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A private country house located in the Moscow region, Russia, has undergone a ground floor redevelopment. The rooms have been given a fresh modern style with a stunning eco theme. Natural wood and stone are used throughout the downstairs interior, designed and visualised by Artur Mitroshkin, along with glass accents and luxe metal elements. Botanical patterns appear in the leafy living room rug, a dazzling gold and crystal chandelier, and several sets of decorative shutters that serve as room dividers and unique window shades. The home also boasts an indoor pool space, which comes complete with a spa volume tucked below a mezzanine that’s built and furnished only for complete relaxation.

The luxurious living room features a beautiful L-shaped modular seating arrangement that is made up of different components, which break up its large expanse. A large end table extends from one end of it, with another tabletop separating a comfy corner seat from the rest of the couch. Part of the sofa base is upholstered in a ribbed design to add texture. A designer table lamp and a decorative bowl add shining metallic touches to the wooden base.

A square coffee table is tucked into the elbow of the L-shaped sofa, holding a tray of glass decanters. It stands on a huge rug with a beautiful botanical themed print. Plain and patterned navy scatter cushions across the grey sofa contrast with the green hue in the rug.

Opposite the sofa there is a golden TV unit set into a ribbed wall–which matches the texture on the end of the sofa. Recessed nooks display a limited selection of books and belongings. Light wooden cabinets quietly underline the golden feature wall, leading into taller storage units at one side where golden backlights burn.

A glorious chandelier drips crystals from golden branches over the ceiling of the living room, as though raindrops were pouring through a majestic treetop. Stunning etched doors can be closed between the lounge and the kitchen diner to create a more intimacy in each room when desired. The golden etchings match with the other botanically inspired elements in the room.

One green accent chair draws on the colour in the botanical rug, matching with the hue of its tropical fronds.

The home entryway gives an impressive welcome despite its minimalist aesthetic. Floor to ceiling windows flank a modern front door, followed by grand double doors into the main hallway. The natural light floods through all of the glass, giving a bright and airy first impression of the home.

A huge custom cut mirror behind the console in the entryway doubles the effect of the black framed doors, making it appear as though they run on at twice their length. Through the doors we catch sight of a curving staircase, which wraps around a circular table dressed with flowers.

Natural travertine slabs tile the floor of the hallway, kitchen and dining room.

The modern dining table set features comfortable chairs with concealed legs, which gives a clean and simplified look.

The dining pendant light duo have solid shades that compliment the chairs aesthetic. The glow from tall cabinets in the dining room continues the precious twinkle of the dividing doors.

Black countertops weigh down the look of a light wood kitchen.

Ovens are integrated into a vast wall of full height storage cabinets.

Access to the indoor swimming pool is made via the kitchen.

The pool room is furnished with rattan seating and a small coffee table; a wine cooler is built into a wall of white units, keeping refreshments close to hand.

Modern strip lights are set into a wooden ceiling to make the entire room bright. Sun loungers are positioned at the pool side, where the homeowners can relax and look out at the countryside beyond the windows.

At the poolside, a secretive door in the white facade conceals a wet bar.

Decorative shutters, just like the doors of the dining room, draw across a row of windows behind the sun loungers. The wood based loungers match the chaise in the sitting area by the pool, and the grey cushions of the wicker chairs.

Indoor plants reach up to a second level in the pool space, which is accessed via a modern wood and glass staircase.

Up on the mezzanine, a relaxation area is completely insulated with glass. A floor sofa stretches out along the platform, with double depth seating and comfy throw pillows.

A walk-in closet is equipped with a bespoke installation of garment rails, shelves and drawers.

Underneath the mezzanine in the pool house there is a bathroom and spa.

The walls and floors are covered edge-to-edge in a linear pattern of modern white tiles.

A contemporary pedestal sink stands tall in front of a full height vanity mirror.

A glass door seals the sauna.

Soft lighting emanates from beneath the benches.

RIpples decorate a unique bathroom sink.

Another bathroom inside the home is a dark and dramatic affair. A back lit vanity mirror burns like a solar eclipse over the basin, highlighting the wood grain across the wall behind it.

A spherical pendant light orbits the eclipse.

The freestanding vanity table features a shelf below the basin on which to store fresh towels.

Backlit shelves make a precious display out of simple soap dispensers and toiletries.

Floor plan.

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