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Multiple green spaces shape the many views and tranquil nature of this 6802.79 square feet luxury home in Río Claro, Brazil, designed by the architect team at Celso Laetano Arquitetura. Based in the countryside of São Paulo, the homeowner wished this to be a house to be a practical and functional space in which to regularly host family and good friends. This wish explains the multiple sitting areas clustered throughout the living space, and a seriously gourmet kitchen. Aesthetically, the interior decor has a timeless elegance that is interspersed with some contemporary furniture choices. Blue accents colour the interior, with botanical green beauties bordering every window glass.

A private swimming pool shimmers up to the back of the modern home exterior, which is clad with Cumaru wood. Warm light from within the house reflects on the still water over natural hijau stone.

Mature trees grow from a manicured emerald lawn, with exterior lights making their trunks and branches glow golden in the dusk.

Stepping stones cross the swimming pool where it meets the house, joining access to a hot tub area on one side of it with a sun patio on the other.

Integration between interior and exterior space was a main focus of the project, which has been achieved in this living space by installing huge windows that span the entire length of the long room.

A social lounge and a gourmet kitchen are situated up by the glass, with a more formal living room set further back inside the house.

A cool blue colour story runs throughout. Warming contrast is brought in by pieces of wooden furniture, which are prominent elements in the interior project; a number of these pieces have been signed by their Brazilian designers.

In the back of the living space, farthest away from the windows, a few indoor plants continue the garden element of the design.

Botanical art brings greenery to solid walls, which is lit from above by LED perimeter lights. Plentiful comfortable seating makes this lounge a place where house guests and hosts can congregate in the evening time.

A blue patterned area rug holds the whole seating arrangement together as one island in the large open plan room. A blue sofa marks each end of the lounge, and twinned accent chairs border the sides.

The central wooden coffee table holds a beautiful chess set and a jewel-like blue decorative vase.

Various wooden side tables have been dotted between the seating to provide places to set down plentiful drinks and snacks when entertaining house guests.

Table lamps are on hand to set a cosy ambient glow.

Burnt cement texture was applied to the walls and ceiling to add subtle interest to the neutral backdrop.

A smaller lounge area sits by the window, inside an indoor patio of sorts. There is also a dining area here, situated close to the industrial style gourmet kitchen.

There is a much larger table situated inside the formal interior, just behind the formal lounge. A sofa table runs along the back of one of the blue couches here too; blue decorative vases dress the top of the table and the space beneath it.

Blue tinted mirrors hang above a sideboard in the dining area. They playfully reflect the light, and the room, in several directions with their geometric cut glass.

A copper dining room pendant light shines above the round wood dining table, which generously seats a dinner party of 10.

Blue modern art complements blue walls. Red accents are thrown in for good contrast.

The furniture here is cosy and comfortable, chosen as much for function as for form.

The high performance gourmet kitchen looks like it has been ripped directly from a top end restaurant.

A glorious garden view softens the look of the serious industrial style kitchen.

Up on the first floor of the house, there are four bedrooms with bathrooms. This particular bedroom suite is situated around a green terrace that separates it from its washroom. It is possible to spot the bathtub inside a glass wall bathroom just through the foliage. Inside the bedroom there is a small lounge area, made up by a two tiered wooden coffee table and two blue bedroom chairs.

Orange accents bring heat to the bedroom decor scheme.

The courtyard terrace provides calming green views.

A deep pile rug softens the wood floor.

Colourful wall art brings sunshine to the side of the platform bed.

A modern bedside table lamp illuminates the art.

Scissor hinge legs support an unusual bedroom bench.

The bedroom wraps around the green terrace in an L-shape.

The luxury bathroom, at the other side of the first floor courtyard, is spacious and light.

From the bathtub, it is possible to see straight through the terrace to the bedroom on the other side.

Sliding doors allow the bathroom to be opened up to the intimate courtyard.

Pebbles texture the floor beneath the tub. See more beautiful bathrooms with bathtubs.

The pebble floor runs on into a double shower.

Two side tables stand at the bath, suggesting that the tub is a place made for two as well.

A garage is tucked flush with the front house exterior.

Front elevation.

Rear elevation.

First floor plan, illustrating the couples suite with courtyard terrace.

Ground floor plan with swimming pool plot.

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