I’m irregular with it and sometimes I’m just out of town.

Two large leaf plants I’ve had success with are Bird’s Eye Fern and Philodendron Selloum. I care for three Bird’s Nest Fern plants, they have beautiful curly long green leaves and is impossible to kill (in my opinion). Visitors always ask about them! I brought back a Philodendron Selloum from Las Vegas when we sold those properties, I’ve had it for at least four years. It has giant green leaves and thrives indoors in partial sun, and it doesn’t require a lot of water.

My sweet ZZ plant can live anywhere. I move it around all the time and it doesn’t care. It’s slow growing and low maintenance. So is my Dracaena Marginata, which does really well with low light.

‘Crasula Ovata’ Jade or Hobbit Jade has tubular finger like leaves and is also slow growing but worth the wait! I’ve had mine for about four years and it’s not even 2 feet tall yet. Jade does well in sunlight and with minimal water. (Another favorite jade plant I like is ripple jade.) No doubt you’ve noticed Snake Plant (also referred to as Mother In Law’s Tongue), it’s trending as an indoor plant for good reason, it’s tall spiky leaves fill vertical space nicely!


On the left is a mystery plant, I think it’s a Bird’s Nest Snake plant and I’ve had it for a few years, but I’m not 100% sure. Correct me if I’m wrong! On the right is a Dracaena White Bird with really pretty white stripes down the sides of each leaf.

The indoor plant I’ve had great success with is Schefflera, or Umbrella Tree. I have few varieties of this plant, some with variegated leaves. I have a Schefflera tree in my studio that I’ve grown for 7 years, it’s started at 12” and now it’s almost 8 feet tall!! I wrapped twinkle lights around it and it’s magical when lit up in the evening. 🙂

Schefflera never fails me, they thrive indoors even with the heater on in winter, and are so tolerant of irregular watering.

If you’d like to add any of the ones I mentioned to your collection, keep them in mind next time you’re at the garden center. Below are online sources to have them shipped to your home. One thing, if you have pets, before investing in any new plants, check the ASPCA list of plants that are toxic to pets!

zz plant  / schefflera

dracaena white bird / bird’s nest fern

hobbit jade / dracaena marginata

philodendron selloum / snake plant

The one plant I always kill is the Maidenhair Fern. I just can’t seem to keep it alive! I’ve failed so many times. There are so many plants that do well indoors, which ones have you had success with? I’d love to know, I’m always adding to my collection!

How will Coronavirus affect our finances? Martin Lewis explains all

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We are in ‘unprecedented times’ to quote Martin Lewis himself. The Coronavirus is not only affecting our health and wellbeing, it’s affecting our finances and homes.

This Morning opened the phone lines to help with worried queries about the financial implications.

The segment entitled ‘Coronavirus: your financial concerns,’ welcomed the nation’s favourite Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis to help

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How will Coronavirus affect finances?

How will Coronavirus affect finances

Image credit: Polly Wreford

Can I suspend my mortgage payments?

‘Many mortgage providers understand the situation,’ Martin explains. ‘And if you can’t work due to Coronavirus and that is causing you problems I would absolutely, first thing, discuss it with them. Be honest and open and hopefully they will make the terms easier. They are saying they will do but it’s a case by case’.

Martin goes on to say, ‘We are seeing a lot of mortgage providers, especially the ones who still have share holdings from the state, talking about forbearance.’

‘Now forbearance is not just on mortgages, that may mean reducing your payment, delaying your payment and increasing the term of your mortgage – which effectively reduces your mortgage (each month).’

How will Coronavirus affect finances

Image credit: Kirsty O’Connor/PA Archive/PA Images

Exploring further possibilities Martin goes on to explain it may also mean ‘increasing people’s credit card limits is something they can do, allowing you to take money out of fixed rate savings.’ But he does warn he’d be careful when taking from savings because rates are so poor at the moment, and you are probably locked in a high rate for taking the funds out. So look into that further with your finance provider.

‘We have this forbearance starting to be shown by banks and financial institutions, if you’re in trouble talk to them.

‘The impact on your credit score is one we’re still digging into, whether it will have a knock-on affect on your credit file. I don’t yet fully know the answer to that, I’d hope it wouldn’t.’

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Martin concludes by saying, ‘I’ve just agreed to do a live ITV show on Thursday where hopefully I’ll have all the details by then.’ He’s finding out all the answers to the questions we’re all asking, tune in with him to find out more.

We all have to show a little patience is Martin’s resounding advice.

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Let’s Get Tropical

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Hello from Florida! I’ve been walking around Key West for two days surrounded by palm trees in so many varieties. Their gentle sway in the coastal breezes makes for constant music here in these islands. Who could ever grow tired of such a soothing song?

Tropical motifs have been popular for years, and how nice that palm leaves are still going strong in the design world. Channel your inner Golden Girl with these fun and fresh palm print products for the home.

urban outfitters / kirklands / pottery barn

gold trees set / ceramic dinner plates / faux palm stems

pink tropical pillow / carved wood palm leaf set

indoor/outdoor woven rug / palm embroidered pillow / upholstered armchair

wall canvas set / banana leaf cocktail napkins

palm curtain / bahama mama wallpaper

Today I’m on a road trip to Islamorada and making a few stops along the Keys highway, I’ll share pictures on Insta!


Tall Ceiling Kitchen Cabinet Options

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I’m working with a local client on a kitchen renovation as a design consultant, together we’ve come up with a plan to renovate her space. We’re replacing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts on her old 1990s oak cabinets, installing a new island, countertops, backsplash, and lighting to transform her kitchen and bring it into the modern age. (See the picture of the kitchen ‘before’ at the bottom of this article.)

One of the issues we ran into was her ceiling height and the dilemma of what to do with her upper cabinets that sit on a tall slanted ceiling. I recommended removal the dated looking 6″ tall soffits installed by the subdivision builder. The dilemma presented was once the soffits were removed, how to fill the blank space above her cabinets? Together we debated how we’d fill it, or if we would fill it at all.

Kitchen ceilings taller than 10 feet present this issue and designers choose one of several options. For kitchens with ceilings from 11 to 13 feet, one of the most popular solutions is to add a small cabinet on top of the upper cabinet. It can be glass front, solid front, or open cabinet and it’s a nice looking way to provide extra storage and fill the space above a standard upper cabinet.

pure salt interiors

kitchenlab interiors

judith balis interiors


powell construction

studio mcgee


tracey morris design


alice lane home


studio mcgee


whitney parkinson design


Some designers totally eliminate upper cabinets in kitchens and replace them with windows. I see this more in new builds, and I have mixed feelings about trading storage for light, but it’s still a streamlined pretty look.

via houzz


An alternative solution in kitchens with taller ceilings is to simply stop the cabinets short of the ceiling and top them with a thick crown molding. The range chimney stretches to the ceiling for functional reasons, but also to contrast the height of the upper cabinets.

delpino custom homes

plank and pillow 


Same concept here with this even taller and sloped ceiling, but there is no use of crown molding due to the contemporary style of the kitchen.

tim campbell design

Here again, the tall sloped ceiling does its thing, the hood and chimney rises to the top, but the kitchen cabinets stay at the same height.

We opted out of adding additional cabinets as seen in the first few examples. My client’s kitchen solution will somewhat resemble this one, with a sleek chimney running up to the top of the sloped ceiling and the addition of thick crown molding. The only difference in hers is that we’re having a custom hood built instead of having an exposed hood as seen in the kitchen below.

Here is her kitchen in progress and there is much to do!

We’ve had the 6″ soffits removed, we will remove the countertops and prep for new quartz. All of the cabinet doors and drawer fronts will be replaced with new shaker style doors. The frames remain and the oak grain will be filled then all the cabinets professionally primed and painted a lovely taupe color. It’s exciting to transform this 1990s oak kitchen into a beautiful modern space! The goal is to have it all done by summer, fingers crossed. Stay tuned!

Sleep Like a Baby with These Stylish and Restful Bedroom Designs

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You want the bedroom to be a relaxing space where you get a good night’s rest more than anything. Beyond that, the goal for bedroom design and decor is to be super stylish and comfortable, whether it’s the master bedroom or another bedroom. It makes sense because between sleeping and preparing for the day, you spend plenty of time in the bedroom. Moreover, the bed is the focal point of the space and rightly so. What other elements you include and their style all depends on how large the bedroom is and what else you might want to do in the space. Some comfy seating for reading, a meditation space, or a window-side lounge are all great ideas. Check out these inspirational bedroom ideas for fresh bed designs, examples of different ways to incorporate lighting and more.

Contemporary Upholstery

Today’s bed styles are very different from the standard headboard of years past. First of all, platform beds with just one mattress are now the norm, not the old-fashioned mattress and box spring set. This is a great stylistic advance because it allows for all kinds of new designs. This upholstered headboard is a great example because it’s got a contemporary flair that carries through the rest of the bed frame. The way the headboard flows into the rest of the bed, which is supported by similarly upholstered legs, is casual and very versatile. Pastel-hued oval nightstands carry through the curves and flowing lines of the bed.

Modern Tufting

Similar to the first bed, this leather upholstered model is a tad more formal in style with its winged and tufted design. It still has a modern feeling because the tufting is linear and not the traditional buttoned style. The bottom of the bed frame is upholstered, which is a very clean look that eliminates the fussy — and passé — bed skirt. Modern bedside lighting is all glass and does not have traditional shades, emphasizing the more streamlined style. The keep the decor from being too matchy-matchy, the bedside tables are of different styles and shapes.

Laid-Back Style

Super casual, slouchy styles have also made their way into the bedroom. Some of the bedroom ideas that involve these laid-back silhouettes include cushion-like headboards, minimalist wood platform bed frames, and Nordic-inspired nightstands. Modest lighting fixtures round out the space yet still provide enough bedside illumination for reading. This type of bedroom is ideal for people who like to live life with less fuss and prefer to just pull up the duvet and go.

Classic Details in a Modern Space

Classic meets contemporary in this bedroom that centers around an upholstered headboard. The classic button tufting has been incorporated into a modern upholstered bedframe done in a neutral off-white. The contrast with the paneled dark wood wall really makes the bed the focal point. A major modern edge in the space comes from the hanging light fixtures positioned over each nightstand. This is great for freeing up space on the bedside table.

Sleek and Dramatic

A more “one and done” concept that is easy to implement is a full wall unit that incorporates all the major elements of the bedroom. At the center is a tall headboard and platform bed, all upholstered in a luxurious neutral suede. Flanking the bed are two horizontally paneled wood sections that follow the same lines as the central headboard. Two floating nightstands are attached to the panels, which makes the whole room seem less cluttered. At the end of the bed, a super functional bench rounds out the furnishings.

Sofa Styling

Maybe it’s the upholstery choice or maybe it’s the overall design, but this bed exudes the feeling of a comfy family room sofa. The tweed-like textile covers the cushioned headboard and the frame. A nightstand sits on one side, however, the placement of the bed in the room behind the low headboard. Allows for a floor lamp to be positioned behind the low headboard. The bench at the end of the bed has a fresh look with a super tall cushion paired with a low frame. Situating the bed away from a wall is a great bedroom idea if the room is spacious.

Ambient Lighting Accents

In another example of a bed not placed directly against the wall, this sleek leather bed is instead backed by glass shelving that has built-in lighting that helps create a relaxing mood. Whether you arrange the bedroom this way or not, incorporating lighting in shelving units or other locations is an opportunity for adding low lighting that helps you relax at the end of a long day. The subtle illumination is not meant for tasks or reading, but for creating a more soothing environment.

 A Neutral Anchor

Most of these new master bedroom designs use a neutral bed to serve as the visual anchor in the space, which allows for plenty of creativity in the decor. This clean-lined bed is paired with a minimalist nightstand and artful accessories. To the side, a vanity table is very convenient for getting dressed and ready. A comfortable ottoman sits at the center of the curved unit, which includes lighted mirrors that aid in applying make-up, styling hair or putting on jewelry.

Matched Styling

A similar headboard is styled in a completely different way, showing how versatile a neutral bed can be. This leather-upholstered model works well with the Asian-inspired wall of windows. Matching nightstands and modern lighting give the whole room the more planned and coordinated look that many people still prefer, but without the old-style matchy-matchy bedroom set vibe. If you’re looking for bedroom ideas that are along these lines, think coordination instead of uniformity.

Combo Style

We’ve already shown you an integrated wall unit that includes the bed, but this combination bed and nightstand piece is another convenient option among fresh bedroom ideas. The upholstered platform bed has a couple of unique features that make it ideal for a room with limited space. First, the padded headboard can be lowered for sleep. Second, the platform is wider on one side and includes a small bedside storage cube, as well as a wooden section at the foot of the bed that can also function as a shelf. The narrower side uses a small side table for bedside convenience.

Basic Black

This bedroom is filled with basic black furnishings but the styling makes the space anything but boring. The platform bed has minimalist lines and features two cushions as the headboard, which are paired with leather bolsters that run the width of the bed. A leather-covered bench with similar styling sits at the foot of the bed and the bedside tables add interest because they are different on both sides. A round table with a Scandinavian style lamp sits on one side, while two cube-style tables are on the right. Among all the bedroom ideas, this one is a stylish but no-nonsense option.

Living and Lounging

With extra space comes greater opportunity for creating additional relaxation areas in the bedroom. One of the most common master bedroom ideas is the addition of comfortable seating for reading. This contemporary bedroom combines a casual cushion-based headboard and integrated floating nightstands against a paneled feature wall. Modern sconces and art accent the wall and a geometric rug pull it all together. Near the bed, a chair, a modern floor lamp and an occasional table create a great spot for reading or relaxing with a cup of tea.

All-in-One Organization

Whether a lack of space and storage is an issue or not, an all-in-one type of concept is a design-forward idea that many people prefer. This casual platform bed is integrated into a wall of shelving that also serves as nightstand space, keeping the design compact. Details like a built-in valet hanger on one side and storage cubes on the other can make a big difference when closet space is at a premium. While the color is a muted, earthy green, it’s still a neutral shade that would pair well with a wide range of other colors.

Wood-Focused Design

Not everyone wants an upholstered headboard and there are plenty of updated bedroom ideas that focus on wood. This bedroom has a Scandinavian vibe with a bit of a rustic touch thanks to how prominently the knots in the wood show. The fresh take includes floating vanities that are attached to the headboard as are the reading lights on each side. On the wall, lighted cubes add an accent along with extra storage and display space. To go with the casual feeling of the bedroom, large square poofs take the place of a traditional bench.

Minimalist Lines

Minimalist style is very good for the bedroom, especially because experts say that the bedroom should be totally devoted to sleeping and not television, work or other activities. A sleek platform bed is a good base and here it is paired with a slim bench, modern lighting and eclectic bedside tables. The no-frills bedroom as little to distract from the main purpose but is still fresh and stylish.

Accenting the Bed

Even with a basic style, it’s possible to highlight the bed. Here, a floating wall has been positioned behind the bed. This one is tall, but it could be any height you choose. The wall can be used to add color and can be lit from behind to add drama to the room. It makes the bed more dramatic and enhances other elements like the pendant lights hanging over one of the nightstands. Speaking of which, if you’re looking for master bedroom ideas for refreshing lighting, using two different styles is a great one for adding interest to a basic space.

Eclectic Style for Kids Rooms

Kids generally don’t worry too much about whether their space is stylish — they just want it to be cool. And, as they grow, their tastes will change which is why basic, neutral furnishings make a great base for a kid’s bedroom. Sturdy gender-neutral pieces can be accented with colorful accessories and bedding that can change as the child grows. This particular room features a versatile twin bed as the focus and accompanying pieces that offer storage as well as function. Task lighting, as well as a general bedside light, cover all the bases.

Modern Luxury

Luxury lovers also have plenty of options for the bedroom, including within the modern realm. Upholstered in a chic gray crushed velvet, this bed is definitely a focal point thanks to its dramatic channel tufting on the headboard. No matter what this is paired with, the room will feel luxurious. Minimalist bedding keeps the lines clean but more opulent bedding would launch this to a whole other level. Despite the distinctive design, it’s actually a very versatile piece that works with a wide range of other furnishings.

Ornate Opulence

Despite all the aforementioned minimalism, there’s still a big demand for more ornate bedroom designs from those who relax when they truly luxuriate in traditional style. This bedroom is opulent for many reasons, starting with the way the bed is made the focal point. Even though the rococo headboard is dramatic, it is emphasized by the red wall and lush drapes that frame the bed. Everything matches and detailing is exquisite, from the hardware on the nightstands and dresser to the accents on the bedding.

A Traditional Twist

If an opulent style bedroom is too much, restrained luxury is another option. This bedroom is a good example of how a traditional, luxuriously upholstered headboard can be combined with some contemporary elements to create a unique space. First of all, the bedding is luxurious but unadorned, which streamlines the look. The traditional silhouettes of the nightstands are combined with updated lighting that makes for a different look. The geometric wallpaper also lends a contemporary and unexpected flair.

If there’s anything that you take away from these inspirational photos, it should be that the bedroom is a personal space and although you want it to be stylish, it absolutely must appeal to your personal preferences. There’s no one you need to impress with your bedroom style except you and your partner. As long as it’s relaxing and conducive to sleep, the stylistic execution is up to you!

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The 15 Best Cheap Coffee Tables For Every Home And Style

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With the coffee table being such an important part of any home’s interior design, we’re often in a rush to make a purchase without taking the time to consider all the options. It’s amazing how many different designs and styles one can choose from. Of course, the design is not all that matters and cost is just as important With that in mind, we’ve taken on the task to find the best cheap coffee tables that you can purchase right now.

1. Nesting Coffee End Tables

Before anything else, let’s talk numbers. Having a single coffee table is definitely the norm but that doesn’t mean it’s the only option. In certain cases it’s more practical to have several small tables instead of a single large one. This gives more flexibility and can also look nice. This right here is a set of two nesting tables with very similar designs and shapes but with different proportions. The smaller table can fit underneath the larger one for easy storage. They’re both made out of MDF panels and bamboo legs. They’re durable and good-looking as well as very convenient. The small table measures 17.7(L) x 11.6(W) x 15.7(H) and the large one measures 23.6(L) x 15.5(W) x 17.7(H). 

Amazon’s Choice

Nesting Coffee End Tables

Nesting Coffee End Tables

You can use them as a set of as two individual pieces. 

View Deal

2. Round Coffee Table with Industrial Design

Round Coffee Table with Industrial Design

If you do decide to go with a single coffee table that will become the centerpiece of your living room, it’s important to pick a good shape for it. Round coffee tables are really nice because they really bring the room together and they soften any harsh lines and straight angles. This is a two-tier coffee table which blends together modern, rustic and industrial elements. It has a wooden top and a metal frame, with a perforated shelf at the bottom that mimics the top and offers storage for magazines, remotes, books and various other small items.

Amazon’s Choice

Round Coffee Table with Industrial Design

Round Coffee Table with Industrial Design

It’s a strong and sturdy table and you can get it with either a walnut or an oak top.

View Deal

3. Wood and Metal Industrial Cocktail Table

Wood and Metal Industrial Cocktail Table

If you’re more of a rectangular coffee table type of person you have tons of great designs to choose from. One of our favorite pieces is this table which has a strong industrial vibe but still maintains a simple and modern appearance. It’s a design that relies on clean lines and angles and only two materials. The top is 2” thick and made out of MDF and the frame is made out of steel and has a matte black finish. These two elements complement each other beautifully and are also very easy to put together, making the assembly process quick and simple.

oak finish

Wood and Metal Industrial Cocktail Table

Wood and Metal Industrial Cocktail Table

Clean design meets rustic industrial style in this charismatic coffee table.

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4. Industrial Coffee Table with Storage Shelf

Industrial Coffee Table with Storage Shelf

On a similar note, this coffee table also has rustic and industrial notes in its design which help to turn it into a beautiful focal point for a variety of different spaces and decors. Instead of looking cold and austere, the metal frame and perforated bottom shelf actually give this table a very charming look. They look wonderful in combination with the wooden top and ensure a sturdy and robust appearance with lots of character.  The built-in metal shelf can hold up to 88 lbs and comes in very handy when you need a place to store all the magazines, books, remotes and other times in order to free up the table surface. 

Easy Assembly

Industrial Coffee Table with Storage Shelf

Industrial Coffee Table with Storage Shelf

The dimensions of this table are as follows: 41. 8″L x 23. 7″W x 17. 7″H.

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5. Rustic Coffee Table With Wooden Shelf

Rustic Coffee Table With Wooden Shelf

The same combination of wood and steel that we mentioned earlier was also used here to give this coffee table a rustic appearance with industrial accents. The table has a rectangular top and is 488” long x 24” wide and 18” high. It has a storage shelf 10” below the top which mimics the same type of wood and has a matching finish. The metal legs are slightly angles and that really adds style to this otherwise very simple piece.

Open Shelf

Rustic Coffee Table With Wooden Shelf

Rustic Coffee Table With Wooden Shelf

Also, the dark patina on the metal frame works nicely in combination with the warm wood tones and overall design of the table.

View Deal

6. Sauder Dakota Pass Lift-Top Coffee Table

Sauder Dakota Pass Lift-Top Coffee Table

The standard height of the coffee table is great in most cases but not when you want to use this piece as a desk for example. That’s why a mechanism such as this can turn out to be very practical. This coffee table has a wooden top that lifts up so you can use it as a work surface. While it does so, it also reveals a hidden storage compartment. In addition, there’s also a pair of open shelves at the bottom. The table’s dimensions are 43.15″ length x 19.45” width x 10.02 height. 

space saving

Sauder Dakota Pass Lift-Top Coffee Table

Sauder Dakota Pass Lift-Top Coffee Table

Hidden storage compartment and shelf

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7. Rustic Coffee Tables with Storage

Rustic Coffee Tables with Storage

All coffee tables which have some sort of built-in storage system are great because they’re very practical. If you think storage is extra important you can even find designs such as this one. This coffee table includes a wooden shelf at the bottom but also a metal wire compartment which cuts the top short and sits at an intermediate level. The rustic-industrial design is definitely a nice fit in this case, in line with the whole good-looking but also the practical vibe of the table.

Space Saving Organizer

Rustic Coffee Tables with Storage

Rustic Coffee Tables with Storage

The dimensions are 35’’x19.6”x17.7” which makes this a great piece for just about any living room.

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8. Walnut Wood Coffee Table

Walnut Wood Coffee Table

If you prefer the cleaner look without any storage shelves and boxes, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a suitable design. We really like this particular one because of how simple and elegant it looks. Its dimensions are 23.62” D x 39.29” W x 17.91” H which makes it spacious and comfortable to use. The mid-century design aesthetic is part of the table’s charm and character, making it a nice fit for a variety of interiors, whether traditional, modern or even rustic. 

walnut finish

Walnut Wood Coffee Table

Walnut Wood Coffee Table

The Cilo Coffee Table is the perfect addition to your home.

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9. Rectangle Glass Coffee Table

Rectangle Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee tables can definitely be great but can often come across as outdated. The design is especially important in this case. Unless you want some very minimalistic, an all-glass coffee table is probably not your best option. Combining glass with other materials often looks wonderful and creates a very balanced look. This right here is a very stylish example. This table is made of solid MDF and glass. The top is clear and has beveled edges and the bottom shelf has an opaque finish.

contemporary design

Rectangle Glass Coffee Table

Rectangle Glass Coffee Table

The metal rods connecting the shelves to the frame add an extra modern twist to the design.

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10. Tangkula Glass Coffee Table

Tangkula Glass Coffee Table

This is the all-glass coffee table design that we were talking about earlier. As previously stated, minimalism is the best option in this case. This U-shaped design has a very nice continuity and fluidity and the lack of any storage shelves, hardware or connectors allows the focus to be on the shape alone. At the same time, this is a coffee table that won’t stand out which means that the room’s focal point can be something else. It looks lovely when paired with a cool-looking area rug.

Rounded Edges

Tangkula Glass Coffee Table

Tangkula Glass Coffee Table

Furthermore, it’s incredibly versatile and works well with any color palette.

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11. High Gloss White Rectangle Coffee Table

High Gloss White Rectangle Coffee Table

Minimalist coffee tables can take a lot of different forms. This one has a very clean design with simple lines and a very sculptural and architectural aesthetic. The use of white all throughout the design and the glossy finish really emphasize the shape and design and give the table a sophisticated vibe. It’s also clear that this is a very sturdy piece . It’s built out of MDF and it’s quite compact, measuring only 33.5*21.7*12.2 inches. 

high gloss

High Gloss White Rectangle Coffee Table

High Gloss White Rectangle Coffee Table

You can pair it with a variety of different decors and color palettes thanks to its simplicity and neutral color palette. 

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12. Faux Marble Round Table with Brass Legs

Faux Marble Round Table with Brass Legs

Coffee tables often inevitably become focal points for the spaces that they’re in. A strategic choice of materials can really help make it stand out. This one features a very stylish combination of metal and marble. The frame has an elegant golden finish and four slender legs which frame the circular white marble top. The overall dimensions of the table are 36” length x 36” width x 18” height.

marble finish

Faux Marble Round Table with Brass Legs

Faux Marble Round Table with Brass Legs

It’s great as a companion for the living room sofa, for a comfy corner armchair, a reading nook and so on.

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13. Shellmond Accent Cocktail Table

Shellmond Accent Cocktail Table

Some coffee tables look quite unique and this is a very good example. This design takes inspiration from antique metal tubs and the result is a very special-looking coffee table. The farmhouse design combines metal which has an antiqued galvanized finish and wood. These are two very different and contrasting materials which somehow manage to complement each other in this case. The table is not just eye-catching but also very practical, featuring a hidden storage area underneath the wooden top.

rustic touch

Shellmond Accent Cocktail Table

Shellmond Accent Cocktail Table

Its dimensions are 26 W x 26 D x 19.75 H inches. 

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14. Rectangular Clear Acrylic Coffee Table

Rectangular Clear Acrylic Coffee Table

Acrylic coffee tables are similar to glass tables but tend to have a more casual appearance. There are lots of different designs to choose from and most are modern and minimalist. This particular table has a rectangular top and measures 42″ wide x 24″ deep x 17″ high. It’s lightweight, easy on the eyes and very versatile. Thanks to its transparent body it can be paired with any color palette. 

golden accents

Rectangular Clear Acrylic Coffee Table

Rectangular Clear Acrylic Coffee Table

The golden accents give it a sophisticated appearance and a polished look. 

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15. Rotating Wood Coffee Table

Rotating Wood Coffee Table

This coffee table is quite different from anything we’ve looked at so far. It has a very interesting design composed of three sections. The base is fixed but the other two sections can rotate. This dynamic design adds an interactive twist to an otherwise simple piece of furniture. The overall dimensions of this piece are 31. 5”L x 23. 75”W x 13”h. It’s a great statement piece with a really unique twist and a multifunctional design that’s not just nice to look at but also practical to use. 

cool design

Rotating Wood Coffee Table

Rotating Wood Coffee Table

Minor assembly required, (tools and instructions included)

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Two Toppings You Need To Try

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I have a new favorite topping. Two of them, actually. #1- Goat cheese + fig preserves + dijon mustard. I’m telling you, that combination is HEAVEN on top of pork medallions. Just mix a half an ounce of dijon mustard, with 1 tablespoon of fig preserves, 1 teaspoon of water, and a pinch of salt…

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Airweave Mattress Review – Ideal For Heavier People And Stomach Sleepers

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Writing an introduction for the Airwave bed isn’t easy because this is a mattress very different compared to other models we’re used to reviewing. We’re going to have to do a little bit of in-depth explaining so that you can understand what makes this Japanese mattress unique when compared to its peers. It’s a bed that excels in chapters like durability and temperature neutrality, but does it sacrifice other qualities and features that you’d like to have in a bed? Read on and find out!

About Airweave

Airweave is a company founded by Motokuni Takaoka, but it was initially a fishing line company developed by his uncle. Having graduated from the Stanford School of Engineering, he began experimenting with how resin fiber can have multiple applications. The more he dived into the subject, the more he began to realize that this particular material could actually revolutionize sleep as we know it.

Back in 2007, Airweave launched its first mattress topper and has been researching and improving its line of products more and more. Thanks to their Airfiber, the company has created a mattress with a unique design and features to look forward to, making sure that you get a bed that’ durable, cooling, and makes it easy to switch from one sleeping position to another.


  • Extremely durable.
  • Great motion isolation.
  • Highly breathable.


  • Too firm for a lot of sleepers.
  • Not enough contouring.
  • Some assembly required.
ultra-firm sleeping surface

Airweave Mattress

Airweave Mattress

Airweave is best known for their very firm mattresses.

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Shipping, Unboxing, and Offgassing

One of the first things that you want to know about a mattress that you have your heart set on is if they ship to your location. You can order the Airweave mattress if you live anywhere in the continental US, but they don’t currently handle deliveries to Hawaii and Alaska. However, you can also order the mattress in Singapore, Taiwan, China, and Japan, but you’ll have to visit the respective websites in order to get more details.

The actual shipment of the beds is handled by private freight companies, and the weight of one package will vary from 55 to 88 pounds. You can also opt for White Glove Service if you want, but it will cost you an additional $40. Otherwise, all shipping to the US is free.

One of the many things that make the Airweave bed unique is the unboxing experience, which will require a little bit of setup. This isn’t your average bed-in-a-box, as it doesn’t arrive compressed, nor is it shipped to you as a ready-to-use type of mattress. Instead, you will receive three blocks of airfiber material. As you put these side by side, you will have a single layer that makes up the entire mattress. It’s also important to note that off-gassing is almost inexistent.

Initial Impressions

There is only one word to describe the initial impression that you get when you first apply hand pressure on the bed: hard. The cover is soft and really pleasant to the touch, and it feels quite breathable as you brush your hand against it. On a scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being used to rank the firmest type of bed out there, the Airweave bed is an 8.5, which is way above the industry average for a medium-firm mattress.

While the material that makes the core of the mattress does offer a little bit of response to pressure, it is clear that this mattress isn’t the best one at conforming, particularly if you are a sleeper who weighs less than 130 pounds. It’s true that the mattress is firm, but we can in no way state that it’s rock-solid, as it does have a little bit of give. Also, your body weight will surely cause you to feel the mattress differently than others. Overall, we have to say that this is firm bed.


As we’ve mentioned before, the construction of the Airweave bed is like nothing you’ve ever seen. Even when you think about a mattress that’s made entirely out of foam, you know the different layers of foam have different IDL or properties that differ from one another. When it comes to the Airweave bed, you get a mattress that’s made exclusively out of airfiber material.

The cover is made entirely out of polyester and it’s light and stretchable. It can completely be removed and washed in the washing machine, which makes caring for your mattress fairly easy when compared to other mattresses that require spot cleaning.

The core of the bed is made from the three blocks of airfibers that really have unique properties. They are made with an interwoven design, basically creating these tiny coils that have some space in between them, facilitating airflow up to a point where this mattress is naturally breathable.

Features and Benefits

There are plenty of distinctive features about the Airweave bed that makes it a very special type of mattress. It is one of the firmest beds that you’ll ever encounter, which makes it a good pick for heavyweight individuals that need a bed that doesn’t compress that easy.

It’s a mattress that does an excellent job in isolation motion, as the resin fibers manage to stay put even as one person tosses and turns throughout the entire night. But even when we’ve encountered mattresses that managed to isolate motion really well, we still believed that there was room for improvements as far as edge support is concerned. Well, not with the Airweave bed. This mattress has one of the strongest edge support systems we’ve ever seen, regardless of whether you’re just rolling over to the edge of the bed or sitting on it while you put on your socks.

The ease of maintenance of this bed is one more factor that really deserves a lot of praise. Not only is it super easy to remove the cover and clean it, but you can actually clean the interior of the mattress with great ease. What you basically have to do is to rinse the blocks of resin fibers in order to purge them of dust or debris, and then make sure they’re left in a well-ventilated room until they are completely dry and you’re ready to put the cover back on.

Available Sizes

When you’re looking to buy a new mattress, you should always pick a size that you’re comfortable with, and preferably one that matches the foundation you already have. When it comes to the Airweave mattress, you can opt for all the standard sizes that range from Twin to Cal King.

Twin39.4” X 74.8” X 8.5”54 lbsCheck price
Twin XL39.4″” X 80” X 8.5”58 lbsCheck price
Full53.1” X 74.8” X 8.5”73 lbsCheck price
Queen59.8” X 80” X 8.5”88 lbsCheck price
King76” X 80” X 8.5”111 lbsCheck price
Cal King71.7” X 84” X 8.5”110 lbsCheck price

Heat Transfer

When it comes to the Airweave capacity of trapping heat, this is one impressive bed. The resin fibers basically create these little coils (or noodles, as some people like to call them), with plenty of random spacing in between. As expected, instead of the heat being trapped on the surface or the upper layers of the bed, it passed through the entire mattress, which makes the Airweave as naturally cooling as a latex mattress (which is our benchmark for naturally breathable materials).


The Airweave mattress should do a really good job as far as durability is concerned, as the conglomerate of resin fibers and the firmness of the bed show us that it won’t easily compress even under heavy pressure. However, we found it a little bit puzzling to discover that the manufacturer actually stated that the mattress might break down faster if you weight more than 220 pounds. Even so, make no mistake, this is a mattress for heavy individuals.

Protection, Sleep Trial & Warranty

Caring for your Airweave bed is really easy considering the fact that you can just unzip the cover and remove it to clean it anytime you feel the need to. The airweave fibers need to be cleaned with lukewarm water, and not following these instructions can void the warranty of the bed.  But, aside from protection, sleep trial and warranty are two very important aspects to research when you buy a bed online.

First of all, it is very important to mention that you will only benefit from the 100 nights of free sleep trial if you buy your mattress directly from the company’s official website, and not through any third-party retailer. Since it takes about 30 nights to get adjusted to sleeping on the bed, the manufacturer also asks that you wait these 30 nights before attempting to initiate a return.

The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty that covers visible indentations that are deeper than one inch, splits in the airfiber material that isn’t the customer’s fault, and manufacturing defects. Make sure that you read all the warranty details before buying the product, and keep in mind that you will need a proper bed foundation in order to avoid sagging.



Surprisingly enough, the Airweave mattress isn’t as inexpensive as you would think. The lowest price that you can pay for it is $1,070 for a Twin-sized bed (which was actually on discount at the time of this review and available for $970), while the most expensive model is the Cal King, which costs $1,610 when paid at full price.

ultra-firm sleeping surface

Airweave Mattress

Airweave Mattress

Airweave is best known for their very firm mattresses.

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Reviews and Feedback

It’s funny how a mattress that’s limited to a select group of sleepers can actually have so much positive feedback. I guess it just goes to show you that people are beginning to understand what exactly they need in a new bed and that helps them make way better choices.

You’d think that people would complain a lot about the firmness level of this mattress, but there is a very limited number of people that claimed the mattress is too firm and caused them pressure point pain. The vast majority of sleepers that have purchased and used the Airweave bed are extremely happy with how they sleep on it.

Some customers claim that the bed actually provides the perfect balance between softness and hardness, with a firmness rating so good that it’s tough to beat. Others are really happy with how naturally cooling this bed is, and this is one of their major expectation when adventuring in this particular shopping experience.

What’s perhaps even more surprising is that this firm mattress has actually pleased a lot of average-weight sleepers as well, claiming that even if they weigh around 150 pounds, they still managed to find comfort in the Airweave.

Who We Recommend the Airweave Bed For

The Airweave mattress is a one-of-a-kind bed, we have established that much. But what type of sleepers would best be paired with a bed that has a firmness rating unlike anything we’ve ever seen?

  • First of all, the construction of the bed makes it a good choice for people who like to sleep cool. It’s because of the unique construction that the inner part of the mattress makes it so easy for air to travel, meaning it can never stop the heat in the cover or the comfort layer of the bed, as other mattresses do.
  • It’s also a great option for people who like to sleep on top of the mattress instead of feeling like their bodies are sinking into the surface of the bed too much.
  • Due to its firmness level, this mattress is a solid option for people who need a firm bed, especially for heavyweight people and stomach sleepers, who really need a mattress that can push bad and avoid deep compression.
ultra-firm sleeping surface

Airweave Mattress

Airweave Mattress

Airweave is best known for their very firm mattresses.

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Our Final Verdict

The Airweave mattress is a lot of different things, and a bed that brings forth a lot of surprises we didn’t expect. Made from resin-based fibers, this is one of the most durable and naturally cooling mattresses that you’ll ever get your hands on. Because of its high firmness rating, this mattress is better matched with people who weigh above 230 pounds, as well as for stomach sleepers of different body weights.

While this mattress doesn’t really cover a pool of customers that’s as wide as we’ve seen with other beds, this limitation doesn’t make it the least popular bed out there. It’s true that having the bed available in a single firmness level is limiting for a lot of sleepers, it’s also not that easy to find a good bed for heavyweight sleepers either, so we can definitely say that the Airweave bed deserves a chance if you fit in one of the two aforementioned categories, but also if you like a bed that doesn’t retain heat and is good at motion isolation.

FAQs: Short answers

Is a mattress protector needed?

While the cover of the Airweave mattress can be removed and washed, using a mattress protector is always a good idea if you really want to prolong the life of your bed.

How does the returns process work?

You can return the mattress within the first 100 nights of free sleep trial, but you will have to test it for at least 30 nights. If you choose to return the bed before the first 30 nights, you will have to pay a service fee of $150. Returning the mattress will ensure a refund in the form of the original payment, but it may take up to seven business days for you to be reimbursed.

Where can these beds be shipped?

You can order the Airweave mattress if you live anywhere in the continental US, but they don’t currently handle deliveries to Hawaii and Alaska. You can also order the mattress in Singapore, Taiwan, China, and Japan, but you’ll have to visit the respective websites in order to get more details.

What type of sleeper is this mattress best suited for?

The Airweave bed is best suited for sleepers who weigh 230 pounds or more, regardless of the sleeping position they prefer. Because it’s such a firm bed, it can also be comfortable for stomach sleepers of all weights.

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Palm Springs Modernism

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Earlier this month, I spent 48 hours in Palm Springs. I was there for two reasons, first, I was craving a quick getaway to somewhere sunny to escape winter. Also because I’ve always wanted to drive around and look at the architecture that Palm Springs is famous for and I finally had a chance to do it! Palm Springs is major mid century eye candy. Its neighborhood homes possess cool roof lines, breeze block walls, desert landscaping, mod house numbers, and painted doors. I also stopped by a few of the iconic hotels to check out their own unique vibe.

My cousin Danny is an architect and he lives 90 minutes away so he met up with me and off we went to check out the architecture scene. First stop, the Parker, it has a famous tall breeze wall entry and a bohemian interior lobby.




Next, a walk around the Saguaro Hotel, a visual feast! This one is known for its rainbow colored exteriors, metal installations, and quirky cool lobby.


Finally we popped into the tiny Korakia mediterranean pensione, recommended by a friend, it had a more laid back bohemian vibe. I couldn’t resist a brief swing in the macramé hammock.


Modernism Week just ended, it’s an annual event hosted in Palm Springs celebrating all things mid century modern and hoards of architecture loving people come to live it up with swanky style. There are several famous homes that are open to the public for a fee. I was granted a press pass, which was kind of the committee, but instead opted out of Modernism Week and flew in a week early to avoid the crowds and higher hotel prices.

Based on the drawn out schedule of events, there was no way I could see them all in a 48 hour window, so I did some research and was delighted to find many of the iconic homes on the tours have been featured online. I rounded up the virtual tours I found, click on the name of these homes for more of their history and a look inside.

The Guggenheim House, built in 1967


the recently restored Wave House, built in 1955



The Morse House, built in 1961


the recently restored Cree House, designed in 1955

and this contemporary home, the Axiom House, designed for a “Palm Springs lifestyle”

And of course if you’re like me and just like to drive around cool neighborhoods looking at architecture, then you’ll enjoy the Palm Springs door tour. I snapped a few photos and I’ll be making an illustrated art collection to release in my new art shop soon.

They have locals that offer these tours and there are bloggers before me who have drawn up maps so you can drive or ride around to see these. Kara at Whimsy Soul drew a map for a self guided tour, and Andrea at Salty Canary shared another fun map of the famous Palm Springs doors.

So, those of you who have visited Palm Springs, tell me what did I miss? Give me a reason to return.