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I just returned from checking on our house in Florida and while there it was nice weather in the 70s, but on the last day it rained and I sat in our living room with the electric fireplace on under a cozy blanket reading a book and it was bliss! Winter brings colder temperatures and the need to, like nature, become dormant in our activity and take time to relax, especially when it rains or snows outside so I take every opportunity to do so. 🙂

Do you remember this electric fireplace makeover from last year? I was so close to getting rid of the original but now that it’s a focal point in the living room and a source of warmth in cooler weather, I’m so glad I kept it and gave it a facelift. You can read the step-by-step transformation from dated plug in fireplace to this elegant upgraded facade right here.

The DIY electric fireplace has taken the internet by storm, you can find so many ideas online and on social media where folks transformed a wall of their home with an electric fireplace insert, lumber, drywall, and texture.

Perhaps you’re not feeling that ambitious. Below find a dozen modern electric fireplaces which you can purchase to add to your space to bring the warmth and ambiance of a fireplace without a chimney.

mediterranean style / modern real flame wood top


landscape white brick



powder coated steel (also white) / slim black (also white and dark gray)

gray stain modern electric

mini modern black / sleek black with natural trim


slim bone white model



mini space heater / white corner model


white modern surround

sleek white modern / stone insert

coastal style shiplap front

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