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Classical art & sculpture steal centrestage in these three modern home interiors, adding time transcending attraction and intrigue. The art pieces instill character into their modern surroundings, build culture, and create a worldly, sophisticated air. One of our home tours combines these classical art pieces with a colourfully eclectic setting in Manhattan, where huge and luxurious rooms brim with decadence. Our second home tour unfolds under dramatic archways that frame a meeting of modern furniture, contemporary lighting, and traditional mural painting. Finally, the third home design we will tour edges us into the future, where classic art becomes the backdrop for an eye-catching futuristic kitchen design and unique geometric furniture and accessories.

Visualizer: UDesign  

The first of our two home tours is a Manhattan apartment with a sophisticated eclectic vibe. Four metre high wooden ceilings tower above a luxurious living room that’s filled with bold colours, dark wooden floors, and a hint of neo-classicism.

The large living room is split into two separate lounge areas. At the back of the room, an L-shaped sectional sofa arrangement, two eye-catching upholstered lounge chairs and a low-profile bench seat make up a sociable, conversational layout. A powerful, muscular bust watches over the seating area, whilst a floral mural provides delicate balance.

A large area rug pulls the lounge furniture together on a neutral pale grey island. Chartreuse scatter cushions on the sofa playfully clash with the dusky rose lounge chairs.

A modern floor lamp creates a brightly lit reading area at one end of the sofa.

Other artworks in the room carry a faces theme with splashes of vibrant colour.

An enviable home workspace in front of a spectacular city view provides an inspiring environment. The desk itself stands as a sculptural piece on strikingly contoured legs.

The classically inspired artwork comes with a provocative twist that gives the decadent room a sensual energy.

In the second lounge area, yellow ottomans draw colour inspiration from the flames of the modern fireplace, whilst teal upholstered sofas cool the room palette.

Modern wall sconces flank the modern fireplace and a wall mounted TV.

A leopard slinks into view at the end of a dramatically dark hallway.

In the luxury dining room, a large marble dining table comfortably serves eight dinner guests. The chic, curved dining chairs are the Platner armchair designed by Warren Platner for Knoll.

Two exquisite dining room chandeliers drip with light-catching crystals above the table. Classical busts decorate each side of the edge-to-edge window.

One entire wall of the dining room is dedicated to wine storage and serving.

Wine glasses are hung the length of the bar area to ensure one is never without a clean drinking vessel.

A massive wall mural depicts a deep gallery of classical sculpture.

Traditional ceiling roses frame the chandelier mounts, whilst modern perimeter lighting glows around the edge of tiered crown moulding.

Inside the master bedroom, an upholstered bed continues the teal accent from the living room. By the fireplace, baroque inspired wallpapered panels communicate the dusky pink element of the decor palette.

A brass pendant light hangs a taste of Art Nouveau above the bedroom lounge, which also flavours the four armchairs below. Two side tables drop in a jolt of daring purple.

The large glass wardrobe builds added depth in the bedroom.

A brass bedroom pendant light is paired with each brass bedside table.

The end of bed bench is fashioned out of two teal ottomans that coordinate with the bed upholstery.

A bedroom rug clasps the two ottomans and bedside tables together with the bed, to crisply differentiate the sleeping area from the bedroom lounge.

A sculpture embellishes the walkway that leads around into the master ensuite.

Inside the ensuite, a marble and brass double sink bathroom vanity lustres beneath punchy purple mood lighting. The colourful illumination glows from backlit bathroom mirrors, and spills upon modern geometric wall tiles.

A full-size Venus de Milo statue stands beside the bathtub.

An art rug creates a colourful core in the room.

Visualizer: Ivan Petechel  

Archways frame a meeting of modern furniture and traditional mural painting in our second art enriched home design. In the living room, modular sofas create a border of comfort underneath an arch that spans the entire space.

A round coffee table is fashioned out of smooth microcement to match the floor.

The warm meld of yellow tones within the wall art inspires the modern furniture upholstery.

Contemporary globe pendant lights hang like fully waxed moons.

One pendant serves the lounge, whilst three make a closely-packed statement above the dining table.

Matching globe table lamps add task lighting by the sofa.

The oval dining table complements the spherical lights and the arches in the architecture.

Rounded-back dining chairs continue the elegant rounded aesthetic.

Divine canvases grace the walls of the living room dining room combo.

Visualizer: Inna Zimina  

Finally, we flash forward to a futuristic home interior, where classical artwork juxtaposes hard, geometric furniture lines.

A classical wall mural of cherubs brings a burst of glorious colour into a beautiful little reading nook by the futuristic kitchen, creating an imaginative getaway.

Geometric home accessories decorate the kitchen countertop.

Copper trims warm up the cool kitchen palette, where they attractively frame backlit glass wall cabinets that are filled with decorative vases.

Chiseled kitchen bar stools join a web of geometric pattern in the futuristic kitchen design. The geometric motifs and silhouettes are counterbalanced by the fluid lines of sculptural artwork.

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