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Best Pillows For Stomach Sleepers

Photography by Brittany Ambridge.

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Stomach sleepers, rejoice! Even if, much to the chagrin of your chiropractor, you’re most comfortable snoozing the night away on your belly, there are pillows on the market that’ll keep your entire body supported while doing so. No more waking up sore. No more tingling arms. No more straining your neck with pillows that are too high, too soft, or too supportive. 

How can we be so sure? Because we went on a hunt for the best pillows for stomach sleepers – and we found them. While they vary in material and firmness, there’s one common theme amongst good-for-stomach-sleepers pillows: low loft. “A thinner pillow is ideal to allow for some cushion for the head and neck to stay in a more neutral position,” says Mike Scaduto, sports medicine physical therapist and the co-founder of The Shoulder Sleeper. 

After many nights of testing, we’ve narrowed down our picks to the nine low-loft pillows that supported our stomach sleeping the most. Whether you prefer feathery down or a hypoallergenic alternative, a hefty option or a cloud-like one, or something different altogether, there’s an option for you below. 

Our Favorites

Best Down: Brooklinen Down Pillow

Sizes: Standard and king | Fill material: Down clusters and feathers | Support level best for stomach sleepers: Plush

What we like:

  • Super soft, yet supportive
  • Comes in three plushness levels
  • Sustainably sourced down

Worth noting:

  • May feel too thin if you’re used to substantial support

Why we chose it: A cozy, feathery pillow with just-tall-enough loft. 

Down lovers, this fan-favorite Brooklinen pillow is the match for you. It’s equally soft and supportive, and our tester found it had a cloud-like feel that gently cradled their neck. This pillow is available in three support levels, but stomach sleepers: go for the plush. Its low loft is filled with down clusters, and will keep your neck and back aligned so you won’t wake up with any cricks. 

Best Down Alternative: Sleep Number PlushComfort Pillow

Sizes: Standard and king | Fill material: Down alternative | Support level best for stomach sleepers: Classic, or Ultimate with one or two inserts

What we like:

  • The Ultimate option includes removable inserts for a personalized loft
  • Hypoallergenic
  • One-year limited warranty

Worth noting:

  • Skip over the curved shape option – that’s best for back and side sleepers

Why we chose it: A hypoallergenic option that comes with removable inserts. 

This SleepNumber pillow is so silky soft, our tester was nearly tricked into thinking it was down, and we wouldn’t blame you if you thought the same. But it’s not – it’s a hypoallergenic down alternative. Stomach sleepers, opt for the classic shape for gentle support, or the “ultimate” option for a more personalized pillow experience. It includes three removable inserts so you can experiment with the loft that’s just right for you, though our tester found that one or two inserts is best for stomach sleepers. 

Best Option With Additional Fill: Avocado Green Pillow

Sizes: Standard, queen, and king | Fill material: Organic latex and organic kapok | Support level best for stomach sleepers: Not applicable

What we like:

  • Comes with a bag of extra fill
  • Both the fill and cover are made from 100 percent organic materials
  • Includes a one year warranty

Worth noting:

  • If it’s not the pillow for you, return it within the 100-day window

Why we chose it: A pillow that allows you to plump it up or pare it back. 

Clearly this Avocado pillow made our list for the best pillows for stomach sleepers. The truth is though, this pillow could top any and all “best pillows” lists, no matter which position you sleep in. That’s because, thanks to its bonus bag of fill that comes with each purchase, you can customize the height of it down to the exact ounce. Simply unzip it, then remove or add fill. (Though, need we remind you, stomach sleepers should keep to a low profile pillow.) Our tester particularly loved how hefty this pillow felt; it stayed perfectly in place, night after night. The fact that this option is 100 percent organic? The cherry on top. 

Best Value: Under the Canopy Down Alternative Pillow

Sizes: Standard and king | Fill material: Down alternative | Support level best for stomach sleepers: Medium plush

What we like:

  • Suitable for all sleeping styles
  • The most budget-friendly on this list
  • Made responsibly from recycled materials

Worth noting:

  • May be too soft for some

Why we chose it: This option is soft, fluffy, and affordable. 

To feel like you’re resting your head on a barely-there cloud, nab a pair of these Under the Canopy pillows. (Not because you’ll need to sleep with two pillows, but because of its modest price point.) It’s available in two weights, medium and firm, but stomach sleepers should opt for the soft and squishy medium plush. According to our tester, this pillow would be particularly good for traveling – say, for camping or for kiddo sleepovers – since it’s so lightweight. Best of all, it’s free of all the icky stuff, like toxins and chemicals, and made responsibly with recycled polyester. 

Best Memory Foam: Casper Hybrid Pillow

Sizes: Standard and king | Fill material: Polyester fiber and memory foam | Support level best for stomach sleepers: Low loft

What we like:

  • Never loses its shape
  • Its low loft aptly cradles your neck
  • One year limited warranty

Worth noting:

  • For a set, buying a double pack will save you a few dollars

Why we chose it: Like sleeping on a marshmallow that’ll never deflate.

No clumping, no flattening, no waking up with a sore neck. This Casper pillow’s innovative three-layer design uses a foam and fiber combination that ensures it’ll keep its shape night after night. (Which, after months of nightly use, our tester confirms.) By now you’re well aware that the best pillows for stomach sleepers come in a low loft option, which this one does. It’s also available in a mid loft version for the side and back sleepers in your life. Your neck will thank you. 

Best Adjustable Firmness: The Marlow Pillow

Sizes: Standard and king | Fill material: 80% memory foam and 20% polyester fiber | Support level best for stomach sleepers: Fully zipped

What we like:

  • Ultra easy, mess-free adjustability
  • Made from cooling-infused memory foam
  • One year free return policy and two year warranty

Worth noting:

  • The softest, unzipped setting creates a higher loft that’s not ideal for a stomach sleeper

Why we chose it: A pillow for everyone, no matter where you land on the soft or firm spectrum. 

The Marlow Pillow makes adjusting its firmness almost too easy. Instead of a messy extra bag of fill, which can get lost in the deep, dark corners of your linen closet, simply use the hidden zipper to adjust its density to your liking. Unzipped is the softest version, since it allows more air into the fill, and zipped is the firmest, as the fill is more compressed. You may also prefer to land somewhere in the middle though. The ventilated zipper gussets, as well as its gel-infused chopped memory foam, allows continuous airflow throughout the night, so it’s both cooling and supportive. (Our tester can attest to this.) 

Best For Overheaters: Coop The Eden Pillow

Sizes: Queen and king | Fill material: Gel-infused memory foam and microfiber | Support level best for stomach sleepers: Add or remove fill, if needed

What we like:

  • It’s gel-infused memory foam provides a cooling effect
  • Includes extra half pound of fill
  • Its cover is machine washable

Worth noting:

  • If you’re buying a pair, get the two pack to save some dollars

Why we chose it: Sweaty stomach sleepers, we’ve found your new favorite pillow.

Coop’s Eden Pillow is all the best -ables: breathable, adjustable, and washable. Sink your sleepy head into its softness at whatever height you like best, since every pillow includes an extra half pound of fill. That fill, a gel-infused memory foam and microfibre combo, is its star feature, since it’s both super supportive for stomach sleepers and provides temperature regulation for those who run hot in the night. For once, our tester did not wake up with sweaty curls. 

Best Innovative Material: Coyuchi Organic Shredded Latex Pillow

Sizes: Standard, queen, and king | Fill material: Organic latex | Support level best for stomach sleepers: Add or remove fill, if needed

What we like:

  • Its inventive latex fill forever retains its shape
  • The flexible material molds to your head
  • Unzip to remove or rearrange fill

Worth noting:

  • If switching from a down pillow, expect an adjustment period of a few nights to get used to how different the support of latex feels
  • The most expensive option on this list

Why we chose it: A bouncy, buoyant pillow that molds to your head.

When other pillows go flat (looking at you, poly-filled) or need routine fluffing (*ahem,* down), this pillow from Coyuchi keeps its shape for, well, ever. That’s thanks to its resilient, malleable latex fill. If you haven’t slept on a latex pillow before – we hadn’t either – don’t be put off by its seemingly clumpy feel. It’s meant to be scrunched and molded to your ideal sleeping shape. Give yourself a brief adjustment time, just a few nights will do, and we’re betting you’ll convert to a latex pillow lover. 

Best For Pregnancy: PharMeDoc Organic Pregnancy Pillow

Sizes: Solid body | Fill material: Recycled polyester | Support level best for stomach sleepers: Not applicable

What we like:

  • Its organic cotton cover is chemical free
  • Machine washable slipcover
  • Not too tough on the wallet

Worth noting:

  • Available in a detachable or solid body option

Why we chose it: An option for mommas-to-be to feel comfortable and supported who aren’t able to sleep on their stomachs. 

Sleeping while pregnant is hard enough. Sleeping while pregnant when you yearn to be on your stomach is all the harder. For those few months when you have to sleep on your side, doctor’s and baby’s orders, swap in one of these affordable pregnancy pillows instead. It’ll feel super supportive for your neck, head, and, of course, your growing belly. The u-shape hugging your stomach will imitate the secure feeling that your preferred sleeping position provides, at least until you can get back on your belly in T-minus a few months. 

How We Chose These Products

Choosing the best-for-you pillow is like perfecting a recipe. You need equal parts of the right firmness, loft, and material. Stomach sleepers need to pay particular attention to those three ingredients though, since too much, too little, or too not-quite-right of any of them can cause strain on your neck and spine. Keeping those factors in mind, we tested and then selected the best pillows for stomach sleepers no matter what ratio of those components allow you to have sweet dreams. 

Our Shopping Checklist


Pillows generally come in two sizes, standard or king-sized, and occasionally you’ll find a queen-sized option too. If you have a king-sized bed, the choice is obvious – you’ll need a longer pillow to fill out the width of your bed. For the rest of us, standard or queen will suffice. 


A comfortable pillow fill to one stomach sleeper might be a bad night’s sleep to another. That may involve some experimenting to determine what’s coziest for you. (Don’t worry, the return policy of these pillow picks are extremely easy going.) If you tend to get sneezy, stay away from down and opt for a hypoallergenic option, which most on this list are. To get the exact comfort to your liking though, shop for an adjustable pillow – one you can unzip to remove or add inserts or fill. 


Height – or lack of it – is key for a stomach sleeper to wake up rested and not sore. (“Loft” refers to the height of a pillow while laying flat.) Thick pillows may place excess stress on the neck, so go  for one on the slim side. 

Care & Maintenance

Before clicking “add to cart,” read through the care instructions carefully. We don’t need to remind you that pillows collect lots of microscopic dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria (yuck). While pillowcases are the first defense, a washable pillow cover is second. And if the pillow itself can be machine washed (like several on our list), all the better. 

Ask Domino

Q: After sleeping on my stomach, I often wake up with tingling in my arms. Why is that? 

An unfortunate downside of stomach sleeping is that it can lead to an increased risk of paresthesia (numbing and tingling) in the arms, says Scaduto. That’s because sleeping with your arms above your head increases compression of the nerves of your neck and arms. That position can also irritate your shoulders and exacerbate existing shoulder pain. The best way to reduce the number of times you wake up with this awful feeling? Sleeping on a supportive pillow made to align your neck and spine.

Q. I know sleeping on my stomach isn’t the best for my alignment. But I’ve slept like this forever – how do I train myself to sleep on my back or side?

Stomach sleepers can train themselves to fall asleep in a different position, says Scaduto. Just don’t expect it to happen overnight; it could take a few months to form the new habit. “Stomach sleepers are typically looking for a feeling of support, so using additional pillows in the side-sleeping position to support the shoulder, neck, and lower back can be helpful to make them more comfortable,” Scaduto adds. 

The Last Word

A supportive, low loft pillow is key for creating a comfortable night’s snooze for a stomach sleeper. The thinner, the better. The option for adjustable fill, though, is the sweet spot.  

Domino’s editors independently curate every product on our site, because we’re just as obsessed with a great deal and an under-the-radar discovery as you are. Items you purchase may earn us an affiliate commission.

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