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Amidst all the period revivals currently happening in the interior design world (Art Deco! Memphis Design!), one stands out as being perhaps the most pervasive: The comeback of the ‘70s. We’ve seen it in furniture, with tubular pieces and swivel chairs taking hold of the market. The retro style is alive and well in the materials we love, too—just look at all the contemporary takes on rattan. However, there’s one area of the decade that remains relatively unexplored in decor, and that’s color. We can’t look back at the 1970s without remembering the avocado green trend; and while the controversial hue definitely has its critics, we think it’s ripe for a renaissance.

The color green in general is enjoying a moment in the spotlight. This may be due to its range: On one end of the spectrum, emerald green is a luxurious, deep shade that instantly imbues sophistication into any room. On the other end sits lime green, a zesty hue perfect for warmer weather and beloved by the creative community at large. Fashion designers Ashish and Jeremy Scott both put the vibrant color at the forefront of their spring collections.

What’s missing is something in between—an earthy green that’s both elevated and light. This is where avocado green comes in. A critic might disparagingly call the shade “puke green”, but we here at Domino choose to remain positive in fully embracing this retro color.

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This is made substantially easier by the fact that there happens to be such a cool array of avocado green decor ideas on the market right now. From cool ceramics to sculptural light fixtures, these pieces are proof that you can give an old trend a contemporary twist to great success. Need some convincing? Shop our edit of stylish avocado green products.

To light up your space

For the avocado skeptics: Tiptoe into the color trend with a sculptural mid-century inspired light fixture that features ombre shades of green. Breaking up the bold hue makes it more digestible. This Danish-designed piece would look stunning hanging over your breakfast nook or dining room table.

To bring charm to your living room

Picked up at a market in Lyon, France, this vintage piece perfectly encapsulates the vibe of the ’70s with its cushy material and fringe detailing. Place it in your living room or office for a cozy vignette.

To test the waters

Another way to slip gradually into the avocado green trend is by finding an item that features it in a small way—like this watercolor-effect porcelain vase. With only a tiny hint of green at the bottom, it’ll be the perfect complement to your spring blooms.

To dress up your mantel

We love a good tapered candle. Effortlessly elegant and surprisingly fun to style (there are so many playful candlesticks to pick from), they’re the perfect finishing touch for a mantel or coffee table. These slick handmade candles would look great with a contemporary brass holder.

To bring a natural touch to your space

Whether filled with greenery, dried florals, or fresh blooms, this speckled vase is a gorgeous accent piece. It even works left empty as a sculptural object.

To actually bring back a hint of the ’70s

When paying homage to a bygone era, sometimes the best thing to do is actually buy something that was built in said era. Etsy is a treasure trove of cool vintage finds and has no shortage of avocado green pieces. We’re loving this set of federal glass dessert bowls, which will look just as great in your kitchen’s open shelving as they would on your tablescape.

To get you excited about cleaning

To make cleaning less of a draining chore, this chic dustpan comes with a wooden brush and is possibly one of the most sophisticated cleaning supplies we’ve ever seen.

To liven up your tablescape

Tablecloths and placemats get all the credit, but sometimes, even the smallest parts of a tablescape can make the biggest impact. This napkin set will add a refreshing pop of color to your table—plus, the linen material is perfect for warm weather fetes.

To dress up your nightstand

This Insta-famous shell ceramic has gone viral for a reason: It’s the perfect blend of delightfully kitsch and actually chic. The muted avocado green hue is especially pretty. Try it out on your nightstand as a place to hold your jewelry or other trinkets.

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