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High-ceilings and high-end decor shape this impressive private penthouse interior in Russia, visualized by Ab Architects. If you’re a fan of modern art, designer furniture and atmospheric mood lighting then this penthouse is going to be a real treat. Measuring 1105 square metres, this large and lavish home features a sumptuous open plan living space and a lustrous copper kitchen design with a gleaming island. There’s a grand double sided staircase design leading to luxury bedrooms and bathrooms that you’d never want to leave. Look out for a big bundle of KAWS love going on inside this home too, with collectable Bearbrick and Companion statues popping up in some unexpected places.

Massive floor to ceiling windows break apart the dark walls of a lofty luxury living room in our first home tour. Rich wood grain accentuates the vertical proportion of the room, and colour matched curtains fall softly around the borders.

Modern sofas and a large rectangle coffee table fill a large grey area rug, creating a cosy island in the open plan layout.

A custom fitted bookcase climbs the end of the room, all the way up to the rafters. LED strip lights glow warmly in the stacks.

A cloud-like settee floats on a fluffy white rug in front of the linear modern fireplace.

The dining room is an impressive spectacle under a dip of large but graceful dining pendant lights.

Blue accents run around the dining room area rug and across the seats of twelve modern dining chairs. A decorative mirror creates an obscure light reflective effect at the end of the long table.

A lustrous copper kitchen design makes a show stopping statement, coupled with a solid white marble worktop. Pink neon lights keep the warm glow going over the plain white walls of the room.

Suspended shelving takes the copper element to new heights, where indoor plants grow a green crown.

A glass wine storage room puts an extensive bottle collection on display to the living room.

Modern bar stools are positioned inside for tastings.

The staircase is a grand double sided design with scrolling balustrades. Mood lighting builds upon its dramatic presence.

A glass balcony overlooks the treads from the second floor landing.

A KAWS Companion stands on the ledge of a picture window at the turn of the stairs. The sunlit ledge places him in perfect position to be appreciated from the second story glass balcony, or from the crossroads of the landing layout.

Glass pendants scatter light over the luxurious staircase design, and two KAWS bears tucked in below.

An enormous recreation room is home to an incredible chrome tube slide that flows down from the upper floor like liquid mercury. See more inspirational homes with slides.

Boxing glove themed armchairs and a punch bag are arranged around the base of the slide, whilst bespoke shelving units wrap the perimeter of the room. A balloon dog statue adds a gleam of gold to a desk area by the window.

The glove chairs are angled to look toward a huge and meditative fish tank rather than the outside city view.

This modern home office is big business. A masterful desk chair sits in command of the large wood panelled room. Two smaller colleague chairs sit in reverence on the other side of a domineering desk.

A linear suspension light illuminates the desktop. A floor lamp and reading chair sit in the corner of the home office, where dual aspect windows open up all the city has to offer.

Behind walls of sound proof panelling, a deluxe home theatre design awaits in sumptuous fabrics and golden lighting.

Deep lounge chairs and a cosy sofa offer up comfortable seating down in front, whilst five stools and a bar set out a party situation up top.

A superhero theme fills the room with truly cinematic appeal, from printed wall murals to life-sized statues of the heroes themselves.

In the master suite, Kaws bearbrick statues are given their own recessed display nooks on either side of the room.

A rich brown, grey and copper colour scheme builds a warm and intimate atmosphere. Atmospheric LED radiance beams through a textured headboard feature wall.

Sliding doors connect the bedroom to a lavish ensuite.

A designer floor lamp coordinates with the transparent and light reflective quality of the glass wall bathroom. A luxury bathtub is set within the sights of the master bedroom, framed against a lush green view and a white marble floor unfolding beneath.

The halo of an illuminated vanity mirror can be glimpsed from the bedroom doorway, which complements the outline of a cylindrical pedestal sink and a circular shelf niche.

A freestanding copper faucet fills the unique marble sink.

Black bathroom fixtures and sanitaryware coordinate with the showcased black bathtub.

Outside on the terrace, outdoor chaise lounge chair recline under clear skies. Small side tables are just large enough for a couple of cocktails and a book.

Woven floor lamps give out a magical glow under the stars, at the foot of comfy outdoor lounge chairs.

Wood panels fashion a headboard accent wall in this double bedroom design. A stylish Snoopy lamp accessorises the modern bedside table.

A comfortable reading chair and matching footstool are teamed with a modern floor lamp and unique side table by the terrace.

This bathroom design is home to an intriguing textured wall, which is reflected in an edge-to-edge vanity mirror to double its effect.

A unique glossy bathtub competes for attention under the undulating wall effect.

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