Modern Handrail Designs And Styles That Will Surely Inspire You

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An interesting handrail can make a very simple staircase stand out and can add a lot of charm and character to the entire space around it. So what constitutes an interesting design when it comes to handrails in general? To answer that we’ve put together our own list of designs and styles that we think stand out from the crowd. Check them out below.

What’s interesting about this particular handrail is the fact that it has two levels. There’s an upper rail and a lower one and they both meet at each end, forming a loop. That allows kids to easily reach the lower rail as they go up and down the stairs and also makes for a rather curious and modern design. This was created for a house in Dublin by studio Peter Legge Associates.

Curved handrails are quite interesting as well and sometimes the shape alone is enough to help them stand out and look elegant and stylish. This design chosen by studio b.e architecture for a home which they renovated in Melbourne is extra special. The handrail curves in on itself and becomes extra comfortable allowing the palm to naturally and comfortably grab it.

This is a built-in handrail design, one which looks as if it’s been carved out of the wall. It’s simple, with clean and soft lines and a modern design and it stands out in spite of how well it actually blends in. This particular design was created by studio Neri&Hu for the Bloomberg office located in Hong Kong.

Here’s another beautiful example of a built-in handrail. It’s something that architects Patrick Planchon and Franck Deroche created in collaboration with woodworker Landry Gobert created for the CMMA HQ located in France. The staircase is made of natural oak and the built-in handrail features sharp and sculptural lines and angles. In addition, there’s also a line of LED lights running along the inside of the handrail.

Studio Shape London renovated a detached family home and part of the process was to redesign the staircase. It’s all clad in brown oak and has a built-in handrail. LED accent lighting guides the hand and illuminates the space in a very subtle manner at night. In this case the handrail really does seem to be carved into the wall.

This beautiful staircase was designed by studio Gayet-Roger Architects for a crèche located in Bordeaux, France. It’s more than just a staircase, it’s a beautiful centerpiece and has a stylish double handrail design that wraps around the central dividing wall. The lines are clean and although the handrail doesn’t have any smooth curves it wraps around the wall beautifully and elegantly.

Marble wraps around this entire wall, add a noble and sophisticated look to the stairwell. The built-in handrail forms a nook that lights up, providing a soft and warm glow and complementing the staircase. This is part of a project completed by studio Quinn Architects in Los Angeles.

Simplicity is beautiful and takes many different forms. This plywood-lined staircase is a prime example. The modest palette of materials and finishes doesn’t diminish the beauty of the overall design. A nice detail is the built-in handrail which blends into the wall almost seamlessly. This is part of a renovation done by studio Francesco Pierazzi Architects in west London.

This is the modern staircase designed by Estúdio BG in collaboration with  LVPN Arquitetura for an office located in Porto Alegre, Brazil. It’s a spiral staircase centered around a circular pillar, with floating stairs and a black metal handrail that smoothly runs along the wall, curving and turning at an angle from top to bottom.

No doubt these projects have inspired you, perhaps even to the point where you might consider giving your own staircase makeover. A new handrail would make a big difference and there are plenty of designs and models you can purchase, like this one for example. It’s the type of industrial-looking handrail that’s super easy to install, durable, practical and quite versatile too. It comes in different lengths and has a rust-resistant finish.

This is also a metal handrail which means it’s very strong and durable. It has an elegant champagne silver anodized finish and it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas. Installation is easy and all the necessary hardware is included. Each bracket can support up to 500 lbs and they can all positioned anywhere along the rail thanks to the continuous built-in channel.

In case you need the handrail to follow a more particular path, a single one-piece design might not do it. A very practical alternative is to use a set of several handrails, smaller and easy to position at any desired height or angle. These are made of pine wood and have a curved shape. They offer lots of flexibility and allow you to customize your staircase in an interesting and at the same time practical way.

This is a different version of a design we mentioned earlier. It’s a very interesting design which features genuine black walnut permanently bonded to an aluminum core, thus giving the handrail a very elegant and refined look. It’s dent-resistant and has a perfectly smooth surface. Once again, the continuous channel allows the brackets to be positioned anywhere along the handrail.

In case you prefer wood instead of metal, this might be a suitable option. This handrail is made of natural pine wood and is hand-polished. It has a smooth surface and it’s 3” think which makes it comfortable to use. It’s also warm and pleasant to the touch and versatile thanks to its simple and stylish design. You can get it in different lengths and also in either 1 or 2 parts with two fixed points and respectively four points.

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30 Breakfast Nook Bench Ideas That Will Cheer Up Your Mornings

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If there is one thing in the world that nearly everyone can agree on, it’s a breakfast nook. We can all agree that they are rather a luxury in a home, mostly because if you have a breakfast nook, you likely have a formal dining room as well. We can also agree that breakfast nooks are cozy spaces for everything from morning coffee to afternoon homework sessions. All you need to achieve this space in your home is a table, a bench and a space in your kitchen to put them. The size of your table usually depends on the size of your kitchen but benches don’t have to be the complicated built-ins you’ll find in many breakfast nooks. Here are 30 ideas for your breakfast nook bench to help you create your new favorite Sunday morning spot.

Sometimes a breakfast nook really is as simple as a thrifted bench and a table without a home. Just push them into an empty corner or nook in your kitchen, add a pillow and you’re ready to linger with your coffee.

If you truly like the built in breakfast nook look, go ahead and get out your woodworking skills this weekend. Two simple boxes with cushions on top will fill the corner like they were meant to be there all along.

Does your kitchen have a window seat? Then you are already halfway there. Find a table that fits perfectly in front of the seat and add some chairs on the other side. You’ll create the easiest breakfast nook ever.

Bright kitchens are a real favorite for anyone who spends time in theirs. Connect your windows with a long corner bench to catch all that morning sun in your breakfast nook.

Many breakfast nooks have perfectly fitting cushions for the seats but that isn’t required. Go for a completely upholstered bench and your make your nook even more appealing for morning pajama hangs.

You don’t absolutely have to have an empty corner to have a breakfast nook. If your kitchen is big enough, you can build out into the empty space and use your kitchen’s square footage better.

In a smaller kitchen, it’s likely that your breakfast nook protrudes into the natural traffic patterns of the room. If you can’t get by on just a bench, add some stools that can be pushed under the table and out of the way when not in use.

Are you lacking in woodworking skills but love the built in bench look? Install low cabinetry instead. It might require ordering a custom size but it will give you extra seating and extra storage at the same time.

Benches don’t need to line the wall to create a breakfast nook. If you have more adults gathering in your kitchen than little ones, build yours in a restaurant booth fashion for ease of use.

It’s a fact that round things bring welcome diversity in rooms full of square shapes. So a round table with a curved bench will make a perfect breakfast nook in your kitchen full of square cabinets.

You’ll find that built in cabinets and benches in original homes have a lot of character. Give your breakfast nook bench the same treatment with a beadboard back and a coat of paint that’s slightly different from your wall.

Looking for a way to bring more storage to your kitchen? Turn your attention to your breakfast nook. The bench is the perfect place to add some cabinets or drawers to store those things you don’t need very often but don’t want to get rid of.

Rustic kitchens deserve lots of rustic touches, even in the breakfast nook. Build your bench out of rustic wood for the perfect farmhouse touch. Then it won’t matter if you paint it or not.

Windows in kitchens afford so much opportunity. If yours isn’t lined by cabinets or your sink, push your favorite cushy bench up to it with a table and you’ll instantly have a breakfast nook to rival all nooks.

Sometimes it’s worth it to build outwards from your kitchen to add natural light. Fill in those windows with a breakfast nook and you’ll immediately be glad you went through all that work.

For the traditional decorators, you’re probably looking for a breakfast nook that is matchy matchy for your traditional kitchen. Have a bench and chairs reupholstered in the popping color of your kitchen for the best effect.

If you’re wanting to make your kitchen as family friendly as possible, have your nook’s bench cushions covered in a patterned fabric. It will look fun while hiding all the crumbs and splatters from small kids.

Neutral colors play a big part in modern decorating so naturally you would extend this to your breakfast nook. A two toned bench is interesting and inviting while staying on par with the rest of your classy home.

How do you make your existing breakfast nook and updated farmhouse wonder? You add shiplap. To the bench, to the wall behind the bench, whatever flat surface allows you to ensconce the space in white linear glory.

Yes, even your large family can gather at your breakfast nook for Saturday morning pancakes. Find the longest table ever and squish the little ones onto the bench for making some quality family memories.

Once you have an idea of how you want your breakfast nook to look like it’s time to start looking for items that you can actually buy and add to this space. We’re excited to show you some of our favorites, starting with this kitchen nook set which is made up of five different pieces. It includes a table, a side bench and a 3-section corner unit and it has a fairly simple and classic design with a little bit of detailing on it. All the different pieces have white bases and pine wood tops, a combination that’s both casual and elegant.

You can also put together your own set using different individual pieces. It’s common for breakfast nooks to feature benches rather than dining chairs. This right here is a really nice bench with a classical and stylish design. It’s made out of wood and has a dark brown finish and it’s topped with a cushioned seat covered in faux leather with button tufting. The overall dimensions of this bench are 49.5’’W x 15.75’’D x 19.25’’H. It’s a great piece for a breakfast nook but at the same time it’s a versatile piece which you can also add to the entryway, hallway and other areas of the house.

It’s also common for breakfast nooks to have these L-shaped seating areas that wrap around a corner and the biggest challenge there is to find a unit that fits in the fact that’s available to you. Rather than looking for a single unit consider combining several pieces and creating your own custom combo. This example is a corner bench designed specifically to serve as a link between two other pieces. You can combine it with one or two matching benches and create an elegant and inviting dining nook. The dimensions of the corner bench alone are 26.5″ W x 26.5″ D x 35″ H.

In case you’re going for a more rustic breakfast nook design, consider a set such as this one. This is a 3-piece dining nook set designed in a traditional style. It’s made out of wood and has all sorts of beveled details on it and it has an elegant and slightly formal appearance. The set includes a corner unit, a bench and a table. The corner piece has built-in storage which can be accessed by lifting the seat. Everything is made out of pine wood.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more modern and simplified look, we recommend checking out this lovely bench. It’s not specifically designed for any particular space and as such you can use it in lots of different ways, including as a seating unit for a small and casual breakfast nook. It has a large and comfortable top with a cushion and it includes three storage cubbies underneath. The overall dimensions of the bench are 35.9’’ x 15.8’’ x 17.7’’ and you can get the bench in four different finish options including espresso, ivory pine, taupe and weathered oak.

If traditional design is in order, consider breakfast nook sets made out of solid wood and with a natural finish. This is a beautiful example. The set is made out of solid pine wood and includes a table, a bench and a corner unit. It’s functional but at the same time it maintains a very elegant look thanks to all the style-specific details. The set is designed to fit in a corner and doesn’t include any storage.

A lot of corner units usually included in many breakfast nook furniture sets have rather bulky designs which isn’t necessarily great if you only have a small area to work the first place. Of course, if you want something a bit more slender and lightweight-looking then there’s obviously no room for extra storage inside the benches and corner units. In return however you get to opt for designs such as this one. This is a complete set composed of a bench, a table and a corner piece all featuring sleek metal frames and slim but comfortable tops and seats. The corner piece even includes a small shelf.

Rather than opting for a complete set of furniture where all the pieces have matching designs, you can mix and match various different elements to create a more unique combination that suits your own style better. When it comes to corner seating unit, this particular model stands out. It has a really nice and elegant design, with a walnut wood base that’s mostly hidden and upholstered and very comfortable seat and backrest surfaces in faux leather. The dimensions of this corner piece are 74’’W x 56.69’’D x 33.86’’H.

Here’s another combo that we really love. This one is composed of a table and two identical benches. It looks really breezy and it’s less bulky than most other breakfast nook sets simply by giving up on any built-in storage as well as the typical corner unit. Also, the benches are not upholstered and feature simple flat tops. You can add cushions for extra comfort. The tabletop and bench seats are made of particle board and the legs are made of heavy-duty steel with a powder-coated finish. The two benches can fit underneath the table in order to save space when not in use.

There’s also one more set that we’d like to show you today and this one features a lovely farmhouse style which is really charming. It’s composed of a corner unit, a table, a bench and a chair which makes it a complete set. It’s made of composite wood veneers and solid pine and birch wood with a distressed finish. The corner piece is made of three separate units which can be configured on either side depending on the layout of the room and your design preferences. The longer and shorter benches are reversible which makes it easy to reorganize the entire set if or when needed. Also, the tabletop and the seats have a dark finish which contrasts with the distressed white surfaces and adds an elegant finishing touch to the entire set.

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DIY Agate Resin Coasters

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A few days ago I was in a really bad place with quarantine life. I had enjoyed a few days of being super lazy and zoning out, but then I began to feel restless and irritable. I totally get the science and the reasons why we’re all staying home, but I did hit a low point. There’s a very strong streak in me that doesn’t like being kept in place. I love my freedom, I like planning trips, I miss my friends. I’m growing tired of looking at the same streets in my neighborhood. I hate that the beaches are closed and the local high school track where I like to jog is closed. Everything is closed, and it’s getting to me.

I realized there are two ways to handle this. To pout and complain and binge watch TV, or to turn to the things that alter my mindset: get outside, talk to a friend, exercise, clean, and then do something creative. That always works. So yesterday morning I dug into my stash of DIY supplies and created these agate resin coasters in my favorite colors. The process of making them was therapeutic and they turned out better than I expected.


I had some art resin in my stash from when I ordered it last year with the intention of making more resin artwork that I never got around to making. I have always loved the glossy smooth finish of resin and I’m still loving my DIY resin desktop! A month ago I ordered silicone resin molds on Amazon and I pulled those out and my craft paints and I got busy making.

Resin is fun to work with but the way it flows is a little unpredictable so you just have to go with what patterns emerge and be cool with it!


Supplies to recreate: art resin, silicone molds, stir sticks, small plastic cups, larger plastic bucket for mixing resin, paint stir stick, acrylic paint or resin tints, gold paint, latex gloves.


To create the gold border, I used Martha’s gold fine glitter paint around the edges of the mold. You can add gold to the edges of your coasters at the end of the project after the resin is hardened using paint/glue/glitter but I did it first. Either way works.


I also mixed four paint colors with the craft paints I had on hand. You only need a few drops of paint to colorize resin, maybe a teaspoon or so, so go easy. I mixed dark navy, mid tone marine blue, lighter slate blue, and turquoise.


When colors are ready to go, mix the resin and hardener as directed in the larger plastic bucket, stirring the mixture together for 3 minutes with a paint stir stick. Pour separate amounts of resin into the cups of color, keeping one separate cup for clear resin for layering on top in the end. One tip, try to keep the circle layers not too thick and not too thin. You can see in the top left mold I poured a little too much navy. The mold on the bottom left is a better pour.


Continue pouring circles of resin in various colors working toward the middle until the molds are full. Using a clean stir stick, gently mix the colors together in a circular swaying motion (see video on Instagram for example).


I used only half of my 32 oz. size of art resin, so I can repeat this project again with different colors. You can definitely complete this project with the smaller 16 oz. size of art resin.


Allow the mixed colors to set for about 15 minutes, then use the remainder of the clear resin to pour on top to thicken the coasters. Have a small piece of cardboard or a 8×10 canvas nearby so you can pour your remaining resin on it and create a bonus piece of marbleized art! Here’s mine.


Now leave them in place and let the resin do its magic, which is to slowly solidify. You can pop them out of the molds after about 16 hours but the resin needs 24 hours to fully cure.







These would make a great gift to send to friends while they nest at home, or they make a nice Mother’s Day gift. Mine I made just for me! Call it self care. 🙂 They’re a gift to myself and a reminder not just that I’m creative, but I’m lucky to be safe and healthy, and I can do hard things like staying home as long as necessary. Cheers friends.

How to make a mosaic table – upcycle a side table with tiles and paint, step by step

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If you’ve been debating what to do with an old side table, then we could have just the solution for you. Craig Collins, marketing manager for paint at B&Q, share his tips on how to breathe a new lease of life into a side table — simply by using a handful of tiles, adhesive and some paint.

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With the country in lockdown, now is the perfect time to tackle any DIY projects or interior updates. So why not give this a try?

How to make a mosaic table

mosaic table

Image credit: B&Q

The best thing about this makeover is that you can personalise your table top with whatever tile design of your choosing. There’s the option to mix different types of tiles or even break a few up a few to create a totally unique mosaic effect.

The tools and equipment you’ll need

  • An orbital sander or medium grit sandpaper
  • Tape measure
  • Fine-tooth saw
  • A mitre box
  • Pencil
  • Nails and a hammer
  • Latex gloves
  • Sponge
  • Rubble sack (to smash up tiles)

The materials you’ll need

  • Wooden trimming (for the border)
  • A side table of choice
  • Self-priming paint of your colour choice
  • Furniture lacquer
  • Assortment of mosaic tiles
  • Tile adhesive
  • Ready-mixed grout

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1. Sand all over

First things first, you need to make sure your table is free from scuff, scrapes or rough patches, so use either an orbital sander or medium grit sandpaper to create an all-over smooth effect. Make sure any gloss is removed and don’t neglect often-forgotten areas, such as the legs.

2. Create a border for your mosaics to sit inside

You’ll need to measure just how far you want the tiles to come out on the table top. Use a pencil and tape measure to mark out the area. Then cut your wooden trimming to size, using a mitre box and a fine-tooth saw — this will help to cut the borders corners to size at a perfect 45 ° angle, so they slot into one another.

3. Hammer borders into place

Put the wooden border trimmings in place and then use a nail and hammer to fix them to the table.

4. Paint

mosaic table

Image credit: B&Q

Once the borders are in place it’s time for the paint. Use a self-priming paint and apply a thin, even layer. Leave the first coat to dry, before applying a second. Then use a coat of furniture lacquer to help seal and protect your newly-painted surface.

5. Start the tiling

While the lacquer is drying, it’s time to focus on the tiling and you can get as creative as you want with this. There are two options – either use whole tiles or to break some up to make a unique moasic border.

This rustic broken mosaic look can be achieved by placing each tile in a rubble sack and hammering to break it up into 3-4 small pieces.

6. Stick them down

mosaic table

Image credit: B&Q

Once you’ve decided on a design that fits the table, apply a small amount of tile adhesive to the back and press each one down.

7. Apply grout

One the adhesive is dry, apply some grout. Wear gloves for this (because there could be some sharp edges), fill in the gaps and remove any excess grout before it sets.

8. Sponge off any excess grout

Finally, take a damp sponge to it and wipe it across to clear any excess.

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Make sure to leave your table out overnight so the grout dries fully before putting anything on top of it. And there you have it – a unique side table you can be proud to say you made yourself.

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Chic Small Interiors That Make You Want To Live The Studio Life

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You might think that a big house would be the most aspirational but these chic small spaces really reboot the dimensional mindset. These four high-end, style abundant apartments have given us a real case of studio envy. Small yet perfectly formed, these upmarket places have everything the heart desires in terms of modern home comforts and deliciously luxe aesthetics. Made-to-measure elements ensure that everything just flows and satisfyingly fits every last nook. Rich wooden accents and dark notes bring soothing warmth and weight to the palette of each modestly sized interior. The tonal combination creates a look of confidence, edge, and utmost sophistication.

Visualizer: Michael K  

This studio apartment is separated into two distinct halves with the introduction of a decorative screen. The screen extends between the foot of the bed and the back of a loveseat on the other side. Looks like the owner might have trouble getting a seat though–might be time to invest in some cat furniture!

The geometric Muxarabi screen allows shared light between the two different zones, whilst building privacy and definition.

The couch looks onto a kitchen dining area with a mid century modern style  round dining table.

An understated dining pendant light shines upon a solid black decorative vase on the tabletop. The dark addition helps link the light wood table in with a set of dark dining chairs.

The kitchen itself is a rich wood finish with modern framing detail. The integrated oven carries the black accent theme through from the adjacent dining area and the black sofa.

The style of vanity chair in the bedroom is sparked from the same line as the dining room chairs. The bedroom storage is a continuation of the wooden kitchen cabinet aesthetic. These visual links create sleek cohesivity across the small living space.

A soft grey platform bed rings the changes in the decor palette.

A unique wooden bedside table flanks each side of the upholstered bed. Black table tops tie in with monochrome throw pillows and sheets.

To make up for the lack of TV space in the living room, a large wall mounted television resides on the bedroom side of the decorative dividing screen.

A piece of the Muxarabi has been utilised as an attractive backdrop behind a simple vanity mirror.

Architect: Kseniia Tkachenko  

The next studio apartment, located in Zaporozhye, Ukraine, has an area of 51 square metres. A chic modern sofa extends in front of an elegant shelving unit, filled to its top with decorative items and books. Nesting coffee tables build height in the front of the lounge arrangement.

A slatted screen separates the sleep zone from the lounge area in this studio, along with a split level floor device.

Behind the slatted screen, a floor bed design is turned to face toward the view. The large window brings in cloudscapes and nature at first light.

A breakfast bar is built around a partial dividing wall between the bedroom and the kitchen. Attention grabbing stools bring in a flash of satisfying colour and a tactile element.

The surrounding L-shaped kitchen is a white slab front design with dark accents.

A minimalist cooker hood complements the clean white kitchen aesthetic.

A modern toilet and hand basin model matching silhouettes in the bathroom.

Slatted accent walls play with the sense of scale.

The tap above the bathroom sink extends directly out of the mirror for a streamlined finish.

Storage units line the hallway.

Purple poufs add a hit of unexpected colour.

Visualizer: Lia Zavoloka  

The next studio home has a calming essence, sprung from a white and light wood tone palette.

A cane hanging chair casts shadows across a pale chevron floor and a round jute rug.

The modern sofa cuts off a dining kitchen, forming individual zoning.

A textured white pouf cosies up alongside the swing chair.

Wood cladding wraps a closet volume between the home entryway and the bed.

Wooden kitchen bar stools bring the natural element to the white kitchen.

A brass pendant light and tap add elements of warmth and lustre to the ice white kitchen.

Smooth white marble is featured in both the kitchen and the bathroom, though inside the bathroom the fixtures and fittings contrast in striking matt black.

Designer: Zrobym  

Our last tour takes us inside of a 45 square metre studio, located in Minsk, Belarus. Seductive lighting and textiles characterise the space.

A floor bed is raised onto an elevated platform, accessible via steps with integrated storage. The bespoke piece gives the studio a sense of grandeur.

On the other side of the room, a gaming chair pulls up to a custom desk design.

The hero piece of this stunning studio home is a slatted arch feature that visually divides the kitchen from the lounge.

LED strips have been slotted between the undulating slats to build an ultra modern and captivating effect.

The kitchen itself is a good size, which is enhanced further by good natural lighting. White cabinets beneath the window exaggerate this sense of light and space, whilst darker units in the foreground set down a confident border.

Two bar stools look out of the kitchen, into the lounge.

Little terracotta pots live on the kitchen peninsula, vibing with the warmth of the rich wood facing. See some unique planters here.

The illuminated slatted arch rushes straight into the home entryway to create a dazzling first impression.

The same slatted wood colours the bathroom.

Floor plan.

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Dark Green And Handsome Home Interiors

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Dark green and handsome, these three home interiors each take a tall stand on style. The first two of our dreamy dark green interiors have an offbeat sort of edge. Hot pink accents burst onto the scene via outrageous wall art and unique art sculptures. Quirky personality particularly shines in the second of these, as a more colourful and patterned eclectic vibe builds. We finish up with a home more dedicated to the dark green scheme, with less distraction. Instead, we find luxe interludes of glossy white marble, and complete aesthetic cohesivity.

Designer: One Architects  

This 70 square metre home has a dark green lining set with jet black elements. The living room is a little pinched in scale but high on style stakes. Two KAWS bear statues pose on a floating media cabinet, intruding onto the TV viewing area. The TV shelf is underlit by an LED ribbon, which sends a diffused beam down raw concrete.

A pale grey cushiony sofa is given a pop of colour with an ochre accent cushion, which stands out brightly inside the shadowy room palette.

A modern geometric coffee table holds an unusual glass vase and an uplifting display of natural greenery. A mature indoor plant lolls by the side of the sofa in bright emerald tones.

Unconventional artwork splashes neon colour through the grey hallway of the home, where it is lit from above by concealed perimeter lighting.

The neon pink accent is repeated in other art pieces in the home, like this one in the green kitchen. The hot hue makes an electrifying addition to the dark green decor scheme.

Differently shaped pendant shades make a glassy display above the dining island in the kitchen.

Concrete siding wraps the central island. The concrete builds a short splash screen around the kitchen sink, which protects the diners seated low on the opposite side of it.

A half-circle mirror opens up the end of the dark hallway. Chevron flooring points in the direction of the living room.

Black marble streaks a hallway shelf. A black pouf serves as a vanity seat.

The green bedroom is dominated by a black 4 poster bed with a simple draped canopy. Monochrome art and bedclothes deepen the scheme.

The glass fronted wardrobe is textured so that the light from inside it refracts. Towers of shelving and neatly organised garment rails ripple into view.

Green wall panels are edged with LED strips to pull the colour up off of raw grey concrete walls, and accentuate the rough texture underneath.

Twin green pedestal sinks stand straight and tall in front of modern floral motif tiles.

Visualizer: Andrey Ryazanov  

This 65.61 square metre apartment stands in Ryazan, Russia. Again, we see the scheme enlivened by bursts of hot pink, another shot of yellow ochre, and a fresh injection of strawberry red. A modern chandelier floats halos of light above the whole lot.

A dark green backsplash slices through pale grey and white kitchen cabinets.

Unique touches are placed around the interior to entertain, like this bright pink and mauve horse bust, placed ever so casually on a simple wooden step stool.

The pink horse sculpture balances out another bust situated on a side table opposite.

A modern dining set stands cosily in the crook of the L-shaped kitchen arrangement.

A decorative vase holds a spray of fresh colour as the table centrepiece.

Inside the master bedroom, a green tufted headboard gives the platform bed a sense of grandeur. A series of yellow accents both brighten and warm the room.

A hot pink hare lamp adds a quirky touch to one of the tufted bedsides.

Mismatched geometrics vibe between the bed and the bedroom rug.

Teal hues break through a deeply patterned wallpaper design in the bathroom. A model stag head is painted to match the teal backdrop, so that only the soft illumination from overhead spotlights pick out his defined features.

In the kid’s bedroom, a sputnik chandelier explodes with gold lustre.

Eclectic wall art brings added colour and personality into the darkly decorated space.

Red accents bring heat and energy into the scheme, particularly around the kid’s study area.

Designer: Komod Studio  

Finally, this dark green apartment is a little more reserved than the other two. No hot pink accents rip through the sophisticated dark green cloak. No outrageous artwork steals the limelight away from rich all encompassing colour.

A set of slender nesting coffee tables interlink on the soft grey living room rug.

The black sputnik chandelier is strong, yet does not upset the perfect balance of contrast in the room.

A glass wall bedroom opens up the sense of space in the compact apartment. Black frames strike and elegant outline.

An ebony black decorative wall mirror hangs neatly within a frame of panel molding in the dining area. Orb pendant lights echo its circular outline.

More orb lights drop over the nearby kitchen peninsula.

The pendant lights are different in design to help define the two eating spots as two individual areas.

White marble tops both the dining table and the kitchen breakfast bar.

Corresponding framework and upholstery connects the kitchen bar stools and the dining chairs.

The L-shaped green kitchen is topped with a combination of black and white wall cupboards to break up the colour block.

Chevron white marble tiling makes up the backsplash.

A set of black knives and wooden cutting boards bring tonality to the prep area.

Sumptuous black drapes flow across the closet in the bedroom.

Beyond the drapes, the walk-in closet is a generous size for a small scale home.

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Make the most of your small outdoor space with clever £60 balcony bistro set at Argos

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City dwellers and flat residents rejoice! The new Argos garden furniture range offers a fabulous space-saving, quite frankly ingenious fold away balcony bistro set! And it’s just £60.

During lockdown we’re all happy to seek any opportunity to be outside, safely. If you are limited on space this new range is designed with you in mind.

Whether enjoying a little al-fresco dining or setting up a home office outside, there’s a space-saving furniture set for the job.

More space space solutions: Small garden ideas to make the most of a tiny outdoor space

Better still, Argos are offering a safe way to do Click & Collect and of course home delivery.

Argos space saving balcony bistro set

Balcony bistro set at Argos

A fine example of the ingenious new designs is this slick balcony bistro set. The metal framed set hooks easily onto any railings, to create a welcoming outside nook for you and other household members to enjoy.

This clever design allows you to enjoy the dining set when required, but optimise the space on your balcony for other purposes at all other times.

Balcony bistro set folded away

Both the table and the chairs fold away with ease, to be stowed flush against the wall – without taking up hardly any space at all.

You can also use the chairs individually, without the table. So versatile and so affordable!

balcony bistro set with 2 chairs

Buy now: Space Saving 2 Seater Balcony Bistro Set, £60, Argos Home

Now if this isn’t the smartest piece of outdoor garden furniture for balcony spaces, we don’t know what is! The sleek metal set makes the perfect addition to city dwellers to allow them to work, rest and play in the sunshine.

Making the most of any little slice of outdoor space right now is so important, especially as the weather starts to improve. This clever sets allow you to create your own private retreat in the safety of your own space.

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Check your local store for full delivery and collection options.

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Now Your At-Home Happy Hour Can Support Your Favorite Restaurants

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Home should be your happy place—now more than ever. Head to the #MakeYourselfAtHome hub to find tiny projects, feel-good recipes, and clever decorating ideas to make each day a little bit brighter.

With Zoom brunches and FaceTime happy hours on the rise, so too is what we’re dubbing “couch cocktail culture.” Grub Street reports liquor deliveries skyrocketed in New York City these past few weeks, and Haus is no exception. The all-natural aperitif brand has seen a 450 percent increase (!) in sales since sheltering in place began—and now it’s paying it forward.

The Restaurant Project is Haus’s newest launch, a collection of signature spirits cocreated with some of our favorite chefs from across the country, including Andrew Tarlow of NYC’s Marlow & Sons and Sara Kramer and Sarah Hymanson of Los Angeles’s Kismet. One hundred percent of profits will go to these chefs’ restaurants, helping them support their staff, pay bills, and stay in business, all while you enjoy a grapefruit spritz–inspired blend or sweet-but-tangy concoction of beets, hibiscus, and rose shipped straight to your door.

imagePin It

Drink your natural, low-ABV aperitif (read: no sugar or alcohol-induced hangovers!) solo over ice or mix it with sparkling water or tonic for an easy two-step cocktail. Dial in your best pals, and you’ve got yourself an evening.

“One of the unanticipated consequences of COVID-19 is that we might actually be talking to our friends and family more than before—even if through a speaker or screen,” says Haus cofounder Helena Price Hambrecht. “We’re happy to see Haus bringing a sense of comfort and ritual even in these strange times.”

imagePin It

A two-bottle pack retails for $80 and is available for preorder now to receive in May. The best part: Haus is paying out restaurants right away, so your purchase has an immediate impact. We’ll cheers to that.

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A Farm Island (And Anne with an E!)

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“The world calls them its singers and poets and artists and storytellers; but they are just people who have never forgotten the way to fairyland.” ― L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables ______________________________________ It’s raining, it’s pouring, and I just feel like watching TV. 🙂 I’m on episode 9 of season 2 of Anne with…

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20 Gorgeous Rugs, Because We All Deserve to Be Floored Once in a While

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Home should be your happy place—now more than ever. Head to the #MakeYourselfAtHome hub to find tiny projects, feel-good recipes, and clever decorating ideas to make each day a little bit brighter.

Most problems in the home can be solved with a good rug. Craving cozy? Lay down a rug. Can’t figure out the right furniture layout? Start with a rug. Want to infuse a room with pattern and color? Rug! Let’s just say it, it’s the oldest decorating trick in the book. 

Once you’ve settled on a rug, figuring out what to do with it is fairly intuitive. Buying one, on the other hand, is the scary part. A rug is a huge investment (and not just for your wallet). Plus, the process of narrowing down your winning pick by size, shape, and material can take days if not months. To help make your shopping journey a smooth one, we rounded up 20 of our favorite rugs by style to inspire your next revamp.

New Neutrals 

Let’s face it: Light grays and beiges often get a bad rap. But what some think of as boring or uninspired can turn out to be the boldest possible choice. Think of opting for a low-key rug as a sign of confidence. It allows you to build a room from the ground up and play with mixed prints and smaller accessories to add embellishment. When it comes to neutral hues, an unexpected touch of texture, like detailed stitching or tufting, will go a long way. 

Soft Graphics 

The happy medium between no-fuss neutrals and a full-blown wow moment, lightly graphic rugs offer pattern and pizzazz to your space without going overboard. Stripes, checkers, or tassels set the scene without distracting from other bold decor choices. Consider these rugs as one piece of a larger decor puzzle—they play a part but don’t steal the show. Pair them with a vivid wall color and funky furniture, and you’ve got yourself a unique space that’s still easy on the eyes.  

Artsy Abstracts 

Calling all maximalists: This category is definitely yours. Funky, bold, and bright, these options act as modern art for your floor. As the centerpiece of the room, they’re great for layering over larger solid-area rugs, but can also hold their own. Abstract rugs that feature bigger shapes look great in airy, open rooms with tall ceilings (scale is their strong suit), while detailed prints with overlapping shapes and colors add interest to a small space. 

Nature Play 

Sometimes you want to bring the outdoors in, and what better way to do that than with nature-inspired rugs? Pave the way for paradise with woven scenes reminiscent of beaches, like LRNCE’s simple wave motif, or jungles such as Anthropologie’s fierce jaguar pattern. Not only will they act as eye candy, but they’ll provide an indoor oasis. 

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