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Grounded greige decor cultivates a calming ambience inside this modern apartment design. Designed by ZEWORKROOM Studio, the interior carries a light look with comforting warm undertones. Modern furniture pieces are curved in silhouette. The room perimeter features rounded corners to soften the modern living room around its edges. An open plan kitchen melts into the peaceful greige backdrop with a touch of luxe travertine added for definition. The master bedroom follows a minimalist layout, but unique elements add a characterful and artistic flourish. Concealed closets hide away generous clothes storage areas. Bathrooms are atmospheric under subtle mood lighting, smooth travertine stone backsplashes, and neat greige wall panelling.

A rounded modern sofa design instantly softens the light greige living space. However, the look is kept sharp by withholding the typical area rug. Instead, smooth wood flooring is exposed in its full light and textural glory. The large expanse of wood plank flooring makes the compact sitting area appear more spacious and airy.

Opposite the comfortable modern sofa, plain greige panels conceal a wall of shallow storage. A smooth limestone hearth underlines the storage wall, creating a landing spot for a few books and a record player.

Movie nights come to life in the projector-friendly living room. A big screen and projector unit are lowered out of the ceiling, and tucked neatly away when not in use.

Beside the window, curvaceous modern lounge chairs are cosily teamed with a small side table.

The side table features a clear base, which lets sunlight from the window flow right through. See more small side table and unique lounge chair ideas.

In the centre of the sitting area, a round limestone table holds a small display of coffee table books.

An ottoman extends the line of the modern sofa, stretching it into an L-shape under the window.

Textured wall art adds interest to the blank greige living room walls. A stem light descends from the ceiling above one end of the couch.

The stem light causes shadow-casting in the textured living room wall decor, giving it added depth and interest.

Greige Venetian blinds are drawn up to showcase the height of the large living room windows.

Sharp edges have been completely removed from the living room design with the application of softly curved wall stucco. The rounded corners smooth the transition between the living space and the hallway of the home.

Out in the hallway, a contemporary upholstered stool nestles in a tight corner. A freeform mirror is mounted opposite, creating a convenient place to dress before heading out.

Open kitchen shelving threads through a tower of travertine. Greige kitchen cabinets flank either side, housing integrated appliances.

The kitchen island is a smoothly formed travertine volume with a matching stone worktop. A gold pendant light hangs low over the countertop to illuminate a breakfast bar area.

A simple glass vase houses a sprig of greenery to form a simple centrepiece for the breakfast bar.

A gold kitchen faucet adds a flash of warm metallic to the limestone backdrop.

Light wood kitchen bar stools seat four people at the dining bar.

A closet door is camouflaged into the greige wall decor with a coordinating finish.

Inside the handy closet, a series of shelves and rails store coats and seasonal clothing. Shoes tuck away in the bottom.

Inside the master bedroom, a minimalist greige decor scheme paints a peaceful aesthetic. A greige upholstered bed dominates the understated space.

A unique bedside table lamp is settled on a round table at each side of the upholstered headboard. Behind, porthole panels reveal power sockets and switches.

At the foot of the bed, a sculptural chair draws a quirky silhouette. An abstract art piece is spotlighted under a suspension lamp.

The bedroom chair is the Etcetera Lounge Chair by Jan Ekselius for Swedish brand Artilleriet.

A walk in wardrobe is decorated with a cohesive greige palette.

Curved garment shelves complement the rounded wall stucco.

Built-in shelves and rails work around all four walls of the spacious walk in wardrobe. A small upholstered stool offers a place to perch when trying on shoes with the day’s outfit.

An elliptical mirror is attached to the end of the wardrobe run, where it stands under natural light from the bedroom window.

A wide chest of drawers is on hand for storing folded items and undergarments.

Built-in shelving makes a smart display for designer handbags. Storage baskets stow away seldom used items on higher, harder to reach shelves. Next to it, a doorway leads into an ensuite master bathroom.

A pocket door conceals a closet in the home entryway, which is decorated smartly to serve house guests. The small space is fitted with an attractive array of illuminated accessory shelves and a golden coat rail.

Shoe racks fill the full height of the opposite wall. Shelf lights illuminate the selection.

The master bathroom is a sophisticated scheme of luxe travertine. Greige panels cover the cistern concealment wall. A wall mounted toilet keeps the floor clear and spacious.

A frameless, curved shower enclosure is softly lit by perimeter lighting around the top of its travertine wet wall.

A travertine farmhouse sink is equipped for two people.

A racetrack-shaped bathroom mirror stretches the full length of the vanity wall, ending above the bathtub.

The bathtub is a soothing greige design, filled by wall mounted faucets.

Small, elegant archways are fashioned within the stone wall decor.

The powder room off the home entryway is accessed by a space-saving pocket door.

A curved alcove houses the vanity unit.

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