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Indoor courtyards add pockets of greenery to these two luxury modern interiors, where modern staircases thread a line of luxury and elegance. The courtyards are small and arid designs where mature cacti rule with tall and intriguing forms. Home design number one also features a central terrarium for the family pet, accomplishing one beautiful and practical statement. The courtyard in our second featured home offers inspiration for an indoor reflection pool that’s crossed by luxurious white marble stepping stones and flanked by eye-catching modern art. In each home, we’ll discover inspiring staircases that show off their full beauty through clear glass balustrades, highlighted under mellow mood lighting.

Architect: Mahmoud Sherif  

In Cairo, this private residence features a large terrarium at the core of a luxurious living room. The pocket of greenery divides two spacious lounge areas that are flooded with natural daylight from wraparound windows.

A round ottoman coffee table injects black and white pattern into the centre of the lounge. Matching scatter cushions style the plain grey modern sofa.

Oversized pendant lights drop clusters of illumination over the conversational seating area.

A large area rug holds the lounge furniture arrangement together. A recessed track lighting system draws a mirrored outline of the area rug on the ceiling directly above, creating the effect of a room within a room.

The lounge space on the opposite side of the terrarium is an impressive double height room. A low relief decorative wall panel towers the full height of the lofty void.

Two sculptural chairs are placed at the end of the room, where they silhouette against the bright window.

An eye-catching modern chandelier explodes a bright brass accent into the grey and white decor scheme.

A modern brass floor lamp stylishly coordinates with the ceiling light fixture.

The large living room stands open to a modern staircase with a clear glass balustrade. A small, arid courtyard adorns the base of the stairwell, adding a splash of uplifting greenery, texture and natural interest.

A pet chameleon lazily explores the central terrarium, where he can keep a watchful eye over each side of the living space.

Abstract wall decoration enhances the staircase design, where circular panels appear to extrude from the same wall colour. Some of the circular panels serve as wall sconces that glow mysteriously through the glass balustrades.

The formal dining room unfolds at the base of the open concept staircase.

Chic brass and glass pendant lights are paired up along the length of the fashionable racetrack-shaped dining table. Rounded-back dining chairs complement the table’s modern curves.

The modern kitchen is a clean white and textured wood tone design, accented with a sleek beige kitchen island.

Wooden kitchen accessories warm up the white kitchen core and draw textural links with the wood grain appliance housing units.

White marble kitchen backsplashes and countertops thread a look of luxury through the spacious layout.

A small glass kitchen table makes a lightweight addition by the window. A dainty white pendant light visually anchors the neat eating area in place.

The circular modern wall sconces that illuminate the glass-sided staircase in the living room also make an appearance alongside the concrete entryway stairs.

The modern home exterior is a linear, white rendered volume with immense cutaways that reveal the sky.

Modern outdoor chairs and a coffee table make a relaxation spot beside the large swimming pool.

Glass balconies overlook the sparkling water.

Outdoor chaise lounge chairs pull up to the water’s edge.

Sheer white voiles filter the influx of bright sunlight.

Architect: Amr Ahmed  

Our second modern home interior benefits from an injection of bold colour, in the shape of abstract modern art over the sectional sofa. The rest of the living room decor palette is peacefully grey and white, which allows the art piece to truly shine.

The art-infused sitting area is situated in a quiet location at the back of the larger living room, which makes it a great spot for reading. Deeper into the centre of the social space, a channel tufted sofa forms a snug arrangement around the TV.

A beautiful wood cantilevered staircase design is illuminated along the treads. An arid courtyard grows cacti beneath the rise of the staircase.

A reflection pool shimmers prettily beside the understair courtyard design, flowing a blue river toward a piece of intriguing photographic art. A complementary blue accent covers a Platner armchair designed by Warren Platner for Knoll.

The courtyard and pool divides the kitchen from the formal dining room. White marble stepping stones provide dry passage between the two.

The kitchen occupies an elevated position that overlooks the surrounding living space.

Three black metal kitchen bar stools contrast against the white marble island. A ribbon of LED light illuminates the stunning marble vein.

A luxury console table adds the white marble decor element to the hallway of the home, beneath an attractive set of freeform wall mirrors.

Inside the first bedroom, a 4 poster bed with flowing white curtains creates a romantic look. See more inspiration for 4 poster beds here.

The second double bedroom features a unique suspended bed design with a modern wood slatted headboard. A swing chair follows on with the suspended theme by the window, where it forms an inviting reading nook.

The enormous luxury bathroom has a double sink bathroom vanity setup in the window, where tropical plants loll at the edges of tall bathroom vanity mirrors and marble pedestal sinks. Colourful artwork makes an unexpected addition to the bathroom wall.

On the balcony, sheer white drapes can be drawn to keep out bugs whilst the homeowners enjoy a little TV in the fresh air. A white marble television mount and media shelf build a luxurious indoor-outdoor feel. Crisp white upholstered furniture lay out a dreamy ethereal aesthetic.

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