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Mid-century modern stores offer a wide range of mid-century modern furniture as well as home goods and decor. There are stores that offer just mid-century furniture as well as places that offer more general furniture with a few MCM furniture offerings.

Mid-Century Modern Stores That Have Something For Everyone
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According to Home and Gardens the mid-century modern decor style is still popular. It will remain so because of the classic look and pared-down style that is so common for midcentury modern furniture. So, where are the best mid-century modern furniture stores where you can get in on this gorgeous trend? 

10 Mid-Century Modern Stores

10 Mid Century Modern Stores
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Most everyone is familiar with mid century modern furniture brands like West Elm, but here are some MCM store options off the beaten path. There is something in this list for everyone whether you are looking for the highest quality furniture or just the best deal you can find.

Rove Concepts

Rove Concepts is a company that focuses on style without sacrificing quality. Most of the products are crafted in artisan workshops. They have oversight over the process from the acquisition of raw products to the production of the final piece. They have a product line produced with sustainability in mind and use FSC certified wood to produce their wooden furniture line.

Rove Concepts Elbow Chair
Rove Concepts

The Elbow Chair from RoveConcepts is based on a 1956 Danish mid century chair design. It has a clean and edited profile, but its shape is ideal for human comfort. This chair comes in both natural and walnut stain with upholstered or a woven seat.


Article began in 2013 with the mission of providing great-looking and quality merchandise to consumers. They work with furniture makers to produce this kind of furniture. By doing away with an intermediary, they are able to provide the quality they want at a price that is reasonable.

Article Nera Bed

The Nera Bed has a low profile, typical of other midcentury furniture. The headboard features stunning chevron patterned wood veneer which extends to include the nightstands.


Joybird is one of the few mid century modern furniture stores that specialize in just mid century design. From the beginning, this company sought to produce furniture that was inspired by iconic mid century designers like Frank Lloyd Wright and Cara Greenburg. They wanted to produce high quality furniture at fair prices for the consumer. They produce beautiful furniture with bold and gorgeous colors and innovative designs.

Joybird Chelsea Sofa

The Chelsea Sofa blends traditional and modern style in a seamless way. It has a classic shape with luxe upholstery choices like velvet. This style of sofa creates an instant focal point in any room.


If you are looking for more budget-conscious mid-century furniture, look for options at Target. Because mid-century modern design is so popular, they have a wide range of products from furniture to home decor. In order to get the most bang for your buck, look for furniture options that feature solid wood construction. These will be the most sturdy, but it is still important to handle this furniture with care.

Target Esters Wood Armchair

The Esters Wood Armchair has a gorgeous style and color tone. It features a rubberwood frame and nine different upholstery choices.


IconByDesign is an Australian-based mid-century modern furniture store that now has a branch in the USA. It uses American hardwoods to produce solid wood furniture pieces that have fabulous and gorgeous styles.

There are two ways to order at IconByDesign. You can order with the “Buy Now” option and get furniture that is shipped the next day. Or, you can pre-order and wait a bit longer and save 20% on the listed price. They use solid wood that comes from sustainable sources, so you can feel great about your purchase both for the planet and for your home.

IconByDesign Magnus Sideboard

The Magnus Sideboard has a quintessential MCM shape. It is ideal for both dining room storage or for a media cabinet. It is built from American oak with a natural finish.


Since 2006, Allmodern has featured the best in contemporary and modern design. Because mid-century is such a hot trend right now, they have countless options for mid-century furniture of all kinds. They specialize in designs for the purists and also those who just want their space to be fresh and cool. They offer pieces that have solid wood construction at competitive prices.

AllModern Thomas Coffee Table

The Thomas Coffee Table has an iconic mid-century shape with boomerang-shaped legs with a starburst top. It is crafted from kiln-dried solid wood and comes in three finishes: walnut, black, and whitewash.

Design Within Reach

Design Within Reach is one of the most respected furniture companies that offers mid century purists quality and iconic furniture designs. Design Within Reach was founded by Rob Forbes when he found that it was difficult to source quality furniture by designers such as Eames, Le Corbusier, and Saarinen. They now work with historic brands such as Herman Miller to bring these quality pieces to the public.

Design Within Reach Eames Lounge Chair
Design Within Reach

The Eames Lounge Chair might just be one of the most iconic styles of mid-century modern furniture design. Charles and Ray Eames designed this lounge chair in 1956 with the goal to cradle the human body’s curves. This chair combines soft and supple leather with a molded wood frame.

World Market

World Market is a company that carries furniture of all different styles imported from all over the world. They specialize in artisanal goods and handicrafts but also focus on affordability. As one of the prevailing styles of the times, they carry various modern mid-century furniture and other products that are inexpensive but look fantastic.

World Market Camile Sage Green Sectional
World Market

The Camile Sage Green Sectional is the perfect mid-century sectional for a small space. It combines sleek tailoring with luxe velvet upholstery for a glamorous but classic style.

Room and Board

Room and Board was founded in 1980. They seek to combine quality and classic furniture with fresh styles that will stand the test of time. They use American manufacturers to make more than 90% of all their products. Also, they support sustainable practices and local non-profit organizations that strengthen communities where they exist.

Room and Board Copenhagen Two Door Bookcase
Room and Board

The Copenhagen Two Door Bookcase is crafted by North Dakota woodcrafters. They utilize quality wood veneer and MDF. It has a simple mid-century design that is sure to be a classic in your home for years to come.

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IKEA seeks to provide quality furniture that is affordable as well as stylish. IKEA does not always have the best reputation for quality pieces, but they have solid wood and more durable options available. They have various mid-century furniture that works for every budget.

IKEA Stockholm

The Stockholm line features coffee tables, storage units, and seating with classic mid-century style. The coffee table features a walnut veneer top with solid wood legs. It also features a lower shelf that is handy for storage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)FAQ

What are the best mid century modern stores for furniture?

The best store for mid century modern furniture can mean many things to many people. By the best, if you mean the highest quality and design originality, look at both Design Within Reach, RoveConcepts, and IconByDesign. These sources provide quality furniture and unparalleled customer service for on-site and mid century modern furniture online. If by best, you are looking for a medium quality piece that is more affordable, consider stores like AllModern and Article. These provide some good quality furniture at prices that work for many budgets.

Where can I find mid century modern furniture near me?

Many American cities have access to stores like Target and World Market. These are good options for those living in mid-sized cities. IKEA is another popular option for people living in big cities or at least within driving distance.

Is mid century modern still in style?

Yes, there is still a huge market for mid century modern style that is not going anywhere for some time to come. The simple and tailored look of the mid century style makes it a good option to mix and match with other furniture styles.

Where can I find vintage mid century modern furniture?

If you want to find authentic mid century modern furniture look at sites online like 1stDibs, Urban Americana, and Ebay. Be sure to look and make sure the item says that it was produced during the mid-century years (1945-1965) and not a clever reproduction before you buy it. Also, look in your area for vintage and antique stores to score some mid century furniture. You just might find a piece that will reward your patient searching.

What furniture do experts consider mid century modern?

Mid century modern style was the dominant style in America from around the mid 1940s to the mid 1960s. This style is characterized by sleek lines, organic shapes, and the use of new materials and methods to produce functional and useful furniture.


Mid-century modern furniture is a style that has something for everyone. Its classic and simple design works well as a pure style or mixed with other styles for a more eclectic look. These mid-century modern stores feature a mix of furniture of every type and for any budget. There are so many great options, the problem is narrowing down your choices.
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