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Tapestries are a wonderful and cost-effective alternative to buying a painting to fill up empty wall space. When carefully chosen, they can completely change the vibe of a room, especially when you choose tapestries with sceneries. But today’s article is not about tapestry design: it’s a tutorial that will provide you with a comprehensive guide and tips on how to hang a tapestry, as well as some really cool room décor ideas in the second part. Ready?

How to Hang a Tapestry

The best part of this process is that it is so easy, there are multiple ways to do it and be successful every time. If you’re looking for tips and suggestions on how to make this happen, here are some bits of information that will teach you how you too can adorn your walls with beautiful pieces of the tapestry:

  • Making a wooden frame (you can also think of it as a clamp) is one way to get your tapestry up on the wall. What you basically have to do is use a table say to make four even wooden slats that are going to be placed on the top and bottom of your tapestry, on the front and back side. You’re looking to create a two-edge frame and the two opposing sides of the tapestry. You can use hot glue to stick them to the materials and then all that’s left to do is add the string and hang your new creation on the wall.
  • Curtain rods and hooks can also help you achieve the same goal. Think of your tapestry as a new curtain that you have to make holes in the top side. These holes will have shower curtain hooks going through them. After that, everything is hung on the curtain rod itself and up on the wall it goes. Those of you not happy with the idea of cutting holes into the tapestry can use bulldog clips as an alternative.
  • Dowel and fusible bonding in another way to go. Since you basically need just a nail or a screw put into the wall, it limits the amount of wall damage and potential mess that you would have otherwise made. With a fusible fabric bonding agent, your goal is to make a dowel rod pocket. Once that is done, you can screw an eye hook at one of the ends and put the rope/string you’re using to hang the tapestry in there. Make sure that the tapestry isn’t too heavy, otherwise, you might need something more solid than a screw or a nail.
  • A wooden mall mount is another approach to this matter. What you have to do is to cut a piece of wood to the same length as the top side of the piece of tapestry you want to hang. You are going to use that to make the top frame of the tapestry. By using a staple gun, you will have to staple the top side of the tapestry to the wooden piece you just cut. This is the “how to” that requires the least items and is probably the fastest one to make as well.
  • One suggestion to hand a tapestry that we came across and absolutely loves was to use a fallen tree branch as support for the tapestry. You can use yarn or sturdy string to attach the tapestry to the wooden branch (just use a plastic needle to get the string through the upper side of the tapestry).
  • If you have a tapestry that’s made from thick woven material, you’re probably worried about using different nails and screws and flimsy wall-mounting anchors to hold it in place. What you can do in this case is create a foam backing for the tapestry to evenly-distribute its weight. All you need is a giant piece of foam and secure the tapestry to the foam by its edges, and then hang everything on the wall.

Wall Tapestry Decor Inspiration

1. Contemporary Entryway

Having a narrow and tall wall means you have a perfect place to hang tapestry and make it seem less intimidating. This adds more color and livelihood to an otherwise dull appearance and it’s of great effect if your ground level and second-floor walls aren’t separate by a ceiling. This way, you can go high and opt for tapestry that matches the rugs, door entrance, or complements some of the other colors seen in the hallway.found on rosemaryhallgarten.

2. Mediterranean Dining Room Tapestry

You rarely find a better place to hang a tapestry than in a country-style ranch. When combined with matching carpets, stone floors, a natural wood-burning fireplace, and plenty of wooden décor elements, all that’s really missing is a wall tapestry in red and brownish tones. The fall-inspired colors are what’s needed to make a ranch dining room that looks almost torn out of a movie with tales of brave knights.

3. Victorian Home Office Décor

Having a room dedicated to your home office is already a flex in itself, but decorating it in Victorian style? That’s just a sign of good taste. And if you’re interested in what tapestry could possibly match this type of décor, we’d suggest going with some that resembles a wall fresco, with a scenery in predominant colors that match other elements that might be in the room.

4. Eclectic Living Room Tapestry

There are so many different things that we love about this setup, but let’s focus on the tapestry and how it matches other elements in the room. The rustic style décor revolves around wooden tables made with unpolished and distressed wooden elements, and the traditional wall tapestry simply fits in. If you have a similarly woven vintage blanket for the couch, then you have yourself a beautiful living room décor right there.found on nanettewong.

5. Coastal Bedroom Décor

Are you looking for inspiration on how to decorate your coastal house bedroom? Then maybe this image will give you what you’re looking for. Once again we see color unity between the carpet and the tapestry that’s hung right at the head of the bed. We can’t help but notice the dreamcatcher hanging on the right wall, which is a superb décor element and a nice idea that blends in with the rest of the setup.found on touchinteriors.

6. Nature-Inspired Wall Tapestry

If you want to have a nature-inspired theme into your home, you can always opt for wall tapestry with woven flowers and leaves, or at least something where green and brown are the predominant colors. Here, every element goes hand-in-hand: the green walls, the nature pillowcases, even the wooden benches placed at the foot of each bed. The scenery outside the window is just a bonus.found on designerpremier.

6. Prairie-Style Bedroom

Are you looking to decorate your bedroom in massive style and give it its own personality? Then you’re going to love this idea. Everything seems to be wooden-centered, with colorful carpets that add plenty of color. The boho-style bedroom is complemented by the rope-like tapestry and it looks absolutely beautiful. It shows that no décor or furniture piece in this room has been chosen at random.found on lordinteriordesign.

7. Foyer Décor

Oh, how do we even begin to describe the beauty seen in this picture? The fact that this foyer offers plenty of space is a bonus that helps homeowners get more playful when it comes to where to place their elements. We just love the combination between the vintage hallway cabinet with its distressed look and the wall tapestry with nature-inspired elements and earthy tones.found on designmoe.

8. Reader’s Bedroom

If you’re a book lover, using the clearance underneath the bed to improvise wooden bookcases all around the bed is just an amazing space-saving idea that also grants really quick access to your favorite books whenever you want to read before bedtime. Choosing a wall tapestry to place at the headrest of the bed which is just the same width as the bed gives the entire setup a sense of wholesomeness. You just love to see it! found on cristinacusani.


When it comes to wall tapestries, there are so many possibilities for you to start getting creating, and I’m not just talking about the many different designs to choose from. You can use one of the many ideas in this article to hang a tapestry up on the wall to create a stunning visual effect but also to have peace of mind knowing that it’s going to hold. If you have any more ideas on how to hang a wall tapestry in ingenious and fun ways, let us know in the comments.

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