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Themed give purpose to interior design and make decorating fun and exciting. Some themes are better suited for specific types of spaces so for example if you’re thinking of decorating a boy’s room you might enjoy themes such as space, pirates. cars, superheroes and many others. Of course, you can also plan the interior design piece by piece and stop every once in a while to look at the big picture. I think you’re going to find the following examples quite useful.

This space-themed boy’s bedroom looks absolutely amazing. Our favorite feature is the constellation wall which was created using white nails and string. Other cool elements spread throughout the room include alien robot decorative pillows, little toy planets hanging from the ceiling and various toys present on the shelves and nightstands. This was a project completed by J & J Design Group.

This charming bedroom was designed by studio ONION and has these two amazing custom beds inside blue nooks with mock windows. Once bed can be reached via a ladder while the other has a little staircase. In between the bed stands a small arched hallway leading to the door. The custom-built wood wall also includes hidden storage modules which eliminate the need for a conventional dresser.

This bedroom has a loft bed, a very practical feature which suits small rooms and allows plenty of storage and other features to be included without making the room feel cluttered or tiny. The room was designed by Barbora Léblová. It has a cozy sleeping area is the corner while the rest of the room includes a workstation, a large wall unit and plenty of open space for other activities.

This bunk bed combo saves a lot of space and leaves enough space in the room for other features such as a desk, a set of shelves and a play area. The room was designed by studio Sarah Barnard and has a beautiful color palette based on shades of blue complemented by wooden accents and red details.

Interior design studio Bogdanova Bureau gave this boy’s bedroom a custom wood unit which includes a platform for the bed, storage shelves underneath and to the side and an entire hidden area behind a wall. The rest of the house is just as fun and exciting.

There’s a lot going on in this bedroom even though there’s not much furniture in the room. The bed sits on one side of the room, opposite to the window, with a floating desk, open shelves and a chalkboard wall on the other side. In between, there’s a climbing wall. It’s a super fun feature added by interior design studio ZOOI.

This is a cozy bedroom inside a mountain retreat designed by Studio Razavi in France. It has two built-in bed stacked vertically against one of the walls, with a storage area on their left and a window to the right. The interior design as a whole is very simple, encouraging everyone to spend more time outside.

A spacious bedroom makes it possible to include all sorts of cool interior design features such as a slide, a playhouse-like bed, a swing, a desk and of course lots of storage. This room designed by studio Marta Castellano is a wonderful example in this sense. It looks very bright and airy and it shows a perfect blend of fun and practical features.

The focal point of this room is a bed shaped like a car, a very fun and awesome feature worthy of attention. Since the room is quite small, that doesn’t leave much space for other large pieces of furniture so the designers chose to include a tiny table and low storage cabinets with shelves. The main piece of wall decor is a large world map. This was a project by RSRG Arquitetos.

Not all children’s bedrooms are infused with lots of colors and childish decorations. Some have a rather grow-up look and that actually gives them a lot of character. Take this room for example. It looks refined and elegant without being too formal or losing its kid-friendly nature.

Architect Gabrielle Toledano managed to squeeze a lot of cool features in this bedroom, including two beds with storage drawers and compartments underneath them, a desk, a platform with even more storage inside and even a playhouse. It’s all perfectly balanced and thus the room doesn’t appear cluttered or small.

The wallpaper in this bedroom is cool and eye-catching so the furniture placed against this wall doesn’t cover it all up but rather complements it with its fun colors and geometric shapes. The long floating shelf below the ceiling is a nice feature which adds lots of storage in an unusual manner. The room as a whole is small but doesn’t look or feel tiny and that has a lot to fo with the layout, the furniture and the large windows. This was a project by MSWW studio.

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