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High-contrast black and off-white decor elements, plus artfully contrasting light installations create a luxury home with a unique essence. Visualized by 梦太初, this spacious apartment is refined, elegant, and filled with style statements. Despite its laconic color palette, the interior design conveys a sharp aesthetic, perfect for city-dwelling professionals who like to impress. An open-plan living space with a formal dining room is conducive to entertaining on a large scale. The kitchen offers another formal dining experience, where the chef can impress guests with their skills and join in with the conversation. An atmospheric hallway leads to the bedrooms, which harbor an aesthetic that is both minimalist and exceptional.

Created around the concept of contrast, this home interior features a pale stucco backdrop throughout with stark black accents. A large area rug lays soft footing underneath the main lounge area, whilst blending with a pale tiled floor. A white L-shaped wraps the edge.

A black marble coffee table and small black side tables contrast strongly with the light beige rug. A ceramic vase, decorative bowl, and a tray of cushion moss form an attractive centerpiece. Coffee table books complete the sophisticated table arrangement.

Two matching swivel chairs stand beside a modern fireplace. The letterbox fireplace extends the full width of the living room, flaming within a fashionably fluted firebox. The TV is sunken into the wall above to achieve a streamlined finish.

A second living room features another modern letterbox fireplace design. The white wall above it is utilized as a projector screen. An angular sofa embraces the irregular shape of a unique black and white rug design down in front. A home workspace is situated behind the contemporary couch, where it benefits from a view of the projector screen.

A square recess at the center of the ceiling is lined with LED light, which causes sharp contrast in the smooth ceiling expanse. Perimeter LEDs draw attention to the asymmetrical shape of the room.

The striking black and white striped lounge chair is the Serie Up 2000 chair by Gaetano Pesce for B&B Italia. A black bar is installed across a vast window, where the homeowners can sit and soak up the view over a drink.

Back in the main living room, a stone console table darkly contrasts with a beige folding room divider.

A botanical display stretches dramatically across the plain beige backdrop.

Behind the folding screen, a paper floor lamp softly illuminates a formal dining room. A wall of built-in units provides concealed storage, while a wall of display shelves makes a decorative addition.

The display shelves are backlit to highlight an assortment of decorative vases. Stone panels make textural interludes between the shelf towers.

Another recessed LED lighting installation makes subtle contrast in the plain ceiling.

The modern rectangular dining table accommodates up to eight diners. When the homeowner is conducting a soirée with a larger party of guests, the folding room divider is opened up to adjoin the lounge area.

Inside the spacious kitchen, there is a second large dining area. This time, a round dining table and modern upholstered dining chairs accommodate up to ten guests.

The proximity of the dining table to the kitchen island creates a social setting, where guests can interact with the cook. The monolithic stone volume builds a luxe statement in the layout. A row of mini pendant lights is strung along the length of the island, illuminating the stone prep area and a wooden breakfast bar at one end.

An impressive dining room chandelier makes a sculptural display over the large dining table. A bowl of decorative moss makes a modern centerpiece. Rugged stone columns loosely divide the open-plan kitchen diner from the adjacent hallway.

A recessed ceiling rose accentuates the statement lighting. Recessed LED strips highlight the room perimeter.

The white kitchen units fade softly into the background of the kitchen diner. Backlit, black wine storage units confidently stand out, creating a party atmosphere.

Atmospheric lighting creates a unique essence in the minimalist corridor design. Floor lights and perimeter lights flood the warm white floor, walls, and ceiling. Frameless doors give entry to the bedrooms and bathrooms. An art plinth provides a bold focal point at the end of the long hallway.

Inside the first spacious, minimalist bedroom design, a Japanese-style platform bed adds warm wood tone to the pale palette. The linear headboard is crisply lit along its top edge by a ribbon of LED light. Recessed ceiling lights glow from within a dropped ceiling panel. A tower of wood-backed display shelves cut through the creamy wall stucco. Decorative vases are moodily backlit to create an illuminated focal point.

Integrated bedside tables extend from the simple wooden bed frame. A beige rug adds textural interest underneath.

The wooden platform bed appears to float weightlessly in the minimalist bedroom scheme. Beige curtains heavily frame the wide bedroom window, where they block out every inch of daylight when it’s time for sleep. By day, sheer white voiles filter direct sunlight and offer an element of privacy.

The second bedroom design is fitted with an extraordinary wood-clad feature wall. Tactile wood cladding creates a curved L-shaped formation around a tufted headboard. A ribbon of LED light highlights slatted detailing. Mushroom bedside table lamps and an animal-themed child’s seat provide playfully shaped accents.

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