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Want to try your hand at making padded coat hangers? Padded clothes hangers will instantly make your wardrobe look organised.

And on a more practical note, as a wardrobe storage idea, they are great for hanging delicate dresses and blouses to minimise snagging.

Experts at Hangorize explain, ‘Fabric hangers include custom types of clothes hangers with fabric wrapping and those which use canvas or other material for padding. Like satin hangers, fabric hangers usually add a layer of padding to prevent damage to clothing. Plus, satin hangers look elegant in your closet.’

We’ve got an easy DIY project step-by-step to follow so you can make one yourself with minimal faff.

What you’ll need for padded coat hangers

  • Wooden or plastic coat hanger
  • Thick polyester wadding (available at haberdashers)
  • Fabric marker pen
  • Tacking thread
  • Fabric (we used Soubise, ref F5900-02, £65 a metre, Osborne & Little)
  • Matching thread
  • 20cm of narrow velvet ribbon
  • Mother-of-pearl button

Measuring and cutting the fabric

Step 1: Fold the polyester wadding to double thickness, place your coat hanger on top and draw round it using the marker pen, adding 5mm all round. Cut out to give two pieces.

Step 2: Sandwich the hanger between the wadding pieces and tack them together all round, pulling the stitches tight to gather the wadding into shape.

Step 3: To make the cover, lay the padded hanger on a sheet of newspaper and draw around one half stopping at the hook. Add 3cm all round and cut out to make a paper pattern. The cover is made in two halves, joined together once in place.

Step 4: Wrong sides facing, fold your fabric in half, pin the paper pattern on top and draw around it. Flip the pattern and repeat, matching any fabric pattern (see illustration). Cut out your four fabric pieces.

How to stitch on the cover

Step 5: Wrong sides facing, stitch the first pair of fabric pieces all round bar the central edge taking a 2.5cm seam. Clip into the seam allowance around the curved edges and turn through. Repeat to stitch the second pair of fabric pieces.

Step 6: Pull each half of the fabric cover on to the padded hanger, gently working the fabric as you go to ensure a smooth fit. When you get to the centre, turn under the raw edges to create a neat fit around the hook. Slip stitch the two halves of the cover together all round, keeping the stitching as small and neat as possible.

Step 7: Wrap the ribbon around the base of the hook and tie so that if falls over the slip stitched seam. Thread a decorative button on to the ribbon to finish.

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