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The only thing better than finally getting a kids’ space organized is getting your kids to do some of the organizing themselves. The trick, like most parenting hacks, is to somehow make it fun. So we did a deep dive to find the chaos-curbing goods that fit in each area your little ones occupy. These 20 pieces encourage orderliness—it’s never too early to learn the “a place for everything and everything in its place” lesson—but in the most playful way possible. Think: pretty palettes, friendly animal characters, durable materials, and small space–friendly designs wherever possible. The goal is to turn tidying into something they’re actually excited about and form good habits for well beyond 2020. Because we could all use that little extra help.


The never-ending battle against toy clutter is unavoidable, but these storage solutions have the fun factor to engage kids in organizing: a color-blocked toy bin that doubles as a stool and activity table; a giraffe-shaped basket that shows what’s inside while still keeping odds and ends contained; and a multi-pocket wall organizer (that can also be hung on the back of a door) where kids will love stashing tiny treasures. Plus a block set that fits neatly into a house-shaped container, so when playtime is over, returning each piece to its designated spot becomes a game in and of itself (leave it to Marie Kondo to have scouted that design).


Turn putting clothes away into play with kid-minded decor elements like a house-shaped garment rack (that could easily double as a make-believe fort), animal-like hangers, and wall hooks reminiscent of some of their favorite sweet treats. Getting them excited about choosing and styling an outfit also empowers them to streamline the wardrobe display, so they can find much-loved pj’s or that dinosaur costume easily.  


Right now having a neat desk at home is essential for adults and kids alike. These clever accessories—a slim book that opens up into a colorful accordion folder, a lamp with a base that also acts as a desktop organizer/catchall, a friendly trash bin that keeps students company as they work, and a DIY felt pencil wrap—are not only interesting but also encourage an orderly workspace. 


Elements that move (like this Transformer-style bunk bed that folds up and swivel storage piece); furniture with multicolored drawers (a handy way to designate what goes where); and shelves housed in unexpected shapes that create a whole new landscape to explore—these engaging, interactive designs all entertain while sparking good organization habits in the long run.


Kids can help keep things tidy in the kitchen, too. This cool foldable high chair doubles as a step ladder, so older kids can reach cupboards (and therefore put away their cereal and snacks). At first, little ones might need a bit of guidance from this Montessori-inspired placemat, designed to teach them where to place dinnerware, but ultimately it shows how to set the table for everyone. Colorful geometric-shaped plates and bowls will have them artfully arranging their food at mealtime, and these adorable reusable zipper bags will make packing leftovers (and maintaining an orderly fridge) fun. 

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