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You know that feeling when you’re in a furniture store just looking around and a piece catches your eye or when you’re browsing a furniture catalog and something immediately stands out? It’s those furniture pieces that we’re after so we’ve searched far and wide to assemble a little collection that we think you’d really enjoy too. This is the type of furniture that stands out without being ostentatious and that’s really what great design is all about.

The Gemini sofa is unlike any other furniture piece. It’s a sofa without a frame, with a design that’s both creative and clever, a modular sofa that you can use in new and ingenious ways. Its seats are double cushions which rest directly on the ground. They can become poufs and used individually or in groups, with or without backrests.

This is the Theo table, a stylish and sophisticated piece of furniture with a metal base and a tempered glass top, two materials which come in contrast with each other and yet also bring out the beauty in one another. The top is available in a variety of finishes and the base is available with an embossed or a striped texture.

Mac’s table is another cool piece of furniture with an outstanding design. The main attraction is obviously the base which is available in wood or a special innovative material. It’s sculptural, modern and very versatile too. The table makes a good fit for the equally stylish Up chairs featured here. They come in 14 different colors and you can mix and match them however you want.

The Margareth bed and Milvian nightstand also make an excellent pair. They both have sleek and soft curves and slender shapes in addition to an amazing selection of materials and finishes. With these beautiful pieces you’d be able to spice up any bedroom.

The Cleo chair is a perfect example of a stylish piece of furniture that looks surprisingly simple and modest. It’s refined and elegant, with a solid wood base and padded seat and backrest that emphasize and complement the soft lines and delicate curves.

It’s difficult to catalog a design like this because the Parentesi is not entirely a room divider, or a dresser alternative or anything else. That’s because it can serve as all of those things and more, depending on how you want to use it and where.

Bookshelves are anything but boring and designs such as this one as the perfect example. The Tripolio was designed by Mario Mazzer and is simple and extraordinary at the same time. The combination of wood and metal give it lots of character without making it look overwhelming.

Console tables are designed to stand out and to add style and beauty to the spaces that they’re a part of but few are as eye-catching as the Arbor console. Its eclectic design turns it into a beautiful statement piece able to look amazing in any setting.

The Panorama table’s subdued elegance makes it a great fit for modern and contemporary living rooms as well as a variety of other spaces. It can be great as a standalone piece or in groups or two or more if space allows it.

The Isola series is a collection of sofas and poufs, all sharing in common the same delicate lines, soft curves and select palette of materials and colors. The designs are simple but vibrant and can change a space in an instant.

Round beds are not for everyone but they do look exquisite and are definitely very glamorous which is why the Glamour bed has a very suiting name. It’s elegant and also playful and the perfect piece if you want to create an original and special bedroom setup.

A regular dresser or closet wouldn’t do it if the goal is to add glamour or style to the bedroom so that’s where the Pret a Porter comes into play. It may not look like much and that’s actually one of its strong points. Thanks to its versatility and stylish minimalism, you can turn this into a really cool accent piece.

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