DIY: Shoe Rack

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I’ve partnered with Arrow Fastener™ tools several times to showcase how to make things with their tools. This week, check out the DIY shoe rack I designed and constructed with the help of one of their many handy nail guns!



The frame of this shoe rack was built with 2×2” birch posts and ½” birch planks (from Lowe’s) and assembled with wood screws.



I painted the legs and stained the planks and secured them with the Professional Electric Stapler T50AC from Arrow Fastener™.


You can modify the plan to fit the width of your entry or porch or mudroom. Find the full tutorial on this DIY shoe rack on the Arrow Fastener™ website!


*This project brought to you in partnership with Arrow Fastener™ tools. All photographs, design plans, and opinions are my own! Visit the Arrow Fastener™ projects page for dozens more creative DIY projects around the home.


Target’s End-of-Winter Furniture Sale Is Here—Shop Our 7-Piece Edit

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Spring has nearly sprung, and there’s little we love more than celebrating the arrival of a new season by swapping out tired statement pieces for something shiny and new. That said, we’re firm believers that a seasonal home refresh—large or small—shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Luckily, Target’s major furniture sale was seemingly created for budget-savvy decorators in mind.

Featuring all home goods for up to 25 percent off (though, you can snag an extra 15 percent discount with the promo code MARCH), the beloved retailer’s seasonal sale is a gold mine of statement furniture.

Sick of looking at your stained loveseat? Craving a bonus bench for the foot of the bed? We scoured the sale for the best-discounted items. Your search for the perfect swap ends here.

A velvet indigo accent chair is total eye candy for a master bedroom or living room in need of an extra seat. Did we mention you save $115?

Black has a reputation as a risky color, but when it’s introduced in small doses and on fresh surfaces, the stark hue can feel airy and bright.

Elevate your morning routine by sliding a set of these sleek steel stools under the kitchen breakfast bar.

Want to spend an entire Sunday cuddled up in front of the TV? There’s nothing to feel guilty about with this half-off loveseat at your side.

Cane continues to prove itself as a need-to-know material. Embrace this woven trend and your inner-Marie Kondo with a storage unit that will feel at home in any room.

Want to dine like a true Scandinavian design lover? This streamlined table exudes Nordic simplicity.

Park this velvet stool at the foot of the bed if you want to wake up to a touch of Art Deco luxe.

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Decorating with Luscious Pastels Adds Zippy Flair to a Plain Space

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There’s always much ado about adding bright pops of color to a room, but they’re not the only way to brighten a space. Decorating with pastels can add dimension and color while maintaining a calm vibe. Pastels are a wonderful way to add a new hue to a neutral space without going overboard and can also be used to tone down a room that’s already got enough bright colors happening. Besides, using pastels is not just about painting the walls. Sure, that’s an easy way to create a base for a room but opting for furnishings in pale hues is also a versatile way to work a lighter palette.

Softly Colored Sofas

Pastel colors can still pack a punch.
Pastel colors can still pack a punch.

The shape and style of the sofa you choose — along with the other pieces you group with it — will influence the impact of the pastel color palette. This sofa from Polart is a light pink, but it makes a bold statement thanks to the silhouette and materials used. By grouping it with more pieces in the same color, it becomes very dominant in the space, even when mixed with brighter tones, like a kelly green.

The silhouette can help emphasize or play down the impact of a pastel color.
The silhouette can help emphasize or play down the impact of a pastel color.

Pretty in peach, this elegant sofa shows the softer side of the pastel palette but doesn’t sacrifice impact. The curving shape and high sides speak volumes in glamour, which is highlighted by the choice of velvet upholstery. Placed in an otherwise neutral space, the sofa is a standout, which is demonstrated by the beige throw pillows, which push the focus back onto the color of the sofa.

Pastel shades of citrus are a modern choice.
Pastel shades of citrus are a modern choice.

Equally elegant but with a more modern edge, this pastel citrus colored sofa derives its boldness from the shape. The color of the upholstery is a perfect pairing for the dark metal frame, which might get lost with a more vibrant tone on the cushions. In fact, this is a great example of how a pastel hue can help highlight the interesting frame or legs on a piece of furniture.

Pastels can be key in a tonal color palette.
Pastels can be key in a tonal color palette.

The sofa shows how a pastel can be used in a multi-tonal piece to highlight the color family in the room. While the wall covering behind the sofa is neutral, it does have a strong pattern, which could compete against a sofa with a bold color.  This piece combines an overall pastel color combination that is accented with cushions covered in darker shades of the same color range. The addition of just a couple of patterned pillows — still in the same color family — is just enough to make the sofa pop. As a bonus, the pattern on the wall almost looks like an abstract version of the one on the pillows.

Subdued Lighting Fixtures

Adding color to light fixtures draws the eye upward.
Adding color to light fixtures draws the eye upward.

Swapping out a metallic light fixture for one that features a pastel color is an easy way to incorporate lighter colors into a room. This decorating idea will work in any space. If a room is bright and light, an oversized, modern fixture in a pale hue emphasizes the brightness and adds a hint of color. If it happens to be a predominantly white decor palette, a cool citrus light fixture like this one will become a dominant feature. It’s important to remember that the size of the fixture can help increase the impact of the color or play it down, depending on the goal in the room.

Old style paper lanterns in a pastel peach highlight a vintage setting.
Old style paper lanterns in a pastel peach highlight a vintage setting.

A pastel light fixture can also help brighten a dark space. Here, traditional Japanese paper lanterns in graduated sizes are rendered in a pale salmon color. The works nicely in the dark space and is a lighter touch combined with the serious vintage furnishings. Adding pastel hues in a room that has little natural light or seems a bit closed in is another way to lighten the mood of the space.

Luscious chairs

Grey and pastel, minty green is a fabulous combination.
Grey and pastel, minty green is a fabulous combination.

Adding a pastel-colored chair to a room is almost like popping one of those pale-colored after dinner mints in your mouth: It makes you smile and say “ahhhh.” This gray and mint green chair combines a sturdy angular frame with cushy velvet upholstery in a deliciously cool hue. With gray being a commonly used neutral in many homes, pastels are a match made in heaven. The cool colors on this chair are accented with the stud detailing around the edges.

Pastel velvets are popular upholstery textiles.
Pastel velvets are popular upholstery textiles.

A cushier choice is a well-padded armchair. This peach velvet seat has a mid-century modern vibe with its wooden legs and a stylish silhouette thanks to the rounded arms. A chair like this could be combined with neutrals or added to a living room that is already chock full of prints and patterns. It’s also versatile enough to transform a bedroom or office as well as a living room. While it might seem like a contradiction, this is a bold pastel choice.

Pastels can also be whimsical in the right design.
Pastels can also be whimsical in the right design.

It’s also possible to amp up the impact of pastel furnishings through repetition and bold styling. These two chairs by Boffi are upholstered in a pastel salmon color but the abundance of gold and the throne-like shape make them more dramatic. In addition, the giant size of the lamp makes it whimsical and the color of the lampshade more pronounced.

Use plain pastels to contrast bolder printed fabrics.
Use plain pastels to contrast bolder printed fabrics.

Bold, dark florals are trendy both in fashion and furniture, and by pairing them with a pastel in the same piece, it possible to have a totally different look. The black frame and powerful rose print on the back and arms of the chair are given more impact with the use of pastel pink for the seat. It’s a nice strategy for lightening the palette without diminishing the drama.

Tufted pieces in pastel colors look like confections.
Tufted pieces in pastel colors look like confections.

This pale pistachio tufted bench is almost like a dessert confection. Adding this to a bedroom will inject a big dose of glamour and style. The light green would be a delicate accent in a neutral color palette and could serve as an accent in a room that is already done in another pastel hue, like this pink one. The bountiful use of pastels in a bedroom make it more soft and feminine while a well-chosen piece or two can add a seductive edge.

Unexpected Wooden Finishes

Lacquer finishes in pastel tones are innovative options for wood furniture.
Lacquer finishes in pastel tones are innovative options for wood furniture.

Furniture finishes have become more innovative and pastel colors are the go-to choice. Consort’s Bosse credenza comes in a range of lacquer colors and this blush shade is sophisticated and eye-catching. Paired with natural wood pieces, it is a focal point, but it would also be ideal to mix with patterned upholstery for a soft but trendy touch. A quality piece of wood furniture in a pastel tone will brighten the rooms of generations to come — perfect for becoming a family heirloom.

The range of stylish furnishings available show that decorating with pastels doesn’t have to be limited to paint and pillows. Designers have created plenty of options for those who prefers their colors to be understated and serene. Try adding a piece to a bedroom or living room and see how it brightens the feel.

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5 Instagram Photos That Stopped Me In My Scroll

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Hello! Each Wednesday I share some of the photos that stopped me in my scroll while I was perusing Instagram the previous week. Here are this week’s picks! 1. @ArtistResidence: Hands down, my favorite new feed I’ve started following lately! Here’s a link to their website: Artist Residence Hotels 2. @JessieWatts– Boy, could I spend some time…

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Wine Country Vacation Cottages

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Is the California Wine Country on your list of places to visit? Perhaps this year? Events begin as early as spring here in Northern California, and I’m excited for barrel tasting in Healdsburg next weekend. When touring the wine country, one must live the full experience! There’s something so special about sitting outdoors around a firepit surrounded by grapevines sharing a bottle purchased in a nearby tasting room!

Where I live, the wine country includes both Napa and Sonoma, they are adjacent to each other. The Napa Valley is one of the most popular wine tasting destinations in the world. The towns stretching from Calistoga in the northern part of the county down to St. Helena to Yountville in the south are all gorgeous destinations and all the appellations are easily accessible along the Highway 29 route.

Napa feels more elite with its resorts and trendy restaurants, whereas Sonoma is more laid back and spread out, and in between the wineries you’ll pass cow pastures and craft breweries. The Napa Valley has over 500 winery listings so good luck even scratching the surface on a singular visit, but you can definitely have the wine country experience by spending 3 or 4 full days in the region.


Personally, when I travel, I love the Airbnb experience more than staying in a hotel because I can lounge around, make breakfast, and do laundry and feel more like a local. I spied some really cute cottages in the Napa Valley on Airbnb:


The Bungalows in Calistoga (sleeps 4)


Modern Getaway in Napa (sleeps 4)


Cottage with vineyard views (sleeps 4)


St. Helena Cottage (sleeps 4)


Farmhouse retreat in Calistoga (sleeps 8)


Vineyard Bungalow in St. Helena (sleeps 4)


Italian style villa (sleeps 4)

I live in Sonoma County and there are wineries all over but most of the tourists visit the Healdsburg area to the north, or Sonoma in the southern part of the county. You’ll get the full wine country experience in either of those areas because you’ll be surrounded by acres of vineyards with views, and you’ll have a long list of tasting rooms to choose from.


When out-of-towners visit me, I always take them on a Sonoma Plaza tour and to these five favorite wineries, and sometimes I’ll take them through the valley of the moon. Up in the northern part of Sonoma County near Healdsburg, I highly recommend tasting and touring the Dry Creek Valley and/or the Alexander Valley.

Here are a few Airbnb cottages to stay at in those regions!


The Barn in Sonoma (sleeps 2)


Farmhouse Cottage in Sonoma (sleeps 4)


Thornsberry House in Sonoma (sleeps 6)


Kenwood Retreat (sleeps 8)


Hilltop Guest House in Healdsburg (sleeps 2)


Dry Creek Valley Cottage (sleeps 2)


Wine Country Cottage in Healdsburg (sleeps 4)


Farm Stay Apartment in Healdsburg (sleeps 2)

There are two airports to consider if your destination is Napa or Sonoma. The Sacramento airport is about a 45 minute drive by car (assuming no traffic) to Napa. The Oakland airport is a one hour drive by car to Sonoma or Napa. If you’re destination is just the wine country, I’d avoid the San Francisco airport unless you’re planning on a few days exploring the city during your vacation.

Have you visited Sonoma or Napa recently? What were your favorite places?

Winter/Spring Mantel Decorating

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Well, here we are. At the end of another work week. How did that happen so fast? I swear it just turned January and now we’re eight days deep into February!  In my last post, I mentioned that I’ve been getting up early to write. I don’t *always* do it, but I’ll tell you what:…

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Theatre in Review: The Shadow of a Gunman (Irish Repertory Theatre)

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The Shadow of a Gunman bills itself as a tragedy, and whether it will arrive, finally, in that designation — at another action that’s savage in its violence and frank about the cowardice of its leading characters — it requires nearly…

Before You Plan Your Dream House, See the 15 Most Popular Home Styles

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America is not just a great melting pot of people — it’s also home to a wide range of popular home styles. Some are adapted from other regions and cultures and others are quintessential American styles. Of course, preferred home styles are a matter of personal taste, but they also vary by region of the country. For example, the southwestern parts of the US have homes that are distinctive, mainly with a low profile and plenty of stucco on the outside.

Beachy Cottage House Decor Style

A true Cape Cod style house would look a bit out of place there.  Generally, however, you can find examples of the most popular homes styles in every city or region of the country. Take a look at these 15 popular home styles and see which ones are most appealing.


Victorian style homes are easily identifiable with their complex lines, plentiful trim and brighter paint colors. In fact, sometimes they’re called dollhouses or gingerbread houses because of all fanciful and ornate trim that Victorian builders used to embellish the homes, according to This Old House. The Victorian era is considered to be 1830 to 1910. The architecture of that era often has steep roof lines and is very eclectic throughout. The interiors most often feature separate rooms and don’t have an open floor plan.  In fact, according to 5-Minute History, homes built in that era often have architectural curiosities and oddities like doors or stairs to nowhere or windows into other rooms.


Farmhouse styles have crept into suburban areas.

By strict definition, a farmhouse is the main structure for living on a farm. As people started moving off traditional farms, they took the casual and comfortable farmhouse aesthetic with them. Today’s modern farmhouse style is a bit different as these style homes are as likely to be found in a suburban area as they are in a rural area. Current types combine clean contemporary lines with a cozy farmhouse feeling that is very family friendly. Old or new, a farmhouse will have a couple of distinguishing characteristics. The first is a porch that serves as a spot to welcome guests, doff dirty shoes or sit and relax in the shade. Inside, formal and entertaining spaces will be located in the front of the house with the kitchen and more private areas are situated in the back.

Cape Cod Style

This regional style has widespread appeal.

Immediately identifiable, Cape Cod is one of the most popular home styles. Associated with New England where the style took root from building practices brought from England by the Puritans, the Cape Cod is a simple and symmetrical design. Typically, the style is a single story that is broad, topped by a steeply gabled roof.  While originally the top floor was not finished, in contemporary versions it often serves as a second story, accented with dormer windows. In addition to the characteristic windows, a Cape Cod house will have a centered entrance with a paneled door, that may or may not be accented with columns or other extra features, according to Antique Home Style,


Cottage style is popular for vacation homes.
Cottage style is popular for vacation homes.

Steeped in images of the English countryside, a cottage style home is actually a small house that can be old-fashioned or not. Modern versions of this popular home style are found in suburbs as well as rural areas. The original definition of a cottage refers to a house that has living space ion the ground floor and bedrooms on an upper floor under the eaves. According to Angie’s List, in the beginning, these types of homes were typically used as summer homes for upper and middle-class families until the 1960s and 70s when they became a popular home style across the country. Houseplans says that there are several defining characteristics for a cottage house: Picturesque dormers and steep rooflines, arched doorways and a front porch


Traditional colonial homes never go out of style.
Traditional colonial homes never go out of style.

If you grew up east of the Mississippi, you’ve probably seen plenty of Colonial houses, one of the most popular home styles. While these houses started as Colonial revival style architecture, over time they have evolved into one of the most common styles of homes with contemporary twists. Colonial houses are generally shaped like a square or rectangle and have symmetrical construction. Both the front entry door and the main staircase are typically located in the center of the home. Some of the old-school elements that distinguish this style are still found in modern colonials, such as plenty of brass fixtures and formal entryways.


Warm weather areas have many Spanish style homes.
Warm weather areas have many Spanish style homes.

Just as some popular home styles are limited to the eastern United States, Spanish style homes are typically found in California, Arizona, Florida and Texas. Reminiscent of the 18th-century missions in California, they are characterized by terra cotta colored roofs, plenty of stucco and wrought iron details. Even within this type of house, there are different subsets. In general, these types of homes have roofs that are flat or that slope only gently, arched doorways and asymmetrical construction. This same style is sometimes called Hispanic or Mediterranean, or even Spanish eclectic.


Georgian styles are among the most formal-looking.
Georgian styles are among the most formal-looking.

Among the most formal of the most popular home styles, Georgian style homes are a classic style of architecture. Strict symmetry, restrained decorative elements and a hip roof distinguish this type of structure, which is tied to the era of England’s Kings George, I, II and III as well as the work of architect Sir Christopher Wren. According to Wentworth Studio, the roofline and placement of the doors and windows are hallmarks of this type of house. While brickwork is mainly associated with Georgian houses, it is not uncommon to see other materials used, such as clapboard, stucco or stone.

Barn homes

Barn homes have a casual, easygoing vibe.
Barn homes have a casual, easygoing vibe.

Barn homes are generally one of two things:  A barn that has been converted into a home or a home that has been built with features of a barn. These popular home styles are gaining market share as people look for a “homier” home. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all barn homes are country-cozy. The range of styles is wide and can even be quite modern. Regardless of what style edge it has, a barn home will have some common characteristics, according to Yankee Barn Homes. Most barns barn-homes are proportioned to look tall, rectangular and have a pitched or gambrel roof. They will use post and beam construction, incorporate barn windows and feature a great room inside.


Ranch style homes exploded in popularity as suburban areas grew.
Ranch style homes exploded in popularity as suburban areas grew.

Originating in the southwest, ranch style homes are one-story structures that feature an open floor plan and casual ambiance. They became very popular in the 1950s and 1960s as suburban areas started to grow. These types of homes are known for having a low-pitched roof and eaves that extend out from the house, along with an attached garage and a large window facing the front yard. At the start, they were of modest size — about 1,300 square feet with three bedrooms and one bathroom. In recent times, the typical ranch home has gotten bigger, says Angie’s List.


Old World Tudor style is still a popular home choice.
Old World Tudor style is still a popular home choice.

Tudor is one of the home styles that European architects brought to America from their native region. This type of house is a mishmash of late Medieval and early Renaissance styles, says the Wentworth Studio, and they were the dominant style in the 1920s and 1930s. Identifying features of a Tudor home include stucco walls, often with decorative timbering, steeply pitched gabled roofs and a masonry chimney.  The entrance is placed asymmetrically on a Tudor and typically has an arched doorway, board and batten door, and pieces of stone set into the brick around the opening.


Craftsman style homes have seen a resurgence in popularity.
Craftsman style homes have seen a resurgence in popularity.

The Craftsman style of home is a child of the Art & Crafts movement, which had its heyday from 1905 to 1930. It is known by its signature low-pitched gabled roofs and broad eaves. Generally, a single story or one and a half stories tall,  these homes have a large front porch. It used to be that most all Craftsman style homes were bungalows, writes Antique Home Style, but not all bungalows are Craftsman style. The style faded from popularity in the subsequent decades until the 1980s. Today’s contemporary versions are larger and incorporate only some of the features characteristic of this movement that promoted a simpler, hand-crafted style.


Tuscan homes have low-key luxury as a focus.
Tuscan homes have low-key luxury as a focus.

A suburban house might be thousands of miles from the sunbaked, rolling hills of Tuscany, but that doesn’t mean that homeowners don’t try to capture that warmth and comfort. One of the most popular home styles, Tuscan houses are distinguished mainly by the materials used in construction: natural stone, terra cotta, stucco and tiles. Typically, Tuscan homes also have enclosed courtyards and feature taller, narrow windows with shutters — sometimes merely decorative. Somewhat similar to Mediterranean style, Tuscan homes have a rustic vibe, accented with Old World elements.


Mediterranean style houses have open floor plans.
Mediterranean style houses have open floor plans.

The breezy, open floor plan of Mediterranean style houses has made them one of the more popular home styles in the country. While the typical Mediterranean villa might be a bit more rustic, contemporary homes in this style have all the creature comforts combined with the best features of the traditional plans. These homes can be one story or two and are often more sprawling than other styles that rely on a strictly rectangular footprint. A lo-pitched tile roof is commonly paired with a stucco exterior, which is accented by arched windows and doorways. Mediterranean homes generally include courtyards or gardens that have a European flair and are ideal for locations that can enjoy a long outdoor season.


Mountain style houses are designed to make the most of natural surroundings.
Mountain style houses are designed to make the most of natural surroundings.

The term mountain style might conjure up images of a little cabin in the woods, but mountain style homes are so much more than that.  Today’s versions are architecturally refined homes that make the most of their location. This means that it puts the focus on nature in every way possible. From using natural and local materials in the construction to the large windows that bring the outside in from all angles, mountain style homes work with their surroundings to blend in. Open floor plans maximize the usage and enjoyment of the home and low-maintenance landscaping with native plants makes the property more care-free.


Contemporary styles vary widely, from very modern to mixed architectural works.
Contemporary styles vary widely, from very modern to mixed architectural works.

Defining contemporary home style can be a bit like trying to nail gelatin to the wall. The range influences, elements and looks is very wide and can be difficult to pin down. Regardless, contemporary means “of the moment” so current trends can come into play as well as regional preferences. New contemporary home styles do tend to have some things in common: Energy efficiency is important, sustainable materials play a role and plenty of natural light is a feature. Moreover, contemporary houses all have a spacious feeling, whether they lean toward the modern end of the spectrum or not.

There are so many more types, but these are among the most popular home styles. Reading their descriptions, it’s easy to see why they are so favored, and why some are more common in certain geographical areas. See which one is your favorite.

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A Moody St.Petersburgh Apartment Interior Under 75 Square Meters (Includes Floor Plan)

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Saint-Petersburg’s historical center, Russian Federation, is the location of this deliciously moody apartment interior, created by Cartelle Design. Measuring less than 75 square metres, the small open plan home was overhauled for a young couple. It includes a compact living space that forms a full U-shape around a shower room module; one double bedroom with a walk-in closet; one single bedroom with a home office area; and one compact cloakroom. There is also a main hallway leading from the home entry door that holds a good run of extra storage closets. The youthful homeowners picked out a sophisticated palette of sage green, smooth grey, and deep blue paintwork to colour stylish wainscot panels and trims.

Many lighting options have been packed into the small living space. Track lighting spans the width of the ceiling, dining pendants hang low over the table and a modern chandelier showcases in the lounge.

A sage green sofa with coordinated woollen throw brings soft muted colour to the grey decor scheme. A couple of light accent chairs and a white marble coffee table lift the look. A piece of modern art is propped behind the lounge seating area, along with a wooden side table and a small floor lamp, which is the Grasshopper model.

The nesting coffee tables stand upon a natural rug that softly blends with the tone of the wood flooring, rather than jarringly contrasting against it.

The fresh tv wall decor is made up with modern wood and white wall panels that wrap around a central volume, which is actually the shower room. A tower of bookshelves have been recessed beside the television, whilst an oven is built into it around the corner in the kitchen run.

More artwork decorates the dining space, which leads into the kitchen.

The other ‘arm’ of the U-shaped room exits back into the hallway via double doors. The closed door seen on the left is the entrance to the master bedroom.

The glass double doors allow natural light to come through from the living room windows into the hallway even when closed.

Glazed doors on the other side of the U-shaped living space provides entry directly into the galley kitchen.

There is no entry to the bathroom in the living area – the facilities are accessed from the main hallway.

A black table has been teamed with wooden dining chairs in the formal eating area. The wood chairs have a dark stain and a subtly curvaceous form – both of which is complemented by the wall art above the table.

The dining room pendant lights are a slender tubular design, hung in a linear trio.

The adjoined kitchen is equipped with base cabinets that match the same light wood tone of the tv wall decor panels, whilst grey wall cabinets blend with the surrounding decor. The grey door at the end of the run leads into a compact utility zone.

The opposite side of the small kitchen is completely camouflaged as part of the external wall of the shower room, except for the integrated oven that gives the game away. This helps the compact space not to appear too overwhelmed.

Natural light comes through to the galley kitchen via the dining area, though under-cabinet lighting is needed to brighten the prep bench.

Black appliances and a black faucet punctuate the kitchen.

The main hallway is like a very narrow little art gallery. From here we can see the door ahead leads into the kitchen and utility, The closed door beside that on the right is the entry to the shower room and the one closest to us is the way to the lounge side of the living area, and to the master bedroom.

There is an all enveloping blue bedroom scheme in the master – the walls, the closet doors, the bed and bedside are all covered top to toe in a blue hue.

Golden trims shine through the blue, in the shape of a bedside lamp, a sputnik chandelier, a wall sconce, candle holders, and gold framed art.

The bedside lamp is the Atollo lamp. Cheaper replicas are available on Ebay.

A set of two stacked decorative suitcases make a bedside table and provide valuable storage space.

Grey and beige bedclothes make a layered effect.

An illuminated vanity mirror glows brightly in the bottle green shower room. A rounded edge rectangular vessel basin sits atop a stone vanity shelf with an undermount towel rail.

Sections of white marble around the lower half of the green room, and a marble wet wall behind the shower, lighten the decor and add a luxe look. A rustic wooden stool provides a simple shelf for toiletries in the shower, which can be moved closer to suit.

Even the door has been cut through with a half green and half white paint job so that it flows with the wall decor; this helps the space look larger.

The illuminated vanity mirror reflects in the glass shower enclosure, which is trimmed in black to match a black shower unit, radiator and surface mount spotlights.

Floor layout plan. This shows us the location of the second, single bedroom, which is accessed via a door by the home entryway. We can also see the built-in bedroom closets, and the extra storage cupboards that line one side of the main hallway.

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