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I had the best vacation! I met my siblings and cousins at the Colorado River, we shared houses and food and lots of laughs. I watched my son flip into the water from a rope swing, and my daughter learn how to jet ski. They both tried to wakeboard but it will take a few more attempts to master that water sport. We finished off the week with a trip to Lake Tahoe where I captured my latest art print ‘Lake Ripples’, a new favorite image of sunlight and turquoise water rippling over stones.

While I was on vacation I announced that Restless Art is expanding and growing! I welcomed the first contributing artist, Denise Dundon from Colorado. I chose four works from her portfolio to sell in our print shop, two are already for sale and featured below. ‘Ocean Dream’ is an abstract portrayal of ocean waves, Sunrise Hills’ is a watercolor that captures the light of golden hour. Find these two in the shop and look for two more art from Denise coming soon. Follow on Instagram for all the shop updates. :)


‘Lake Ripples’




‘Ocean Dream’


*artwork by Denise Dundon



‘Sunset Hills’

*artwork by Denise Dundon


And now a quick update on the flip house project. Our kitchen cabinet order was delayed six weeks (ugh!!) and we lost a subcontractor so we had to hire a new one. The good news is we’ve made some progress. The interior was painted last week, next comes the new vinyl plank floors which will installed next week, I’ll share pictures of that process when it happens. After the flooring, the electrician is coming to swap all the old sockets and plates for new and also change the location of a few fixtures.


In early August the kitchen cabinets will be installed then the countertops and backsplash. We will also be finishing the two bathrooms in August. Fingers crossed I get it all done before my trip to Spain in September!!

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