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There’s only one reason crayon gets on walls. A toddler got out of hand and decided to go baby Picasso on you, using your walls as their canvas. This can be heartbreaking, but it doesn’t have to ruin your day nor be permanent. 

how to get crayon off the wall

How To Remove Crayon From Wall With Household Substances

Household substances are almost as effective as cleaners in removing crayon from the wall. There are many to choose from and most people have one, or all of them, on hand. Keeping these items around is a good thing in the first place. 

Dish Soap

Dish soap may not be the most effective way to remove crayons from walls, but it is one of the safest ways. If soapy water works for you, then that’s perfect. Just make sure the water isn’t hot or cold.

Cold water can harden the wax of the crayon while hot water can melt it, making a bigger mess. Warm or room temperature water works best when cleaning in most cases. If you’re not sure what temperature, use warm water.


Vinegar is an amazing all-purpose cleaner that works on most surfaces and substances. Even crayon on walls. Even if you don’t cook with it, you should always keep a bottle in your kitchen because it will come in handy.


Peroxide is a great substance that works like vinegar, only is usually stronger. It doesn’t damage most surfaces, but if left on without being washed off, it can lighten it. Peroxide can be used as a mild bleach. 

Rubbing Alcohol 

Rubbing alcohol is one of the strongest substances you can use to get rid of stains. It is relatively safer than most chemicals and cleaning products. It works exceptionally well in removing permanent markers and is great for crayons too. 


Toothpaste that is made with baking soda can work wonders on crayon stains. You can also water down baking soda and apply it instead. This can be used if you don’t have toothpaste or don’t want to waste toothpaste. 


Nail polish remover is often seen as stronger rubbing alcohol. It can remove almost anything instantaneous. When you’re finished sing acetone, clean it up good. It is toxic to consume and shouldn’t be left where children can get it. 


Hairspray can be great. It also contains alcohol and is sticky, so it can lift up stains that crayons leave. Wash it with soapy water after it has been sprayed. It may need to be done more than once to be effective. 

Using The Substance 

The household products used all work rather well. But in order to use them, you need to know what to do with them. Most of them work the same way. Some are simply stronger than the others. Here are the general steps you can take.

Applying The Substance

The most important step is to apply the substance. If you use a liquid, apply it with a spray bottle or soft cloth. If you use something thicker, you will need to use a cloth and scrub brush. Although a scrub brush can be used with any substance if you be gentle. 

Letting It Set

After the substance has been applied, you should let it soak for a minute. The stronger the substance, the less soaking it needs. Too much soaking with a strong substance may just damage the wall or paint. 

Wiping It Off

After the soaking is done, you can wash the wall. Use warm, soapy water to wash the crayon and the substance off of the wall. You can use a damp cloth, not stopping until the wall is clean again. Unless you need another round. 

Round Two?

If the crayon isn’t all gone after you wash the wall, then you may need to go for another round. If it is less, then go ahead and use the same method. However, if the crayon isn’t any better, then use a stronger substance for round two.

Drying The Wall

After the wall is washed and rinsed, dry it well. Most walls shouldn’t stay wet for very long. So make sure to dry it good and your wall will look good as new. If none of these methods work, then you may need to use a household cleaner. 

How To Remove Crayon From Wall With Cleaners

How To Remove Crayon From Wall With Cleaners

Household substances are great, but sometimes, you need to break out the cleaners for a perfect clean. A few times a year, or even a month won’t affect your overall health. These are the best cleaners to use to get rid of crayon on walls.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser hardly ever fails. It can be used to remove crayon from the wall in seconds. Follow the instructions on the package and get to work. This may be the easiest way to get crayon off the wall. 


Bleach, in small amounts, can be an amazing solution. Be careful with it and always dilute it so that it won’t be too strong. Even breathing bleach into your lungs can be harmful. Use it only on white walls unless tested beforehand. 

Bathroom Cleaner

Bathroom cleaners, especially those with foaming action, can easily remove crayon from walls. Let it foam and then use a scrub brush to gently brush away the wax. Clean it well with warm water after you finish.

Floor Cleaner

Floor cleaner with lemon can be perfect for your walls. It’s perfectly safe and you probably already have some in your house. So use it like you would any other cleaner. Put it in a spray bottle if it isn’t in one already. 

Types Of Walls

Types Of Walls

In general, most crayons are the same. They are made up of two main ingredients. Wax and a coloring agent. However, walls are different. You see, the cleaning method you choose depends largely on the type of wall you have.


Drywall is the most common type of wall. So the methods explained are catered towards removing crayon from drywall. Drywall is easy to work with and hard to mess up unless completely soaked for an extended period of time. 

Stone Or Brick

Stone and brick are hard to color on. But they are also difficult to stain or break down with substances. So when removing stains, you can be harder on it than when removing stains from drywall. 


Paneling is a little touchier. If wet, the paneling can warp and star curling quickly. Keep the paneling dry when working with it to avoid this. You should also test a hidden area of both paneling and drywall before using your method. 


Wallpaper works the same as very thin paneling. The only good thing is that it may be easier to replace a section of wallpaper than to clean it. If you put wallpaper up, keep some on hand for repairs like this. 


Stucco can be cleaned with bleach or something else strong in most cases. Since it’s often used on the exterior, it’s quite strong and easy to clean. Buy a stucco solution for the best results or try the methods mentioned above. 


If you are struggling with your shiplap, you’re not alone. Unfi9nsihed shiplap can be sanded, which will remove the stain. It can also be flipped around, with the backside turned to the front. This is a great hack for any stain! 

How To Prevent Children From Writing On Walls

How To Prevent Children From Writing On Walls

Every child has written on something that they weren’t supposed to write on. It’s a part of growing up. Teaching your child only to write on paper isn’t easy, but it’s something that they need to learn to prevent future headaches. 

Designated Crayon Time

One of the best ways to keep your child from writing on walls is to designate time for coloring. Put the crayons out of their reach unless it’s “color time” and you are there monitoring them. They should remain seated during the color time. 

Wall To Draw On

If you want your child to express themselves and learn boundaries, consider getting a wall that is made for drawing on. You can get chalk walls, dry-erase walls, or walls that you don’t mind them drawing on. 

When Is My Child Ready For Crayons?

Every child is different. But a good time to start teaching your child how to use crayons is about a year old. Some parents start earlier while others later. But this is generally a good time to start. 

However, the child should never be left alone with crayons at this time. Not only will they immediately stray from the paper but they will also put the crayon in their mouth. So stay with them at all times.

When the child is about three-years-old, you can begin thinking about letting them have color time alone. By this time, they understand rules and can communicate well with you. up until then, they need to be fully-monitored. 

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