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Modern ethnic interiors enriched with African flavour make vibrant living spaces. The aesthetic is achieved by introducing striking tribal prints, earthy accent palettes and raw natural materials–juxtaposed with some sleeker elements. We’ve picked out a couple of our favourite ethnic style interior designs to illustrate two quite different takes on the theme. Let us walk you around a luxury contemporary abode with striking monochromatic tribal touches, and stunning modern furniture and lighting designs. Then, tour secondly to a decidedly more rustic private residence that has a nomadic vibe running right through. Will you choose a favourite or take elements from each? Let us know in the comments below!

Designer: Diff Studio  
Visualizer: Diff Studio  

This vibrant villa interior in Rwanda, Africa, is filled with eye-catching tribal prints. Tribal rugs and cushions pattern the large living room. Rich red accent chairs and matching scatter cushions on the modern sofa ramp up the heat and energy.

A bookcase wall is backed with natural wood grain to introduce a sizeable natural element to the predominantly white interior. The wood effect is highlighted by concealed LED light strips located in each shelf cubby.

The red accent chairs stand out even more strikingly due to their placement on the dark rug design. A larger, lighter area rug lies under the grey modern sofa.

A second lounge design is home to a two tone modular sofa arrangement with a uniform set of grey cushions.

An asymmetrical coffee table pulls in with the slick modern vibe, whilst a monochrome ottoman harks back to the bold tribal print seen covering the scatter cushions in the first living room design.

The textured rug pattern echoes the circular shape of the ottoman. Huge African mask art hangs as an oval on the wall, its black silhouette bold against light wood cladding.

A small bar runs along the back of the TV lounge, with three black bar stools facing in toward the TV screen. One end of the bar is held up by a thick clear strut, rooting it firmly in modernity. The small gap between the sofa and the bar is occupied by a mature cactus, which serves as a visual stop between the two different zones.

Gorgeous bar lights burn brightly above the counter, suspended at two different lengths for a luxurious layered effect. A rather retro glam pineapple shaped ice bucket shines from a silver tray on top of the bar.

Back in the first living area, eight dining chairs are upholstered in the signature monochrome tribal print for this home.

The metallic warmth of copper trimmed bar lights vibes with burgundy painted accent walls.

Tropical plants bring in fresh accents of green.

A second dining area situated behind the TV lounge is a greyer affair, with a ten seat grey dining set. Heavy grey window drapes add soft sumptuous texture to the back wall.

Wood flooring lays out an anchor point for the dining set. Marble tiles create a wide white border around the edge of the wood grain.

Show-stopping dining room pendant lights dangle and gleam over the dining table like gigantic diamonds.

An African sculpture stands guard in the dining room.

An entryway bench is draped with a tribal throw.

Photographic African art decorates a white wall.

Indoor plants grow as a vertical garden in the foyer.

A huge mirror doubles the effect of the greenery.

Designer: Studio design HDm2  
Visualizer: Home Design  

Our second tour is a 50 square metre home located in Odessa, Ukraine. This interior has a softer, more nomadic influenced decor style with raw natural textures.

Monochromatic scatter cushions make a return here, but they are heavily outweighed by the amount of white space and neutralising wood tone.

A simple hearth-like shelf plays the part of a very low TV stand in this living room design. The jarring technological presence of the flatscreen TV has been balanced out somewhat by an abundance of natural rattan, jute, unfinished timber and dried plant displays.

White sheer curtains tumble upon the floor.

A faux fur throw textures the simple modern sofa.

The kitchen stands directly behind the sofa in the compact open plan room.

Two large straw pendant lights hang low over a central kitchen island, building on the tribal vibe.

Wooden kitchen accessories are displayed on a sleek black quartz worktop behind the island, and on open kitchen shelving.

A portiere conceals a bedroom platform.

White faux fur makes the bed look cosy and inviting.

The sheer portiere allows daylight to pass through into the lounge area.

Smooth timber planks make up the doors of the kitchen cabinets, placing them somewhere between modern and ethnic handcrafted aesthetics.

A wooden worktop covers the kitchen island.

LED strips light up the quartz counter.

Rattan storage baskets fill the floor underneath a simple wood table.

Strong African imagery looks out from the wall art.

A buddhist statue is set on a brass side table by the bed.

In the bathroom, a vanity mirror hangs from a black strap to contrast with a contemporary white vanity unit. A dried floral display is employed to soften the effect of the hard edged unit.

Distressed whitewashed wood planks floor the bathroom, and clad the back of the wet zone behind the bath. Black shower fixtures punctuate the white and wood walls. A white rattan laundry basket blends with the plain shower curtain and keeps the bathroom clear. See more laundry baskets here.

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