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Sleek and luxurious, this home design employs modern oriental influences. Natural stone, black lacquer anchors, and golden elements combine to style living spaces that are inviting yet sharp, chilled yet deluxe. The interior has been designed by 梦太初丶to be a place to clear the mind in retreat from the big city. A hideaway where the homeowner sets the vibe and the pace. Unique furniture pieces pop up around the rooms to build moments of intrigue and fascination. Every element of the interior scheme plays an integral part to the overall look and feel of the place. Black and beige aspects establish tonal balance and manipulate illusions of height and space.

Black lacquer visually pulls down the height of the ceiling in the modern living room. The dark feature also directs the eye straight toward the balcony view, via a full wall of glass doors.

The rest of the room is a pale ensemble, almost singular in tone. Only the floor and rug set a darker shade into the scheme, laying down a weightier foundation for a light couch and lounge chair. A small side table adds a zing of gold.

The area rug holds the lounge layout together, and separates it from a closely adjacent kitchen dining island.

A hexagonal coffee table is topped with geometric latticework. See more unique coffee tables.

Golden doors seal off a wall of storage in the living room, forming a luxe glistening feature wall behind the plain fabric couch.

Even with the doors open, the storage wall is an attractive feature in the room, with ebony black backs and attractive internal shelving.

Books and decorative items are spaced among the shelves and nooks.

Striking modern chandeliers pair up along the length of the large kitchen island, illuminating the eating end and the cook area alike. Chic dining chairs line opposite edges of the dining surface three by three.

A golden extractor hood gleams in the centre of the kitchen wall, which links this side of the room to the gold backed lounge.

A colour coordinated soffit overhangs the kitchen wall and its walkway, pulling the area together as an individual zone in the living room, and lightening its overall look.

The dining table centrepiece is made with a practical modern fruit bowl and a decorative flower vase.

The balcony is decorated as if it were another room, or a natural extension of the lounge. A hanging chair swings by the view, making a perfect rest or reading spot.

Refreshments and wine glasses are set out on a bar cart up against the glass balustrade. An area rug warms the balcony floor.

The home has a separate scullery so that the open plan kitchen can be kept pretty when guests come around.

A floor to ceiling window fills the narrow room with bright natural light.

Stylish salt and pepper shakers and open shelves of crockery provide decorative touches to the room, along with an elegant gold tap.

Copper pans glam up a gas stove.

The small space is well utilised and well organised with a myriad of kitchen drawer dividers and helpful storage containers.

A granite console table smartly furnishes a wide living room walkway.

A unique curved sofa design and unusual pouf come together to create a small but stunning bedroom lounge area.

The curved theme carries on into a circular area rug, which effortlessly tightens the layout.

A dual aspect modern fireplace acts as a low level room divider between the lounge and bed areas.

Light permeable screens filter the hot sunlight.

A simple glass vase dresses the square coffee table.

The entire sleeping area is a bespoke floor bed design, with storage volumes in its foundation.

Natural stone brings dramatic texture to the headboard wall. Sculptural bedroom pendant lights hang low over one side of the floor bed. A Cesta table lamp illuminates the opposite edge.

Sheer drapes complement the colour of the rugged stone wall feature.

In the bathroom, a different style of feature wall textures the space. This time it’s dark ribbed granite effect panels that build the main event, crashing up against cool pale render.

Smooth black granite slabs back the shower enclosure. A black vanity unit cuts into a mirrored wall.

A gold faucet adds a high-end finish.

A towel shelf skims below the black vanity as a stow away for freshly laundered replacements.

There is a second double bedroom inside the home, with another huge floor bed design.

In this custom floor bed, a minimalist home office slices into the foundation of the bed to create one cohesive piece of furniture.

A comfortable desk chair and a tower of shelving complete the office ensemble.

A bench seat offers alternative seating in the bedroom, away from the desk, and another sitting spot is situated on the bedroom’s own covered balcony. The back of the desk has been built up tall so that the workspace is tucked from view of the sleep and relaxation area, to promote complete rest.

Screen doors front storage units and closets.

This modern bathroom design is clad in chic grey tile for a cool crisp finish. Black fixtures anchor the scheme.

A white marble sink floats lightly at the centre of the narrow room.

Dark cabinets pick out a full utility wall in the bathroom that’s complete with a stacked washing machine and tumble dryer.

Black niches and bathroom accessories balance out the feature wall.

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