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It’s easy to imagine putting statement pieces into a large living space, bedroom or bathroom, but sometimes not so easy to envision them working in smaller quarters. Limited space can often lead to limited ideas on pattern, materials and panelling; feeling boxed in can stop us from thinking outside of the box. If you’ve struggled with this, then these three small home designs are all set to inspire you. Each of these homes contain modestly sized spaces that are styled with big ideas. The interiors boast their own modern characterful features and brave use of creative finishes, some of which you might only ever have imagined in larger proportions.

Designer: Obriy Architects  
Visualizer: Obriy Architects  

First up, we take a tour around a 50.5 square metre home, designed for a Dutch entrepreneur client in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Russet tones, cream and palest grey colour a modern scheme, with linear cuts and slick finishes. Even the soft furnishing materials have a linearity to them, with corduroy style rib running through the sofa upholstery, and ridged stripes in the tonal area rug.

The marble coffee table has a slatted effect, which runs in line with the wood grain laminate floor beneath.

The media wall is where we meet our first big idea for a small space. Despite the dimensions of the tiny living room, this wall is given a super eye-catching treatment. A stainless steel panel creates a high shine silver backdrop for a sleek black floating media unit. Visually, the panel and unit seem to pull together as one much bigger, more impressive piece of furniture. The reflective steel surface reflects light in the room, and so has a space widening effect too.

A projected clock is splashed above the media unit and panel ensemble. The huge digital clock digits dominate the lounge but take up no physical space at all.

The small open plan living space is roughly halved between lounge area and kitchen diner. The floor changes from wood laminate to terrazzo tile to mark the transition.

Talk about brave finishes in a small space! This all out terrazzo dining room is a showstopper, and if the terrazzo confetti-style pattern wasn’t enough, there is also a ribbed wall panel to turn up the texture. The base of the round dining table is ribbed to match, and even the vertical radiator complements the effect. Cream modern dining chairs sit crisply against the brave backdrop, and a simple glass vase dresses the table.

The L-shaped kitchen is a thing of modern beauty, with gorgeous wood grain cabinets and glowy backlit open shelving.

A unique table lamp provides the cosy glow in the lounge.

The end of the kitchen peninsula is dedicated to drinking glass storage, putting them in easy reach of the adjacent dining table.

Indoor plants in modern planters grow a tropical touch in the bedroom.

A sleek bedroom pendant light drops over the wide framed platform bed.

The wide bed frame negates the need for bedside tables.

A stunning metallic closet stands opposite the foot of the bed. An elegant elliptical mirror is poised outside of the mini walk-in.

Inside the bathroom, a unique beige bathroom set contrasts with super pale grey walls.

Beige bathroom tiles mark out a splash zone around the bathtub.

Perspective drawing.

Designer: HE.D group  
Visualizer: HE.D group  

Our second home is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. The lounge is a simple layout of a low backed modern sofa and a minimalist round coffee table.

Despite its minimalist beginnings, this home interior goes maximalist on detail and finishing techniques. At the edge of the lounge and the bedroom alike, portiere pull closed across enchanting curved partitions.

The small studio layout does not discourage the use of pattern here. Green-grey and beige pattern swirls across a marble effect kitchen. Red wall panels create strong contrast and visual heat.

At the other end of the spectrum, the bedroom is a calm and collected scheme of plain pale greys. Two bedside table lamps bring in a balance of black on beige night stands.

Just outside of the bedroom perimeter, a comfortable lounge chair and a floor reading lamp make up a reading nook.

The reading nook just about touches the kitchen dining bar, but the red wall beside it helps to define the separate zone.

The marble effect of the kitchen extends across its floor too, ensuring that the back wall of cabinets is securely linked with the kitchen island.

The green kitchen island inspires the decor palette of the home entryway.

A ceiling soffit spreads the green theme.

Even the inside of the closet is cohesive in colour scheme.

Red accents dominate a wild terrazzo bathroom design.

Heavy terrazzo covers not only the floor but the vanity as well.

A red faucet pops out of the wall mirror.

An unusual red framed shower screen tops off the unique look.

Designer: Archants  
Visualizer: Kate Gavryliuk  

Lastly, we visit a small apartment with grey and wood tone decor, which was designed for a pet-friendly couple. Bespoke furniture has been built around the perimeter to maximise the amount of floor space available for their pet–and to give fur balls nowhere to hide.

The base of the bed and built-in sofa are dedicated to storage. Steps have also been integrated into the base of the bed to assist the climb.

The side of the bed frame includes a lift-up hatch to stow away an extra throw for chilly nights. Another by the sofa is well placed for media accessories and magazines.

A photographic print of a furry friend takes pride of place at the end of the bed, next to a raw concrete pillar that gives the small bedroom a cool industrial vibe.

The small studio apartment design does not shy away from dark colours. A black kitchen makes a bold addition.

There is a peninsula that doubles as a dining area in the kitchen. A linear suspension light illuminates the eating area and kitchen sink at either end.

A terrazzo wall makes a surprising and stylish addition beside the peninsula.

Dark charcoal decor in the entryway builds a big first impression for the small home.

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