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Filled with extraordinary furniture design, eye-catching light installations, and unique touches, these two neoclassical home interiors are shining examples of bold self-expression. Lavish and wonderfully eccentric, there is visual excitement at every turn. Home design number one shows a warm limewashed interior with striking black designer furniture and chunky white marble elements. The second home tour is sugared with pale pink and gold accent pieces and a feminine air. A child’s room is shaped with a sprinkling of magic and light. The dressing room and bathroom are almost palatial under swathes of marble and gold, whilst the pool area resembles a petite party zone.

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In the neoclassical living room of our first featured home interior, beige limewash builds a cozy feel despite the large and lofty proportions of the space. Attention-grabbing black furniture pieces set down unique silhouettes in the neutral scheme.

A large area rug softens the wood herringbone flooring in a greige colorway. A large modern chandelier hangs from a highly ornate traditional ceiling rose in crisp juxtaposition.

A deeply ornate white marble fireplace is contrasted by a black cast iron firebox. A traditional mirror leans on the mantelpiece. Modern vases extend the fireplace adornment.

Underneath the living room chandelier, a unique wood and marble coffee table design of interlocking elements creates a solid statement piece.

Over at the staircase, a boiserie-framed mirror makes an attractive arch behind a designer lounge chair. A floor lamp and a side table are added to create a cozy reading nook. A large lion sculpture guards his domain.

The modern staircase makes a solid, sweeping statement.

A unique side table, an unusual wall sconce, and a sculptural piece are grouped to make a pleasing vignette by the window.

Coffee table books, a sculptural vase, and a decorative bowl provide neat adornments.

Two lounge chairs are paired to cause a light visual divide between the sitting area and the dining room. Architectural arches are supported by a contrasting black support pillar, which boldly ties with the black furniture arrangement.

A large vase holds a stark botanical display.

A bead-like dining room chandelier threads a string of orb shades above a stunning white marble dining table. Handmade vases make an artistic table centerpiece.

Six unique wooden dining chairs surround the racetrack-shaped dining table. A curved buffet unit adds a shapely wooden element to the back of the room.

A wide arch alcove is utilized as a bar for the dining room. Black tiles give the area bold definition. A smaller archway serves as a plinth for sculpture.

Only a small window brings natural light into the dining room, so a wall mirror is mounted alongside it to reflect illumination.

More light is shared through fluted glass doors that lead to the kitchen.

Visualizer: 而川视觉  

In this romantic neoclassical home design, sugary pink accent pieces add sweetness and warmth. Lustrous gold elements shine luxuriously. A black and white rug provides visual weight at the base of the room scheme.

A large crystal chandelier is the crowning glory of the living room. A modern linear wall light blazes across pink and gold discs to make eye-catching wall decor.

Pink, fluffy living room chairs add a playful element. A huge projector screen drops down in front, transforming the space into a home theater.

A gold and white marble coffee table marks the center of the room. A geometric fruit bowl provides modern embellishment.

In the master bedroom, beautiful boiserie provides elegant adornment at every turn.

Behind the upholstered headboard, a round boiserie panel frames a light-reflecting convex mirror. A faux fur rug spreads a cozy layer upon the blush bed set. A pretty bedside table lamp adds a gold botanical motif.

An archway leads from the main bedroom into a magical recreational space with a Disney theme. Balloon lights drift across the ceiling, illuminating decorative crown molding.

More muted pink accents add sweetness to the white decor scheme.

An extraordinary feathered gold floor lamp and a chaise lounge make an eccentric relaxation area on a fluffy round rug.

Starlight flickers in the boiserie panels. Sting lights brightly showcase Medicom Reon X Crowned Mickey Mouse figurines by designer Hiromu Takahara.

In the kid’s room, a celestial-themed wall lamp and string lights create a magical and sleepy atmosphere for bedtime. A pink canopy creates a cute kid’s bed design.

The large walk in wardrobe features a skylight and made-to-measure cabinetry. An illuminated Ultrafragola Floor Mirror by Ettore Sottsass sends out a pink glow.

The main bathroom is an impressively large space, clad from top to bottom in luxurious white marble slabs. Stunning tilework makes a framed feature across the floor, where a tufted gray pouf offers a plush resting spot.

A double sink bathroom vanity unit fills one wall of the fabulous bathroom space. An upholstered stool adds a pop of pink, whilst vanity mirrors and faucets install golden moments. The bathtub is accessed via a grand archway and deep white marble steps.

A small crystal chandelier falls between the two bathroom sinks, dripping with shimmering light. The shower area is framed in gold, with a golden towel radiator mounted inside.

The second bathroom in the home is equally luxurious under white marble wall cladding, though smaller in scale. Gold fixtures brightly trim the room, including the toilet lid.

Outside, a small terrace boasts a raised swimming pool. Sunloungers are positioned up on the platform to catch the sun’s rays.

Large glass doors open up a view of the enviable dressing room.

A pretty parasol brings a pink accent to the sun terrace, along with a fun pink flamingo float!

Patterned floor tiles make an eye-catching feature in the limited space.

Columns and archways stand out in a muted pink finish.

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