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 “I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string.” ― L.M. Montgomery I’ve been cleaning our bedroom for three days straight. I’m not even kidding and…

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Free Printable: Hello Fall

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Hey friends, I’m starting up a new series of free printables to reflect the seasons… I already have a few in progress for the upcoming holidays! Today’s free printable welcomes autumn in a sweet and simple way.

“Hello Fall” features a watercolor leaf I painted and some script font, it looks lovely framed on a mantel or positioned in an entry or kitchen or wherever you gather.

Click on the links below to download the 8×10 JPG for photo printing. I’ve also included the 8.5×11” PDF for home computer printing (for 8×10 frame).


Hello Fall Printable

8 x 10 JPG

8 ½ x 11 PDF


*for personal use only

11 Party Games You Can Leave Out on the Coffee Table 24/7

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Great food and an even better atmosphere are the two major pillars of a successful get-together, so important that amidst setting the mood lighting and making the dinner playlist, we can forget about what happens after the plates are cleared. The best way to keep the good vibes going? A post-meal game that gets everyone involved. Below, a few tried-and-true options—with a design-forward twist, of course—to help you mix up the mingling at your next fete. 


Consider this vibrant, acrylic version of the classic the building blocks of a good time.


But make it Warhol. This take on the beloved table game is decked out with the artist’s iconic camouflage motif.  

Tarot Readings

Show off your mystical powers with the ultimate party trick: predicting your guests’ fortunes with this whimsically illustrated tarot card deck.

Name That Tune  

Test the knowledge of the best music buffs by choosing an obscure Spotify playlist and having one person be the DJ. Split off into two teams and see who can name the most songs after just a few seconds of listening. Extra points go to those who know the artist and album, too.


If you’re all about a quiet night in with friends and some wine, what better way to spend the evening than with a captivating game that tests your vocabulary?

Rummy Tile

The goal here is to play all the tiles you accumulate on your personal rack by creating “melds,” or groups of similar numbers, on the table. Save this one for the more advanced gamers. 

The Newlywed Game: Family and Friends Edition

Test the knowledge of your attendees by focusing the game on them. Start by putting people into pairs and having them sit back to back. For each question asked by the “host,” the duo must quickly write down what they think each other will answer. The two that get the most answers correct wins. 

Contrary to popular belief, puzzles are, in fact, a game—and this ombre version is guaranteed to keep you and the guests occupied on those gatherings when you’re trying to keep things low-key.


This traditional Mexican game—very similar to bingo—is reinvented with a millennial spin. Prepare for plenty of laugh-out-loud entertainment. 


Gather your most competitive friends and embark on a riveting round of this high-energy pastime. Its embossed cherry-red box will look right at home on your bookshelf afterwards. 

Heads Up

Have guests sit in a circle and write down a person, place, or item on a sticky note. Fold each in half, then place them into a bowl. One by one, each player picks a note from the bowl and without looking, opens it and sticks it on their forehead. The person to their left then gives them clues to help them guess what’s on their head. Game on.

Audio Test Kitchen Creates Virtual Mic Comparison Showroom

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Launched by co-founders Alex Oana and Ian Hlatky, Audio Test Kitchen is the world’s first online, unbiased, virtual microphone showroom, the company says. In order to provide the most comprehensive sound collection of all large …

The Best Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kits For Your Next Successful Project

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Sliding barn doors are making a huge comeback and they’ve actually been getting plenty of attention over the past few years. They’re highly appreciated for their ability to make spaces look warm, cozy and homely. What’s also great is that you can turn this into a DIY project. A barn door hardware kit plus the actual door are everything you need.

DIY Barn Door Tutorials

A DIY barn door is quite the daring project but at the same time it’s fairly simple. You can even choose to make the actual door yourself from scratch. Be sure it works with the sliding barn door hardware that you want to use.

Isn’t this rustic barn door absolutely charming? We love the look of reclaimed wood and the overall simplicity of the design. It uses barn door hardware for 12′ and it also has four small casters that take some of the weight off the slider. Check out kleinworthco to find out more about this project.

Before you start building your own sliding barn door, decide what style you prefer for it. There are actually plenty of options, including one where you actually have double doors that slide to the sides when open. You can find the plans on jennasuedesign.

You can get really creative with the design of your sliding barn door. For example, this door featured on remodelaholic has a beautiful chevron pattern on it alongside some simple horizontal boards at the top. Also, the sliding door hardware blends into the wall quite nicely here. Check out remodelaholic for details.

Sliding barn doors are a great solution for tiny rooms or awkward layouts where you have two doors that open up in the same direction. You could solve a lot of problems with just some simple barn door hardware plus this could also give you something to do with an old door that you no longer need. You can find out more about this on deeplysouthernhome.

Keep the design of your DIY barn door simple to make the project easier and also to get a more authentic look. Make sure you also choose a type of sliding barn door hardware that suits your door and style. Check out beneathmyheart to find out how this lovely door was made.

Sliding barn doors are great for spaces like the kitchen or the bathroom because they don’t take up any space when you open them. They’re also perfect for these spaces thanks to their charming rustic looks. Find out more about DIY barn doors from beneathmyheart.

Whatever style, design or proportions you choose for your new DIY barn door, one thing is certain: you’re going to need the best hardware for it. That’s when products such as the ones featured below come into play.

The 10 Best Barn Door Hardware Kits

1. 12ft Heavy Duty Sturdy Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

This sliding barn door hardware kit is very durable and sturdy and features high strength industrial grade tracks and polleys which can hold up to 350 lbs. It uses two anti-jump disks which keep the roller on rail and a T-shaped guide that keeps the bottom of the door from swinging as it moved from side to side. The kit includes the following elements: 2 6ft rails, 2 rail spacers, 2 rollers, 2 door stop, 2 end caps, 2 T shaped floor guides, and 1 hex key. 

rustic style

Barn Door Hardware Kit

Barn Door Hardware Kit

High strength industrial grade tracks and pulleys can easily hold 350 lbs loads

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2. Barn Single Wood Door Hardware Closet Track Kit Set

The WinSoon sliding barn door mechanism is made of high quality carbon steel with a frosted black finish. It’s waterproof and rust-proof and it’s designed to fit 36” wide doors which thicknesses between 1 3/8″ and 1 3/4″. It uses a single full 6 ft track which is easy to install and it comes as a kit with all the elements included: 5 track supports, 2 rollers, 2 door stoppers, 2 anti-pads, 1 door guide and 1 hex wrench,

detailed instruction

Barn Single Wood Door Hardware

Barn Single Wood Door Hardware

The product comes with 5 year factory warranty.

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3. 6.6ft Heavy Duty Sturdy Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

The Smartstandard sliding barn door hardware kit offers premium quality at a low price. It’s easy to install, being ideal for DIY projects and it includes all the necessary pieces: 2 3.3ft rails, 5 rail spacers, 2 rollers, 2 door stops, 2 end caps, 1 floor guide and 1 hex key. As you can see, it uses a two rail system as opposed to the single rail ones featured above.

Step-By-Step Installation

Heavy Duty Sturdy Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

Heavy Duty Sturdy Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

Premium quality hardware kit are provided along with a completely turnkey experience.

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4.Basic Sliding Track Hardware Kit

The U-Max sliding door kit is made of high quality steel and can hold doors that weigh up to 200 lbs. You can use it for 36” wide door panels and for thicknesses between 1 3/8″ and 1 3/4″. The kit includes 2 3.3ft rails, 2 spacers, 2 rollers, 2 door stops, 2 end caps, 1 floor guide and 1 hex key. 

Lifetime guarantee

Sliding Barn Wood Door Basic Sliding Track Hardware Kit

Sliding Barn Wood Door Basic Sliding Track Hardware Kit

Door weight capacity: 200 lb; Fit door panel width: 36″; Door panel thickness: 1 3/8″ and 1 3/4″.

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5. 5ft Heavy Duty Sturdy Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

The Homlux sliding door hardware kit can easily hold 350 lbs loads, just like the first one we mentioned above. It features high strength industrial grade tracks and it fits doors with thicknesses between 1 3/8 and 1 3/4″. It’s sturdy, durable and also quiet and it puts a modern twist on the classic barn door style. 

industrial grade

Heavy Duty Sturdy Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit Single Door

Heavy Duty Sturdy Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit Single Door

Rustic style suitable for indoor decoration in kitchen, bedroom, dressing room

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6. 6.6FT Single Barn Door Hardware

The Elicit single barn door hardware kit comes complete with everything you need to hang our beautiful new door and with simple instructions that make the installation easy and enjoyable. It can hold doors that weigh up to 220 lbs, with thicknesses from 1-3/8″ to 1-3/4″. The rail has pre-drilled holes, 16” apart. The kit includes 2 barn door hangers and wheels, the track, lag bolts and spacers, 2 end caps and a guide for support at the bottom of the door. 

24 Hours Online Service

ELICIT 6.6FT Single Barn Door Hardware

ELICIT 6.6FT Single Barn Door Hardware

Made from quality materials and is handcrafted by skilled artisans.

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7. 6.6 FT Heavy Duty Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

This version of the Smartstandard barn door hardware kit comes with a single rail instead of two as the previously mentioned model. The kit also includes all the other required elements such as the 5 rail spacers, 2 rollers, 2 door stops, 2 end caps, a floor guide and the hex key. It fits doors with widths between 36” and 40”, with thicknesses between 1 3/8″ and 1 3/4″.

Easy installation

6.6 FT Heavy Duty Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

6.6 FT Heavy Duty Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

Professional instruction and customer service team help you solve all installation problems in time.

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8. 8 FT Double Door Sliding Barn Door Hardware Track Kit

If you want to install a double door system then you need a hardware kit such as this one. The EaseLife kit is made of black powder coated high quality steel which resists corrosion. It’s smooth and quiet as well as very strong and sturdy. It fits double 24” wide doors with thicknesses between 1-3/8″ and 1-3/4” and can hold 250 lbs loads. The kit includes 1 8ft rail, 6 rail supports, 4 rollers, 4 door stops and 2 floor guides.

Fit Door Thicknes

Sliding Barn Door Hardware Track Kit

Sliding Barn Door Hardware Track Kit

Tested Beyond 100,000 Rolls, slide smoothly and quietly, ultra hard sturdy for maximum efficiency

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9. 6FT Sliding Door Hardware, with Solid Plank Barn Painted Dark Chocolate Door Slab

In case you don’t want to actually build the door yourself and you’d rather just get a complete set that includes both the door and the hardware for it, you should check out this kit. It includes a solid wood barn door with a dark chocolate finish and a steel sliding hardware system with all the holes pre-drilled. The door is made of 100% natural knotty pine. The hardware kit includes 1 72” rail, 4 wall hangers, 2 rollers, 2 door stops and 1 floor guide.

PAINTED already

6FT Sliding Door Hardware

6FT Sliding Door Hardware

Made of 100% Natural Knotty Pine

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10. Stainless Steel Modern Barn Wood Sliding Door Hardware Track Kit

If you want the convenience of a sliding barn door with a modern look, consider this hardware kit. It’s made of satin brushed stainless steel and it includes 2 sliding tracks that measure 8ft each, 10 wall-mounted rail connectors and screws, 4 rollers with anti=jump, 4 stoppers, 2 floor guides, 2 end caps and 1 track connector. It fits double door systems with thicknesses between 35 – 40mm. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Modern Barn Wood Sliding Door

Stainless Steel Modern Barn Wood Sliding Door

Suitable for a wood door panel thickness: 35 – 40mm

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Adirondack Chair Plans – Comfort And Style For Your Patio

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The Adirondack chair, much like the rocking chair, refers more to a style and a look than to a very specific design, although there are some key design elements which define it. There are all kinds of variations today and they’re all more or less based on the original design created by Thomas Lee who came up with it during one summer in the early 20th century in Westport, NY. He had this idea of creating a chair that could handle the rugged terrain of the Adirondacks, a chair that would be sturdy and comfortable. It’s how the Westport chair came to be. In time, that iconic piece became the modern Adirondack chair that we all know and love. Because was meant to be simple and had such a straight-forward and transparent design right from the start, this allowed individuals to come up with all sorts of variations and to even turn it into a DIY project.

Given everything that we mentioned so far, building an Adirondack chair doesn’t seem like a very difficult task. In fact, it would be a fairly simple project, especially if you can find some Adirondack chair plans you can use. Luckily, we found a bunch of inspiring examples on instructables and we’ll share them with you. For the first one you need some lumber, more exactly clear grain western red cedar, around 30′ per chair. Follow the instructions so you can minimize waste.

An interesting option is to use reclaimed pallet wood to build an Adirondack chair. It’s what this tutorial from instructables suggests. As you can see, the design is really simple and it should be fairly easy to complete the project without any trouble. Here’s what you’ll need for that: a drill, a saw, clamps, sandpaper, screws and pallet wood. If you want you can paint the wood but we really like its natural finish so consider leaving it as it is.

This particular model is not exactly the type of chair you can easily move around. That’s because it has a robust and pretty heavy base. It’s made using the Adirondack chair plans featured on instructables as part of a project made with scrap wood. Notice all the different shades of wood. Don’t they look charming when displayed together like that? It’s a very inspiring sight.

We mentioned in the beginning that Adirondack chairs are meant to be practical and comfortable so it wouldn’t be such a big stretch to make a chaise lounge version of one. That’s exactly what these plans featured on instructables teach. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to use scrap wood or new lumber for this project. Just make sure you pay special attention to all the measurements.

This simplified version of the chair is really easy to put together and has no curves or unusually-shaped elements to worry about. Check out the plans on instructables and start by cutting the wood. When all the pieces are gathered, the assembly can begin. Make the legs, then the seat, then the arms and the backrest. Put them all together and they should fit perfectly, like pieces of a puzzle.

Do you have some old skis you don’t mind repurposing? Check out this awesome project which shows you how to use them to make a great Adirondack chair. It’s yet another inspiring project which comes from instructables. Check out the design plans and the list of supplies and figure out how you can turn this into a special and personal project.

Let’s now check out some Adirondack chair plans which are a bit more faithful to the original design in terms of proportions and the overall form but which also stands out by offering something that’s quite unusual for such a chair: a folding mechanism. That’s right…this is a folding Adirondack chair which you can build yourself by following the instructions featured on instructables.

We think paint can really bring out the beauty of a piece of furniture and can also give it a lot of character. That being said, check out this solid wood Adirondack chair which looks better than ever with a coat of brightly-colored paint on it. Like all the other projects mentioned so far, this one comes from instructables. Check out the tutorial for some useful tips and additional information.

One of the best things about Adirondack chairs is that they’re very comfortable. they have wide seats, high backrests and that perfect angle which makes them similar to rocking chairs. Speaking of rocking chairs, check out this great hybrid we found on instructables. It’s an Adirondack rocking chair. The cutest thing about the project is that it also shows how to make a child-size version which is adorable.

You should also check out these great Adirondack chair plans from skiptomylou. The chair in question is made of treated lumber and has a simple and easy-to-follow design, sort of a simplified version of the original. Cutting all the wood pieces and sanding down the edges is probably the most time-consuming part of this project. Putting the pieces together and assembling the chair is pretty fun and easy.

We also found these detailed Adirondack chair plans on wiltontool and we think they’re really well put together. The chair which you can create by following these instructions offers great comfort and elegance and has a simple and rigid construction with a contoured seat and back. The plans include a grid diagram, a list of supplies and details on how to cut all the pieces and how to assemble the chair at the end. There are also instructions on how to make a matching footstool.

The classic Adirondack chair is also the subject of a project featured on woodworkersjournal. Check out the plans to find out the list of materials and tools needed for this particular craft. Be sure to follow the steps closely in order to perfectly reproduce this design and to ensure the success of your project. Multiply everything by the number of chairs you want to build.

One of the key defining elements of an Adirondack chair is its signature slanted base so building a bar stool version of this piece doesn’t really make a lot of sense. Of course, it is possible to build such a thing if you really want to and the plans shared on shanty-2-chic can you an idea of how the chair would look like at the end.

We like furniture pieces that look neat and have designs that make sense. These chairs featured on buildsomething can show you what we mean by that. They’re made using these Adirondack chair plans and if you follow all the steps to the letter you can make something just as beautiful. What we like most about these particular chairs is the fact that they have these crisp and solid lines and that they’ve been personalized with a very elegant color.

The Adirondack rocking chair is actually a thing but it’s pretty difficult to find something like this in stores so you’re probably better off building it yourself. You can use these plans found on instructables. Check out how smooth the combination is and how well the design suits this relaxing chair. Everything about screams comfort: the backrest, the rocking base and the wide armrests, not to mention the seat.

These patio chairs aren’t exactly the greatest replica of the original Adirondack chairs but they share some things in common with that design, in particular the overall comfortable nature. As you can see, however, this is in fact a set of two chairs linked by a small built-in table in between. In a way, you could consider this a bench but with individual seats. It’s something that we found on blackanddecker.

We’ll end this article with a tutorial which shows how to build an Adirondack chair in 8 easy steps. We found it on thissortaoddlife. The first step is to build the arm structure after which you have to attach the legs. For step 3 you need to attach a crossbar across the front and after that to add the back legs. Step 5 is to attach a crossbar for the rear support. Next, attach the seat, then the seat back. The final step is optional: adding some reinforcements to make the chair more durable. This last part can be useful if you have kids for example.

Our top 8 ready-made Adirondack chairs available on the market


You can also choose to buy ready-made Adirondack chairs and there are plenty of different options to choose from here as well. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite models down below just to help you find your own favorite product more easily.

This version of the Adirondack chair is made of a unique poly-lumber material which retains an authentic wood-like look and feel but offers a few extra advantages such as the fact that it’s fully waterproof. This makes the chair ideal for outdoor spaces. The chair is also very durable and weighs 31 lbs (14 kg) which means it won’t get pushed around by the wind.

multiple colors

PolyTEAK Classic Folding Poly Adirondack Chair

PolyTEAK Classic Folding Poly Adirondack Chair

Heavy-duty material simulates the density of natural Teak wood while protecting against splinters, peel or rot.

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If you prefer the look and feel of real wood, check out this Adirondack chair which is made from acacia hardwood harvested from sustainable sources. It’s stained and oiled by hand and it has a comfortable, deep seat and extra wide arms so you can use them as little built-in side tables if you want to. This chair is also foldable which is a very important advantage.


Adirondack Folding Hardwood Chair

Adirondack Folding Hardwood Chair

Stained, oiled and gently rubbed down by hand, the finish is a delight

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Here’s another cool version of the classic Adirondack chair. This one is a reclining chair which comes with a retractable ottoman. This built-in feature is amazing as it provides extra support for your feet, ensuring an even more relaxing and comfortable experience. The chair is made of durable wood and has wide armrests that are large enough to rest drinks, books and other small items on.

Rimiking Outdoor Foldable Wooden Reclining Chair

Rimiking Outdoor Foldable Wooden Reclining Chair

The outdoor chair contains a built-in retractable ottoman that can provide support for your feet

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You can get this Adirondack in a wide variety of colors, including of course the timeless black and white versions. It’s made of polywood lumber which makes it weather-resistant. It doesn’t splinter, crack, chip, peel or rot and it’s also eco-friendly, being made of recycled milk jugs and detergent bottles.

beach style

Black South Beach Adirondack Chair

Black South Beach Adirondack Chair

Built to withstand a range of climates including hot sun, snowy winters, and strong coastal winds.

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This Adirondack chair is super low-maintenance and doesn’t need to be painted, stained or treated in any way. It’s resistant to stains and you can truly consider it an all-weather chair. Furthermore, you can fold it flat to save space when storing it or for transport if you want to take it with you to the beach. It comes in a variety of vibrant colors.

slate grey

Grey Classic Folding Adirondack

Grey Classic Folding Adirondack

No painting, staining, waterproofing, or similar maintenance required

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Since you rarely only need just one Adirondack chair for your deck or patio, you might want to consider some sets. If you plan on creating a combo with comfy chairs and a fire pit at the center, this set is just what you need. It includes 5 folding Adirondack chairs and a round fire pit with a stainless steel burner bowl, a glass wind guard and a built-in storage area for the propane tank.


Folding Adirondack 6-Piece Conversation Set with Fire Pit Table

Folding Adirondack 6-Piece Conversation Set with Fire Pit Table

Safe to use on wood and composite decks, concrete patios, yards, etc.

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Here’s another cool set, this time made up of four pieces. It includes 2 Barcelona modern Adirondack chairs, a matching bench (or a double-wide chair if you prefer to think of it this way) and a side table. They’re all made of synthetic, eco-friendly wood assembled with stainless steel hardware. They’re durable, weather-resistant and ultra low-maintenance.

modern design

Barcelona Modern Adirondack Set

Barcelona Modern Adirondack Set

Proudly and 100% made in the USA from our own unique synthetic wood in an environmentally-conscious Facility

View Deal

In case you’re wondering, there’s also such a thing as a swivel Adirondack chair for bar-height counters. This is a set of two such chairs. Their dimensions are 29.5″ W x 31.25″ D x 52.5″ H and they’re made of recycled poly material which mimics the look and texture of real wood.

Outdoor Adirondack Swivel Chairs

Outdoor Adirondack Swivel Chairs

It’s weather-resistant, doesn’t crack or splinter and requires very little maintenance. 

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Modern Ethnic Interior Design With Afro Vibes

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Modern ethnic interiors enriched with African flavour make vibrant living spaces. The aesthetic is achieved by introducing striking tribal prints, earthy accent palettes and raw natural materials–juxtaposed with some sleeker elements. We’ve picked out a couple of our favourite ethnic style interior designs to illustrate two quite different takes on the theme. Let us walk you around a luxury contemporary abode with striking monochromatic tribal touches, and stunning modern furniture and lighting designs. Then, tour secondly to a decidedly more rustic private residence that has a nomadic vibe running right through. Will you choose a favourite or take elements from each? Let us know in the comments below!

Designer: Diff Studio  
Visualizer: Diff Studio  

This vibrant villa interior in Rwanda, Africa, is filled with eye-catching tribal prints. Tribal rugs and cushions pattern the large living room. Rich red accent chairs and matching scatter cushions on the modern sofa ramp up the heat and energy.

A bookcase wall is backed with natural wood grain to introduce a sizeable natural element to the predominantly white interior. The wood effect is highlighted by concealed LED light strips located in each shelf cubby.

The red accent chairs stand out even more strikingly due to their placement on the dark rug design. A larger, lighter area rug lies under the grey modern sofa.

A second lounge design is home to a two tone modular sofa arrangement with a uniform set of grey cushions.

An asymmetrical coffee table pulls in with the slick modern vibe, whilst a monochrome ottoman harks back to the bold tribal print seen covering the scatter cushions in the first living room design.

The textured rug pattern echoes the circular shape of the ottoman. Huge African mask art hangs as an oval on the wall, its black silhouette bold against light wood cladding.

A small bar runs along the back of the TV lounge, with three black bar stools facing in toward the TV screen. One end of the bar is held up by a thick clear strut, rooting it firmly in modernity. The small gap between the sofa and the bar is occupied by a mature cactus, which serves as a visual stop between the two different zones.

Gorgeous bar lights burn brightly above the counter, suspended at two different lengths for a luxurious layered effect. A rather retro glam pineapple shaped ice bucket shines from a silver tray on top of the bar.

Back in the first living area, eight dining chairs are upholstered in the signature monochrome tribal print for this home.

The metallic warmth of copper trimmed bar lights vibes with burgundy painted accent walls.

Tropical plants bring in fresh accents of green.

A second dining area situated behind the TV lounge is a greyer affair, with a ten seat grey dining set. Heavy grey window drapes add soft sumptuous texture to the back wall.

Wood flooring lays out an anchor point for the dining set. Marble tiles create a wide white border around the edge of the wood grain.

Show-stopping dining room pendant lights dangle and gleam over the dining table like gigantic diamonds.

An African sculpture stands guard in the dining room.

An entryway bench is draped with a tribal throw.

Photographic African art decorates a white wall.

Indoor plants grow as a vertical garden in the foyer.

A huge mirror doubles the effect of the greenery.

Designer: Studio design HDm2  
Visualizer: Home Design  

Our second tour is a 50 square metre home located in Odessa, Ukraine. This interior has a softer, more nomadic influenced decor style with raw natural textures.

Monochromatic scatter cushions make a return here, but they are heavily outweighed by the amount of white space and neutralising wood tone.

A simple hearth-like shelf plays the part of a very low TV stand in this living room design. The jarring technological presence of the flatscreen TV has been balanced out somewhat by an abundance of natural rattan, jute, unfinished timber and dried plant displays.

White sheer curtains tumble upon the floor.

A faux fur throw textures the simple modern sofa.

The kitchen stands directly behind the sofa in the compact open plan room.

Two large straw pendant lights hang low over a central kitchen island, building on the tribal vibe.

Wooden kitchen accessories are displayed on a sleek black quartz worktop behind the island, and on open kitchen shelving.

A portiere conceals a bedroom platform.

White faux fur makes the bed look cosy and inviting.

The sheer portiere allows daylight to pass through into the lounge area.

Smooth timber planks make up the doors of the kitchen cabinets, placing them somewhere between modern and ethnic handcrafted aesthetics.

A wooden worktop covers the kitchen island.

LED strips light up the quartz counter.

Rattan storage baskets fill the floor underneath a simple wood table.

Strong African imagery looks out from the wall art.

A buddhist statue is set on a brass side table by the bed.

In the bathroom, a vanity mirror hangs from a black strap to contrast with a contemporary white vanity unit. A dried floral display is employed to soften the effect of the hard edged unit.

Distressed whitewashed wood planks floor the bathroom, and clad the back of the wet zone behind the bath. Black shower fixtures punctuate the white and wood walls. A white rattan laundry basket blends with the plain shower curtain and keeps the bathroom clear. See more laundry baskets here.

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Amazing Interior Renovations: Before and After Images That Impress

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In the world of interior design, few things are more satisfying than a fantastic before-and-after shot. Seeing a blank canvas come to life is inspiring in so many ways – a compelling reason to reconsider the hidden potential waiting to be uncovered within your own four walls. This post explores several great transformations by V+ Studio, an architectural visualization firm that reimagines homes with new furniture, modern decor, carefully curated artwork, and more. In some cases, even the flooring and wall treatments get an update. What would your dream home visualization look like?

The first “before” picture starts as simple as can be. White walls, beautiful wood floors.

And the “after” visualization? Stunning! Colorful details like knitted poufs, a blue Wegner style lounge chair, and a geometric area rug all pull from hues found within the unifying modern artwork. A glass glass coffee table in front of the tufted sofa, both pieces simple and streamlined for modern appeal.

Classic country-style decor sets the stage for the next big transformation.

With the yellow walls and heavy upholstery choices gone, this white living room immediately feels larger. Metallic accents add a gleam of subtle luxury and indoor plants provide a soft natural touch. You may also notice the floors get a bit of an update – the old parquet and checkered tile swapped with more current options.

Next is a nice transitional living room design. But what would it look like modernized?

Parquet floors have been replaced with wood floors, oriented to make the room look longer. The classic wood entertainment console has been removed as well and replaced with a low modern sideboard. Simple white sofas and a coffee table with storage brighten up the atmosphere. Decorative table lamps are replaced by an adjustable floor lamp.

Classic features make this room stand out. Instead of replacing them, the “after” design puts them to good use.

You can see that the wallpaper, chevron floors, and radiator all stand unchanged and uncovered. This room makes the most of them by going a little bit vintage with its decor. Both the coffee table and the TV stand take cues from mid-century modern design for a charming retro look.

This interior has an interesting layout. The tall ceilings and small divider wall present interesting design challenges.

Both issues are addressed beautifully. The space on the other side of the divider wall is arranged as a small living room, the sconce lights removed to make the wall friendlier for television viewing. Artwork is hung high to take advantage of the extended ceiling height. A trio of beautiful dining room pendant lights hang above the table to make the arrangement feel more intimate, finished in brass to match the dining chairs below.

Perfectly simple. This “before” shot offers so many options.

To balance out the urban window view, this space goes with a warm natural theme for its “after” visualization. Wood furniture, indoor plants, and lots of layered cozy textiles make this bedroom feel especially welcoming.

Another space with so much potential! What would you do with this unconventional layout?

While that far corner seems like it would be difficult to furnish, this visualization reveals it would be the perfect spot for a little home office. The central wall is another hard-to-decorate feature but finds wonderful purpose with the addition of a sideboard cabinet and large photo print.

Here’s a look at another corner of the same space.

Simple furniture retains a somewhat low profile, making the most of a prime corner window spot. A grouping of three nesting round coffee tables allows for flexibility in the arrangement.

This bedroom features some very interesting classical details around the baseboards, under the windows, and around the ceiling light.

Those classical features are embraced by the new decor theme. This space uses a fabulous transitional theme – the use of glamorous metallics is kept minimal but impactful, the colors remain soothing and soft, and each furniture selection features a truly timeless profile.

A look toward the other side of the room reveals bold paneling on the doors.

Clean breezy curtains allow the interior architecture to speak for itself.

In the living room, another truly classic element has been preserved.

And again, a transitional decor theme does a great job serving as a bridge between the classic and modern elements.

This living room features another tricky layout.

Instead of letting the angled wall serve as a limitation, this concept transforms it into a built-in bookshelf. A cozy living area occupies the space that remains, with a television mounted to the only bare wall.

The unique parquet flooring continues into the bedroom spaces.

Bold artwork centers the space, and bedside table lamps provide gentle illumination from either side.

Another bedroom, this time with a more traditional layout.

A lovely desk arrangement takes advantage of the spectacular window view. A spacious rug defines the boundaries between work and rest areas. Storage furniture is scarce but effective – tiered bedside tables and a storage ottoman provide space for essentials.

A mixture of classic and modern elements creates an interesting “before” starting point.

Luxurious materials meet modern profiles to create a high-end transitional theme that dances between eras with grace. A hint of emerald green in the living room works well to complement the cherry cabinetry in the kitchen.

Here is another view of the same room.

You can see all the elements come together. Because the cabinets in the kitchen are cherry and the floors are a light honey color, the square coffee table plays an important role mediating between the two finishes for a more intentional look.

The tour moves on into the bedroom.

Emerald bedroom chairs and sapphire textiles set the stage for elegance. This bedroom also demonstrates another example of different woods being used well together – the dark bedside tables balancing the weight between light floors and the darker cherry ceiling fan.

This bedroom offers a very clean slate.

Removing the wall sconces offers more flexibility for the bed arrangement. Here, they’ve been replaced with bedside lamps.

The final transformation is especially interesting. While the “before” and “after” images feature very different furniture and decor choices, the result maintains the same overall theme.

It remains a very vibrant and eclectic space. Outdated table lamps are replaced with the fabulously fashionable Oda style lamp (originals are available here), the small ceiling fixture replaced with a dramatic Rattan light, and a handsome Acapulco chair is added to underscore the tropical atmosphere.

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