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An interesting handrail can make a very simple staircase stand out and can add a lot of charm and character to the entire space around it. So what constitutes an interesting design when it comes to handrails in general? To answer that we’ve put together our own list of designs and styles that we think stand out from the crowd. Check them out below.

What’s interesting about this particular handrail is the fact that it has two levels. There’s an upper rail and a lower one and they both meet at each end, forming a loop. That allows kids to easily reach the lower rail as they go up and down the stairs and also makes for a rather curious and modern design. This was created for a house in Dublin by studio Peter Legge Associates.

Curved handrails are quite interesting as well and sometimes the shape alone is enough to help them stand out and look elegant and stylish. This design chosen by studio b.e architecture for a home which they renovated in Melbourne is extra special. The handrail curves in on itself and becomes extra comfortable allowing the palm to naturally and comfortably grab it.

This is a built-in handrail design, one which looks as if it’s been carved out of the wall. It’s simple, with clean and soft lines and a modern design and it stands out in spite of how well it actually blends in. This particular design was created by studio Neri&Hu for the Bloomberg office located in Hong Kong.

Here’s another beautiful example of a built-in handrail. It’s something that architects Patrick Planchon and Franck Deroche created in collaboration with woodworker Landry Gobert created for the CMMA HQ located in France. The staircase is made of natural oak and the built-in handrail features sharp and sculptural lines and angles. In addition, there’s also a line of LED lights running along the inside of the handrail.

Studio Shape London renovated a detached family home and part of the process was to redesign the staircase. It’s all clad in brown oak and has a built-in handrail. LED accent lighting guides the hand and illuminates the space in a very subtle manner at night. In this case the handrail really does seem to be carved into the wall.

This beautiful staircase was designed by studio Gayet-Roger Architects for a crèche located in Bordeaux, France. It’s more than just a staircase, it’s a beautiful centerpiece and has a stylish double handrail design that wraps around the central dividing wall. The lines are clean and although the handrail doesn’t have any smooth curves it wraps around the wall beautifully and elegantly.

Marble wraps around this entire wall, add a noble and sophisticated look to the stairwell. The built-in handrail forms a nook that lights up, providing a soft and warm glow and complementing the staircase. This is part of a project completed by studio Quinn Architects in Los Angeles.

Simplicity is beautiful and takes many different forms. This plywood-lined staircase is a prime example. The modest palette of materials and finishes doesn’t diminish the beauty of the overall design. A nice detail is the built-in handrail which blends into the wall almost seamlessly. This is part of a renovation done by studio Francesco Pierazzi Architects in west London.

This is the modern staircase designed by Estúdio BG in collaboration with  LVPN Arquitetura for an office located in Porto Alegre, Brazil. It’s a spiral staircase centered around a circular pillar, with floating stairs and a black metal handrail that smoothly runs along the wall, curving and turning at an angle from top to bottom.

No doubt these projects have inspired you, perhaps even to the point where you might consider giving your own staircase makeover. A new handrail would make a big difference and there are plenty of designs and models you can purchase, like this one for example. It’s the type of industrial-looking handrail that’s super easy to install, durable, practical and quite versatile too. It comes in different lengths and has a rust-resistant finish.

This is also a metal handrail which means it’s very strong and durable. It has an elegant champagne silver anodized finish and it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas. Installation is easy and all the necessary hardware is included. Each bracket can support up to 500 lbs and they can all positioned anywhere along the rail thanks to the continuous built-in channel.

In case you need the handrail to follow a more particular path, a single one-piece design might not do it. A very practical alternative is to use a set of several handrails, smaller and easy to position at any desired height or angle. These are made of pine wood and have a curved shape. They offer lots of flexibility and allow you to customize your staircase in an interesting and at the same time practical way.

This is a different version of a design we mentioned earlier. It’s a very interesting design which features genuine black walnut permanently bonded to an aluminum core, thus giving the handrail a very elegant and refined look. It’s dent-resistant and has a perfectly smooth surface. Once again, the continuous channel allows the brackets to be positioned anywhere along the handrail.

In case you prefer wood instead of metal, this might be a suitable option. This handrail is made of natural pine wood and is hand-polished. It has a smooth surface and it’s 3” think which makes it comfortable to use. It’s also warm and pleasant to the touch and versatile thanks to its simple and stylish design. You can get it in different lengths and also in either 1 or 2 parts with two fixed points and respectively four points.

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