ok but this isn’t the first time you’ve posted racist content, just saying sorry doesn’t make up for having the post to begin with let alone the hate you showed to your followers. Those post should of never been made at all and today wasn’t even close to the first time your showed you don’t give a fuck about bipoc and the fact you even purposely missed certain post just proves you really don’t give a fuck unless called out.

Sourced content from: https://weirdchristmas.tumblr.com/post/709289345516994560

I don’t know who you are, but I disagree with all of this. I didn’t intend to post them at all. I think once about ten years ago I posted a few of them with some talk pointing out how they were examples of the worst that the old cards could be. But since the rest of the blog was snarky, folk thought it set the wrong tone. I didn’t agree initially but eventually people convinced me. So I don’t post them anymore as part of the “HAHA WTF” cards.

As I just posted, I do think it’s important to know the history of stuff like this, but it’s a matter of context. They’re not jokes, so I don’t share them as jokes. But I also don’t agree that simply acknowledging their existence makes you complicit with them.

So… I apologize that they were in there. I’m sorry to everyone for that. Like I said, I was grabbing groups of 50 random cards from different folders on my disks without even looking. I thought I had all the racist cards in one well-labelled folder that I’m using for a research project. But obviously some were filed incorrectly and ended up as part of the few hundred things I loaded into the Tumblr queue last night which I obviously did not “curate” very well (or at all, which is also why there were a ton of Thanksgiving and Halloween cards mixed in).

(FWIW, I also have folders for misogynistic, classist, anti-suffragette, anti-Irish, Nazi, and on and on. The history of awfulness is just part of what fascinates me about this hobby because our common pop culture often shows us at our worst, not just our dumbest.)

But if you feel like I’m actually full of hatred toward bipoc, then that’s how you feel. And now I’ve let other people see your claim, too. I disagree, tho, and I hope others do, too.

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